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ďƒ˜ Almost all countries are now very dependent in energy resources derived from fossil fuels. ďƒ˜ However, this energy is a nonrenewable resource and is now rapidly depleting due to abuse and overconsumption. ďƒ˜ Humans have been uncaringly producing and using this resource without thinking that the world will soon face scarce energy sources.

Solar energy is the energy harnessed from the light and heat emitted by the sun. This energy is unlimited and free for everyone that is why people are encouraged to use this energy for their electricity consumption.

ď‚› To harness and utilize solar energy, people should use solar energy panels or also known as photovoltaic cells. Solar energy panels and solar energy systems are technologies that can be used to harness the energy from sun and convert it into electricity.

• Solar energy from the sun is now widely used to provide electricity for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

• Solar energy panels are also used for water heating especially to heat water for household use and for heating pools.

 The government also provides incentives and rebates for all those who use solar energy panels, energy-efficient equipments, and discounts for those who are planning to convert to renewable energy like solar energy systems.

 If you are living in a location that receives abundant sunlight especially during daytime or dry season, then turning to solar energy panels can be a very good option.

• However, these technologies are not limited to daytime only since most solar energy systems are now built with batteries and backup systems which store and supply energy in case it is raining or already dark.

The amount of energy that can be harnessed will depend on the capacity of the solar energy panels, its size and the position of the modules. To harness more energy, proper positioning of the solar energy panels is important. It should be placed where it can receive more light and heat from the sun.

 However, if you only need a small amount of solar energy especially for household use, small size home solar panels and economic solar panel systems can be a suitable option.

• A lot of solar energy companies and manufacturers are now manufacturing and offering solar energy panels and systems specifically designed for the specific needs of the clients. People can even ask for customized solar panel systems to specifically match their energy needs.

Harnessing Energy from the Sun through Solar Energy Panels  

Almost all countries are now very dependent in energy resources derived from fossil fuels. However, this energy is a nonrenewable resource a...

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