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The World’s Finest Real Estate Since 1977.

Boutique origins

International brand

Founded in 1977, Engel & Völkers began as a specialty boutique agency providing high-end real estate service to wealthy European investors in search of assistance from experts who were highly professional, knowledgeable and discreet. We proved our competence and passion early on and quickly earned a reputation for our unparalleled level of service, highly exclusive network and strong leadership in the market.

Today, Engel & Völkers is one of Europe’s most recognized real estate brands. We specialize in the sale and leasing of premium residential property, commercial real estate and yachts around the globe. We use our resources to be a trusted source of real estate market news and trends on a global scale. Engel & Völkers has also come to represent fine living and discerning taste as a lifestyle brand.

By creating proprietary systems and tools to manage and maintain our boutique style of premium services, we expanded throughout Europe. We were highly selective of the markets we entered following the need of distinct clientele and making ourselves known through the unique design of our shops.

Our reputation among the high-end segment of buyers and sellers has given us the ability to become the first real estate company in the world with a specialized division dedicated to the sale of historic properties. These include classical mansions, castles, palaces and cloisters throughout the world.


Engel & Völkers core values; competence, exclusivity, passion A single vision drives thousands of professionals who represent Engel & Völkers worldwide. It is to link together the aspirations of discerning individuals around the world, be it in a private or business context – with total passion. To achieve this vision, we have established a set of core values; competence, exclusivity, passion. These values help to maintain our high level of service quality and worldwide reinforce the meaning of our brand for each and every Engel & Völkers advisor.

I have been a working professional for 3 and 1/2 decades. I have dealt extensively with many categories of professionals. I’ve never encountered a more professional and congenial person than Ryan. On a scale from 1 to 10, he’s about a 17! Enjoyable to deal with,

Our training, marketing capabilities and international network help our advisors competently meet a client’s real estate needs no matter how unique. Clients can expect a customized strategy and specialized services that will work exclusively for them and will be delivered with total passion.

come any better. Whether you’re buying, sell-

Truly connected international net-

ing or renting and I’ve done all of those with

work Highly productive agents and savvy sellers demand brokerages who can demonstrate international expertise and have the proven ability to promote their properties to buyers worldwide. Our tools, systems and strategies target global prospects. Our culture, technology and events promote networking to facilitate knowledge, sharing and increase referral opportunities. Engel & Völkers has a global network of more than 700 brokerages and 7,000 real estate professionals in 37 countries spanning

pragmatic, responsive and truly cares about getting the job done right. They simply don’t

„ Ryan. I would not call in Florida but Ryan.

Carl Kemph

five continents.


Networking events Engel & Völkers events give our advisors multiple opportunities throughout the year to meet, share and ensure that we continue to provide the level of service expected of us, everywhere. The entire Engel & Völkers network, worldwide, is invited to attend the White Party and Polo Cup event in Majorca, Spain on the expansive Spanish estate of CEO and founder, Christian Völkers. In North America, our Engel & Völkers Exchange events brings together advisors and partners throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico to create and strengthen the ties that make the Engel & Völkers network one of the strongest and most active in real estate. Held annually, Engel & Völkers Exchange includes three days of keynote addresses from well-known personalities and industry leaders, breakout sessions, Private Office induction ceremonies and the Engel & Völkers Gala Awards Dinner.

E&V Academy We train our advisors in our own Engel & Völkers Academy to ensure that our global standard of services is provided in the local markets in which we serve. We are highly selective of the level of experience or production, each advisor attends the Engel & Völkers Academy to gain the expertise of out systems, tools, technology and property marketing strategies to maximize efforts to leverage the brand. The industry’s most experienced and innovative professionals instruct our academy classes.


Private Office We’ve taken the highest category of service, which is reserved for our most distinguished clientele and properties, and perfected it. Private Office is our reserved brand of services for high-net worth individuals. Advisors who qualify to join this highly exclusive Engel & Völkers network can promote their most distinct properties to be shared with celebrities, dignitaries and international business leaders. This level of service and access is what makes Private Office a true and valuable offering among the most select markets in real estate.

Ryan Chiodo has been awarded private office status as of 2015 The Engel & Völkers North America Awards have been established to recognize those individuals and shops that exemplify the very best in the brand. Awards are given to those advisors and shops who have provided outstanding client services, demonstrated their passion for what they do and have proven themselves to be well connected to members of their community.

Market leading platforms, tools and strategies Engel & Völkers advisors have access to highly advanced digital platforms and world-class tools, systems and marketing products that have been developed and designed to maintain our reputation as a premium client service provider.

Comprehensive web presence

Digital marketing

Engel & Völkers maintains a network of websites to increase the world wide exposure of its brand, locations and properties. Engel & Völkers’ global website is offered in 15 languages and attracts over one million visitors per month. It is where property listings represented by Engel & Völkers throughout its international shop network appear. Content cascades back and forth between the North America website, the shop website and advisor websites all designed to maximize exposure while leveraging the brand’s distinct look and feel.

Our digital marketing program helps deliver valuable news, and information, such as homeowner tips, real estate news, local events and Engel & Völkers shop updates, to build relationships and to maintain awareness of your service and expertise. The system has been prepopulated with brand formatted templates and offers a variety of brand campaigns and seasonal/holiday campaigns. Integrated with our GO!Connect lead management CRM platform via a data feed, our program allows for easy integration of listing data into formatted templates for sending out “New to Market”, “Open House” and “Sold” emails.

Collaborative approach Engel & Völkers offers an extraordinary collaborative logo that strongly positions the expertise of its advisors with the brand’s expansive reach and proven resources. This collaborative logo represents the merger of the advisor’s talent and the brand’s support, services and network that on today’s market, buyer and sellers expect.

Lead management system Leads that are generated through the Engel & Völkers’ websites and campaigns are automatically managed through our E-lead Routing system that notifies shops and advisors instantly. The system is flexible for users to maximize efficiency and respond to leads quickly without sacrificing quality of service.



My wife and I have known Ryan since 2007. Ryan came highly recommended then and he is still the best realtor in Southwest Florida. I called Ryan to sell my home in September 2015 and he quickly found a buyer before the

home was even listed. He quickly negotiated a reasonable price and the contract was signed within days. Ryan does an outstanding job of setting the price for sale within the market, as well as, doing a comparative analysis for a home prior to extending an offer to purchase.

Ryan, many thanks for a job well done.

Joe and Dolores Krawczyk


Our web-based productivity platform provides our shops and advisors with the tools required to connect with past, current and potential clients. It is a proprietary single sign-on solution to manage daily and ongoing client relationship tasks and provide access to other E&V online services. It is Engel & Völkers’ core management tool.

Online syndication For virtually all homebuyers, the search for listings begins online. Through our relationships with real estate search sites, including the popular and powerful James Edition, WSJ Online and more than 60 international property search partners throughout the world. Engel & Völkers listings reach targeted and relevant potential homebuyers locally and around the world.

Mobile app A growing number of real related searches are happening on mobile devices which is why we’ve developed a component of our digital marketing strategy that includes smartphone and tablet users. Our mobile apps and mobile marketing tools give us our presence in this digital segment.

Social media Engel & Völkers places special attention on social media. We engage our friends and fans through our Facebook®, Twitter® , Pinterest®, Instagram® and YouTube® sites to ensure that our brand, services and premier properties remain a topic of conversation. We also use social media to strengthen our connections locally by reporting and sharing news and interests happening within our communities. Our ongoing activity allows advisors and shops to implement and manage their own social strategies.

GG Magazine Printed seasonally and in six languages, GG, explores culture, art, design and architecture, and profiles innovators, artists and celebrities as well as the homes in which they live. It is high/end publication in which we showcase the properties we represent. GG, is delivered directly to Engel & Völkers top clients, distributed throughout our international network and made available on newsstands throughout Europe.

Premium marketing strategies

Private Residences

Technology gives us the ability to connect to more people faster. Yet, in real estate, it’s still the first impressions and personal connections that make the difference between leaders and followed. That’s why we continue to invest in print marketing and opportunities in events such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show, to perfectly match the high level in the quality of services we represent to the right audience.

Published four times a year, Private Residences North America showcases the premier properties represented by Engel & Völkers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico and offers listings both national and international exposure. Produced and distributed throughout Engel & Völkers network, Private Residences is another way to reach potential buyers locally, nationally, and abroad.

Cooperative advertising Engel & Völkers has maintained special arrangements that allow our properties heightened exposure in local, national and international print publications exposure in local, national and international print publications such as The New York Times, The International New York Times, Architectural Digest, and Condé Nast Traveler. Our listings appear in foreign publications abroad throughout our international network.


High-end stationery

Ryan was always accessible with excellent follow up. He knows his product and geo-

Listing presentation tools

graphic area. Ryan has an outstanding support staff! They ensure the process to close the sale flows smoothly, more importantly on schedule. His staff provides progress updates before you have a chance to ask!

Tom Latham

All the print material required as an Engel & Völkers advisor, from business cards and stationery to distinctive marketing materials, are produced simply and affordably through our Brand Central platform. The intuitive online management tool allows advisors to select templates with prewritten text and imagery. The same design tool will allow them to produce customized print materials. Brand Central ensures that all printed pieces meet the Engel & Völkers’ strict quality brand standards.

Because we value personal and highly customized service for our clients, we believe that no two presentations should ever be the same. Advisors can address the specific needs of a client using a variety of pages that allow them to perfect their presentations for potential listings. They can easily produce customized pieces using our proprietary listing presentation tools with high-quality of the overall design delivers the marketing and pricing strategy, the value of the brand and the higher level of service that is consistent with the Engel & Völkers brand.

Property exposés Premier listings are showcased locally and around the world with our exclusive property exposés. They combine visually striking photography and compelling text to connect homes with the right buyers. Each exposé is digitally produced on high-quality paper to best express the value of the property.

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Direct mail is a complement to our email and digital marketing strategies. Engel & Völkers facecards, postcards and the ability to customize content on branded cards and mailers all through our Brand Central platform, allow advisors to reach new and existing clients while maintaining a consistent quality and design.







Direct mail




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The Engel & Völkers merchandising shop provides numerous ways to deepen relationships between advisors and client while to deepen relationships between advisors and clients while demonstrating the brand’s position as a market leader. All items are stylishly and sophistication. Each of our merchandising products is selected for their exceptional quality and value and value to meet the brand’s premium standards and maximize the value of each gift.

Market reports There are several ways to nurture and to be ever present so that when the time comes to act, Engel & Völkers will be top of mind. Our approach is to provide information advisors’ knowledge and local expertise. Our back end platforms allow fully automated, electronically distributed reports and alerts providing clients with insights and real estate data on a consistent basis.

E&V signage Our signs around the world declare a higher standard. They are recognizing and trusted as a symbol of exclusive, highly valued real estate opportunities backed by premium brand. Engel & Völkers yard and open house signs link our advisors’ listings with the global prestige of our brand and give clients confidence that their properties are represented by the best.


Shop TV

Taking every opportunity to leverage our reach among our network of advisors and potential buyers, select listings are showcased on Shop TVV, our digital property gallery that is displayed in our locations throughout North America. My wife and I contacted Ryan through a

website while searching online for properties. From our first conversation we knew he was the right agent for us. He was very helpful and professional to deal with. He spent a lot of time showing us around and giving us his advice and opinions on important things to consider. He was available to answer our questions 24/7. He really helped us feel comfortable buying our home in Naples. We feel that we not only happened to find a great real estate agent but we made a friend. We would highly recommend Ryan Chiodo.

Brian Perelstein


Public relations Our dedicated corporate communications teams in New York City and Hamburg, work to increase visibility of the Engel & Völkers brand nationally and internationally. Editorial placements in the mist trusted news publications, online outlets and industry sources including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal. The International New York Times, The Financial Times and RISMedia’s Real Estate Magazine brings us both awareness and credibility to our services and brand in international, national and local markets.

Partnership privileges Through our strategic partnerships with select companies and brands, we provide an extended level of services, special pricing and customized products. Our partners include Budget® Car rentals, Cheryl’s®, Edible Arrangements®, Fannie May®, FedEx®, 1-800-Flowers®, The Popcorn Factory®, Tiffany & Co., Harry & David®, Office Depot®, Staples®), and Stock Yards.

Private aviation Business aviation is our profession. Business aircraft are our expertise: from small jets to long-range super jets. From business aircraft charter to aircraft purchase and sales. From aviation legal and tax consultancy to aircraft structured finance. Business aviation is tailor-made air travel, flying on demand, customized to your needs, with aircraft used exclusively by you, on your own schedule. No queuing in crowded airport terminals. It is personalized service in VIP terminals and lounges. Business aviation is about time and connectivity; you decide when, where, with whom. Connecting people. Offering the very best in safety and security – statistically proven!

Aircraft charter Whether you require a simple one-way or round trip, or need to cater for multiple destinations with a coterie of business partners, colleagues or family members on board, your Engel & Völkers advisor is on hand to connect you to all destinations of the world.

Exclusive business aircraft for discerning tastes Engel & Völkers Aviation guides you under the trust and confidence of your local Engel & Völkers advisor, delivering trusted aviation expertise, whether to help you charter a plane for a single trip, or negotiate a long-term lease or aircraft purchase and adjacent consultancy. Engel & Völkers Aviation delivers professional aviation expertise for the premium client segment of Engel & Völkers’ high-end global property network, encompassing over 700 locations with some 7,000 employees, in 37 countries spanning four continents.

Aircraft acquisition With our extensive network in the used business aircraft market and with business aircraft manufacturers, in partnership with professionals who have long-standing experience in aircraft trading, we can guide you through the acquisition of an aircraft in a way that meets your needs and expectations in accordance with your budget, and can assist you in the selection of aircraft management and operatorship.


Exclusive yachts are our passion. Excellent service is our profession. Utilising the strength of the Engel & Völkers brand and network, we offer our international clients a personally tailored service. Our service offer includes independent brokerage and charter services as well as management of new construction and refits. As we are not affiliated with any manufacturer or shipyard, Engel & Völkers Yachting prides itself on providing truly independent, unbiased consultation and support to its clients.

Yacht charter From cruising in the Mediterranean to sailing in the Caribbean, Engel & Völkers Yachting have access to some of the world’s most fabulous motor and sailing yachts available for charter, be it for a few days or for a whole season. The Engel & Völkers Yachting charter team is specialised in providing the finest yachting solutions, tailoring your charter to your exact requirements. We will advise on the best itineraries and ensure every detail of your yacht charter is well thought out in advance, leaving you free to enjoy your time on board.


Yacht brokerage Buying a yacht is a financial but also an emotional decision. Our clients can count on the Engel & Völkers Yacht brokers to give their all to meet each individual’s requirements, drawing on a solid base of specialist expertise. Working in consultation with the client and researching into comparable yachts, the broker will determine the potential of the yacht and list the yacht at the best price. With the support of our global database and targeted marketing measures, Engel & Völkers Yachting will take the most direct route to our common destination: your ideal buyer. Engel & Völkers Yachting has an in house-marketing department with over 30 years of experience. In a click, your yacht is known in every Engel & Völkers shop worldwide and can be presented to clients worldwide, be it in St-Petersburg, Monaco, Barcelona, London, etc. We promote your vessel immediately to the right target group.

Introduction Originally from Syracuse NY, I relocated to southwest Florida in 2001, after graduating from the University of Buffalo, in New York, with a Bachelor of Arts and minor in Finance. I became a Realtor in 2002 and obtained my Broker’’s license in 2006. After being awarded Multi-Million Dollar Producer status for 4 years in a row, I started my own Real Estate Brokerage. My experience and extensive education enable me to provide my clients with remarkable service in all aspects of residential real estate. I avidly seek to sharpen my skills and utilize the most innovative strategies available today. Being a self-confident high-energy professional provides me with the opportunity to help my clients negotiate top dollar value for their properties as well as assuring that each real estate transaction progresses in a smooth and expeditious way. Besides my busy current portfolio of real estate properties for sale, I also have worked with hundreds of buyers and investors with a high level of customer satisfaction and retention. I am an active and contributing member of the Bonita Springs/Estero and Ft Myers Board of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, the Florida Association of Realtors, and the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce and look forward to make a difference in the SWFL community.I look forward to working with you. Contact me today and let’s get started.

Ryan Chiodo License Partner/Broker Associate Engel & Völkers Naples Bonita-Estero 26381 South Tamiami Trail • Suite 108 Bonita Springs • Florida 34141 Mobile +1-239-248-0551


Executive Team ENGEL & VÖLKERS NAPLES BONITA-ESTERO A Team Dedicated To Selling Your Home

Ryan Chiodo Your Advisor

Joe Epifanio

Managing Broker

Support Team

Erica Nagel Marketing Director


Catherine Gold Hans Ahola Transaction Coordinator

Digital Marketing

Concierge Photography and video • • • • • •

High Definition Photography Professional Staging Video Property Tours Floor Plans ($1 Million +) Dynamic Property Brochures Drone Video Tours

Online exposure • • • • •

Mobile Friendly Website (Optimized For All Smartphones and Tablets) National and International Web Portals Premium Listing Syndication (Zillow, Trulia, WSJ, James Edition International) Bonita Springs and Naples MLS Centralized Showing

Reporting • • •

Post Showing Feedback Reports Web Hit Summaries (ListHub and Virtual Tour) Campaign Management Overview

Support team • • • • • • • •

Executive Assistant - Ulle Forest Marketing Director - Erica Nagel Transaction Coordinator - Cathrine Gold Digital Marketing - Hans Ahola Three Markteting Interns Real Estate Attorney - John Goede Web Development Team (Olde Naples, NY Headquarters and German Headquarters) Marketing Team (Olde Naples, NY and German Headquarters)

We first met Ryan on a Friday and he quickly

showed us some properties that were just what we were looking for. We ended up getting a great Condo 2 days later based on his quick work. He and his staff worked with us to facilitate an out of state purchase and was extremely helpfull since we had very little knowledge of the Florida market. I would highly recommend Ryan for his knowledge of the market and his help in finding the right property.

Dave Knudsen

Contemporary initiatives • • • • •

Geo Targeted Mobile Ads Radio Call Outs Premium Cable Network Commercials Editorial Opportunities Exclusive Open House With Private Banking Divisions


FBC Mortgage company

Kurt Holm

Mark J. Minadeo

Greg Balawajder

M: 239-273-8446

M: 561-214-0537

M: 203-470-8126

Business Relationship Manager

Branch Manager

Mortgage Loan Originator

Title insurance company Florida Universal Title

Lisa Super Attorney

M: 248-227-2974


Real estate attorney John C. Goede

Mr. Goede represents GADC’s developer clients with the development of office buildings, mixed-use projects, residential developments, retail projects, multi–family residential projects and industrial and warehouse properties. Mr. Goede has vast experience with contract and lease drafting, title examination and title insurance, which paved the way for his current representation of a number of major financial institutions. Mr. Goede also regularly advises landlords and tenants on leases that involve office buildings, shopping malls and other commercial properties. An expert on all aspects of estate planning, including generational planning, asset protection and charitable giving to preserve assets and transmit wealth while minimizing transfer taxes, Mr. Goede counsels private clients as well as fiduciaries and financial institutions in the administration of trusts and estates including disputes. Mr. Goede regularly consults on the formation of entities to provide the best strategy for the protection of assets (both corporate and personal) and tax liability. He is also involved in business mergers and acquisitions, buy/sell agreements, corporate transitions and a wide range of general corporate matters. Mr. Goede considers his greatest professional accomplishment to be his unique ability to parlay his resources and legal expertise to orchestrate the Firm’s significant growth during one of the greatest recessions in U.S. history. His commitment to client satisfaction and providing value and quality legal work has quickly transitioned the Firm into one of the largest full-service law firms in Southwest Florida.

John C. Goede, Esq. Real Estate Attorney Partner/Shareholder M: 239-331-5100


Cross selling

Engel & Völkers New York

Engel & Völkers Rome

Engel & Völkers Dubai

Engel & Völkers Madrid

More than $104 billion worth of homes in the U.S. were sold to international buyers from April 2014 to March 2015 according to National Association of Realtors®. As a leading international organization originating from Europe, we are well positioned to meet global demand. 700+ boutique brokerages and growing.



Engel & Vรถlkers Bonita-Estero 26381 South Tamiami Trail #108 Bonita Springs FL 34134 239-405-7871

Engel & Vรถlkers Olde Naples 837 Fifth Avenue South #102 Naples FL 34102 239-692-9449


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Ryan Chiodo - The World's Finest Real Estate  
Ryan Chiodo - The World's Finest Real Estate