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HIGHLIGHTS Welcoming Rosanne as Our New CEO Evolve has a new CEO, Rosanne Graham. I wanted to introduce myself to all of you and to say how delighted I am to be working with the very talented team of people that make up Evolve. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and learning your views about what we can do to build on the success of every centre within Evolve and how we can better support you. I have been involved in the tertiary education sector for the past 15 years. One thing that I have seen many times over is how incredibly important and rewarding the role of a teacher is. I hope in the coming months to support you in all necessary ways to enable you to thrive in your role and to feel recognised for the excellent work that you do. As I do get out and about, please introduce yourselves and feel free to share your successes and your challenges. I am eager to learn what it is that will make Evolve the best childcare organisation in New Zealand for staff and families. I greatly look forward to working with you to ensure the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Introducing Clare Freeborn-Brown! We are so pleased to announce that Clare Freeborn has joined us late June. Clare will be known to some of you where she was involved in your leadership development programme at Best Start. She comes with a wealth of experience, having held both area manager and professional support manger roles. In the past few years, she has led the leadership development programme for centres at Best Start and has touched many in their journey to becoming better leaders in ECE. Clare will join Justina and the TLDM team to focus on teaching and learning for us at Evolve. She is excited to be expanding her career with us as she will not only be focusing on leadership development nationally but also support to Auckland on our strategic objectives around teaching and curriculum.

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HIGHLIGHTS Building a Great Culture Starts With You! One of the things that was presented was the Bead Exercise, or the 10 C’s which was hopefully shared with all the staff. Competence We are not all the same, we have to work with people according to their needs. Clarity Be clear and specific about what you expect. Set 100 days targets for each room. Control There are some things that are out of your control, take on the things you can control. Communication The key to communication is to listen and hear. Be empathetic. Comfort Zone “Do something every day that scares you” Eleanor Roosevelt We need to push our comfort zones to allow for change. Change (for improvement) Change is uncomfortable and doesn;t happen by itself. Change needs to be acknowledged - please work together as a team and understand that others might need to be supported and guided in these efforts. Create Never stamp out the creativity. Set aside 15 minutes of every staff meeting to create time to have fun, set goals, think out the box and share ideas. Consistency To ensure that there is consistency in everything we do, structure, plans and goals need to be in place. Share these plans with the team and get everyone involved in creating team culture and ideals. Collaboration We are more powerful with a shared vision and goals. We have a vision and values which are set out under Evolve and within each kaupapa. Share these again with your team and see how this can further be upacked and activated. Courage All of this takes a significant amount of courage! Courage to lead. Courage to face the giants, courage to lift the team, courage to hear the suggestions for change and improvement. Courage to keep moving forward. We need to acknowledge the feelings and sentiments, we need to praise and recognise both personally and publically. Please remember to share feedback from your meetings with Fay! :)

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HIGHLIGHTS Safeguarding Children & Employee Assistance Programme

Fundamentals of Child Protection eLearning Children and young people rely on those who are around them, care for and work with them to recognise they are in need or at risk and to know how to help. Evolve are committed to keeping children safe, and have partnered with Safeguarding Children to provide all staff with access to their eLearning course. The course “Fundamentals of Child Protection” helps you understand your responsibilities in relation to child protection and will give you the essential knowledge and skills to become confident and competent. •

Staff members gain access to the eLearning via: fundamentals-of-child-protection/

Scroll down the page until you see “Take this course” button

Fill in the registration form, adding the word Evolve after your surname, eg, Jane Brown Evolve

At the checkout enter the unique Evolve discount coupon code: Evolve102018i

At the completion of the course you will be emailed a certificate. Please forward this to your Centre Manager to keep on your staff file.

As Evolve we care about the safety, well-being and happiness of every child in our care. An important step on our journey to supporting you to keep our tamariki safe, is a new partnership formed with Safeguarding Children. Evolve have committed to providing this child protection training course to all centre-based employees, to ensure we all have a shared knowledge on our role in protecting and supporting children and their families. This professional learning opportunity is fully funded by Evolve, and we are aiming to have all staff nationwide trained by March 2019. Please support us in protecting our most vulnerable by ensuring all staff complete this training and have a certificate of completion. Recently there were cluster meetings held across the country. Please remember to actively start working through Gigi’s book, “Being a Supervisor” with your teams. Everyone is recommended to start with Chapter 7: Stay Connected on p.86

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) We understand that sometimes employees may have personal and/or work issues that they need help with. Are you aware of the confidential services Evolve offers, should you need help with such issues? Currently this service is provided by an external company, Stratos and employees may contact them directly on

0800 787 2867

EAP is a national service which protects employee anonymity and confidentiality. As an employee, you can access up to three sessions which will be paid for by Evolve.

Advice and support is available 24 x 7 from trained professional counsellors.

If you haven’t shared stories from the conference with your teams, now is the time! Gigi is an inspirational, no-nonsense speaker who understands what happens at the centres and the giants that are faced and overcome on a daily basis. We would love to hear the feedback from your teams on how this is going.

What can EAP assist with? • Stress and pressure – personal or work • Depression and anxiety • Workplace issues and changes • Bullying and harassment support • Anger and conflict issues • Relationship and family matters • Grief and loss • Addictions • Life transition and personal development • Health and wellbeing • Career planning • Budgeting and financial assistance • Personal legal advice

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EVENTS Baby Expo Wellington, Christchurch & Waikato

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The Baby Expos in all three regions are already over! So that we can continue to gauge whether having a presence in these kinds of events is worthwhile, please share your thoughts and feedback with us. We can’t say THANK YOU enough to the teams who made this all a possibility. It was great to see that the stand was so easily identifiable at all three events, but also that each one had their own identity and flair. Team work in action! In no particular order, thank you to everyone involved, particularly: Carolyn, Christine, Tracy, Lisa, Lauren, Jan, Mayie, Jamie, Isabella, Sophie, Kimberley, Jackie, Debbie, Liz, Amy, Sarah, Erana, Letisha, Kayo, Julie, Leslyn, Sarah, Rebecca, Shannon, Clare, Hayley, Brooke, Tatiana, Angela, Rachel, Emma and Tracy. (I really hope we didn’t leave anyone off, sincere apologies if we did!)

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EVENTS Education Summit Kia ora! My name is Leslyn Graham and I had the recent privilege of being part of the Christchurch Education Summit: Education Conversation | Kōrero Mātauranga. As an educator who believes deeply in the value of what we do everyday and who absolutely loves being an advocate for children’s right to education, my main hope going into the Education Summit was that we, as the front line so to speak, would have the opportunity to have our say, to advocate for our children, their mana and future. Not only was that hope realised, it was exceeded and exceeded far beyond what I could ever have imagined. I take my hat off to the imaginations of those who developed the program and the organisers who made it happen, as it was truly an event designed to have your say. Not just to be heard by our peers & policymakers but also for us to listen to each other, respecting all perspectives and views, from the totality of our education system both public and private. Speakers were honest and open, as we were with each other - hard topics were discussed – racism, inequity, discrimination, societal fragmentation, funding, education disparity across sectors. They were all on the table and certainly as I moved around the room and participated within a multitude of experiences solely designed to capture one thing - OUR VOICE - these were heard. We identified the problems, let off our steam and then the genius of the organiser truly shone as we moved from airing our disgruntledness to being gently guided into letting go of our personal agendas and as a collective begin offering solutions – What would we do? How could we do it? Why was it important? What was our future vision? What did we want our education system to look like in the future? What did we value? and how might we see us getting there! Clever eh!! The summit ended with hope hanging in the air, it was tangible and I was actually disappointed that the experience was over, being so excited about the possibilities we had explored and sharing the conversation. From a personal perspective even if nothing ever eventuates from it, it will stand out within my life experiences as something special that I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to participate within. As an advocate for children, and for us as professionals, to whom our families so trustingly hand over their children, the absolute most precious that they hold dear, I have been left with hope that the gathering of our voice will eventually become action of deed. Ka kite ano Leslyn

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Active Explorers Blenheim Turned 8

Lollipops Albany & Lollipops Waiuku Both Turn 10

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MATARIKI Active Explorers Hokitika We celebrated Matariki with a family hangi, we had about 100 people come to join us. The children were involved in the preparation of all the kai, making fry bread and steamed puddings to bagging up the meat for the steamer. We also planted a new native tree to celebrate Matariki too. Over the past month we have been learning about Matariki and discovering what it means to us as a centre. For us it is a time of celebration and reflection, a chance to strengthen whanaungatanga and continue to demonstrate manaakitanga. Our children have been discovering the many legends surrounding Matariki, learning and developing confidence in Kapa Haka which they performed infront of their families. We are super excited about Matariki 2019!

Active Explorers Highbrook We have had some wonderful celebrations with Matariki, we had a PJ day, all dressed in our pajama’s and hot chocolate. Plus we had Papatoetoe Highschool Kapa haka group share a performance plus play games with our pre-schoolers.

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MATARIKI Lollipops Ruapehu Drive On Friday the 15th of June we held our annual Matariki evening. The children did a performance for their parents and we shared a hangi together, then we wrote our future aspirations or something about a past loved one on helium balloons and let them go up into the night sky. On Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th at Lollipops we prepared the food for our hangi cookers, we prepared our soups, made rewana and fried bread. We also had lots of activities going, we weaved harakeke putiputi, we made poi, we sung, we played with the rakau sticks. It was a lovely week and we had a great turn out on the Friday evening.

Pascals St Johns Matariki is the MÄ ori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter and for many MÄ ori, it heralds the start of a new year. The Fantail room celebrated Matariki by bringing togetherness, eating together, sharing songs and stories. The Fantail room teachers also planned some activities for tamariki ma to strengthen their understanding and knowledge of Matariki celebration such as creating and painting stars, baking star biscuits, making their own kites, learning Maori legends, establishing Wharenui and learning Maori songs. The Fantail room had a wonderful time celebrating Matariki with teachers.

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MATARIKI Learning Adventures Warkworth On Wednesday June 27th we held a Matariki dinner for our families between 4-6pm. The children worked with their teachers to create three delicious soups, a german lentil and smoked sausage soup, a classic kiwi vegetable soup (kings soup base) and a traditional maori vegetable soup. The children helped us to peel and cut the vegetables for all three soups. We realised that we had many capable children who were bringing their knowledge from home to learning adventures - even helping and encouraging each other. We made bread buns together and one of our teachers made ‘vet koek’, a South African fry bread that is very like our kiwi fry bread. We had a Matariki mat time prior to our meal, we sang twinkle little star and Tirama nga whetu, we read Matariki stories and discussed the notions around Matariki feasts. Many of our families joined us for this delicious meal, with most asking for our recipes.

Learning Adventures Rosedale Learning Adventures Rosedale had an amazing Matariki celebration. They were visited by the long bay college’s Kapahaka group who performed for them and the Tamariki and Kaiako did a beautiful sign language song called “Paradise” for the parents.

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MATARIKI Learning Adventures Maeroa

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CENTRE NEWS Active Explorers Nelson: Samoan Language Week

We are grateful to the Iafeta family for bringing in many Samoan artefacts for us to display and use during the past few weeks. The children have thoroughly enjoyed dressing in Samoan costumes, and exploring traditional instruments, music and dancing. We have some great performers! A special thanks to “Uncle Gordie� for dressing up in the ore traditional clothes and playing the drum for us. The children were very engaged during his performance. Kaiako and tamariki have been learning new words and songs alongside each other -music, songs and games are great for language learning for adults and children. We read and learnt about foods that grow in Samoa. Providing opportunities to develop knowledge and skills (eg. maths, literacy, science, technology, and social skills such as sharing and turn-taking), we tried our hand at making some of them... a pawpaw cake/pudding, some sapa sui (chop suey), and lu pulu. Many of the children enjoyed the pawpaw dish (while kaiako shared the others). And there was no better way to celebrate than dressing up and dancing (having watched a demonstration on our iPod). They warmed to the dancing, and even the audience ended up as enthusiastic participants. What a lot of fun we all had!

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CENTRE NEWS Active Explorers Central City: Art Safari On the first Tuesday of the month, eight children from the Barnyard class at Active Explorers Central City go on an excursion to the Christchurch Art Gallery. Here they experience a range of hands-on art activities called Art Safari. The purpose of this excursion is for the tamariki to participate in art, learn some new art and craft processes while becoming involved in our community

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CENTRE NEWS Learning Adventures Warkworth: Family Day

We held our open day along with other Evolve centres. We called our open day a family day and encouraged our families to come. We had the local Police visit and introduce themselves to our tamariki and their whanau. Young Liam had his photo taken with Constable Hatfull. Some children had the opportunity to climb inside the car and have a look about and get their photos taken. Maddie’s Dad Daniel came as part of a representation from our local volunteer fire brigade, they brought Firewise information for the parents and children. Our tamariki enjoyed the stickers and balloons most of all. Michelle organised a bouncy castle and the children expended a lot of energy jumping up and down together in a bundle of giggles. We had facepainting, origami and a BBQ as well. Everyone said it was a wonderful morning and they look forward to this again.

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CENTRE NEWS Lollipops Greenbay: Hands on Creatures

One little bug went out to play, On a spider’s web one day. He had ever so much fun, He called for another bug to come. Brian Lawton runs this show, he is super enthusiastic about his creatures and has in his life as a ‘professional bugger’ (as per his business card) been the curator of the live animals at the Auckland Museum Weird and Wonderful section, provided creatures for Movie and TV series. He brings the most amazing array of insects and animals for the children to get up close and personal with. Some of these experiences are challenging for both children and teachers alike – it is an opportunity to see insects that are native to New Zealand that most of us will never see. He breeds Avondale spiders, he brings cave weta’s that leap across the carpet, native lizards, giant centipedes, a hedgehog called Prickles, beautiful lizards, he fed praying mantis, frogs and turtles and educated the children along the way about each of the creatures. The highlight of the show has to be the Avondale Spiders, a massive paki paki to our brave and courageous Viv!

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CENTRE NEWS Lollipops Auckland Central: Waka and Powhiri We would like to share some photos of the Powhiri Ceremony for the gifting of the Waka by Julie and her whanau to our learning community; Lollipops Auckland Central. A koha, gift, such as this, is traditionally an auspicious occasion marked by a Powhiri. He waka eke noa “A canoe which we are all in with no exception” This waka has been woven with over 950 metres of twine, each one of us is woven into its fabric. The block of timber it is mounted on is from the original construction of this Centre. It is painted with the paint our tamariki use. Symbolic are the koru on the bow and stern. The koru is said to represent new beginnings, growth and regeneration. The multiple koru growing from it are said to represent whakapapa (ancestry). We have named this waka “Aroha”, love...

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CENTRE NEWS Active Explorers Papakura: Powhiri This month we celebrated Matariki at our Centre Active Explorers Papakura and the staff took initiative of involving the local community into the programme. Since we are a very new Centre, we planned to begin the celebrations with Blessing and Powhiri. The senior management team, the support office staff, our families, friends and whanau all made time for the ceremony and joined us. It was a beautiful and touching ceremony that really moved all of us. We were so lucky to have Roberta, one of our amazing teachers, arrange for Papakura Intermediate to come in this month and do a Kapahaka performance for us. It was such a beautiful performance of three different songs. The children were fascinated by the bigger kids and sat still taking in everything they saw. Our children then performed Matariki Macarena for the older children and the big children joined in with us. What a great experience to help us celebrate Matariki and learn more about our Maori culture. We are still celebrating Matariki and have all our families come in for the final celebrations where we shall have kite flying and hangi in the evening.

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COMPETITION TIME Best Website Do you have the best website? With pictures of your centre’s rooms and playgrounds? What about pictures of your children and your staff? Is your centre’s philosophy available? Do you have testimonials from happy families? Let us share accolades like Healthy Heart Awards and Enviroschools. Are there any things that make your centre extra special that we don’t know about? At the end of July all the websites will be audited and the winners annouced in the next newsletter.

Name the New Lollipops Critters The Lollipops family is growing. Team Lollipops were recently asked to vote on the characters that should be added to the Lollipops universe. The butterfly, crab and owl were beaten by the kiwi and the tuatara below. Initially we were thinking of adding only one, but they tied for first place (and they’re both super cute!) Bennie the Bug needs his friends to have names too. Do you have any suggestions?

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Evolve newsletter - July 2018  
Evolve newsletter - July 2018