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Is Cancun Safe? Ok, Cancun safety. Is it safe to travel to Cancun? Is Cancun safe? These are all things that people seem to be wondering about nowadays because Cancun happens to be part of Mexico and certain parts of Mexico are all over the news and media as of late. I have been to Cancun 8 times so far. I would NOT be traveling to Cancun time after time if I didn't feel that Cancun was a safe place. I love Cancun, it is a wonderful, paradise with lots to do while on your vaction, or you can simply do nothing and just relax. Every place in this world has it's bad areas-I don't care where you go. That is the world in which we live today. If you go looking for bad people and bad things you will find people who wish to do you harm in some way. This can occur anywhere. Are you traveling to find 'bad' things? Are you looking for 'bad' people? NO, of course you aren't. The news media blows everything out of proportion. People hear crimes or killings/accidents in 'Mexico" and they think that means everywhere in Mexico. Mexico is a huge country, the last time I checked it was over 80 million people.

Drug Wars: This has been in the news alot lately. Drug wars between rival gangs or drug cartels. Guess what, this is going on in the USA and other countries as well. You just don't hear about it the same. When people think of Mexico they think 'vacation', 'relaxation', 'pampering', 'paradise'. so when they hear about all this drug related violence they think the worst.Somehow this drug violence has to be affecting their favorite vacation spot. There are certain Mexican states where this drug related violence is occurring. It certainly is not happening in downtown Cancun. If you search on the internet you will see that it is border type towns throughout Mexico- and tourists are not being targeted, they are targeting each other. In all my times of visiting Cancun, I have never not felt 'Safe' while visiting restaurants, shopping malls, laying on the gorgeous beaches etc. You have to be smart and use your head.

Being Smart Keeps You Safe - Anywhere! When visiting tourist areas ANYWHERE in the world, you have to be smart. Don't go wondering off the beaten path so to speak. What I mean is, it is always wise to stay in areas that the Tourists are frequenting. You want to treat people with respect and be friendly, not berate or belittle Mexican people, that will NOT make you any friends in Mexico. Stay in these well traveled areas and you will be fine. If you start looking for 'seedy' bad areas (not sure why you would) or you get involved in things you shouldn't (again not sure why you would) you will find bad people-ANYWHERE, even your home town. Just be smart, and everything will be ok. Plan Ahead: Plan ahead when you are making a day trip or a trip around Cancun. Get to know the area. Ask the Hotel staff the best areas to visit, best restaurants, prices for taxi fares etc. A couple bus rides around Cancun will get you familiar with the main areas. Carry Limited Cash: Again, there are people everywhere who may try to pick your pocket or take advantage of an opportunity. It has never happened to me in Cancun ever, but it can happen anywhere. I would simply carry limited cash on you to allow you to do everything you wish to do throughout night with no problems. Do Not Be Naive: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do not befriend people who seem exceptionally interested in you, unless you are in very public areas. Do not sound like you do not know anything about Mexico or Cancun. Get to know the area a bit and the Mexican culture. Stay with your family or groups of friends. Beach Safety: There are life guards on the beach (usually) for specific times. Respect their authority and listen to them when they identify unsafe conditions. They know the waters well in Cancun. The beaches usually will have 'colored flags' posted down the beach. The colors represent the conditions of the water, water currents and swimming conditions. *These are posted for your safety & to alert you to possible dangers of swimming in that area. GET TO KNOW THESE FLAG COLORS & WHAT THEY REPRESENT!!

Remember, this is the ocean. It's not a lake with fresh water fish. Ocean currents and waves can be intense and due to the salt water, you will get bounced around easily. Salt water makes you very buoyant. Know your swimming limitations and swimming abilities. Getting too brave can get you into problems that could be life threatening. Respect the ocean water. Lagoon Safety: The Nipchute lagoon is home to salt water crocodiles. No matter what anyone tells you, they are there. You will see signs when walking back from downtown that warn of crocodiles. Apparently, they do not come out during the day, but do come out at night. If you DO NOT believe me, visit Captain's Cove Restaurant at night and ask about the crocodiles that visit and get fed by them nightly. Last time I seen them they were probably 10 ft. and 12 ft. long or so. Anyways, point being, do not be stupid and go into the lagoon at night (not sure why anyone would do this), that is when the crocodiles like to be out. In closing, remember Cancun, Mexico. is not your hometown. Do not be naive to possible risks and dangers. Be sensible, get to know they area and be friendly to the locals and show respect for them and their country. If you do these things, you will be fine and have a wonderful vacation. *For More Great Travel Tips & Secrets Visit:

Is Cancun Safe?  

Traveling to Cancun? Worried about it's safety? Great information on Cancun's state of safety , Cancun Do's and don'ts while vacationing.

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