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Global Controllers (variables)

Three zones of suggestive growth

zone 1

zone 3

counter-clockwise orbit of L5 1 revolution around the earth in 28 earth days (same as moon) clockwise rotation in 28 day period consistant exposure to the sun view to earth daylight

zone 2

Site conditions and orbit


zone 1 - agricultural - maximum exposure to the sun zone 2 - residential - views to earth in daylight zone 3 - commercial - access from both industrial and residential



Global Controllers (variables) Spiral geometry for urban expansion L-system suggested growth along spiral geometry geometry responds to gravitational needs of inhabitants using growth behaviors from the queen conch shell (strombus gigas) capable of urban expansion keeps programmatic adjacencies creates opportunities for alternative circulation offers extra protection against radiation forms a cochlear interstitial space queen conch shell (strombus gigas)

geometry wireframe studies

Global Controllers (variables) Growth behaviors starts with a population of 150 people develops with an expanding cochlear geometry, to cater to urban growth

Program characteristics overlapping layers occur with a central core new programmatic adjacencies occur through layers zone 1 densifies along with growth zone 3 becomes more exclusive older layers are nearly completely engulfed by newer layers




origin - 150 people

1,000 people

10,000 people

density studies


Space Station Model