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herbs, needles and more: Chinese medicine


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adult acne: from the inside out


making the switch and lovin’ life Meet Curtis Aiken, the man behind Co-inside Wellbeing


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eVoke talks to Tracey Jewel, Perth’s very own goddess


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This email represents exactly what I am hoping to achieve by publishing eVoke. I was able to show my gratitude by sending a small gift pack (courtesy of the lovely Dianne Caine, to show my appreciation of the time and effort it took to contact me. Dear eVoke 0YLJLU[S`WPJRLK\WHJVW`VM`V\YÄYZ[ PZZ\LVMeVoke from IGA on Cambridge Street. Having read it from cover to JV]LY0HTPTWYLZZLK^P[OHSS[OL JVU[LU[Z0UWHY[PJ\SHY0HWWYLJPH[L[OL article on Dianne Caine and fully intend I\`PUNOLYWYVK\J[Z




For our next issue we are thrilled to be able to offer our readers some more lovely prizes. We have a beautiful book pack containing inspirational quotes and organic recipes from Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat located on the Gold Coast. ( We also have some super-sexy eye make-up from Eye of Horus in Melbourne ( to give away. We love hearing from our readers, so please don’t be shy. Email us at eVoke magazine / 3

from the editor Hello and welcome to our second issue of eVoke. It’s taken a few extra months to reach you and I hope you will consider the wait worthwhile as we have managed to squeeze lots of extra content into our 32 pages. Diana Bressani, Editor

OVER the past months we have been busy getting our social media up and running, upgrading our website and sourcing new and interesting advertisers to HWWYVHJOMVY`V\YILULÄ[5L_[VU[OLSPZ[PZHTVU[OS`UL^ZSL[[LY^OPJO`V\^PSSIL able to receive by subscribing to our website – Here at eVoke we wholeheartedly believe in giving out as much love as possible as we know it will come back to us. So even though it has been a struggle to get the backing of our local advertisers, we have made some great steps forward and we will always be loyal and reciprocal of that support. But we still have a long way to go and need many more advertisers to join us to ensure the survival of eVoke. I would like to take the opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all of our advertisers and contributors who share eVoke’s passion and commitment to living a cleaner, greener and healthier lifestyle. :VTL[PTLZ0JHUILPUKLJPZP]L¯ZOV\SK0OH]LHZRPUU`ÅH[^OP[LVYOLYIHSNPUNLY tea? Type some emails or watch reality TV? But the decision to go natural and environmentally-friendly, from skincare and cleaning products, to what I stock in my pantry and fridge, was not one of those times. One small step at a time in the right direction is all it takes to set you on your way and you will never look back. I hope `V\ÄUKZVTLZTHSSPUZWPYH[PVU^P[OPU[OLZLWHNLZ[V[HRL[OH[Z[LW Love and happiness, Dxxx

4%56.0$6%23$6078.$97::.0 >LYHUV\Y]LY`ÄYZ[JVTWL[P[PVU]PHV\Y^LIZP[L which was promoted through our facebook page, and the lucky winner was Amy Kaciuba. Amy was happy to pose for a photo with her goodie pack worth $450. Amy received a scrub and glow body treatment from endota day spa Perth CBD, 5V\YPZO facial moisturiser from Serenade Organics, a luscious eco wool scarf from Knido and a copy of the Bikini Cookbook 2. Follow us on facebook for your chance to enter our next competition. 4 / eVoke magazine

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our contributors

meet our contributors Karen Taylor

Amy O’Brien

Karen founded2HS`HH5H:WH >LSSULZZ Retreat with her partner Vince Civello. Karen believes in providing the highest quality health, Ä[ULZZ ^LSSULZZZLY]PJLWVZZPISL

Amy uses Chinese herbs and acupuncture to treat disease and achieve fabulous health. Passionate about staying true to the classical style of Chinese medicine, she can often be found sitting at a community market poring over 2000-year-old Chinese medical texts.

Chael Hilton Chael has a diverse background of work HUKSPMLL_WLYPLUJL:OL^HZ[OLÄYZ[:;6;; PILATES instructor trainer in Australia and started training clients and instructors nearly 12 years ago. She has recently started her own business.

Dr Janice Chan Dr Janice Chan is passionate about caring for members of entire families, from babies and children to adults and grandparents. Dr Chan has participated in many volunteering programs aimed to provide chiropractic care to underprivileged communities.

Gillian Skeer Master Coach NLP

Gillian offers professional life and success coaching through her business, Creative Coaching Solutions. She also writes a regular column for WA as the Change Agent and presents seminars both locally and nationally.

Kirsten Rose Kirsten is a Perth-based sustainability consultant and writer whose mission in life is to persuade others to take one green step at a time. Her current personal project is building a solar passive house that’s just the right size for her family.

Michelle Sims Michelle is a food and well-being expert who inspires countless individuals to have a fabulously hot and health body for life. She reaches her online community with her videos and e-newsletter, and leads dynamic online training.

Amanda Gunzburg Amanda has been an avid food gardener for more than 15 years and established Edible .HYKLU*YLH[PVUZ, an organic, edible gardening business that aims to bring the wonderful world of food gardening to a broader sector of the community.

Sarah Durack Sarah is passionate about natural therapies and helping people achieve their maximum state of health and wellbeing. Sarah participates in talk back radio on Perth station 6PR and regularly conducts health and wellness programs for various companies and organisations.

Candice Aiken Candice is a blogger, writer, speaker, holistic health coach and co-creator of Co-inside Wellbeing. Candice believes everything happens for a reason, that laughter is the best medicine and love really does make the world go ’round.

eVoke magazine / 5

your wellbeing


IT’S a term we’re hearing more and more, but what does wellness actually mean? Karen Taylor asks the question.

ALTHOUGH to date there is no \UP]LYZHSS`HJJLW[LKKLÄUP[PVUVM ^LSSULZZ, the term has generally been used to mean a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of ^LSSILPUN. Charles B. Corbin of Arizona State <UP]LYZP[`KLÄULK^LSSULZZHZ¸HT\S[P dimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an PUKP]PK\HSHZL_LTWSPÄLKI`X\HSP[` of life and a sense of wellbeing”. The National Wellness Institute describes [OL[LYTHZ¸HUHJ[P]LWYVJLZZVM becoming aware of and making choices towards a more successful existence”. Historically, wellness and good health have been seen as a freedom from illness, injury or pain. However, this perspective on wellness is evolving. While most of us would agree that a primary component of being healthy is the absence of disease, it does not acknowledge anything about the state of your wellbeing. This is multidimensional and includes the physical, mental, intellectual, psychological, 6 / eVoke magazine

ÄUHUJPHSLU]PYVUTLU[HSTLKPJHS occupational, spiritual and social needs that are essential for us to have optimal levels of functioning.

proactive and focuses on prevention that is designed to provide optimum levels of health, emotional and social functioning.

Wellness is closely aligned to our lifestyle and the decisions we make. Each person has a responsibility to themself to improve their quality of life and wellbeing, by striving to live a balanced lifestyle through good nutrition, physical activity and exercise, proper weight control, relaxation and rejuvenation, disciplined behaviour (controlling health risks such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs), personal responsibility and a general feeling of personal success. Wellness encompasses all of these factors.

Wellness is a holistic approach that gives prominence to the whole individual and integrates the mind, body and spirit, and an understanding that every action, thought, feeling and belief has a direct impact on our state of health. Indeed, we all aspire to a lifestyle that brings us increased health, happiness and wholeness.

Given that the most important considerations are related to the lifestyle choices we make, it’s essential for individuals to be properly informed about their health and to make conscious, self-directed, healthylifestyle-related goals. Traditionally, Western medicine is focused on reducing illness, injury and pain. A wellness-orientated lifestyle is

The wellness industry includes, but is not limited to, health retreats, nutritional Z\WWSLTLU[ZQ\PJLZOLHS[OHUKÄ[ULZZ clubs, yoga, chiropractic, naturopathy, spas, homeopathy, counselling and holistic health care. It has grown into a $500 billion dollar industry and it’s just getting started.

Karen Taylor owns and runs KalyaaNa Spa and Wellness Retreat with her partner Vince Civello

your body

Summer is fast approaching and to help you shake off that winter brain fog and shed those few kilograms you let creep up on you over the past few months, I suggest you try some of my energy-inducing, clarity-creating and ultracleansing tips for your mind, body and spirit.

Love your lymph system The lymph system performs an integral function in the body. It is responsible MVY[OLYLTV]HSVMÅ\PKKLHKJLSSZHUK waste from our internal system as well as the transportation of white blood cells from the lymph nodes and into the bones. Unlike blood, there’s no pump to push S`TWOÅ\PKHYV\UK[OLIVK`ZV[OLVUS` way for this to take place is through internal massage, gravity and muscular contraction. In order to support this super important system, try these recommendations:

Rebound: That’s right, those tiny trampolines from the ’80s. So slap on those legwarmers and get bouncing. Exercise is key to caring for the lymph system, but in particular these teeny tiny trampolines work wonders. They use the force of gravity plus acceleration and deceleration to strengthen the cells in your body and provide much needed oxygen. Plus it’s sooo much fun! Dry body brush: If it’s good enough for Miranda Kerr, it’s more than good enough for me! This powerful detoxing and healing therapy stimulates the

lymphatic system to help drain toxins from the body. It’s also fabulous for cellulite and softer skin. Eat well at all times: This one is a bit of a cure-all and is simply common sense. Consume a diet high in organic, raw, plant-based foods to aid in detoxing and promote longevity. Avoid chemicals in foods at all costs, such as preservatives, JVSV\YZHUKÅH]V\YZ¶MVVKWVZPUNHZ food in other words. This will help de-clog and cleanse your lymph system. Candice Aiken

Leave the real world behind... 40 & 42 Grantham Street Wembley WA 6014 Ph: 08 9387 5152


eVoke magazine / 7

your inspiration

>%37:?$"<.$ #97"2<$%:/$ &(=7:’$&71. Paula Evans meets Curtis Aiken, the man behind Co-inside Wellbeing

IT’S hard to believe that Curtis Aiken was once a McDonalds-munching Perth mining executive. Stressed to the max and working long hours, he was always tired and had little energy. Wind the clock forward and this former carnivore now has boundless energy, eats mostly raw vegan food and has quit his job to head up Co-inside Wellbeing, a web-based business that helps people ¸JOVVZLOLHS[OHUKSV]LSPML¹(SVUN the way he’s been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, discovered a passion for writing and fallen in love with the simplicity of life in rural Bali. Today, Curtis says he’s never felt better and MS is no longer a part of his life. ¸0M0OHK[VYH[LT`OLHS[OVUHZJHSLVM one to 10, then before I was about a three, now I’m a 10,” Curtis says. It’s an inspiring story and one that will strike a chord with anyone who has thought about making a change for a happier and healthier life. Curtis runs Co-inside with his wife, righthand woman and fellow raw food fan Candice Aiken, who works in the oil and gas industry by day and studies nutrition and marketing in the evenings. Their engaging website is packed with information, including recipes, interviews, empowering tips and advice, and personal anecdotes. 8 / eVoke magazine

An online coaching programme is being developed and the couple are planning an ongoing series of workshops and events. Curtis describes the decision to ditch his day job to concentrate on CoPUZPKLHZH¸SLHWVMMHP[O¹I\[ZH`ZOLPZ passionate about helping other people feel as good as he does. Describing himself as an author, speaker and educator, Curtis recognises that many people might question his choice to leave WA’s booming mining industry HUKMVSSV^OPZKYLHT¸4`YLZWVUZL[V [OLT^V\SKILº>OH[PZT`OLHS[OHUK happiness worth?’” he says. The decision was further cemented ^OLU*\Y[PZHUK*HUKPJL[VVR[OLPYÄYZ[ trip to Bali and they questioned their busy, stressful lives back in Perth. ¸;OL^OVSL[PTLPU)HSP^L»YL[OPURPUN º>OH[HYL^LKVPUNPU(\Z[YHSPH&>OH[ are we working for? We’ve got a beautiful home, but are we anywhere near as happy as these people who have so much less than we do?’” Curtis ZH`Z¸>LSLM[)HSPHUK^LRUL^^L wanted more with our life.” With his positive attitude and passionate beliefs, Curtis has a quiet conviction that everything really will work out.

¸0»TSLHYUPUN[OLºHY[VMHSSV^PUN» setting my intention and knowing what I want, but then allowing the details to [HRLJHYLVM[OLTZLS]LZ¹OLZH`Z¸0[»Z very stressful to force your life to go the way you want it to.” Curtis and Candice are no strangers to following their heart. The couple met when New Zealand-born Curtis was working in a bar in Melbourne and Candice was on holiday from Perth. Six weeks later she’d moved to Melbourne and they’ve now been married four years. When Curtis was diagnosed with MS two years ago he discovered the work of Professor George Jelinek, author of 6]LYJVTPUN4\S[PWSL:JSLYVZPZ, who had been diagnosed with MS in 1999. ¸0YLHKOPZIVVRHUKPUOPZIVVROLZHPK you’ve basically got to clean up your KPL[ÄYZ[HUKMVYLTVZ[¹*\Y[PZZH`Z ¸:V0J\[KV^U[VVUS`]LNL[HISLZHUK ÄZO(UK0»KILLUHJHYUP]VYL0»KSP]LK on McDonalds and KFC.” Candice, who was already a vegan, lead the way and today the couple have a mostly raw food vegan diet. ¸*HUKPJLOHKTHKLOLYV^UKLJPZPVU she wasn’t doing it out of fear for me,” Curtis says.

your inspiration

*\Y[PZTHKL[OLZ^P[JOK\YPUNH¸WYVJLZZVMKPZJV]LY`¹[OH[[VVRHIV\[ZP_ months and has now been on a mostly raw food diet for 18 months. ¸0OH]LZVT\JOTVYLLULYN`HUKHTUVSVUNLY[PYLKHSS[OL[PTL¹OLZH`Z¸4` brain hadn’t really been functioning either, but I didn’t realise any of this until I felt how good it is to feel good. ¸;OLU0JV\SKYLÅLJ[IHJRHUKPM0H[LZVTL[OPUNZ[\WPK0^V\SKMLLSSPRL[OH[ HNHPUHUK0»K[OPURº>V^0OH]LU»[MLS[SPRL[OH[PUZVSVUNHUK0\ZLK[VSP]LSPRL that! I don’t know how I did it’.

Things I’m lusting after right now

¸;OH[»Z[OLºWYVISLT»^P[OTVZ[WLVWSLUV[THRPUNJOHUNLZ"[OL`KVU»[HJ[\HSS` know how good they can feel.” It’s true that seaweed, algae, spirulina and chlorella are not in everybody’s fridge but Curtis and Candice don’t miss out on anything either. Pizza, lasagne and double choc brownies are regularly on the menu – they’re just made with raw food and are packed with goodness. Nutrient-rich green smoothies are also a staple in the Aiken household and anyone who has visited the Co-inside website will no doubt have been tempted by Candice’s tantalising dessert recipes. Now that’s a really sweet ending. Co-inside Wellbeing Blue green algae: No, not pond scum! Blue green algae (aka AFA VY(WOHUPaVTLUVUÅVZHX\HLHYL edible freshwater plants and are the very foundation of the entire food chain. They contain a near-complete spectrum of amino acids (proteins) that improves the body’s ability to assimilate and utilise these proteins. My pick is E3Live Fresh Frozen AFA. Coconut water: Holy moly, coconut water not only tastes amazing but it’s also a natural isotonic so it rehydrates and energises too. This dreamy, nutrition-packed water is extracted from a young green coconut (less than nine months old) and bottled without the need for, or inclusion of, preservatives and sugars. My pick is Beyond Coconut Water.

@<%"’#$"<.$º60('&.5’$97"<$5(#"$6.(6&.$:("$ 5%37:?$2<%:?.#A$"<.B$/(:’"$%2")%&&B$3:(9$ <(9$?((/$"<.B$2%:$1..&C

Super greens: If you are lacking energy and not getting enough of the good stuff (think greens, greens and SV[ZVM»LT[OLU`V\JV\SKKLÄUP[LS` ILULÄ[MYVTHSP[[SLZ\WWSLTLU[H[PVU ;OLYLHYLTHU`WV^KLYLKºZ\WLY greens’ on the market that can help detoxify and cleanse the liver, and, because they’re in powder form, instantly nourish every cell in your body. They can also assist with general wellbeing and give a huge energy boost when consumed daily. My pick is Vital Greens box of 30 sachets. eVoke magazine / 9

your inspiration

Naturally formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians with plant based ingredients and waxes

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t say this lightly: Eye of Horus Mascara is the best mascara Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever usedâ&#x20AC;? Best in Show, SPA Australasia

  Ideal for sensitive eyes Eye of Horus Mascara strengthens and lengthens for ultimate Goddess lashes. Plant based ingredients and waxes including Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Rice Bran Wax and Candelilla Wax.


uty International Spa & Bea Expo, Sydney 2011

â&#x201E;Ś Flexible brush naturally curls for thick black lashes â&#x201E;Ś Wont irritate eyes or sting â&#x201E;Ś Natural formula wont clump, run or smudge â&#x201E;Ś Conditions and strengthens lash structure â&#x201E;Ś Easily removable with warm water â&#x201E;Ś Assists in lash growth

â&#x20AC;&#x153; Horus is absolutely amazing! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d recommend to anyone in a flash. I love how natural it is, when Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m wearing it I feel so fresh and natural. Not like when you have heavy clumpy mascara on. I have sensitive eyes and I cannot believe that I can wear mascara again â&#x20AC;&#x201C; its brilliant â&#x20AC;&#x201C; no more red irritated eyes. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve never had so many compliments about my eyelashes before; it really brings them out! Loving it to bits!â&#x20AC;? Savannah Lloyd, Cambewarra, NSW

10 / eVoke magazine

     Lusciously easy to apply smokey eye liner pencil. Uniquely formulated with natural Jojoba Wax, Mango Oil, and Vitamin C&E so it glides on without tearing and stays on without imprints on eye lids.100% waterproof.

            Introducing our newest illuminating Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil and seriously smokey and sensational Obsidian Grey Pencil.

25% Discount for eVoke readers... Key in the word â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;evokeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and get 25% off your Eye of Horus online order. Offer valid until 31 December 2012.


your inspiration

I<((#.$4(#7"7=7"B When life gets you down, there are steps you can take to turn negative into positive, says life coach Gillian Skeer.

>,»=,HSSOLHYKWLVWSLZH`¸*OLLY\W¹¸7\[HZTPSLVU `V\YKPHS¹VY¸.L[VU^P[OP[¹I\[ZVTL[PTLZP[ZLLTZ easier said than done. Being positive can be a challenge under trying circumstances and there is no doubt there are times when non-positive emotions, such as grief for example, are perfectly appropriate for the situation. But in the day to day, how can we move from a negative state to a positive state?



How you look at a situation will determine your experience of it. You have the choice to look at any situation in the positive or the negative. Reframing is a great technique you can use when you are faced with a situation that brings about a negative emotional response in you or makes you feel disempowered. By putting the situation in a different frame you can change its meaning, enabling you to think about it in a more positive and empowering way.

0[TPNO[ZV\UKJVYU`I\[ZJPLU[PÄJHUKWYHJ[PJHSL]PKLUJL suggests that focussing your mind on what you are grateful for in your life really does make positive changes on a neurological level. So get a journal and start writing down all the things that you are grateful for. The important thing is to write daily. This process of writing down all the things that you are grateful for JVUÄYTZ[V`V\Y\UJVUZJPV\ZTPUK[OH[`V\HYLVWLUHUK ready to receive more of what you want in your life.

So, for example, a missed opportunity that you might normally have seen as a loss or a failure could be viewed more positively as one that opens up alternative possibilities for you. We can choose to change our perception about anything. If you put a positive spin on it you’ll see that your states and behaviours will also change.

The law of attraction, a law of nature, says that we become what we focus on. New things cannot come into your life if you are not grateful for what you have right now.

Your thinking determines your outcomes, so it’s a good idea to take stock of what your inner voice is telling you. Do you ÄUK[OH[`V\W\[`V\YZLSMKV^U^P[O`V\YZLSM[HSR&+V`V\ give yourself a multitude of reasons for not going after what you want? Do you tell yourself that you’re not good enough? Negative self-talk and limiting beliefs might keep you nicely tucked into your comfort zone, but they are not going to give you what you want.

Interestingly, just making the choice to cheer up will, in fact, make you feel better. Run around a playground with a child and see if your mood doesn’t shift! Try skipping around the room belting out :PUNPUNPU[OL9HPUH[[OL[VWVM`V\Y]VPJL" it’s near impossible not to smile, let alone not feel more positive.

E0.%3$,6$;7"<$*()0$@<()?<"# @($E.F$+0$G("$@($E.

Once you start to become aware that your self-talk may well be sabotaging your happiness, you can do something about it. Notice your negative thoughts and negative language and actively break the pattern. Stop yourself, reframe your thoughts into positive ones and speak with more positivity. 0[JV\SKILHZZPTWSLHZJOHUNPUN`V\YWH[[LYUMYVT¸5HO0 JHU»[KV[OH[¹[VZVTL[OPUNSPRL¸0»]LUL]LY[YPLK[OH[ILMVYLZV it’s possible that I am better at it than I thought. I might even be great at it. I’ll give it a go”.

You can choose to exhibit the more successful parts of your own behaviour or model other positive people to bring about improvements in your thinking and behaviour. :VÄUK`V\YZ^LL[ZWV[>OH[HYL[OL[OPUNZ[OH[THRL`V\ happy? Optimise your opportunities to connect with them. Get out there and do them. And if you can’t think of anything in the moment, jump on someone else’s bandwagon and join in the fun. Connect with Gillian Skeer Master Coach NLP on 0417 908 925 or at

eVoke magazine / 11

your body

Cleansing swaps

12 / eVoke magazine

*VɈLL]LYZ\ZJHJHV!Overconsumption of caffeine can cause adrenal fatigue as it stimulates the production of adrenaline, putting your body into a JVUZ[HU[Z[H[LVMZ[YLZZHUKPU[VºÄNO[VYÅPNO[»TVKL0UV[OLY^VYKZ`V\»YL ready to tackle a bear. Given that most of us sit in front of computers under Å\VYLZJLU[SPNO[ZHSSKH`[OLYL»ZUV[H^OVSLSV[VMILHY[HJRSPUNNVPUNVU.P]L raw cacao smoothies a whirl instead. This velvety powder has a substance similar to caffeine and provides the same boost of energy without the crash. Grudge versus forgiveness:0`HUSH=HUaHU[ZH`Z!¸<UOLHSLK^V\UKZKYHPU you of the very energy needed to live beyond the wound. Learn to forgive and move on.” Holding a grudge is pointless and only hurts you, so just forgive and forget and choose happiness instead.

your body

breathe well

think about your shoulders


head nods


By Chael Hilton

Life is BIG! I get itâ&#x20AC;ŚI live it, so I know that asking you to make ZVTLÂşL_[YH[PTLÂťPU`V\YKH`PZYLHSS`UV[NVPUN[VOHWWLUPZP[& So here are some very simple practices that you can easily adopt, even when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on the go. BREATHE WELL: So many of us hold too much tension in our neck and shoulders. Breathing properly will actually help us to reduce that excessive strain. It sounds so simple, but it does take some time to come more naturally. Pilates breathing focuses on sending the breath into the lower parts of the lungs (as this is where the blood sits), so that you can more effectively oxygenate the body. Imagine there is a bubble inside your body (with the widest part being around the lower part of the ribcage) and gently breathe into the bubble. While you are sitting at your desk, having coffee, or standing at the supermarket, stop and think about gently breathing three-dimensionally into your lungs. Be careful not to over do it, as this will put excessive tension in the wrong places.

THINK ABOUT THE SHOULDERS: How many of us get that knife between the shoulder blades, or the aching neck and shoulders? Shoulders, shoulder blades and necks are funky. They have a lot of mobility and poor stability. I am yet to meet a person whose shoulders sit in ideal alignment. Place your hands on your head and lift your shoulders up and down â&#x20AC;&#x201C; being careful not to overdo P[ÂśHUK[OLUĂ&#x201E;UK[OLTPKWVPU[;PW!0[ÂťZ easier if you watch yourself in a mirror.) Once you have found that midpoint, JHYLM\SS`Ă&#x2026;VH[`V\YHYTZIHJRKV^U[V your sides being careful not to let your shoulders lift or drop from their mid position. It feels a lot like being on a JVH[OHUNLYH[Ă&#x201E;YZ[I\[P[WYL[[`T\JO puts things into a neutral position.

HEAD NODS: Our heads weigh somewhere between 4kgs and 6kgs on average. Our central nervous system leaves the head and travels through some very narrow areas to transmit messages to the rest of the body and back again. The vast majority of us have a dysfunctional head and neck position, which then directly impacts upon our skeletal alignment and Z[HIPSP[`/H]L`V\OHKHÂşIP[VMHZVYL neckâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; or some headaches? Have a SVVRHYV\UKHUK`V\^PSSĂ&#x201E;UK[OH[TVZ[ peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heads poke forward, which leaves the head and neck susceptible to injury. Far too many people injure their necks getting out of bed in the morning. You can do this little exercise while ZP[[PUNPU[YHMĂ&#x201E;J,HJO[PTL`V\Z[VW[OL car, imagine a puppet string attached to the crown of your head. Imagine itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gently pulling up, so that the back of your neck lengthens a little, putting more space between each vertebrae, and your chin draws a little closer to your neck (as though you are gently holding a massive orange under your JOPU;OLZL[PU`SP[[SLÂşOLHKUVKZÂťJHU encourage a less dysfunctional pattern, therefore decreasing unnecessary strain and tension. eVoke magazine / 13

your body weight unbalanced

standing correctly

 HOW YOU STAND: Another easy thing to be aware of is where your body is in space. Be aware of how you stand in the queue at the supermarket or bus stop or while chatting to a friend. Do you stand with your weight more on one leg than the other? Is your pelvis swaying out to one side? Have you let your shoulders round forward and is that cute little (heavy) head poking out in front? We all do at least one of these things. We also allow our upper bodies to sink into the pelvis. We let gravity win, when we should be working our anti-gravity muscles to elongate the body. Pull your spine, shoulders, neck and head away from the pelvis and imagine ÄSSPUN[OL[VYZV^P[OOLSP\THUKPTHNPUL SPNO[ÄSSPUN[OLZWHJLZIL[^LLU[OL

 spinal segments. Check that your pelvis is stacked directly above both thighs and your weight is evenly distributed between your big toe, little toe and heel. Lifting through the arches of your feet, imagine that there is a bubble under each one that you don’t want [VZX\PZOVYSL[Å`H^H`:LLPM`V\Y hipbones and pubic bone are in the same plane. Allow your ribs to be soft and balanced above your pelvis and then keep that feeling of lightness by allowing your ZOV\SKLYZHUKOLHK[VÅVH[ILH\[PM\SS` on top.

 BALANCE: Once you have found your lovely posture, the last thing is balance. I believe it’s the secret to staying young! When you brush your teeth in the morning, stand with your right heel at the top of your left toes (just like a tightrope walker) and then in the evening swap it over by putting the left foot in front. It sounds easy, but you’d be surprised how many 20-somethings struggle with this one. Once you feel JVUÄKLU[^P[O[OPZHUK^HU[[VTHRLP[ fancy, then lift your heels. Pilates does attract the over achiever, so please try to remember that less is more.

Chael Hilton teaches Pilates at several different Pilates studios in Perth and is the owner of CH-ilates,

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good balance

!"#$%$&%$'"(#%)($*%$*+%,+-$.%!"#$%&'()*$)*$+*,(-'./ !"#$%&'()*.&)*01(-*23*4(&-)*(56(-$(+7(*'-&$+$+8*6(06%(* '0*9(70:(*$+'(-+&'$0+&%%4*-(708+$)(;*,$%&'()*$+)'-<7'0-)* $+*'.(*=>?>>*,@AB>C=D*:('.0;E* F0-*$+G0-:&'$0+*&+;*70<-)(*;&'()*70+'&7'*!.&(%*"$%'0+* &'*(#/&01*2(3"$+-41&54"6*0-*1$)$'*)))41*2(3"$+-41&54"6 14 / eVoke magazine

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

B""'42'&E'<&;3'&F$#%$'# G?H&I.**.'A4&;# J))4$D$%%<&>.**&IB&KHLK & =2MNKG&O&P?PQ&QHG@ R'6MNKG&O&P?PQGPHS $"7-.%.$4T'""'42'+'<43':9)A:'-


your abode

J."$@<.$K):$K<7:.$!:$$ LMN2.6"$7:$K)55.0O

Arguably the most important factor in building a sustainable and energyLMÄJPLU[OVTLPUTVZ[WHY[ZVM Australia is its orientation. The basic rule of thumb is to locate your living areas on the north side of the house, designing the home to let sun in when it’s cold and shut it out when it’s hot. In recent years, the prevalence and relative low cost of air conditioning has made it easier to overlook this key principle of passive design, but with electricity prices already climbing (and estimated to rise 34 per cent by 20142015), it’s worth reconsidering.

E.B(:/$"<.$#"%0# Building an eco house on a budget Sustainability consultant Kirsten Rose proves she’s more than happy to walk the talk. OVER the past few years I’ve dispensed a lot of advice to clients and friends on how to make the home they’re building or renovating more sustainable. I’ve spent hours talking about everything from the carbon footprint of bricks and the payback period of solar panels, to the pros and cons of rainwater tanks. (UKUV^0ÄUKT`ZLSMPU[OLPU[LYLZ[PUN position of having to take my own advice as we’ve decided to build a house. The decision to build wasn’t one we took lightly, as the environmental footprint VM[OLTH[LYPHSZ\ZLKPZHZPNUPÄJHU[ portion of a house’s overall impact. Alex Bruce, director of e-Tool, a software program designed to help evaluate the environmental impact of your building KLZPNUZ\TZP[\WI`ZH`PUN!¸;OL carbon emitted in the construction of a house is massive. While you can always PTWYV]LVULULYN`LMÄJPLUJ`HUK\ZL renewable energy to run your new home, it is impossible to undo the environmental PTWHJ[VMI\PSKPUNP[PU[OLÄYZ[WSHJL¹ 16 / eVoke magazine

But after years of looking for an existing home and more than one real estate HNLU[HZRPUN¸7SLHZLRLLW`V\Y]VPJL down” as I counted air conditioners during home opens, we concluded we weren’t going to be happy until we built from scratch.


We have a modest budget but we ILSPL]LHJVTMVY[HISLLULYN`LMÄJPLU[ home doesn’t have to cost the sort VMTVUL``V\»KZWLUKVUHºNYHUK design’. Fortunately, we’re not on our own. Griff Morris is the founder and director of Solar Dwellings, a PerthIHZLKKLZPNUÄYT^OVZLTPZZPVUPZ to make quality passive solar homes accessible to everyone. ¸0U[LSSPNLU[KLZPNUKVLZU»[JVZ[[OL earth, but unintelligent design costs both you and the planet. One of the most important things you can do is to educate yourself, because there is a lot VMºNYLLU^HZO»V\[[OLYL¹.YPMMZH`Z

We looked for a suitable block of land for a long time. When we found one, we asked our designer to have a look at it before we put an offer in, just [VJVUÄYTV\YHZZLZZTLU[0[»ZUV[ without compromises – it faces north, so our living area will face the street, and the carport will mean we’ll lose some of our northern exposure – but we’ll be able to heat the main part of the house with the sun in the winter and, by using clever shading in the summer, keep it comfortable even on the hottest days.

E7??.0$!#:’"$$ P&9%B#$E."".0

Once we decided on our lovely northfacing block, we had to decide what size we wanted our new house to be. Australians live in the largest houses in the world – the average new home is 250sqm and houses 2.5 people. Building a house that is no bigger than necessary is one of the most important ways to be environmentally friendly, as a smaller home uses fewer materials and less energy to build, requires less heating and cooling, and makes better use of natural light. I can’t claim our new house, at about 190sqm, will be small, but we decided on a single-storey plan, which makes it easier and less expensive to build, and easier to design to be solar passive. Our family will just have to continue to get along in one living space, without H[OLH[YLYVVTVYHºWHYLU[ZYL[YLH[»[V escape to.

your abode


The next question was what building material to use, a topic that is the source of much environmental debate. We researched a variety of materials and methods, including precast concrete, reverse veneer and several types of structural insulated panels (SIPs). We considered a number of factors, including thermal performance, cost, availability in WA and embodied energy. (Embodied energy is the energy consumed by all of the processes associated with the production of a material, from the mining and processing of natural resources to its manufacturing, transport and delivery.) What did we end up with? Very traditional double brick, but with cavity PUZ\SH[PVU;OLYLHYLMHU[HZ[PJILULÄ[Z associated with other materials, but many of them aren’t widely used yet in residential building in WA and they often cost more to build with (although this will surely change). We won’t ZHJYPÄJL[OLYTHSWLYMVYTHUJLHUK^L

are gaining cost certainty by using a material familiar to tradespeople.


May 1 this year brought a major milestone for residential building in Australia. All new homes, including ours, must now achieve a 6-star rating on a nationally standard scale of one to 10. The more stars, the more the natural comfort of a home. A 6-star home uses 20 – 25 per cent less energy for heating and cooling. Any additional costs associated with building a 6-star home (estimated by the Department of Climate Change to be about 0.1 per cent of the average house and land package) are likely to be more than balanced by the savings achieved by living in one. The change to 6-star means that considerations such as orientation, natural ventilation, insulation and shading will become more important to builders and buyers alike. Our house will achieve 8 stars, which I am pleased about. But in the end, the

stars aren’t as important as building a home that works for our family and is as kind to the planet as possible, both in its construction and its use. And that it comes in on budget! Kirsten Rose is a sustainability consultant working in Perth. Her company One Green Step helps Australians live healthier, more environmentally friendly lives Resources A great resource for sustainable building is the government’s Your Home Technical Manual, which is available for purchase or can be found online for free at To evaluate the environmental impact of a home you’re considering building, check out the e-Tool software at To speak to Solar Dwellings about building a sustainable – and affordable – home, contact them at

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!"#$%&'"(!)*"#+(),,&#r'"../.0.'/1'023'45/10315163'78' 17945:'23590'8;160/71< r'=3:>.'07'45/105/1'17945:'235:02?' 659@/7A5.6;:59'.?.034< %..)/0+(),,&#r'#95@/0/715::?';.3@'07'35.3'83A39.' 51@'07'.;>>790'023'/44;13' .?.034< "/-%&1%$"/-+,&20# r'#7'23:>'fiB20'8933'95@/65:.'/1' ' 023'C7@? 3445+/"-)#"* r'!7'5:6727:D'17'5@@3@'.;B59D' .05962D'?35.0'79'B:;031 r'!7'590/fi6/5:'fl5A7;9.D'67:7;9/1B.' 79'>93.39A50/A3. )67+86+9:;7<=79>+%?+6@AB=CA6+B7;6:6=+<CD6EF=+@CE;+ G78F=G<8;7+B;C?766:CD8F>


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your body

K:..8B$S$?0)56BR We can take control of our allergies, says chiropractor Dr Janice Chan.

ALLERGIES. It seems everyone has one. Whether it’s an allergy to food, dust, grass, pollen or medication, the list is endless. Some people have had allergies since birth, such as allergies to penicillin and paracetamol, while others develop them later in life, even during adulthood. Some people have severe allergic responses, while others show no reaction. It’s clear that allergies vary greatly from one person to the next. Regardless of the type of allergy, severity or when you develop it, the detrimental effects on your quality of life and health are the same. Recent reports show that Australia has one of the highest rates of allergic disorders, with about 20 per cent of the population having at least one allergy.1 ;OLÄUHUJPHSJVZ[VMHSSLYNPLZPZTVYL than $7.8 billion – with 72 per cent of that due to productivity loss. 18 / eVoke magazine

K($9<%"$.N%2"&B$$ 7#$%:$%&&.0?BR$

An allergy is the most common immune disorder. It occurs when the body’s immune system overreacts to a substance that does not normally bother other people. That’s right. The allergic reaction is actually due to your own body’s immune response. Many people blame external factors for the cause of their HSSLYNPLZZ\JOHZºWVSSLUJH\ZLZOH` fever’, but if that were true, how can one person have an allergic response to pollen when the person standing next to them does not? The problem may not be the chemicals, toxins, pets or pollen as usually suggested, but the actual WLYZVUZWLJPÄJHSS`[OLM\UJ[PVUVM their immune and nervous system. With allergies, the response of the body is to overproduce neutralizing chemicals, such as histamines to JVYYLJ[[OLºWYVISLT»(UK^OH[KV

people with allergies usually take? Anti-histamines. Taking anti-histamines to counteract the excess histamine in the body is LX\P]HSLU[[VW\[[PUNH¸IHUKHPK¹VU the problem. It treats the symptoms of allergies, but doesn’t address why histamine is excessively produced PU[OLÄYZ[WSHJL0UV[OLY^VYKZP[ doesn’t address the dysfunction of the immune system. That’s where chiropractic comes in. Most people never think about it, but chiropractic care can help provide allergy relief.2, 3 That’s because chiropractic care, often only thought necessary for back and neck problems, can help keep the body operating at peak performance.

H(9$2%:$2<70(60%2"72$<.&6$$ 97"<$#)2<$60('&.5#R$ The answer is simple, chiropractic care releases stress on the nervous system. Why is that important? Well,

your body


Instead of reaching for your third coffee, drink a glass of water instead. Fatigue can often be due to dehydration and water can have great energising effects.


Connecting with the earth barefoot VM[LUYLMLYYLK[VHZÂşNYV\UKPUNÂťVY ÂşLHY[OPUNÂťJHUNP]L`V\HUPUJYLKPISL boost of energy.


Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts for an instant mood booster. Instead of seeing only the blanket of clouds on a rainy day, think of the bright blue sky hiding behind it.

Some people have severe allergic responses, while others show no reaction. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clear that allergies vary greatly from one person to the next.

[OLJLU[YHSULY]V\ZZ`Z[LTPZ[OLIVK`ÂťZÂşTHZ[LYZ`Z[LTÂť[OH[JVU[YVSZ coordinates and communicates all bodily functions (including the immune YLZWVUZLZV[OLIVK`JHUM\UJ[PVUVW[PTHSS`HUKLMĂ&#x201E;JPLU[S`4 Allowing the immune system and the rest of the body to operate more LMMLJ[P]LS`PZILULĂ&#x201E;JPHS[VHU`VULLZWLJPHSS`[OVZLZ\MMLYPUNMYVTHSSLYNPLZ So the next time you sneeze, it may be a good time to visit a chiropractor. Dr Janice Chan is a chiropractor with Nervana Chiropractic,

References: 1. Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Economic Impact of Allergies â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Report 2007. 2. Allen, J. 1993. The Effects of Chiropractic on the Immune System: A Review of the Literature. *OPYV1(\Z[ +LJ"!Âś 3. Nyiendo J. Olsen E. 1V\YUHSVM4HUPW\SH[P]LHUK7O`ZPVSVNPJHS;OLYHWL\[PJZ "! 4. Cohn, A. 2008. Chiropractic and the Neuroimmune Connection. 1=LY[LIYHS:\IS\_H[PVU9LZ September 30, 2008. 1-5.

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H.0'#F$ :../&.#$$ S$5(0. New registration requirements make P[LHZ`[VJOVVZLHX\HSPÄLK*OPULZL medicine practitioner, says Amy O’Brien.

AS A PRACTITIONER of Chinese medicine I am often asked if Chinese medicine is safe. It’s a very valid question and my answer is always the same. Yes, Chinese medicine is TVZ[KLÄUP[LS`ZHML¶PU[OLOHUKZVMH X\HSPÄLKHUKL_WLYPLUJLKWYHJ[P[PVULY Until recently, it was tricky to know whether a practitioner was adequately X\HSPÄLKVYUV[-VY[\UH[LS`[OLUH[PVUHS registration of Chinese medicine came into effect on 1 July this year. This has made choosing a practitioner much clearer and easier as all practitioners registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia have been assessed as being clinically competent to carry out treatments safely and effectively. ;OPZTLHUZ`V\JHUMLLSJVUÄKLU[[OH[ your practitioner has the necessary training and ability to help you.

Chinese medicine is a complex and highly evolved medical system based on a rich body of knowledge and backed by thousands of years of clinical application. In Chinese medicine the body is always viewed as one whole entity – a person cannot be separated from their emotions, their environment, diet or lifestyle. 20 / eVoke magazine

K($9<%"$7#$I<7:.#.$ 5./727:.$%&&$%'()"R$

Television commercials would have you ILSPL]L[OH[P[»ZHIV\[ZSHWWPUNÄZOV]LY your back as you lie in a hazy room, or that tea will pour out of holes left behind by an acupuncture treatment. This is, of course, not the case. Chinese medicine is a complex and highly evolved medical system based on a rich body of knowledge and backed by thousands of years of clinical application. In Chinese medicine the body is always viewed as one whole entity – a person cannot be separated from their emotions, their environment, diet or lifestyle. It is considered a complete medical system and as such can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including: ‹:SLLWKPZVYKLYZ ‹,TV[PVUHSKPZVYKLYZPUJS\KPUNZ[YLZZ and anxiety ‹7HPUJVUKP[PVUZ ‹.HZ[YVPU[LZ[PUHSHUKKPNLZ[P]L problems ‹-H[PN\LSL[OHYN`HUKHNLULYHSMLLSPUN of ill health or reoccurring sickness ‹.`UHLJVSVNPJHSPZZ\LZ ‹9LWYVK\J[P]LPZZ\LZ ‹6UNVPUNHUKJOYVUPJJVUKP[PVUZ resistant to other forms of treatment As well as treating illness and disease, Chinese medicine can also be used to strengthen the body, maintain health and prevent disease. It can be used to help relieve stress, build energy and make subtle changes to allow you to become the healthiest version of yourself.

The main tools of treatment are Chinese herbs and acupuncture.


Chances are you’re more familiar with Chinese herbs than you think. Peppermint is a Chinese herb, as is ginger. Other commonly used ingredients include cinnamon, peach kernels, oyster shells, matured [HUNLYPULWLLSSPX\VYPJLYVV[ZHMÅV^LY JOY`ZHU[OLT\TÅV^LYZYVZLI\KZ goji berries and different forms of ginseng. There are hundreds of herbs used in *OPULZLTLKPJPULHSSVM^OPJOPUÅ\LUJL the body in different ways depending VU[OLPYWYVWLY[PLZÅH]V\YHUKUH[\YL Herbs come in a variety of different forms. They can be prescribed as capsules, tablets or powders, or as raw herbs that you cook up yourself.


Acupuncture needles are tiny. They’re about the same thickness as a strand of hair, so you can understand why the process is not painful. The most common sensation is a localised or radiating feeling of tingling, warmth, numbness or heaviness. Acupuncture needles are sterile and single use only. The experience of acupuncture is quite relaxing and provides an opportunity to lie still for 20 minutes and concentrate on breathing and resting while the needles do their work.

your body

Acupuncture works by needling ZWLJPÄJWVPU[ZVU[OLIVK`RUV^U HZºHJ\W\UJ[\YLWVPU[Z»[OH[SPLPU ZWLJPÄJSVJH[PVUZHSVUNJOHUULSZVM the body called meridians. Meridians are essentially pathways that connect different areas of the body. They course the length and breadth of the body’s surface and run deeper into the internal organs and tissues. By using this extensive meridian network, the stimulation of acupuncture points close to the body surface can facilitate change on a much deeper organ level. The meridian system also explains why acupuncture points can exert their effect far away from their location. Some of the best points for headaches and period pain, for example, are on the legs. Research has concluded that acupuncture can inhibit the transmission of pain and trigger the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers) into the central nervous system. Research has also found that acupuncture has the ability to affect the release of natural relaxants such

as serotonin and that it can improve circulation by dilating blood vessels. The World Health Organisation has also formally recognised that acupuncture can be of great use for a variety of conditions and many research trials into acupuncture have validated its effectiveness in treating conditions from sinusitis and facial palsy, to tennis elbow and infertility. Every year, more trials and research demonstrate the IYVHKLMÄJHJ`VMHJ\W\UJ[\YL Along with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, education is also a big part of treatment. It is important that you are able to understand the impact that you can have in facilitating your V^UYLJV]LY`;OLYLTH`ILZWLJPÄJ types of foods that you can include or remove from your diet, for example, to aid your recovery. Lifestyle factors are also discussed. Amy O’Brien is a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture at the Chinese Medical Centre, East Fremantle.


Dianne Caine HS^H`ZW\YLY

Luxurious quality products without the price tag >LZOV\SKHSSILHSHYTLKH[[OLSL]LSVMOHYTM\SHUK[V_PJJOLTPJHSZ^L\ZLVUV\YZRPUIVK`HUK OHPYL]LY`KH`With this in mind Dianne Caine has developed a range of pure and safe products to pamper yourself and your family. Made right here in Perth, with ingredients from the purest sources, the Dianne Caine range of products are biodegradable, not tested on animals, are grey water safe, and made with love!

/HPY‹:RPU‹)HI`‹/V\ZLOVSK‹4PULYHS4HRL\W Visit ^^^KPHUULJHPULJVTH\ or telephone 9256 3665 for your nearest stockist

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your body


SINCE opening its doors in 2006, Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa has proudly been providing the people of Perth with a completely natural and organic approach to beauty, spa and wellness treatments. In 2007, Bodhi J changed hands and Danny and Tania Taylor took \W[OLJOHSSLUNL[VJYLH[LHÄ]L star environment with the focus on outstanding service and consistency. After disappointing experiences at day spas in luxury resorts around the world, including Bali, Thailand, Fiji and the Maldives, Danny and Tania were JVUÄKLU[[OLPYWHZZPVUMVYJ\Z[VTLY service and high standards would be a winning formula at Bodhi J. The results speak for themselves. At a time when we are more aware than ever of the amount of chemicals and pollutants in our everyday lives and the adverse affect that these can have on us, as well as on our environment, Bodhi J prides itself on offering a 100% natural and organic promise. This not only applies to your treatments, 22 / eVoke magazine

but also to the behind-the-scenes operations at Bodhi J, including all cleaning and laundry products. Bodhi J is proud to support two Australian-made and owned products in the spa. The WA-owned and produced Sodashi skincare range was an obvious choice. Sodashi creates luxurious and effective anti-ageing skincare products and spa therapies that are uniquely chemical free. Bodhi J also supports 3P»[`HTLHUPUNºVM[OLLHY[O»^OPJOPZ made from organic and sustainable wild harvested Australian native ingredients. Bodhi J may be situated on busy Grantham Street, but you can rest HZZ\YLK[OH[`V\^PSSºSLH]L[OLYLHS world behind’ as you enter this relaxing and tranquil haven. Take some time out in the relaxation lounge after your treatment to enjoy some complimentary refreshments…there’s no rush to leave. For a truly unforgettable experience call Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa to IVVR`V\YZLSMZVTLºTL[PTL»[VKH` Tel. 9387 5152 /

your body

!"2<BR$E)56BR$J)56BR IS your skin itchy, hot, red and lumpy? Is it raised, weepy, scaly or just plain NY\TW`&0MZV`V\»YLVULVMTHU`(\Z[YHSPHUZ^OVZ\ɈLY^P[OPUÅHTTH[VY` skin conditions, says naturopath Sarah Durak.

Despite the billions of dollars we collectively spend on skincare products every year, conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, not to mention allergic skin conditions, are on the rise. Medical treatments often result in the prescription of different types of steroid creams. For many people, these work well initially, but eventually the skin stops responding to the cream, resulting in a different or stronger dose being prescribed. Despite being effective at reducing symptoms, these creams don’t tend to offer long-term solutions as they merely mask the issue, rather than correcting the problem. It is always important to work out possible triggers in skin complaints. When we look at our skin, we have to remember that it is one of our body’s THQVYVYNHUZVMKL[V_PÄJH[PVUHUK what presents on the surface is often indicative of an imbalance internally. The trigger for skin complaints varies between individuals. Some people react to external stimuli, such as grasses and pollens, resulting in conditions such as hives. Others react to internal stimuli such as consuming foods that cause a reaction. Our digestive system contains 75 per cent of our immune system so it’s only natural that when we’re consuming the incorrect foods for our bodies, we stir up the allergic component in our systems, triggering skin reactions in sensitive individuals. It is often hard to pinpoint which foods exacerbate symptoms such as eczema, however some of the more common ones include dairy products and wheat. Keeping a food diary is a great way of tracking foods that are the likely culprits in initiating a skin reaction. Breastfeeding mums must also be aware that the foods they’re consuming may be resulting in skin complaints

for their child. In light of this digestive JVTWVULU[[VV\YZRPUVULVM[OLÄYZ[ things to address in skin problems is digestive health. If the bowels are not working adequately, the body will look for other avenues to detoxify, often YLZ\S[PUNPUZRPUPUÅHTTH[PVUHUK reactions. Good gut health depends on a good balance of bacteria in the intestines. It is estimated that our gut contains over 500 different types of bacteria. When considering gut and skin health, particularly in relation to eczema, research shows one of the best bacteria to include supplementally is Lactobacillus rhamnosus. It can be found on its own or in combination with other probiotics. Long-term treatment of skin complaints are varied and often what works for one person, may not work for the next. Underlying factors need to be addressed and for many people this includes addressing high stress levels. When the body produces high levels of its stress hormone cortisol, skin problems are often triggered. Herbal medicines such as chamomile, aPa`WO\ZWHZZPVUÅV^LYHUK^P[OHUPH are often excellent in helping to relieve stress. Once the trigger is addressed, improved skin outcomes can often be achieved. Fish oils are also a fantastic WYVK\J[[VJVUZPKLYMVYPUÅHTTH[VY` skin conditions. To achieve maximum YLZ\S[ZÄZOVPSSPX\PKZHYLVM[LUILZ[ as they contain high doses of EPA, the HU[PPUÅHTTH[VY`JVTWVULU[PUÄZOVPS 0M\ZPUNÄZOVPSZMVYLJaLTHVYWZVYPHZPZ be aware that high doses are required and they may take up to three months to take full effect.

It is always important to work out possible triggers in skin complaints. When we look at our skin, we have to remember that it is one of our body’s major VYNHUZVMKL[V_PÄJH[PVU and what presents on the surface is often indicative of an imbalance internally.

Sarah Durack B.Sc., N.D is a consulting naturopath at Friendlies Chemist Subiaco. To book an appointment, contact Friendlies Naturopathic department on 9381 1468. eVoke magazine / 23

your body

>7U#3:’#$1()0W#".6$ 60("(2(&$"($2&.%0$#37:


from the inside out

WHEN it comes to our skin, most of us have ridden the rollercoaster of breakouts caused by poor diet, stress or hormones. We can put up with the odd pimple, but for 50 per cent of Australian women and 20 per cent of men, adult acne is a daily reality. Cosmetic acupuncturist Francesca Perino, from Mi:skn Holistic Skin Clinic in Highgate, says many of her clients have gone through the usual cycle of dermatologists, beauty treatments, medicated creams and antibiotics with little success. Fortunately, skin specialist naturopaths can treat the cause of acne internally to achieve long-term results. Mi:skn naturopath and cosmetic acupuncturist Brook Venables says the key difference is that a skin specialist naturopath investigates and addresses the cause of acne on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Maintenance of clear skin and, if required, skin needling treatments to address scarring.

SUMMER SPRING INTO nly range of Try our heave ’s... Smokey Pate

licious taste vered the de o c is d ve y’ e ? Because th ed products. Why, you ask tes and smok a p ’s e k o m S Holy weekly. sensation of d made fresh an l ra tu na 100% rn Australian products are ted from Weste ea cr d Holy Smoke’s an t es W e fantastic, in the South ts not only tast uc d ro p d Manufactured ke o & snacks! roduce, our sm ren’s lunches ild ch r fo ct & Australian p fe & easy and per they’re so quick near for a stockists te si eb w ur o Check .au you...www.ho

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Assess hormone test results and prescribe natural medicines to restore hormonal balance.

;VÄUKV\[TVYL visit


! w e N ’s o h W k Loo


Assess blood tests and progress, and adjust treatment protocol as necessary.


For most people, the main internal cause of acne is a hormone imbalance. There are foods in our diet, such as sugars and carbohydrates, which can contribute to hormonal shifts that will trigger a build up of dead skin cells and increased sebum production, leading to acne.

ll a g n i c i o j e r e r a Taste buds lia a r t s u A n r e t s e over W

(KKYLZZU\[YP[PVUHSKLÄJPLUJPLZ adjust diet to lessen hormonal PTWHJ[WYVTV[LKL[V_PÄJH[PVU and prescribe therapeutic skincare.


¸<ZPUNISVVK[LZ[ZZHSP]HY`OVYTVUL[LZ[PUNKPL[HY`HK]PJLZRPUJHYLHUKSPMLZ[`SL advice, along with a prescription of natural medicines, a skin specialist naturopath can help you on your way to clear skin,” Brook says.

, + * # ' ) ( !"#$%&'


en Smokey Chick ut o Smokey Tr d Salmon Atlantic Smoke hicken Portuguese C on! & Smokey Bac

elf & your Or treat yours r... children to ou

en Smoked Chick ut o Tr d Smoke oked Chicken ue Portug se Sm le Syrup Hot Bourbon & Map on Smoked Salm Salmon Cold-Smoked on. & Smoked Bac

your kitchen

T%')&()#$Fermented Foods


HISTORY tells us that fermented foods were revered by many of the ancient cultures for their mystical and magical abilities, and for spontaneously transforming UL^ÅH]VYZ-YVT,[OPVWPHUOVUL`^PUL[V;PIL[HUI\JR^OLH[WHUJHRLZ MLYTLU[LKMVVKZOH]LILLUÄYTS`WSHU[LKPU[YHKP[PVUHSJ\PZPULHUKJ\S[\YHSWYHJ[PJLZ across the globe for centuries – and it’s still very much the case today. In fact, it’s fair to say we have been nourished by the abilities of life-giving microscopic bacteria – the creators of fermentation – for as long as we have been in existence. These bacteria are in everything we eat and breathe in. They are agents of change, shifting matter from one form into another, be it as delightful as the creation of grape juice into a fragrant and delicious wine, or the transformation of decaying matter back to the earth. They are needed for the cycle of life itself. In our western culture, they bring us the many pleasures that are wine, beer, bread, JOLLZL`VNO\Y[HUKL]LUJOVJVSH[L-LYTLU[H[PVUUV[VUS`[YHUZMVYTZÅH]VYP[HSZV preserves the food, increases nutrient content and makes food highly digestible. >OLU[OLZLMVVKZHYLUV[WHZ[L\YPaLK[OL`HSZVWYV]PKLILULÄJPHSIHJ[LYPH[OH[HPK in a healthy digestive tract. Including fermented foods with your meals each day can go a long way to helping a healthy body. They are especially helpful for those with a weaker digestive system and will allow for greater assimilation of nutrients. While there are a few types of fermentation, it is the lacto-fermentation process that occurs with the fermenting of vegetables and dairy. Lacto-fermentation takes the natural yeasts present in the environment or added culture. These yeasts, with the right temperature and moisture, will feed on the natural sugars present in the food, turning them into lactic acid. It is this lactic acid that gives these foods their notable sourness. Making your own fermented foods needn’t be rocket science. They require no special equipment or ingredients, and are super simple and even fun to make. They are a great way to make the most of inexpensive food ingredients. I highly recommend the fascinating book >PSK-LYTLU[H[PVU, in which author Sandor Elix Katz talks about the intriguing past of these foods. It’s a great read without the ºYVJRL[ZJPLUJL»HUKOHZMHI\SV\ZYLJPWLZ[VV Michelle Sims runs healthy food workshops through her business -VVKPU[OL5\KL

@<.#.$'%2".07%$%0.$7:$.=.0B"<7:?$9.$.%"$%:/$'0.%"<.$7:C$ They are agents of change, shifting matter from one form into another, be it as delightful as the creation of grape juice into a fragrant and delicious wine, or the transformation of decaying matter back to the earth. They are needed for the cycle of life itself.

K756&.$K%).030%)" ;OPZMLYTLU[LKJHIIHNLYLJPWLHKKZH ^VUKLYM\S[HUN`ÅH]VY[VHU`KPZO Ingredients 1 kilo (approx) of cabbage, red or green 1.5 tablespoons salt Method Slice cabbage into medium slices and place in a bowl. Sprinkle with the salt and mix well. The salt will cause the juices from the cabbage to come out. Add cabbage to a large jar or tall ceramic container and press cabbage KV^UÄYTS`\U[PSQ\PJLZJVTL\WV]LY the cabbage. Cabbage needs to be pressed in very tightly. It may need to sit for 30-60 minutes to allow juices to be released further. If juices do not come up over the cabbage by the next day, add a little salty water solution, just enough to cover. Cover the jar with some muslin cloth or HJSLHU[LH[V^LS[VRLLW[OLÅPLZV\[ Leave the cabbage to ferment on the benchtop or in the pantry for a few days. It will get a little stinky during this process, but this will pass. If mold appears on top, simply skim off. As long as the cabbage itself is covered in the liquid it will be Q\Z[ÄUL*OLJRL]LY`ML^KH`ZHUK once cabbage is tangy it will be ready to transfer to the fridge. The cabbage should still have a bit of a crunch to it. If it has gone bad, it will be soft and mushy and will be really foul smelling. NOTE: It can be a little tricky with our West Australian temperatures, so how long it takes to ferment may vary. If your home is very warm, you may ÄUKP[MLYTLU[ZX\PJRS`;OLJVVSLY[OL temperature, the longer it will take to ferment. It can take up to a week or more depending on how cold it is. eVoke magazine / 25

your inspiration

Book Reviews


Christine Howitz of the Inspiration Factory shares her top picks for self mastery.

Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Got to Read This Book

Mindset: How You Can -\SĂ&#x201E;S@V\Y7V[LU[PHS

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living


Dr Carol S Dweck

Dale Carnegie

This is one of those rare gems you stumble across and just canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t put down, totally jam packed with aha TVTLU[Z1HJR*HUĂ&#x201E;LSKJYLH[VYVM *OPJRLU:V\WMVY[OL:V\Samong others) is a modern day Napoleon Hill, so when Jack speaks itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really inspiring to listen. Two authors ask entertainers, sports personalities, business people, writers, environmentalists and activists to share all about the book that impacted their life the most and why. When you discover what people you know (including Dave Barry, Louise Hay, Kenny Loggins, Doreen Virtue and Rhonda Byrne) have been inspired by, then itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sure to inspire you, too. Reading these 55 brief, well-written, inspiring messages, I was reminded VM[OLVSKJSPJOt¸>OLU[OLZ[\KLU[PZ ready, the teacher will comeâ&#x20AC;?.

-YVT[OL]LY`Ă&#x201E;YZ[WHNL[OLYLHKLY is lead on a captivating voyage of discovery to understand what really creates a successful mindset and how a growth mindset sets the stage for accomplishment. Introducing simple, easy-to-follow principles, 4PUKZL[ provides practical and thoughtprovoking opportunities to challenge HĂ&#x201E;_LKTPUKZL[HUKHKVW[HNYV^[O TPUKZL[0UHĂ&#x201E;_LKTPUKZL[WLVWSL believe their own personal qualities, Z\JOHZPU[LSSPNLUJLVY[HSLU[HYLĂ&#x201E;_LK traits. In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work, but our brains and talent are just the start. Adopting a growth mindset creates a desire for learning and goes on to strengthen resilience, which is critical for awesome accomplishment.

Worry, or stress as it might be disguised as, and its effects on the body can be profound so who wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to live a life without worry? Or at least have some practical tips in their tool belt to break the pattern of worry?

26 / eVoke magazine

Enjoy true stories shared by classic greats such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison to discover how they overcame the worry dilemma. Take action with the 10 principles to conquer worry.

The Inspiration Factory 339 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco

your kitchen

The Bikini D()05."$E..1$E)0?.0#$ E%0'.2).$T%&%1.&$$ 7:$J."")2.$J.%=.#$ Cookbook Calories â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 300 per serve / Serves 4

Perth naturopath Michelle Floate lost 18kg over 20 weeks eating healthy, simple meals that were less than 300 calories each. She shares her story and recipes in The Bikini Cookbook. PACKED with glorious photographs and mouth-watering calorie-counted dishes that are quick and easy to prepare, ;OL)PRPUP*VVRIVVR is an inspiring resource for anyone wanting to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s high in protein and nutritional value, and low in bad fats and processed ingredients. The book empowers the reader to create weight loss meals themselves rather than rely on pre-packaged low-calorie meals. Lovers of food and cooking can enjoy making tasty meals that the whole family will enjoy without stacking on extra body fat. As the YLHKLYWYLWHYLZLHJOTLHS[OL`Ă&#x201E;UK themselves learning the principles of healthy low calorie cooking, giving them the tools to lose weight and keep it off.

Burger ingredients: 300g of 90% fat-free beef mince 80g carrot, grated NYLKVUPVUĂ&#x201E;ULS`KPJLK 4 tsp light soy sauce 40ml red wine 2 tsp olive oil Salt and pepper

The extras: 200g mushrooms, sliced 2 tsp butter NYLKVUPVUZSPJLKĂ&#x201E;ULS` 40g cheddar cheese, sliced thinly 2 cups English spinach 40g dill pickles, sliced 40g roasted capsicum 2 tsp caramelised onions 4 slices of bread (1 slice per serve) Method: Combine burger ingredients (except oil) in a large bowl and divide into four balls. Flatten the balls into patties and fry in oil on a barbecue or in a frying pan until they are cooked halfway through. Start frying the mushrooms in butter beside the burgers. Flip the burgers over and place cheese on top to melt, cook meat well. Toast bread and place a burger and mushrooms on each slice of toast. Add all the extras to the burgers.

Calories â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 278 per serve / Serves 4 Falafel ingredients: 400g tin chickpeas 60g carrot, grated 180g peeled potato cubes JSV]LNHYSPJĂ&#x201E;ULS`JOVWWLK NYLKVUPVUĂ&#x201E;ULS`JOVWWLK 1/4 cup breadcrumbs 1/4 tsp ginger powder 1 tsp sweet paprika powder 1 tsp of cumin powder 1 tsp olive oil Salt and pepper Fried onions: 180g brown onions, sliced 1 tsp olive oil Salad: 8 large lettuce leaves 20 cherry tomatoes, halved 150g red capsicum, sliced 60g red onion, sliced 200g cucumber, sliced Dip: 200g Mundella reduced fat natural yoghurt NYLKVUPVUĂ&#x201E;ULS`JOVWWLK 1/2 tsp smoked paprika Juice of 1 lemon Salt and pepper Method: Boil potato until tender. Drain chickpeas then mash together with the potato. Mix in grated carrots, garlic, falafel spices, red onion, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Form eight patties and coat lightly with breadcrumbs. On a barbecue or in a frying pan, cook patties and brown onions in oil until well cooked. Prepare salad on a platter. Make the dip in a bowl by mixing the yoghurt with the red onion, salt, pepper, lemon juice and smoked paprika. Roll up falafel, fried onions and salad in a lettuce leaf and dip into yoghurt. eVoke magazine / 27

!"#$!%% &'()#*#+'!,--

... for all your Wheatgrass needs!

Â&#x2039;Home deliveryVMVYNHUPJHSS`NYV^U ^OLH[NYHZZZWYV\[MVYQ\PJPUN (Free delivery in Perth Metro area for orders of $20.00 or more.)

Â&#x2039;Grow Kits Â&#x2039;Electric & manual cold press juicersZWLJPHSS`[HPSVYLKMVY[OL L_[YHJ[PVUVM^OLH[NYHZZQ\PJL ^P[OV\[KLZ[YV`PUN]P[HSU\[YPLU[Z Â&#x2039;(]HYPL[`VMbooksVUOV^[VNYV^ HUK\ZL^OLH[NYHZZ Â&#x2039;+Y>OLH[NYHZZcreamsHUKgels MVYZRPUHPSTLU[Z

Wheatgrass juice is a little shot of green that is packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Wheatgrass juicePTWYV]LZ[OL PTT\ULZ`Z[LTUL\[YHSPaLZ[V_PUZ HZZPZ[ZPUW\YPM`PUN[OLSP]LYYLK\JLZ PUĂ&#x2026;HTTH[PVUPU[OLLU[PYLIVK`HUK Z[YLUN[OLUZIVULZHUKPTWYV]LZ QVPU[M\UJ[PVU

;<%" â&#x20AC;&#x2122;#$7:$%$:%5.R YOUR name is your calling card. People will instantly form an image in [OLPYOLHK^OLU[OL`Ă&#x201E;YZ[OLHY`V\Y name mentioned. To me, for example, the name Amy is for somebody with blonde hair, pretty blue eyes and a gentle demeanor. Lachlan is tall with dark hair and fair skin and heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s devilishly rogue-ish. Obviously our personal experiences of people with these names will bias us. My name is Chael. >LPYKYPNO[&;OLÂş*ÂťHUKÂşOÂťHYLHOHYK ZV\UKHZPUÂşJOLLZLÂťHUK[OLÂşHÂťPZ silent, and it perplexes all who meet TL7LVWSLVM[LUHZRTL¸>OH[PZP[ ZOVY[MVY&šHUK0YLWS`!¸5V[OPUNÂŻ0[ÂťZ Q\Z[*OHLSš¸62*OLSZLHšPZ[OL\Z\HS response. If it was Chelsea, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d tell you, I promise. When I was in Year 1 we were learning about syllables. My best friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s names were Julie and Jillian. I felt ripped off that my name had only one syllable, so I tried to convince my teacher that my one syllable name actually had two I`Z[YL[JOPUNV\[[OLÂşLSÂťZV\UKMVYHU extra beat. Clap it with me, Cha-el.

(\Z[YHSPHUZKVĂ&#x201E;UKP[KPMĂ&#x201E;J\S[[VHKHW[[V monosyllabic names, so we lengthen it. My name becomes Chael-o, Chaela, Chael-Chael, Chael-Belle or Smelly Chaelly Jelly Belly (courtesy of my brothers). I used to have a reception job and I had to explain to the other staff that if a client rang and said they had been speaking with Jill, Shell, Shelly, Michelle, Chelsea (obviously), Rachael or Jo, then it was me they were after. My own hairdresser called me Shelly for three years. Why donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t I correct people you ask? Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not really sure. Perhaps I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to constantly explain my motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s postpartum hormonal brain fart, where she gave me half a name that is TPZZWLSSLK;OH[ÂťZYPNO[:OL[VVR[OLÂşYÂť HUK[OLÂşHÂťVMM[OLMYVU[VM9HJOHLS, the name of her favourite aunt who, as it turned out, spelled her name Racheal. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s truly special, I know! Instead, I usually say that my parents smoked too much pot. (They did meet in the 60s after all). The pot part is untrue, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a good story.


28 / eVoke magazine

I used to have a reception job and I had to explain to the other staff that if a client rang and said they had been speaking with Jill, Shell, Shelly, Michelle, Chelsea (obviously), Rachael or Jo, then it was me they were after.

your abode

K756&B$H.0'# Take a leaf out of Amanda Gunzburgâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s book and grow your own herbs.

ONE of the simplest ways to start gardening is to grow your own herbs. They are well suited to the novice gardener and come with a multitude of ILULĂ&#x201E;[Z/LYIZHYLHMHU[HZ[PJHKKP[PVU to any meal, can aid digestion and assist memory, and some have natural antioxidant properties. They are also the perfect garden companion plant as they act as a natural pest deterrent. And because they are a perennial, they can be planted at any time of the year. So instead of paying exorbitant prices for fresh herbs, why not pick them from your own garden? The incredible taste HUKZTLSSVMÂşQ\Z[WPJRLKÂťOLYIZMYVT the garden is second to none. If space is an issue, why not stick some pots on a porch or balcony? A balcony can be the perfect location for lovely herbs such as mint, thyme or the beautifully scented lemon balm. Perthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s climate is well suited to an array of Meditteranean herbs because they can cope with a wide range of soil conditions, they survive with minimal input or necessity to improve the soil and they are drought hardy.

Q0()?<"$<%0/B$<.0'# Â&#x2039;6YLNHUV Â&#x2039;7HYZSL` Â&#x2039;9VZLTHY` Â&#x2039;;O`TL

Â&#x2039;4HYQVYHT Â&#x2039;:HNL Â&#x2039;3H]LUKLY

These herbs will perform well in full sun as well as partially shaded positions as SVUNHZ[OLYLPZZ\MĂ&#x201E;JPLU[ZVPSKYHPUHNL0M you are looking to plant up some herbs in a shaded to semi-shaded section of the garden or on a porch or balcony you could try these:


Â&#x2039;4PU[ Â&#x2039;*OHTTVTPSL Â&#x2039;+PSS Â&#x2039;*OP]LZ Â&#x2039;3LTVUIHST Be careful with mint, it can be quite invasive in a garden bed, so unless you are looking for a rambling mint carpet as an understory plant, I recommend planting it in a pot and keeping it well watered. Asian herbs are also a winner and are well suited to Perthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s climate. The next [PTL`V\ULLK[VĂ&#x201E;SSHZWHJLPU`V\Y garden or have a spare planter try the following:


Â&#x2039;3LTVUNYHZZ Â&#x2039;=PL[UHTLZLTPU[ Â&#x2039;7LWWLYTPU[ Â&#x2039;:WLHYTPU[ Â&#x2039;*VYPHUKLY Â&#x2039;+PSS Â&#x2039;)HZPSHUU\HSHUKWLYUULUPHS varieties available) While lemongrass and basil prefer a nice sunny position, the rest will do well in a partially shady spot. Herbs from the Asian regions will require

more water, so if you want to create a drought-hardy herb garden, stick to the Meditteranean herbs. And donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget, you can eat many VM[OLĂ&#x2026;V^LYPUNWHY[ZVM[OLWSHU[ZPU your herb garden. Not only can the addition of herbs lift a salad dressing, the blossoms that you can add create H]PZ\HSZLUZH[PVU9VJRL[Ă&#x2026;V^LYZOH]L HZ[YVUNWLWWLY`Ă&#x2026;H]V\YT\JOSPRL the leaf but more intense. Try adding UHZ[\Y[P\TĂ&#x2026;V^LYZMVYHIVSKJVSV\YOP[ Chives, marigolds or calendula petals are all delicious in a salad, too. Herbs are also renowned for their medicinal qualities. Lemongrass can help aid digestion, while peppermint is a known calmative and can assist with bloating. Rosemary, oregano, sage and thyme all have natural antioxidant properties. As well as having a veritable feast of herbs on hand for your every culinary requirements, your garden will become HTPJYVJVZTVMSPMLH[[YHJ[PUNILULĂ&#x201E;JPHS insect pollinators such as bees and OV]LYĂ&#x2026;PLZ[V`V\YNHYKLU^OPSL protecting your more vulnerable plants from pest attack. Amanda Gunzburg owns Edible Garden Creations and is passionate about food gardening

eVoke magazine / 29

your inspiration

eVoke talks to... ...the ‘queen of manifesting’ Tracey Jewel. Founder of, Tracey is an author, speaker, yummy mummy and ‘goddess advocate’. She is currently working on her second book, She Space – Inspirations for Creating Interiors with Soul.

How are you feeling today? Inspired and excited, ready to embark on the next chapter. How would you describe yourself PUÄ]L^VYKZ& Abundant, blessed, creative … and manifesting a queen! Is there anything you would change about yourself and why? I’d learn to be a domestic goddess! I’m not the best at cooking and all things cleaning. No attention to detail! Do you have any socially unacceptable habits? I have been known to be an impatient driver and a loud back-seat driver. What is your favourite ‘naughty’ food? Churros and chocolate. Can you share with us a deep and dark secret? I am a secret Dolly Parton fan thanks to my mum and dad. Can’t believe I’ve let that secret out! Who is your favourite shopping buddy? My daughter, Grace. She always directs me to bargains. And anything pink! What is your favourite place in the world? Margaret River and Down South. Any opportunity my family and I get, that’s where we’ll be.

30 / eVoke magazine

What will you be doing in 10 years time? It’ll be a bigger, brighter version of what I’m doing now. Facilitating more workshops, inspiring more women … and I’ll have started my own charity to support disadvantaged women. What do you consider the most important factor when it comes to maintaining mental wellbeing? It’s so important to release healthily bottled up negative feelings. It’s one of the reasons I called my company Goddess in a Bottle. Whether it’s venting to a friend or writing in a journal, I am a big believer in releasing negative emotions and feelings so they don’t build up and cause physical or mental problems. Do you have a beauty secret or beauty treatment you can’t live without? Organic skincare products as a whole, SPF in a daily moisturiser and mineral foundation. What or who makes you laugh? My daughter makes me laugh every day. She’s just three years old and every day her view on what she sees in the world makes us both giggle. She out banters me already. What is your favourite techno gadget or toy? My newest thing is my iPhone app for lunar moon cycles. I check it every day. I am really into aligning all my creative pursuits to follow the moon cycles.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? A night owl for sure. *HU`V\ZOHYL^P[O\ZHKLÄUPUN moment in your life? Professionally, it was appearing on the 6WYHO:OV^. It wasn’t so much the appearance and meeting Oprah herself, but more the fact that we can manifest anything we visualise, want and action hard enough for long enough. The universe has no other choice but to give us what we ask for. Personally, it was having my daughter. She was born three weeks early, one week after our wedding, and she shares the same birthday as my adopted mother and my birth mother. The day my daughter was born was the most amazing, beautiful and sacred day in my life so far. What makes you cry? (ºZHK»JY`JVTLZ^OLU0ZLLZHKULZZ in others. Disadvantaged women that come from situations such as domestic violence, and children with life-threatening illnesses are the big areas I want to support. When it comes [VHºNVVK»JY`0JY`H[+LZWLYH[L /V\ZL^P]LZ and any soppy book or movie. I love a good boo-hoo. What evokes inspiration in you? Surrounding myself with the other inspirational people I’m lucky enough to meet. Nature, music and lyrics, while having an open mind to what the universe provides has often created [OVZLHTºSPNO[I\SI»TVTLU[Z

eVoke directory

Health Questions !"#"$%&'()%*+,-,./(0*1(2,3'(3**(4$.0($.#2"%#5(6',&'(,#( 7"33"%(8*%(0*1(9(:"/$.,#4(*%(;3<,.#5((6,."=(&'*&*>$3"($.-( &*88""($%"(',/'(,.($.3,*?,-$.3#(9(713($%"(3'"0(%"$>>0(/**-( 8*%(0*15((@*,./(3'"(%,/'3(3',./#($.-(#3,>>(#'*%3(*8("."%/05(


!"#$%&'()*+&$,"-$)*.-")()*/&+&")(,"#*)("0)/"#%'1+,$" )(&2$%&".'"34$&.+'(&"/'4"-)1$"('."$1$(")&5$,6

(QWHU¶H9RNH·WRUHGHHP% 123%&44%5&'(%)+6$%&)*")+%&(7+( 8944+(%+6:"(+#%;<$=%>+/+0?+(%12;1

AB(C&D*1%3(E3%""3=(6"#3(F""-"%+,>>"(6;(GHHI HJ(GKJH(BGAK(L(;MNO(GGPQJIBHBP

Wellness: Cambridge Health Centre 08 6380 2643

Anti-ageing Acupuncture : Acne Treatments : Microneedling : Naturopathic Skin Consults 307 Lord Street Highgate WA :

Holistic Skin Clinic: Mi:Skn 0414 277 761

!"#"$%&'(%&)*")+%#$&(+%,$% ---.!"#"$%&"'#(%$)*./&0.,' WRSODFHDQRUGHURUÀQGDVWRFNLVW

Skincare: Serenade Organic



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Marketing: 9307 1579

Wellness: Rhythme there is beauty in the everday that words cannot describe

Allergy Friendly Bakery: !"#$%$&!!'()&*+,$!-.#,// 01232$4563$127891$:;$563$<3:53:94


Online solutions: Rosie Sandars

Stress-free family photography:

Personal Training: Calum O’Connell ^^^NLULYÄ[JVTH\


Blood purifying juice recipe Beetroot is incredible for cleansing the blood and rebuilding cells and is said to increase the uptake of oxygen by up to 400%.

‹NYLLUHWWSLZJVYLK ‹JTWPLJLVMNPUNLY ‹SLTVUWLLSYLTV]LK ‹JLSLY`Z[HSR Method: Roughly chop vegetables and place through your juicer. Pour over ice. eVoke magazine / 31


ABC$/./#)(D/)3).(#E"#(7/&&(&".#( "(&/,)#/:)("!<(/:D%16)(1$%( )!6/%1!:)!#8(?)($.)(,/!)(:/3%1!( =)%/!1(?11&(,%1:(?).#)%!( @$.#%"&/"F("&&(:"#)%/"&.("%)()31( 1%*"!/3("!<()"%#E(31!.3/1$.8

+",,")&&"(-"./!/(0%)"#/1!.( 21%(.#134/.#.(5(*"&&)%/).(6/./#(( ;"!<(="<)(>!(?@


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