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recognising the Champions

The FMSCI rewarded the best of racing talent from 2013. Amittrajit Ghosh won the overall INRC champion award, while Suhem MK was crowned JINRC champion.

Ashwin Sundar won the Formula 1600 class championship title, and N Leelakrishnan and Feroze Khan the ITC and IJTC respectively. National karting champions were awarded too - Pradyuman Danigond (Micro Max), Krishnaraaj Mahadik (Junior Max) and Vishnu Prasad

(Senior Max). Karthick Maruthi won the 2013 National TSD Rally Championship, while K Jagan won the 165cc open class bike championship and KP Arvind the National Supercross Championship for Foreign Open class up to 500cc bikes.

Apart from these Gautam Singhania, MD, Raymond Group awarded Vishnu Prasad the ‘Most Promising Motorsport Man of the Year’ award for winning the JK Racing India Series and Rotax National Karting Championship.

Rolling thunder Truck Racing is all set to go Words: Akshay Gupta


A MAMMOTH 6.5-LITRE, inline 8-cylinder diesel engine rumbles underneath my six-foot high perch, as we are doing 70kmph, which — let me tell you — is breakneck pace in this 7-ton behemoth. I’m riding shotgun at the Buddh International Circuit and quaking in my boots watching the driver toggle the massive gear lever to and fro with swift and cool aplomb. Speeds are nothing to write home about but there is a certain something about this experience that is as outlandish as it is exciting. The Tata Prima race truck produces 380bhp and a torrential 1550Nm of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed gearbox and a locked differential sending equal amounts of power to both rear wheels. A recipe for hooliganism? FMSCI Homologation Committee Chairman Gopal Madhavan told me, “The British Truck Racing Association doesn’t allow use of Limited Slip Differentials and an Open Differential would be pointless.” I can certainly imagine the behemoth kicking its tail out at corner exits. We did go

sideways on the last corner, and though less thrilling than expected, I’m sure it looked spectacular. The race truck’s top speed of 110kmph isn’t much, G-forces are negligible and acceleration far less than scary. But the prospect of watching a bunch of full-sized trucks braking for turn 4 at the BIC, three or four abreast does sound interesting. What’s more, I could spot apexes from a mile off, so there’s no such thing as a blind corner for truck racers. It reminded me of how much more difficult spotting apexes was in my relatively tiny Toyota EMR racecar. What’s more, watching really large trucks jostling for space around corners and executing overtaking maneuvers after planning moves well in advance should be exciting and extremely entertaining! Tata Motors have developed a new brake cooling system that is awaiting a patent, to endure the brutality of race conditions. In Europe, races have trucks from various manufacturers, but in India the series will be based on the one-make racing format. Race trucks there make about 1000bhp, and Tata

Above: Interiors are stripped to the bare minimum except for bucket seats and roll cage for safety. Left: Racing slicks for trucks in India developed in-house by JK Tyre are a first

Motors intends to up power outputs significantly next year, apart from mounting the engine behind the cabin for better weight distribution. At the end of the year, Tata Motors’ truck fleet owners and drivers will be invited for next year’s driver selection process, and handpicked drivers will be trained for racing next year. A world-class truck racing series with

homegrown drivers is a prospect to look forward to. And what the behemoth racers lack in speed and moves, they make up for with their imposing dimensions. By the time you read this, twelve international drivers divided into six teams will have gone flat-out in the first round to be held at the BIC. The second and final round will be held at the MMRT, Chennai. L

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