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From 17.30 - Arrival, welcome and chance for everyone to get to know each other.

19.00 - Dinner.

Presentation about the different workshops you will take part in on Saturday.

Evening workshops.

Saturday 

9.30 - Plenary session.

10.00 - First Workshop (your choice).

11.00 - Break.

11.30 - Second Workshop (your choice).

12.30 - Lunch.

14.00 - Third Workshop (your choice).

16.00 - Final Plenary Session.

Radio and Video Throughout the day we will ask you to join the video Room, where you can share your experience through video interviews. Also showcasing the impact the experience had on you or the impact that you had on the local community. Then you will answer to some questions on a radio.

First Session - Evaluation 10am until 11am

The first group of sessions will give you an opportunity to consider your time in an international activity. What did you gain from it? Has it made an impact on your life and your future? Each session will offer a different way to evaluate your experience. Read the descriptions below and decide which methodology you prefer to use for your evaluation. Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

All about me - Paulette

Drama- Ali & Amy

Graffiti Art- Marcus (3a)

Who am I? Brand Me! - Helen

Making Meetings- Sue

Could you explain your experience better through creative writing or poetry? For some people it is easier to consider what they have gained on an international activity through creative expression rather than writing down their evaluation. Join this workshop and listen to some rap music created by a previous EVS volunteer about their experience and try your hand at creating your own piece (those who want to will have the chance to perform this at the end of the day)

Aspiration Island Youth Exchange Can You Be Chosen? Has your international experience helped you become more employable? Do you stand out from the crowd now? What have you got that others haven’t? Perhaps a better understanding of other cultures, or a new ability to promote yourself. A fictitious youth exchange will be created in this session and participants will have the opportunity to evaluate skills they have developed during their international activity which make them a good candidate to be chosen by the rest of the group.

Hyro Graff will be delivering a graphic and street art inspired expressive arts session. This session will involve participants creating stylized "key" words and colourful backgrounds using paint pens onto Vinyl disks (or small boards). With support of a professional Graffiti Artist the Participants will be encouraged to use their imagination and inject their own personality into the work. or

Who am I? will introduce you to the key marketing tactic and a way of thinking about presenting yourself. You will need to be prepared to work with a partner and think about yourself and speak honestly about yourself.

This will take you back in time to your memorable moment that’s brought you here today. Youth in Action and the Lifelong learning Programme, thinking globally and acting locally – did it make a difference for you? Come speed dating with a difference and find out, The clock is ticking

Framing your experience- Eva & Bob (3b)

This workshop is an artistic reflection on a picture that represents your experience, learning process or involvement in any project. If you are interested please send us th your photo by email before the 27 of February. We will print it in high quality ready for you to take part in a creative framing workshop to make your souvenir as unique as you experience.

Bring a picture with you in a USB stick if you have it.

Workshop 4

Workshop 5

Second Session Celebration 11.30am until 12.30pm

This session is where we celebrate your achievements. You are amazing! It’s the chance to talk (or sing) about what you did. Make sure you make your mark, whether it is through radio broadcast we will produce or the creation of a stylised clock, perhaps a live blog…whatever your preferred method, we want to tell more people about what you achieved through European Commission funding, so here’s the chance to find your voice and shout from the rooftops. Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Team Slam- Paulette

A Snapshot in time Sue & Bob

Yes you are amazing so now it’s your chance to celebrate through a poetry slam. In teams we will look back on your achievements and celebrate them. You will work in groups to challenge each other to look deeper and think bigger, giving us a taste of your experiences. Again there will be a chance to perform at the end of the day for those who are interested.

Send us a photograph which sums up your experience in a youth project and we will enable you to tap the magnificence that is you and help you to produce a visual, permanent record of when you had the time of your life and create as you celebrate

Don’t forget to bring your photos

Workshop 3

Workshop 4

Workshop 5

Graffiti Art- Marcus

Radio Workshop- Abel

Your blog, your showcase - Eva

Hyro Graff will be delivering a graphic and street art inspired expressive arts session. This session will involve participants creating stylized "key" words and colourful backgrounds using paint pens onto Vinyl disks (or small boards). With support of a professional Graffiti Artist the Participants will be encouraged to use their imagination and inject their own personality into the work.

Come and enter the world of radio!! You will be able to have a shout in what happens within this show and ask questions and interviews!! Also learn how the world of radio works and maybe be able to create your own shows!!!!!

With hundreds of millions of blogs online, and thousands of new ones created every day, anyone can blog but very few do so successfully. This workshop focuses on the effective planning, creating and maintaining of a blog. You will learn how to choose a topic, find your voice, use your own skills/experiences and communicate your ideas to an online audience in both a written and a visual perspective. You will learn how to present yourself on the social media and make employers want YOU for who you are.

Third Session Recommendation 2pm until 3pm

We are on the brink of a new era, the Youth in Action Programme finishes at the end of 2013. We are yet to find out what will replace it, although there are already whisperings. In this session we will tell you what we know and let you decide what recommendations we should take back to the European Commission. Have your voice heard. Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 4

Workshop 5

Are you Dramatic? - Ali & Amy

Graffiti Art- Marcus

A Prezi for you- Eva & Sue

Youth Initiatives - Bob

Great creative effects that can be created with paint pens then given a small board to practice techniques and customise in a similar fashion to earlier sessions with the difference that all the boards will be pieced together to spell 1 overall key word like "future"

This session will show you an innovative way of using Prezi to showcase your achievements to potential employers, and really send out your message very loud and clear in a way to grab everyone’s attention and help to get you where you want to be. Just a little something to say, ‘wow you did great and stand out from the crowd!’

This may be your last chance to take part in a Youth Initiatives Project. Do you know what it is? Are you interested in creating one? This session is your chance to find out about this EC funded programme delivered by the British Council and discover how to apply.

Who am I? - Youth initiative pitch - Helen

In this session we will give you a little information on the new programme and an overview of what exists now. This is your chance to make a plea for the type of programmes you believe should stay through a little role play we will create and film for the European Commission to view

Feel free to bring along your laptop

Maybe you already know about Youth Initiatives and are ready to apply. We have developed this short but effective workshop to get you thinking about how to best present your youth initiative to the EU! Our primary objective for this course is to show you examples of good and bad brand campaigns to enrich your understanding of marketing communications. We then go on to undertake an exercise to uncover what's great about your business idea and how best to let those at the EU know!

Programme YOUNG PRIDE  


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