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November 2015



November 2015

Publisher’s Letter...

Contents Dear Friend:

7 Keys to Abundance

Remember the book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway? Written by Susan Jeffers in 1987, it provided us with a chance to acknowledge our fears and learn ways to push through them. I know the title was my mantra many times throughout the years. Even this year, when I went on four separate trips by train, I was petrified upon each departure; yet, I felt that because I experienced my fear and did it anyway, that the simple act of courage was enough. Then in September my appendix ruptured. Searching for some sort of meaning, I read that Louise Hay believes that appendicitis represents a fear of life. My first thought was—what?!—this can’t be me. I love life. And I face it with courage, or so I thought. But Louise’s statement started me thinking. Rather than being proud of having fear and doing it anyway, why not release the fear itself? What is fear, really, but a thought? And if it’s just a thought, it’s something I have the power to change. I may not have control over the future (and isn’t that really what irrational fear is anyway?), but I can control my thoughts. Because what I feared wasn’t a real life-threatening emergency that deserved instant fear and the consequent fight or flight response, it was the thought of “what if”—and not reality. By changing my thoughts, I am able to change my reality of an experience. By now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with our November theme of Gratitude and Abundance.

Simple Practices for Greater Love, Time, Money, and Freedom


Creating Abundance 15

Let Gratitude Be Your Guide 9

It’s the same thing. Gratitude, and the resulting abundance, is merely a thought that creates a reality. We can choose our thinking—whether it’s about fear, or instead, flip it to gratitude— and create a new, better, more abundant, reality. Instead of feeling the fear, how about we eliminate fear (lack) completely by changing our thoughts? Or as Don Miguel Ruiz said, “Be impeccable with your word,” because a thought is our Word—and the way we speak to ourselves and the Universe has the power to create a joy-filled, abundant, life.

Dairy Queen Get the Glow

In Gratitude and Abundance…

Jill Dutton

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A New Gleam, Acrylic and other materials. Eugenia Ortiz, Professional Visionary Artist and Resonance Repatterning practitioner has developed the ability to tap into Divine Infinite Intelligence allowing energetically charged and Spiritually based artwork to flow through her. www.eugeniaortizart.com, www.facebook.com/ EugeniaOrtizArt, Twitter: @eortizart

November 2015

News & Tips

Suicide Awareness Survivors Support to Hold 8th Annual Holiday Memorial Service Suicide Awareness Survivors Support (SASS) (www.Sass-MoKan.com) will hold their eighth annual Holiday Memorial Service at McGilley & Hoge, Johnson County Memorial Chapel, 8024 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 14. The service will include candle lighting and a slide show of loved ones lost to suicide. Digital photos in JPG format need to be sent to Joe Spiller at joe.spiller68@gmail.com by November 12. The speaker will be Dr. Harold Ivan Smith who is a grief specialist on the teaching faculties of Saint Luke’s Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri and the Carondolet Medical Institute in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The event is free with donations welcomed. To confirm attendance, call Bonnie Swade at 913-681-3050 or e-mail her at info@sass.mokan.com by November 11.

Book Releases The Book of Mastery

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As a celebrated channeler Paul Selig reveals in The Book of Mastery: The Mastery Trilogy: Book I we often allow our concept of happiness to eclipse the true desires of our inner self. In this first installment of the widely anticipated Mastery Trilogy, Selig imparts practical guidance from nine benevolent guides through clairaudient dictation. These unseen intellects provide surprisingly practical, otherworldly insight to help readers achieve fulfillment and peace by setting healthy boundaries, making life-altering decisions, and embracing the challenging people they encounter on a daily basis. It is with deep humility and care that Selig, a widely produced, Yale-educated playwright with faculty positions at NYU and Goddard College, presents these dictations. His voice, often interrupting and questioning the revolutionary—and sometimes controversial—statements made by the Guides, helps crystalize their important, transcendental teachings. Documenting twenty-seven supernatural channeling sessions, The Book of Mastery will lead readers on an unprecedented journey of selfdevelopment. As the Guides themselves put it: "We will tell you this: No one who reads these books will be left unchanged.” The Book of Mastery by Paul Selig ( Tarcher ISBN 978-0-399-1750-1, January 2016)


November 2015

Yoga and Diabetes: Your Guide to Safe and Effective Practice Yoga does more than manage stress. In addition to calming the nervous system, it improves circulation throughout the body, increases muscular tone, improves balance, allows Reprinted with improved breathing, permission of the American Diabetes and provides gentle Association (2015) physical activity that nearly anyone can do. Now, research has proven that yoga practice has a significant potential for addressing key lifestyle and behavioral issues with disorders such as type 2 diabetes. Yoga and Diabetes is an accessible guide for individuals with diabetes who are interested in beginning or deepening a yoga practice. It provides tailored guidance to people with type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, and features 30 yoga postures and breathing exercises arranged into programs to suit every person’s individual needs. Annie B. Kay, MS, RDN, RYT, lead nutritionist at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health teams up with Lisa B. Nelson, MD, director of medical education at Kripalu, to provide easy-to-read text and detailed photographs explaining how to practice yoga safely. Yoga and Diabetes is available at ShopDiabetes.org, at bookstores, and also by calling 1-800-232-6733.

Wisdom Within

Journey to Wholeness

From Fear to Gratitude The Healing Feeling of Gratitude BY SUZETTE SCHOLTES


y sister Pat drives to town early for Turkey day. She comes to help shop, bake, cook, clean and prepare. We enjoy our camaraderie, sharing old stories and simple sisterhood. Our teamwork in the kitchen is magical as we add to our boiling pots the spices and fresh ingredients, creating delicious food from old family recipes. I’ve shared this before, but so worth repeating to pause and reflect upon gratitude. •Gratitude improves your immune system •Gratitude fosters peace •Gratitude creates confidence •Gratitude attracts more success •Gratitude improves happiness •Gratitude heals anxiety •Gratitude inspires new dreams •Gratitude opens doors for new opportunity •Gratitude helps us let go of the past •Gratitude heals our emotional, physical and mental “wounds” When gratitude bubbles up from the heart, it opens us to joy and creativity. It attracts more love. Now the down side, teacher said. There’s a down side?! You may feel vulnerable, one of the keys of true gratitude. We may have to give up the masks we wear. One will cease feeling separate, feeling more unconditional love. True gratitude melts boundaries. It may feel scary to leave your old ways. Gratitude may be one of the most overlooked tools we may use daily, writes Amy Morin, psychotherapist and author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People do Not Do. She shares her research: 1. Gratitude opens the door to more relationships when one shows appreciation to new and old friends. When someone holds the door open for you and you thank them, based upon a 2014 study, this inspires them to be friendly with you. 2. Grateful people tend to exercise more and eat right. 3. Gratitude improves psychological health by easing toxic emotions such

as envy, frustration and regret. It improves happiness and reduces depression. 4. Gratitude enhances empathy and sensitivity, according to a 2012 study by the University of Kentucky. 5. Grateful folks sleep better. Jot down a few grateful thoughts before sleep and see if you sleep better and longer. 6. When you appreciate another’s’ success, it lifts your self-esteem. 7. Fostering gratitude helps to melt stress even in the dark times, proven in a 2006 study with Vietnam War Vets. Now the many folks who graced our table over the years always want one recipe from us, “Bread Stuffing.” Grandma Scholtes found it in an old Betty Crocker cookbook. The secret is real butter and to measure every ingredient and spice and nothing weird like oysters. Use good bakery bread, such as a crusty French baguette. My younger sis loves it so much I freeze a casserole and give it to her for Christmas. And if you are grateful for her company she just may share a serving!

“When gratitude bubbles up from the heart, it opens us to joy and creativity. ”

Suzette Scholtes’ non-fiction writing won the prestigious “Writers Digest” award. Her passions are writing and yoga and she feels one needs a sense of humor for both. She founded The Yoga School of Therapeutics where she manages one of the region’s prestige teacher training programs. 10400 W. 103rd Street, Overland Park. www.theyogastudio.com news@theyogastudio.com 913 492-9594.



he media, movies and current culture optimize our attraction to fear. The body-mind reacts instantly to something that appears to be a threat. We are wired to flee, fight or freeze in response to assumed danger. When we lived in caves this mechanism served us well. It protected individuals and the community from harm. In today’s more sedentary world, this response does not serve us so well. The neurobiological response to fear can be exciting. All systems are ‘go’ and we are ready to act. But systems are drained and shut down to recharge. The stimulus-response loop of fear can be addictive. It is also linked to depression, emotional instability, anxiety and other addictions. Our body-minds are a marvelous and complex communication system. We know that feelings of joy or sadness, peace or gratitude are all activated in this same mind-body-cell-gene loop of communication. This natural response mechanism can be the key to healthy approaches. When a fearful idea or image is stimulated we have the opportunity to recognize it, look at it and transform it into a helpful, lifegiving idea or image.) Deepak Chopra in his forward to Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert says, “She shows that our biochemical messengers act with intelligence by communicating information, orchestrating a vast complex of conscious and unconscious activities at any one moment…This bodywide information network is ever changing and dynamic, infinitely flexible. It is one gigantic loop, directing and admitting information simultaneously, intelligently guiding what we call life.” You can take some simple steps to re -frame an image or thought: ♦ Make a statement with I and a present action verb. ♦ I feel anxious and frightened about possible impending danger. ♦ Make a statement telling what you can accomplish now. ♦ I am in charge of my feelings and my responses to what thoughts or images present themselves. I can choose what I look at or listen to.” ♦ State what you can do now and in the future to be ‘proactive’, creating a thought or image of hope, peace, gratitude, etc. ♦ I can become aware of how I feel: breathe, relax and take time.


November 2015

♦ ♦


I can imagine some times when I felt safe, in charge, nurtured. I can remember what I have now and think thoughts of appreciation and gratitude. I can continue to create specific, concrete images and thoughts that are helpful and healing.

Our thoughts and images create physical, mental and emotional realities. In the book The Messages from Water, Masaru Emoto, a creative Japanese researcher, scientifically demonstrates how the energy of words, sounds, visual images and smells effect the molecular structure of water. Water adapts to whatever environment is present. Our bodies are seventy percent water. Emoto visually documents the molecular changes in the water. You can find these images on the web site www.wellnessgoods.com. We can change our inner and outer environment, the mind-body self, and our external environment by what we think and imagine! In the month of November, often thought of as Thanksgiving month. Make a list each day of people and things for which you are grateful. Make helpful, positive statements of gratitude and appreciation for yourself and others each day. As you find the appreciation habit growing, your physical and mental health will be enhanced. Those around you will benefit, as well. Remember, “The Attitude is Gratitude.” Transform fear to appreciation and gratitude.

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC, is a counselor, educator and author. For counseling appointments, seminars, training, speaking engagements or information on Neurobehavioral Programs or Imago Couple Therapy call913-3225622. For more information about Jude LaClaire or the Kansas City Holistic Centre go to www.kcholistic.com

Holistic Health

Be Ready — Keep it Simple!


eing prepared and proactive can make a difference in health and well-being. September is national preparedness month for disasters and emergencies. To prepare, plan, stay informed, and be READY for disasters and emergencies, use www.ready.gov. to set up and implement an emergency supply list. This website explains how much water and non-perishable food you need, and lists other necessities like flashlights, whistles, dust mask, local maps, cash, and emergency reference material. A new book on this topic is, Surviving the Medical Meltdown by Lee Hieb, M.D. To proactively prepare for illnesses and minor injuries, keep natural remedies in your medicine cabinet. There are many items from which to choose, so here is a short list to consider. For injuries, especially bruising injuries, apply ice and elevate the area. In addition, topical homeopathic cream and tablets of Traumeel will lessen the inflammation, help the bruising go away faster, and decrease pain. For burns, if they are closed and with minor blisters, I recommend cold running water and then apply either calendula cream or lavender essential oil. For minor bug bites or poison ivy, tea tree essential oil or lavender essential oil can be beneficial. To prepare for winter, Vitamin C in the form of Ester C or Buffered C can be used regularly at 500 to 1000mg per day and doubled if you get sick. Check your vitamin D level prior to winter and cloudy skies. A mid-range


level of about 50 to 70 mg/ml can decrease your risk of colds and flus. You can safely take 2000 IU’s of vitamin D as an adult without kidney problems and some people require 5000 IU’s or more. However, Vitamin D can be toxic to the kidneys and, since it is a fat soluble vitamin, blood levels should be checked at least once a year. If you do become ill, here are action strategies. For colds or sinus infections, drinking plenty of water, minimizing sugar and dairy products, and using a sinus rinse with a Neti pot or Nasopure system to flush out mucous and allergens. The homeopathic nasal spray, Reboost Decongestant spray can loosen mucous and homeopathic lozenges such as Relievol or Zinc lozenges can improve symptoms and offer relief. Herbal remedies such as Echinacea, Goldenseal, Oil of oregano, or Olive Leaf extract can help with infection. Get plenty of rest and down time to get well faster. You should check with your medical provider before taking herbal remedies if you are on prescription medications or have chronic health problems. As a goal for optimal health, balance in your overall life is advantageous to not only preventing colds and flu, but also preventing or reducing the effects of chronic diseases. As a holistic physician, I like to discuss the four essential elements for well-being: Your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. You can start by assessing these four and determining where improvements can be made in your life. Body health relies on the fuel you intake and the activity level you maintain on a regular basis. Mental

health depends on life-long learning, mental exercises, and setting and meeting career goals. Emotional health relates to home environment, friend and family relationships, and whether you have happiness, joy, and hope in your life. Spiritual health comes from your attitude towards life, yourself, and your life’s purpose in addition to a relationship with God and Christ or other belief and philosophy. As a holistic physician, I am happy to assist you on your life journey, one on one, and use natural remedies as much as possible. Drugs and surgery are sometimes necessary, but I try to avoid them and provide alternatives when possible.

Nancy Russell, M.D., is a holistic Internal medicine physician, blending traditional and alternative medicine in her Kansas City northland practice for over 30 years. For more information on getting to know Dr. Russell, visit her website, www.nancyrussellmd.com or call her office at Nurturing Optimal Wellness at 816-453-5545.

e... v l o v X Karen Harrison, Ed.S. Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Reiki Master Teacher Usui Tibetan, Karuna & Kundalini Reiki




816-523-4440 www.KarenHarrison.net Karen@KarenHarrison.net 8301 State Line Road, Ste 216 Kansas City, MO 64114

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November 2015

Jay Peters M.S., D.MIN

For a consultation call: (913) 339-9591 • Licensed Professional Counselor • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist • Certified Hypnotherapist • Addiction Specialist • Spiritual Counseling

8700 Indian Creekway Park, Suite 220 Overland Park, KS 66210 www.drjaypeters.com

Food First

Food Gloria’s Food

Dairy Queen

Get the Glow



arah Hoffmann is the Big Cheese at Green Dirt Farm. Nestled into the pastoral bluffs of the Missouri River Valley, Sarah, along with her dozen employees, conscientiously tends to a 100 percent grass-based flock. Without a doubt, shepherding a herd of 75 ewes throughout their lives is more than a full-time job, but it’s a task Hoffmann embraces since starting the farm in 2002. Green Dirt Farm’s idyllic setting is light years away from urbanity, reached only after meandering the hills and dales 40 miles northwest of Kansas City. Here’s where the lush, high pastures provide the perfect terrain for the sheep. “Our animals have the opportunity to behave naturally, living comfortably in the 150 acres filled with grass, legumes, and flowers. The pastures are protected by cool breezes in the spring and summer, plenty of trees offering shade and shelter in the winter, and abundant fresh water,” says Hoffman. Equally heartening is the genuine attention to sound business practices. “The goal is to operate a sustainable farmstead both economically and environmentally that supports our cheese production,” says Eliza Spertus, Green Dirt’s communication manager.

“We want our employees to have a great time in a great environment,” Hoffmann notes. “We take good care of our people as well as our animals.” Cheese isn’t the only product promoted on the farm. Events range from a farm tour, cheese appreciation events, and customized occasions. From May through October, the Farm hosts Farm Table Dinners celebrating the link between landscape and food. “We invite area chefs to prepare a fourcourse meal from locally grown, harvested, and foraged ingredients,” says Spertus.

Rustically romantic During the dinners strangers quickly become new acquaintances while dining on a four-course dinner from dusk till late evening. Staged in a lovely barn lit only by a stained glass window and twinkling votives, it’s a front row seat to the farm’s hospitality. With the season’s luscious sunsets as backdrop, the dinners provide a unique farm adventure. Little wonder the sit-down affairs routinely sell out. Find Green Dirt Farm products online, at the farm, and at area farmer’s markets. www.greendirtfarm.com

Dirt-grass-sheep-milk-cheese With a little more than 100 sheep dairies in the United States it's no secret that running a grass-based dairy takes a lot of work. When the farm began Hoffman admits to her naiveté and idealism. Gradually she found her way by promoting good animal husbandry and sustainable farmsteading pointed toward developing a quality product. It would take another six years to start producing cheese commercially. Today, the farm is a successful operation yielding 18,000 pounds of cheese per year.

Baa Baa… Why sheep and not goats or cows? Hoffmann and her team delight in their flock, amused by their personalities. Happy and healthy sheep is the goal, of course, but so is making Green Dirt Farm a happy and healthy place to work.


Kansas City writer, producer, and photo stylist Gloria Gale is a sleuth when it comes to discovering interesting features for the media. Most recently, Gloria profiled area restaurants as a columnist for 435 Magazine and was one of KCUR's Food Critics radio program. Want to know where to find the best tastes in town? Contact Gloria: ggale@everestkc.net



So how can you recover your ability to overheard Brooke Salvaggio, the sense the life-giving vitality in food? mistress—read owner—of Badseed Farmers Market lamenting that sales First, eat the freshest food possible. Your body will entrain to those energies, and had been down lately, actually, for protest, like mine did, when it misses the past two years. The slide began, she them. Second, spend time said, when Trader Joe’s came to town. She added, People don’t see the in the natural world, some place where the vibration “People don’t see the difference between of nature is stronger than difference between 60-cycle hum of the industrial organic and industrial organic and the human-constructed world what we sell here.” Hubby and I took a what we sell here. of the city and industry. My backyard works well road trip a few weeks ago. between trips to the mountains and the It was great fun, but it meant we had to countryside. Finally, meditate. It helps buy our produce at the grocery store you turn down the equivalent of a 60instead of Badseed and Brookside Farmer’s Markets when we returned. The cycle hum in your mind that interferes with your ability to sense the enlivening produce was organic and reasonably forces that abound around you. Soon fresh considering how far it came to be with us. But something was missing. Our enough, you’ll feel the glow that will in time shine through you! juices and smoothies didn’t enliven us like they usually do. I’m not talking about taste, but how it affects us. I found a solution. I added fresh carrot tops to the juice—thank you Waldo Wednesday Farmer’s Market—and parsley from my garden to the smoothie and woo-hoo! The glow was back. You won’t get that charge from produce from Trader Joe’s or any grocery store. It comes from food that still has life force in it, that has a vitality you can feel and even sometimes see. In my Bethany Klug, DO created experience, that comes from food that HealthSpan out of a deep wish: has been picked at most within the last for everyone to experience three days. So why then isn’t there a vibrant health. We go beyond the stampede every Friday night at Badseed? conventional pill-for an-ill I don’t think it has anything to do approach to educate and inspire with convenience. I think most people you so you can successfully make have lost their natural human tendency positive steps toward greater to sense what I describe. It’s either tuned health and wellbeing. out or trained out in favor of more HealthSpan is also offering some analytical, left-brained ways of seeing the excellent classes to help you add world. From that perspective, there is some quick, easy and delicious very little difference between two week dishes to you weekly repertoire. old industrial organic produce wrapped Learn more at in cellophane at Trader Joe’s or glow in www.healthspankc.com or the dark organic veggies picked the day 913-642-1900. before at Badseed.


November 2015


Let Gratitude Be Your Guide


e are entering that time of year when we give formal thanks for all that we have and all that we are becoming. Life is a journey, and the journey is complete when we learn how to appreciate and be grateful for all that is presented to us in our lives. Every day, we have the opportunity to express gratitude. I have a daily ritual that I want to share with you: when I wake up, the first thing I say is, "I am grateful I woke up this morning. There are folks who did not make it through the night. What am I here to do today?" There are many who live in a negative space, focused on lack and what they think they are owed. Perhaps they had an unhappy childhood, or came from circumstances that were less than ideal. Unfortunately, they are stuck in the past and can't seem to move into a different thinking pattern. Our thinking patterns are based on old stories. These stories served a purpose at one time, however the story changes with our own life experiences. The stories served a purpose and helped us arrive exactly where we are today. But the stories are just that, stories. They are over. With gratitude we can and must let them go. It is said, "Change your thinking, change your life." Part of that change requires an “attitude of gratitude.� When you adopt an attitude of gratitude, you begin to view life through a different lens. The lens opens you to new possibilities and opportunities that ,in the past, you may have missed. It is amazing what a change in attitude can do for everyday life. Try this exercise for 30 days: It is called the Mirror Exercise and comes from The Success


Principles by Jack Canfield. The Mirror Exercise gives your subconscious mind the positive feedback it needs to help change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Before going to bed, stand in front of a mirror and be grateful for all that you have accomplished during the day. Look directly into your eyes, speak to yourself out loud using your first name, and be grateful for any achievements (personal, professional, spiritual, financial, etc.). When you are finished, complete the exercise by looking into your eyes and saying, 'I love you." Stand there for a few seconds and notice how you feel. It is normal the first few times you do this to feel a little uncomfortable, embarrassed, silly, or even like crying. How often do we hear the things that we wish others would say to us, and how often do we actually express gratitude for ourselves? Most of the time we have been told not to acknowledge ourselves. There is an underlying message not to pat ourselves on the back, or show others that we are good at something and can appreciate it. Once you begin to express gratitude every day, it will become second nature. The embarrassment will fade and you will become comfortable allowing yourself to feel all the gratitude and good that is in your life. When this happens, the gratitude spills over to those around you. They will feel it too. It becomes a cyclical event with gratitude being shared back and forth. The gratitude that you express for yourself and those around you will have a big impact on how you go about your day-to-day life. You will find yourself smiling more and giving thanks for all the small things in your life. Today, express gratitude to someone that you haven't



spoken to in awhile and thank him or her for being part of your journey. Acknowledge their impact on your life and let them know how important they are to your continued growth. Practice your daily ritual of the Mirror Exercise, and remember to begin each day from a heartfelt space. Reach out and share the idea of gratitude with others. Namaste.

November 2015

Sharon McGloin is President and Owner of Experiential Alternatives, a training and coaching company that focuses on personal growth and development as well as a variety of seminar topics from teambuilding and conflict resolution to compassion fatigue. Learn more

Online at Xvolving`agazine.com

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November 2015

Bulk It 13444 Santa Fe Trail Dr., Lenexa, KS 66215 www.bulki6oods.com 913-955-2855; Facebook In Old Town Lenexa, “Your Local Food Source” is commi ed to sustainability and green with “Less Packaging; More Savings; Eat Clean” gluten-free, organic, non-GMO foods, spices and herbs from local vendors, plus a Juice and Food Bar, sandwiches and soups—and plenty of events. Bulk items include rice, trail mixes, beans, flour, granola, spices, teas, and herbs, milk chocolate malt balls, and mul'-colored popcorn. Freshly ground almond bu er and peanut bu er are in the mix as well. See ad for 10% off coupon and follow on FB for 'ps, specials and new arrivals.

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November 2015

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November 2015


7 Keys to Abundance Simple Practices for Greater Love, Time, B L M Money, and Freedom Y EAH

giver. A loving intention activates Universal Laws to draw to you exactly what you need at the right time. Look for opportunities to give everywhere you go. You will find that your resources increase, your friendships deepen, and you feel much love and connection. 4. Believe in Abundance What we receive in life is directly related to our beliefs and expectations. If you believe that you are abundant and deserving, this will reflect in your life. After you give, when you feel your heart open and the elation of impacting someone in a positive way, expect that you will receive 10 times more! Trust, relax, and allow abundance to flow in from any area of your life. 5. Acknowledge your Accomplishments Daily moves quickly from past situations to hanksgiving can be a powerful Time (which is a function of attention) future outcomes. An undisciplined mind time to reflect on the blessings is a construct of our own thinking. If you that have brought us to where we is the progenitor of anything we lack. A ever find yourself thinking about what creative thinker directs the attention are today. It is from gratitude and appreciation that abundance is born. toward what is desired. The first step is to you haven’t done throughout the day, it is be aware of what you are thinking about! time to change an unproductive pattern! I know this to be true from my own 2. Find the Good in Every Situation Try creating a list of your journey. In the span of four years, an accomplishments before bed. Build selfThe Universe only brings blessings. hourly wage became an abundant bank appreciation by focusing on what you Choosing to find the good is key to account, and I slept peacefully instead of have accomplished, rather than on what gratitude, which is the foundation of battling insomnia. My heart expanded you didn’t! abundance. Slipping into daily in the loving connection I felt with 6. Fill Your Mind negative thinking new friends. With What You Want happens when our I had earned my abundance through Give yourself permission attention is so focused on the daily practice of concentration, to dream big! Anything one piece of the puzzle meditation, and visualization in the School of Metaphysics coursework. I had that we cannot see a different perspective. we desire to create first begins with an idea. If you don’t know what you want, When you are reacting to something in a used my own will to bring about new that’s ok! Set yourself up for success by negative way, ask yourself, “What is the results in every area of my life. good here?” Continue to open your mind evaluating the things that you love to do. There are seven keys to a prosperous If you find yourself stuck in a rut, create a until you can see at least three good life that I have found to be universally list of things you don’t want and things. Since all thoughts have creative true. When practiced daily, they can transform it into the most desirable image produce powerful shifts in who we are and potential. We must hold ourselves you can fathom. Create a list of the things our connection to infinite abundance and accountable for choosing high-minded you desire and allow yourself to play with thoughts and perspectives! gratitude! the images in your mind. Focus on your 3. Cultivate a Generous Heart 1. Know Where Your Attention Is list every day, and take steps daily until Giving time, love, attention, and Attention is our most precious commodity. What we give attention to will resources opens the heart and connects us you have manifested what you want. 7. Invest in Yourself with others. People, places, and things grow whether we are aware of it or not. Every choice we make (in thought and become better because of our presence Become aware of the thoughts that are action) is an investment. It is important to moving through your mind. You may find and our sense of self-value skyrockets! invest in personal growth and to create Giving with a pure heart magnetizes the that your mind is undisciplined and



space for contemplation and evaluation. Our lives are shaped by our minds. Invest in the mind you have through the daily practice of concentration, meditation, and visualization. Take care of yourself by creating space for the things you love. Pay attention to your choices, ask yourself what they produce, and give to yourself in greater ways. The most important creation is you. A life with meaning is abundant. Love, freedom, joy, and the thrill of creation is known by one who can consciously choose a positive perspective and understand themselves in the process of any creation. When practiced daily, these simple keys will produce abundance in any area. Remember to be consistent! Practice with a joyful heart and you will certainly understand yourself and creation in new ways. Who you become; the understandings you add to yourself is the most important part. Since our lives are shaped by our minds, we have the power to create anything we can fathom. Now, that’s something to be grateful for!

“A life with meaning is abundant.”



November 2015

Leah Morris has served as a student, teacher, and director at the School of Metaphysics for seven years. She is currently completing her Doctorate of Divinity and Psi Counseling degree. Leah specializes in teaching dreams, unlocking creative potential, love and relationships, visualization, mindfulness, concentration, and communication. School of Metaphysics Kansas City: 913236-9292, kansascity@som.org


Creating Abundance “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” ― Anthony Robbins


volunteered to write this article almost a year ago. I had recently heard a friend and colleague lamenting about her lack of abundance. She commented that she was saying an abundance prayer every day and spraying her feet with abundance oil every night, but it seemed that money only trickled in, no matter what she did. I listened sympathetically, but noted that she was reasonably well dressed, and that she had a reliable car. I had not been to her home, but I knew she had her business there so I assumed it was at least moderately comfortable. Ignoring my Capricornian urge to be judgmental, I pointed out that since everything is energy, perhaps the energy of worrying so much about this perceived lack of abundance was actually blocking it.


This exchange prompted me to contemplate the concept of abundance. Clearly, it means different things to different people. Most commonly, in America, it seems to mean money. There seems to be an abundance competition. While there is an awareness that money can’t buy love or happiness, there still seems to be a perception that somehow if you have enough of the right things they will give us access to that love and happiness. If we are not happy, we assume that “more” is the solution. Abundance is defined as plentitude; more than sufficient quantity. Clearly what my friend already had was sufficient; she lamented not having more. At the time, it caused me to lament the social expectations in America. I knew that a young African woman being provided the education that my friend had, and the same clothing, car, and shelter would feel quite blessed and abundantly fulfilled. I knew that here in America, the children on Pine Ridge Reservation who go cold and hungry would consider her situation to be one of privilege. And I knew that right here in Kansas City, huddling under the overpasses in the winter for warmth, were homeless families that would greet similar material blessings with great gratitude. Stories abound of the unhappy rich and grateful poor. Evidently, perspective is a factor in the consideration of abundance. George Moon of Relaxation Station in Excelsior Springs recently commented to the bank teller as he made a withdrawal, "It's not about how much money we have in the bank, it’s about the value we have for this world...Donald


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. — Melody Beattie

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend,” Melody Beattie, author of Make Miracles in Forty Days says. It sounds easy, but in practice it’s not always so easy. We have been conditioned to believe in scarcity, so we have to make a real effort to shift this perception, and gratitude is our guide. “The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me.” (Psalm 50:23). I think that it is interesting to think of Trump, with all he has, could not buy the giving thanks as a sacrifice. The word value I have in my life.” ‘sacrifice’ reminds us that effort is We live in a universe of limitless required to shift perspective—it doesn’t supply. Michael Beckwith, founder of the just happen. When we have little, our Agape International Spiritual Center in gratitude can become our sacrifice. Culver City, California, informs us: My favorite Native American prayer There is a lie that acts like a virus opens with “This woman comes with a within the mind of humanity. And that lie grateful heart.” Before anything else is, “There’s not enough good to go around. happens, gratitude happens. There’s lack and there’s limitation and there’s just not enough.” The truth is that there’s more than enough good to go around. There is more than enough creative ideas. There is more than enough power. There is more than enough love. There’s more than enough joy. All of this begins to come through a mind that is aware of its own infinite nature. There is enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act Linda VanBibber is the owner of from it, it will show up for you. That's the Harmony Energetics LLC, truth. providing classes, workshops and Not enough. This is our reality when vibrational therapies using we come from a place of lack rather than sound, color and form. She has from a place of plenty. And if we buy into studied and continues to study a this scarcity perception of reality, we feel broad range of indigenous a need to compete, to scramble to get cultures and religions. A whatever we can before the next guy gets member of Women of the Drum, it. she has arranged to have the But when we create our reality based World Drum in Kansas City four on the idea that there is “more than times and is in the process of enough to go around,” we can relax. We arranging to have the World can love and share our creativity for the Drum here for World Sound betterment and fulfillment of all. If we can Healing Day in February. For believe it. If we can act from it... How do more information go to we get there? How do we access this belief www.harmonyenergeticsllc.com. in plenty? It’s all in that attitude of gratitude.


November 2015

Spiritual Horoscope

November 2015 Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Happy birthday Scorpio! It doesn’t sound exciting, but clearing heart and mind of old resentments and frustrations allows so much joy to pour into your life! Write, meditate and share about stuff you’ve bottled up, and you’ll feel optimistic — almost innocent. By believing in the best, you draw the best to you. New relationships come in, or old ones get renewed. Also, money channels open that you’d forgotten about! Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Give yourself a break this month! Although fun-loving, you might have become too navel-gazing since Saturn entered your sign. Make plans with friends, or try a new activity that interests you. You’ll discover more about yourself playing than you will from self-examination. Even at work, get up and move around after sitting awhile. Breathing deeply renews your energy, and you’ll be re-inspired.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Meditation, or even creative brainstorming, gives great problemsolving ideas. Let possibilities float into your mind without struggling to figure things out. Ask your intuition for an affirmation, almost like a private mantra, to use to keep your empowerment going. Positive energy is always stronger than negative thoughts! Awesome career options show up and you’ll have the confidence to say yes!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Aquarians struggle with feelings of belonging. You want to be avant-garde and distinctive, yet also crave connection. Meditate and journal about rejection experiences. Release old issues, since you’re interpreting present circumstances with past glasses on! You give off protective aloofness, so people back away, and then you feel lonely. Healing your heart creates inclusion, and you’ll also feel closer to the Universe and your spirituality.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Neptune moves direct in your sign, clearing up confusion in relationships, and also with career. You’ll be surer about what you have to bring to romantic and professional partnerships. You could also get a raise at work or

surprising praise from a critic. If single, you can draw a new person who is magnetized by your dreamy energy. Either way, it is a sexy time, so enjoy having your fantasies come true!

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Even if you find meditation boring, or have felt spiritually disconnected lately, reach out to your intuition anyway. Pay attention to dreams, hunches, or at least sit quietly and see what ideas come to you. If your partner meditates, ask to sit in. If single, you can start a relationship that sparks your spirit, or at least a sense of hope and excitement. Exercise can also be a way to bond with the soul within your body.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Meditate on your deepest dreams and desires. Ask yourself what stands in your way. Do you have supportive friends? Do you need to challenge your own negative and limited thinking? Do your actions put you on the path to fulfillment, or do they lead you down a road that doesn’t resonate with the results you crave? Have the courage to make choices that clearly take you to your goals!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) It’s possible to have success in both relationships and work! Meditate on ways to balance both avenues. If partnered, together you can come up with a plan that supports both of you professionally and romantically. If single, you can meet someone who aligns with your life vision. Also, destress by dancing, laughing, making art, playing with kids or pets and enjoying nature.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22) You’re breaking old patterns, maybe even childhood ones. When you make a big declaration of emotional freedom, it’s common that “the second force” comes in and tries to hold you back. It’s like gravity’s pull when a rocket goes toward outer space. Don’t get discouraged or fall back. Use affirmations, talk with supportive people and declare this new reality is the truth you will now live from!

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Use meditation if you feel defensive about relationships. Doors to intimacy are opening, and fears from old hurts can be triggered. Don’t cause problems where none exist in order to gain breathing room. Get reality checks from friends who know your love history. Release the past and trust the present! You can also get good advice about finances. In general, be more gentle with yourself and others.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Mars, the planet of energy and decisiveness is in your sign, helping manifest your dreams! You can start a new relationship, be offered a job, or feel so empowered that you make bold moves that bring you even more confidence and joy. You can also have health breakthroughs — for instance, you could uncover a food allergy that’s been depleting you. Or you might begin a yoga practice that lifts your vitality!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) If you’ve had relationship confusion, things clear up this month. Have a levelheaded conversation with your partner to make plans for the future that incorporate both of your visions for fulfillment. If single, meditate and write a wish list of what you want to manifest—about romance, self-esteem, or finances. It’s such a creative time for you and infinite possibilities are at your fingertips, so take advantage of how easy it is to create a life you love!


November 2015

Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 or visit www.alunamichaels.com

RESOURCE DIRECTORY ALTERNATIVE HEALING At the Healing Place ~ Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki, ChanRi, Chakra Balancing, Astrology, Tarot, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Bodywork (816) 415-2607 Nature Spirit Holistics Energy Medicine expert Author Cathleen Miller—Intuitive therapies, Conscious life counseling, Spa events, seminars www.livingthespiral.com 913-499-8514 Justin & Sharon Orth - Spring Forest Qigong Practitioners/Healers and Certified Qigong Level 1 Inst.. EFT (BAS/ADV) meetup.com/SpringForest-Qigong-Meetup-Group 913-244-0167 Shelly Wilson, Reiki Master ~ Intuitive, Intuitive offers loving guidance enabling you to heal and grow. Live an authentic life and LOVE yourself in the process! ShellyRWilson.com 918-782-4778 Integrative Therapies by Sarah P. Chapman Aromatherapy Massage, Raindrop Treatment, Vitaflex, Pressure Point Therapy 913-549-0280 www.sarahpchapman.com Regina Compernolle Home Herbalist Courses, Apprenticeships, Women’s Sacred Studies, Astrology, Tarot, Consults, Women Drumming 816-547-0266 Lania Desmond, Originator of EssenceWork™ & SoulPoint™ Emotional healing from a spiritual perspective. 828.236.1230 www.LaniaDesmond.com

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November 2015

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YOGA The Yoga School of Therapeutics Kansas State Education Board Approved School 10400 W. 103rd Street, #14 Overland Park, KS (913) 492-9594; www.theyogastudio.com Leavenworth Yoga CoCo-op Join us at Leavenworth's only yoga studio. Daily yoga classes, massage therapy, and Tai Chi. 913-933-9595 ~ www.LvnYogaCoop.com

WEDDINGS Unity Temple Offering Free Simple Wedding Ceremonies Register at www.simpleceremonieskc.com 707 West 47th Street Kansas City, MO

NOVEMBER 8 CHANNELING & GROUP DISCUSSION Free, 10 a.m. to Noon: www.transcendencekc.com or 91 NOVEMBER 6 (begins) NOVEMBER 1 3-387-4631. Jessica will channel to THE PACHAKUTI MESA UNITY SUNDAY MORNING TRADITION WITH DANIEL BAXLEY help us on our journey of SERVICES integra'on and expansion & DANIEL MOLER Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at through the challenging 'mes Appren'ceship in Peruvian Unity Village Ac'vi'es Center, Shamanisim beginning November we’re all facing. 1901 NW Blue Parkway, Unity 6. For detailed informa'on visit Village, MO. Sunday morning NOVEMBER 10 www.shamanicpahtways.net. services with Rev. Erin McCabe CORE STAR ENERGY HEALING are healing for the soul. All are CLINIC NOVEMBER 6, 7, 8 welcome. If you can’t make it in ORACLES OF AQUARIUS PSYCHIC Experience the benefits of energy person, you can join us from healing. 6045 Martway, Suite 104, home as we live stream the en're FAIR Friday: Noon-9 p.m.; Saturday: 11 Mission, KS Reserva'ons 913-831service. unityvillagechapel.org/ 4422 7:15 p.m. $20 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sunday: 11 a.m.-6 sunday-livestream p.m. Aquarius' own, in-house fair. www.CoreStarEnergyHealing.com Some of the BEST readers, healers NOVEMBER 1 and energy workers in the region! NOVEMBER 14 REIKI I CERTIFICATION COURSE RECLAIMING THE GODDESS No charge for entry! Aquarius Maya's Oasis Energy Healing WITHIN – AFTERNOON YOGA Books, 3936 Broadway, Ins'tute in Overland Park, preKCMO. www.aquariusbooks.com, WORKSHOP registra'on required. Visit 1-5 p.m. Led by Anita Bailey. www.MayaZahira.com for details. 816-931-6303. Rediscover the heart of feminine energy. Together we will NOVEMBER 7 NOVEMBER 3 CLEARING AND TRANSFORMING COUPLES YOGA FOR CHILDBIRTH cul'vate awareness of the calm and grounding energy needed to YOUR ENERGY AROUND MONEY Yoga poses useful for natural help balance unsteady hormones, Begin shi(ing your energy around birth, acupressure and massage for pain management and labor. replenish energy lost from money, freeing you to be more sleepless nights, and explore the purposeful and prosperous. 7:00 $75/ couple, 2-4 p.m. at hOMe deeper currents of a heartFamily Holis'c Center in old OP: p.m. - 9:00 p.m. $25 Vivian centered yoga prac'ce through www.hOMeholis'c.com. Faulkner, Money Coach and deep stretch and relaxing Energy Healer (913) 735-3183 restora've postures. $48. Core Star Energy Healing School, NOVEMBER 8 awakenwholelifecenter.com THE EMBODIED PRIESTESS 6045 Martway, Mission, KS PROCESS™ PREVIEW Join Stephanie Red Feather for a NOVEMBER 14 NOVEMBER 5 TO YOU—FROM YOU: THE GIFT free preview of this highly OPEN MIC NIGHT transforma've 9-month journey OF GIVING 5-9 p.m. every first Thursday. We tend to give to everyone, into women’s mysteries. 2:00 – Share your talents with a warm, except to ourselves. Join Sharon 4:00 p.m. near Zona Rosa. 913accep'ng audience. Beer and McGloin and Denise Mills as we 515-3271. wine available. Unity Village www.redfeatherconnec'ons.com focus on pampering ourselves. Bookstore and Coffee Shop. 8:30-Noon in OP. Only $49; save /priestess_process unityvillage.org/bookstore




November 2015

20% w/2 or more workshops: www.igniteyourlifekc.com. NOVEMBER 14 PRS: FENG SHUI W/ROBYN STEVENS Robyn Stevens discussing Feng Shui. 7 p.m. at Westwood Community Center, 4700 Rainbow Blvd., Westwood, KS. Members free, guests $5. More info: www.prskc.org. NOVEMBER 14 & 15 FINDING LOVE & MANIFESTING MONEY WORKSHOP Stop self-sabotaging with the lack mentality. Invest in yourself—you do deserve it! Registra'on required: www.transcendencekc.com or 91 3-387-4631. NOVEMBER 15 REIKI II CERTIFICATION COURSE Maya's Oasis Energy Healing Ins'tute in Overland Park, KS, preregistra'on required. Visit www.MayaZahira.com for details. NOVEMBER 15 HYDROTHERAPY For use in stress relief, pain management, changes in blood/ lymph circula'on and more. For massage therapists. WellSpring School of Allied Health. $136. Register 816-523-9140 ext 111. h p://wellspring.edu/programs/ con'nuing-educa'on NOVEMBER 15 SOFTENING GRIEF, THE GIFT OF YOGA NIDRA Healing medita'ons and deep guided relaxa'on to so(en grief

and heartbreak. $20, 6:00-7:30 at hOMe Family Holis'c Center in old OP: www.hOMeholis'c.com. NOVEMBER 17 CONSCIOUS PARENTING FOR THE NEW CHILDREN 10 in the series, 6 p.m. This session focuses on children and self-nurturing. Adults only, please—day care not provided. $30 for 1 parent/ $35 per couple: www.transcendencekc.com or (913) 387-4631. NOVEMBER 17 & 24 REFLEXOLOGY Using the Ingham Method. WellSpring School of Allied Health. $204. Register 816-5239140 ext 111. h p:// wellspring.edu/programs/ con'nuing-educa'on NOVEMBER 19 CELESTIAL TIMINGS RESONANCE REPATTERNING® TELE-SESSIONS Align with the key celes'al event chosen monthly, 7-9 p.m. Flow with the energies of the Universe. $22. Teri Bybee: 913219-6788 or www.lovewisdomwellness.com/ RR_proxy.htm. NOVEMBER 20, 21, 22 MINI READINGS AT KC METAPHYSICAL FAIR Cindy Mckean will be offering Tarot, Palmistry, & Astrology readings at her booth. $20. Contact info@KansasCityAstrology.com or 816-895-2545 for more info.

NOVEMBER 30 CPR & FIRST AID Red Cross format. WellSpring School of Allied Health. $136. Register 816-523-9140 ext 111. h p://wellspring.edu/programs/ con'nuing-educa'on DECEMBER 1 CLEARING AND TRANSFORMING YOUR ENERGY AROUND MONEY Begin shi(ing your energy around money, freeing you to be more purposeful and prosperous. 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. $25 Vivian Faulkner, Money Coach and Energy Healer (913) 735-3183 Core Star Energy Healing School, 6045 Martway, Mission, KS DECEMBER 12 INTRODUCTION TO ENERGY HEALING WORKSHOP Learn the Basics of Core Star Energy Healing to expand your knowledge and abili'es for working with healing energy 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. $125 see web site for more details. CoreStarEnergyHealing.com DECEMBER 12-13 EMBODIED PRIESTESS PROCESS™ INTRODUCTORY WEEKEND This weekend begins the 9month transforma've journey through women’s mysteries, the divine feminine and New Earth priestess archetypes. Must register to par'cipate: Stephanie Red Feather 913-515-3271. www.redfeatherconnec'ons.co m/priestess_process


Events ONGOING REIKI CIRCLE Unity Church of Overland Park – 10300 An'och, OPKS. 2nd and 4th Mondays 7-9pm. Love offering. All welcome. Receive a Reiki treatment. For flier email karen@ karenharrison.net. 816-5234440 ANGER ALTERNATIVES ANGER SUPPORT GROUP "Stoppit!" Program: every Wednesday from 6:30—8:30 p.m. at Family Health Care on Rainbow and SW Blvd. Preregistra'on required: www.anger.org, info@anger.org, 816-753-5118. ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS FOR CANCER PATIENTS AND VETERANS By Appointment. The Kansas City Healing Project provides energy healing sessions for cancer pa'ents and veterans. Our clients have been experiencing a reduc'on of their stress, anxiety and pain levels. These sessions are provided at NO COST to the client. Contact John Hoefer at 816-718-6358 for details. KansasCityHealingProject.org


November 2015

WEEKLY WEDNESDAYS BABY MASSAGE 10:30-11:30. Therapeu'c touch for bonding, sleep pa erns, colic/reflux, and development. At hOMe Family Holis'c Center in old OP: www.hOMeholis'c.com. $30 drop in, $99 4-series class. MONDAY ONENESS BLESSINGS 6:30 p.m. at Don and Jessica Palmer’s in Lee’s Summit: theharbor@sbcglobal.net or 816 -806-1838. Love Offering. Open to all faiths, belief systems, and spiritual prac'ces. SACRED CHAMBERS Free, profound 5-hour process for Transforma'on, Awakening, and Healing. Dates available for Lee’s Summit or Olathe loca'ons: www.SacredChambersKC.com. CREATE-COMPREHENSIVE REIKI, ENERGY HEALING, AND TRANSFORMATION EDUCATION Join the 12 month women's program to a end classes on 2nd Tuesdays monthly in Overland Park. Visit www.MayaZahira.com for details.



November 2015