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The past months have certainly been busy at site, operational and Head Office level and we have reached the end of another financial year where despite the economic climate EIS has faired reasonably well.


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Office Relocation EIS Showcase 2009

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Culinary Competition 2009

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Feeding the 5000 Welcome to my Career... Buckley Barracks Wedding

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My goal going forward into the new financial year is to improve on our results, balance and integrity that have been achieved and to grow further our business opportunities. We have a historic opportunity ahead of us, and the “spirit of partnership” between us all is alive and well. Let’s not forget that EIS is a very unique and exceptional organisation and one that I am personally very proud to be a part of. Our success draws from… • the unsurpassed strength of the service consistently delivered to our clients • the teamwork and professionalism of our employees at site and operational level

Life in Spain


• the enthusiasm for the high standard of service we provide ensuring consistent quality


A Christmas Message




Christmas Punch

Christmas Cake

Red Already

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Coping with Army Separation

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• our professional sales, marketing and Head Office team who are committed to the support of our clients. What makes us different is the sheer determination and sharp focus we have as a team and we continue to grow by never being satisfied with the status quo, and by always seeking new, exciting and creative ways to improve. Part of our growth is reinvention; looking at opportunities outside the box but always maintaining our values. Michelangelo, the Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer, once said “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but that it is too low and we reach it.” We in EIS will always aim high… that is our business model and working together, the best is yet to come!

I would like to take an opportunity to thank you all for your support, effort and hard work during the year.

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• the commitment we receive from our owners and other business sectors within Elior UK

Running a Half Marathon

cover story


Please accept my sincere thanks to you all for this result and for all your hard work. Our vending business sector is now part of Elior Integrated Services and indeed we are now colocated in new offices at Bromsgrove which are large enough to accommodate our combined businesses with room for future growth.

HR Service Desk

Christmas will soon be upon us and whilst we are all enjoying this festive period please do spare a thought for all of our men and women who serve in the Military and are serving in conflict areas around the world and of course for their families who they cannot be with. Whether they agree or disagree with their particular tasked mission or whether or not we agree with those decisions made by our elected leaders, do please join me in extending to them all our sincerest best wishes this Christmas. The sacrifices of our armed forces are what make it possible for the rest of us to sit under our lit up trees, safe in the knowledge that there are some among us who stand guard at our door. As we sit down to feastings and laughter please remember that it is only because they forego such festivities, manning radar and sonar stations, in the skies above us, deep below the oceans of our world, and in fierce desert winds. We thank them for what they protect us from, and please, when celebrating on Christmas day raise a glass to them, indeed, on every day, because without them, there could be no us. May the blessings of whatever God you believe in keep them and hold them safely until they return home, and for those of you who have family or friends serving, we all pray that the worst is over for you and your families. Wherever our military personnel are serving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Peace be unto those who celebrate Eid El Fitr, and may the New Year ring in the homecoming for them all.

EIS News: Office Relocation

On 19th October 2009, Elior Integrated Services made the short move from their office at Unit 10H to the new office at 1 West Court, Bromsgrove. The move sees vending services incorporated into Elior Integrated Services under the leadership of John McEwen. The move reflects the positive growth of Elior Integrated Services. In addition – the new office at 1 West Court has an excellent meeting room and a few hot desks are available. If you wish to book out either of these facilities you must do so at least 3 working days prior to your meeting. Please contact Sharron Cleverley to make your bookings on the number below or email and she will be happy to assist you. Our new contact details; Elior Integrated Services 1 West Court Buntsford Park Road Bromsgrove Worcestershire B60 3DX Tel: 0845 026 8901 Fax: 0845 026 8902


Site News: Elior UK & Ireland Culinary Challenge 2009

Candidates were asked to submit two dishes from a whole chicken in two different styles; two portions suitable for a fine dining lunch and two portions suitable for a food hall. EIS had several teams that took up the challenge, they were; William Byrne and Daniel Stevens from Sir John Moore Barracks, Kent Paul Woodgate and Ben Sheath from Winterbourne Gunner 43 Wessex Paul Teweksbury and Daniel Webb from the Duke of York Military School, Kent James Noyce and Roy Wilson from HQ Land Command, Wilton 43 wessex The first round was judged on its recipe, method , presentation and cost effectiveness. Semi finalist were then selected from the entries to participate in a semi final cook off. Unfortunately, EIS only had one team successfully get through to this stage, and they were James Noyce and Roy Wilson from HQ Commad in Wilton. The semi final cook off was held on Wednesday 4th November at Stratford On Avon Catering college. Two heats were held and they were followed with another two heats on Wednesday 11th November. Trio of Roast Chicken; Ballontine of chicken and confit of chicken thigh, served with Savoy Cabbage and Chicken Liver Charlotte

Unfortunately, our Chefs didn’t make it through to the final cook off but we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on their successes in previous rounds.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in the Elior Culinary challenge 2009 semi finals, it was an enjoyable day which enabled chefs from all different backgrounds to meet and share ideas. I would especially like to thank Jean and Rob for the enthusiasm and support they showed on the day. I look forward to similar events in the future.“ Winter Chicken with root vegetable, thyme and lemon broth. Served with sauté potatoes


James Noyce Head Chef, Officer’s Mess, Wilton

Site News: Congratulations

Poppy Appeal 2009

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate several members of staff for their hard work, dedication and commitment.

This Year the Army Officers Selection Board in Westbury witnessed three members of staff, Audrey Couldrake, Sheila Bartlett and Mary Thomas, wandering around camp selling tea and cakes from a hospital trolley wearing 1940’s nursing uniforms. Head Chef Tommy O’Rourke and his team had made the cakes and all members of Elior staff got involved by making donations. So far, £134 has been raised for the Poppy Appeal. Well done! BICS’s Training Pictured below, with John McEwen, Catherine Roe, Mike Daly, John Mackin and Mick Wakelin are members of staff from Blandford, South Cerney and Westbury who have recently completed BICS’s Training levels 1 and 2.

Palmer & Harvey Competition Palmer & Harvey launched a Maynards competition, it was judged by a panel of 11 Cadburys staff and Bovington Market Shop won the prize for the Best Display. Their display used POS creatively, was well stocked and aesthetically pleasing. The shop won £500 of Vouchers. Big thanks to all the staff for their hard work in getting behind the competition and putting some fun into it!

Jane Gonthier, Sandy Brockett, Janet Whitworth, Louise Lock, Lin Thomson, Elaine Green, Justine Padfield.

5 Scots WO’S & Sgt’s Mess Balaklava Weekend Stephanie Crompton, Chief Steward at Howe Barracks, and her team provided a great service to all the Sergeants attending the Balaklava Weekend functions. These began with a Casino Night on Friday 18th September 2009, along with a buffet there were full size roulette and black jack tables and a late night disco. Following on the Saturday evening was the Balaklava Ball and the functions finished with a champagne breakfast. We would like to thank all involved for their success in making the weekend an enjoyable one for all concerned. about it at first, but soon there was a fever and determination that our small team should snatch the award from the larger sites, we all undertook to work to ensure that the mars bar was coming to Winterbourne Gunner.

Mars Bar Award It may be just a wooden plinth with a squashed melted mars bar on top, which has been to a few sites before mine, but to me and my team it meant success! When I arrived in Winterbourne Gunner in June I found myself chairing the team brief explaining the concept behind this award. It is the contract director’s very simple award aimed to encourage staff, across a site, to achieve over and above customer care and service delivery simply because they are proud to do so. I really wanted our site to try and win it! There was much to do to demonstrate that we should be the winners. Some staff laughed and joked

One of my cleaners had told the client about the award and asked if she could be of any more assistance. We all worked together to ensure that we understood and delivered the clients requirement, stretching our standards, a difficult on site relationship became good, our standards improved, our sales increased and morale was high. Knowing that the team had done all that they could to make the improvements needed to be recognised for the award I went off to the Contract Directors’ meeting, waiting painfully all day for her to award the mars bar... and for “most improved site the mars bar goes to Winterbourne Gunner”... I could not believe my ears! On my way home the Mess Manager phoned asking “Did we win?” I could not wait to tell her

that we had. The next day back on site I called a staff meeting to tell the staff we had won, the cheers and excitement from them was great. It made all the hard work feel worth it. I told them this was the standard that had to be maintained and that we have to think of some more innovation to win it again. Overall I think the award has resulted in great team building, and raised staff morale in Winterbourne Gunner. It did cost me some celebratory mars bars for the team - but one thing is certain we are determined to win it again! It just goes to show that simple recognition creates healthy competition and makes the winners very proud of their achievement, but perhaps more importantly it has shown us that, working as a team and all pulling together, mountains can be climbed. Jinny Cardew Site Manager, Winterbourne Gunner


Feature: Feeding the 5000


Feature: Feeding the 5000

Dean Lewis, Site Manager - A day in the life of... There is a perception that 29 Regiment RLC or as its more often referred to “South Cerney” is the Movement Centre in the Cotswolds where troops are processed prior to deployment. The Evolve Magazine gives me an excellent opportunity to set the record straight and give you a brief insight to the full role of the Regiment and the units that populate The Duke of Gloucester Barracks at South Cerney. Over and above deploying forces to enable and support world-wide operations and overseas training exercises, 104 Logistic Support Brigade operates both the Sea Mounting Centre (SMC) at the military port of Marchwood and the Joint Air Mounting Centre (JAMC) at South Cerney; ensuring that the UK end of deployments are fully enabled and effective at all times. Wherever forces are in this world and in whatever role be it on exercise in Kenya, Norway or the United States or Operations on Op Telic & Op Herrick if they are based in the UK then they have been processed through this location. South Cerney is the Military version of Heathrow Airport but without the planes. You drop off your baggage; check all the paperwork and then wait to depart, the only difference being the coach transfer to RAF Lyneham or RAF Brize Norton. As I said in my opening sentence, perception would not have you think that this is a Regiment with Movement Control, Postal & Courier and Air Dispatch Squadrons. Elements of its Regimental Head Quarters and Headquarter Squadron are also separately deployable if required. The Regiment also has frequent responsibilities in support of operations such as Op Telic and Op Herrick.

The Regiment is divided into the following sub-units: o 50 (HQ) Sqn RLC o 55 Movement Control Sqn RLC o 59 Movement Control Sqn RLC o 80 Postal & Courier Sqn RLC o 81 Postal & Courier Sqn RLC o 88 Postal & Courier Sqn RLC - Aldershot o 47 Air Dispatch Sqn RLC - Lyneham I told you it wasn’t all sleepy games of golf and chilling. Feeding the hoards Two meals or more is the one that keeps us on our toes. Sometimes a booked transit flight to be fed is delayed. This can be due to a faulty aircraft, pilot hours, or just cancelled (we know the RAF, bad weather, good weather, too sunny, too rainy). This means that the flight manifesto (pax) is returned to Cerney until the problem is resolved which can extend the stay from 1 to 3 days or longer. The result of this is that this flight needs to be fed until it deploys, along with the normal regimental feeding, and any other flights that have been pre planned during the delay. Some days this camp can feed up to 3000 troops and then return to 120 the day after. Food has to be prepared for hundreds at a moments notice and extra rations have to be ordered to sustain this. This is all in the small print when you take on a role at South Cerney. I am always extremely proud of the way in which not only the Contractor staff but our colleagues from the military continue to smile and provide a service that impacts greatly on their social activities and they always do it as part of the bigger team. What they go through is minor by comparison.


Site News: Employees of the Month

The economic downturn has led to a surprisingly busy time for the EIS Sales Team. Companies are looking for ways to save money, but do not want any reduction in service or quality and that’s where we come in.

We encourage our Site managers to run an ‘Employee of the Month’ award scheme. Employees can be nominated by other employees or Site personnel. Our congratulations go to the following recipients. Fred Kavanagh

Roy Pitt Pen Cadwallader


Richard Dickinson Kerry Simpson

Tom Brown

Site News: Employees of the Month

August 2009

September 2009

October 2009

43 Wessex SMAC

43 Wessex SMAC

43 Wessex SMAC

Bovington - Selina Roberts

Bovington - Kay Taylor

Bovington - Janet Bolton

South Cerney - Sian Hains

South Cerney - Leighanne Howes

South Cerney - Ian Bell

Blandford - Roy Pitt (pictured)

Upavon - Fred Kavanagh (pictured)

Westbury - Tom Brown (pictured)

East Midlands SMAC

East Midlands SMAC

Chilwell - Istvan Zsupponits

Grantham - Pen Cadwallader (pictured)

Grantham - Richard Dickinson (pictured)

Swanton Morley - Kerry Simpson (pictured)


Adventures: Running a Half Marathon

On a Sunny afternoon in late August a few friends and I were sitting around a BBQ, enjoying the last of the summer sunshine, when one of the lads came up with an idea... The idea was to run the Birmingham Half Marathon. None of us had ever run that far – so thought it would be a good challenge for us all The next day we all signed up for the run and chose our charity to run on behalf of – Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital. We began our training for the event - unfortunately we only had 6 weeks to prepare, but this didn’t faze us, we just got stuck into it and after week 3 of training we actually looked forward to meeting up and increasing our distance week by week. Six weeks soon flew by and the big day arrived. It was a cold and wet morning in the second city, we all met up at the NIA (National Inddor Arena) and the air was thick with deep heat and excitement.

The race began and we had the pleasure of high fiving Dame Kelly Holmes at the start line as our tour of the city got underway. There were thousands of people competing and the atmosphere and camaraderie between runners was great! Half way round I thought I might start to flag – but that training must have paid off as I felt surprisingly OK. Before I realised I was on to the last 1 mile and my tired legs found a second wind as I pushed for the finishing line – bursting either side with spectators cheering us on for the final stretch. I crossed the finish line and was relieved that I had finished and not in a bad time either – 2 hours and 6 minutes. I went and grabbed my medal, found my mates, had a couple of pictures and a well deserved, celebratory pint! All in all it was a great experience and we have raised money for a worthy charity... a good Sunday morning all round! David Fradgley Concepts & Marketing Coordinator


Adventures: Running a Half Marathon

though the hills became easier and stamina improved, and so with gentle persuasion from Sonya it was decided to attempt 13 miles for the first time. A day was chosen and with innocent enthusiasm they set off. Sheer determination to succeed kept them going and 2hrs 23mins later it was over. With aching joints and muscles, blisters galore and utter exhaustion they began to wonder what they had taken on but sheer determination meant abandonment was never considered.

On the 27th September 2009 Sonya Reeves, WOs’ & Sgts’ Mess Manager, Lulworth and Giles Stone, Kitchen Porter Supervisor Colours Restaurant, Lulworth, both took part in the Sony Ericsson Run to the Beat Half Marathon. Siteseeing South London the hard way...

The adventure all started in May 2008 when Sonya decided to participate in the Race for Life held at Poole Park. Whilst she was training for this Giles was somehow persuaded to accompany her on training runs, purely as an exercise to improve his fitness and lose a bit of weight. Initial outings were pure hell, even running the mile of Preston beach wall in Weymouth proved a challenge. The end of the wall never seemed to get any closer, they suffered with lungs that felt like they were bursting and legs that took days to recover, but they persevered. On a hot day that summer, Sonya successfully ran the Race for Life, goal achieved. However in order to maintain enthusiasm for this new found fitness regime another target was needed. Sonya in her wisdom suggested running a half marathon. Giles was not so keen and was less than complimentary about the idea. A week later though he agreed, and after surfing the web the Run to the Beat was duly selected and entered. No turning back now!

After a visit to a specialist running shop by Sonya and two pairs of shoes later, training continued at pace, without blisters. By September they were now running, on average, 25-30 miles a week and confidence levels were good. Then, before they knew it the day of reckoning had arrived. On a glorious September morning nerves were jangling at the O2 Arena in London, but there was to be no backing out now. The race started at 9.45am and at 10.06am they eventually escaped the holding pen and crossed the start line. The route took them left from the O2, parallel to the River Thames, to Woolwich Arsenal, then looped back through Woolwich and across the parade ground of the rather impressive Royal Artillery Barracks. After cutting up past Woolwich Common, the long 4 mile haul past Charlton to Greenwich Park followed. The miles were made easier by music stages roughly 1 mile apart along the course playing rock, pop, dance and urban music, giving the event its name, and of course, encouraging the thousands of cheering spectators.

What followed was a slow painful increase in the daily distance run. Through the gales and driving rain of the winter months. Freezing half to death on early morning or evening runs, slowly but surely a 4 mile run became the norm.

At long last the brave duo entered Greenwich Park passing the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum, signalling the final 2 miles - described as being the longest two miles of their lives. Eventually the last corner was rounded and 200 yards away was the O2 Arena (again) and the finish line. From somewhere buried deep inside they summoned the energy to sprint to the line... that was it, mission complete - they had completed their first competitive half marathon, unscathed, in 2hrs, 13mins and 48 secs!!

Spring 2009 saw various routes chosen, to break up the monotony of always running the same route, with Lulworth camp as the starting point and all routes included the local hilly terrain. Calf and thigh muscles felt like they would explode. As time passed

Next up is a gentle 10K race in Poole Park on Boxing Day, and some more half marathons for 2010. Amazing to think how simple jogging sessions can escalate into such a life changing obsession. Apparently, they are still having fun though!!


Feature: Welcome to my Career...

Nothing makes me cringe more than the dreaded vile words ‘Clip Art’! Clip Art belongs with the likes of Comic Sans and Corel Draw in the childrens playground where it should remain forever and a day and never grace us Graphic Designers with its presence again! Sorry - Rant over!! Welcome to my Career... I’ve been a graphic designer for a little over 12 years now and have been with Elior since August 2007. The broad spectrum of my work encompasses everything from a ‘No Entry’ sign to this very magazine and beyond. I hope my explanation of graphic designers is informative and hopefully it will counteract the unfounded impression that all we do is sit at a computer and fiddle with a keyboard :O)

When most people think of a graphic designer, they’ll instantly think: PhotoShop! But we don’t just perform the child’s play tricks of removing pimples and whitening teeth, we can also remove someone from a picture or add someone to a picture. We can restore an old photo to life with color correction knowledge, we almost become magicians when we perform our professional touches to a poor quality photo.

Graphic designers perform the thankless job of making everyone else look good. They take an idea that Joe Bloggs has sketched on the napkin during last nights meal and turn it into a spectacular jaw dropping work of perfection.

The knack for knowing what looks good isn’t sufficient for us. We must be able to go a step further and know what really works. Designers work hand in hand with marketing teams to know just how different design elements affect customers, and which styles and methods build customer loyalty. Think about it. Every decision, from the brand of jeans you are donning to the brand of ice cream you picked up in the supermarket, has been influenced in some way by graphic design. Simply knowing which colours are complimentary is not enough. A top-notch designer must also be able to implement those colours, along with font styles and images, to create a design that will catch the eye of the prospective customer ahead of all the other competition. And Clip Art, under no circumstances, forms any part of such a design.

Our job is to give a face to a bland entity. We create a public image and reputation simply by the style and content of the identity package. Many businesses would have no way to place themselves in the public eye were it not for the creativity of the likes of us. As boring as it may sound, this magazine that you are reading now, the catalogue that you shop from, or the book that you cherish, would not be in your hands were it not for the fine skills of a graphic designer. We don’t just create the pretty pictures on the cover, we also flow the text of a manuscript though the pages of a document. From small paragraphs of copy, to several chapters of a novel, we are responsible for the page layout of text.


Emma Williams EIS Graphic Designer

Feature: Buckley Barracks Wedding

On Saturday 8th August 2009 Alison Smith, Hullavington Site Manager, proudly became Mrs Alison Fenton. St Giles Church, Stanton St Quinton, welcomed Alison and WO1 (RSM) Frazer Felton of 6 Regiment (based in Germany) to be married on a sunny Saturday in August.

SSGT Hitchmough, Catering Manager and Rob Carless, Head Chef, cooked up a treat in the Combined Mess at Buckley Barracks with a sit down 4 course meal.

Attended by 4 Bridesmaids, Alison looked radiant as her son Connor performed the duties of ring bearer and Best Man’s assistant infront of 100 guests and of course, the seremony wouldn’t have been complete without a Military Guard of Honour.

Alisons thought on her special day.... The day was fabulous and it was a joy to be able to have our wedding reception in the Mess after spending the last 8 years watching so many other couples enjoy their wedding receptions here. We left the following day for our honeymoon in Tenerife.


EIS News: EIS Showcase 2009

The essence of the Elior brand is client focus. We have an increasingly diverse pool of clients both in Contract Catering and Concessions Catering here in the UK in particular and around the globe. Our success depends upon our ability to understand and meet their needs and that need is diversity, diversity in service delivery, offering our clients not just great catering services but also great soft services from, cleaning to security. So we must now work to create an open, inclusive culture, where all corners of Elior UK integrate together attracting the best solutions from all our company to grow, retain and protect our business. We encourage everyone to express their different ideas and viewpoints, so that we can develop the best and most innovative solutions, differentiating us from our competitors. This is the key message that we hoped came through during our “Showcases” at Macclesfield (14th September), Sadlers Wells (16th September) and Nottingham Forest F.C (18th September). Why Did We Hold Them? Well firstly to encourage wider support for bundled services… caterers understandably so were unconvinced of FM and how this would affect their operations. So it was important during our Showcases to introduce EIS… and dispel stories that we only did defence and a little cleaning. It was therefore important throughout the showcases to continually demonstrate EIS’s diversity of experience.


The Showcases were themed on ‘Investigation’ and whilst Inspector Clouseau was fun and at times a welcome distraction it is hoped that the more serious side of this theme was understood. Within EIS we wanted our Contract and Concessions colleagues to ‘Investigate’ what we can do to help grow and retain their current business. EIS needed to ‘Investigate’ and understand more about their respective businesses, how can we help them achieve their goals and how can we tailor our services to meet the ever changing needs of their clients. Our intention was to promote bundled service such as catering, cleaning and reception in order to generate additional growth for Elior UK and of course to set a new direction and strategy which over the previous 18 months has become disjointed, lost and confused.

EIS News: EIS Showcase 2009

The Presenters We had five presenters covering topics that affected or influenced Elior UKs business: John McEwen - Introducing Facilities Management Les Adcock - Sales Chris Tyler - Operations Mike Daly - Innovation Mark Palmer - Vending Solutions We must applaud and thank each presenter who offered attendees a wide range of topics in their presentation, covering their specialist areas well and providing important information, much of which, was not known to the wider Elior employees.

John McEwen EIS Managing Director

Les Adcock Sales Executive

Chris Tyler Operations Director

Mike Daly Operations Manager

Mark Palmer Vending General Manager

A very special thank you to our keynote speakers Michael Audis, Chief Executive Officer Elior UK and Martin Archer, Human Resource Director Elior UK, who summarised each presentation to the audience addressing the new opportunities that FM represents.


EIS News: EIS Showcase 2009

Thanks to all the sponsors of the EIS Showcases

Jeff Bennett portrays

Inspector Clouseau A seasoned comedy character actor and writer, Jeff has worked for many years in various aspects of the entertainment industry including film, TV, radio and theatre and brings a wealth of professionalism and improvisational experience to his characterisation.

“The theme for our recent Showcase Presentations was ‘Investigation’ and who better to head this up than Inspector Clouseau. Jeff Bennett’s portrayal brought life and depth to our presentation, from his hilarious ‘meet and greet’ with the guests, to the humorous and entertaining introduction of speakers, ensuring that our key ‘Massages’ were understood. Jeff was an integral part of our presentation team and his precise representation of Clouseau ensured the complete success of our Showcase.” John McEwen Managing Director – Elior Integrated Services

Contact Jeff; +44 (0) 1664 464 362 +44 (0) 7850 536 733 Thanks to all the venues for all their help and support during the of the EIS Showcases

Elior UK, Macclesfield


Nottingham Forest F.C.

Sadlers Wells, London

Recipes: Christmas Punch

With the festive holiday season rapidly approaching its time to prepare for the inevitable gatherings. Punches are a simple and quick way to let your guests serve themselves! A warm and spicy seasonal classic... Christmas Punch! Ingredients 2 pints water, 1 cup sugar, Juice and rind of 3 lemons, Half a bottle of rum, Half a bottle port, Grated nutmeg, 1 apple sliced, 1 orange sliced Method Boil the water, sugar and lemon rind in a saucepan. Allow to cool a little and strain. Add the rum, port and lemon juice. Transfer into a pre-warmed large bowl. Float the fruit on top and sprinkle with nutmeg.


Recipes: Christmas Cake


Recipes: Christmas Cake

It is not mandatory to serve a starter with your Christmas dinner and if you do it’s advisable to keep it small and not too filling as the main course is a big affair. I think the ultimate starter (and it’s just my opinion) is smoked salmon, cracked black pepper, wedge of lemon and a couple of small triangles of buttered brown bread (real butter mind!). That’s not always practical as some people are not so keen on fish but if you all are it’s very easy, just remove the salmon from any plastic wrapping 1 hour before serving to eliminate the plastic taste. If you have a big party and a few people don’t like fish then perhaps a soup prepared in advance and warmed through before serving is a good alternative.

Christmas Cake Ingredients 225g Plain Flour, 225g Unsalted Butter, 225g Light Brown Soft Sugar, 4 Medium Eggs, 1 Lemon, 1 Medium Orange, 400g Dried Currants, 200g Sultanas, 200g Dried Raisins, 50g Glace Cherries, 50g Mixed Peel, 50g Flaked Almonds, 2g Mixed Spices, 1g Ground Nutmeg, 15g Black Treacle, 25ml Cooking Brandy Method Chop the glace cherries, almonds and mixed peel. Place together with the dried fruit in a bowl, sprinkle with the brandy, cover and allow to soak overnight. Oil a cake tin and line it with greaseproof paper. Sieve together the flour, nutmeg and mixed spice. Grate the zest of the lemon and the orange. Thin the treacle by warming it a little.

Avoid any strong meaty dishes as this will be too similar to the turkey..... • • • • • • • •

Light soup or consomme Prawn cocktail Smoked salmon Cheese pate Stuffed Chilli peppers Salmon mouse Crab Mousse Asparagus Mousse

Cream together the butter and sugar then add the eggs one at a time beating vigorously. Fold in the flour and spices and then the soaked fruit, almonds, mixed peel, lemon and orange zest and the treacle. Place mixture into a lined 6/7” cake tin, level and smooth the surface and cook in an oven at 150°C for 4 hours. When cool, let your creative side flow and ice it how you like it!

Ultimately the decision on a starter is yours, consider the number of guests, the number of alternative dishes you need to prepare and space in the kitchen before going one way or the other. Also, consider the effect on appetites before the main course. It may be better to serve some canapes 1-2 hours before dinner just to push the appetites and keep people on the edge of anticipation! Chris Woolley CRL Manager


Site News: Bovington Newcomers

Bovington is very lucky to have recently strengthened its management team and would like to give them the opportunity to introduce themselves. My name is Jackie Langston, I have worked in the military environment for 20 years working for the MoD and various catering companies. I have recently returned to Dorset with my husband after his completion of 22 years in the Army. I am thoroughly enjoying the new challenge of my role as Trax Manager at Bovington and have been previously employed by Elior as a Mess Manager & Catering Manager. My hobbies include horse riding, reading, dining out and walking. It is with great pleasure that I look forward to working with old colleagues and meeting new ones in the near future.

My name is Andrew Cunningham and I have recently taken over as Exec Head Chef at Trax in Bovington. This means that I now live with my partner in the wonderful county of Dorset and am very much looking forward to exploring what I consider to be the countries finest county. My hobbies include golf, walking and reading. I have met some of you already and look forward to meeting more of you soon.

Hi I’m Julie and I recently got married so have moved to Lulworth in Dorset. I now work for Elior as the Officers Mess Manager at Bovington. My background includes 20 years in the catering Industry, the highlights of which have been setting up my own catering business, that was based in Cowes, providing a full onshore catering management solution for crews and sailing regattas. I also spent some time working on Super yachts as a chef.


Site News: Who we are

Elior Integrated Services has some exceptional staff, take a few minutes and discover a more personal side to some of them...

Jenny Hays-Woollen Operations Manager As a private person, it is somewhat hesitantly I put pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard - to shout out about joining the millions of people who benefit from the free bus pass... However, here goes. On 9th August 2009 I became a pensioner, yes 60 years old! What does that mean? Don’t know, but I certainly don’t feel like a pensioner, infact I feel fantastic and I celebrated to the full and feel like the Queen with no less than 5 unofficial birthdays. It started with a spa weekend with friends in Lancashire, followed by 7 holes with the Pro at the golf club in Wiltshire where my husband and I are members - my husband organised it in order to develop my skills, not sure whether that was a compliment or an insult. My third celebration was a family lunch with my two sets of twins, there husbands and wives and my three grand children - two boys aged 4 and 2 and a little girl aged 5 months. My daughter is expecting a third boy in October. The penultimate celebration was my husband and I went away with my Twin Brother (pictured with me above) and his wife; yes I am a twin too, to Tewksbury for a long weekend in September.

Paul Middlemass Head Chef - Chilwell Station Words by Charlie Harkin After leaving school in 1976 at 16 Paul started a career in catering. In 1977 he joined the RAF where he spent 12 years and achieved the rank of Corporal. He saw service in the Falklands, Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK. Whilst at RAF Cottesmore he was attached to the Queens Colour Squadron. After leaving the RAF in 1988 he became landlord of the Kings Head in Chichester, a position he held for nearly 10 years. In 1997 he moved back onto the stoves working for the NHS until 2001. Itchy feet took him to the Nottingham University where he worked for the next 7 years. Whilst there, Paul got involved in supporting the Scouts as a Caterer and still gives up his free time, voluntarily, helping on their camps. Paul is a proud father to four children and grandfather to two grandchildren.

To complete my unofficial birthdays, my closest friend and I enjoyed a lovely lunch, which was a great way to end my celebrations!!

In September 2008 he took up the post of Head Chef at Chilwell Station. He is thoroughly enjoying his job and the many challenges it brings.

Am I retiring? No! There is plenty of life left in the old girl yet!

In October 2009 his colleagues got together and threw a surprise 50th Birthday Party for him.

Gaynor Rose Finance Administrator Based in the Divisional Head Office in Bromsgrove, I work part-time in the finance office with Tom Brown and Jane Redgrave. I am married to Stephen and have a three year old daughter, Lily. I have worked most of my life in finance and banking, doing everything from filing to mortgage sales. My spare time is spent with my horse, Zyta, a three year old Arabian filly (pictured above). I have spent this year showing her up and down the country in shows in order to qualify for the British Arabian Championships, which not only did we suceed in doing, but we also qualified for 2010! I am now in the process of training her to be broken for riding as I intend to use her to compete in Endurance racing. This is a hobby I have had for many years and I have competed both nationally and internationally in this discipline, very successfully, with other horses I have owned.


Music Feature: Red Already

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Chris, Vocals

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Real Life: Coping with Army Separation

A Wife’s Story of Coping with Army Separation reproduced by permission of Prima Magazine. Mrs Caroline Irish, the Administrative Assistant Officers Mess Manager Bovington, won the short story competition in ‘Prima’ Magazine during September 2009.

I watched you as you walked up the street and out of my life. You had woken in the dead of night, pushed the last of your things into your bag and zipped it up. As quietly as you could in your boots, you crept along the landing into our sleeping three year olds room and kissed him on the head. As you passed me at the top of the stairs I said “I don’t want you to go”, to which you replied “it’s too late now; this is how it has to be.” Shutting the front door and swinging your bag onto your shoulder, I watched from the upstairs window as you strode up the misty street and disappeared into the frozen moonlight. Gone. The days that followed ticked by slowly. Was it always going to be like this? Me bringing up our son on my own. All around me, people’s lives continued as normal. But I was frozen – as frozen as the night you walked into when

you left. Slowly the days slipped into weeks and the weeks stretched into months, and I continued like nothing had happened.

all looked the same; weary, dusty, thin and weather beaten. But sure enough, you were the first to come though, wearing glasses!

Only something had happened, you had gone. You weren’t there when he was being sick though the night, or when the car broke down. You weren’t there when we laughed uncontrollably as we got caught in the pouring rain and soaked to the skin.

Our son ran to you and held onto you, his arms around your neck. “Daddy’s here, Daddy’s here,” he shouted. You looked different, so very tied. Your eyes told a tale of what you had seen and been though, things I hadn’t been there for.

In those long, quiet nights when our son was in bed, I studied or watched television. I didn’t want it to be like this. I missed you. I worried about you, and about the future and what we had. I heard stories, of course, but I hardly dared listen, dreading what I might hear.

After five months you strode back into my life. Wearing the same army uniform you had been wearing the night you left, but now Afghanistan was behind us. You had come back. You had come home.

One balmy summer evening, as I strapped our son into the car, I said to him “Do you think you will recognise Daddy after all this time?” And our son replied, “I will because my daddy will be the one wearing the glasses.” As we sat later that same evening in that brightly lit waiting room, anonymous double doors opened and a stream of men started to filter though. They


Feature: Life in Spain

Lots of people have dreams about taking it easy in a hot sunny country with a cold pool to dip themselves in and a supply of Pimm’s to sip whilst watching life go by... But, how many people actually take the plunge and do it? Operations Manager Peter Pimm tells us about how his dream became reality. After the obligatory 22 years service in the Army Catering Corps, I decided it was time to take the easier option and became a Group Manager with Marriotts Defence Division in the Wiltshire area. After that, I moved to Sodexo and from there to MITIE Catering and finally, to Taylors International. I worked all the hours god sent to keep the MD (a certain Mr John McEwen) happy with loads of profit and a content client, but, my better half (wife) decided that enough was enough and it was time to ‘retire’ to Spain - she did not want me to become a ‘heart attack’ statistic! So in January 2009, after lots of internet research, we set off to Spain in a bid to find our dream home near Alicante where our dreams of sun and pimm’s (no.1 of course) would hopefully come true. After a couple of days looking at a variety of properties - all of different qualities, we found what we thought ‘could’ be the one. At 110 square metres and located in 2000 sqm of land, with 25 mature olive trees, landscaped gardens, a 70sqm garage and crazy marble paving, the three bedroomed detached villa, although over budget, had quite taken our fancy. It had a large living room with an open fire, bathroom, kitchen, a utilty room and, as the icing on the cake, an outside kitchen with built in BBQ, sink, storage units and an 8x4m swimming pool. It was to be our new adventure and we decided we had to go for it. In the small, very spanish town of Albatera, we found all the facilities we would need... banks, chemist, medical centre, shops... and, only being 20 minutes from Alicante airport it really was perfect. If we had wanted more of the party lifestyle, then just 60 minutes from Albatera lies Benidorm. We did look into buying a property there but as properties cost less inland than on the coast we would have only managed a small apartment in Benidorm for the same price as our vast villa in Albatera. Luckily, as our village sits on a south facing slope of low mountains, we get to enjoy a sea view from our patio. Along with the sea view we are able to enjoy views of the towns and villages below us in the mountains and throughout the year, as they celebrate their various fiestas, we marvel at numerous spectacular firework displays.


Hogueras de San Juan (St John’s Bonfires) The “Hogueras de San Juan” festival is held in Alicante on the night of the 24th to 25th of June, St John’s night, it is a celebration of International Touristic Interest commemorating the arrival of summer with a cult to fire. A crowd goes out to celebrate this festivity surrounded by a display of bonfires, colour and music. From Albatera it takes 25 minutes by car to the local beaches, here you will find all the typical tourist attractions such as UK type restaurants playing only fools and horses, karaoke bars and so on. As I mentioned before, Benidorm is only a 60 minute drive away but be warned OAP’s take over the place in the winter months and you’ll get mowed down by ‘thousands’ of electric scooters in all shapes and sizes racing down the promenade! Anyway, back to the property and the process of securing it. The agents told us that ‘it is the best property around and if you do not put a deposit down, someone else will and you will lose it’ - typical agent speil but, as we did think it was the best property, we paid our deposit, spent two days getting official paperwork sorted out, opened bank accounts, sorted out a mortgage and numerous other essential things we had to do to make sure everything would go smoothly when we returned for good.

It was then back to the UK and the work load did not decrease which confirmed that we were doing the right thing. It felt really good going in to the MD’s office and handing in my notice, although, I was persuaded to keep my options open and come back to the UK to work on some special projects when I had some spare time. We planned to move over to Spain on the Jubilee weekend, the furniture had been collected so we packed up the car and trailer and set off on the long trip through France and down to Alicante. Two days later we arrived at a B&B which was five minutes from our new villa. It was over 35 degrees and we had a removal van arriving two days later with our worldly possessions to unload. If you do not know the Spanish system of buying a house, you have to pay about 25% of the purchase price in cash, it is called ‘under the table payment’ so off we went to get 40,000 Euros from the bank which we then took to the notary (a judge who oversees the transaction

Feature: Life in Spain

and gets paid loads of money), along with the cash we also took a cheque from the bank for the remaining amount. It’s not a nice feeling carrying that amount of money around in your back pocket but my wife was there to protect me so I relaxed a little. After two hours of confusion we managed to hand over the money - which they counted three times and we were given the keys to our new, much slower paced life, in the villa. Was it the right decision? How would we cope? Would it be too hot? Yes, Yes and Yes again! We were astounded to find that when you buy a property in Spain which is fully furnished - it is exactly that! It seems like the previous owners pack up a few of their cloths and any expensive items and then leave. We found cloths in the wardrobes, food and drink in the kitchen cupboards and the bathroom cupboards were still full of personal items. We used the very large garage as a storage area for the MFO boxes, it took us two full days to get the Spanish cupboards empty and put our stuff in them, but as we moved so often in the army, we were use to packing and unpacking. For the first year, we felt like we were on an extended holiday, no work, lots of Pimm’s and BBQ’s, siestas in the afternoon and evenings spent partying with other ‘Brits’ lucky enough to be in the same situation as us. We were generally being lazy - although I did come back and work in ATR Bassingbourn for a few months.

to Spain we were able to do the work on the house and also managed to convert the garage into a 2 bedroom annex, which, we now rent out to get another income. We have now lived in Spain for 7 years but with prices on the up and the Euro dropping in value, I have found myself doing more work back here, again with John McEwen but now for Elior, mobilising all the contracts and doing special projects for the company to keep a few pennies in the bank. I don’t think of it as a hardship, more of a hobby, although it’s lovely to be ‘retired’, it is nice to keep the mind occupied and busy! We are lucky to have the best of both worlds, we have found some excellent places to visit here, we have beautiful weather 95% of the time and we are still able to come home and enjoy the UK and earn a bit of extra money to keep us going. The other 5% of the weather can be a little ‘damp’... It is called gota fria and normally happens once a year. 70cm of rain per hour per square metre for nearly two solid days! Roads are washed away as are the cars that are on them, fields flood and walls collapse under the pressure of the massive downpour and the drains overflow leaving water gushing out onto the streets, but, this is Spain and when 95% of the time is good then the 5% of the time that is bad does not seem such a raw deal. The odds are still much better than the UK, so, in the answer to the ‘Will you come back and get a proper job?’ question, I can honestly say, not on your nelly, living in the slow lane suits me perfectly!

Life in Spain is as good as we hoped it would be, even though we left our two sons back in the UK. They come over at least twice a year to get a ‘cheap’ holiday - very cheap as we pay for the flights - but it is worth it as the grandchildren love the hot weather, the pool, the grandparents who spoil them... We also have lots of other family and friends visiting so it often feels like being back home apart from 11 months of nice weather, cheap booze and fags, laid back attitude and stress free life of course! After a while, the ‘better half’ decided a total refurbishment was in order, so I boarded the plane and returned to the UK to do some work so as the new floors, furniture, bathroom, kitchen, doors and whatever else she wanted could be paid for. What a great husband!!

If you would like to chat about renting our lovely two bedroomed apartment then please contact me on: 0845 5570073 Our Terrace and the views beyond

My previous MD (that same Mr John McEwen) convinced me to mobilise some new contracts for Taylors International, this gave me the extra money we needed so that when I returned During May each year, Jim Marson (Site Manager for Invicta Barracks) arrives in Alicante for the annual ‘Spanish Open Championship’. We play two days of golf and the winner (currently me) is crowned the Spanish Open Champion - so if there are any budding Tiger Woods out there who fancy a knock in the sunshine then contact Jim who will be able to tell you what spaces are left for the 2010 event.


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