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Issue 7

London Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2013

From Puerto Rico with LOVE Interview with

Clementine Desseaux Interview with the fashion designer and illustrator


December 2012

Issue 7

London us Size FashPl ion Weekend 2013

From Puer Rico witto h LOVE In

Well we made it, we made it to the end of 2012!!! What a year it has been! We wanted to take this issue just to reflect on some of the things we have been doing over the last few months, bringing you right up to date with all things EVOLVE!! From our first event Curvy & Fit which happened in August and was a big success and because of that we will be doing it again in 2013, showing the world that we can be Curvy & Get Fit!! Watch out for info on this in 2013, I must admit though that my own fitness regime went out the window at Xmas so I am looking forward to getting back to it in January!! - New videos coming soon Check out all our latest interviews from exclusives from the Dove Campaign to Model Clementine Desseaux, and the latest fashions and beauty tips for you this winter from our Fashion Editor as well as we give you the latest on our new venture The London Plus Size Fashion Weekend and info about how we will be working with Skorch Magazine in 2013. Our next issue will be a bumper edition with fashions from ALL over the world and the exclusives from the LPSFW plus some very new surprises.... Until then thank you for your continued support and we hope you have a Happy New Year and see you all in February 2013 from all at Evolve HQ..

Rianne xx

terview with Clem entine Dess eaux

Interview wit h the fashion des igner and illustrator

FRONT COVER Model Liss Mikk Hair & Make up- Dionne Thomas , Styling Rianne Ward & Ellie Kwandahor Photographer - Imperia Stafferi Clothing- Anna Scholz

Editor in Chief Rianne Ward Art Direction & Design Sylwia Szyszka Fashion Editor Sarah Potter Features Editor Olga Crosse Health & Lifestyle Editor Alison Chapman Arts & Entertainment Editor Sherryl Blu

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Contributing Writers Sarah Potter Melita Davis Caroline Bilkey Lottie Longford Alison Chapman Micayla Morris Jessica Meurice Photographers Nathan Thompson Imperia Staffieri Website Jinnat Hassan

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‘Its coming #LPSFW 2013’ by Rianne Ward


volve Media are so proud to announce that we are the coowners and co - organisers for this exciting event happening on 15th 16th February 2013. We feel it is a perfect time to offer the plus size community/fashion industry another type of plus size event in the UK. Happening during London Fashion Week we will be taking over East London with Curves and Beauty. With sponsorship from amazing companies


like Simply Be and key note people involved like Velvet D Armour, Anna Shillinglaw - Milk Management, Jessica Kane - Skorch and great designers soon to be announced plus sooo much more.... We hope this wil be the 1st of many more yearly events like this. For more details please check out our website or for tickets etc See you there 5


Sister 2 Sister Evolve & Skorch Magazine by Rianne Ward


volve Magazine is very excited to share that they have officially become the UK sister magazine to 1 of the leading American plus size online magazine SKORCH magazine. Jessica Kane and Myself are big supporters of each others work and believe that it is great to offer our readers more opportunities to keep up to date with all our features and our many projects. You will now be able to find a link to Skorch Magazine on our website and our magazine on the official Skorch magazine site. Also lets not forget the lovely Jessica Kane - CEO of Skorch magazine, will be joining us in London for our event and hosting our official press evening for London Plus Size Fashion Weekend. 2013 is going to be bringing lots of new twists and turns and we are certainly looking forward to seeing what this union will bring .....




by Sarah Potter

Louise Gray


If it’s not BAROQUE...

Don’t wear it!! This stunning print evokes all sorts of grandeur artistic fairytale visions and can be worked in so many ways. Team with clashed prints for a super interesting and fresh aesthetic, or have it as a statement piece on one garment/accessory and keep the rest neutral.


Lusting after your very own Mr Grey? Why not channel a little S&M in your wardrobe choices and inject some luxe leathers, ferocious furs and chunky chains? Perfect for a vampy night-time vibe.


Textured Knitwear

Pom poms, crochets and weaves. A handful of the many knitwear techniques used in garments this season. Chunky mixes and contrasting styles work great as layering pieces. For a subtle nod to this funky trend, try a fabulous knitted scarf instead!

Back To Nature

Think enchanted forests peppered with glittering jewels. Forest greens, deep berry tones with bright pops, and a deliciously dark base palette, get back to Mother Nature with this earthy trend.

Boho Tribe

A collaboration of two well loved trendsthe palette is full of beiges, mustards, ochres and rusts. Patterns are brave and bold, each telling its own story while simultaneously weaving and interlocking with the next.

Conversational Prints

Objects like cars, bicycles and timepieces to animals like foxes, cats and horses feature on many garments this AW. Have fun with this trend; it’s a good way to subconsciously show of your individuality.




By Sarah Potter

Ever found the perfect outfit that you’re so excited to get home to try on, only to find that something’s not quite right? It’s not the shoes, it’s not the bag, so what is it? Perhaps it’s the lack of jewellery!! Jewellery more often than not can make an outfit. It can bring it together, aswell as adding a bit of individuality to the look. It’s up to you how you wear your jewellery. Small, delicate and understated, or bold, funky statement styles... here’s a round up of some of the hottest jewellery names to date...

Rings & Tings

Rings and Tings is an online fashion store stocking the most unique pieces at reasonable prices. From jewellery to watches, every detail is important and can add character to an outfit. Rings and Tings will be there to provide that little special treasure that shall be cherished forever. Rings & Tings was created by Joys Cheung and Yiunam Leung - both creative students studying in London. It all started off as a petite boutique stall in Brick Lane market selling unique rings and things In East London. The little stall was getting more popular by the week and soon Rings & Tings moved into its own little studio space and its own shop URL.


Award winning jewellers Galibardy has a cult following, including the odd celebrity or two. The quality of the designs are outstanding, and there have been many lust after items appearing on ebay for well over double the original price. A favourite of glossy magazines, Galibardy’s designs are certainly statement pieces to treasure and show off.


Life’s Big Ca http://www.lifesbigcan

Kitsch, quirky and cool words to describe this gor collection from fellow pl based designer ‘Life’s Packed with tons of punch of attitude, these pieces c define what you’re abou in custom made pieces, checking out!


are just a few rgeous jewellery lus size Leeds Big Canvas’. h and a whole lot can quite literally ut. Specialising , they’re worth

Rosie Wonders

Swan Ring- £16.50

Rosie Wonders new jewellery collection is full of statement kitsch pieces to brighten up any outfit. Created by Rosie in her East London studio, each item has been carefully designed to reflect her passion for illustration while being fun and charming.

Me & Zena

Gemma Collins is deliciously curvy, exceptionally confident, beautiful and, quite frankly, loud. It’s no surprise that her debut collection follows suit. Her personality shines through on The Only Way is Essex and we’re loving her capsule collection for SimplyBe. With stunning pieces to choose from, featuring hot prints ‘scarf print’ ‘leopard print’ and ‘skull print’, this collection is irresistible and each item is a must have for AW. Russian Doll Necklace- £24




Clementine Desseaux by Olga Crosse


lementine Desseaux is a beautiful up and coming plus size French model who has modelled the Body Suit for American Apparel and is also the face of the French multi brand online store Castaluna. Now based in Miami and signed to Brigitte Models the stunning size 18 beauty chatted to me about her modelling career and views on being plus size. When did you break into modelling? It was 4 years ago. I had to try different ways before I found the right agency. It was quite hard but everything comes in time. Did you always want to be a model? Not really. I was always bigger than all my friends. So it was difficult for me to picture myself as a model. People told me I had a beautiful face but my body was taboo. What campaigns have you worked on? My last campaign was the Castaluna one. We had so much fun shooting this video. Everybody loved it. A lot of people wrote to me to tell me how amazing this ad was and how much its going to help a lot of girls feeling better with their figures. Describe your style? I have my own style. I do not really follow any special trends. I am very feminine. I wear mostly dresses. I like to keep it simple and add some funky accessories like bows, headbands...


Where do you shop? I love BCBG by Max Azria for shoes and dresses, online stores are very convenient too like Castaluna, Asos, Forever21... Is it difficult to buy nice, trendy, chic clothes that flatter your figure? Yes. That was always a big issue in my life. That was very hard for me to find something I like, especially when I was a teenager and all my friends were a size 2 ! It’s a little better now. I know where to go and what fits me. I am friends with my body again. Have you ever felt pressure to slim? Of course, I have been on a diet all my life since the age of 10. So I always felt pressure with all those magazines, ads on TV. When you don’t feel good with your body image, you think people look at you because you are fat, but I realized with time that most of them were looking at me because I was different, beautiful... Curvier girls tend to get a lot of negative grief especially on Twitter and Facebook. Has that happened to you? I read few bad things regarding my plus size figure but most of comments everywhere were great. So many girls wrote on my FB to tell me how much I have changed their life just by being me on TV ... I love the fact that my career can benefit all plus size women. What advice would you give to curvy girls who have been bullied? There is no need to hide, just think about how


much you have to offer and all the good things that you can bring to others. If you do love yourself and glow, people will love you and admire you even if you are 50lbs bigger than everybody around you ! How do guys react ? Guys love curves. That’s for sure. If you know how to rock it, trust me, you break necks ! LOL You get to travel all over the world, where is your favourite place? My favourite place in the world is Miami Beach, where I live. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. It feels like Paradise with a lot more spices. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to break into modelling and fashion? Be careful. Always keep your family around to guide you and support you. Nothing lasts so be prepared for change. What’s next in terms of career and campaigns? I just got signed with Muse Model Management in NYC. I hope its going to help me rock the US market ! What would be your dream cover? Any cover would be a great experience. But my dream cover would be Vogue of course. Evolve’s motto is Be Proud…Be You, what makes you proud to be you? My mum always told me that she was proud of me and that I have to be proud of myself too because of who I am and what I do. I care about people. I try to do my best to be a role model for all the girls who need it and I am working very hard and taking a lot of risks to reach my dreams. So yes, I am proud to be me ! Evolve Be Proud….Be You


David Longshaw Fashion Designer and Illustrator by Sarah Potter


avid Longshaw is one of those rare talents. A designer who understands not only himself and what he wants to accomplish, but also the way the industry works, and the demand from his customers. He has an impressive array of talents, from fashion design to illustration and his designs are renowned worldwide for being not only intricate and beautiful, but tongue in cheek at the same time. He’s also won his share of awards and has been hailed as a one to watch by many. His love and passion for his work is clear. David is here to stay. He has even invented the delightful Maude, a sort of parody of a typical fashionista who is both glamorous, beautiful and fun all at once. He talks to Evolve about his new collection, his inspirations and his future. First of all, how did you become a designer? Was it something you always wanted to do?... Pretty much. I knew I wanted to study fashion at St Martins before I was 15 years old – so I took myself off to the open day there to find out what I needed to do to get in. Did you ever face any prejudice/negativity when you told your friends and family you wanted to design? Surprisingly everyone was very supportive. I went to my local 11+Grammar school and played rugby for my school and club – so you would presume there would be some prejudice or negativity – but in the main everyone was very positive and supportive, particularly my family. What advice would you give to anyone that wanted to become a fashion designer? It’s a very competitive industry, it’s not nuclear science, it’s not saving lives, but it is a very time consuming thing- you have to be/or become obsessed by it and the industry. It can be fun and exciting but there’s also a huge amount of effort involved if you want to work in the industry, particularly if you want to be a designer.


I would also say try get the best education you can, get in to the best Uni possible, do some work experience at a few different fashion labels/PRs, magazines to understand the workings of the industry and build up contacts- it will also help you decide what area of fashion you want to be in and allows you to learn things you would/wouldn’t do if it were your company. Who, would you say, would be your perfect customer? Who do you see in your designs? Someone who loves the ideas behind the collection, who enjoys wearing print and is bold in the way they dress. Your illustrations are gorgeous, and you’ve done well by incorporating them in your designs. However, do you ever feel torn between the two.. illustration and fashion design? Or do you find it quite easy to keep them separate and merge them when you need to? I enjoy both and find they inspire each other- if I’m having problems with one then it’s nice to switch then when I go back to the other and find it flows much better. Where did Maude spawn from? Is ‘she’ based on anyone, or literally just a figment of your imagination? I created her when I was at St Martins out of Richard James of Savile Row cashmere suiting (he gave me fabrics for my final collection- after I did a work experience with him). She was part of a much larger story – but she was the main character I then took on and continued to use. She’s a figment of my imagination –but I think her and her MAUDEZINE team are probably an amalgamation of amusing people I’ve met and know. What is your favourite thing to draw? Frocks – people in frocks, Maude in frocks, frocks on their own….


Picture from


Tell me about your collection.....? Here’s the story I created to inspire the collection: “Father said it would have been..” by David Longshaw Father said it would be nice to go to the seaside. I’m not sure mother would have agreed; here I go getting all Alan Bennett. It wasn’t Allan Bennett like at all. That’s why I brought you here, a little nostalgic trip for me, unchartered territory for you. I was driving of course. Well you’d come to see me hadn’t you? I didn’t expect it to happen. You know I didn’t. I hadn’t planned it. I mean I was all tired out from the drive. It was just these memories coming back that did it. I hadn’t told you about them had I? “We could go round the castle you said,” but then we spied the purveyor of local delicacies and were ensnared by the intoxicating aroma. Well, it would have been rude not to. Monies were exchanged and we floated out on the emerald green sea of tiles, shimmering from the hedgehog that had just mopped them. It was you who pointed out she was a hedgehogall little and bristly and nose twitching as she mopped that chip shop floor; scared by the preying silver fox in the corner (Trevor they called him from over the counter) with his suave, debonair mask- under which lurked a wild, preying animal ready for its next victim. At least that’s how he looked, sitting, pouting but that gentle trickle of saliva and the abstract motif that speckled his jacket- formed from chips and gravy, suggested otherwise. We did laugh about that, chuckling, as you do, walking towards the sea. You spotted that sign, “Boat Trip to Puffin Island.” £4.50 each, but it was worth it. We saw seals, and jellyfish and went up really close to the island and there were so many little birds. I’m not sure if there were any puffins though, you said you’d seen one but that was you all over. I’m sorry the rest of the day didn’t pan out quite as well for you. It’s just these memories coming back. Now I think of


it, I was reading a book at the time with a puffin mentioned in it, so perhaps that’s what it was. I’m awfully sorry all the same. Anyway not much I can do now other than tidy things up I suppose. Well there you go. You’re wrapped up now. It was handy I had that spade in the boot wasn’t it. I’ll just cover you up- the soil will keep you warm.” In terms of wearing my collection- I have a variety of products from scarves, to bags, to the collection it’s self- the collection is generally for people who love print and are quite bold- but I’ve met a lot of people who buy my scarves etc that are much more conservative with their dressbut love to wear on of my illustrated scarves to add an accent of colour and fun to their outfit. Your designs are very wearable for every size. How do you feel about the plus size debate within fashion; do you think your designs transcend size? Yes I feel I can design for any age, size, height, whatever, who ever- I just enjoy designing. If you could sum up yourself in three words? Designer, illustrator, creative. If you could sum up your spring collection in three words? Frocks, prints, detail. What do you predict will be huge this Autumn/Winter? Maude Finally, what’s next for David Longshaw? More Maude


Images from

Model Ana Garcia Photography- Vanessa Velez Styling- Vanessa Velez Makeup- Ana Garcia

Photographer Vanessa Velez quotes.. “I have always been in love with old hollywood, the glamour, the class and the fabulous styling. For a long time I had been wanting to re-create that old style feeling in my images so one day I came to the idea of putting together a shoot that revolved around the most recognizable and beautiful actresses of that time and that’s how Sophia came along.”


Models Advice by Olga Crosse


s an editor for Evolve I often get asked advice from aspiring models on how they can break into the modelling industry. Its hard to know what to say such is the range and extent of the services not to mention the cutthroat nature of the industry. Where do you start? Models Advice was recommended to be me by B-eat as a professional organisation that provides guidance and advice to aspiring models. I popped along to the Models Advice offices/studio in trendy Clerkenwell for a chat with Emily Fisher (owner and founder) and Monique Lutton so see what it was all about and meet the team. The team and the offices are open, welcoming, friendly and very professional. I was shocked to learn from Emily and Monique that the modelling industry is totally unregulated, so there are plenty of opportunities for rip off merchants to prey on the hopes and dreams of vulnerable young girls and guys and even children from conning them into paying for photographs that no self respecting modelling agency would use, to asking people to take their clothes off or worse! Why did you start Models Advice? MA – I was a model myself and I know a lot of young girls are scouted at a very young age, sometimes as young as 14 and are totally unprepared for the world of modelling. We help aspiring models with the resources, expertise, tools and life skills to become a model, by providing advice and help on things like nutrition, personal branding, dealing with rejection, what


types of modelling they are best suited to, confidence, managing expectations, money, becoming self employed and so on. We started our Models Awareness campaign which joins forces with leading industry experts & trusted organisations such as B-eat to raise awareness and combat the many pitfalls that exist in an unregulated modelling industry. How does Models Advice work? MA - There are 22 different categories of modelling, from fashion, commercial, plus size, glamour, child modelling etc and there are lots of agencies within those categories and we will steer aspiring models in the right direction. What should an aspiring model expect from Model’s Advice? MA – We hold Free Open Days designed to give aspiring models the chance to speak with a consultant and get some expert advice and guidance by pointing them in the right direction. After that they can attend a Model Advice Day which gives advice on the type of modelling they might be

best suited to, if modelling is actually right for them as well as a suitable list of agencies at a very reasonable price. They can then attend a Casting Workshop in presentation skills and how to leave a lasting impression at a casting. We can also provide help with portfolios, taken by a professional photographer and styled by a make up artist and stylist in our studios. The photographs will fit the agencies criteria and standards to give you the best chance possible. We give a 100% quality guarantee of the images, or else your money back. We also can help with producing a Model Reel, Business Cards and website. What are the most common pitfalls you encounter? MA -There is no regulatory body in modelling and the industry is completely unregulated. The most common problem is aspiring models being sold really expensive photographs for their portfolios that are not appropriate which the modelling agencies will reject immediately. There are some shocking stories out there. These people prey on egos and dreams and they know how to package it. There is a lot of discrimination out there. What advice would you give to a young person starting out in the industry? MA - The most important thing is to establish direction, work out your strengths and weaknesses and figure out whether you want to work either part time or full time. Less than 1% of models fit in with the main agencies so competition is fierce. You need to identify what type of model you are and then approach the appropriate agencies. Work out how you can put your best foot forward and represent yourself ‘How to stand out by being you’. Modelling can be sporadic so you also need to know how to manage your money. What do clients want these days in terms of models and looks? MA - Clients differ it depends on the type of work the clients do. The key is in establishing the type of modelling you are most suited to. If you are interested in learning more about modelling, and some advice on how to break into modelling, then contact the Models Advice team on 0207 250 1404 or visit their website / Evolve …Be Proud…Be You



Fight back with Confidence by Micayla Morris

onfidence isn’t something we’re born with. Some of us are fortunate enough to have it already installed into our personalities but for many of us it may come with growing up and life experience. Confidence in your self is one thing, but being confident in terms of your body image is another. As women, we are never going to be 100% happy with the way we look. I feel pretty confident that even the most beautiful models would change one thing about themselves. And they are paid to look fabulous!


I recently came across an article about size 12 model Kate Upton who was ridiculed on a pro-skinny website for being too big. Shock overcame me as I read the words “this little piggie”, “The lazy, lardy look”, a few to mention. I immediately clicked the link for the website just so I could see if this was a joke and to my disappointment it wasn’t. The worst part wasn’t the actual article slating the healthy size 12 model. It was the comments that came

with it. It opened my eyes to a whole society of pro-skinny girls and women who actually believe this model is fat. Were they crazy? I didn’t understand how they could be so cruel but it seems as though no matter what size you are women can’t help but see the negative and comment on it. On first sight of viewing Kate Upton, I personally didn’t consider her to be a plus size model at all and wondered what this website http://www. would say about bigger plus-sized models like Ashley Graham, Kate Dillon, and Robyn Lawley. All mentioned are representations of what real women look like. Not that I’m pro fat, but this is what we should be celebrating. Knowing of the flack they put up with from these websites and all the criticising, I now consider these models as role models. Their profession is not only about looking gorgeous but subconsciously they are also promoting confidence for the fuller figured woman. And so they should be recognised for doing so.

that no wonder the rate of eating disorders have doubled since the 1960s. I’m now starting to believe that against all the influence we have from the media, trying to be a confident person in yourself and the way you look will not only benefit your self, but in the long run will have an impact on those close to you, whether it be your daughter, sister or friend. Children pick on things and if a child sees her mother complaining how uncomfortable she feels about her self, she may one day begin to feel the same way and so it filtrates. Let’s make this viral and turn over a new leaf today. Confidence = Power

I couldn’t help but ask myself, as women in the present times, what exactly are we teaching the younger generation? We have become so weight obsessed, constantly criticising women, knocking others’ confidence

4. Wear the outfit don’t the make the outfit wear you!

Ways to make confidence viral amongst women. 1. Tell someone you know how great they look. 2. Making more of an effort in everyday life means you feel more confident 3. Treat the pavement as your cat walk, cheap up head high

5. Try not to be so judgemental on other women and the way they look. Find the positives. 31


Fads to keep us moving through the winter months


he winter months will soon draw near bringing icy dark mornings with murkier evenings. As the summer fades away and the daylight hours decrease so does our motivation to get out there and keep moving. Who wants to walk to their mate’s house in the rain when they can jump in the car and avoid the wet? I try to convince myself that I will keep walking to work but deep down I know the gloomy mornings will keep me wrapped up in my warm duvet for longer whilst the rain splattering against my window will inevitably drown any will I might have left to walk the twenty minutes to work. So how are we going to keep moving when the sun has gone and the puddles start to invade out pavements? I have been doing some investigating. I want to find out different opportunities out there, which are fun but keep us moving and for the most part avoid the wet. I have been amazed by the variety of options available to us up and down the country yet so many women I speak to have never heard of it or are too afraid to give it ago. From roller discos to indoor surf machines, you name it we appear to have it available. Over the next few issues I will explore different fads and evaluate their effectiveness,


affordability, enjoyment, ease of use and how well it fits in to a working lifestyle. I will trial these wacky, weird or understated activities for those of us who are afraid to try new things and each issue I will let you know how it went in the hope it might encourage some of you to give it a go. Activity 1: The power of yoga I strap my new yoga mat to my back convincingly sold to me earlier by Davina McCall’s shining smile from the glossy pages of the catalogue. When I think of yoga I imagine youthful slim women bending unnaturally whilst the sun shines down on them in some tropical land near the equator. As I walk in to the room I am met by smiling faces of all shapes and ages, some bendy, others static and inflexible like me. We move slowly, hold long poses and stretch like I have never stretched in my life. Although my muscles wont let me contort myself they appear to be grateful for the change in motion. Gradually we build up a rhythm of all the long poses we held earlier in the session and hold them for a matter of breaths rather than minutes and each position flows in to the next gracefully. The instructor encourages each of us to achieve the next step whilst allowing

for different ability groups and giving us a variety of options which will increase the stretch for those of us who can do it yet if we can not, like me, we are not made to feel silly. After the hour and half session I feel calm, relaxed and sedated. I stroll back home as if walking on a cloud and sleep fitfully that night. The next morning I still feel refreshed yet the presence of exercise niggles at my muscles but it is not painful. Four sessions later and I can feel a difference in my arms, stomach and back as well as a visible increase in my flexibility. Yoga is available up and down the country and for four pounds a session it is well worth the money although some gyms will provide yoga inclusive in the costs of the membership. The only draw back is the sessions are up to or over an hour and half long which might conflict with a busy working lifestyles.

Score out of 5 Effectiveness



I really noticed changes after just four sessions. It’s not as effective at burning fat as running but it’s great for toning and sculpting. Calories Burnt: 450 approx. (1hr30)



Free in most gyms otherwise costs range from £3 - £5 for 1hr30 sessions.



Great for the body and the mind. Very relaxing yet good for you.

To suit which ability levels


You don’t have to do everything, even if you have an injury. You can always opt out of some poses. You are encouraged to stop if it hurts.

Ease with lifestyle


Very long sessions might prevent some people. Yoga is sometimes held during the day, which makes it difficult for those of us who are working but there are lots of options out there and wide availability. All indoors so you don’t have to worry about getting soaked.



by Claire Cherry

Perfect Party Skin T

is’ the season to be jolly especially when you have a beautiful flawless complexion!!

With Christmas comes with a lot of fun things for us to be looking forward to, however while its all happy and joyful there is one thing which might not be feeling too happy to see the side of Christmas…. Your skin!! With Christmas also comes, cold weather, alcohol, parties and late nights, amazing for us but its our biggest organ, the skin which will suffer, so its important to keep it in tip top condition, not only through the festive period but also throughout the winter months. So to help us to achieve that perfect party complexion I have put together some top tips to help us look even more gorgeous than we already are. The first step in party perfect skin is knowing what skin type we are, this will entail us to be using the correct skin care products designed to suit the needs of our skin, and if get that right then everything else will fall into place beautifully. Determining your skin type can be a really easy to find out, however your skin can change, just because you had oily skin 2 years ago doesn’t mean that you still have oily skin today. It is best to address your skin needs on a daily basis. Generally skin does dry out in the winter months with cold weather and central heating etc playing havoc with the skin, but this is not the same for everyone…


What do I need to use for my skin? O

ily - shiny skin, especially in the T-zone, You may have enlarged pores, and you may be prone to blackheads and breakouts… even oily skin can dehydrated so look for Hydrating Gel creams… what ever you don’t run and buy the ‘anti blemish oxy products etc’ they do not work and can actually make your skin worse as it drys out the skin too much sending your glands into overdrive Combination skin - Most women have combination, or “normal” skin. Combination skin means you may have a slightly oily T-zone and drier cheeks with dry patchy spots here and there. This skin type has medium pores, a smooth and even texture, good circulation and a healthy color. Flakey/Dry/Dry combination skin - skin feels tight, especially after cleansing. You have a tendency towards fine wrinkles, flaking and red patches. In women of color, skin may appear ashy or dull from dead skin buildup. Dry skin requires special care. I prefer heavy cleansers and moisturizers

Sensitive Skin - skin tends to be thin, delicate and with fine pores. Skin is easily irritated by the sun, make-up (especially perfumed products) and if you are prone to itchy patches or blotchy areas. Always look for mild products that contain no scents. Best Party Beauty Buys…. Hide a Hangover – Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel £2.50 – great for reviving dull grey skin!! Skin Booster- Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic Spritzer £13 – defiantly a keeper for the desk drawer Radiance – *Bobbi Brown Extra Cleansing Balm £38 – perfect for Dry skin and smells amazing!* Top Pick Product Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Flash – gets partied out skin glowing again - £35 Beat the breakouts – Evelom Cleanser – decongests with drying or stripping the skin



So how do I know which foundation is right for me???? N

o party perfect skin is ready with out the perfect foundation for you and your skin type… There are many different types of foundations out on the market today from tinted Moisturisers, BB creams, Sheer cover, Medium cover, Longwear, Full cover, so how do you know which is right for you??? Well if you have beautiful clear skin… then stick with a tinted moisturizer or even a BB cream, (F.Y.I… BB creams have ever slightly more cover than a tinted moisturizer but are more of a matte finish – don’t be fooled that is a great new product that will change your life because personally I don’t think they are any thing different to a tinted mosituriser and are a bit of a useless product and therefore do not use them…) Nothing upsets me more than when I see beautiful blemish free skin covered in a thick heavy duty foundation, and trust me I see it a lot… Skin will look at its best with the right skincare and most importantly in its right colour. Please stick a foundation colour that is not too light or too dark for your skin tone, this will only make the foundation look very obvious on your skin and leave you looking either very sallow or very orange. Blemished/Scarred/pigmented skin will benefit from a medium-full foundation… depending on how flawless you want you skin to look… I believe that foundation is


always and investment piece and that where possible you should spend that little but more money on getting it right..meaning try and visit a Make-up counter as apposed to picking a foundation and shade in a drugstore. Yes it’s a little more expensive but you pay for a the service of a make-up artist to determine which foundation is best for your skin type, the quality of product and you get to try before you buy… I highly recommend such counters as Bobbi Brown, MAC, Armani, Space NK and Immasqua.


Try.. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk £34 MAC Sculpt Foundation £24 Immasqua Skin Base Foundation £32 Make up Forever HD foundation £30 Personally I love to use crème foundations most with high pigments, as these are full cover but can be sheered down with a mosituriser and a good buffing brush… Perfect for normal/combination/dry skin it gives an amazing adjustable cover, their Easier to blend and still looks really natural on the skin, look out for..


Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick £28 – personal fave – really gorgeous smooth airbrushed finished MAC Minerlise Cream Foundation £24 – smooth silky finish excellent for dry skin Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, Space NK £36 – full cover high pigment matte finish Always remember the tools of the trade.. achieving a flawless look woth require the use of a Foundation Brush or a Beauty Blender Sponge… Again MAC do great brushes, look out for #190.. #187



Real Woman campaign by Olga Crosse


n the last issue we featured Alexis Foreman – the face of the new Dove campaign, chosen because she represents ‘real’ women. Another famous brand –Kelloggs Special K, have also decided to shelve their famous models in red for plus sized “real women” in their latest TV ad. The famous K girl in a red swimsuit has been replaced by a group of real women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of up to 29 in order to encourage a more positive attitude to bigger body sizes. To be honest those ads were the


bane of my life, realistic and normal they certainly aren’t. Who realised that you could look so good first thing in the morning, eating your breakfast, before facing the world, prancing about in a red bathing suit. I certainly didn’t and don’t, and I bet you don’t either…. and as for owning a pristine white house overlooking an azure blue sea …….... Let’s face it we are probably the only ones ACTUALLY eating the cereal, so we need to be pandered to! A spokesperson from Special K said: “We want to encourage a responsible attitude when it comes to body image and to show that losing weight isn’t just about the way you look or a certain size you need to conform to, but more importantly about the way it makes you feel’’. Katie McNeil*, a mum of two, from Camberley Surrey has a BMI of 29 and was picked off the street to feature in the advert. She said: “It was really exciting to be asked to feature in this latest Special K ad - especially as it was totally unexpected as I was out shopping! I think it’s really inspiring to see more realistic women and body sizes instead of size 8 models all the time in advertising, which is why I was delighted to take part. Losing weight for me is about feeling great whatever size or weight I am and this campaign sums that up perfectly.” However, we are not out of the woods yet, more miserable mornings may yet follow. Kelloggs say that “The Special K girl will still be used in other advertising… but we still insist she has a BMI of at least 21’’ It’s a start, here’s hoping other brands and advertisers will follow suit. Evolve…Be Proud…Be You



Alexis Foreman

Dove Body Confidence Campaign by Olga Crosse

ove Skincare recently D conducted The Dove Body Confidence Census 2012 and

found that a shocking 1 in 10 (13%) of those surveyed have the confidence to call themselves attractive, 27% admit the pressure to be beautiful actually comes from themselves. The research revealed the following secrets for feeling confident and I am glad to say being loved is one of the main one coming in at a whopping 72%, having a strong relationship or marriage 53%, liking how you look in the mirror 35%, being in good physical shape 33% and taking good care of yourself 31%. They also found that the art of paying compliments also rated highly in making women feel beautiful, 50% agreeing that receiving a compliment boosts confidence. Sadly


25% of British women cannot remember the last time they received a compliment that made them feel beautiful. 78% of those surveyed also said that ‘Real Women’ is the image they would most like to see in beauty advertising over celebrities and teenage girls. So Dove scouted for a ‘Real Woman’ and found Alexis Foreman, and signed her for her positivity and body confidence. I interviewed the lovely Alexis, a working mother of 3 boys and a ‘real’ woman. EM - Congratulations on featuring on the new Dove skincare campaign. How did it happen? AF - I was out shopping in the North Lanes in Brighton with my husband and 2 youngest children 2 years ago and was approached outside a sausage shop.

EM - Dove said you were scouted for your positivity and confidence. What’s your secret? AF - I am quite confident anyway and from a young age my family were always encouraging me and affirming me. My husband compliments me all the time and my little boys see that so they learn that from their Dad. I make sure I am around the right people. I had twins boys a few years ago and have stretch marks but I am confident, lots of others have the same going on so we are all the same. I also like to dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable. EM - What advice would you give to someone out there who is suffering from confidence issues or just is feeling pretty crap about themselves and life in general? AF - Know yourself and don’t worry about others. You are one of a kind and unique. Eat well and exercise which makes you feel good about yourself. I play netball, because it makes me feel good. Don’t diet, don’t change things, you are made beautifully and just be the best you can be. EM - How do you feel being in ads and billboards? AF - I am really enjoying it. The

images are all over the country, its surreal, the images are lovely and natural. I am proud and privileged to be on billboards everywhere from Hammersmith to Dublin. EM - The research found that being loved and have a strong relationship is the most important in terms of feeling confident and happy. Do you agree? AF - I agree and yes I am loved, by my family, my husband and my friends. EM - The research also found that liking how you look in the mirror and being in good physical shape is also key to happiness. Do you agree? AF - Yes, it is important to be in good shape, a body is meant to move around and do stuff. I play netball and by carrying 3 little boys up and down 3 flights of stairs. EM - What’s your beauty regime? AF - Simple, wash my face with foaming cleanser, moisturise and take my make up off every evening. EM - The research also found that receiving and paying compliments greatly boosts self esteem. When was the last time you received and gave a compliment? AF - This morning, my husband told me this morning I am beautiful. He’s great we’ve been together since 2003 and he always tells me I am beautiful. I complimented my friend on Sunday. EM - What are your hopes for this campaign? AF - That lots of people sign up to the Self Esteem workshops link on Facebook. I am a normal real woman and hopefully people will relate to that. Empower women to be who they are. EM - Evolve’s motto is Be Proud…. Be You, what makes you proud to be you? AF - My husband and kids



Claire Sweeney by Olga Crosse


had the pleasure of speaking to the lovely Claire Sweeney in Edinburgh recently about her collection for fashion brand Fashion World. Claire starring in a UK wide tour of Educating Rita. Congratulations on your AW collection for Fashion World. How did you first get involved with it? CS -They approached me. I love clothes, I always have. Fashion World asked me to be an Ambassador and design my own range for them. I LOVE it, it’s a real labour of love. I am involved in every aspect of the process from design, to choosing the fabrics and modelling the clothes. I travel a lot for my work and I need a perfect action wardrobe, mix and match and finding a balance of day to night and night to day. I wanted the collection to look fantastic regardless of your size. So once the final designs were made up into samples we got a size 14 lady and a size 22 lady and put them on and asked the girls what they liked. I worked very closely with the buyers and designers who were fantastic at pointing out what works and what doesn’t. It makes me feel so proud especially when a lace dress from my first collection was worn by Sharon Marshall on This Morning recently. What’s your favourite piece from the collection (mine is the berry furry gilet)? CS -I know that gilet is great, I love gilets and that wine


colour is gorgeous. My favourite though is the Blue evening dress, I love the colour, the elegant style, it looks expensive. So you can wear it at night or with boots and a leather jacket during the day. What inspired the collection (some of it nods to the 60’s)? CS -No, it wasn’t really 60’s inspired. Its just based on what I like to wear. When I go out shopping, I just think, lets do this, I don’t follow high fashion or trends.

We here at Evolve say you can be curvy but you must be healthy and get fit, how do you stay healthy and fit? CS - Keep active and keep moving and healthy. If it impacts negatively on your life then you need to deal with it. Like everyone my weight goes up and town and I do struggle with my belly. It does depend on the day, especially now I’ve turned 40. Have you ever had negative comments about your looks and weight? CS -Yes, I’ve had a full page in the Daily Mail calling me a beached whale! I keep it in perspective though, I take the good with the bad and that’s the deal. If I can’t get my belly and bum out in a bikini on holiday while having a cocktail, then sod it I’m going to have a drink, this is me. It can still hurt though, but what do you do, this is what I signed up for and is part of it, so you brush yourself off and keep going. The pressure on you in terms of appearance must be huge, how do you maintain a healthy perspective? CS - Take pride in your appearance, I get it from my mother who is very stylish and glamorous. We have that in common. Mum always looks good and loves fashion and I love fashion too. Any fashion advice? CS - Yes, learn to dress cleverly, know your danger parts, mine is my belly, so I wear a loose vest top and heels and jeans to deflect attention away from it. If you have a good bust, emphasise those assets. Get a push up bra – men love it and don’t get what we are on about. Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Who inspires you fashion wise? CS -I love elegant fashion, I love Victoria Beckham’s style and I love Roland Mouret’s dresses, I like the 1940’s, trousers and blazers with a top underneath, I like elegant and streamlined. Have you always had such keen interest in fashion, coming from the super fashion conscious Liverpool? CS -Yes, In Liverpool everyone gets dressed up to go out. Not so much in London, until that is I saw TOWIE and realised down south they get dressed up too. I am A TYPICAL Liverpudlian we are famous for getting dressed up, I love it. I have always been the most overdressed.

What’s next on the horizon? CS - After this (Educating Rita ), I start rehearsals in November for White Christmas at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester which starts on the 30th November. The SS13 collection for Fashion World is also in the pipeline. Evolve’s motto is Be Proud….Be You….what makes you proud to be you? CS - I still love my job, I love my work at Fashion World. I have a lovely family and man and I am very blessed. Enjoy whats around you and focus on the positives and not the negatives. Claire’s collection can







SPARK by Olga Crosse


here is change in the air, I can feel it. ‘Its been a long time coming’ to quote the Otis Redding song. I came across the SPARK Movement recently, and their campaign and ethos in demanding the end of sexualisation and exploitation of women and girls in the media really impressed and excited me. SPARK stands for Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge. SPARK have had some amazing successes recently in the States. SPARK staged a protest in support of SPARK member Julia Bluhm’s petition urging Seventeen Magazine to change their photoshop policy in New York. This lead to Seventeen editor-in-chief Ann Shoket announcing that the face and body sizes of the models in their magazines will not be digitally altered in any of the spreads in the magazine. A spokesperson for SPARK says ‘We’re so excited about Seventeen’s new photoshop policy. Teen girls not being exposed to the unrealistic, digitally disfigured bodies and faces in their Seventeen magazines definitly has the potential to change the way they view their own bodies. But to make this really impactful, we need to expand this change’. Secondly, as reported in Evolve’s last issue, Vogue has recently announced that as of their


June issue they will be adhere to specific rules regarding models age and weight. No models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder will be hired or appear in any of Vogue’s publication. In SPARKS new petition on they are asking Teen Vogue to make a public statement promising to not digitally alter the face or body sizes of ANY model who appears in their magazine. SPARK goes on to say ‘By signing this petition you are sending a message: real girls are really beautiful WITHOUT being digitally altered…… you are sending it to the young women who read these publications, who have been programmed to believe that because their bodies don’t measure up to the photoshopped models in these magazines that they are not beautiful enough, not thin enough, not good enough’. Its not all about us girls either! Guys are involved as well, ‘Boys and men are ABSOLUTELY important to the SPARK movement; we can’t change the way girls are portrayed or how others relate to them if we leave out half the population’. Well thats got me SPARKED. To get involved, contact Evolve…Be Proud…Be You



B-eat Beating Eating Disorders by Olga Crosse


his issue of Evolve is dedicated to Health, Fitness and overall body confidence. So it saddens me to report that according to B-eat (Beating Eating Disorders) the latest figures from the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence suggest that approximately ‘1.6 million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder, of which around 11% are male. However, more recent research from the NHS information centre showed that up to 6.4% of adults displayed signs of an eating disorder (Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, 2007). This survey also showed that a quarter of those showing signs of an eating disorder were male, a figure much higher than previous studies had suggested. It is estimated that of those with eating disorders: • 10% of sufferers are anorexic, • 40% are bulimic, and • the rest fall into the EDNOS category, including those with binge eating disorder’ For those of you that are suffering from any of the above eating disorders including binge eating, help


is definitely at hand. B-eat (Beating Eating Disorders) is dedicated to helping those affected by eating disorders. B-eat provides helplines, online support and a network of UK wide support groups to help adults and young people overcome their eating disorders and go on to lead happy, confident and fulfilling lives. You can and will B-eat this thing! B-eat’s vision is that eating disorders WILL be beaten! B-eats aims are: • To change the way everyone thinks and talks about eating disorders • To improve the way services and treatment are provided • And to help anyone believe that their eating disorder can be beaten B-eat does this by: • Challenging the stereotypes and stigma that people with eating disorders face • Campaigning for better services and treatment • Providing information, support and encouragement to seek treatment and recovery

Helplines For help and support, you can call B-eat’s helpline. For the Adult Helpline, please call 0845 634 1414. This helpline is available to anyone over the age of 18, and is open Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 8.30pm and Saturdays 1.00 pm - 4.30pm. Alternatively, you can email For the Youthline, please call 0845 634 7650. The Youthline is available to anyone aged 25 or under, and is open Monday to Friday evenings from 4.30pm to 8.30pm and Saturdays 1.00pm - 4.30pm. The Youthline also offers a Text service on 07786 20 18 20 - send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. There is also a Youthline email service at Evolve Be Proud‌.Be You




Rita Ora New Talent by Sherryl Blu


s one of the UK’s hottest exports of the moment, we take a look at 10 things you need to know about the quirky songstress; Rita Ora. Born Rita Sahatçiu Ora on 26TH November 1990 and is a British singer/songwriter Rita is a Sagittarius Rita was born in Pristina, Yugoslavia (now Kosovo) After cameo appearances in Jay-Z’s video Young Forever and Over by Drake, Jay Z signed her to Roc Nation label Rita debuted with the smash single Hot Right Now which was produced by DJ Fresh. The single was released 12th February 2012 and

reached no 1 in the UK singles chart. Rita credits Gwen Stefani and Beyonce as her biggest influences. Rita starred in the British comedy crime drama; SPIVS in 2004 Rita advertised CK perfume in 2009 Rita applied to represent the UK at the Eurovision song contest and qualified but withdrew as she felt she wasn’t quite ready to take part Rita featured on Craig David’s track Awkward in 2008 Connect with Rita on Twitter: @RitaOra Check out Rita’s latest track; RIP ft Tinie Tempah: watch?v=L1l9WST5lXM



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Kim K looks cool in her tribal plays

Beyonce rock s the African print with ease.

Hilary Duff teams her tribal print dress with a bright jacket and fab accessories.


Blake Lively puts a neon spin on her tribal dress.

Ciara scream s ‘tribal sexy’ as she teams up her print wit h thigh high boots.

Lauren Conrad works the tribal print in a daring dress.

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Lydia Bright teams a long print dress with simple Black shoes.

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looks sophisticate d and elegan t in her tribal dr ess.

Davin a McCa ll looks g reat in Zebra print.

Nicole Richie’s tribal smock top looks great with denim cut offs.



Janeen Nowicki

Big Bold and Beautiful by Olga Crosse


an you tell me a little bit more about ‘Big Bold and Beautiful’? Big bold and beautiful is Janeen Nowicki, a 53 year mother of Ana, Whiona and Michael, and grandmother of Zakiya (14) and Ethan (12). I have been married for 36 years to my husband Rudolph and we help with bringing up our two grand-children. I was born in New Zealand and am of mixed heritage with my father being having Scottish and Norwegian origins (my maiden name is McCulloch) and my mother was Maori with affiliations to the Ngati Porou Iwi (tribe) from the East Cape region of New Zealand. What prompted you to get into fitness and become a fitness instructor? Due to poor family circumstances, as a child I developed bad eating habits and dropped out of school at 14 years of age to take up work as a hospital nurse aide. As a result it was difficult for me to maintain a healthy body weight and have a positive self-esteem. From my teens until the early thirties I struggled


to maintain an even body weight, varying through a series of diet based weight loss programmes and eating binges. After a hard pregnancy with our third child I knew I had to revise my approach to my personal health. So I set a goal of becoming a fitness instructor with the dual objective to improve my health in a more holistic way and to develop skills for a source of income. I was fortunate to have an excellent personal trainer from a local fitness gym who helped me set a progressive range of “realistic” goals and a training programme developed around my abilities and needs. The focus was less on losing weight and more on developing good health which in turn led to improved fitness and the ability to, not only participate in events such as triathlons but also to enjoy the sense of achievement from doing so.

funded programmes as these agencies have seen the value of preventative health measures in an age of increasingly obese and fitness-challenged society. What has the reponse been to your Big Bold and Beautiful classes? Amazing, it is surprising how many people there are who, although inactive, do have a desire to improve their fitness, but are uncomfortable about going to a normal gym, particularly in a world full of “ideal’ body images. I provide a ‘non-threatening’ environment where people can relax and participate in a range of exercise tasks that gets them on their first steps to improving themselves based on their specific needs and which they will enjoy. Can you give me an example of what a workout in your class would involve? The type of workout and intensity will vary depending on class composition and levels of capability, but the following is typical, usually accompanied by music - Gentle stretch warm-up - Yoga stretches - Abdominal workout - Buttock workout - Back workout - Relaxation and warm down “Promoting Physical Activity for Total Well-Being”

However, despite gaining an Instructors Certificate and having good cardio-vascular fitness, I struggled to get a job in established gyms as twenty odd years ago they were more into presenting the lean, trim, go-getter image. At the time I noticed that a local Salvation Army Community Centre was running exercise classes based on video tapes. I offered to run an exercise programme for them and things grew from there. Over the last twenty years I have run a series of classes from local community centres that have been focussed on motivating people who are overweight, inactive or struggling with low-esteem to not only improve their fitness but to feel better about themselves and to have fun while they are doing it. Many clients are referred to me through local health

Women, of all sizes, struggle with accepting their size and shape, what tips do you have on how to boost body confidence? Accept yourself as you are and it is OK that we are not perfect in terms of fulfilling an image defined by mass media and commercial advertising. On a personal level I would say – look at yourself in a mirror, naked, and say “I am beautiful”. If we do need to improve our fitness, focus on that, not how we look. An improvement in inner well-being will lead to a positive perception of you by others. What’s your view on diets? Diets are “die” with a T. They lure you into believing they are a quick fix, and, as we all know, you do lose weight for a while, but then put it back on, and more. I say, healthy eating is an important part of good wellbeing – know which foods are better for you. What I do is – keep an eye on what I eat but I don’t punish myself for eating the wrong food. It takes a long time to change bad eating habits. Also, increasing your level of physical activity is very important as this takes the focus off “worrying” about your diet.



What do you think is the best way to encourage larger people to get involved in health and fitness? Fist is to have the desire, most people have this - the hard bit is getting assistance with motivation. Find a friend with similar aspirations and start very very small, e.g. a five minute walk each day, or as regularly as is possible and then slowly increasing the amount. This can be as simple as walking to the corner shop when you would normally drive or take a bus. People that have been inactive a long time or are overweight need to take care not to overstress joints or muscles hence the importance of gentle movements and a slow build up. Walking in a swimming pool can be a good start as there is less impact on joints. Exercise classes, gyms, running clubs can be intimidating places, what do you think needs to be done to break down barriers and make these places less intimidating and more accesible? Partly covered in Q2


The Body Exchange is a new gym concept in Candada where the clientele is exclusively plus size, what’s your view on this? I know nothing about the Body Exchange. However, in terms of focussing on exclusively plus size clientale - on the face of it there could be advantages in having like people together to have them feel more comfortable, but I feel that it is better to have an allinclusive approach so there is less sense of isolation if you are large. It is a two-way issue. In my classes I like to have a mix of sizes of people – so everyone learns to accept each other – the important thing is for each person to become healthy within themselves. Your are also a fashion designer and stylist, can you tell us a little more about this? I found it hard finding clothes that fitted my body shape and suited my personality. I took design and sewing lessons and began making clothes for myself. Clients would ask me to also make clothes for them so I set up BBB Designs as an adjunct to my Big, Bold and

Beautiful exercise class business. I have a clothing stall at the weekly designer and craft market on the Wellington waterfront – The Wellington Underground Market. My stall has become quite successful as it hit an accord with ladies looking for what I wanted in clothing. Surprisingly the clothes are popular with woman of all sizes and ages – maybe it not just bigger ladies that have a problem with conformity!! I do everything myself sourcing material, then designing and sewing the garments. Will you look to expand your clothing line to the UK? BIG LAUGH. No, it is hard work just doing the simple range of clothes that I currently produce. The clothing market can be fickle so I am not expanding at this stage. Can you give the Evolve readers some tips on advice on how to be healthy and fit? The biggest step is to start, and when you do, keep your objectives realistic and achievable, and don’t give up. Above all, enjoy what you are doing. Evolve’s motto is Be Proud...Be You... what makes you proud to be you ? I guess this comes from being successful in helping people overcome challenges to improve themselves, similar to those that I experience, and which comes from achieving what is set out in my mission statement as an Exercise Instructor: “To work in local communities teaching people to kick start their lives and attitudes. To help people accept themselves and break down personal barriers enabling them to develop lifetime commitments to enhance themselves” A motto I like is: “Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you will be among the Stars”



Virgin Active Triathon by Olga Crosse


he sporting theme continues ….so all you readers inspired by the prowess of the athletes taking part in the Olympics and of course Evolve’s very own Curvy N Fit event at Ladbroke Grove in August, here is your chance to get out there and do your sporting thing for charity. Virgin Active Health Clubs London Triathlon - The London Triathlon is the world’s largest triathlon with over 13,000 entrants annually. The Virgin Active London Triathlon is the world’s largest event of its type and takes place on the 22nd and 23rd September at London’s Excel Centre.


The event attracts everyone, from Elite athletes to complete novices, either as individuals or as part of a team, and raises over £2million for charity annually. So you don’t have to be a super world class athlete or even an athlete at all to take part. Sir Richard Branson introduced the first wave of celebrities talking part alongside him in the 2012 Virgin Active London Triathlon. Dancing on Ice judge Louie Spence will be joined by 2011 contestant Chelsee Healey, Take Me Out - The Gossip host Zoe Hardman and The Only Way is Essex

Lydia Bright and Ricky Rayment. TV presenter Jeff Brazier will be joined by husband and wife presenting team Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell and reality TV stars Ollie Locke, Nicola Mclean and Michelle Heaton. Broadcasters including Sky News anchor Kay Burley, Heart 106.2 presenter Toby Anstis and Capital Radio’s James Barr are also taking part. Completing the first wave team are EastEnder Charlie Brooks, Harry Potter actor Oliver Phelps, former S Club 7 singer Jon Lee, model and fitness fan Nell McAndrew. US actor and TV presenter David Hasselhoff will be flying into the capital especially to take part in the event. So if the celebs can do it so can we! There are three remaining ways you can secure a place in the World’s largest triathlon: • Fundraise for a great cause and enter through a charity. View a full list of charities on the Official Charity page for all charities with guaranteed places. • Enter a team, get 2 friends or colleagues involved and take on one of the disciplines each. • Enter the event through the accommodation package in association with the Intercontinental Hotels Group. Further details can be found at or Evolve ….Be Proud….Be You



by Olga Crosse

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aving been in the limelight for in excess of three decades, it‘s not hard to understand why Madonna is an icon to many. Having lost her mother at an early age, it would have been easy for a young Madonna to go ‘off the rails’ and rebel, instead she immersed herself into studying and got good grades. After graduating high school and receiving a dance scholarship for University, she eventually dropped out and headed to New


by Sherryl Blu

York. She wound up waitressing and acted as a backing dancer for various established artists. Madonna quickly went on to form her own band; The Breakfast Club with her then boyfriend, Dan Gilroy. The band Emmy, followed soon after and she eventually found herself meeting with the founder of Sire Records; Seymour Stein. Her debut single on Sire Records was ‘Everybody’. This was released on 24th April 1982 and instantly became a massive dance hit...Madonna was born!

Personal Fast Facts:

• Madonna Louise Ciccone her Kabbalah name is: Esther • Born 16th August 1958 (53) • Madonna has 2 biological children; Lourdes and Rocco and 2 adopted; David and Mercy • Madonna has been a vegetarian since she was 16

Career Fast Facts:

• Madonna he can play guitar, percussion and drums • Madonna has sold over 200 million records worldwide • The Guinness Book of records cites her as the most successful female recording artist of all time • Madonna has been nominated for a total of 18 Grammys and has won 5! • Madonna can play the guitar, percussion and drums • Madonna was inducted in to the Rock n Roll hall of fame in 2008 • Madonna did an advert for Pepsi but it was pulled after the controversy surrounding Like a prayer • Madonna has released 12 studio albums, her latest; MDNA • 9 concert tours – currently doing the MDNA tour which will see her visit; Asia, Europe and America and possible Australia Madonna’s TOP 3 tracks of all time (according to Rolling Stone)

#3 Ray of Light, 1998; Massive dance beat and psychedelic video together with Madonna style dancing and sass made for another successful hit. eature=player_embedded #2 Vogue, 1990; this chart topper was inspired by the underground drag culture and all its flamboyance! Dance beat...check! Catchy lyrics... check! Signature dance move....check! feature=player_embedded #1 Like a Prayer, 1989; controversial and ground breaking, this track solidified Madonna as the rule bending, boundary pushing, inspirational icon that she is today! fzeNUqQbQ&feature=player_embedded Did you know: Her massive 1984 single ‘Like a Virgin’ was actually written for a man? In 1992, Madonna released her book; ‘SEX’. The book contained sexually provocative and explicit pictures. It sold 1.5 million copies in a matter of days despite a negative response from the media.

Madonna quotes:

- Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done - When I’m hungry I eat, when I’m thirsty, I drink, if I feel like saying something, I say it! - Because I’ve taken off my clothes in public, does not mean I’ve revealed every inch of my soul.



Bit of Totty...

Mark Wright! by Sherryl Blu


, so the debut of Mark Wright’s new series; Hollywood Nights got slated on Twitter but do we really care what he actually says when his body looks this good? Wright Facts: - He is 25 years old - His birthday is 20th January - He was born and bred in Essex


Did you know Mark was a semi professional football player that started off with a youth career at Tottenham Hotspur? Mark found fame on the hit TV series; The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). After leaving the show he went on to appear in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, series 11, co presented on Take Me Out: The Gossip as well as having a two week stint as a health expert on Daybreak!

Follow Mark on twitter: @MarkWright_


Cat Pause by Olga Crosse


interviewed Dr Cat Pause recently. Cat is a Professor at Massey University New Zealand and leading academic in Fat Studies recently and organiser of the first Fat Studies conference in Wellington NZ. Cat is a fiercely bright, articulate, and a leading light in the way ‘Fat’ is portrayed, challenging existing prejudices and thinking into how fat people are perceived. Cat also runs her own blog Friend of Marilyn. OC – You recently organised a Fat Summit in New Zealand in conjunction with Massey University. Why? CP – It evolved. In 2008 Jenny Carrier held an Obesity Round in NZ, Lysette Burrows then held a Fat Symposium in Dunedin and in 2010 Samantha Murray of Macquarie University in Australia held a Fat Studies conference which explored Fat Studies research. It was amazing ,it was inter disciplinary and great to be in the same space as women’s studies, geographers, historians, all having a shared foundation, so we decided to have one regularly. So I would host one in 2012 in NZ, I started organising it in Jan 2011 with a team of 5 people. It was an amazing 2 day academic conference and it got such incredible media attention. Fat hatred affects all of us. We are in a dangerous place. Fat phobia also impacts on non fat people, kids, teenagers in both a mental and physical way.


OC - You say that we should pay attention to the words we use to describe people’s bodies. Could you tell me more about that? CP - I like the word fat which is an apt descriptor of my body. I don’t like the ‘O’ words, overweight, obesity, its wrong to pathologise fat bodies, as if it’s a diseased body. I also don’t like using the words plus size, fluffy, big, big boned, etc. I like the word fat, fat is ok to use. OC - You would like to raise public awareness of ‘fat’ issues, in what way? CP - My goal to change the world in general, but the conference will do. There is a lot of national discourse on the obesity epidemic, politicians and health professionals, I don’t like the idea that my government wants to get rid of me and people like me i.e. get thinner. I want to change the discourse from weight to health behaviours people engage in. Dr’s are less likely to counsel non fat patients on diet and exercise which is bad for all of us. Dr’s refuse to acknowledge that fat patients are healthy and always

OC - What is your background? I come from Texas and studied Human Development and then completed a Masters in Sociology. I am an identity researcher and I studied health and well being in marginalised persons and my thesis was in weight identity in fat women. I then applied for a PHD in Human Development here at Massey University in New Zealand. I explored my own process about being fat and I ‘Came Out’ (as fat). OC - What has been the reaction to your findings? CP - Its about educating people about the nature of fat phobia and the science behind obesity myths. We got a group of health workers together to challenge the assumptions that fat = unhealthy. They came away realising its silly to assume that a fat body eats crap and does no exercise and its also true that a thin body doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy body. People got that, they responded positively even though they might not have agreed with it. prescribe weight loss as a remedy for fat people, they do not ask non fat people to do that or make assumptions as to how healthy they are. Instead of accepting what a Dr says or his remedy for treatment ask him what would he prescribe for a non fat person. Fat women have to justify fat existence, fat phobia and fat hatred is a problem for everyone, there are thin people out there who eat fat and do not exercise also. 95% of weight loss does not happen over significant long term and even less keep it off over 5 years, so fat people are being prescribed the wrong remedies i.e. lose weight in order to be healthy.

OC - Whats the most negative thing you have heard in terms of your research? CP - I learnt to never read the comments on the Internet. It blows out of proportion the amount of fat hatred there is out there and does a powerful job of hatred. OC - Evolve’s motto is Evolve Be Proud Be You, what makes you proud to be you? CP - Everything, I take a lot of pride in my work and live life to the fullest. Evolve ….Be Proud..Be You


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