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Feast, is a newly established outdoor food festival located in the Lake District. It decided to marry the two ideals of food and adventure together and create an exciting and diverse way of celebrating good whsome food through the exploration of the wilderness. The festival welcomes both experienced and inexperienced campers to the festival and encourages people to widen their knowledge of brush craft and back to basic skills of good old fashioned camping. Consider a collection of recipes that offer a new camping experience, this could include a twist on the classic full English fry up, forgotten cowboy recipes or a completely alternative set of ingredients to chuck in the frying pan. Then use your research to put together a concept that lays down the foundations of a whole new brand identity and editorial promotional pack for an outdoor food festival.

Editorial & Promotional materials exploring a range of different print processes.

Consider appropriate formats for which the promotional material could be displayed or even stored in on a camping trip, as durability is crucial.

Target Audience

Consider your target audience when designing the brand and identity of the festival.

An adventurous group of open -minded people who enjoy the escapism of the outdoors and have non-materialistic values. Experienced at camping and have a passion for homemade food topped with good company.

Tone of voice Information should be communicated in an informative but inspirational way that welcomes people to step out of the box and seek out an adventure through an alternative way of presenting information.

What sort of food would be appropriate to take on a camping trip? What sort of food does people eat whilst camping? Consider weather conditions and location, meals for example may have to be quick and easy to make.

Food shoot Here are some of the edited images from the food shoot I organised and photgraphed myself. All the recipes were researched and cooked by me and some of my assistants.

Logo : Triangle concept The concept behind the triangle is based on a concept I intend to run throughout the rest of my project where the number three is used a lot. The triangle represents three points in which my festival will be held at, it also looks like a compass point and a mountain (referencing to the camp brand research I looked into where many camping shops had mountains in their logos) Finally the triangle works well as the letter A. Word play The logo also can be read as Feast or Fest - Putting the two ideas together - Feast Fest. Font choice I have decided to go the sans serif option despite saying in my crits that I wanted to experiment with a serif. I will find other ways of incorporating a serif font, as I never really use them a lot in my work. I chose the sans serif option because it is clean and gives the brand a neutral feel which will work well with the photography. I think there is already a lot going in the photographs I have taken so maybe a neutral logo would work better in comparison to a fancy serif example.

Champagne & Limousines Bold

Final Products Posters & Poster tube Ration pack promotional pack Newspaper Brochure Tickets Postcards

Final design boards  

what is good

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