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5 Criteria That Will Make You Choose eVirtual Merchant If you are currently suffering from financial problems because of your customers’ complaints about your online business, you will be burdened with chargebacks that can bring forth a bad reputation to you and to your online business. A chargeback is provided by issuing banks as a way for customers to protect their credit cards from fraudulent transactions from the internet. To validate the customers’ disputes, the issuing banks investigate them after the customers file complaints. This type of situation marks the appearance of the virtual merchant such as eVirtual Merchant. With the presence of other issuing banks that deny customers’ requests for internet transactions because of fraud, the virtual merchant can be the solution for your online business and your financial problems for the following standards: 1. It financially secures the customers’ payment transactions through the internet. Virtual Merchant has SSL (Secure Socket Layers), an online security protocol that secures your customers’ online transactions. This type of protocol prevents scammers from obtaining your customers’ credit card information and from stealing their identities as the real cardholders. 2. It has a good reputation for helping business owners who have various online ventures. As long as your business is categorized under one or more of the 51 online industries that the virtual merchant can support, you can be assured that you will not encounter any difficulty processing your customers’ credit cards and other forms of electronic payment. These 51 online industries deal with products and services that range from watches to timeshares, from telemarketing to internet gambling, and from adult content to forex trading. 3. It allows business owners to easily process customers’ payments. Because credit card processing machines can leave your desk space cluttered with your customers’ payment receipts, the virtual merchant

turns your PC or tablet as your credit card terminal so that you can easily authenticate your customers’ payments for your business products or services that they have purchased. You can also easily send your customers’ receipts as e-mail attachments instead of printing, scanning, and then e-mailing them. Make sure that your PC or tablet has access to the internet before you can use it. 4. It offers 5 additional features that can help your online business succeed. For the first feature of the virtual merchant of eVirtual Merchant, major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa can be processed with no problems. The second feature is the live customer service. The third feature is the 3D secure processing that is included in the fraud prevention service. The fourth feature is that 160 currencies can be used to process payments from customers who are from different countries. The final feature is that its compliance with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) allows customers to access over 40 dominant online shopping carts after their credit card payments have been authorized. 5. It accepts other monetary equivalents aside from credit cards. The virtual merchant is capable of processing debit cards, gift cards, and electronic checks that are provided by your customers. You can use the live chat service of eVirtual Merchant, send an electronic mail, or call them to know more information about the products and services that are currently being offered by virtual merchant.

eVirtual Merchant Virtual Merchant  

eVirtual Merchant offers virtual merchant services for online businesses.

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