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Nov 2015

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November 2015

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Do you and your family have a fun holiday 4 tradition? We want to hear about it! Share Note From the Editors your special or unique tradition with us by using the hashtag #myEHtradition on your 8 Room Renovations social media posts and your name and tradition could end up in next month’s issue!Take a peek at a carriage house DIY renovation

13 Ready, Set, DIY! DIY Wire Pumpkins

17 The Inspired Room Wood & warm nature tones at The Wood Grain Cottage

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A Note from the Editors

Collette Osuna Editor-in-Chief

Daraka McCrackin Managing Editor

Welcome to Everything Home Magazine! Just six short weeks ago on September 18, 2015, eighteen Instagram friends joined forces and took a leap of faith. A leap of faith created by one, but strongly believed in by all. It was on that day that Everything Home Magazine went from concept to reality and our magazine contributor staff became a close knit family.

Everything Home Magazine was born from the idea of lifting up others with encouragement and support. Each month your favorite bloggers and Instagram friends will be showcasing “you the reader� through your ideas for home decor, do-it-yourself projects, room renovations, kid spaces, latest trends, and much more! Be sure to follow along with our Instagram page to learn more about each column and how you can become part of the Everything Home Magazine family too. We cannot wait to see more of your photos and to share your talents with our readers in a future issue!


everything home

meet the contributors Room Renovations

Ready, Set, DIY


Everything Found

Jill Parks

Ashley Broviak

Jill is married to her high-school sweetheart and has two teenage daughters. She's an Oklahoma girl with a passion for DIY, dĂŠcor, and design. You can find Jill at her blog Jillify It. #EHroomreno

Ashley is a lover of flea markets, antique malls, and thrift shops. She is working to making her house a home one project at a time at her DIY and home dĂŠcor blog Little Glass Jar. #EHdiy

Allison has a passion for decorating & DIY. Currently turning a California house into a home while loving a furry little dog. She shares it all on her blog A House and A Dog. #EHcover #EHstyle

Wendy lives in Georgia with her husband and five kids. She has a passion to help others turn their house into a cozy home. Find Wendy at her blog Life on the Shady Grove. #EHfound

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Loren Miller

Kelly Fellin

Oscar Bravo

Keila Bernowitz

Loren is a wife and mother to 3 young children. She is an esthetician, make-up artist, and writer at The Society Letters. Find her on Instagram @loren_miller. #EHkidcrafts

Kelly is a wood working, DIY lover. She is a California native who loves her family and all things Photography and wood. You can find Kelly on Instagram @artbykelly. #EHphotos

Allison Meece

Oscar is an interior decorator and blogger from San Diego, California. He has a passion to help people decorate their homes on a budget. Find Oscar at his blog Oscar Bravo Home. #EHtablescapes

Wendy Durnwald

Keila is a lifestyle blogger and currently resides in South Florida . She has a love for all things floral and classic and is a contributing editor at The Society Letters. #EHtrends

meet the contributors Farm to Table

Prudy Blank

Prudy is a passionate home cook from Wheatfield, New York. She shares delicious, beautiful, and easy recipes with her family and friends at her blog butter, basil, & breadcrumbs. #EHrecipes

Recycled & Re-loved

Deborah Sommerlot

Deborah is a lifestyle blogger who loves to inspire others in salvaging time, money, resources, and moments through upcycling. Find Deborah at her blog Salvage Sister & Mister. #EHrecycled

Room to Grow

Brooke Christen

The Inspired Room

Annie Anderson

Pet Perfect

Chloe Wisner

Brooke has 18 years design Annie is a stay at home Chloe is an avid animal experience and recently mom who loves cooking, lover who lives in moved to Connecticut. She painting, and decorating Michigan and is passionate enjoys working on her her home and is about helping others. She 1950’s home with her passionate about sharing started a handmade husband and 2 daughters. how to do these things on bracelet business in Find Brooke at her blog a budget. Find Annie at memory of her brother Nesting with Grace. her blog zevyjoy. Alex called june1989. #EHkidspaces #EHroominspiration #EHpets

Ready, Set, DIY

Jenna Gentry


Recycled & Re-loved

Amber Archer

Lauren Ashworth

Jenna is a stay at home Amber lives in North Lauren is a wife, mom, and mom who loves DIY and Carolina with her husband dĂŠcor and organization home projects. Most days, and their dog. She loves enthusiast. Her family you will find her dancing creating and decorating lives in Alabama where with her kids or in the her home and describes they are remodeling a 100 garage working on her Etsy her style as simple and year old farmhouse. Find shop. Find Jenna on clean. Find Amber on her Lauren on Instagram Instagram @rusted_design. blog Boxwood Cottage. @mrslaurenash. #EHdiy #EHprintable #EHrecycled

room renovations “Before and After” Room Makeovers

Exposed ductwork allows for higher ceilings.

French Country Farmhouse

The Schmidt’s small carriage house gets a DIY renovation to the ultimate dream home.

A vintage tulip crate holds coffee table items. (for similar crates, $49 each; EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

Written by: Jill Parks

A labor of love

This space is what used to be the Schmidt’s garage pre-renovation.

ithin a few seconds of W seeing pictures of Patsy and Jeffrey Schmidt’s home, you will be in awe. After a few minutes of learning their story, you will be in love. I know, because it happened to me. A little over a year ago, I began to delve into the home décor world on Instagram. And through social media, I found Patsy. Immediately after seeing pictures of her home on Instagram, I was captivated. The Schmidt’s beautiful renovation has truly been a labor of love. After years of living in their 1,100 square foot carriage house, their family desperately needed more space. While living in a quaint carriage house may seem romantic, it was becoming a little too cozy for their growing family. To expand their

“Because it all just seems like it was meant to be this way. Just like our family… Just as it was meant to be.” -Patsy

View looking in from the dining room.

footprint, Patsy and Jeffrey had plans created to build onto the existing carriage house. Before they could begin construction, the Schmidt’s third daughter, Magpie, was born. Beautiful Magpie was born with Down Syndrome. To care for Magpie, Patsy closed her successful home décor business to become a full time stay-at-home mom to her three daughters. Without Patsy’s income, the Schmidt’s scrapped their original plans of having a builder build their home. Patsy went to “plan B” and sketched her vision for their DIY home renovation. After showing her plans to Jeffrey, their new plan to create the house of their dreams was born and the work began. The remodel was a long and slow process, but according to Patsy, “It wasn’t our plan, but it was all part of His plan. And now, I can’t imagine our home any other way.” Patsy has told me on several occasions that the birth and diagnosis of Magpie has been a blessing to them in

Washi tape makes changing art out a breeze!

more ways than one. This couple took the risk and decided to leave the beams and ductwork exposed. To dress up the beams, they covered them with reclaimed poplar wood that they tore out of the barn loft that Jeffrey’s grandfather walked on as a young boy to stack hay bales.

A built-in plate rack provides useful and eye-catching storage.

Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry. Connect with Patsy: Instagram: @blessedmommatobabygirls Blog: Miss Maggie Rae

The original carriage house’s garage is now the kitchen and living area. You can easily see why this is the family’s favorite space. The center island is wood and the counter is stunning and features a beautiful soapstone remnant. The vent hood was built from old doors that Patsy found at a yard sale. Patsy describes the open kitchen and living area as French Country Farmhouse. The shiplap walls, exposed beams and ductwork, brick, and barn doors, are all beautiful features. Patsy and Jeffrey have a deep appreciation for this space because they designed and constructed every detail themselves. The cabinets were built by Jeffrey then Patsy painted and glazed them and every brick was hand placed. Love of family, God’s plan, and lots of hard work was the perfect combination to turn this house into a home. While there were times that Patsy thought she could not look at another piece of trim, paint another wall, place another brick, or live another day in the huge mess of the renovation, she always had a vision of the finished house. Patsy claims she learned a lot about patience and the power of prayer during this extensive DIY project.

ready, set, diy Creative Ideas For Your Next DIY Project

Diy Wire Pumpkins

The Collected House My very first feature for Ready, Set, DIY!! I cannot tell you enough how excited I am that these two ladies are sharing their talent with all of you! Their project? Some very unique DIY Wire Pumpkins to add to your fall dÊcor! One of my favorite things is coming across someone new, who has a design style and creativity that completely peaks my interest right away! This duo did just that! I remember swooning all over their beautiful Instagram pictures, and then going through post by post on their blog, studying each picture and wanting to recreate everything I saw! I know you are going to love them too! So let’s get to know Jenna and Rylen of The Collected House a little more! Written by: Ashley Broviak

get to know us We are brand new! We just started this new little venture in September of this year! We actually met about a year and a half ago at church and bonded over our love of beautifying! We became best friends who were always talking about house renovations, home decorations, and our recent DIY wins. We decided to collaborate together on a blog, two is better than one right? We have a lot of other ideas for this little business of ours and are so excited to see it grow, but our passion is really sharing all the TLC we put into our houses turning them into homes and places of comfort and joy for our families. Whether it is breathing new life into something old, making something out of nothing, or tailoring a space custom to your taste, it is just so rewarding to create on all levels. Nothing is better than someone asking where you got an item and saying, "Oh, I made it!" We love pumpkins of all varieties this time of year. In addition to collecting live pumpkins, we thought these wire ones were just so different, and would add a level of depth when displayed with the rest of our pumpkin collection. There are so many possibilities with them! Any size, shape, or color to fit YOUR home.

Supplies Needed Wire cutters Cylindrical object (Decide how big you want your pumpkin to be and find a cylinder shaped object about that size. Some ideas are water bottles, oatmeal cans, paper towel rolls, shampoo bottles, large soup pots, etc. In our tutorial we are using a roll of paper towels) Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.


Wire (We used 8 AWG copper wire found in the electric aisle of our hardware store. Pretty much any wire will work, but this is probably the thickest you will want to go)


2 3

You will start by straightening out your wire a bit, then wrap it around your object. If you have a thicker wire, it helps to use a table or counter top as leverage. For this pumpkin, we did about 9 loops. If you want a fuller look you'll want to do more. After you have your desired fullness, slide the loops of wire off your cylinder. Make sure to leave around 12" of wire on the end. This will hold your pumpkin together and make your stem. Gather all of the loops together at the same point in one hand.

Find Jenna & Rylen at: Blog: The Collected House Instagram: @thecollectedhouse Tag your pictures with #EHdiy for your chance to be featured in an upcoming issue!

4 5 6

Take the extra wire at the end and start wrapping it around the point where you have gathered all your loops. You can wrap as many times as you want. We wrapped it around 3 times. Pull the excess wire you wrapped straight up towards the top of the pumpkin. Fan out all the loops so they are evenly spaced Twist your excess wire into a loop or two for a cute twisty stem. You may need to use some pliers for this if your wire is pretty thick. Voila!! You’re done!

photo corner Monthly Photography Tips And Tricks

For the first photo, I set up this display in a room with one small window and only a small lamp in the corner (NOT GOOD). Not having enough lighting can make your photo look dark and under Sliding barn doors add exposed.

character to the pantry.

Find Kelly on Instagram @artbykelly

Written by: Kelly Fellin


Natural light is the most important and powerful tool available to photographers, and it’s free! Lighting is a HUGE part of the photo world and it’s fun. When taking a photo, pay attention to how much light you have and where it’s coming from. If you are shooting your photos outside, try to avoid bright, sunny days. Cloudy days are best for outdoor photo taking because too much sunlight can wash out your subject. Clouds defuse the harsh light, softening it, but still showcasing your photos rich colors. Another useful tip is to become familiar with “The Golden Hour”. The golden hour is when the sun is setting and there are no harsh shadows being cast upon your subject. It’s light makes everything look beautiful because of its soft and golden tinting qualities. Here is an example of how I used natural light to enhance my fall décor in the photo.

For the second photo, I opened all the blinds as well as my front door, letting as much natural sunlight in as possible. Using my camera, I took the photo with the natural light pouring in.

There is a significant difference in the photos when using natural light versus artificial light. Try uploading your picture into a photo editing app or software. Most photo apps have the option to brighten your photos. Need help on finding the best apps? Find my “photo tips” section in next month’s issue!

the inspired room One Room Inspiration For All

Written by: Annie Anderson

As soon as I happened upon Shayna’s feed at The Wood Grain Cottage, the first thing that drew me in were her magnificent shelves. They are rustic with knotty details; styled beautifully with Ironstone and laden with vintage treasures. The sun shines brightly through the bamboo textured window shades and highlights this special place; giving it the attention it so rightly deserves. See for yourself and enjoy the view‌

The Wood Grain Cottage A neutral dining room inspired by wood and warm nature tones.

Fall: Cottage Style This dining space is the first thing you lay eyes upon when stepping through the entryway. The vibrant apple wreath hanging on a chalkboard, draws your attention to the center of this room and compliments the large scaled iron chandelier hanging above the farmhouse table. Texture can be found in the window treatments and that same quality is repeated throughout the jute rug and basket weaved chairs.

Attention to small details make this space shine!

Shayna describes her style as a well curated or combined variety of wood tones, textures, and neutral colors. Classic in nature and easily diversified when ready for change by using the shelves as a place to showcase both new and old. A balanced style she describes as “unique to you.� EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

Wire bins provide storage for pretty linens.

The main inspiration for this gathering space was centered around the idea of open shelving. A feature that flows cohesively throughout the rest of their lovely home by keeping consistent wood tones and colors. These warm stained shelves have become a haven for special dishes handed down by Shayna’s grandmother. A family heirloom of Ironstone that sits proudly for Shayna to smile upon as she enjoys a warm cooked meal or walks by them in her daily to and fro. Each ledge is balanced just so; not to overcrowd the wide planks but to keep them filled with the right equation, a pleasing composition to those who behold Shayna’s design. Something that was thought through with intention, love, and a desire to create something of inspiration.

It is amazing to see the work and details in one’s home; we are fortunate to have a chance to encounter The Wood Grain Cottage. There is beauty to be seen, history in the decor, and an idea come to life. Nothing is quite better than that when looking for inspiration! Learn more about Shayna at her blog The Wood Grain Cottage or on Instagram @woodgraincottage. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM |NOV 2015


Written by: Daraka McCrackin

maker of

ERIN HANSEN Being a stay at home mom and Etsy shop owner myself, I know the importance of supporting small business and fellow shop owners. Erin Hansen, owner of Simply Made by Erin, immediately caught my attention on Instagram with her adorable crochet hats and product tags. I am so excited to be featuring Erin as one of our first “Makers of the Month� for our premiere issue! I asked Erin a few questions about her designs and her Etsy shop and loved her story! EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

Give Thanks Deer & Wreath Tags

the month Erin resides in Connecticut with her husband and their son. She has always had a love for crafting and creating, but it was when she moved cross country from Arizona to Connecticut that she discovered her love for crocheting. To occupy her time in the middle of a miserable winter, she started to crochet. Erin said “I watched many online tutorials, practiced a lot, and started creating my own designs.” By the beginning of the next winter she had started a successful shop on Etsy selling crochet hats. Her product tags were later born as a result of numerous inquiries from customers that would see her business tags attached to her crochet work. Her crochet items are made to order, due to customization, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. The current turnaround is 1-2 weeks; this could increase as the holiday season approaches. Crochet items start at $24. Tags are made from high quality 100lb card stock and made by Erin. They are available in smooth white or Kraft card stock and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and quantities. Prices start at $5 per order. Quantity will vary depending on the size of tag ordered.


Adult Tabby Cap & Cross Stitch Newsboy


Signature Slouchy Hat

1. Photography Credit A. Johnson Photography 2. Photography Credit Brooke Scott Photography 3. Day-Z Photography (with Amanda Adams) Click to shop Erin’s Etsy Store


Children’s Pixie Hat

Written by: Collette Osuna

maker of

We couldn’t be happier to feature Norma from Paint Me Pink Shop as one of our premiere issue Makers of the Month. Norma has taken her love of design to a new level of successful entrepreneurship. Norma chatted with us recently in a candid interview about her family life and the love for her online booming business. “Autumn” pillow cover Stay Awhile


Fresh Pies

“I love creating beautiful little things and sharing what I love with others”.

the month So nice to meet you Norma! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself: Hello! I’m Norma Giannoni and I’m the girl behind Paint Me Pink. I’m also a stay at home mommy of 3 and wife of a wonderful man who proudly serves for our country in the United States Marine Corps. As a military family we move every 3 years and it’s not easy packing and unpacking our home. It’s been a big challenge for me to decorate without doing anything remotely permanent. Only two years ago my husband started a duty here in Santa Clarita, California that required him to be away for long hours. I was inspired by his hard work and dedication to create pillows that expressed my love when he comes home and to relax and recuperate. We are far away from family, but creating art has always been a big part of my life and through the love and support of my husband, “Paint Me Pink”, was created. What was your main inspiration to start a small business? In January 2014 Paint Me Pink was born. I remember the first time I introduced my pillows through my social media pages; it was one of the most nerve racking experiences, I had never sold anything I made before and it felt very personal and scary. Throw pillow covers are made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric. Each pillow features a double-sided print and is finished with a concealed zipper.

Do you create all designs yourself? Do you have anything special in the works (new items, etc.) for the upcoming Holidays? I design all my pillows and I love making custom orders. My designs are a blend of sweet inspiration and silly humor in the form of bold typography and vintage inspiration. I’m currently working on two more vintage Farmhouse designs and a couple of fun holiday ones that I cannot wait to share with everyone.

Thank you Norma! We know our readers love you as much as we do! Do you own a small business or Etsy store and want to be featured in Everything Home Magazine? Tag your Instagram product photos using the #ehmaker hashtag!

Fall at the Farm E



ust a few miles outside the hustle-and-bustle of the city limits of Burlington, North Carolina, you will find a small, charming little place called Happy Days Farm. Happy Days Farm is a small hobby farm that houses chickens, guineas, and one sweet little bunny named Sugar. While most of us wake up to the sound of an alarm clock, Chachi, a Barred-Cochin rooster, welcomes each morning with a crow to start the new day. There are ten hens, one rooster, and 6 guinea fowl on the farm. They are spoiled daily with treats of grapes, lettuce for nibbling, and even the occasional bath. Penny, the owner, stays busy keeping the home, tending her gardens, and working part-time in their family’s business. This quaint little cabin on the farm is just as EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

charming on the inside as it is on the outside. It has one room and one loft and is furnished with antiques. The cabin is chinked inside and out and has a real working stove. “It reminds me of the one written about in Little House on the Prairie,” says Penny. The cabin has an interesting story on its own. Penny

Written by: Daraka McCrackin

spotted the little cabin one day for sale in someone’s backyard. She was so excited that she called the realty group right away and ended up getting it for a fantastic price. They had to move the cabin three miles across town with a guy standing atop the cabin to hold up power lines as they went. They moved the cabin with the porch intact and it arrived in perfect condition. Years later when they decided to build a house in the country, they had the cabin moved again. It now resides peacefully at Happy Days Farm. Penny says she loves to decorate it for every season.

fun fact

The cabin was once a tobacco barn from Caswell County, North Carolina. Penny chinked the inside walls of the cabin to match the outside.

Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.


This is an authentic rope bed that Penny roped herself.

The chicken coops looks like a small farmhouse itself, providing two runs that are fully enclosed to protect against predators. Penny says one of her favorite things to do is sit out in the backyard and interact with and watch the chickens. They each have a unique personality and name and know their names when called. The guineas have their own coop as well that is fully decorated for fall. “They look like polka dot vacuum cleaners going across the yard,” says Penny. I enjoyed getting to know more about their life in the country and the joys of raising chickens and guineas. It’s easy to see why I fell in love with Happy Days Farm.

Sugar, their adorable dwarf lionhead bunny, is litter trained and travels with them when they go places.

Find more about Happy Days Farm below. Blog: Happy Days Farm Instagram: @happydaysfarm


ready, set, diy Creative Ideas For Your Next DIY Project

Easy & fun weekend project! Pumpkins Apples Hayrides Make a Rustic Sign Written by: Jenna Gentry


It seems like all year long, we anxiously wait for fall. The change in season means cooler weather, comfy clothes, pumpkin everything, and loads of beautiful home decor. Unfortunately, all these things lead us down the road to drained bank accounts and less than thrilled significant others (in my case, that is). But thanks to the creative minds of so many people out there, we have much cheaper home decor options. I know when I see a cute fall sign for $50.00 in a store, my first thought is “how can I make this myself?” Then I wind up on a Google search for hours reading tutorials. In one of my searches, I found an amazing DIY sign made by the super talented Shannon Marler, adapted from plans she saw on Ella Claire Blog. She happily agreed to share with all of us how she made it!

Sign Supplies:

5 1x6 pieces of wood, each cut 4’ long 3 pieces of 1x2, each cut 2’ long Wood glue 1” Screws Drill Projector or Stencils White Chalk Paint (I made my own with BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder mixed with white latex paint from home) Acrylic Paint –barn wood red, brown, yellow, orange, and black Paint brush (1 large, 1 small) Sandpaper EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

Make the Board Line up the 5 long pieces of wood and glue sides together with wood glue. For extra support, screw your 2’ pieces horizontally across the back. Wipe down the wood and clean off all debris after assembling your sign.

Paint Paint the base of your board with the white chalk paint. Once dry, lightly brush on the red. Again, let dry. Add the brown. Last, lightly add one more layer of white to blend all your colors together.


Sand the board. Once you’ve achieved the amount of distressing you like, wipe down your sign. Make sure all sanding debris is completely removed.

Stencil or Trace Image Ella Claire provides a free graphic on her blog for the Pumpkins, Apples, and Hayrides you can download. Be creative here if you want, and make it your own. I changed mine up a little by adding “5 cents” and omitting the border. Print the graphic and project image on to the board. Use a pencil to trace the image.

Paint Transferred Image Paint the letters with your choice of color using a small brush. Add yellow to highlight, let dry. Lightly distress letters with fine grit sandpaper. This will give it a worn look, and also disguise any imperfections in your lettering. Leave it as-is, or seal with a polyurethane.

For more photos and info on Shannon’s creative DIYs, you can find her on Instagram @inspiredby2.

Love Lives Forever

June 1989 Handmade Bracelets From Our Hearts To Yours

Neutral Fall

Written by:Allison Allison Meece Written by: Meece

inviting fall whites! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year - golden morning sun, rustling leaves, the smell of a fresh rain, and a crispness in the air. Not only does the weather change, but so do our homes. Fall brings the smell of baked goods, warm crackling fires, cozy blankets, and the welcoming of friends and family. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, most of us are preparing our kitchens and dining rooms for holiday decor. Thanksgiving decor can be simple or extraordinary. Whether you bring out the fine china or just add a few pumpkins and pinecones, its always nice to add that extra touch to your space for guests to enjoy. Nothing says fall and gathering around the table more than Katie Nisbett’s dining room. Her shiplap walls, beaded chandelier, wood accents, rustic lanterns, and dried wheat wreath create a cozy and welcoming room with the perfect touch of fall.


Subtle pops of color echo tradit ional fall After Katie and her husband bought their California home, they immediately got to work by renovating and adding some architectural interest. This shiplap wall is one of Katie’s favorite features of her home, and it is one of mine too. Katie loves a rustic style, with lots of texture and found decor items. The wood accent pieces were built by her husband and are the perfect texture against the shiplap wall. Katie believes in layers, and just like in her photography, she uses that rule in her decor. Katie loves keeping her space neutral while adding colorful decor items throughout the seasons. Her orange table runner, glass beaker jug and yellow floral leaves are perfect for the changing season. Simple table decor allows plenty of space on the table for favorite Thanksgiving dishes and warmly baked pies. The dining room French doors open up to a patio and when the weather is nice, it creates additional seating for family and friends - perfect for Thanksgiving.

Katie Nisbett.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Katie and not only is she an extremely talented photographer and decorator, she is also the sweetest person. Katie draws inspiration for her home from her favorite store, Pottery Barn, as she creates her ownIstyle that is classic, of rustic and beautiful. She loves shopping her local thrift had the pleasure interviewing had the shops, pleasure of decor interviewing stores,I antique and boutiques. Katie and not only is she an Katie and not only is she an extremely talented photographer extremely talented photographer Fall is one of Katie’s favorite seasons and she enjoys the cooler weather, pumpkins, and decorator, she alsoblankets the and decorator, she is also the getting cozy underneath warm and the togetherness the holidays bring sweetest person. Katie sweetest Katie draws draws to her family. person. inspirationfor forher herhome home from inspiration from her her favorite store,and Pottery Barn, as Loving your home the space you are in is one of the greatest joys in life favorite store, Pottery Barn,that asshe she creates her own style that is classic, and creates Katie agrees. A beautiful space can brighten a bad day, warm the heart, and her own style that is classic, rustic andwith beautiful. She loves can be enjoyed the people that matter most in life. Take the time this season rustic and beautiful. She loves herthat local thrift stores, to addshopping a few items you truly love to your dining room or holiday space. shopping her local thrift stores, antique shops, and decor antique shops, and decor boutiques. boutiques. Fallisisone oneof ofKatie’s Katie’s favorite favorite seasons Fall seasons and shethe enjoys theweather, cooler and she enjoys cooler weather, pumpkins, getting cozy pumpkins, getting cozy underneath underneath warm blankets and the warm blankets and the togetherness togetherness the holidays bring to the holidays bring to her family. her family.

Loving space Lovingyour yourhome homeand and the the space that ofthe the greatest thatyou youare are in in is is one of greatest life and KatieA joys in lifejoys andinKatie agrees. agrees. Aspace beautiful can a bad beautiful canspace brighten brighten badheart, day, warm day, warmathe and the can be heart, and can be enjoyedKatie withNisbett the a full time professional a fullKatie timeNisbett professional enjoyed with the people that matter people that matter most in life. photographer currently taking on the photographer currently taking on the decorating most in life. Take the time this Take the time this seasonworld to addand a inspiring decorating and inspiring clients toworld love their homes. clients season to add a few items that you few items that you truly love to love their She livesinwith her She to lives with her husband andhomes. two children truly to your room orCalifornia. husband and of twoKatie's children in Clovis, yourlove dining roomdining or holiday space. Clovis, To see more California. To see more of Katie's holiday space. gorgeous home follow along on Instagram @katienisbett.

gorgeous home follow along on Instagram @katienisbett

Written by: Collette Osuna

When I think of farmhouse style, the very first thing that comes to mind is Painted Fox Treasures. If you are already familiar with this one of a kind online home decor store, I’m sure you will agree. Painted Fox is one of the very first stores that I came across through my Instagram account last Summer and I was instantly hooked! If you love unique, one of a kind farmhouse, industrial and rustic home decor items, your prayers have been answered. Painted Fox takes the “hunt” out of the painstaking search for those hard to find items by offering them to us all in one place! At Painted Fox you are not just another customer, you are part of the family. I am so thrilled to introduce you to this incredible store in our premiere edition of Everything Home Magazine. Christine and Jen are the driving force behind the brand and I recently chatted with them about their beginnings, their successes and what is in store for the future.

Christine Hebbring Jennifer Murray/ Painted Fox EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015



Painted Fox Christine Hebbring Farmhouse Planters

Jennifer Murray/ Painted Fox


Is Painted Fox the first business you have launched? It sure is! We have both been busy and happy in our other careers for many years. Now, we each have two careers. How lucky are we?

When did you open? Why at that particular time? We began this journey in the fall of 2013. There was no particular reason for the timing. Quite honestly, it was when the spirit moved us!

How did Christine & Jen meet? The two of us met by pure fate. My (Jen's) son Gabe ended up in Christine's first grade classroom. It was love at first sight for Christine and Gabe. They had an instant connection. Spending time watching Christine teach was pure magic. She is so in her element in the classroom. It is something you feel the instant you walk into her room. I just couldn't get enough of watching it in action. Christine and I clicked right away and were fast friends! One of my very favorite things to do is to volunteer at my children's schools. So, naturally, I began volunteering in Christine's classroom and we found that we were soul sisters. So began the adventures and gifts of our friendship, which resulted in a friendship like no other and eventually, it resulted in our beloved Painted Fox.

What does the Painted Fox Name mean? The name Painted Fox has several meanings to Jen and I. The 'Fox' symbolizes the elusive hunt for fabulous, interesting, farmhouse treasures. For us, the fox also symbolizes a quiet, peaceful knowing that loved ones who are no longer with us, are quietly and lovingly watching over us. One of my (Christine's) brothers, Fritz, fought a brave battle with Depression for many years. He was one of my dearest friends and lived a vibrant life filled with love and genuine kindness. After his passing, we all began to see foxes. Not just a couple, but many! Several of us had foxes build dens in our yards and places of business! On our first summer reunion without Fritz, a fox had build a den the week of our arrival, right beneath my parent's cabin, and made regular visits to our campfires. Even sitting beneath a chair eating marshmallows! A Fox and Pups spent a spring in our neighboring field. We watched them frolic and grow right out our windows. Point being, each of knows that the fox was Fritz's way of saying 'I am well. I am with you. Now take good care of one another and live your lives fully.' So, this made the Fox an easy fit for the business. A business run on honor and kindness, with a mission of filling homes with treasures that express the personalities and joys of those living there. Just as Fritz lived his life. The 'Painted' part of our name represents individuality and the treasured surprise of unique and unexpected additions to your nest. 'Painted' reminds us of the sparkle that a touch of personality adds to a space. Not one of us needs to be just like the other. In our uniqueness, we are treasures. So, there you have it. Painted Fox ~ the perfect combination of love, kindness, Christineand Hebbring creativity the elusive hunt for the very Jennifer Murray/ Painted Foxour customer's loveliest of farmhouse swag for home.

Sweetheart Wire Cloche

Tradewinds Canvas Tote

Jackfruit Wreath

What do you wish you knew before you started? We wish we would have know how fabulous this experience would be. Had we known sooner, we would have started sooner! But to be truthful, we wouldn't change a thing. It has evolved just as it should. Organically. Knowing more doesn't always mean doing better. It may have scared us away to know what hard work this would be. But it is so worth it. Every single bit of it.

Can you tell me who your typical customer is? We are proud to say that we don't have a typical customer. We have the best customers on earth!

Open Weave Baskets

Russell Trays

What type of education helped you to open/manage the store? The school of life, hard work and raw determination have helped us to be at the helm of Painted Fox. Jen has a background in business and I am an elementary teacher. We have learned everything about the business through a determination and perseverance to pursue our dream and follow our passion to make Painted Fox a brand that is known and trusted!

What has been your most satisfying moment in business? Our most satisfying moments have been our interactions with our customers!. The relationships we have built with each customer are priceless. It has also been a true joy to get to know our blog families. We wouldn't be where we are today without the kindness and encouragement of this group of incredible women and men. We don't want to start to list names, because we would surely forget someone and would feel Christine Hebbring just sick about that. The friendships that we have been graced with are true and JenniferWe Murray/ Painted Fox one another's stories and dreams! Each one is a genuine. have grown to know blessing. A gift of the heart.

Stay the course. Don't let others discourage you. You will always run into nay sayers and doubters. You know the type.. glass half empty. Disregard this What pieces of advice would you givenegativity. to college students who want to become entrepreneurs?

-Stay the course. Don't let others discourage you. You will always run into nay sayers and doubters. You know the type.. glass half empty. Disregard this negativity. -Have a plan, a good one. It is a road map when things get a little crazy. Don't be afraid to edit that plan as you go. It should be a living document. The more you do, the more you know. -Be prepared to work hard. Harder than you have ever worked.

-Most importantly... be nice. Just be nice. There isn't enough kindness in the world. Add more kindness. Thank you so much Christine & Jen! I know our readers loved learning more about you and Painted Fox.

For more product inspiration please visit the Painted Fox store & follow along with their Instagram!

farm to table recipes Comfort Food For The Rustic Life

Savor the Season

Caramel Pear Spice Cake


November, still in the midst of the fall season and heading into its golden days, will soon start preparing to pass its torch to winter’s month of December. I know for some of you, it is a down time because the warm summer days are now long behind us. But I have to be honest, and say that fall is my most favorite time of year, so I’m really not sad at all. In my fickleness, we will have this discussion again when the temperature is twenty degrees below zero with ice on the roads, and I’ll be longing for summer, promising that I’ll never bad mouth the heat and humidity ever again.

I know deep down that it will be a promise broken. That’s just how it is, and how I roll. I’m very fickle with the seasons. But with fall, I could never find fault. Fall is truly the epitome of comfort. Embrace it, and drink in its comforting charm……because its window closes so very quickly, and then winter is suddenly upon us.

Fall promises the “Fallof promises the love love of a warm aand warm and cozy cozy home” home November is the time when people start planning their holiday baking, especially Thanksgiving dessert, aside from the traditional pumpkin pie. And if they’re the host of the dinner, they’re usually looking for something that is not only easy to prepare, but also beautiful and delicious. A Caramel Pear Spice Cake, filled with fall flavor, would certainly be a delicious, yet beautiful dessert to serve your most honored guests. While it looks like you spent all day baking and decorating, your guests don’t need to know that it took hardly any time to throw together! The frosted cake (without the pears and caramel) could be frozen a few days in advance. Taken out the day before or even the morning of the dinner, it only takes a few minutes to poach the pears and melt the caramel to adorn the cake!

Buttery caramel flows over a not overly sweet spice cake that is filled with a nutty browned butter frosting. Tiny, yet flavorful Seckel pears, poached in chocolate wine for just a few minutes, and then dipped in caramel, pair well with the nuttiness of the browned butter and the cinnamon from the cake! It is a dessert that will have your guests raving for days to come. *To view full recipe & print options, please click the recipe photo above. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

november printable

Hi there! My name is Amber and I will be creating a free monthly printable for Everything Home Magazine each month. A printable is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to add seasonal decor to your gallery wall or holiday vignette. They look great framed, as is, or simply clipped onto a clipboard. With Thanksgiving approaching, I knew I had to incorporate some pumpkin pie into this month’s printable! I would recommend printing onto card stock if available, this helps with the colors and quality of the image, but computer paper will work just fine as well. Please remember to tag any photos of your printable using the hashtag #EHprintable for a chance to be featured on my Instagram and the Everything Home Magazine Instagram account.

everything found Inspiring Ideas For Antique & Vintage Finds

Take a peek inside the life of Liz Marie Galvan and learn about her passion for the "hunt"

everything found Inspiring Ideas for Antique & Vintage Finds


When I think about using flea market finds and antiques in a space...I think Liz Marie Galvan! I love to go “junkin” for unique and fun things for my home but Liz Marie is the master! I could just shop around her home and be in “junkin” heaven!!! I am so inspired by the way Liz Marie incorporates fall touches with all her fun antiques and junkin finds, they just seem to beautifully enhance rather than becoming the focal point themselves. Come on in to Liz’s house and let me show you what I mean! Written by: Wendy Durnwald

Take a peek inside the personal life of Liz Marie Galvan and learn about her passion for the "hunt" Liz Marie lives in Michigan with her husband, Jose, and their two fur babies, Bella and Bear. These two are a ‘team” in every sense of the word! Liz and Jose are best friends and they have been “junkin” together for 11 years. Their hobby has slowly turned into a way of life and a business over the years. They have a booth where they sell their vintage finds, they do design work for others, and they both blog full time. “It’s really cool when your hobbies become your job. I don’t know how it happened, but I know God had His hands in it all.”

White pumpkins and moss set the neutral tone

everything found Inspiring Ideas for Antique

As Liz shared, “One of my biggest passions in life has always been junkin’, that’s what & Vintage Finds I call hunting for antiques and vintage treasures. It’s something I can remember always loving. Now I use those treasures in my home. When fall comes around, I add a few pumpkins next to a shabby piece of furniture and it just fits, like it’s always been there.”

“I want our seasonal decor to accent our vintage furniture, not hide it”


Similar vintage wood crates at: Painted Fox

This is Liz and Jose’s first year in their Michigan house and they are still working on projects and trying to fix it up. We all know what that’s like don’t we?! Projects around my home just seem to be a continual event rather than an event that has a beginning and an end. Can I get an amen? Liz said that she just worked around all the unfinished projects and went super neutral with tons of white pumpkins and greenery. Her fall touches set such a cozy mood and accent her rustic pieces perfectly. I for one, think she knocked it out of the park!

I asked Liz Marie for tips, for y’all of course, and secretly for myself! She said, “My tip for decorating is to create vignettes in your home to tell a story. For example, on our antique coffee table we have a large rustic basket filled with pumpkins. As your eye scans the room, you can see some salvaged pieces, some lamps, a few white pumpkins, and some fall garland. It’s all so simple, but really just tells a story of what season it is as it flows pairs nicely with our vintage finds.” I used her tip in my own CHILD OFtogether GOD,and MARINE WIFE home and noticed that my fall decor doesn’t overpower my decor anymore but just takes it to the next level. Thanks Liz!!!

Liz is just one of those people that you feel like you could become close friends immediately. She has a warm, soft, and charming style that just invites you to stay for a while. There is something about antique and flea market finds that takes us back to simpler days, where the pace was a little slower and time seemed to linger. I think Liz would be the first to tell you that achieving this look takes time, patience, and a lot of sifting through things that don’t work. But then... you find it, the perfect old treasure that quietly says, “I would love to come live with you and be a part of your home.” One step at a time, one special treasure at a time, and before you know it, your home is overflowing with charm, cozy, and special. Feel free to swoon through Liz Marie and Jose’s blogs for inspiration and see how they achieved this beautiful style. Until next month, keep on treasure hunting my friends!!! Follow along with us every month as we show you how antique and flea market finds can make your house a home. Be sure to tag your antique/flea market Instagram photos using the #ehfound hashtag for a chance at a possible feature in one of our future issues!

pet perfect Lovable Pet Friends That Steal Our Heart

The Cold Escape Written by: Chloe Wisner Photographs by: Ezgi Turkmen As the cold months of winter are quickly upon us, you may think the only thing you have to prepare for is hot chocolate, scarves & mittens, and a possible snow day here and there… you’d be wrong!

Instagram user @Happycatmutlu (Ezgi Turkmen, 23, college student from Turkey) recently shared their experience on Instagram that touched my heart regarding this subject.

We humans tend to move inside to a nice warm shelter when it starts to get cold. Luckily, we are fortunate enough to always have that option. Some animals on the other hand, do not! In the cold months animals such as rabbits, kittens, and unfortunately other rodents will seek warm shelter in unconventional places such as the hood of your car.

They said, “I was getting on the bus from rescuing three kittens, but heard a sound from nearby. I followed the sound and finally noticed it was coming from inside a car engine! I called the fire department and they said they couldn’t help me. I called the police to get the name of the car owner and then went to some shops near by. I found someone who knew the owner.”


“I immediately called the owner; he was out of town but such a good man. He told me how to get to the engine without opening the car. A man from the shop helped me open the hood and there she was, a tiny scared tiger kitten! I had no cage with me so I walked with her in my backpack for fifteen minutes until I got home. I then fostered her for two weeks until after putting her on my social networks; a man adopted her into a loving home the next day! She is very happy in her home and I check on her every day!”

“I walked with her in my back pack”

Stories like Ezgi’s should be shared amongst family and friends all throughout the colds months to bring awareness to situations like this, that may occur more frequently than not. A simple honk of your horn or a tap on the hood of your car can save innocent lives this winter. So please, tell a friend to tell a friend that animals have feelings too!

Do you have a pet you want to be featured in Everything Home Magazine? Tag your Instagram pet photos using the #ehpets hashtag! EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

what’s trending now Using The Latest Trends In Home Decor

Lucy Akins

SHOWS US HER FAUX Written by: Keila Bernowitz Photos by: Lucy Akins

Fall is in full swing and our hearts are filled with gratitude. With many joyous festivities around the corner, we find ourselves searching for the perfect components to add glamour and comfort to our homes. Luckily for us, many of the alluring details that make fall memorable can be found in the home of the unquestionably talented, Lucy Akins. Lucy has effortlessly turned her light and airy space into an inspiring and elegant abode. Certain subtle and welcoming details stood out while touring her lovely home.



SHOP THE LOOK: Fauxidermy

We can't disagree that animals are

SHOP THE LOOK: Vintage Book Bundles


intriguing by design. Mounted “fauxidermy” made up of wood, papier mache, or even cardboard are nothing short of respectful admiration for Mother Nature. Their embellishment is artistic enough to give them life and may even supersede the real thing. These pieces can be arranged to stand alone, but can fall in line as a complement to gallery walls. You’ll find them anywhere from bathrooms, to office nooks, and even inside baby rooms! “I’m always looking to add a little whimsy to our space,” says Lucy. Adding seasonal wreaths, elaborate hats, and fanciful ornaments to your fauxidermy, generates interesting conversation and bring smiles to the faces of children.

Cover large wood slices with chalkboard paint for an added fun touch!

Stump Envy


Wood is slowly ‘branching out’ of the kitchen and making its way to other parts of our Tree Stump Slices homes. Nothing accentuates the love for Bed Bath & Beyond rustic more than incorporating timber at your $19.99 next gathering. Lucy’s use of tree trunk slices brings warmth and charm to her formal dining area. Not only are they enjoyable on their own, but they are the perfect foundation for showcasing comfort foods, seasonal blooms, and hold their presence in both indoor and outdoor settings. Whatever demonstration you choose, these beauties will certainly gleam. Drinks off a stumpy slice serving tray? Cheers to that! SHOP THE LOOK:


Decorative Dome


Oriental Porcelain


Vintage Book Stack

Decoratively speaking, the idea of encapsulating items under a dome is indicative of a common motif- one that instantly catches your eye upon entering a home. “These are actually really old clocks I had found at a thrift store.” Lucy astutely converted cloches that held antique clocks into glass domes; capable of enclosing just about anything that is fitting. Lucy's clever pops of orange pumpkins add the right amount of autumn flare to her lovely use of neutrals..

When it comes to blue and white, there’s no wrong way. The Chinese paved the way with their elaborately hand-crafted ceramics. The good news is that because of its prominence, mass-production pieces are readily accessible and inexpensive. Lucy outdid herself by going one step further. “I wanted to create something a little out of the ordinary, so I painted my own blue porcelain pumpkin. Your house becomes your home when you inject it with love, patience and heart.” We couldn’t agree more.

Books are an easy and inexpensive mean of decorating for the vintage Parisian enthusiast. They instill comfort, which makes them an integral part of homes. The use of coverless books can be utilized to highlight the elements of fall. Ironically, their lack of color creates a monochromatic pattern and ultimately amplifies the dazzling hues of the holidays. “I believe in seeing beauty in things that someone discards and might even consider trash.” Now the question is, do you dare to bare?

recycled & re-loved New Ways To Re-Purpose Salvaged Items You might say I’m an “upcycleaholic” and you would be correct. I love seeing items used to their fullest, anyone else? The history, patina, and character of an older piece, the usefulness of a discarded item brought back to life, or a scrap that is used for a new purpose. What could be better? Shannon @coffeepaintrepeat, also known as “lover of junk,” seems to feel the same way and is this month’s feature for “recycled & re-loved.” Let’s just say she shines in this category.

The project that won over my heart is this old army cot turned coffee table.

The table came to life after Shannon came across a military cot with ripped canvas at a garage sale. She asked the lady how much it was and was excited when she said 5 dollars. The lady asked her what she planned on doing with it and Shannon happily told her it was going to be an amazing coffee table. She took it home and cleaned up the wood frame, attached some leather strips to help support the weight of the glass, and found a local glass shop to cut the long narrow top. She even recycled the canvas by having a chair seat reupholstered with it. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

Written by: Deborah Sommerlot

Do you know what else junkin’ girls do? They add candles on top of an old luggage rack. This luggage rack turned candle holder was given to Shannon from a junkin’ friend of hers. She didn’t know for sure what it was at first but instantly knew it would be a perfect centerpiece for a table with candles added on top. One day while her step father was visiting he asked why she had candles on top of an old top car luggage rack. She thought it It doesn’t matter what the items was funny but was pleased to finally previous life was, it has new life in her know what it used to be. hands.

What's Old is New

Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.

Shannon said, “This metal milk bottle stand came from my day of digging through a large amount of junk at a local thrift store/distribution center. (AKA "The bins") I found the large metal piece and loved the shape and the fact it had all the perfect holes on top. I brought that one home and it honestly sat for awhile waiting for me to decide what it would be. One day I was admiring everyone's cup racks on Instagram and a light bulb went off! I ran to the garage and brought it inside. The milk bottles fit perfectly and I had exactly enough. Like it was meant to be! I am still not sure what it originally came from. Maybe an engine of some sort? Hoping someone will come along and identify it for me like my step father with the luggage rack.”

For more on Shannon and her projects visit her on Instagram: @coffeepaintrepeat

From a new kitchen cabinet makeover to a metal military trunk found at a local dumping ground, Shannon is an amazing source of upcycle inspiration.

Shannon took pages out of an old book and created this beautiful “book page wreath”. Perfect for any season.

Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.

Do you love to use items to their fullest? Show us what you got by including this hashtag in your social media pictures #EHrecycle. You may be next month’s feature!!

room to grow Functional Spaces For Our Little Ones

Fun with Colors When Brittany started planning her boy’s rooms she really wanted them to feel bright, fun, and just really youthful! She wanted the space to be somewhere her boys could hang out in and feel proud to call their own. She was a little more free spirited with their spaces and stepped out of her comfort zone a little bit with colors. She said that it obviously shows in the

playroom and she is so glad that she did because it’s one of her favorite rooms. I asked her if her kids had an opinion about the décor of the room and this is what she said “Neither of them had much interest in designing their rooms (too young to care, I guess) so this mama had free reins!” The kids rooms have a little bit more of a modern feel, compared to the rest of

Brittany’s home which more farmhouse style. She tried to style each room with vintage and hand-me-down pieces to help tie them in to the rest of the house. Both rooms are also painted the same color as the rest of the house so that helps them flow together too.

Written by: Brooke Christen



Similar wicker baskets: World Market $14.99



Brittany’s two kids are currently sharing a bedroom so they use their 3rd bedroom as their playroom. Both rooms fill the entire square footage of their 2nd floor. Once you walk upstairs you enter a totally different world, and it’s run by kids. She said they do confine most of their toys to their playroom. She found that the kids were getting super distracted by toys while they were trying to get them to wind down for naptime or bedtime. Because of that she wanted their room to be free of distractions and filled with more beneficial things that helped promote quiet time, like lots and lots of books. In the playroom each toy has a place, its own basket, on its own shelf. The playroom also serves the purpose of their homeschool room, she tries to keep it organized that way things can be found quickly and easily. Every couple of months Brittany will go through the toys while the boys are napping and fill a donation box with things they haven’t played with in a while. The boys never know they are missing and it helps keep the mass of toys they always seem to be collecting under control.

Triangle Decals: Urban Walls $35.00

I asked Brittany what her main inspiration was for the kid space. She said it was those triangle vinyl decals from Urban Walls. She had seen them all over Instagram and Pinterest and just loved how easy and fun they were. They add that dramatic effect of an accent wall, but they don’t take the same commitment that say paint or wallpaper would.

ABC Poster: IKEA USA $10.00

In the playroom, she planned the room around Ikea’s ABC poster that is hanging above the craft cart. She loved the colors in it. It is bright and fun and she wanted the playroom to reflect that.

It was also really important to her to have a full chalkboard wall in one of the rooms. In their previous home they had one in their kitchen and she loved to sit and doodle with the boys. She said “It was just a lot of fun for us and I was really sad to leave it behind when we moved.”

Brittany shopped Ikea and flea markets for her kid’s space. She scored the boy’s beds at a garage sale for $10, a little paint and they were good as new. Their bed side table is a vintage school desk she got at a flea market for $5. The kitchen in the playroom is from Ikea and Brittany adores it.

Rocket Ship Tent: Land of Nod $189.00

I asked Brittany what her son’s favorite part of their kid space was and she said it was the rocket ship tent that she bought from Land of Nod and it is actually their favorite spot in the entire house. They love curling up inside of it with a book, their iPad, or a flashlight at night. It’s ALWAYS their first and only hiding when they play hide-n-seek. For more inspiration and fun decorating ideas, visit Brittany York on her blog at Duchessofyork EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

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tablescapes Inspiring Ideas For Every Tabletop

Southern Style Table with Kelley Nan Written by: Oscar Bravo

"I'm not a rule follower and have eclectic taste… I just go with what I like” Kelley Nan Lopez

ABOVE: Subtle hints of gold and silver create a timeless centerpiece. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015


There is something so comforting about the familiarity of fall. It's a season that evokes memories through all of our senses. The smell of freshly carved pumpkins, the sound of leaves blowing in the cool, autumn wind, and the sight of candlelight reminds us of loved ones sitting together on Thanksgiving to enjoy an amazing dinner. Keeping traditions alive helps to recreate those memories year, after year. Kelley is no stranger to keeping traditions alive.

Growing up in Georgia, she has a love for all things southern. Learning from her mother and late grandmother, which Kelley describes as "southern belles", she continues her family's Thanksgiving traditions in her beautiful, newly built home., while still keeping true to her own unique style which Kelley describes as "Classic, with a little glam mixed in.�

Kelley resides in north Georgia with her husband, David, and two dogs, Penny and Mister.. She offers both in-person and virtual dĂŠcor services. Instagram: @kelleynan Website/Contact: EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

"I've learned that when you keep key pieces neutral, you can easily change the look between seasons by simply switching some accents,"

Kelley kept her color palette bright and neutral in her tablescapes, using colors that would compliment the rest of her dining room. If you want to achieve that puttogether "designer-look" for your tablescape, have your accessories harmonize with the rest of your decor in your dining area. Kelley's beautiful soft blue walls (Lauren's Surprise - Sherwin Williams) are the perfect backdrop for the warm metallic and rustic colors on her table. Everything on her table sparkles and shines making the whole room look light and airy. "It was important for me to have a place that evoked a sense of calm," says Kelley, and that was definitely achieved. Having a neutral color scheme made it easy for Kelley to use items she already owned. The plates are from her wedding china. The detail on the plates compliment the rest of her decor quite nicely and can be easily used again and again with many different color schemes. Kelly used her love for classic design and eye for calming colors to create a timeless, and elegant environment that her and her family will enjoy and make beautiful memories in. "I know that each year my mom will be slaving over the toasted pecans, Uncle Jack will be serving the bloody Mary's, and Aunt Susan will bring the Cranberry Salad," says Kelley. Sounds like a perfect (and familiar) Thanksgiving dinner.

recycled & re-loved New Ways To Re-Purpose Salvaged Items

Peek at a Unique Way to Display Your Pumpkin This Fall!

Written by: Lauren Ashworth


TIP: Vintage door knobs can be used as ceiling fan pulls & lamp finials too!

“We like to think of them as an architectural fingerprint” – Kristy Robb

A “collected” home invokes a wave of nostalgia, warmth, and invitation. My heart skips a beat when I see a yard sale, antique shop, flea market, or bargain bin. The thrill of the hunt for the perfectly chippy vintage treasure or unique piece to transform in a new way can be both exhilarating and challenging. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment from rescuing an item surely doomed for the dumpster. Seeing the unexpected potential in an inconspicuous object takes creativity and ingenuity. As I say, one man’s junk is another picker’s treasure!

Kristy Robb and her husband Corey are both makers at heart. You’ll find all kinds of vintage and handcrafted items incorporated throughout their renovated 100+ year old home. One of their favorite Written by: Lauren Ashworth items to collect and repurpose are vintage door knobs. They’ve collected bins full of them in all shapes, sizes, and colors and appreciate them for their solid composition and unique aesthetic.

Kristy first cut the stems off of each pumpkin to create a flat base to mount the doorknob stems. She then hand painted two coats of chalk paint to create a natural finish. Once they were dry she applied a top coat of dark furniture wax by Minwax to add texture and dimension in the crevices. To mount the “stems” she poked a hole in the top of the pumpkin to insert the door knobs. The glass knob had a threaded spindle in place but the other two knobs did not. Corey trimmed a dowel and glued it in place of the spindles to give them more stability when mounted.

Similar chalk paint; Home Depot $15.98

The Robbs have used knobs from their extensive collection in a lot of fun ways including mounting them onto reclaimed wood to create a classic and chic farmhouse vintage inspired coat rack and jewelry organizer. Last fall Kristy was inspired to incorporate them into her fall décor by repurposing faux pumpkins with chalk paint and using vintage knobs and handmade “leaves” to complete the look.

Some rustic twine and vintage keys in addition to hand cut leaves made from atlas map paper are the perfect final touches to complete the look. Kristy loves that the pumpkins are light weight and durable so they can be used for years to come. A beautiful and inexpensive vintage addition to their autumn decor! EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

Kristy is a vintage soul with a passion for all things chippy, distressed and rusty. She loves flipping furniture and decorating her home with vintage and hand crafted goods. Inspired by her Midwestern roots, she is fearless when it comes to using color and mingling retro, farmhouse, industrial, and cottage styles. Together Kristy & Corey are DIY enthusiasts restyling their 100+ year-old home room by room.

Kristy Robb

For more design inspiration and DIY projects, visit Kristy and Corey at their blog Robb Restyle or on Instagram

crafty kids Simple And Creative Crafts For The Littles

CREATE Melted Crayon Sun Catchers

Supplies Needed: 1. Wax Paper 2. Crayons (fall colors work best) 3. Dish towels 4. Real leaves or printable leaf template 5. Grater with handle 6. Iron

Download & Print

As the cooler air and chilly months approach us, you may be searching for some fun and simple crafts to keep your little ones entertained. I am so thrilled to introduce you to our very first Crafty Kids feature, and her adorable craft! The wonderfully creative and equally sweet Tracy Alves is a former elementary school teacher. She now stays at home with her two daughters, ages 2 & 4. Tracy also has her own Etsy shop, and shares her love for all things home on her blog. With all that talent it is easy to see why I fell in love with her fall craft and know you will too!

Written by: Loren Miller




Carefully help your child gently grate the crayons onto one sheet of wax paper. Depending on your child's age you can help them by holding the grater or getting the shavings ready before hand.

Place another sheet of wax paper on top of the crayon shavings and lightly iron. You will want to use a dish cloth under the wax paper to protect your ironing board and on top the wax paper too. The crayons melt very quickly. Once again, based on your child’s age, you may need to be more hands on with this step.

Once the paper has cooled your child can trace real leaves or the leaf templates onto the wax paper and then cut out the sun catchers.

Once your colorful leaves are cut, you can hang your sun catchers on any window by using scotch tape or double sided tape! Enjoy the pretty autumn colors! I hope you have fun making these with your little ones. I cannot wait to try these with my own kiddos. If you make the sun catchers, feel free to tag me on Instagram @loren_miller or #EHkidcrafts. I would love to see where you display them and hear about You can find Tracy on Instagram the memories you have made with your @SunnyChicHome or visit her sweeties. blog at SunnyChicHome. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | NOV 2015

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