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Evince Magazine Pianist Michael Adcock Concert See story page 14 and ad on page 10.

September 26 & 27

Ride in the Heartland – Challenging to gentle terrain. 8 am. 434.248.6407. Old 97 Rail Days -See story page 4.

Upcoming Events Strangers in the Night October 2

Manhattan Concert SeeEven story Don’tPiano talk Trio to strangers. page

though my sister, Diane, and I have

September 27

October 2 (thru 4) both hit the half-century mark,

September 28

warning October 3 from our mother: “Don’t talk

Big Daddy Weave Concert See ad page 13.

Bosch Engineering Grand-Am KONI we never Challenge. VIR.leave town without this

Focus on Fixed Income –. 6:30 pm. Coates Rec Center. 434.797.8848.

strangers.” MaintoStreet Cruise-InToo bad it’s wasted Author Angela Harris book signing. See breath. story page …

September 29

Author Martin Clark Lecture See story page 3.

September 29 (thru October 4) Halifax County Fair – 9 am-5 pm.

September 30

Alzheimer’s Presentation – Stress Management for Caregivers. 12–1 pm. Craghead Street. 434.792.3700 x30.

Shriners Helping Children The Danville Shrine Club is selling programs at the football game between GWHS and E. C. Glass on Friday, September 11, at 7:30pm. Shriner hospitals provide free medical care to children with orthopedic and spinal cord problems, cleft and lip palates and severe burns. On Saturday, September 19, from 10am-1pm they are hosting a free screening at their center,134 Tunstall Road, to identify children under the age of 18 with orthopedic or burn problems who may be eligible for treatment. For more information call 434-822-8596 or visit

I don’t even talk to people I know.

October 4 chats with everyone she My sister

Daniel Rodriguez Concert - See story page.

meets. We often fly at night to get the cheapest rate to Orlando, where her sons live. While we go together, we sit apart because we both want aisle seats. That’s a problem for me because I’m stuck with two empty chairs and the hope they’ll stay that way. Unless Southwest™ announces that the flight is packed, I throw my jacket into one chair and my purse into the other. Then I open a book and pretend to read with such intensity that people hate to disturb me. Just to be sure, I also surround myself with stay-away vibes by silently chanting, don’t sit here... don’t sit here...don’t sit here. My sister, on the other hand, invites passengers to join her for 90 minutes of enthralling conversation. It always works. She ends up sharing photos and exchanging emails with these new friends. Meanwhile, I keep my head down, never making eye contact with a soul. To be as close as we are, Diane and I are incredibly different. We don’t look alike, or act alike, or dress

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Second T houghts by Kim Clifton ©2009

alike. As a kid, I was convinced I was either adopted or the product of a hospital mix-up. To this day, I would kill for a picture of our old mailman. I’ve always said that my memoirs should be entitled, Oh... and This Is Our Other Daughter, Kim. Not because my parents thought less of me, but because I always stood behind them. Outof-sight and out-of-mind was just fine by me, but not for Diane. When we enter a room, she hopes to find someone she knows. I hope to find that no one noticed. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like people because I do. And it's not that I don’t have anything to say because month after month this column proves I’ll speak my mind. It’s just that I’m not a talker. I’m a writer. I never use the phone if I can send an email or text message instead. I’m actually quite shy, so it flusters me to run into an old friend at the mall and have her leave with, “Let’s talk. Call me sometime.” That’s never going to happen. You’d have a better chance of

finding me pole-dancing at a strip joint. I guess in some ways, my sister and I do have one thing in common: reading, especially biographies. I like to read books about people and she likes to read people like a book. “Don’t talk to strangers,” our mother says. That’s such a hoot since Diane has yet to meet one… except for me, I mean. Because the truth is…her baby sister is stranger than fiction.

Evince Magazine September 09  

The September 09 issue of Evince Magazine.

Evince Magazine September 09  

The September 09 issue of Evince Magazine.