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Elevation Income Bonus: Over $19,500 In Bonuses!?!? HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS! Because we’re going to give you OVER-THE-TOP levels of value with our Elevation Income bonuses when you purchase this program through our affiliate link here. Why Would We Put Together All Of These Bonuses? Easy. We make a commission on each sale that we make. And yes, we MUST get credit for the sale for you to get the bonuses. So clear your cookies, use a new email, or do whatever you gotta do to make sure we get credit because we’re gonna HOOK YOU UP, SON! We STRONGLY believe in Mike’s products. We know you’re going to love it. Might as well put together some SICK bonuses for you as an incentive and make some commissions. #BOOM! 1.

Full transparency: the people taking this course (ie – YOU) are our ideal prospects for our consulting business. My business partner (Eric Wilkes) and I (Adam Holland) have created over 30 products and launched them online over the past few years. We’ve helped others launch their products and services too (one of my students did over $14,000 in 10 days for her very first product launch with virtually NO JV partners, so she got to keep all the profit!) If you’re interested in getting your product to market ASAP and you want to experience results FAST, click the below link for the traffic strategy session. 2.

Our bonuses will help you through the process that the Elevation Income product teaches. If you don’t have the time (or you’d rather have the experts design and build your sales funnel – including sales copy, graphics, content, and even MARKETING and MORE) and want to discuss outsourcing 3.

it to us, COMPLETE THIS TRAFFIC APPLICATION and you’ll hear back from us within 1-2 business days.

A Brief Warning: All Bonuses Are NOT Created Equal I’ve seen ALOT of product launches where affiliates fight over sales and offer more and more crazy bonuses. Here’s the problem… Not all bonuses are created equal. What I mean is that (in the past) I would come across an affiliate site that has “$75,000″ in bonuses, so naturally I’d get the bonuses from whoever was “giving the most away.” Sounds logical, right? The problem was when I actually claimed the bonuses that were worth “$75,000″ I discovered that most of them were Private Label Rights (PLR) products that you could find online for pennies on the dollar. Crap, huh!? The next issue is: do you REALLY need dozens of ebooks, additional video courses, and piles of software to get the job done? Probably not. And when you get access to all of those resources, will you actually spend the time to go through them? Probably not. And will those bonuses actually HELP YOU, or confuse and overwhelm you? It’ll probably be the latter. This is why we’re not going to be throwing in any random ebooks, wordpress plugins, or any other random useless crap just to “pad” the value of our bonuses. So regardless of the number used in the “$xx,000″ in bonuses below – ALL of the bonuses are meant to get you closer to launching your business and maximizing your results. #truth #enoughsaid #iknowhashtagsdontworkhere Alright, let’s get to it…


Elevation Income Bonus #1: CUSTOM Sales Funnel Blueprint ($10,000 value) *** Limited to the first 3 buyers only! ***

Let’s make a quick comparison… The FIRST product launch I ever did (back in 2008) I launched an inexpensive audio product and a video/ebook course I had created. That product probably make me under $3,000 over the course of 12 months. And considering it took me 200+ hours to create, that equates to under $15/hr. Not exactly what I had in mind when I set out to create financial freedom with my internet business. The LATEST product launch I did was a few months ago. It was a SMALL, internal launch to my own (dusty, old) list. We did a little Facebook marketing too, but that only accounted for 5 sales total. This launch equated to $3,000 in UP FRONT income and an additional $60,000 in business just in the last 2 months (and we’ll continue to make money from this tiny but very TARGETED list of BUYERS.) The difference? Having the experience and expertise to create a professional and PROFITABLE sales funnel.

If you want to meet the needs of your prospects effectively, and get paid handsomely to do so – without guilt, then you’d better have your index finger on your mouse button ready to click BUY when Elevation Income opens the shopping cart on October 15th! Because the first 3 people to buy Elevation Income through our affiliate link will have asales funnel consultation (up to 120 minutes) with myself (Adam Holland) AND my business partner, Eric Wilkes. We’ll dissect everything you’ve done over the course of the EVI training and create the best possible (and most profitable) sales funnel blueprint for YOUR product that we can. We’ll record this coaching session and send it to you to keep.

We’ll give you sales copy ideas, help you overcome technical obstacles with your autoresponder, shopping cart, or tracking/testing code. We can give you marketing ideas, traffic sources, and even connect you with our JV broker – or anyone else we may know in your niche to get you more TRAFFIC! This is PRICELESS!!! LEARN HOW TO GET ACCESS HERE!

Elevation Income Bonus #2: Sales Funnel Critique ($5,000 value) *** Limited to the first 10 buyers only! ***

When you’re done going through the course and you’ve implemented the steps to creating your own product, you can have us (Eric Wilkes and I) critique everything you’ve done on a 60 minute coaching session. Copywriting, graphics, marketing campaigns, your sales funnel – we’ll give you all the feedback you need to boost your conversions and skyrocket your traffic! CLARIFICATION: the first bonus for 3 people is meant to be done about halfway to 75% through the course as you’re implementing what you learn. Those 3 people get the initial coaching session (up to 120 minutes). Those 3 people will ALSO get bonus #2, which means as they implement our blueprint from bonus #1 they’ll be able to get ANOTHER 60 minutes with Eric and I when they’re about ready to launch. Then we can tweak their sales funnel even more! SERIOUSLY! Make sure you’re one of the first 3, or at LEAST first 10 buyers to take advantage of this! LEARN HOW TO GET ACCESS HERE!

Elevation Income Bonus #3: Info-Product Sales Funnel Blueprint Workshop ($3,000 value)

*** Limited to the first 25 buyers only! ***

This will be an exclusive, closed-doors online workshop where I’ll dissect several of our sales funnels so you can see just how we CONVERT our leads into BUYERS. This showcase will go over topics such as: How to build trust and make more sales • The RIGHT WAY to pre-sell your traffic • The secret to turning a low-ticket product into 6 figures • The single strategy that will turn your new leads into buyers… within 7 days of them first discovering your website! • And more!!! This workshop will happen mid-November. You won’t want to miss it! •


Elevation Income Bonus #4: Essential Premium Webinars ($1,000 value) *** Limited to the first 50 buyers only! ***

Every 3-6 months I put together a premium (ie – PAID) webinar where I go over my best business-building strategies, what we’re doing to increase traffic and sales, new traffic sources, and MORE. These webinars are always priced at $97 and then jump in price to $297 after they close. The webinars often go 2-4 hours of pure content and contain the best “golden nuggets” of business and marketing knowledge being used in our business today. You get access to a PILE of these webinars, including: • • •

“Steal My Internet Business” premium webinar State of the Internet: What’s Working Now premium webinar 3x Conversion Formula

And more… Example “slice” of content: in my latest training I revealed a blog/content layout that’s getting impressive optin rates AND 4 new traffic sources that we’re getting clicks as cheap as 7 cents per click. Also know that these traffic sources have MILLIONS of impressions and TENS OF THOUSANDS of DAILY clicks available… so you don’t have to worry about running out of high quality traffic here!! •


Elevation Income Bonus #5: Millionaire Mindset Videos ($500 value) *** ALL BUYERS get access to this bonus! ***

I’ve created some bad-ass training videos over the last 6 years online, if I do say so myself… These videos are what I refer to as the “ESSENTIAL” ones, because they set up the foundation for your business in terms of mindset, expectations, and more. This is why we’re going to provide these videos to ALL buyers that purchase Elevation Income through our affiliate link. LEARN HOW TO GET ACCESS HERE!

*** Elevation Income SUPER Bonus: TBA *** This super-secret bonus cannot be revealed until later in the launch, but it will be the most valuable of ALL of the above bonuses… it give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace… and EVERYONE that buys through our affiliate link will get access. (We don’t want other affiliates to try and copy this, so we’ve got to hold this card and lay it on the table at the right time.

How To “Qualify” & Get Access To These Bonuses Step 1: Clear your cookies and you’ll probably want to get a new email just to make sure we get credit as affiliates. READ: the reason we’re giving you free stuff is because we get an affiliate commission. (duh! Step 2: USE THIS LINK ONLY when purchasing Elevation Income. This is our affiliate link. <<<

Step 3: Forward your receipt to: adamholland [at] NOTE: You will get access to the bonuses AFTER the refund period expires! If you’re one of the first buyers and get the coaching/consulting/services-type bonuses, you’ll want to wait until later in the EVI course to get our consulting anyways! We also don’t want to overload you with information, so expect the bonuses to be rolled out over the course of several weeks so you can have time to APPLY what you’re learning! Our main goal is to make sure you move your business forward and GET RESULTS. So if you’re an action-taker and you’re excited to get our input and resources as you build your kick-ass business, you’ll be GLAD we set this up like this. Let’s rock! Adam Holland