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08 In the spotlight Evolution publisher Darnell G. Davis spends five minutes with innovator and entrepreneur Dawn Fobbs.

07 From the director


Experts speak out

Leveraging you

It’s easy to forget, but it’s true: Your greatest strengths, in business and in life, often lie inside you.


Featured story: Fighting social taboos to fight against rape

Miss World director/producer Cecilia Peck tells the story of a very special film project: Documenting the tale of Linor Abargil, an Israeli beauty pageant contestant who was raped at knifepoint just weeks before one of her greatest victories.

April 2012



A very special message to our readers

18 On entrepreneurship 27 On human resources

Do’s and don’t’s in the job world

30 Ramon Ray’s Tech Corner

What’s new in the world of technology

Make yourself ‘big’

Three easy ways any business ­­— even a one-man shop — can make itself look like a major player.

30 Cards aren’t enough Networking in 2012 is a lot more than simply handing out business cards. Tips for putting yourself out there.


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Turning Moments into Memories

Eva Louis Jillian Stone Scott Ginsburg Vanessa Codorniu Easther Suhadra Derrick Jones Lana McAra Amanda Gagnon Cecilia Peck Skip Freedman Ramon Ray Liat Zohar

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April 2012

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Welcome to the



elcome to the inaugural ‘print’ edition of Evolution Magazine. April is a big month for Evolution Magazine. In addition to launching our first hardcopy edition, we are presenting our first Women in Business and Leadership Conference at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem PA on Saturday April 28, 2012. The W.I.B.A.L. Conference promises to be a very special event. It is the gem of the Evolution Magazine Empowerment Series (formerly the Small Business Boot Camp). Ten prominent women are going to be sharing their thoughts on how to get to the next level and beyond. They will educate, motivate, and inspire the 175 ladies in attendance to reach beyond any barriers and to achieve the life of their dreams.

The Evolution Magazine Empowerment Series has created a recipe for delivering, valuable information and insight in a way that is digestible and actionable for our participants. In a world where information is more free-flowing than ever, lack of information is not what holds us back. It is the lack of insight and assimilation of information that slows us down. The W.I.B.A.L. speakers will each present one key idea, experience, or learning that contributed most to their success. The participants will leave the room with 10 simple (not easy but simple), concepts that they can act upon to make real changes in their lives. Along with the one key idea, the speakers will issue a “call to action” and challenge each attendee to change her life. The day will be topped off with a special ‘Masters Session’. Twenty selected women will have the chance to participate in a round-table coaching session where they can share their ‘ah ha’ moments and strategize on how to employ them in their lives. The Masters Session will be facilitated by Certified International Business Performance Coach, Joseph Facchiano (me). The Evolution Magazine Empowerment Series will be presenting several more events in 2012. Our mission is as described above, to empower, inspire, educate, and motivate entrepreneurs to achieve the life of their dreams. Look for us in Wilmington, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Columbus, Baltimore/Washington, Boston, and New York. So here are your ‘to-dos’ for this first print edition of Evolution Magazine: First, take a few minutes to relax and read it cover to cover. Second, if you are a woman who is striving to achieve your goals in business, register for the W.I.B.A.L. Third, tell a friend to do the same. Again, welcome to Evolution Magazine. We look forward to serving you and to helping you achieve your dreams! To your success, Joseph Facchiano (JoFash) Executive Director – Evolution Magazine Empowerment Series April 2012



‘I created companies that don’t need me to babysit them’ Five quick minutes with entrepreneur, innovator Dawn Fobbs Q&A with Editor/Publisher Darnell Davis



How did you get started with this company and what do you love the most about it?

hen we started down the pathway of creating Evolution Magazine, we had a few unique business owners reach out to us in support of our endeavor. We’re featuring one of those business owners in this month’s spotlight. We caught up with motivator, speaker, author and entrepreneur Ms. Dawn Fobbs for conversation about her business her books and her passion. All directed towards helping people achieve this accident success they desire.

I dream it up and have created companies that fit my lifestyle. I created businesses that don’t need me to babysit them. What has been the most important contribution to your success? Focus, discipline, being around positive people, learning opportunities.

Could you please provide us with the basics of your location and name of your company?

What type of strategies do you employ to market your business?

Located in Katy, Texas. (suburb of West Houston, Tx.). Company names include Fobbs Group, LLC, We Are Caring Hearts, Reward Yourself and The Fobbs Business Review (talk show).

All referral business since 1999. Never have advertised. If someone wanted to own a business like yours what are some recommendations?

“‘N’ Is For Networking” “‘RE,’ It’s Ok To Start Over!” “How Many Frogs Do I Have To Kiss?” “Your Writing Career” “Consider This” “Now What?” “Getting Back To Basics” “Parenting Magic” Before you launched your business, what did you do?


I worked in Corporate America as a call center supervisor overseeing 40-plus employees. The company was a Fortune 500 company in Houston, Texas. How did you come up with concept of your book and business? I just get an ideas and don’ts stop until it is complete. I also listen to what people say they want and I solve those issues in some

Focus and allow yourself to be coached, mentored, and take BOLD actions, daily. Also, get out and get know, NETWORK every day. Can you name one thing that our readers should do in order to achieve their goals? Write down how you would like to live, then make a decision to achieve those goals. Ask yourself, “What Do I Want?” then ask ‘What Do I Have To Do To Have That?” Thank you, Dawn. l

Evolution Magazine

Photos courtesy Dawn Fobbs

I understand that you authored several books. Can you provide the names of your books for our readers? (Editor’s note: All are available on Amazon.)


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I know that my presence heals, soothes and inspires without saying a word.

Leveraging amazing you Your biggest strength often lies within yourself Vanessa Codorniu


his question keeps popping up, so I just had to write about it! Danielle LaPorte’s “Spark Kit” asks: “What do you think your form of genius is?” “What are you amazing at?” Many respond: “my courage, my kindness, my caring, my personality, my sense of humor” and then scratch their head… “but how do I leverage these qualities in my business?” More often than not, our best strengths are not necessarily skills or special talents but just our PRESENCE. When people feel comfortable around you, expressing affinity towards you... we tend to overlook that great strength. Sometimes we take our natural gifts for granted or do not view them as strengths and forget them when in pursuit of our worldly career expression/expansion. The question becomes, “How do I use ME in my business?”


First, let’s take a step back and recognize…PASSION. Yes, those people with the gleam in their eye and I’m not talking the greedy gleam of $$$$. I’m talking about those people who are SO passionate about what they do that you can barely keep your eyes off them. Whether they are public relations professionals, performers, light workers, teachers, artists, healers, leaders...It doesn’t matter WHAT they do, it’s HOW they do it that makes them magnetic. Have you ever noticed that by just being in their “presence” can affect you positively? Or consider the flip side, people with tons of negativity. The negativity can translate into increased anxiety and fatigue when you are around them. People vibrating a certain tone, energy or quality just seem to “uplift, energize, galvanize, heal, soothe” you or others. That’s why walking your talk and living your truth is so important.

When you are living what is in your heart, you are unstoppable. You are plugged into the Source, the purest emanation and others will seek you out. By loving yourself with all you’ve got, with all your mind/body/spirit, you will be the lighthouse that brings those ships (clients) home to themselves, to their love, their light. I know that my presence heals, soothes, and inspires without saying a word. People have told me. I feel it. It’s because of the energy I am bringing to the table. Like attracts Like. Frankly, that’s why I am involved in certain activities and groups. I want to be surrounded by people on their purpose and in their passion emanating what I am cultivating in my own life and what I am evolving my life to be. Every time I read a post from my supporting communities, it makes my heart sing & my soul expand...I am at the right place, with all the right people, gathering power for each person to shine forth their passionate purpose in their own lives and for the world. Cultivate your own love, your own selfcare, live your truth, fall off the wagon & get back on...this will draw those that are meant to work with you. Don’t feel you have to be perfect to be a teacher, coach, salesman, police officer... NO SUCH THING. We are perfectly imperfect. Those things we often think are imperfections hold the nuggets of soul lessons & wisdom we need to learn and dare I say...teach? They say that we teach what we need to learn, and I believe it. It took several years for me to become an expert, plus some more to stand up without fear and say that I am one! It is my deep conviction that we are born with everything we need for what we are meant to do. That means that we have the right vehicle (body) the right amount of humor and capacity for growth. Now, what we do with what we are given is up to us. Everything you need is WITHIN you already. Life draws people, circumstances, and situations that allow for the growth of our organic soul seeds, for the development of our truest nature. l

Evolution Magazine


Ten (very) well-kept secrets about the ‘You, Inc.,’ model The ‘You, Inc.,’ model can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Easther Suhadra


t certainly can’t be argued that the You, Inc. model can be a bit confusing in some places. At least 10 points in the text seem to contradict each other. How to reconcile these apparent contradictions is a key element to making it work. So, how can you do this?

Setting goals is definitely a part of a successful business plan. It is also easy to see how being strictly goal oriented can kill your motivation and that your motivation should be doing what you love. Both of these were mentioned as points of success, but how do they work together? In this case, it’s a matter of using goals not only to learn but to do what you love. In your presentations, there is another seeming contradiction that strikes at the heart of what You, Inc. actually is. You spend a lot of time in this plan learning how to brand yourself as the hero of the story, but then you switch to making your audience the hero of the story in presentations. When you first received this knowledge, your brain immediately translated “You” into “Me, Inc.” That is what’s supposed to happen, and when you are the bearer of this news, you can’t talk about “Me, Inc.” anymore; you have to keep it in the “You” context.

The Puzzle of ‘Four-Point Mastery’ vs. Popularity in Your Personal Branding In the very beginning you are told that life is like high school, that popularity is more important to people than mastery. Yet later, you are told to specialize and “master” your niche. To do that, you have to confront your weaknesses and overcome them. In fact, the key to success is that your strengths will only take you as

April 2012

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Resolving Four Key Questions in Your Overarching Business Plan far as your weaknesses allow. So, if popularity is more important than mastery, why bother? While popularity is the important thing that draws people to you, it’s your mastery that builds this popularity.

Dealing With Images and Stereotypes in Your Business Presentation Since there is only space for two more gems here, this will have to be more general. How do you cultivate an image but be genuine? Also, why play to a stereotype only to disarm stereotypes? The answer to the first question is that you are not building a false image of yourself - only amplifying what is genuinely inside yourself. If you are a casual personality, simply be the best-dressed casual person you can be. The answer to the second question is a little more complicated. First of all, it’s your customers who need consistency from you, but when working with different companies, you need to play the contrary. It’s a matter of being the casual among the stiffs and the serious worker among the laid back crowd. Having the idea in mind that these and other ideas do not contradict each other but can be used together is how to make the “You, Inc.” model tick. l

Contact Terri Powell for your business needs: 484-707-7117


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Be fearless; face your fears Learning how to redirect to overcome obstacles and challenges to progress Eva Louis


Experience Many of you out there may be facing a number of situations that can cause you grief as you decide – do you take a chance or do you face your fear of whatever it is or face failure itself? Last summer I learned a valuable lesson that fear can spread if you let it and that at the end of the day, you have a responsibility to overcome your own fears and no one else can do that but you.   I had to make specific active decisions and change my perspective on my situation in order to determine the best next steps to take.  I had to solicit advice from others and ask for support which was not a normal thing for me to do.  I had to change drastically the life I was living to make sure I could continue on the mission and journey I had chosen.  I had to decide that I wanted things to change, be better, be focused, and get back to the business of moving forward versus standing still in time.   

April 2012

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hat’s the scariest thing you have ever done? What is the greatest fear you have?  I have friends I know that are afraid of heights, public-speaking, being ridiculed, losing their job, surviving, failing… you heard me…failing.  Who isn’t afraid of failing, I think that is part of the 1 or 2% top of the world or those individuals that might do coaching specifically to help you overcome your fears.  One of my favorite quotes was most prominently stated by Dana Sculley (Actress: Gillian Anderson) from X Files, “Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.”  This quote stands out because I’m an action oriented person and I don’t dwell on the past and I have the tendency to move forward regardless the scenario.  When I experience something or see something that may cause be to be fearful, I’ve learned how to redirect so I can overcome the fear, obstacle or challenge so that I can keep progressing.

Advice The best advice I can give is that don’t let yourself get caught up in the hype that it’s okay to remain fearful of anything, because that is simply not true. It’s like being frozen in time and nothing changes, you can lose the person that you are, and you will find that everything then becomes about that fear. 



Next steps In business, most people have fears of the unknown. Those fears often stem from lack of having a plan.  Every business out there should have a plan for guidance.  If you are in business and don’t have a plan, create one.  Set goals for you to target.  If you don’t have goals, talk to someone, get assistance, or just research and write goals. l Michael D. Seksinsky In conjunction with Robert K. Cawley, LUTCF, CLTC

Strategic Plan-ting™ Workshops


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Fighting social taboos and a tanking economy to

shed light on rape Cecilia Peck Director/Producer, Miss World



thought it was going to be a quick little project. Famous last words. Four years ago, my friend Hugh Hudson told me about Linor Abargil, a former Miss World and rape survivor who wanted to speak out to other women and document her experience. I was developing another documentary about civil rights advocate Connie Rice, and had recently directed, with Barbara Kopple, “Shut Up & Sing,” about the Dixie Chicks and the backlash against them after Natalie Maines criticized President Bush and the U.S. invasion of Iraq. I’ve always been interested in women who stand up for what they believe in, and in the cost of courage. I said yes to a meeting. At the same time, Linor watched “Shut Up & Sing” and wanted the same kind of verité storytelling and

After winning Miss World in 1998 and a difficult, public trial in Israel, Linor Abargil stopped talking about the rape in public. intimacy for her film. Linor and her manager & close friend Motty Reif, a successful film producer in Israel, had planned to do a film since Linor’s rape, ten years before. After winning Miss World in 1998 and a difficult, public trial in Israel, Linor stopped talking about the rape in public. She needed time to heal. She became an accomplished actress, playing leading roles on stage. By the time we met she was in law school studying to be an advocate for other victims of rape. Linor told me about her harrowing ordeal. She was only 18 when she escaped from a violent stabbing and rape and managed to prosecute and convict an older sexual predator and serial rapist. She was a very compelling person, to say the least. She talked about the role her mother had played, especially right after the attack when Linor called home and her mother said, “Don’t take a shower. Go straight to the police. It’s not your fault.” I started thinking about the difference between a rape victim who has their family’s support, versus the ones who are told to keep quiet or who are blamed for their attack. I knew there was a powerful story to be told about women who are survivors. I brought my talented editor friend, Inbal Lessner, to that first meeting. We’d been looking

Evolution Magazine

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for a documentary project together. Inbal is Hebrew speaking—it was a perfect fit. Inbal and I were both very affected by Linor, and went to work learning everything we could about her and the issue of rape. Linor wanted the film to be about women breaking their silence, and placing the blame on their attackers instead of on themselves. She had been approached and inspired by other rape victims since her rape, and she now wanted to begin speaking out and meeting with women around the world. As a filmmaker, I was interested in her— how she was going to cope with talking about and having to relive her own trauma in order to lift the burden of shame from others. I hoped to look at how she got her rapist convicted, and also at the healing process. Is it even possible to heal? Linor and I both wanted to explore different kinds of rape, not just stranger rape but the more insidious domestic rape, acquaintance rape, rape with the use of drugs. We focused the film around Linor’s speaking tours, while also incorporating her investigation of her own case and the issues of how rape affects a woman’s self worth, ability to be intimate, etc. Producer Motty Reif had an investor ready to finance the film. We planned for six international trips with Linor. Our initial budget had optimistic line items like production office rental, which quickly got slashed. Hello, kitchen table! We did three months of research and development. When the money from Israel didn’t materialize, we started to realize it would mean deferring our salaries if we wanted to go ahead. But the film was asking to be made and we couldn’t turn away. It was too important. Along with Linor and Motty, we reached out to rape crisis centers and organizations around the world and tracked rape cases. The economy was tanking worldwide, and money for documentaries was drying up. We had nothing in the bank. Linor was planning a press conference in Tel Aviv in December of 2008 to launch her website and begin her outreach work, and we wanted to film it. We thought hard about whether to start and get momentum going, or wait until we had funding. Linor and her family had never really spoken about her rape—it had been too traumatic. She wanted to find how it had affected them, and they were ready to talk on


camera. It was time to buy plane tickets. Linor is a superstar in Israel—their only Miss World, a successful model, actress and public figure. She is also the face of rape in her country. Her trial was groundbreaking and all over the news as were recent charges of rape against former Israeli president Katsav. It was an important and timely subject. Motty’s company advanced the money for the first shoot, and we believed that Israeli investors would fund us.

Linor’s chosen mission The decision to start without more financing has haunted us ever since, but if we hadn’t done it, we wouldn’t have a film. During the first shoot, Motty brought an investor on board, which got us going. But we’ve never been able to hire anyone to help so Inbal and I have done the research and development, writing outlines, budgeting, accounting, negotiating, hiring, renting equipment, calling rape survivors, additional cinematography, additional sound, writing grant proposals, making presentations, contacting distributors, collecting archival footage, legal, everything, ourselves. We’ve had fantastic interns along the way but we’ve crushed them. We’re so desperate when someone fresh comes on

board, that we overwhelm them. They practically have to change their numbers to get away from us. Linor’s chosen mission was hard on her. She was re-traumatized by reliving her rape and hearing so many survivors’ stories. She needed emergency therapy, she would shut down filming, and she turned toward religion. In front of our eyes she went from being a glamorous high fashion model, to covering herself head to toe in orthodox attire. She started observing Shabbat, which meant shutting down filming on Friday afternoons. Linor would have to get out of the car and walk if we hadn’t reached home or the hotel by sundown. We’re now experts in finding kosher food all over the world. But that gave the film an interesting twist, particularly since Linor’s fiancé Oron, her first real love since the rape, was secular. So the film got to follow whether she would give up her partner for her religion, or whether he would adapt to her practices so they could stay together. Her rapist also came up for parole during the film, and her fight to keep him in prison became another thread. Our hardest shoot was in Italy. Linor had always been afraid to go back to Italy. She wanted to overcome that fear. She interviewed the doctor who had examined her, and he remembered her stab wounds. In court the rapist had tried to say the act was consensual, but here was evidence of the violent, forcible rape. Being there with Linor and viscerally understanding the courage it took to survive, and then to face her accuser in court is part of what drove me to keep filming, to keep fighting for the funds, to push through postproduction. Confronting her fears in Italy was also a big breakthrough for Linor, and propelled her to the film’s conclusion. We’ve managed to finish filming and edit the first cut of the film. Our post production is still underfunded. We’ve had two amazing women join the team as executive producers: Lati Grobman and Orna Raiz. My film making mentor, Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple, is an advisor. We have distributors waiting for a finished cut. We’re so inspired by everyone who has rallied to help us tell this important story and by the 30,000 + women who visit our website and are awaiting the film’s release. Not that we could ever give up—we know how much this film will mean to women and girls all over the world, as well as husbands, fathers, and sons. l

Evolution Magazine


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Success is in all women

Sometimes, the alternate route is the smoothest Jeanmarie Bills and Elena J Forbes

Deposit Photos


ife throws a curve ball to all of us at one time or another. We get excited about something in our life, make big plans as to how we are going to achieve it or what our life will be like when we find success and then comes the curve ball, the unplanned, the unexpected. True entrepreneurial success is in all women; it’s in finding an alternate route or plan. There is always an alternate route it just may not be so obvious. Life has lessons for us all, and the alternate route may in the end be the perfect route for you. It just may be a bumpier ride. My niece is a perfect example of this. After graduating from college she was full of excitement. Life was going just as she planned. She was starting to work as a schoolteacher, had gotten married to her high

school sweet heart, and was pregnant. Life was perfect. Then came the curve ball. She was on a field trip with her class when she developed a terrible headache and collapsed. She was rushed to the nearest emergency room and then helicoptered two hours away to the University Hospital in San Francisco. She had a blood vessel in her brain that had ruptured and was taken into emergency surgery to repair it. We were very fortunate that surgery had gone well. That was two years ago and tomorrow morning I will be driving to San Francisco to be with her during surgery. Surgery number 10 on her brain. Something I can do because I am an entrepreneur, but that’s a different story. I share her story because my niece had no idea when she graduated from college how very different her life was about to be. But

she has stayed true to her goals and dreams and is finding her “alternate route.” She plans on the day that she can return to being a schoolteacher. She feels it is her true calling and that this past two years that she has been ill has been a life lesson that she is still learning from. She knows that her purpose in life is expanding and that this is her story that she will someday be able to share so that other people will benefit. The entire lesson is not clear yet but we know in time it will be. l

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Three ways to make your gig look big Three little ways to change your business’ perception Derrick Jones


owadays it is important for beginning entrepreneurs to look bigger than they are. A number of large businesses are weary of entering into a contract with a lone ranger - a lone consultant who works out his or her home. Most businesses want to feel like they are working with a team of multiple players. Well, even if you do not have an office space or an expenses PBX system, you can still look like you do. Here are 3 simple tips to make your business look bigger than it really is.

1. Ditch the UPS and PO boxes I still know consultants who list their home as their business address. This may have been okay several years ago but there is a service which we all love that makes this a horrible idea today - Google Maps. When you list your home as your business address you can bet the procurement manager or CIO who never heard of you will look up that address on Google Maps, even Street View. If your front yard comes on the screen it is game over. You may think it is no big deal because you know you can do a better job than your much larger competition, but it is not about what you think. It is about what your customer thinks. Visuals are important, which is why we go through the trouble of having fancy websites. A cost effective solution to this problem is a virtual office space. No, not a UPS store box and certainly not a PO box. For a few dollars more per month you can have a mailing address in a posh office building, access to a conference room on an as needed basis and a live receptionist. When people walk into the office building they will see your company’s name on the directory. Most importantly, when customers look you up on Google Maps Street View, they will see a real building, not a picture of your yard.

April 2012

Serving individuals and business in the Lehigh Valley and beyond with dedication, discretion and exceptional service with a personal touch.

2. Get a virtual attendent It is not enough to have someone call and hear your cell phone voice mail message. Instead, there are a number of excellent virtual attendant services on the market such as Ring Central, which I use for my own company. There is also Phonebooth, which I recently learned about. A virtual attendant prompts the caller with multiple options during the call such as, “Press 1 for sales, 2 for technical support,” etc. The calls can then be routed to different cell phones according to the rules you set up. Ring Central Mobile for example, costs $9.99 per month if you pay up front for the year or $14.99 on a month by month basis. For an extra $5 per month you can have a dedicated fax number or you can use their internet faxing service, which allows you to send faxes from your email program.  Either way, a fax machine is not needed. Received faxes get converted into PDFs and emailed to you.

3. Get a real email address For goodness sake please drop the Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL email addresses. I am shocked to find so many beginning entrepreneurs still using these services. I know an entrepreneur who handed his business card to a contact, and the contact handed it right back to him. Why? She took one look at his Yahoo email address and said, “I can’t take a business card with a Yahoo address to my boss.” Why is this such a turn off? Because it requires very little effort to have an email address with your company’s domain name. In fact, it is free. Google Apps Standard Edition offers company email, shared calendars, company intranet and shared documents free for up to 10 employees. If you need it for more than 10 employees or need other services such as shared video, you can upgrade to Google Apps for Business for a “whopping” $5 per month per user. l

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The Body Language Cards were created by experts in the non-verbal communication field as a training tool to help learn, recognize and retain the most common body language gestures. Body Language Cards use flash card methodology to introduce universal body language gestures. The unique technique enables the proficient use of visual memory based insight in order to learn and teach the secrets of non-verbal communication and body language .t For more information visit our website at Have a management meeting? Sales meeting? Looking for a smart gift that will take your team to the next level? Want to impress your clients by giving them the gift with added value?

Body Language Cards is the easiest and most effective way to learn the secrets of body language and to know what others really think and feel with 56 flash cards.

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Effective content marketing For your strategy to thrive, you must first research your target market Jillian Stone


s I see it, if you are a producer of content developing a strategy is similar to developing a strategy for marketing your business. In fact, your content needs to be marketed just as strategically as your product or service.  Content is a key component in driving your marketing for your business. So let’s compare your marketing strategy with your content strategy. If you want to develop a strategy for marketing your business you must first know your target market.  Is your market B2B?  Then you’ll need to know if the businesses

you market to are small businesses, corporations, start up businesses, or maybe organizations that run like a business. Perhaps your market is B2C.  If consumers are your target then you need to know what types of consumers.  Are they farmers?  Fisherman?  Housewives?  Men?  Maybe they are teenagers.  Are they athletic teens or academic teens?  Or maybe they are techie teens.  You have to narrow down your target market to understand exactly what makes them tick.  Once you know that, you’ll have a better understanding how to sell to them. Content strategy is similar.  You need to understand who your audience is.  If they

are businesses…in what industry? If they are consumers…what do they like? What are their buying habits? Where do they hang out?  Now you know who your target market is.  How do you position your marketing activities to reach them?  How do you make them care about what you are selling? You have to know what they care about so you can create your product or service around their needs. Content creation takes the same strategy.  How do you get them to read your content?  How do you engage them in the first sentence so they’ll read more?  You do this in the same way you market to them…find their pain points and help them resolve their pain. l

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Business cards aren’t enough Atypical networking techniques can help you boost your small business Scott Ginsberg


here comes a time in every small business person’s life when common networking practices like handing out business cards, attending various meetings and schmoozing with potential clients only goes so far. Eventually, the same old techniques get overused to the point that they become insufficient. But how many times have you gained new business, created a great relationship or watched your website hits skyrocket because you did something unusual? Or uncommon? Perhaps even unexpected? Maybe you were on the right track. The following is a list of atypical networking techniques that will help boost business. WARNING: They will stretch your courage. They will test your expertise. And they will challenge your creativity. But when business cards aren’t enough, alternative ways to develop and maintain mutually valuable relationships are your ticket to networking success.

What’s your story? How did you get your start in business? Did you ‘fall’ into your line of work? Perhaps there was an interesting anecdote, epiphany or event that caused the birth of your business. If so, this is called ‘Your Story.’ Now, it’s not your Elevator Speech or your 30 Second Commercial. It’s your story. And it’s a fundamental tool for helping people and potential customers get to know you. Here’s the key: write it out. Practice saying it aloud. Make it funny. And tell it to everybody. Not only does this create a memorable presence, but the more you share it with people, the more they will share Your Story with other people. Why? Because people don’t remember things, they remember stories. And after a while, the word about Your Story will spread.


Mix the Medium When I receive an email from an organization or business who has a question, wants to work together or just wants to chat, I do something called Mix the Medium. Here’s how it works: When I receive an email from an organization or business who has a question, wants to work together or just wants to chat, I do something called Mix the Medium. Here’s how it works: 1. The exact moment I finish reading the email, I obtain the person’s phone number (if I don’t already have it.) If there’s no email signature, I look at their email address or go to their website. If all I know is their company, I call Directory Assistance or look them up on City Search. Basically, I do anything I can to get their phone number within the next two minutes. 2. Then I call them right back. 3. I then say, “Hi, this is Scott Ginsberg. I was in the office when your email came through and I thought I’d call you back!” I

say with a big smile on my face. PEOPLE LOVE THIS. I have never done this without completely blowing the caller away. They respond with such excited phrases as “Wow, that was fast!” or “I’m impressed you called back already!” In fact, I recently received an email from a friend of mine who just changed jobs. He was writing to say hello and wish me a Happy New Year. And since I hadn’t heard from Jake in quite a while, I Mixed the Medium and called him right back. Five minutes later he booked me to do one of my speaking programs for his new organization!

Network en masse Speaking of speaking, here’s another untapped networking resource: local groups, organizations and associations. But I’m not talking about joining; I’m talking about giving a speech. It’s what I call ‘Networking en Masse.’ Small businesspeople are successful because they’re experts on something. So whether you’re in sales, printing, tech consulting or retail, find a way to transform your expertise into an informative, concise and entertaining speech that will help other people like yourself boost business. Contact the meeting coordinator of your local Chamber, Rotary Club, Networking Group or Trade Association. They always need speakers. Offer the group a free 1520 minute program.

Write as an expert Another underused networking tactic is writing articles or tip sheets about hot topics in your industry. You don’t even have to be a freelance writer or a journalist – just a business professional who can effectively convey his or her expertise in the form of a short article. Similar to speaking, writing articles in a publication read by your target market is the perfect way to position you and your company. l

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Ceramic Tile

Power Washing

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Pest and animal control "We remove pests kindly, repair the damage they did thoroughly, and clean up



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Cappuccino clients, light roast world How to reel in prospects who can (gasp!) actually afford you Lana McAra


ne of the biggest complaints I hear as The Prospect Profiler is, “I wish I could draw in contacts who can afford me. Everyone I talk to is down to their last dime.” There are a couple of reasons for this phenomenon. Some of it is real, and some of it is perceived. I like to live in the real world, so let’s begin with the perceived element. Business coaches far and wide agree that how you see yourself has everything to do with the rates you charge. In conferences across the globe, mediocre trainers take the stage and ask 5 figures for their training—and get it—while excellent heartfelt professionals sit in the audience with an entire product line that’s less than $1,000. Why is this? The person on stage has loads of selfworth. The person on stage believes it and


expects you to believe it, too. Do you offer something valuable that people truly need? Of course you do. So, start believing it and your prices will go up, too. Back to reality. The central reason we attract prospects who are skinny in the bank account is that we market to them. Would you love to draw in clients with cash? Think of a client (or even a prospective client) who has some financial success and pay attention. What makes them tick? What personality do they have—demanding or reserved, loud or refined? What’s their relationship to their family? Do they have lots of close friends or are they socially aloof? What about hobbies and goals and dreams for a legacy?

This is commonly known as psychographics, but I call it Prospect Profiling. It’s digging into the personality and makeup of the people you love to work with, finding threads and correlations that take your marketing in a focused and clear direction. Your findings will give you the very words that will make you irresistible. Is your prospect a hassled caregiver? Then talk about peace and rest. Is your prospect involved in fighting for causes? Then talk about justice and security. The more closely you define who your prospects are, the stronger your message will be. Take a moment and think about your current clients who CAN afford you. Which one of them is that special someone you’d love to clone? Take a moment to jot down what you know about that unique individual and then go after more of the same. l

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A marketing medium you can’t miss with Email is the shortest path from you to potential clients Amanda Gagnon


oes the term “content marketing” intimidate you? It shouldn’t! You know about content marketing: you assemble information helpful to your clients and share it with them through brochures, newsletters, blogs, video, podcasts – your medium of choice. Customers then read, appreciate, share, and refer others to you for business. This is all very valuable. But putting forth all the content in the world doesn’t get you a dime if no one’s looking at it. That’s where email comes in. When people stumble across your site, Facebook page or Twitter stream, invite them to join your email list. If you use an email marketing service, your subscribers are managed for you. Any time someone signs up, they’ll automatically get the emails you send out, and anyone who unsubscribes is automatically removed. You can also choose professionally designed email templates to help your content stand out. Why would you bother to send these things

Email lets you ... — Insert videos — Show off podcasts — Include excerpts from your blog — Mix in free gifts for subscribers to people in email when they’re already following your other channels? A few reasons: 1. How often do you discover an impressive blog, but later, can’t find it? Emails remind fans where they can find you. 2. Twitter streams and Facebook news feeds fill up fast, pushing your post down and out of sight. Email makes sure you are seen. 3. Emails are easy to share. Ask your subscribers to forward them, and you’ll reach an entirely new audience. 4. Emails stick around; they’re easy to pull up later. Creating high-quality, helpful content establishes your business as an authority in your field. Putting that content out through email increases your visibility, and adds depth to your relationship with clients and prospects. l

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Will you still be in business in 5...10...20 years? Someday you may either want to sell your business or retire. Do you have a plan in place that covers the financial aspects of that decision? If you’re not sure of your answer, we can help. Ask us how we can help you develop a business succession plan.

Paul Dragovich 610-861-9644, ext. 240 Insure Your Possibilities. Insurance products and services are underwritten by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company or one of its affiliates. Mutual of Omaha Plaza, Omaha, NE 68175; (800) 775-6000. This is a solicitation of insurance.



Interview: Success, sabatoge? For your strategy to thrive, you must first research your target market Liat Zohar


id you know the human body can produce over 700,000 unique movements? A great amount of the job interview is conveyed by non-verbal means. You did all the homework for your interview, you know everything about the company, their vision, management style, what skills you have that would benefit the company, where you expect your career to be in 10 years and you know all the correct answers to 249 interview questions, but at the end of the day what really counts is the main question: did you have good chemistry? Can they trust your message,

and what can you do in order to make sure that they will? We polish our verbal skills for an interview, but only few of us give much attention to our non-verbal communication and body language skills to support the verbal messages we deliver and could make the difference.

Tips for your next job interview When entering the interview people tend to create an imaginary barrier to protect themselves, like holding a bag or a piece of paper. To the interviewer this means insecurity. Avoid making the upper hand handshake.

This may indicate a need to dominate. Make sure to maintain eye contact. If interviewed by several people, identify the decision maker. The others will glance at the decision maker after they are done talking. It is almost an uncontrolled gesture looking for approval. It might be a very small glance. The eyes are often called: “The windows of the soul”, as they can send many different non-verbal signals. When a person makes very little eye contact, they may be feeling insecure. They may also be lying; it also could be as a result of Coulter behavior. l

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ON HUMAN RESOURCES Career Mistake No. 2 Believing that a company will be loyal to you Company loyalty to employees is gone. They don’t care if you are on the unemployment line. They don’t care if you and your family have health insurance. They don’t care if you can feed, clothe and house your family. Your keeping an eye open for better opportunities is no different from the company keeping an eye on its bottom line and determining every month whether you are worth it to them to keep you on the payroll. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security on your present job. Don’t believe that your current position is secure; know, with absolute certainty, just how secure it is NOT!

Career Mistake No. 3 Deposit Photos

Thinking there are no jobs available

Four employee mistakes Too many employed people fail in these areas Skip Freedman


ou are employed. You are extremely busy. In fact, you are harried, frazzled, and oftentimes, any semblance of a good work/life balance seems a very distant, almost quaint memory. Additionally, you have seen your colleagues downsized. You have either gone without pay raises or the ones you have received have been less than hoped for. Promotions? Much slower in coming these days! You currently are doing the work of at least one and a half people, and quite probably even more. Based upon recent surveys, the above describes 120 million currently employed Americans, or about 75% of the U. S. workforce. Which means: You are miserable and long for something new, or you are not necessarily miserable but still long for something more. You want career progression as well as appropriate


recognition and pay for what you do.

Career Mistake No. 1 Forgetting (or not realizing) that the best time to find your next opportunity is while you still have a job Stop and think about this for a moment. When a college decides to go look for a new sports coach, whom do they want? They want the coach who is at the pinnacle of success with their current team, the coach who is winning games. So, whether you are happy in your current job or not, if you are performing, hitting the performance objectives and doing the job, NOW is the best time to consider new opportunities. In today’s brutally competitive economic environment, you have to oftentimes make a job change in order to, receive competitive pay, achieve appropriate recognition or obtain that next promotion

In 2011, on average, there have been 4 million jobs filled each and every month; another 3 million jobs have gone unfilled each month. (Source: BLS JOLTS report). The perception that there are “no jobs available” is driven by the news media. Each month they heavily report on the “new jobs created” data. However, that is too often translated into “jobs data.” While it is certainly true that few new jobs are being created, the number of job openings each month, as noted above, is a significant figure and one seldom touted by the news media.

Career Mistake No. 4 Not effectively branding yourself as someone who can “make a company money” and/or “save a company money” Today, you will not be hired exclusively because you have the correct technical skills, experience and/or “know how.” You must brand yourself as someone who can solve problems and, ultimately, affect the bottom line positively. If you aren’t in the mindset of recognizing that everything you do must make a company money or save a company money, start today. Regardless of the position you are in, learn to translate (in dollars, numbers or percentages) how everything you do impacts the company economically. l

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SHELLEY BOVERO Owner of Marin County Arborists

Shelley Bovero, owner of Marin County Arborists, knows trees. She also knows Verizon technology helps her small business run more efficiently, whether she’s giving real-time estimates on her tablet or using her smartphone to connect with her crew on-site. Cutting-edge devices, unrivaled support, and America’s Fastest and Most Reliable 4G Network. No wonder more small businesses choose Verizon Wireless than any other wireless carrier.* Business Apps



*Results based on third-party study. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. 4G LTE is available in 179 cities and 114 airports in the U.S. © 2011 Verizon Wireless.

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A refreshment for Infusionsoft Ramon Ray


here are three types of marketing: 1. No marketing. 2. Manual marketing (which most of us do). 3. Marketing automation. No marketing – well that’s just not marketing. Manual marketing is where you have your email newsletter, social media content, blog, web site and more but it’s all separate. You scramble from service to service trying to understand analytics, write content, and respond to the leads. It’s a bit insane to the say the least. Marketing automation is where you have campaigns that specifically target and are used for various purposes in your business. Infusionsoft, Marketo and HubSpot are three services that come to mind. Last year at the 2011 Small Business Technology Tour, Tyler Garns an online marketing expert and formerly of Infusionsoft shared his insight about marketing automation. Recently, InfusionSoft announced an update with new and better features. Lead Generation: As an all-in-one sales and marketing system, Infusionsoft has expanded its online marketing tools to include hosted landing pages, web analytics and online visitor tracking. These features allow customers to manage the entire sales and marking lifecycle from start to finish from one system.

Campaign Builder: Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder is an intuitive, visual mapping tool that allows users to create marketing campaigns to convert leads into customers and workflows to automate mundane tasks. Using a drag and drop interface, users can map out their sales and marketing process, create smart rules to route contacts through sequences, create precise timing triggers for message delivery, design message templates and more. Lead Scoring: Infusionsoft’s flexible and powerful lead scoring tool allows small businesses to score leads based on their demographics and behaviors, making it easy for sales people to identify their hottest, most qualified leads. l

Why does it matter if Google decides to start selling its own tablet directly against Apple’s iPad device? W

hen Google first started selling phones, Nexus One, it started selling them directly to consumers. Google stopped selling phones directly as people weren’t buying them in large numbers but instead buying them from partners in larger numbers. Either way Google “won”. Google is seeing the huge increase – market share – that Apple’s iPad has deservedly gained over all other tablets. In an effort to compete more with Apple,


Google will consider using it market power to sell directly to consumers – co-branded tablets or tablets directly from and only from Google. Whether you decide to buy tablets from Google directly or from a retail store, there is only one thing that matters – ensure that you get the same or better support you would get as if you bought it from the retailer or hardware vendor directly. The Wall Street Journal writes: To boost the prospects of its new online tablet store, Google was considering subsi-

dizing the cost of future tablets in order to compete on pricing with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, said one person with knowledge of the effort. In addition, Google will lend huge marketing support to the online tablet store, said people familiar with the effort. Since the Nexus One experiment, Google has honed its mass-marketing skills, spending heavily on TV ads and other marketing to promote services other than its Web-search engine.

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3 1


E X PA N D YOUR We Get Your Business


Full Color Ads for as low as $100/Month

RCF Call Results 2011* BUSINESS NAME



Hartzell’s Pharmacy ........................................ 1822 ................... 152 Leisers Rental .................................................. 670 ..................... 56 Easton Animal Hospital .................................... 435 ..................... 36 Nationwide Insurance - Valera Agency ............ 266 ..................... 22 Aaroe Law Offices............................................ 258 ..................... 22 Alick Smith ...................................................... 235 ..................... 20 Nationwide Insurance ...................................... 228 ..................... 19 GEICO Insurance .............................................. 202 ..................... 17 Clickable Oil ..................................................... 190 ..................... 16 D.E. Cressman Insurance ................................. 188 ..................... 16 Yeska, Henry & Son ......................................... 178 ..................... 15 Friendliest Dental Office in Town ..................... 177 ..................... 15

*These Advertisers used a “special” tracking phone number ONLY used in the 2011 Lehigh Valley Easy Pages Directory that allowed us to track Real-Time results.

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Evoution Magazine' April/May Sneak Preview  

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