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Thinking of modern art By Evgeniy Arbatov (

After recently visiting exhibitions of modern art I want to reflect on what the modern art means and what I like about it. The picture of the modern art I have is that of art consisting of sound and video, using common-place objects, resulting in abstract and sometimes bizarre installations. A mind open art. Each artwork is individual, personal way of looking at things. One way out of many. The more elements there are, the greater are the opportunities for choice. One of the common elements of modern art is the use of abstraction. Anyone looking at the work of art is encouraged to use their imagination to complete the missing elements. Personally, I prefer more details also as this allows for a greater puzzle. I particularly enjoy the exhibits of modern art with which I can interact by moving their parts to create new art works. I think such physical interaction with art is important as today’s work becomes more intellectual and abstract business. If there is one positive development from the so-called information overload it is that I find myself ready for more knowledge, bigger variety and more of modern art. There is a lot of data available and I want to make sense of it by looking at the works of art. There is complete freedom to create the kind of art an artist has in mind. Hence, looking at modern art is an interesting way of learning

what presently interests and fascinates. I think there is a lot more of the artists themselves in the artworks. An interesting question is whether having more of the artist in an artwork leads to greater understanding of the world or is indeed an obstacle to such understanding?

ed perspective. The future works are also likely to come completely in the digital format due to temporary nature of installations, physical space limitations and cost of production.

While strolling through the museum exhibits I asked myself what actually makes a work on display Sometimes while looking at the the work of art? One important works I wondered about what the condition is that a work of art is artist actually meant. As a begin- stripped of its utility and carries ning painter myself I can clearly the message an artist intended. see the joy of executing the work and being enthusiastic about the What is the role of modern art? By actual process. However, I often definition modern art addresses the felt that more substance is needed. everyday questions and, perhaps, I think it is the responsibility of an is most relevant at the time when artists to explain what their works it is displayed. I think the main mean and create a kind of story of objectives of modern art are to exwhich their art work is one part. periment, make sense of knowledge and opportunities, highlight What is the future of modern art? I what matters now, respond to and expect that there will be more works engage with the world around us. in the future as everyone is capable of creating something of interest. Despite the diversity and quantity of To see my drawings go to art works, I think there will always and be space for finding new unexpect-

Thinking of modern art  

My writing about art and my paintings.

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