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M E R L E N O R M A N . CO M Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios have been independently owned and operated since 1931.

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SKIN CARE & MAKEUP TIPS Q : I read somewhere that defining my eyebrows is important. How do I achieve this?

A: A well-defined eyebrow actually frames your face, giving it balance and creating symmetry. It also draws attention to your beautiful eyes! Merle Norman offers a variety of options to define your brows. Eyebrow pencils, such as Definitive Brow Pencil and Powder Brow Pencil, work to precisely define sparse eyebrows. Natural Brow Powder is a great option for those whose brows need texture and a refining “fill in” to create a soft, natural effect. For the finishing touch to any eyebrow look, add Merle Norman’s Brow Sealer. This amazing product is like hairspray for your eyebrows! Use the convenient built-in brush to shape your brows and help unruly hairs stay in place all day. These products are available in a variety of shades to match your hair color. Q: Is it true our eyebrows lose hair as we age? A: Unfortunately, as we age, our eyebrows do lose

hair, which means a loss of definition of the brow. When you fill in sparse areas of brows, it can give an immediate lifted appearance while framing your face. Try Powder Brown Pencil using short, upward strokes and blending. Hair-matching shades are available for a beautiful and natural look, from Soft Blonde to our newest Soft Black.

Q: My skin looks dull and lifeless. What can I do to bring back its vibrancy?

A: Try one of our favorite exfoliators, like Merle

Norman Micro-Refiner. Used one to two times per week, it livens up your skin by removing dead skin cells, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores, and refining skin texture and tone. Micro-Refiner is an at-home alternative to microdermabrasion and uses a special thermal technology to deliver a warming effect to detoxify the skin as it exfoliates and improves hydration. We absolutely love this product! At Merle Norman, discover the perfect solution for all of your skin care and cosmetic needs for women of all ages.

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Everything Knoxville March 2013 Edition