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Date Arrival day


09.3 30 – 12.30


Afternoon 14.00 – 17.30 Arrivals and settle in n to accommodation


Evening 20.00 Welcome din nner

Local tours and orie entations arranged Official Opening, Welcome, introductions 14.00 – Team building games and sports activities a

Sport in Europe & in the different jurisd dictions Day 2

09.00 - Introduction to Youth in Action n & introduction of resources – such h as Inclusion booklet ‘FFit for Life’

Humanity 11.00 – Participants to participate in an n each-one- teach-one sports session delivering a sports training to other participantss (if possible preseenting a local sport) Day 3


Day 4

9.00 – Conflict resolution and inclusio on Participative acttivities throughout the morning m dealing with the subject of in nclusion and conflict ressolution, using interactive meth hods to engage particip pants, introduce them to o current inclusivee practices and develop p new tools promoting equality.

09.00 – Create Y YOUTHPASS certificates Opportunity to sshare future plans of leaarners and introduce participants to o other international learn ning opportunities.

Destiny The day will be tthemed on the final com mmonwealth games theme of destiny.

plines (dependent on fe eedback from various sports discip youth groups prior to finalising timetable)

14.00 – Design a sp port, in teams participan nts need to design a fair play sp port various sports discip plines (dependent on fe eedback from youth groups prior to finalising timetable)

14.00 - Team building session relating to the t commonwealth the eme of equality develop ping trust and team work followed d by Cumbrae Island byy boat for a water-sports day, le earn to sail a dingy, pow wer-boating

14.00 - Sport in Glasgow – option to eitherr visit to the Scottish football mu useum and opportunityy to discuss with the organisers of football how they manag ge conflict between two Glasgow based teams and su upporters or visit site(s) of the commo onwealth games with discussion d about commonwealth values

20.00 - Cultu ure evening, with a marrket place presenting participants home townss, customs and foods specificc to their town or locality Evening g Learner Reflections followed byy Dinner in training g centre or local restaurant

11.00 - Worksho op Methodologies Discu ussion around participants learrning outcomes & Cultu ure. Introduction to thee programme and d overview of Intercultu ural Dialogue

games and study. Learn to blog.

Day 1

Lunch and Sports Lab – opportunity for participants to take part in optional sports activities,

9.30 - Get to kn now each participant

20.00 – A qu uiz on ‘tastes of Europe’ participants will sample fo oods from other Europe ean nations and try to ‘guess the t nation Sporting movvie relating to the Comm monwealth theme of Hum manity 20.00 - Visib bility and Celebration event Opportunity to celebrate the achievvements & present Learn ner Certificates Dinner and a closure of the workshop p

Evaluation fo ollowed by learner depaarture

TIMETABLE A Common Wealth  

TIMETABLE A Common Wealth

TIMETABLE A Common Wealth  

TIMETABLE A Common Wealth