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HOW TO PREPARE A FILE FOR PRINTING Whiterip works flawlessly with files created by PhotoShop and saved as PSD files. Suggested format: PSD, TIFF otherwise Resolution: > 180 dpi Suggested Resolution: 360 dpi Mode: RGB

Open the image in PhotoShop, then convert it to RGB.

HIGHER THE RESOLUTION TO AT LEAST 180 DPI Select Image ďƒ Image size ďƒ  Resolution, then click ok. Note that the resolution of the images should already be higher than 180 dpi: using this method to get a higher resolution does not improve the quality of the image. If you want to know which is the best resolution for an image of a certain size (in order not to have the pixel-effect), you should select the resample option and write 180 inside the resolution field.

The Width and Height that will appear, will be the ideals for printing. It is still suggested to higher the resolution to 180 dpi especially when you contour backgrounds for dark and colored capes.



File ďƒ Save as ďƒ  PSD or TIFF (in the case of TIFF, on the following window, set the file to save without any compression of the image )

CONTOUR AN IMAGE FOR PRINTING ON A DARK CAPE In order to distinguish the white in a print from the white that is used as a background (transparent), it is necessary to contour an image, removing the background color. This is achieved by selecting the unwanted white area and deleting it, after doing this, we can set the transparency. This operation is not necessary for the light colored capes, but only for the dark colored ones, in order to have the software skip the unnecessary printing of the white background.

select external white ďƒ delete

Tip 1 : The black and white files need to be saved in Grayscale mode.

Tip 2 : When you contour files, please do not create shadings, since they can leave an un wanted white border along the image.

In the event you do not have an image editing software, some versions of WhiteRIP will allow you to edit the image directly from inside the software. To access this functionality, open an image, right click on it ďƒ Modify

Then, once using the editor, right click on the image again ďƒ Selection ďƒ  Polygon

Select the background and delete it with the DEL key.

WhiteRIP: preparing a file for print  

Preparing a file for digital printing with WhiteRIP

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