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September 2009

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Editor’s Note


The Legal Limit Author to Speak at AU by April Hawkins

Editor's Note

On Tuesday, September 22, at 5:18 pm, we will fall into a new season with progressively fewer daylight hours. What are you going to do when the temperature drops and the nights become longer? Keep in mind that this is a family magazine so the answer must be G-rated. I have a few suggestions. How about writing a book like Angela Harris did? She’s pictured on this month’s cover and her story is on page 4. Or listening to best-seller author Martin Clark talk about his latest book when he comes to Averett University? Read April Hawkins’ review of his book on page 3 and then think of some questions to ask him. Or attend the YWCA Book Reviews at the Danville Public Library on Tuesdays at noon? Or read Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen? It was the inspiration for a movie and motivated Annelle Williams to cook the recipe found on page 11. After you finish reading this free issue of Evince, go to the public library. There are 124,115 books at the Danville Public Library and thousands more at the county libraries waiting for you to take them home and enjoy ….and it won’t cost you a penny. Where else can you become connected to the world so easily and without cost? Like Linda Lemery says in Reflecting Forward on page 10, you just might become passionate about reading—and that’s something we like to talk about in a family magazine.

PS: Tell me what book you are reading this month. You can reach me at

OICE of women


Remembering the Wreck of the Old 97 by Carol Napier

Associate Editor Larry G. Aaron (434.792.8695)

Three Exhibits Open at the DMFAH by Lynne Bjarnesen

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5 She Said He Said / Pockets of Love by Dena Hill & Larry Oldham 8 Spotting Exceptional Customer Service by C.J. Medaglia 9

New Beginnings at Genesis by Joyce Wilburn

Daring Feats (Feet?) by Mark Wallace

Helping Your Community Never Tasted Butter; I Mean Better by Dave Slayton

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Trio to Perform at Opening of Local Music Academy by Joyce Wilburn 9-11 NYC Policeman to Perform in Danville by Jean Vernon

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10 Reflecting Forward / Why Read? by Linda Lemery 11


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4 Author Tells How to Do It All by Joyce Wilburn

Ve ince

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Do You Have a Hole in the Sole? by Liz Sater Around the Table / Julie & Julia by Annelle Williams


1: to constitute outward evidence of 2: to display clearly: reveal syn see SHOW

12 September Calendar 13 Second Thoughts / Strangers in the Night by Kim Clifton

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14 The Pencil Box / Suggestions for Sharpening the Mind by Suzanne Miller

Stay Married Forever / Listen with Your Eyes by Dr. Joey Faucette

Renowned Pianist Michael Adcock to Play at North Theatre by Linda Lawrence Dalton

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Evince Magazine September 09  

The September 09 issue of Evince Magazine.

Evince Magazine September 09  

The September 09 issue of Evince Magazine.