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The opening ceremony took place at the brand new luxurious Sheraton hotel. The front of the hotel was occupied with governmental cars, filled with strong men with automatic weapons. That could only mean one thing; there is a VIP in the house. The VIP during the opening ceremony of the European Youth Parliament Batumi international forum was vice prime-minster Giorgi Baramidze We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

For who forgot the opening ceremony already (maybe due to alcohol abuse). Here is a brief reminder: We were late, as always − The speech of the president was unexpected short − the best joke came from mr. Flowers. He was amazed about the Georgian driving skills “driving,


- It’s the second time you are in Batumi during a EYP session. Why is the EYP so important? The EYP is very important because its discuss different conflicts, also conflicts we are involved. It’s a very good way for youngsters to meet different people from around Europe. I see it as part of the globalised world. - Where you involved in a organization like this when you were young? Yes, At my university I was one of the founding members of the student organization that was against communism and Komsomol in particular. I wanted to be involved because I saw them as enemy, so I gave every free time for that. - Do you think participation in EYP will give participants a advantage during their career? Yes, for sure. These people are extremely clever. Participation in this process shows that they are ready to fight for some cases, like I did when I was young. So I think the people who are attending this forum are future prime-minsters, business leaders and opinion leaders. - You told a lot about the challenges Georgia faces in the near future, but what is the best Georgia achieved after the Rose revolution? I would say changing the mentality of the people and the fight agaist corruption. We are now one of the least corrupt countries in the world. I am very proud of that.

calling and praying at the very same time”. − The deputy minister of ministry of sport and youth affairs, Giorgi Avaliani read a speech about the importance of EYP. Just a few years ago he could participate as well, he is only 26 years old. by Just Hovens

by Just Hovens Greve

by Yegor Vlasenko

Energizing and entertaining team-building, effortful and tiring committee work, official and solid General Assembly – all these events and procedures are aimed at creating the inspirational working atmosphere in order to enable delegates from different countries to work on the most actual and challenging economical, political, social, and cultural problems as a team. During last 4 days the participants of the 3rd Batumi International Forum have successfully passed the stages of socialising, teamwork, general brainstorming, and shaping specific solutions. Taking into account the topic of the Forum – “Youth Voting for Peace”, it can be said that delegates already have solutions for the problems of consequences of The Arab Spring, conflicts in the South Caucasus, and even debt crisis in PIIGS countries. However, having a solution is not enough, as all ideas mentioned in the motions for resolutions have to be defended. The procedure of General Assembly is a challenge where you have to defend your points of view in open debates with other committees. If you win – the resolution passes. If you fail – all your efforts become waste and useless. EYP gladiators, uniformed in suits and armed with resolution booklets,

decisively accepted the challenge. It all started at 11.30 (in fact at 12.10) on the arena (conference hall of Batumi State University), under the strict control of strict judges (Members of the Session Board). This impartial panel, energized with Red Bull, cleared the rules governing the challenge, and, finally, AFET I could start defending their vision of the events of Arab Spring. Despite numerous lunges (Points of personal privilege), heavy attacks (attack speech), and slight wounds (4 rounds of debates), AFET I defended its dignity (statements mentioned in the operative clauses) and finished the debates with majority of votes ‘in favor’. Having a strategy of dealing with the events of Arab Spring, the GA challenge moved to LIBE. Tragic attacks in Norway, violation of human rights, the invasion of immigrants, FRONTEX, and the Treaty of Lisbon – EYPers are never afraid of facing tough problems. Reading, defense speech, 2(!) attack speeches, numerous questions, confident sum-up, voting – most in favor. Congrats, LIBE! The challenge continues…


by Vass Khurtsilava

A LOT OF PED, MAKES YOU MAD! After an EYP event,when you get home, you may notice the occurrence of new sensations caused by the some kind of EYP homesickness. These symptoms manifest themselves as a syndrome, the EYP Syndrome. In this article I will give a quick overview of the most common elements of this, and the EYP symptoms. PED – Post EYP Depression, better know as PED, is one the things that hits you the hardest when you get back. Suddenly you get back into real life, and realize how boring it is without “AleleQuitaPonga”, “Hi Ha Hu” etc. You are constantly thinking about your last session, and every time you wake up you ask yourself what you are doing in your room alone. Where are all the sleeping bags filled with good friends? PED normally lasts from 2 weeks till one month, but there are known cases in which the PED lasted for more then six months. In many cases PED leads to a nasty Facebook addiction. Symptoms: Walking around in your house not knowing what to do, listening to Imagine by John Lennon more then ten times a day, endlessly checking Facebook photo albums. Perhaps nice to know, PED means sanitary towel in Turkish. In EYP Georgia‘s history PED has a very honorable place between us. We are making parties, entertaining events which are mostly promoted by new and old EYP-ers.

by Tatia Dolidze

EYP AND YOU The European Youth Parliament? Sounds so imperative, even makes you fearful, doesn’t it? You have heard that it is an opportunity to enhance skills like decision-making, critical thinking, teamwork…- from diplomacy to speech-making and headship, from writing and editorial experience to project management; It will prove to be factual. Participants raise their awareness of European issues, they feel encouraged to increase their active democratic citizenship; EYP-ers experience and appreciate intercultural dialogue and they build their personal skills up and competences. Now, do you really think you know what EYP is about? Just wait until you “sit” on the Big Fat Pony, “jump” with Funky chicken and wonder:” who the hell is Zulu?” Yes, at that time, you will be sensitive to the EYP spirit! But wait, I have to warn you! It is addictive! Yet EYP is not “La Vie en Rose”. When committee works take off, you will knowhow. Anyhow, if you are a young person, open-minded to other thoughts, views, cultures and people; if you have interest in issued that affect the society we live in and simply, if you appreciate the value of fun, you found the right place! Initiatives like the European Youth Parliament are essential for the linkage of the European nations and for “cultivating” a new generation of true Europeans. We strongly encourage all youngsters to be actively involved in our sessions and generally, in sociopolitical life. As for you, my dear delegates, believe me, EYP can offer you as much as you are ready to take. Challenge yourself!

by Andro Chankvetadze


We are young, we are strong, we have our opinion on everything, we don’t give a button (maybe just sometimes), we dislike limits, and try to break trough them – we are EYPers. But the fact is that the walls time by time turn to be useful, HOT not to go NOT. Here are advices for the newcomers (who by the way are many on this session) what to do or avoid doing during your future EYP activities. First of all, be as active as possible, in a positive definition of the word, of course: sing, dance, act, joke at the EuroConcerts, which unfortunately was missing this time, maybe also be a lil’ bit show sometimes, Of course don’t forget main reason of your presence at the session – being as actively involved in the committee work as possible, because every single idea is worth to be discussed, and who knows, maybe it yours will be the basis of your future resolution… We all love parties, and parties do love us; we love alcohol, but does alcohol love us? Maybe yes, or not, depending on quantity. Don’t want to be in a role of advisor, but watch out, there’s a possibility to be expelled from the session, or at least you’ll have to pay for the medical service (from the personal experience!) Be polite, don’t be rude, no matter you’re a delegate or the high end official. Take the maximum control on your anger management center in your brain. Because EYP is a peaceful organization, even the anthem of the organization speaks for it – Imagineby John Lennon. My advice to the delegates would be to enjoy being themselves, because this is the most pleasing and careless position at the session. But after a while, feel free for applying for official, and alongside with this, don’t forget aboutthe responsibility, that will amplify with this :)





An argument you had at school, a fight you got into in a bar, a war which caused many people suffer… Whichever situation you consider, ‘violation of peace’ is everywhere. In order to reduce the frequency of those violations, human race has found some ways to express its support for peace. Here are the most common peace symbols that were used until 2011 and seem to be used for many more years. Olive Branch Based on Greek playwright Aristophanes’ plays, the use of olive branch as a peace symbol is believed to start in the 5th century BCE. According to ancient Greeks, olive trees drive away evil spirits. The branch is considered to have its meaning from that ideology.

The Peace Sign

The Dove Carrying an Olive Branch Early Christians in Rome used a dove with an olive branch in its beak as an allegory of peace. In the earliest Christian art, what it represented was the peace of the soul, not civil peace, but from the third century the dove began to be shown in situations of social conflicts.

The internationally recognized symbol for peace, designed for the British nuclear disarmament movement in 1958, was actually the badge of CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament). In Britain, wearing this symbol meant showing your support for the campaign. Somehow, the symbol spread beyond CND and was welcomed by the supporters of peace all around the world. In 1970s, Student Peace Union bought the patent of the symbol officially as the symbol of peace.


The V Sign The well known V sign is a hand gesture. It had been used to represent victory during the Second World War. The sign was used in protests in the USA against the Vietnam War and in subsequent anti-war protests. Later on, it was adopted as a sign of peace.

by Yaprak Damla Yıldırım

EYP forever! The world of EYP is a magical place and observing its inhabitants you immediately notice the difference between EYPer and ordinary person. EYPers all around are more confident, more intelligent, more open-minded and free, and, most of all, they are truly united in their love for EYP. For those of you who had the thrill of experiencing EYP for the first time at Batumi International Forum, and for those who’s been addicted to EYP for quite some time already it should be clear by now that once you are an EYPer you are in it for a long run. From regional and national sessions to international forums and sessions you grow and learn. From delegates to journalists, chairs, and organizers you develop and make the world a little bit better and happier place for all of us. So it is totally worth the effort. Some of you may still be a little overwhelmed by the extraordinary teambuilding games and intensity of committee work, but in a few days you’ll be remembering it and missing all that tremendously. In EYP we call this state Post EYP Depression, or, simply PED. There’s no real way to avoid it but, there are definitely ways to make it easier and productive. The process of befriending each other on Facebook usually takes up to two weeks, plus, exchanging photos, than, commenting photos, and then commenting those comments, and so on. With it you can easily survive till the next session! Choosing “Imagine” as your ringtone may help too. But, the main and most effective self-help in critical cases of PED, is making EYP a permanent part of your life. That’s how you’ll never have to feel like you are leaving this magical land of EYP, where you can easily imagine all the people sharing the entire world.

by Lyubov Dvoretska

EYPeace 2 issue  
EYPeace 2 issue  

The Second Issue of Official Newspaper of the 3d Batumi International Forum