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Jones Celtic BioEnergy provides a complete solution for the generation of renewable energy from biodegradable sources, such as municipal waste, food waste, agricultural waste and biomass. This is achieved through use of anaerobic digestion combined with composting processes to generate renewable energy, in the form of renewable gas, electricity and heat, according to customer and market demands.

BioEnergy Division Overview • We offer unparalleled delivery of a range of BioEnergy technologies which are modelled and tailored to the specific requirements of our clients • Our range of services includes: -

Dry anaerobic digestion Wet anaerobic digestion In-Vessel composting Biogas upgrading


How we do it Dry Anaerobic Digestion Dry fermentation involves the anaerobic decomposition of “dry” non-pumpable biological material in the absence of oxygen. The process involves the loading of “anaerobic” tunnels with material using loading shovels. The process is particularly suited to bio-waste and mixed waste applications. The system promotes efficient biogas production with very low parasitic energy demands.


Wet Anaerobic Digestion Wet fermentation involves the anaerobic decomposition of “wet” pumpable biological material in the absence of oxygen. The process involves the loading of “anaerobic” stirred tanks to promote biogas production. These systems are best suited to the digestion of liquid material and silage.

In-Vessel Composting Composting is the aerobic transformation of biological material in the presence of oxygen and can be engineered in a number of ways. Jones Celtic BioEnergy deliver projects involving Tunnel Composting, Container Composting and Aerated Pile Composting technologies.

Biogas upgrading Jones Celtic BioEnergy works with Carbotech in the provision of pressure swing absorption (PSA) technologies in the upgrading of biogas. This system can be adjusted to meet the strict requirements of gas injection to the grid and of compressed biomethane as a vehicular fuel.


Wet fermentation facility

Bio Methane Facility Upgrade

A Selection of our Projects

Hampshire Biomethane to Grid Facility (5 MW wet fermentation)

Lochhead, Fife Council (1.5 MW bio-waste to CHP Dry fermentation) 04

Milton Keynes, Amey Cespa (0.8 MW MB

Blackmore Park, CZero (6 MW Biomass bi

Dry Fermentation Facility

BT CHP Dry fermentation)

iomethane to grid Wet & Dry Fermentation)

Glasgow Biomethane to Grid Facility (4.5 MW wet digestion)

BDR, Shanks (0.5 MW MBT to CHP Dry fermentation) 05

Accreditations Quality Jones Celtic BioEnergy is committed to developing and maintaining a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The consistent application of the quality system is a visible demonstration of our commitment to compliance with all aspects of the client’s needs.


Safety Safety is our number one project value and goal. From our Managing Director down, we commit ourselves to the goal of zero accidents. Every employee has their part to play. We have a triple ‘A’ rating on our safety certification.

Environment The company considers the protection of the environment to be of primary importance and accept that we have a responsibility to demonstrate sound environmental awareness, management and sustainability through the implementation of best practice.

Our Services • • • • • • • • • • •

Turnkey technology provider Full EPC experience in large scale infrastructure projects Site assessments and feasibility studies Site design and facility engineering for new sites Business planning and project financing Site construction and equipment installation Operator and staff training Facility start-up, management and operations Site maintenance and equipment repair Regulatory compliance assistance Facility upgrades for existing sites


Jones Celtic BioEnergy provides a complete Design & Build solution for the renewable energy and waste management sectors, using the most advanced biotechnologies in the field.

Technology Providers


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Working Internationally Contacts: Head Quarters Waterways House, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2. Tel: +353 (0)1 6711500 Fax: +353(0)1 6711600

UK Office The Foundry, 154-156 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8EN Tel: +44 (0)20 7952 2550

Cork Office Euro Business Park, Little Island, Cork +353 (0)21 4621721 +353 (0)21 4621725

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• Riyadh, KSA • Doha, Qatar • Jeddah, KSA

• Dublin • Cork • Carlow • Birmingham • Saudi Arabia

Technology Providers

Bio Energy  

Jones Celtic BioEnergy provides acomplete solution for the generation of renewable energy from biodegradable sources, such as municipal wast...

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