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Dear Friend,


Each new year holds the power of possibility. There’s a chance for reflection on the past year, redemption, and a time to start anew. Each January I am infused with enthusiasm, hope, and the energy of looking toward what is possible. We can start anew each day, as well—and allow the entire year to be infused with a fervor for reflection, renewal, and rebirth. I believe the key to keeping this inspiration on a daily basis is achieved through balance.

The Art of Vision 10

Balance an apple and a banana on a scale and the side with the apple effortlessly raises the banana. Does the apple have more nutritional value than the banana? No, it simply weighs more. In a similar way we determine balance in our lives. What we value most may not be where we devote most of our time. Instead, we place value on the responsibilities that weigh the most—usually job or family. As with the apple and banana, even though our job may place more pressure on our time constraints, our personal time is equally valuable. The seasons also play a vital role in balance. They have an essential purpose in the ever-constant renewal of the earth. Spring represents birth, summer is growth, fall is the harvest, and winter is rest. What is interesting is that our bodies follow the same schedule. This bodily reaction to the seasons is natural, but friction occurs when we fight these involuntary responses. Rather than feeling guilty about a sluggish winter, we should value this rest period and acknowledge the renewed strength it will bring in the spring.


2019: The Year Humanity Saves the Planet


Wishing you a most joyous new year,

Shifting Perceptions

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Joy Baker is a multi-media artist and owner of Createful Studios, LLC. She works as a full-time studio artist and art instructor at InterUrban ArtHouse in downtown Overland Park, Kansas. You can find more information about Joy Baker, her work as an artist and art instructor by visiting her company website www.createfuljoy.art. She can be reached at artistjoybaker@gmail.com.



Is it possible to communicate with a person who has died?

Journey into Consciousness:

In her memoir Searching for Spenser, Margaret Kramar, a bereaved mother, seeks her deceased son not only through interviews with his teachers and relatives, but also through mediums in an attempt to pierce the veil which separates us from the realm beyond. Those who encircle her after her son’s passing astound her with amazing stories. A church friend reports having seen a halo encircling Spenser’s head a few weeks before he died, and her own surviving son assures her that Spenser has never left her, because at a school Christmas party he watched Spenser’s ghost whisper in her ear. Not only does Kramar chronicle the feelings she experienced upon the loss of her child with brutal honesty, her story is ultimately one of redemption and hope. The reviewer Dianne Lawson, author of Extraordinary Relationships through Astrology, stated that Kramar’s memoir was so gripping and suspenseful that she could not put the book down. One morning when her electricity went out, she “went and found a flashlight, which imperfectly lit the pages as I continued to read.” In Searching for Spenser, published by Anamcara Press, Kramar offers her own journey through grief as a beacon for others who have experienced loss. It can be purchased on Amazon or ordered through local bookstores. https://anamcara-press.com/searching-for-spenser

Shelly Wilson is pleased to announce the creation of Journey into Consciousness: Cards of Empowerment. Shelly was inspired to create this deck as a divination tool to empower you to connect to the you within. She purposefully has chosen not to include detailed instructions with this deck of cards as she encourages you to explore and use them as you are guided to do so. Cards of Empowerment include 52 message cards, title card, author card, intention card and five blank cards to write your own message. The packaging is a custom labeled tin box. All images were photographed by Shelly Wilson. To purchase your deck of cards, please visit ShellyRWilson.com. Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. She offers private mediumship readings, intuitive readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki healing sessions, and teaches classes and workshops. Shelly’s books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness, are available in paperback and eBook. She is also the creator of Journey into Consciousness: Cards of Empowerment. Residing in Oklahoma, she has a BS in Business with a minor in Psychology.

Cards of Empowerment

Third Annual Women’s Retreat at Unity Village Chapel A benefit for Hope House and UVC Youth Programs

A new year, new beginnings and a new outlook for Kansas City women in 2019 as they attend the Third Annual “A Time For Renewal” Women’s Retreat on January 26th at the Unity Village CommUnity Center from 9:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m. Attendees will enjoy interactive programs, lunch, vendor shopping for jewelry, clothing, art, essential oils, gift items, books, quilts, music, chair massage, gentle seated yoga, and featured speakers. The event is known for providing inspirational speakers and topics. Some of the speakers include: -Stephanie Red Feather is the founder of Blue Star Temple. She describes herself as a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. She is an author of the upcoming book “The Evolutionary Empath”. Stephanie leads experiential workshops and works privately with individuals. -Rev. Erin McCabe, Senior Minister of Unity Village Chapel will speak on “Motherhood, Mindfulness and Magic”. -Terri Hrudka will offer a program “The Enneagram—Your Energetic Imprint”. Introspection in different personality types. Event Organizer Julie Vest says the retreat offers a perfect opportunity for women to be inspired, participate in interactive programs, enjoy musical talent, listen to interesting speakers, relax for the day, and shop a vendor area. The event, hosted by The Sisters of Myrtle Fillmore will benefit Unity Village Chapel youth, family ministry, scholarship programs and Hope House which provides domestic violence victims with shelter, a hotline, and comprehensive services. Tickets can be purchased at 2019WomensRetreat.eventbrite.com. Ticket prices are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Facebook page “A Time For Renewal” 2019 Women’s Retreat

Connecting with the Unseen

Journey through the dimensions of consciousness to help you live a sacred life Have you ever wanted to explore the unseen forces of the universe? Almost every human being seeks communion with some sort of creative power in the universe, whether it is called God or Goddess, Jehovah, Allah, Great Spirit, or Brahma. What if there were tangible ways of experiencing the source of all life, that Great Originating Mystery? Author Daniel Moler weaves a connection among the world’s religions to show that all paths eventually lead to one Great Path. He not only brings to light the shamanic foundations of all faiths but paves a trail forward—through the Qabalistic Tree of Life—to map out a system of spiritual relationship for anyone from any walk of life to follow. You can, says author Daniel Moler, become a mystic in your own right. You can take charge of your own connection with the sacred. Trained in Peruvian Shamanism and in Qabalah, Daniel Moler is the author of several books and articles that have been published throughout the world on the topics of shamanism, mysticism, spirituality, and art. He is a Sanctioned Teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a cross-cultural shamanic lineage focused on personal and planetary renewal. Visit him online at www.danielmolerweb.com “Daniel Moler’s Shamanic Qabalah is a strong contribution that will appeal to modern mystics in the emerging transformational community. This is a compelling book and Mr. Moler is to be acclaimed as he has created very good medicine indeed.” — Hank Wesselman, Ph.D, author of The Re-Enchantment: A Shamanic Path to a Life of Wonder Shamanic Qabalah: A Mystical Path to Uniting the Tree of Life & the Great Work by Daniel Moler US Price $21.99 Trade Paper ISBN: 978-0-7387-5763-6 December 2018 Llewellyn Publications.


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Evolutionary Guide


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Journey to Wholeness

The Roots of Loneliness BY JUDE LACLAIRE, PH.D.


his time of year when daylight is scarce, the weather is colder, and true connections are few, we may find ourselves feeling lonely. Some describe themselves as feeling rootless with little sense of belonging. The growth of social media, people moving more frequently, and the polarization of people around social and political issues has contributed to disconnection and loneliness. John Cacioppo, co-author of Loneliness:Human Nature and the Need for Social Connections, began studying the neuroscience of loneliness over two decades ago. He theorized that the brain is the organ for creating, monitoring, nurturing and retaining social connections. The important thing, he tells us, is not whether you actually have these connections but whether you felt that you had them. He found that about 26 percent of the population regularly feels lonely. A number of different research studies have found that loneliness can cause sleep disturbances or unrestful sleep, raise levels of stress hormones and inflammation, which can increase the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, dementia and even suicide attempts. Lonely people are often depressed, anxious and have poor self-esteem. According to the American Foundation for Suicide prevention forty-five thousand people committed suicide in 2017 and the National Institute of Drug Abuse reported that seventy-two thousand people

died from drug overdoses in the same year. Dr. Cacioppo, in testing various approaches to treating loneliness, made an interesting discovery. He found that social engagement doesn’t work because it confuses the idea of loneliness and being alone. Social skills are often lost due to loneliness rather than causing it. Social support doesn’t work because it is onedirectional and not mutual. He says, “The last treatment we looked at is changing how lonely people think about other people, having them understand what happens when their brain goes into this self-preservation mode.” His research now focuses more on ‘maladaptive social cognition”helping people re-examine how they interact with others and perceive social cues. The two groups more prone to loneliness are young people from early teens to twenties and seniors. Young people are going through a huge life transition from being a child to assuming the responsibilities of adulthood. Social groups are increasingly important as the child separates from family. Older adults are often experiencing the loss of spouses, friends and colleagues. They have a strong probability of losing

support systems or moving to unfamiliar places. In today’s world where much of the interaction is via social media, there is often an increasing sense of isolation. People may be working at home or in small isolated cubicles. Other factors are poverty, unemployment, and immigration or displacement. The question is how can we facilitate mutually reciprocal connections and also assist people in learning new ways of perceiving social cues. It would seem that learning to trust helps to reestablish one’s ability to read social cues differently. In counseling, we think of those behaviors that miscue us as ‘triggers.’ When one experiences discomfort, pain or trauma the stimuli that are part of the experience become embedded as reminders. We then carry those forward. To counter loneliness and learn healthier social cue recognition Jane E. Brody in the New York Times article (June 25, 2018) suggests doing creative activities with others like writing, music, visual arts, gardening, textile arts like crocheting, knitting and needlework, and even culinary arts. She quotes Dr. Nobel, “Creative arts expression has the power to connect to yourself and others.”

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A creative Physical Education teacher at Indian Hills Middle School in Prairie Village, KS, Kathy Kreamer, has her students and residents of Brighton Gardens experience a fitness class together. The students are asked to create activities that can be enjoyed by someone in a wheel chair, a walker or other disabilities. The students have been impressed by the life experiences shared by the residents. While the students are walking or playing they get a chance to socialize with the seniors. The students and the seniors are socializing, connecting with each other in a reciprocal relationship. If you are experiencing loneliness or know someone who is, think about how you can change this process by engaging in activities that encourage a reciprocal experience. Think about how you read or misread social cues. Perhaps you will be less lonely, enjoying others and your healthy solitude.

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC is a counselor and educator at the Heartland Holistic Health Center. She is the author of the “Life Weaving Education Curriculum” that teaches creative, effective, holistic problem solving. For counseling appointments, seminars, speaker’s bureau, or information on Neurobehavioral Programs and Imago Couple’s Therapy, call 913-322-5622 or drjude@heartlandholistic.com; www.heartlandholistic.com

Eating Well in Kansas City 7

Manage Depression Naturally with Nutrition and Supplements BY ANGELA WATSON ROBERTSON


aybe you’re feeling low because it’s that time of the year when the sun goes down at 4 p.m., and you’re still spinning from holiday family gatherings. Maybe you’re feeling clinically depressed due to chronic health problems, financial challenges, and you’re recovering from the worst year of your life. Regardless of the reason for your depression, you can reclaim your mental health and feel better using nutrition and supplements. As a health coach, I teach what is called lifestyle medicine. This form of medicine focuses on exercise, diet and nutrition, supplementation, stress-relieving techniques, and alternative therapies. Lifestyle medicine is all about the habits and choices you make each day that affect how you think and how you feel. The number of people that struggle with depression on a daily basis in our country is staggering and heart breaking. Yet, with so many Americans on an antidepressant, why aren’t people feeling better? According to many doctors, including Kelly Brogan, MD, author of A Mind of Your Own, depression is not a disease but a symptom of “something not being right within.” When I think about the cause of depression, I don’t think about a chemical imbalance in the brain. Instead, and as Dr. Brogan states in her book, I think about “the impact of a sedentary lifestyle, processed food diets, and unrelenting stress.” So, if you’re consistently depressed and you feel like you’ve tried everything with no improvement, I’d suggest you look at your nutrition and supplement regimen to feel better. Here are a few recommendations to consider.

Eliminate Processed foods from your diet. Processed foods often clog up your digestive tract and don’t provide adequate nutrition for optimal health. Plus, they can be a key factor in an increase of inflammation in your body. Studies have shown that people with high inflammation are more prone to depression.

Eat Whole Foods Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, pastured meats, wild fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, and traditional natural fats like unrefined olive and coconut oil. This may seem simple in a world conditioned to take a pill to cure depression instead of looking at what goes in our bodies at each meal, but, it really is that important.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, pastured meats, wild fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, and traditional natural fats like unrefined olive and coconut oil. microbes to influence mood and behavior.” Take a high quality daily probiotic will help keep your gut and microbiome healthy and balanced.

I recommend using a holistic approach to treating depression and being very thorough. Work with practitioners who listen to you, share your lab results with you openly, and allow you to be an informed and empowered L-Theanine—is a calming amino acid found patient. in tea. It can help reduce anxiety and calm In addition to the above, make sure you are your mood. I have personally benefited from getting enough sleep, exercise, and meditation taking 200 mg twice per day. into your day. Many people report feeling better and responding better to other Magnesium—You can get magnesium from treatment modalities for depression when they your diet, but most people need more for are getting quality sleep each night, moving proper digestive support, muscle pains, and to their body regularly, and practicing daily help with mental health. I recommend taking meditation. If you’re having trouble creating at least 300 mg per day if you have high this type of lifestyle for yourself, I’d anxiety, PMS symptoms, or insomnia. Try recommend working with a Certified Health different forms of magnesium to see what Coach to get you back on track. works best for you. B12—I’ve heard numerous stories from people who are sick for years and eventually find out the primary culprit was a lack of B12 in their system. It’s great to take a combined supplement of B vitamins, but I find that B12 is the most important when it comes to mental health. I recommend B12 as a lozenge or liquid in the form of methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin twice a day.

Take supplements that support a healthy gut, calm mind, and balanced blood sugar

There are numerous other supplements that have proven to be beneficial to fight depression naturally, so do your research. The above recommendations are a good start and a As Dr. Brogan mentions in her book, “There few examples of some that have worked for is now ample animal research and preliminary many of my clients. human trials to support the ability of gut EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

Angela Watson Robertson, MBA, CIHC, INHC, a.k.a The Reinvention Warrior, is a well known nutrition blogger and health coach who teaches you how to transform your life starting with the food you eat. She has created simple, effective tools to help you reinvent every area of your life- from health, career and money to relationships, spirituality and sex. Find her free wellness tips, nutrition courses, and coaching programs at www.angelawatsonrobertson.com. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.


Holistic Health

Complementary/Integrative Therapies that Work: A Review of the Evidence BY NANCY RUSSELL, M.D.


bout one-third of U.S. adults in 2012 reported that they used complementary therapies in the preceding year, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Studies show that 12 percent to 64 percent of patients do not disclose this use to their physician. The American Academy of Family Physicians advocates for evidence-based evaluations of integrative medicine to facilitate education, treatment, and counseling of patients. An article from the American Family Physician Journal, published September 1, 2016, discusses evidence for eight of the beststudied integrative interventions, which primary care physicians should consider incorporating into their practices. The article was entitled, “Complementary/ Integrative Therapies That Work: A Review of the Evidence.”

advised that CoQ10 is an adjunctive therapy and not be used alone to treat heart failure.

and enhancement of cerebral blood flow. The extract EGb 761, a dry extract of the leaves standardized to 22vpercent to 27 percent gingko flavanoids, has Exercise for Anxiety been most extensively studied. An Exercise for Anxiety was studied with a review of 37 meta-analyses analysis of 7 controlled studies with 2,684 patients with studies with a total of 42,264 Alzheimers or vascular type participants to show a small but dementia showed that standard meaningful average anti-anxiety effect. Most studies evaluated the measures of overall cognition and effect of aerobic exercise, although activities of daily living improved strength training may be effective in those who received ginkgo extract at 240 mg per day wheras as well. For patients unable to 120 mg per day was ineffective. perform vigorous exercise, qi Effectiveness of gingko biloba was gong, a gentle form of exercise that originated in China and yoga similar to those of anticholinesterase medications also show promise in reducing currently available for the anxiety symptoms. Exercise may have a modest benefit in treating treatment of Alzheimers-type dementia. It is reasonable to depression. recommend gingko biloba as an alternative first-line treatment for Omega-3 Fatty Acids dementia. Fish Oil, the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA treatment, have been shown in multiple studies to Mind-Body Interventions lower triglycerides. EPA/DHA at a Mind-body Interventions for dosage of 4 grams or 4000mg per insomnia such as hypnosis, Acupuncture day decreased triglycerides by 25 meditation, guided imagery, Acupuncture in general, is mindfulness-based stress to 30 percent. Although elevated extremely safe, with the most triglycerides levels are associated reduction, cognitive behavioral common risk being transient mild with increased cardiovascular therapy (CBT), biofeedback, yoga, discomfort. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese practices (e.g. mortality and fish consumption component of traditional East qi gong, tai chi) and music therapy two to four times a week is Asian medicine that involves the represent safe and cost-effective associated with lower insertion of needles at specific cardiovascular mortality in cohort treatment options. A 2015 points on the body to facilitate the studies, it is not known if the systematic review found that CBT recovery of health. A 2012 metatriglyceride-lowering effect of fish was the most effective mind-body analysis of pooled data from 29 intervention for insomnia. oil supplements decrease studies involving 17,922 patients Explore which option is best for cardiovascular events. Given the found that acupuncture was you based on cost and availability. safety of fish oil, it seems effective for treating chronic low reasonable to consider it as a back pain compared to sham means to lower triglyceride levels, Probiotics acupuncture and no treatment. while recognizing that its effect on Probiotics for prevention of patient-centered outcomes must antibiotic-associated diarrhea Coenzyme Q10 still be determined. Nordic have been researched. The most Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), also Naturals and Metagenics fish oil commonly studied probiotics called ubiquinone, is an have some of the best safety include Lactobacillus species, antioxidant found in high records for pure fish oil without Bifidobacterium species and concentrations in the heart. It has contaminants. saccharomyces boulardi, a nona role in mitochondrial electron pathogenic yeast. A preventative transport and in supplying effect occurred regardless of Ginkio Biloba myocardial energy. CoQ10 levels species, age group or duration of Ginkgo biloba leaves have been may independently predict therapy. Typical dosages studied studied extensively for the mortality in heart failure patients. treatment of Alzheimer’s were 5 to 10 billion colonyA 2013 meta-analysis of 13 forming units in children to 10 to dementia and vascular-type randomized controlled trials 20 billion per day in adults. dementias. Its proposed found that CoQ10 increased net Patients should be advised to start mechanism of action include ejection fraction by 3.7percent preservation and improvement of the probiotics within one to three and was safe, well tolerated, days of starting antibiotics and mitochondrial function, improved symptoms and reduced promotion of hippocampal take for one week after stopping. major cardiovascular events in neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, It is important to take the patients with heart failure. It was EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

probiotic at least 3 to 4 hours away from the antibiotic.

St. John’s Wort St. John’s Wort, or Hypericum perforatum, have been evaluated for treatment of depression symptoms and major depressive disorder in adults. In a 2008 Cochrane review, St. John’s wort was found to be more effective than placebo in mild to moderate depression. Therapeutic doses range from 500 to 1200 mg per day; a commonly recommended dosage is 300 mg three times a day or 450mg twice a day. The mechanism of action in not entirely clear, however it is generally safe with side effects comparable to placebo. Caution is advised as it can interfere with serotonin psychiatric medications, birth control pills, some antibiotics, digoxin, protease inhibitors, and certain immunosuppressive medications. For patients with mild to moderate depression who prefer not to use conventional antidepressants, St. John’s wort is a reasonable first-line treatment. The lack of adequate regulation of herbs and supplements by the U.S. Food and Drug administration makes it difficult for consumers to be assured of the quality and safety of a specific supplement. Ask you physician for names of reliable brands of high quality or assess them at ConsumerLab.com and the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention http://www.usp.org/dietarysupplements/overview.

Nancy Russell, M.D., is a holistic Internal medicine physician, blending traditional and alternative medicine in her Kansas City northland practice for over 30 years. For more information on getting to know Dr. Russell, visit her website, www.nancyrussellmd.com or call her office at Nurturing Optimal Wellness at 816-453-5545.

Revelations 9

Help! My Child is Psychic. Now What? BY CHRISTI CLEMONS HOFFMAN


any families are understandably concerned about, even fearful of, their child's emerging psychic or sensory abilities. With no frame of reference, this realm is uncharted territory. While most parents are not prepared to deal with it, the good news is that this situation is more common than you might think. If you family is having issues of a spiritual or energetic nature and you are new to this, keep these things in mind. Don’t panic!! All children are special and unique and have innate gifts in different areas – music, sports, art, and so on. Having a spiritual gift is just another talent, and sensing energies and spirits is perfectly natural. We’re all born psychically “open” and sensitive, to a degree. Provide comfort. Know that kids can learn to safely manage their gifts and gain discernment – the ability to distinguish between different kinds of energies and intentions. Reassure your child that there are useful things they can do if they or others are frightened by these abilities. Remind them that you are here to help, and that you will support them. Refer to Number 10 for more information on the safe use of these abilities. Mind your energy. Remember that your child is sensitive and reacts to your fear, anxiety, or frustration. Children look to their parents for signals, and sensitive children unconsciously absorb and mirror our emotions. For these reasons, it’s important for you to deal with your own emotions and practice good selfcare. Don’t “spotlight”. You may be proud of your child’s abilities, but most kids usually don’t want that information to be shared, or worse, to be asked to “perform” for others. Instead, seek to understand how they feel. Are they confident in their abilities? Do they want to share about them

“If you family is having issues of a spiritual or energetic nature and you are new to this, keep these things in mind.” with others? Sensitive kids typically feel different already and may fear being bullied because of it their unique abilities. Do all you can to let your child know that they and their gifts are normal. Take your cues from your child. Allow your child to tell you if they want to develop their gifts. Doing so may be exciting and interesting for the family, but may be overwhelming, confusing, and possibly frightening for your child. If they want to develop their abilities, seek a teacher who has experience in this area. There is a lot of confusing information out there. Don’t ask for readings. Resist the temptation to ask your child to “see” for you or others, either formally or informally. This puts a child in the awkward position of advising adults and gives them more responsibility than they should have. Know that just because your child sees spirits or angels, it doesn’t mean they see them the same way that professional mediums do. And just because a child is psychic doesn’t mean that they can tell if a place is haunted. Every intuitive is different.

themselves; they have the easiest time communicating when the “light” is on. Parents need to know that while there is nothing that can truly harm a child, sensitive children often feel anxiety, which can lead to physical and emotional symptoms. There are many things they can do to feel better and stay safe. Invoke the names of Jesus, God, or any archangels or ascended masters they feel drawn to. Use crystals, carry icons or medals of saints. Be careful, though, of dependence on amulets or talismans, which can be forgotten or lost. Children are powerful enough to call in protection all by themselves.

Maintain healthy and positive expectations. Most sensitive kids won’t be professional psychics or healers. They will be coders, plumbers, hairdressers – Help your child practice good everyday jobs done by regular self-care. A hungry, tired, or people who happen to exhibit a overstimulated child will be more heightened spiritual connection. vulnerable. Happy, healthy kids And that’s what they came here to are more protected from spiritual do – achieve homo spiritus, the and/or others’ energies. next evolution of homo sapiens. This is much greater Establish good boundaries. accomplishment than a cool party Teach your child respect for self trick. and for others. Healthy boundaries provide good energetic Let your kid be a kid! All protection. children should be accepted and loved for who they are. Trust the intuition. If your child has a bad feeling about a place or person, honor it. Certain places and people carry negative energy and emotion, which may make your child feel ill or anxious. That doesn’t mean that this person or place is “bad” – just that Christi Clemons Hoffman is a it’s not a good energetic match for your child. That said, do check out lifelong intuitive who serves as a “sherpa” for spiritual seekers, emany strong hunches you or your paths, and parents of sensitive chilchild may have about people, dren. Christi is a Level II QHHT practilocations, or situations, and do tioner, Introspective Hypnosis practiyour due diligence. tioner, Reiki Master, certified Akashic Help your child use these Records reader, and trained medical gifts safely. If your child has a intuitive. She lives in beautiful Kansas difficult time turning off their gifts City, Missouri, with her Crystal child or using discernment, help them daughter, two cats, and one very set up some basic protections. spoiled dog. For more information When the “light” is on, all the about Christi, visit Angels’ Guidance bugs come – the helpful ones and with Christi Clemons Hoffman on the pests. Lower-level spirits are Facebook. mired in ego and only serve


10 Feature

The Art of Vision Boarding in 5 Simple Steps BY JAMIE WINTER DAWSON


anuary is a great time of year to re-evaluate personal and professional goals and reassess how your unique gifts and longings align with how you show up in the world. Try these five steps to create a vision board that can provide you with a tool for clarity as you move into the New Year. Supplies you will need include magazines , glue (I prefer nontoxic Mod Podge or glue stick), scissors, a sheet of tag board or watercolor paper with the dimensions of your choice. Optional supplies include decorative paper, watercolor paints, markers, and oil pastels.

we activate pathways of the brain that are difficult to articulate with language. The beauty of working in this way is that you may discover goals or directions that are surprising and easier than you could have planned using a written format . If you want more direction in

3. Secure and Embellish Once you’ve chosen your images, begin to arrange and paste them. Again, trust your intuition on placement. This is your creative process and your vision board. You don’t ever have to show it to anyone if you don’t want to.

5. Place for Optimum Viewing

1. Ground Energy

Find a quiet place to work where interruptions will be minimal. Stow any devices and set them on silent. You may wish to play soft music, light a candle, or make a cup of tea. Sit on a pillow or blanket on the floor with legs crossed at the shins or ankles or sit in a comfortable chair with both feet firmly placed on the floor. Close your eyes or soften your gaze. Take three slow, smooth breaths in and out through the nose. If you wish, you can set an intention for your creative practice, such as, “I surrender to the process,” or “I am Peace, I am Love.” Open your eyes and roll shoulders up, back, and down a few times to loosen up and settle in.

notice if any inner critic voices arise. Offer yourself encouragement and gratitude for taking time for creativity and for yourself. This is also a good time to journal about your process. What did you notice as you were creating? How do you feel afterward? What steps were you most or least drawn to? Were there any surprises?

“I like to think of art-making as ‘sacred play’ where the process is as important as the product.”

selecting your images, consider asking yourself, “In this new season, what am I letting go of?” and, “What am I calling in?” Just as important, make sure 2. Select Images you’re using images that align Select images you are drawn to. with your truth and make you feel Trust your instincts and have fun! good about yourself and your I like to think of art-making as goals. By contrast, images that ‘sacred play’ where the process is perpetuate the beauty myth, as important as the product. Many gender, class or racial inequality people don’t realize the or ageism can subtly chip away at significance, the breadth and self-esteem and misrepresent your depth of their vision board until values. they’ve spent time with it in the As you work, be mindful and weeks or months after creating it. pay attention to how you’re feeling This is, in part, because when we while you build your board . work with symbols and imagery,

You can include embellishments on your vision board using watercolor, oil pastels, or markers. Consider making patterns and colors based on the emotions you want to cultivate in the upcoming weeks or months. For example, I find the color mint green to be very peaceful, and I might include this to symbolize the desire to cultivate more peace and calm in my life.

4. Complete Your Board

Once you’re done, take a moment to reflect on the finished product. Approach it with curiosity and compassion and


Place your vision board in a space such as your office, meditation room, studio, or kitchen where you will see it regularly. You may wish to take a photo and use it as a screensaver on your phone or other device. Consider revisiting the project and making a vision board during a change in the calendar or seasons, as a new or full moon intention, or at the beginning/end of a career, birth year, or relationship. Use your vision board to inspire and encourage you, to aid you in decision-making, and to remind you that you are making choices from a creative, healthy, and growing place.

Jamie Winter Dawson has been a Fine & Therapeutic Arts Educator for 20 years and a practitioner of yoga, meditation & mindfulness for 13 years. Jamie is passionate about de-mystifying the creative process of art, yoga, and meditation to facilitate healing and inner calm." Learn more at www.jamiewinterdawson.com.

Feature 11

2019:The Year Humanity Saves the Planet BY SAMI AARON


t’s a wild new game, just released: “2019: The Year Humanity Saves The Planet!”

Here’s how it’s played.

The Setup All of humanity lives on a planet (let’s call it “Earth”) that needs to be shifted away from the destructive path it has been on for 300+ years. The object of the game is to SAVE THE PLANET so it can support and nurture all beings— human and non-human—and become regenerative forever. Between 1 and 7.7 billion people can play. It’s fun for all ages!

The Rules The only rule is that humans need to start playing the game immediately. The latest reports on Climate Change indicate that glaciers will be melted in 10 years. As happens in the greatest Sci-Fi games, that’ll be when all hell breaks loose! The Weather Channel’s Climate Disruption Index lists Kansas City as #5 of the top 25 cities that will be most impacted by climate change.

The Play Players notice and make choices about every single thing they do and how it will affect Earth. If the player makes a nurturing choice, plants and wildlife celebrate by displaying their vibrant colors and crazy mating rituals! If the player makes a destructive choice, plants and wildlife suffer, die, or even go extinct, also affecting the quality of life for humans (plants and wildlife are needed for breathable air, drinkable water, and more.) Want to play? (FYI, even if you say “No”, guess what? You’re already playing! Just by breathing, eating, driving, living in a home, and clothing yourself, you’re already a valued and vital participant!)

Scoring Each time you consciously make an Earth-friendly choice, your

entire body reacts with joy and delight! You know you’ve scored big when your heart lights up! Each time you consciously make a destructive choice (or you choose to not think about it!) all of nature mourns. Bonus points are earned for lush forests, sparkling rivers teeming with fish, oceans of abundant marine life and glorious coral reefs, and wildlands that are the perfect habitat to support elephants, gorillas, lions, bison, and rhinos. Not Sure How to Play? You Are Not Alone! To help you out, we’ve included special “EnviroTipTM” action cards! These EnviroTip cards can Game Over be played over and over. Collect Which will it be? Earth wins or extra bonus points for sharing Earth loses? The choice is yours. them with other players! A Light-hearted Game For A Serious Topic Each EnviroTip helps you take There is just ONE important Simple Steps that will make a Big message here: we have to give Impact as you: back to our planet starting today. How do we do that? By making a Actively “Green” our planet: conscious decision for 2019 to Tips on planting native trees, focus on our personal impact on shrubs, and wildflowers to benefit Earth. wildlife and nature. With close to 8 billion people living on this planet, we do a Choose who you give your whole lot of “taking”—of food, money to: water, energy, land, and more. Use your purchasing power to The best way to keep the planet benefit Earth, plants, wildlife, and healthy enough to support humans. humans and all the other glorious creatures and places we love, for Nurture compassion for all eons to come, is for us to replenish beings: what we take as often as we can. From beneficial pollinators to And if you think your actions bugs on your vegetables, you can aren’t important enough to make help honor and nurture plants and a difference, consider the critters in everything you do. honeybee: A honeybee visits 50 to 100 Manage your waste to flowers during one collection replenish Earth: flight from the hive. Tips on recycling, trash, and In order to produce 1 pound of food waste (rack up extra gold honey, bees will have visited 2 stars if you compost your food million flowers. scraps!) An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey Spend time in nature: in its lifetime. Earn special prizes as you reap Humanity must step into the the physical and emotional hive mindset. If each of us makes benefits that come from being out- our 1/12 teaspoon of healthy of-doors in glorious places. planet we can be assured of having the clean air and fresh water that See the EvolvingMagazine.com are vital to us all. for EnviroTip ideas for January So, throughout your day, get into through December to help you get the habit of asking yourself, “How started. Be a player and invite can I give back to our planet in your friends! this moment?” EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

Read through the EnviroTips and make 2019 the year that you find new habits and a new way of living your life as if the health of the Planet depended on it.

EnviroTips: Simple Steps. Big Impact. To make it easy, we’ve created simple tips for you to start on TODAY! Sign up at EnviroTips.org for helpful hints on implementing these ideas to make this the most successful game humanity has ever played! Visit www.EvolvingMagzine.com to print and post a list for the entire year on your refrigerator! January—Spend Time In Nature. Schedule specific times in your calendar every month in 2019 to visit parks, gardens, and nature sites throughout the year and make reservations and plans with others to confirm the dates; make a monthly donation to an environmental group. Sami Aaron is the founder of the nonprofit, The Resilient Activist, a community resource for all things environmental and nature-connected in the Kansas City area. She is passionate about nurturing the intrinsic relationship between humanity and the natural world. www.TheResilientActivist.org sami@theresilientactivist.org.

12 Feature

Shifting Perceptions BY JULIA LAUGHLIN


t was a long time ago, but it clung like Velcro . . . the attack when I was 21, by an exboyfriend, who was a serial killer. I survived to testify against him, to take the witness stand and tell my story of being raped, beaten and tortured, not once, but twice. He was convicted. But rather than a big crescendo, it was a huge deflation, like air being let out of a balloon. For two years, I had shoved everything down, buried it, even as I fought to keep the case alive. I gave every ounce to stop him. But when it was all over, the conviction didn’t bring justice, or that other myth, “closure”. Rather, it left me feeling empty and forlorn. For the next thirty years, I lived with the fallout, struggling to make sense of what happened and burying what kept resurfacing. I held tight to an undying hope that one day things would be better, even if I didn’t know when. Decades passed, and still that “one day” hadn’t arrived. By the time I was 51, hope gave way to despair, and I told myself: find a way to heal or that was it. I had reached the end, and I could no longer live this way. Under the weight of that ultimatum, I left my home for an isolated seaside place in New Zealand that I had visited once before. There, facing the sea, myself, my past, the stories I had told myself, the myths I had created to explain what happened and why I had become the way I was, new questions came to me, ones I had never asked before. “What will be enough for me to let it go and accept healing?” and “When will I know I have healed?” Asking those questions caused a shift, a reframing of what I was seeking. I realized that what I had been searching for all those years was a cure. A “cure”, by its very nature, implies something supplied by someone or something outside myself, something out of my control and dependent on some elusive benevolent source. It never occurred to me that the power to heal might already reside within me. It wasn’t that I hadn’t worked during those years to face the pain

“I had been searching for a cure as though it were a destination I could reach.” and all that went with it. I had, and I had made progress. Over time, my life did get better, and the periods of depression became shorter. But always underneath was that something that I couldn’t shake, that wouldn’t leave me. It was a constant current that ran through my life. Many times, I thought I had conquered “it” and that my life would get better, only to come crashing down again. The truth was that I hadn’t really connected what happened to me at 21 with the misery and pain of my life. But there by the sea, I asked myself those questions: What is enough? How will I know I’ve healed? Asking those simple, yet powerful questions became the keys to the first of many shifts in my perception that led to the realization that I had been confusing healing with cure. I had been searching for a cure as though it were a destination I could reach or an item I could buy, and that once I did, I would finally be alright. Everything would be fine, my life would sail

along, and I would be happy. I just needed to pick myself up, read one more book, meet the right person, work harder in therapy, or move to a new place. I had any number of magic remedies that were going to lead me to that cure. With the empowering new insight that maybe the healing was already within me, the myths upon which I had built my life began to crumble. I knew then that what I had been searching for had been inside me the whole time. I began to understand that if I was going to feel better, I would have to accept what had happened to me, understand that it wasn’t going to leave me, and realize that I couldn’t unmake it, erase it or wish it away. It happened, and it would always be a part of my history. It was also true that while it did affect me, it didn’t have to define me. Accepting these things allowed me to move to the next level. I could take back my power and live my life free from the havoc my attacker had unleashed.


Finally, I understood what healing truly is. It is not a cure and not forgetting what happened to me but a learning to live with it. Healing is freeing myself from the control the past had on my life. Healing means I can’t make it never to have happened. Healing is knowing that while there will still be hard days, they won’t last and they don’t mean I’m not healed. Healing is knowing when it is enough. What was enough for me to know that I had healed? When I accepted what happened to me and how it affects me…and found out that I am still okay. Julia Laughlin is a speaker, advocate and author of The River and the Sea: A Story of Forgiveness, about her path to healing. She is working on her second book about the twoyear court case. Learn more at: www.laughlindaughterspublishinghouse. com or contact her at: info@laughlinpress.com.

Spiritual Horoscope 13

January Horoscope CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 – JAN. 19)

Happy birthday Capricorn! This month’s solar eclipse in your sign asks you to take stock of yourself. Meditate on what habits work for you and which work against you. Be as loving and nonjudgmental as possible! Just say, “Wow! This isn’t how I want to think/feel/act.” Affirm your capacity to make changes and then make them. Also visualize, dwell and act upon how you do want to be. Dream BIG! Your mind is fertile ground to grow a new crop of happiness and fulfillment! AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 – FEB. 18) Don’t be afraid to quiet your mind and venture into your subconscious. It’s hard for you to let go of logic and allow vulnerability or irrational thoughts to arise. Meditate and just let it be weird or messy. Amazing treasures come out of the kooky crap! Also, use affirmations to stop negative thoughts in their tracks. You’ll overcome deep-rooted childhood issues. On a fun note, you can start a luscious relationship with someone you meet from a cool hobby or an awesome group of friends. If in a current partnership, you’ll rediscover each other in surprising ways. PISCES (FEB. 19 – MARCH 20) Pursue things you love! You deserve to have friendships that meet your needs and to do activities that fill you with joy. Meditate on how you thwart your own pleasure or (horrors!) how you blame others for not allowing you to have fun. Explore old beliefs about how speaking up for yourself or following your own path creates guilt. Where does that come from? You can re-wire that program! Career-wise you can get an awesome promotion, raise or a new job. Financial boons can come along too. You deserve these blessings! ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19) Energetic, exciting Mars enters your sign! It’s a once every two year high point for initiating changes. You can shift jobs, start a new relationship or make strides in self-esteem. The solar eclipse this month breaks longstanding patterns that make you react in self-defeating ways. Meditate on conflicts that arise,

and you’ll also be able to solve major puzzles as well as forge new paths to success! You’ll also have insights into any financial issues, so abundance flows in and stays in. TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20) Mars, the planet of energy and excitement, helps you find inner power that’s been covered by anger and frustration. Meditate on challenging issues from the past two years (a Mars cycle) and be willing to acknowledge the pain. This is blocked energy that you’re now tapping into! Having courage to face what’s hidden enlivens and revitalizes you! You can also have financial breakthroughs. You’ll fix deep trust issues with important people in your life. You can even heal problems around sexuality. The solar eclipse brings recommitment to your spiritual path. God isn’t a shaming parent but can be a trusted ally who guides you wisely. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20) You can start a new relationship, or a current one heals and flourishes! To activate that “love juju,” meditate on issues of trust and bonding. Everyone has had hurts in this department. Let the solar eclipse realign your heart so you feel safe to connect. Surround yourself with friends that believe healthy partnerships are possible. Live from your own integrity, and others will find theirs and mirror it back to you. In anything you’d like to manifest, feel what your new reality will be like. Don’t merely wish it to be true! CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22) There might be relationship stress with the solar eclipse.

Before reacting to your partner, family members or co-workers, take time to nurture your inner self. Even if that only means a few deep breaths while focusing on your heart, you’ll gain instant poise. Meditate on the truth that every problem has a solution. When you’re out of “fight or flight”, you’ll likely tune into the graceful answer. Work can be busy, but exciting, with an awesome project coming your way. You can manage everything because you’re always centered and guided from within! LEO (JULY 23 – AUG. 22) The lunar eclipse in your sign reveals subconscious programs that block success in relationships or even career. Meditation, however, reveals hidden strengths you have to achieve positive results! It’s not glamorous, but try forms of yoga that are very still, like yin or restorative practices. The quiet reveals amazing richness and self -understanding, as well as providing super stressreduction! You’ll feel enthusiastic from this inner guidance. Releasing effort brings awareness. Then you’ll have more energy to implement the perfect actions! VIRGO (AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22) Cultivate gratitude for your family, relationships, career, and your wonderful self! Resist the urge to pick on people and things in your mind that “aren’t quite good enough.” The solar eclipse can bring out the glass half empty side of you. But keep heaping up the good thoughts and see how much brighter your life seems! If single, you can meet someone who can be a long -term partner. If bonded, you can heal old “stuff” that blocks the fullness of love and fun. Mars brings opportunities for financial abundance. If you have any debt, you’ll be inspired to make strides to clear it up fast! LIBRA (SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22) This month’s eclipses clear out old family issues that inhibit the flow of love in relationships. As you meditate to release your past, new doors open for fulfillment! You can also remove blocks to prosperity and have more opportunities and


recognition at work. Employ affirmations throughout your day to help create a new reality. Also focus on the feeling of having the life you want; that makes you more magnetic! Be more social and resist homebody tendencies, so you don’t miss out on meeting some very awesome people! SCORPIO (OCT. 23 – NOV. 21) The power of words and thoughts are always transformative, but especially now! The solar eclipse asks you to be extra conscious of underlying messages you say to yourself. Meditate to eliminate old thoughts that no longer serve you and remain conscious throughout the day if they try to creep back in! January also brings exciting work opportunities and perhaps even a financial windfall! Dwell on prosperity and abundance and then watch it flow into your world. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 – DEC. 21) This is an awesome relationship month. You can meet a new love or have a deep level of blossoming in a current connection. You’ll be feeling happy and sexy! With the solar eclipse, meditate on finances and self-worth. You can be too happy -go-lucky with money and get yourself into problems. Invent a flexible disciplined budget so you can pay all your bills, create a savings and also have a “fun fund.” Rely on someone you trust to help with developing a livable plan you can stick with.

Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 (no texting please), or text (248) 583-1663 or visit www.alunamichaels.com


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