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“Emerging Culture”

fashion movement. Words, music, and politics were what mattered to the Beats and clothing was practi-

By: Jessica Myers As discussed in the article, “What They Wore”, the younger generation became a group of focus during the 1950s. This was a huge change from any generation before them. The term “Beat” was given to

cal with little aesthetic value. It is interesting that, while the Beats had no interest in fashion, they had a sense of style that was transformed into fashion trends for the masses. It’s ironic how they had no care for the fashion world, yet they ended up inspiring those who existed within the fashion world. What

this emerging new youth culture. also seems to be interesting with this generation is, Jack Kerouac used the term “beat” to dethat, despite the fact that the generation had no inscribe, “a generation of crazy, illuminated hipsters terest in fashion, designers and retailers honed their suddenly rising and roaming America, serious, bumattention to the Beatniks and commercialized the ming, and hitchhiking everywhere, ragged beatific, style of the group as a “Bohemian trend”. The trend and beautiful in an ugly graceful new way...” To Keconsisted of black turtlenecks paired with sunglasses rouac, the term also had a spiritual meaning and was and berets, and were often accessorized with bongo actually shorthand for “beatitude”. Poets and audrums. thors represented a large group of the Beat Generation. After the Russian Satellite, Sputnik, launched in 1958, Herb Caen created the term “Beatnik” to describe the young, rebellious generation. The Beat Generation had no interest in fashion and considered themselves to be part of a non-

The Beat Generation  

thors represented a large group of the Beat Genera- rouac, the term also had a spiritual meaning and was ming, and hitchhiking everywhere, r...

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