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Tried & Tested Knowledge Suunto Ambit2 GPS watch ` 50,957 The AMBIT2 is a follow-up to the previous generation AMBIT watch. The key differentiator to the watch from its predecessor is the new multi-sport functionality, which allows users to switch modes on the fly. Fitting in a market where it competes with watches in the same category, the Suunto raises the bar with its extended 15-day battery life and faster GPS coordinates lock compared to its rivals. The AMBIT is more accurate too, with its Ultra tracking feature, it triangulates and refreshes GPS coordinates with a user adjustable time intervals from every second to 60 seconds. The AMBIT2 also features an ability to connect to the Internet via a computer and download multiple apps bringing unlimited customisation options to the watch. Ergonomically, the watch is slightly uncomfortable to wear

The best motoring products, put through their paces by the evo team as its large Barometer hangs out on the bottom side of the watch making it tilt away from the user’s wrist. The AMBIT2 is also fully computer and internet dependent, which could be a hassle at times, as it needs to be connected to a computer with an active Internet connection to change settings and transfer the recorded data. Transferring data from the watch is also slow and cumbersome as the load times can go upto 3-4 minutes on a decently fast Internet connection. Oveall AMBIT2 presents huge improvements in features over its competion backed with a strong battery life, unfortunatly for a hefty pricetag. Bhuvan Chowdhary

Powertronics ECU ` 15,000 Yank the throttle open and you instantly feel the surge of power coursing through the entire bike and straining to get to the rear. 12000 RPM comes up before you know what’s going on. The front lightens up and she just want’s to go go go… That’s the effect of the Race Dynamics PowerTRONIC box on the Duke 390. The boys from Bangalore have made an already quick bike quicker by their plug-in performance box. Instillation of the box takes about 20 minutes, most of which goes into installing the wiring harness to the existing sensors under the seat and then all that’s left is to

attach the box and your ready to go. The box, however has a few niggles. The one sent to me had an issue with the bike starving for fuel at higher RPM. Box changed, software updated, maps loaded(via their proprietary interface) and the bike is raring to go once more. The PowerTRONIC box may not make the bike quicker at the top end of the speed spectrum, but it makes getting there a whole heck of a lot more fun. Priced at `15,000/-, it’s the easiest way to make the KTM Duke 390 more of a hooligan than it already is. Box available from RACEdynamics in Bangalore Zavareh Doctor

KYT RC Seven R8 Matic Helmet ` 3,500

Now here is a helmet brand with a difference. KTY, an Indonesian brand, is now available in India through These reasonably priced helmets have a lot to offer in a value-for-money package. One of the most essential elements while selecting a helmet is the protection it offers and KYT helmets conform to ECE22.05 standards, one of the foremost standards for helmet safety globally. On the move, the R8 Matic serves well with nearly no wind noise filtering in however ambient noises still creep in substantially. Thicker padding would have resolved the issue. The helmet fits snug and double D-ring fastener is reassuring. A small breadth deflector along with an air vent on the jaw does a good job of preventing any fogging whatsoever. Most of the padding is removable for quick washing. The visor is optically true and is rated at E13 for safety; it is also removable through a quick

Vredestein SUV Ultrac Sessanta 255/50 ZR19 109Y ` 23,000

Last month we put up a brand new set of Vredestein SUV Ultrac Sessantas on my Rangie. Being busy with other worldly affairs and travelling a lot meant that I could not test the new set of Dutch shoes as much as I would like to, especially wet weather performance as the asymmetrical tread pattern looks very promising. This month however I was able to rack up some miles on the Rangie, some of them being caught unawares by the unseasonal showers on the highway. Unfazed but the unusual turn of weather and driving in my usual ‘Flat out or nothing’ style, the tyres performed flawlessly, providing exceptional stability in the wet. In fact, I was able to hustle the car along at high speeds over waterlogged patches, the grooves working well by repelling water and preventing aquaplaning. The cornering grip on wet roads along the ghats was outstanding with the tyres keeping the behemoth in check through the high speed twisties without any aural drama. The blokes over at Netherlands sure know their tyres. Available at select dealerships, these tyres definitely get my vote. Rohan Pawar


evo India | March 2014

release mechanism for quick changes and cleaning. Rear stabiliser and air scoops on the top of the helmet do lend the helmet a premium look too. The RC Seven series is available with a range of graphics, most of which are a tad flashy and over-the-top but desirable nevertheless. Abhik Das

evo india april2014  

evo India’s April 2014 issue features the fastest, most powerful hypercars in the world – McLaren P1, Koenigsegg One:1 and the Hennessey Ven...

evo india april2014  

evo India’s April 2014 issue features the fastest, most powerful hypercars in the world – McLaren P1, Koenigsegg One:1 and the Hennessey Ven...