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Suitcase Circus for Young People START UP SEMINAR MADRID 27TH – 31ST JANUARY

Project schedule & finance division 1)Madrid Start Up Seminar 2)Local Circus workshops 3)Local Circus productions, shows etc. 4)Evaluation seminar in Latin America


rovide opportunities for youth with fewer opportunities to engage in circus ain media interest for our activities evelop a platform for intercultural dialogue ffer mobility opportunities to young people/youth workers romote co-operation and exchange of experience and knowledge


Jan 14

Formulation of groups

Feb 14

Launch of workshops in each partner country

Mar 14

Local Circus workshops

Mar 14

Aug 14

Newsletters and circus shows ongoing

April 14


Local workshop evaluation

Aug 14

Identify 2 young people and 1 professional for final seminar

31st Aug 14

Final possibility to submit receipts for payment

30th Sep 14

Final visibility material to be produced Professional’s & youth evaluation meeting Project closure & local celebrations



Oct 14 27th Oct 14 Nov 14

27th Oct 14

Seminars Madrid: Start-up Seminar Explanation, agree tasks and timetable, financial explanation Latin America: Evaluation Seminar Evaluation, celebration, networking √ √

Boarding passes Local travel tickets / receipts

√ 30% of overall travel cost – partners’ contribution

Local Circus Workshops  Create a marketing campaign  Recruit 10 ‘new’ young people  Plan a schedule of at least six workshops  Deliver a monthly workshop between March and August  Create a ‘how to video’ each month  Create visibility campaign and try to gain local media interest  Identify 2 young people to attend final evaluation seminar

Local Workshops.. Workshops – up to €1,500 granted each partner Production – up to €500 granted each partner

Payments’ evidence √

Invoice from partner (with bank details)

Proof of payment being made (Invoice)

Proof of payment being received (Receipt)

Match funding (co-financing)

€ 1,500 €500

€3,00 0 €1,00 0

Powerpoint start up seminar  
Powerpoint start up seminar