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OUGD505 : The Brief : Feast Festival


Feast, is a newly established outdoor food festival located in the Lake District. It decided to marry the two ideals of food and adventure together and create an exciting and diverse way of celebrating good wholesome food through the exploration of the wilderness. The festival welcomes both experienced and inexperienced campers to the festival and encourages people to widen their knowledge of brush craft and back to basic skills of good old fashioned camping.

Throughout the past ten years, festivals have become more and more popular in the UK and there has been a rise in small independent festivals as an alternative to the established mainstream music festivals. Food and the great outdoors has also had an increase in interest, as more people are going back to basics by engaging with local goods and the nature reserves that the UK has to offer.

Everyone says fresh air does you good, however the great outdoors often leads to hunger. The only thing a camper wants at the end of the day is the comfort of a flavorsome meal that energises them for the day ahead. This is where Feast comes in. Consider a collection of recipes that offer a new camping experience, this could include a twist on the classic full English fry up, forgotten cowboy recipes or a completely alternative set of ingredients to chuck in the frying pan. Then use your research to put together a concept that lays down the foundations of a whole new brand identity and editorial promotional pack for an outdoor food festival.

Camping is a great alternate that allows you to get away from the mundane every day events we encounter, as there is no TV, computers, radio, and often no electricity. These are things that distract from the enjoyment of life and spending time in the wilderness can give you new perspectives on your own lifestyle. Despite the digital age, to many people the wilderness is still a haven of escapism. The best parts of a camping adventure are often down to good company and most of all the comfort of wholesome campfire food.



Editorial & Promotional materials exploring a range of different print processes.

Consider appropriate formats for which the promotional material could be displayed or even stored in on a camping trip, as durability is crucial.

Target Audience An adventurous group of open -minded people who enjoy the escapism of the outdoors and have nonmaterialistic values. Experienced at camping and have a passion for homemade food topped with good company.

Consider your target audience when designing the brand and identity of the festival. What sort of food would be appropriate to take on a camping trip? What sort of food does people eat whilst camping?

Tone of voice Information should be communicated in an informative but inspirational way that welcomes people to step out of the box and seek out an adventure through an alternative way of presenting information.

Consider weather conditions and location, meals for example may have to be quick and easy to make.

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