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What is good? Camping It allows each of us to get away from the mundane every day events we encounter. There is no TV, computers, radio, and often no electricity. These things distract from the enjoyment of life and spending time in the wilderness can give you new perspectives on your own lifestyle. Many people use the wilderness as a haven where they practice yoga or quiet meditation as the silence of Nature makes it easy to think.

What is good? Camp Food One of the best things about camping is the food! I love the feeling you get when you have been on a long cold hike and all your body wants is a comforting warm feel packed with rustic flavours of the outdoors. The best food is usually cooked on an open fire all in one pan where everything is packed to the brim with flavour.

Describing words Rustic Home made Crispy Smokey Flavoursome Grilled Warmth Filling Wholesome Energising Comforting Fry

What is good? Research I went around the shops in Leeds and collected some general products for primary research. I mainly went around all the camping and exstreme sport stores in the centre of the city andthere I found a variation of different products. I have also researched into camp branding and logos, however my main area of research has been around rustic homemade food and food photography.

What is good? Range & Format I have researched into a range of products and formats. One specific example would be a cook book however I am open to new processes like screen printing onto maps and stationary. I also like the idea of embroided badges to reference camping and scout badges.

What is good? Processes In this project I intend to improve my craft skills, as I have never done book binding before. I am interested in a variety of different binding techniques and I am planning to attend a few book binding workshops in the up and coming weeks. I want to source various materials to experiment with as well as exntend my knowledge on paper stocks. Bookbinding is also a great chance to extend my love for publishing and editorial design as it has always been a passion of mine.

What is good?  
What is good?  

What is good?