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Before your brand comes to life through your logo, we have to define who it really is. This is often most exciting part. You get to dig deep & dream big about your precious business! We figure out your values, goals & inspirations. We discover your target audience, what they like & where they hang out. We get to the essence of WHO the company is, so that your logo is both compelling & honest.


1 | Free Discovery Call (or coffee date if in Nashville) AKA a consultation, to figure out if we are a great fit! 2 | Proposal I’ll put together a quote - based on our consultation - with the details of the services you’ll receive, payments and the milestones we will hit along the way. 3 | Booking You pay 50% of the project cost upfront to hold your spot in my work queue. (Payments in 4 installments is also an option)

4 | Discovery Workbook (the best part!) A Q&A style document that you will fill out to help me understans your business as much as possible. Example Qs: What makes you stand out from your competitors? What problem are you solving for customers? Describe how you want your brand identity to look and feel. Do you have any colors in mind? Are there any colors you want to avoid? This is what one client sent me after completing her workbook: “I think this is a GREAT start! Thanks for sending this, it really allowed me to think more about what I want for this logo and for my business.”

5 | Brand Board I create an “inspiration board” (based on your workbook) with images to convey the look and vibe as I begin the design process. See example brand board for client - Element of Change - to the left.



Where all the magic happens! Logo Designs 3 to 5 original logo concepts to choose from + revisions until we reach the final vision! Brand Style If you hear anything, hear me say that a brand is more than a logo. Once the logo is finished, we sum up your brand with all the style elements.

FILE S YOU RECEIVE Brand Guide Main Logo Alternative Logo

COLORS: black, white, gray, and brand colors FILE FORMATS: EPS, PNG, JPG, PDF, Ai

Font download Brand colors HEX, CMYK and PMS codes

Styled Photos File Type Guide

o r. . . S T E P 2


The health of your business is in your website. In less than two-tenths of a second after viewing your website an online visitor has formed his first opinion of your business. That’s all it takes to make or break it. Most business owners today realize the value of having an online presence. (Yay!) But, just “having a website” isn’t enough. Beware because a website with poor design can actually hurt your business more than help it. 94% of people say bad design is the reason they don’t trust certain websites, thus not trusting your brand. I design seamless WordPress websites that reflect your brand vision and engage your viewers. My designs are always responsive, meaning they work smoothly on a phone and computer. Studies show that over half of internet usage is on mobile devices, so this is super important. For web design, we take the same Discovery steps as for a logo design but with the focus on the look and function of your website.

WHAT YOU RE C E IV E + + + + + + + + + + +

Discovery Call (or coffee date) Discovery Workbook Responsive WordPress Website Google Analytics Set Up Bluehost Hosting Set Up Domain Name Purchasing Design of custom website banners, images, etc. 5 custom created web pages Call to teach you to use your website File Types Guide Availability for 1 month after project for any additional help



We did it! Now for the final touches. Once we have choosen your final logo design or put the finishing touches on your website, I send you all the brand files.

For your logo, we go over a file type guide so you understand the basics of when to use each logo file. For your website, we do a training session on using your WordPress site! Lastly, you make your final payment and begin telling the world about your new branding or website. I’ll be around for as long as you need me for any additional help!


I love my clients, and I’m fortunate to say they love me too! Here are 2 reviews from my latest branding projects. Pepper Pratt - STORYBOOK MARRIAGE “Elizabeth took time to explore my preferences and get a feel for my goals. This resulted in messaging that went far beyond a logo, but encapsulated the personality and essence of my project. The most helpful part of the final brand has been the wide variety of options I am now able to use in varying forms of media while maintaining the integrity and consistency of a vibrant message and brand. I cannot say enough about how easy to work with and thoughtful Elizabeth is during the branding process. You will be blown away at the quality and user friendliness of the process and results.”

Stephanie Judd - HEAD UP, INC. “Working with Elizabeth has been lots of fun. She’s responsive and professional, but most importantly, she’s got a real, creative punch that makes whatever I’m trying to do SO MUCH BETTER!“

MEET THE DESIGNER I’m Elizabeth, and I’m the gal behind Every Whim Creative. Every Whim is a graphic design, web design and social media company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Although my home is Nashville, due to the nature of my work and the power of the internet, I work with brands all over the United States. This business has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I’m happy for you to be a part of it. From sewing patterned pillows to creating “fashion designs,” I’ve loved being creative for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I became interested in graphic and web design through making MySpace layouts as a hobby. I grew to love design even more while studying Digital Media in college. I gained valuable skills in public relations, computer science, and graphic design. In college, I was blessed to begin my freelance design career working with brands from Tennessee to California all from a tiny purple desk in my dorm room. Now I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my wonderful husband, Adam. He works for the Christian organization, Young Life, where we minister to high school students. I work from my home office and do design and social media for a variety of clients (like you!).

I lfflk forward to working with you!

- Elizabeth

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