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Visibility Dissemination

Guide How to spread the word about RADIOACTIVE?


OBJECTIVES? - Answer to our contract within the application. - Give visibility to the funders and the programme: By this way we hope to give more people access to this programme. - Inspire people and motivate them to participate in a similar project or to undertake the organisation of one.

VISIBILITY: 1) Publish information about Radioactive on your organisation/radio website, or –if you don‟t have a website – blog or any other online platform. 2 options: (but you can do both!!!): - Create a special webpage on your website, publishing, the Radioactive logo, funders logos, useful links to Radioactive‟s online platforms, general presentation, pictures, and other info related to the project. - Add a banner on your homepage website with this hyperlink to the project webpage:

We will publish on some banners that you can use, but if you need any other sizes/format, just let us know:

Example of a Radioactive banner on Home page.

Example of banner you can download on

2) Please use the Radioactive branding as much as you

can. Logos and other useful documents are accessible through Which logo should you use? - Use the logo with the mention „‟International Radio Project For Young People‟‟ in priority, as long as this sentence is readable.

- If on your document, the mention „‟International Radio Project For Young People‟‟ appears to small and unreadable, please use the logo without this mention:

On the, you will find different formats (small/high quality Jpeg, PNG if you need to keep transparency), as well as different colours (grey, white)

3) Never forget to acknowledge the support from the funders: - If you create a visual document (online/offline) – for example, leaflet, poster, newsletter, blogs – about Radioactive, please do not forget to include the following logo :

And the mention “this project is organised by Everything Is Possible and supported by the Youth In Action programme of the European Union.” Don‟t forget to mention your organisation, of course! - If you create an audio document just mention that this activity is „‟Part of Radioactive, project organised by Everything Is Possible and supported by the Youth In Action programme of the European Union.” - If a journalist is interested by the project, please ask him to mention that “Radioactive is a project organised by Everything Is Possible and supported by the Youth In Action programme of the European Union.” And please, do not forget to send us a copy, or a scan of it! 

4) Ask participants and other professionals who will

help you, to speak about the project around them and why not publish the radioactive logo or any documents produced (radioshow, posters, pictures) on their own website/social media. They are the ambassadors of the project as well!

DISSEMINATION Objectives: - Share the impact of the project. - Share the activities that you are doing / you have done within Radioactive (it is great to send us breaking/fresh news about your activities! Don‟t wait the end of the project!). For example using Twitter/Facebook. - Share the results of your activities: for example share the radio shows produced/ pictures made during a workshop (Or any other document created thanks to your Radioactive workshop.) on your website, and of course, on the Radioactive website, etc. - Show the impact that the project had on participants: what they have learnt (personally and professionally) thanks to this project. - Show how participants think they will be able to use what they have learnt in the future (for example, job research, personal project…. „‟I want to work on a radio‟‟… „‟I want to be a social worker, and I will be able to use the skills I learnt with young people”) - Show the impact that your activities within Radioactive had on the local community.

What to do? - Produce dissemination material (pictures, audios documents, videos, testimonies, interviews), as well as the radio show and other documents created during your Radioactive activities. - Share this material on your online/offline platforms, social media. By this way you will show the impact that you had on participants and the local community. - Send to everything Is Possible, the pictures, videos, testimonies, press articles, etc . We will then publish it on our social media platforms and the Radioactive BLOG: - At the end of the project, we will use this material to create a video about Radioactive.

5) Produce pictures and videos Produce pictures and videos of you and the participants in action, in your activities related to Radioactive (workshop, Radio shows, visits, etc.). We really prefer pictures of people in action, not looking at the camera, but it could be great to have also some group pictures.

Examples of pictures:

+ moment of fun‌ smile‌.etc.

Which kind of videos are interesting? The same as the pictures. -

Videos of you and participants, in action, in your project; Videos around the project: Free Time. Interviews.

Try to not use too much the zoom and avoid any movement. It is great to do like a picture but instead of a pictures you shoot 10 sec of whatâ€&#x;s happening and then you change angle.

Example of nice way to take videos: -

Information about the context:


Information about an action:


Information about feeling (good for interview): Zoom on the face.

6) Produce interview, or written testimonies. Here are some questions that you could ask to the participants if you interview them. You could also use these questions to inspire them while they are writing a testimony.  Present yourself (name, age, country, current situation (for example, unemployed, student….). + Say that they are taking part in the Radioactive project…  What are you doing/ What did you do during the project? It could be great to create some „‟live‟‟ videos during the Radioactive activities asking them: „‟What are you doing right now?‟‟  Do/did you like the project? Again that is a question that you can ask as on a „‟live‟‟ video during the Radioactive activities  What have you learnt personally / professionally?  How do you think you will use your new skills in the future? Question to local community:  Describe yourself and your role within your organisation (very short!! A few word or 5 seconds of interview)  How do you think Radioactive benefit to the local community?  Do you enjoy the Radioactive project?  Do you think you would like to create or take part in a similar project?

7) Share the impact. -


Publish pictures/videos/testimonies/ radio shows on your social media. Twitter : use the hashtag : #32radioactive Share the impact of Radioactive during events you will participate in. Don‟t hesitate to invite participants to speak about the project. Contact the local media! If a journalist wants to do an article about the project, please mention that “Radioactive is an international radio project for young people, organised by Everything Is Possible and supported by the Youth In Action programme of the European Union”. And don‟t forget to send a copy to / Send regularly, some pictures and testimonies to Everything Is Possible. If you produce a video or a special webpage, please send us the link! At the end of the project we will ask you to bring during the final seminar all videos/pictures/testimonies/ material produced, so we will be able to create a video about the whole project and a Visibility/Dissemination folder to show your hard work.

HOW TO FIND LOGOS, graphic pack, info… All documents/logos/info are on . You can also access to this website through (Click on the Orange banner „‟Partners‟space‟‟, and then” YIA – Space‟‟

You will need your username and Password that I will have previously send you by email. -

Enter your username and Password (that we will send you by email) Now you will have some sub menu that will appear under YIA space.

Any question? Contact or

A big thank you in advance for your help!


Visibility and Dissemination GUIDE - Radioactive  

Visibility and Dissemination GUIDE - Radioactive by Raphael, Visibility and Communications coordinator at Everything Is Possible