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˘1992, 2001 WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA Does God Really Care About UsH ˘1992, 2001 Wachtturm Bibel- und TraktatGesellschaft der Zeugen Jehovas, e.V. Selters/Taunus * a*Y\Y WS /1W1 \- 4*+\bSbaq \ Z*aH 4/*ZS1B \Vbq+`n 6>58 -\/* 1a]W*bZ\D 'b\ S4/*ZS1 P h*abn ,a1YS`Z\y +S+W1yaV\y ]`\a,1bSb1WnZ\y /1qb1WnZ\abSE V\b\`*q ]`\,\/Sbaq f`SabS*ZaVSYS ,S/1b1WqYS 1-\,m S ]\//1`3S,*1baq /\+`\,\WnZmYS ]\31`b,\,*ZSqYS ˚aWS Z1 dV*4*Z\ SZ*h1E +S+W1yaVS1 gSb*bm ,4qbm S4 SZ\/*WnZ\-\ ]1`1,\/* Does God Really Care About Us? Russian (dg-U) Made in Germany

/1W*Z\ , 1`Y*ZSS Druck und Verlag: WachtturmOGesellschaft, Selters/Taunus

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* a*Y\Y WS /1W1 \- 4*+\bSbaq \ Z*aH ˛1YWqE \a,\+\3/1ZZ*q \b ab`*/*ZSy *V Ym Y\31Y d4Z*bnE hb\ \- adk1ab,d1b \- a\\+k*1b Z*Y \ a,\Sf Z*Y1`1ZSqf

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`\,\y ,\yZmE V\-/* YSWWS\Zm +mWS d+Sbm Z*gSab*YSE +mW Z*ab\WnV\ \]1h*W1Z ab`*O /*ZSqYSE V\b\`m1 ,S/1WE hb\ aV*4*WB w˚aWS +m ,m Y\-WS WS4Zdbn Y\1 a1`/g1E b\ ,m +m \b`*,SWSanxD 8 b*VE YZ\-SY Wp/qY Z1]\ZqbZ\E ]\h1O Yd 31 f\`\jSy \- /\]daV*1bE hb\+m ]`\O Saf\/SW\ ]W\f\1D ZS a\YZ1,*pbaq , b\YE hb\ \Z Z* a*Y\Y /1W1 4*+\bSbaq \ ZSfE SWS /*31 , b\YE hb\ \Z ,\\+k1 adk1ab,d1bD  YZ\-S1 S4 ZSf /dY*pbE hb\ ab`*/*ZSq +dO /db ,a1-/* h*abnp h1W\,1h1aV\y 3S4ZSD

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˛˚)E  ˝˙˚)   ˙ • ˙  YSWWS\Zm Wp/1y ]\ ,a1Yd YS`d SY1pb a\,1`j1ZZ\ SZ\y ,4-Wq/D ZS ,SO /qb ,]1`1/S /Wq h1W\,1h1ab,* d/S,Sb1WnO Z\1 +d/dk11D ZS db,1`3/*pbE hb\ ]`qY\ 4/1anE Z* 41YW1E aV\`\ +d/1b YS`E ]\WZ\aO bnp \a,\+\3/1ZZmy \b 4W* S ab`*/*ZSyD ZS d,1`1ZmE hb\ ,a1 ]W\f\1 +d/1b aV\`\ d/*W1Z\ S +d/1b dab*Z\,W1Z a\,1`j1ZZ\ Z\O ,my YS`D ZS /*31 db,1`3/*pbE hb\ \aZ\O ,*ZS1 ob\-\ Z\,\-\ YS`* 4*VW*/m,*1baq d31 , Z*j1 ,`1YqD 6 'bS Wp/S ,1`qbE hb\ Z\,my YS` +d/1b a,\+\/ZmY \b ,\yZmE 31ab\V\abSE ]`1abd]O W1ZSyE Z1a]`*,1/WS,\abS S ZSk1bmD 'b\ +dO /1b YS` +14 +\W14Z1yE -\`qE aW14 S /*31 5E 6D *V\-\ SZ\-\ ,4-Wq/* ]`S/1`3S,*pbaq YZ\O -S1 Wp/SH


aY1`bSD b\ ,`1Yq Wp/S ab*Zdb a\,1`j1ZO ZmYS S +d/db ,1hZ\ 3Sbn , ah*abn1 Z* `*yaV\y 41YW1D ˙*31 dY1`jS1 +d/db ,\aO V`1j1Zm S +d/db SY1bn ,\4Y\3Z\abn 3Sbn ,1hZ\I 7 ),Wq1baq WS ob\b ,4-Wq/ b\WnV\ Y1hO b\yE b\WnV\ 31W*1YmYE ,m/*,*1YmY 4* /1yab,Sb1WnZ\abnH 1bE ZSaV\WnV\D Z dbO ,1`3/*1baq Z* V`1]V\ \+\aZ\,*ZZ\y ,1`1E hb\ ob\b `*y Z1]`1Y1ZZ\ Z*abd]Sb L˚,`1qY 55B5MD \h1Yd \ZS b*V d,1`1ZmH \b\Yd hb\ ob\ \+1k*W ,a1Y\-dkSy \4/*b1Wn ,a1W1ZO Z\yD 8 \bZ\j1ZSS \+1k*ZSy \-* S+WSq -\,\`SbB w1 \ab*W\an bk1bZmY ZS \/Z\ aW\,\ S4 ,a1f /\+`mf aW\,E V\b\`m1 -\,\O `SW \ ,*a \a]\/nE \- ,*jC ,a1 a+mW\an /Wq ,*aE ZS \/Z\ aW\,\ Z1 \ab*W\an Z1O Sa]\WZS,jSYaqxD w\- Z1 h1W\,1VE hb\+m ˚Yd W-*bn D D D Z WS aV*31bE S Z1 a/1W*1bH +d/1b -\,\`SbnE S Z1 Sa]\WZSbHx w VWqbO ,\p -\,\`Sb \a]\/n *,*\eB V*V ) ]\YmaO WSWE b*V S +d/1bC V*V ) \]`1/1WSWE b*V S a\O ab\Sbaqx LSada *,SZ 67B58C SaW* 67B5=C a*Sq 58B68MD 9 /Z*V\E 1aWS Z*Y1`1ZS1Y \-* +mW\ a\4/*ZS1 41YZ\-\ `*qE b\ ]\h1Yd 31 \Z ]`13/1 /\]dabSWE hb\+m ]`\Saf\/SW\ ab\WnV\ ]W\f\-\H ˛*h1Y \Z 3/*W j1abn bmO aqh W1bE hb\+m b1]1`n dab`*ZSbn ,a1 ]W\O f\1H \-WS +m ,a1 b1 ab\W1bSq ab`*/*ZSy \4Z*h*bnE hb\ \- , /1yab,Sb1WnZ\abS \ Z*a Z1 4*+\bSbaq SWS hb\ \Z /*31 Z1 adk1O ab,d1bH

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d/S,Sb1WnZmf \a\+1ZZ\ab1y 3S,\y VW1bVSD a,\1y VZS-1 Evolution: A Theory in Crisis L',\WpgSqB b1\`Sq , V`S4Sa1M dh1Zmy , \+O W*abS Y\W1VdWq`Z\y +S\W\-SS *yVW Ë&#x2122;1ZO b\Z 4*q,Wq1bB wË&#x2122;*31 a*Ym1 ]`\abm1 S4 ,a1f adk1ab,dpkSf a1-\/Zq Z* 41YW1 3S,mf aSab1Y P VW1bVS +*Vb1`Sy P q,Wqpbaq h`14,mh*yZ\ aW\3ZmYS \+l1Vb*YSD \bq a*Ym1 V`\j1hZm1 VW1bVS +*Vb1`Sy Z1,1`\O qbZ\ Y*Wm D D D V*3/*q S4 ZSfE ]\ adbSE q,O Wq1baq Z*ab\qk1y YSV`\YSZS*bp`Z\y e*O +`SV\yE a\/1`3*k1y bmaqhS a\,1`j1ZZmY \+`*4\Y aV\Zab`dS`\,*ZZmf h*ab1y aW\3O Z\-\ Y\W1VdWq`Z\-\ Y1f*ZS4Y* D D D Z*YZ\O -\ +\W11 aW\3Z\-\E h1Y Wp+\y a/1W*ZZmy h1W\,1V\Y Y1f*ZS4YE S *+a\WpbZ\ Z1 SY1pO k1-\ *Z*W\-SS , Z13S,\y Y*b1`SSxD 55 *a*qan -1Z1bSh1aV\-\ V\/* V*3/\y \b/1WnZ\y VW1bVSE \Z 4*q,Wq1bB w]\a\+O Z\abn Ë&#x2122; f`*ZSbn SZe\`Y*gSp Z*YZ\-\ ]`1,mj*1b a]\a\+Z\abn Wp+\y /`d-\y S4O ,1abZ\y aSab1YmC \Z* Z*ab\WnV\ oee1VbS,O Z*E hb\ ,aq SZe\`Y*gSqE Z1\+f\/SY*q /Wq a]1gSeSgS`\,*ZSq b*V\-\ aW\3Z\-\ \`-*O ZS4Y*E V*V h1W\,1VE ,1aSb Y1Z11 Z1aV\WnO VSf bmaqh YSWWS\ZZmf \/Z\-\ -`*YY* D D D a`*,Z1ZSS a fSb`\dYZ\abnp S aW\3Z\aO bnpE V\b\`dp /1Y\Zab`S`d1b Y\W1VdWq`Zmy 3S,\y Y1f*ZS4YE /*31 Z*jS a*Ym1 ]1`1/\O ,m1 S4\+`1b1ZSq V*3dbaq Z1dVWp3SYSD m hd,ab,d1Y a,\p ZShb\3Z\abnxD

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Ë&#x2122;*` \-* ;

S+WSq P a*Y*q `*a]`\ab`*Z1ZZ*q VZS-* , Sab\`SSD mW\ Z*]1h*b*Z\ \V\O W\ b`1f YSWWS*`/\, oV41Y]Wq`\,D SV*V*q /`d-*q VZS-* Z1 ]`S+WS3*1baq V ob\y gSeO `1D S+WSq SWS 11 h*abS +mWS b*V31 ]1`1O ,1/1Zm ]`S+WS4Sb1WnZ\ Z* 6 >>> q4mV\,D *VSY \+`*4\YE ]\ ]`S+WS4Sb1WnZ\y \g1ZO V1E S+WSq /\abd]Z* =< ]`\g1Zb*Y Z*a1W1O ZSq Z*j1y ]W*Z1bmD < )aZ\E hb\ VZS-*E V\b\`*q 4*q,Wq1bE 8E 9D b\ /1W*1b S+WSp b*V\y dZSV*WnZ\y VZS-\yH :D \h1Yd Ym Y\31Y +mbn d,1`1ZmE hb\ a\,`1Y1ZO Z*q S+WSq , a,\1y \aZ\,1 b*V*q 31E V*V S , b\ ,`1YqE V\-/* 11 ,/\fZ\,SW \-H ;D *V jS`\V\ `*a]`\ab`*Z1Z* S+WSqH <Q5>D *V\,m Z1V\b\`m1 ]`ShSZmE ]\ V\b\`mY S+WSq /\ab\yZ* Z*j1-\ SaaW1/\,*ZSqH


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Ë&#x2122;Ë&#x161;%â&#x20AC;¢ Ë&#x2122;  Ë&#x2122;% 

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   Ë&#x2122;Ë&#x161;Ë&#x161;  Ë&#x203A;)  H

\4/*b1Wn /*W h1W\,1h1ab,d a\,1`j1ZZ\1 Z*h*W\D

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   Ë&#x2122;Ë&#x161;Ë&#x161;  Ë&#x203A;)  H

= /Z*V\ +mW* WS g1Wnp \-* Z1\-`*O ZSh1ZZ*q a,\+\/* ,\WSH \\+`*4S a1+1 4*O -`d31ZZmy b`*Za]\`b\Y -\`\/ +14 /\`\3O Zmf ]`*,SWE -/1 V*3/my 1/1b , Wp+\Y Z*]`*,W1ZSS a Wp+\y aV\`\abnpD \b1W +m bm 1f*bn ]`S b*VSf daW\,SqfH 1bE ob\ +mW* +m /\`\3Z*q *Z*`fSqE V\b\`*q ]`S,1O W* +m V\ YZ\-SY *,*`SqYD 5> *V 31 \+ab\Sb /1W\ S a /*`\Y \-* P a,\+\/\y ,\WSD 1\-`*ZSh1ZZ*q a,\+\/* \4O Z*h*W* +m *Z*`fSp , \+k1ab,1D Ë&#x2122;\W3Zm adO k1ab,\,*bn 4*V\ZmE `1-dWS`dpkS1 h1W\,1h1O aVS1 /1yab,SqI W\,\ \-* -\,\`SbB w 1/Sb1 a1+q V*V a,\+\/Zm1 Wp/SE S ZSV\-/* Z1 ]\Wn4dyb1an ,*j1y a,\+\/\y /Wq \]`*,/*O ZSq 4W*x L5 1b`* 6B5:E The Jerusalem Bible 1`da*WSYaV*q S+WSqMD \- f\h1bE hb\+m `*/S \+k1-\ +W*-* a,\+\/* ,\WS Z*f\/SO W*an ]\/ V\Zb`\W1YD Z f\b1WE hb\+m Ym SY1WS Z1 ]\WZdpE * \bZ\aSb1WnZdp a,\+\O /dE ]\/hSZ1ZZdp ]`*,\]\`q/VdD

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nSY 4*V\Z*Y Ym /\W3Zm +mWS ]\/O hSZqbnaqH aW1/dpk1y h*abS abSf* , 5 1b`* 6B5: LJBM -\,\`SbaqB w m ZSV\Yd =E 5>D \h1Yd d]\b`1+W1ZS1 a,\+\/m ,\WS /\W3Z\ ]`*,SWnZ\ `1-dWS`\,*bnaqH 55D nSY 4*V\Z*Y Ym /\W3Zm +mWS ]\/hSZqbnaqH


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bmE b\ Ym ]\WdhSY ]\,`13/1ZSq SWS `*O 4\+n1Yaq Z*aY1`bnD ˚aWS Ym S-Z\`S`d1Y ,Zdb`1ZZS1 4*V\Zm Z*j1-\ \`-*ZS4Y* S ]`1V`*bSY ]`SZSY*bn ]SkdE ]Sbn ,\/d SWS ,/mf*bn ,\4/dfE b\ Ym dY`1YD 58 1a\YZ1ZZ\E hb\ b*V 31E V*V Ym +mWS a\b,\`1Zm a Z1\+f\/SY\abnp ]\/hSZqbnaq eS4Sh1aVSY 4*V\Z*Y \-*E Ym +mWS b*V31 a\b,\`1Zm a Z1\+f\/SY\abnp ]\/hSZqbnaq \3nSY Y\`*WnZmY S a\gS*WnZmY 4*V\Z*Y L*be1q 8B8MD p/S Z1 +mWS a\b,\`1ZmE hb\+m +mbn Z14*,SaSYmYS \b Sf \Zab`dVO b\`* S \/Z\,`1Y1ZZ\ SY1bn da]1fD `\`\V 1`1YSq -\,\`SbB w1 ,\ ,W*abS S/dk1-\ /*,*bn Z*]`*,W1ZS1 ab\]*Y a,\SYD *V*4mO ,*y Y1ZqE \a]\/Sx L1`1YSq 5>B67E 68MD \O ob\YdE Wp/S ,\ ,a1f \bZ\j1ZSqf +mWS a\O b,\`1Zm b*VE hb\+m 3Sbn ]\/ d]`*,W1ZS1Y \-*E * Z1 ]\/ a,\SY a\+ab,1ZZmYD 59 \/hSZ1ZS1 4*V\Z*Y \-* Z1 /\W3Z\ +mW\ +mbn +`1Y1Z1Y /Wq Z*jSf ]`*`\/Sb1O W1yD *\+\`\bE \Z\ /\W3Z\ +mW\ a\/1yab,\O ,*bn Sf ]`\g,1b*ZSpE * b*V31 ,a1y h1O W\,1h1aV\y a1YnSD ˚aWS +m ]1`,*q ]*`* \ab*W*an , ]`1/1W*f \-`*ZSh1ZSy \3nSf 4*V\Z\,E ,a1 +mW\ +m +W*-\]\WdhZ\D m +m a1yh*a 3SWS , hd/1aZ\Y `*p Z*aW*3/1O ZSq V*V Wp+qk*qE \+l1/SZ1ZZ*q h1W\,1h1O aV*q a1YnqI 1 +mW\ +m 4W*E ab`*/*ZSy S aY1`bSD 58D bVd/* Ym 4Z*1YE hb\ Wp/S Z1 +mWS a\b,\`1ZmE hb\+m +mbn Z14*,SaSYmYS \b \-*H 59D ˙\W3Zm WS +mWS 4*V\Zm \-* +mbn /Wq /*Y* S ˚,m +`1Y1Z1YH

*abn : 

 ˚  ˙   ˙ )

 ˝˚ aWdhSW\anH b\ Sa]\`bSW\ ]`1V`*aO Z\1 Z*h*W\E /*`\,*ZZ\1 \-\Y Z*jSY ]`*O `\/Sb1WqY , ˚/1YaV\Y a*/dH \h1Yd ,Y1O ab\ `*yaV\-\ YS`* S -*`Y\ZSS , b1h1ZS1 bmaqh1W1bSy -\a]\/ab,dpb 4W\ S ab`*/*O ZSqH 5E 6D *V Z*jS ]`*`\/Sb1WS Sa]\`bSWS ]`1V`*aZ\1 Z*h*W\E V\b\`\1 /*`\,*W SY \-H

   ˙˚˚  ˛)  H

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   Ë&#x2122;Ë&#x161;Ë&#x161;  Ë&#x203A;)  H


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На самом ли деле Бог заботится о нас?  

Возможно, когда-нибудь в своей жизни ты спрашивал: "Если существует Бог, который на самом деле о нас заботится, то почему он допускает так м...

На самом ли деле Бог заботится о нас?  

Возможно, когда-нибудь в своей жизни ты спрашивал: "Если существует Бог, который на самом деле о нас заботится, то почему он допускает так м...