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About me My name is Adrian Garcia, I’m 26 year old from Leon (Spain) and I’m currently unemployed, in Leeds.

The project

Most of the time I was feeding the donkeys and cleaning poo, but also working with other animals and on coastal cleanup. It was nice overall.

The project My project was in Aruba (Caribbean sea), mainly in Aruba Donkey Sanctuary, but also in other environmental projects along the island.

I wanted to do a Leonardo to discover new cultures and visit new places. Also I love animals and this was a great opportunity to work with them.

Free Time


During my free time, I was visiting every part of the island and enjoying the sun on the beach, apart from learn scuba diving.

I’m living in an apartment with my project mate. We have a swimming pool and all we need to live comfortably. It is very nice and good located.

What did I learn professionally?

What did I learn personally? Personally, I met many people from different places

Professionally, I have learnt how to work with very different kind of animals as well as develop my communication and group skills.

and learnt a lot about the caribbean culture, which is lovely.

Comic book EFW - Episode 6: Adrian in Aruba  
Comic book EFW - Episode 6: Adrian in Aruba  

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