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Customised QR Codes

QR codes

are here to stay, regardless of the insistent debate about their staying power. QR codes are appearing all over the place. You can spot them in the bus and on retails stores, product packaging, video games, business cards, real estate advertisements and even music festivals are displaying QR codes on the big screen. While QR codes are a fantastic tool in your marketing kit, you need to know how to run a QR code marketing campaign correctly in order for it to have the full impact upon your existing or future client base.

A standard QR code resembles a square barcode and is visually un-engaging. The codes can now be designed to incorporate branding logos, colours and images!

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“Smartphone’s now account for 63 per cent of the total handset market and 68 per cent of Australians plan to use mobile devices for transactions and payments in the near future” Australian Retailers Association

WHY MOBILE...? At the end of June 2011, there were 9.7 million mobile handset subscribers in Australia. This represents an increase of 18.1% from December 2010. Of the 9.7 million mobile handsets, 3.6 million (37%) were dedicated data subscriptions and 6.1 million all other active standard mobile subscriptions. Australian Bureau of Statistics

HOW does it all work...



download a QR scanner and scan the QR code....

the QR code will lead the user to the campaign, map direction, scheduled event, advertisement, video or your very own mobile website!

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QR Codes Explained  

Understand the potential power of QR codes

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