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What is PPC Pay-per-click is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers have to pay a certain amount of fee each time whenever their ads are clicked. Fundamentally, it’s a lucrative and innovative way to gain visits on site rather than getting visits organically.

Why PPC Do • Instant Result • Targeted • Pay Only for Performance • Timing

Step In PPC Work

Keyword Search There are Five Types of Keyword Search 

Brand Match

Exact Match

Phrase Match

Broad Match Modifier

Negative Keywords

Research: Business Goals

you must have a neat and clean business goal while looking forward to the constant growth rate.

What aretheadvantages of PPC • We get instant traffic from PPC • PPC traffic allows you to test the conversion rate • You can easily set a daily budget for your PPC campaign.

Disadvantage of Pay Per Click Adverti sing • PPC networks have been known to send questionable traffic from their networks. • PPC networks are a great way to drive traffic initially. • A lot of pay per click networks have quite an extensive screening process

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Once a visitor clicks on your add copy then finally redirected to the landing page and if your landing page is not reliable then visitor wil...