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Summer Days!

Our Summer Tote Obsession

The Ultimate Kitchen

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Summer Floral Arranging

50 Pet Perfect EH Reader Pets

30 June Printable “The Little Things”

13 NEW! Photo Corner Jasmine Amber Chat!

Do you and your family have a fun holiday tradition? We want to hear about it! Share 4 your special or unique tradition with us by Note From the Editors using the hashtag #myEHtradition on your social media posts and your name and 10 tradition could end up in next month’s issue! Ready, Set, DIY! DIY Stencil Art

18 The Inspired Room: Eclectic Inspiration

24 Maker of the Month: Mrs. Jones Soapbox

28 On the Cover: A Summer Room

42 What’s Trending Now? Summer Sweetness

31 Feature Article: Ultimate Dream Kitchen

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63 Take a peek at a carriage house Tablescapes DIY renovation Outdoor Brunch Table!

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Fresh Picked Summer Arrangement

DIY Wire Pumpkins

38 Farm to Table Recipes

17 The Inspired Room

Strawberry Ice Cream!

Wood & warm nature tones at The Wood Grain Cottage

45 Everything Found

20 Makers of the Month

Small Town Found

51 Room Renovations A Thrifted Living Room Makeover

52 What’s Trending Now?

55 See the Fashion Newest in Home Decor Everything Summer Tote Obsession!

Simply Made by Erin Paint Me Pink Shop


25to Grow Room Feature: Playroom A Whimsical

Fall at the Farm A fun peek at Happy Days Farm

A Note from the Editors

Everything Home Magazine: Dog Days of Summer Collette Osuna Editor-in-Chief

If you are like the staff of Everything Home Magazine, you are over the moon with excitement about the arrival of the warm weather! We hope you start enjoying backyard barbeques, camping and spending time outdoors making memories with the ones you love!

We have seven new contributors joining our team this month and cannot wait to share their amazing talent Daraka McCrackin with you! Be sure to visit the Our Contributors page to Managing Editor learn more about our wonderful contributors. Read their bios and visit the links to their blogs and Instagram accounts. Also, feel free to leave comments on the articles to share your thoughts or ask the particular author a question. They would love to hear your feedback. We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of Everything Home Magazine. From our homes to yours, happy June!

Collette & Daraka info@everythinghomemagazine.com EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

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Laila Fazli Laurie Scardina Shannon Ingle Oscar Bravo Brooke Christen Don Massenburg Loren Miller Keila Bernowitz Annie Anderson Chloe Wisner Prudy Blank Jennifer Prock Jennifer Reed Anneke McConnell Ashley Hale Sandra Downie

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Farm to Table

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Laila Fazli

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Everything Fashion

The Inspired Room

Ready, Set, DIY

Anneke McConnell

Annie Anderson

Anneke resides in Seattle, WA with her husband and 3 kiddos. She is a designer, blogger at Coastal Collective Co., and life/biz coach that enjoys life on the water, reading, painting, and fashion. Find Anneke on Instagram @annekemcconnell. #EHfashion

Annie is a stay at home mom who loves cooking, painting, and decorating her home. She is passionate about sharing how to do it all on a budget. Find inspiration from Annie at her blog Zevy Joy. #EHroominspiration

Laila lives in Bay Area, Ca. She’s Prudy is a passionate home Brooke has 18 years design a home decor enthusiast and an cook from Wheatfield, New experience and recently online shop owner at Laila's York. She shares delicious, moved to Connecticut. She Boutique. She loves everything beautiful, and easy recipes with enjoys working on her 1950’s beautiful as well as her family and friends at her home with her husband and inspirational. She enjoys sharing blog butter, basil & 2 daughters. Find Brooke at photos of fashion & lifestyle. breadcrumbs. her blog Nesting with Grace.

Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr. Ricardo, also known as "Mr. Inkredible" is known for his use of bright, bold patterns and colors. He lives in Durham, NC where he owns an interior design business & can be seen on his Instagram feed @designinkredible. #EHdiy

meet the contributors Printables

Jennifer Reed Jennifer resides in Forney, Texas and is happily married to a Firefighter/Paramedic and has 2 young children. She is the Owner & Creative Director of an online gift & lifestyle shop called The Sister Studio.

Pet Perfect

Chloe Wisner

Feature Author

Jennifer Prock

Jennifer currently resides in Chloe is an avid beauty blogger and animal lover! She Texas and is passionate about interior design and golden loves everything beauty and fashion and designing jewelry. retriever rescue. She enjoys photography and loves all You can find Chloe reviewing the newest beauty products at things nature. Find Jennifer at her blog Chloe Does Glam. her blog Decor Gold Designs.


#EHpets & #EHbeauty


Crafty Kids

Trending Now


Loren Miller

Keila Bernowitz

Oscar Bravo

Loren is a wife and mother to 3 young children. She is an esthetician, make-up artist, and writer at The Society Letters. Loren runs her own farmhouse style Etsy shop, you can find her on Instagram loren_miller. #EHkidcrafts

Keila is a lifestyle blogger and currently resides in South Florida. She has a love for all things floral and classic. Find inspiration from Keila at her blog Home and Hydrangeas.

Oscar is an interior decorator and blogger from San Diego, California. He has a passion to help people decorate their homes on a budget. Find Oscar at his blog Oscar Bravo Home.



meet the contributors Photography

Everything Found

Recycled & Reloved

Ashley Hale

Shannon Ingle

Laurie Scardina

Ashley is a lifestyle photographer, designer, and home decor blogger living in Seattle. She’s a wife to a veteran & mother of three who is passionate about photography. Find Ashley on her blog House of Five. #EHphotos

By Arrangement

Sandra Downie

Sandra is the blogger behind the home + lifestyle blog called The Rustic Life. It’s her creative outlet where she shares beautiful things that she loves and that inspire her. She aims to share fresh ideas for styling your life in a pretty yet classically comfortable way. #EHfloral

Shannon is a mother to four and works from home as a certified home stager and owns a custom furniture refinishing business. She’s always on the search for unique "found" items. Find Shannon on Instagram at @coffeepaintrepeat #EHfound

Laurie is a blogger who loves to show people that you can live a pretty life, on a budget! She shares the struggles and successes of their fixer upper journey on her blog The Glam Farmhouse. #EHrecycled

Qa &

Chatting With Lighting

ready, set, diy Creative Ideas for your Next DIY Project

DIY Stencil Art!

I have been so enthused by DIY art lately and have recently tried a few art pieces of my own by painting on plywood and canvas. The finished product really surprised me. I am now an artist and you can be too! As I was perusing Instagram, I came across these striking framed pieces by Shanna Middleton. I was so shocked to find out that she used spray paint and stencils to create these beautiful pieces! How easy is that?! Let's find out how she did it!

If you decide to try this project or create your own custom art piece, be sure to share with us here at Everything Home! Shanna used rectangular frames from a thrift store, metallic gold and white spray paint colors, and an ornate patterned stencil based off of the Fleur de Lis symbol. Remember that everything is totally customizable with DIY so you can choose any piece of art with glass in the frame. Choose your own paint colors and stencil pattern. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

Written by:: Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr.

diy stencil art

Supplies: Picture frames Stencil Spray adhesive 2 different colors of spray paint Steps: Remove glass from frames and be sure it is clean Apply spray adhesive to the stencil Carefully adhere the stencil to the glass in the desired position Apply spray paint to the pattern of the stencil making sure that the pattern is evenly covered Remove stencil right away (or bleeding may occur) Allow to dry based on the recommended drying time listed on the can of spray paint. Apply the second color of spray paint over the first color fully covering the glass from edge to edge. (This is the background color) All of the paint is on one side of the glass Allow to dry Place the glass back inside the frame with the non-painted side facing the front of the frame. Put the original art back inside the frame behind the glass to keep it in place. Hang your frames and style away!

The stenciled frames look amazing hung side by side in a row of two or three. Another creative idea is to switch the background color with the pattern color to create contrast. These framed pieces in bright colors would be a quick and easy update to lighten up your outdoor area for a summer event!

Shanna Middleton is an amazingly stylish interior designer and the owner of a unique furniture store called One of a Kind Find and Design in Cary, NC. All of the handmade pieces in her studio are built, painted and styled on site. If you love unique furniture, handcrafted farm tables, art and accessories head on over to Shanna’s Instagram page @oneofakindfindanddesign

photo corner Monthly Photography Tips And Tricks

Chatting With Lighting Written by: Ashley Hale

There is a group, a club rather, that calls itself the Rising Tide Society. It is a digital gathering place for creatives to meet, collaborate, and grow together. It forged its name from the quote, “a rising tide lifts all boats” once said by former president John F. Kennedy during a speech on economics. It is the belief that supports the commonly used hashtag #communityovercompetition we so often see in the blogging and photography industry.

Like the Rising Tide Society, I alsoadd believe that we thrive on each other’s successes, Sliding barn doors learn from each other’s mistakes, and flourish when we surround ourselves with other character to the pantry. creatives. I was lucky enough to have met interior design enthusiast and Arizona wedding photographer, Jasmine Amber, when I first started my own personal photography journey and business. She helped me learn and grow and continues to inspire me with her moody, yet airy and romantic photography skills. I’m thrilled to introduce her to our readers as she is sure to inspire you in some way.

EH: Jasmine, what made you decide to pursue a career in photography? Was it always a passion of yours? JA: Just after graduating high school, I had the opportunity to intern for my cousin and her family’s wedding photography business in the Bay Area of California. I knew from the first wedding I assisted that I wanted to make it my passion and my business. I came back home after four months of interning, started my own business, and never looked back.

Chatting With Lighting

Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.

Chatting With Lighting EH: What has been your favorite photography moment of this year? JA: I’d say my favorite moment was the first wedding I shot at the beginning of the 2016 wedding season. It was an elopement in San Francisco. There is magic moments in elopements when it’s just the bride and groom. It is just about them, their love, and those intimate moments together.

EH: Your photos always look magical. They have a “light as feather” vibe while still capturing those moody emotions and vibrant colors. What would you say the current photography trends are and do you always stick to them? Sliding barn doors add character the pantry. JA: I love the airy and freshtotones that are in right now because it replicates the look of

film. Film photography is a classic and timeless art so I think this trend is going to stick around awhile. As far as sticking to the trends, I just try to shoot what I love and produce images that make me and my clients happy. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

EH: Your photos are gorgeous right out of the camera and that takes talent but every good photographer has their favorite post processing software. What is yours? JA: I use Lightroom to edit all of my photos. Previously, I was a Photoshop fanatic, but now I rarely even open it now that Lightroom has so many tools to achieve the look I want. I can create my own personal presets and create fluidity with my work. Also, I love that it cuts about half my time in front of the computer which means there is more time to live life!

Chatting With Lighting

EH: What is your best advice for the beginning photographer shooting at home if they want to get that magical light? JA: It’s all about learning manual mode and mastering it. You want to get to know the settings of your camera so you can bring in the most light. Also, having a great lens will take you far. A lens that has an aperture under 2.8 will help you get the most of the light you have available. Windows are your best friend when shooting at home. Open up the blinds, open the doors, turn off the lamps and let the natural light in.

Qa &

Find Jasmine Amber Photography on Instagram HERE or visit her website Lighting JasmineAmberPhotography.com.

Chatting With

EH: What is your favorite photography “trick”?

JA: I love light flare and back lighting my subjects to get an airy and whimsical look. There is nothing better than a gorgeous bride and golden light behind her on her wedding day. EH: To get back to the very basics here, what gear is in your bag right now?

JA: • •

• •

My Canon Mark iii - Great camera and awesome in low light situations! 35mm/1.4 Canon lens - This is my baby! If I could only own one lens, it would be this one! It’s the most ideal length for the look I want in my photos I have put her through a lot and she’s full of marks and scratches, but I wouldn’t trade my favorite gal for any other lens! I also have my 50mm/1.2 Canon lens And lastly my zoom lenses: a 70-200mm and a 24-70mm. These are great for weddings but they can be a bit bulky.

the inspired room One Room Inspiration for All

Take a tour through one of our very own designers eclectic living room! Shop similar sofas at LexMod

An Eclectically Inspired Space Written by: Annie Anderson


scar’s living room is a bold and eclectic feast to the eyes. Inspired tones of emerald fill this room giving it a cohesive style. Straight lines, nature, and texture make this space both inviting and interesting to anyone visually taking it in.


Jacaranda branches drape the streamlined and traditional fireplace, while above, mirrored disks reflect all the brilliant sunlight that fills the room. The subtle grey walls provide a calming background to all the vivid pops of color. Paired with each other they work perfectly, not one design element competing with the other but rather both working together cohesively.

Shop the Look! Mirror from Ballard Designs Coffee table from Ikea Similar chair at West Elm

Simple flower arrangements are a great way to bring in color to any room!

One of the most intriguing and beautiful things about Oscar’s living room is the artwork. It is unique to this room and more importantly, it is special because it was created by Oscar himself. It adds a personal touch to the space that money can not buy. There is an unmistaken quality to pieces that are thoughtfully collected and carefully planned for in our homes as Oscar has so perfectly exemplified here.

Floor lamp from Target

Try your hand at art! Oscar created this stunning piece that makes for unique, one-of-a-kind artwork!

The thoughtfulness of this room and the purity of design is evident. Through the emotions felt via the colors, the art, and the coziness of this space, any visitor is sure to feel welcome. It is easy to leave inspired after seeing Oscar’s accomplishment in making his house a home.

For more design inspiration, visit Oscar at his blog Oscar Bravo Home Tag your photos with #Ehroominspiration for a chance to have your room featured in future issues! EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

Written by: Kelly Fellin

at Painted Fox Home

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maker of

I am having a fan girl moment as I am extremely excited to feature Jamie, owner of Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox, as the Maker of the Month for June. I personally own and use her products and I am a true believer they are the ONLY way to go. Not only do I love that they are non-toxic and eco-friendly, but they all smell amazing and my kiddos can help clean without me worrying about them handling dangerous chemicals! Let’s learn more about the maker behind the brand and the products she offers shall we? EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

the month Can you tell us a little about you and how your company was established? I started this business in 2009 because I wanted to make a contribution to the environmental movement and I thought cleaning products were a perfect fit for me. I loved to clean (instant gratification) but hated the smell of cleaning products and I knew they were dangerous for me and the environment. So I pulled out some old baking soda and vinegar recipes I had from college and I started tinkering. I spent a year creating and testing formulas and then I packaged them in beautiful bottles and I'm so proud of the line of products I developed. They are safe, they encourage recycling and reusing though a refill program, and allow me to help people live healthier lives. I feel lucky and honored!

Worldwide shipping available!

Visit Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox on Instagram!

What products do you offer and what makes your products unique? Mrs. Jones' Soapbox is a line of home cleaning products that are made from natural minerals, vegetable-based soaps, and essential oils. The ingredients are ordinary but the results are not! The products smell great, are pretty to look at and work incredibly well. It makes cleaning so much more fun!

To purchase Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox products or to learn more, click the image to visit her website! EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

Credit: The Homee App Office in West Hollywood, CA


Can't get enough of Oscar's fabulous design sense? Neither can we! Click here to see his dream "open concept" living room + an awesome giveaway from Everything Home Magazine sponsor LexMod Furniture.

on the june cover

A Summer Home

with Michelle Janeen Written by: Laila Fazli


If you follow Michelle on Instagram, then you already know her beautiful San Diego home is known for its neutral, natural, light and bright touches. Her gorgeous family room is an extension of her amazing kitchen. This is where the family spends the majority of their quality time. They love all the natural light that comes in through the wall of windows in the kitchen and the large French doors off the family room. Michelle likes to keep a very neutral pallet with her sofas and white walls. For the summer, she loves to change out pillows and throws to bright whites, blues and natural textures. She also loves adding lots of fresh greenery and flowers from the yard or grocery store and places them all throughout her home. A decor tip Michelle shares is using lots of maintenance free succulents during the summer, which are affordable and great to add some natural elements to a space. Her ideal summer decor means very little clutter and some fresh flowers or branches. Thank you Michelle for sharing your beautiful summer home with us!


june printable

Summer is the season when we typically want life to slow down. We want to make memories and savor every second of life with our children, family, and friends. This print is a reminder for you to enjoy the little things. We wish you a wonderful summer full of love! Please remember to tag any photos of your printable using the hashtag #EHprintable for a chance to be featured on the Everything Home Magazine Instagram account. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

Created by: Jennifer Reed

june feature article Ideas to Beautify Every Room in Your Home

Ultimate Dream Kitchen Written by: Jennifer Prock


When you begin to plan building a home from the ground up, probably the very first space you go to is the kitchen. It is, after all, the central hub of the home. We all have dreamed up our ultimate kitchen. How fun would it be to actually be able to watch it come to life? Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you "A Kitchen by Erin" and I must say this is absolute perfection. Erin and her family had the home designed by their architect from the ground up. She had been planning and thinking up the perfect kitchen for 57 years. The entire construction process took a little more than two years to complete. Let's break down that time frame: 6 months to design the home with the architect, 4 months for the city to approve the building permit, plus 14 months to build the home. Still want to build your dream home? I am kidding. Of course you do! And this kitchen will be inspiration for you to do just that.

These incredible designs do not happen by accident. They are results from living with things a certain way and taking action to make those aspects of the design better. For this kitchen, Erin used Pinterest for inspiration as well as areas of improvements from her previous kitchens. The original design consisted of a very large island in the middle. The kitchen designer took pause and the end result was the two islands that you will see here. Perfectly scaled for this room, these islands offer dramatic intrigue while enhancing functionality.

Two main requirements that Erin had: the television needed to be in view from the kitchen and she needed a window to be able to watch the children while they were playing outside in the back yard. The result was the box window you see along with unfettered access to the television from nearly every vantage point. Speaking of "two," there are two of several items besides the islands: there are two sinks; two dishwashers as well as two pull out waste baskets. This is functionality at its finest. Can we talk about the farmhouse sink for a minute? Most of these you come across do not have the 60/40 split as you see here. A design gem of this component needs a bit of attention. In a working kitchen, the ability to have a cutting board straddle one basin of the sink while the other is still open is greatly appreciated. The only seating in the kitchen is on the far island with the three bar stools. A unique characteristic of these bar stools: the style and large nail heads were found through a major retailer, but she did not want fabric here. Instead, she found a company to custom make them with a fabric substitute which has the look and texture of fabric chairs. Speaking of seating, there are a couple of dining nooks off to the side. This maximizes the focus on the kitchen layout without having to worry about transitioning into a dining area. The open space of this kitchen is accentuated by the abundance of natural light which lends itself to a color scheme of which dreams are made of. The black quartz counters atop the white cabinets on the perimeter are perfectly contrasted by the gray islands' white quartz counter tops. Why quartz instead of marble you may ask? Well, with three children in the family, quartz is your friend. By the way, I am a big fan of multicolor usage in spaces of this size and here it is executed in spot on fashion. The white coffered ceiling is a wonderful accent as well. If you look closely, you will notice the gray paint is used again as a backdrop on the inside of the glass wrap around the cabinets. She also required there to be a good amount of natural light. Mission accomplished! You can literally feel the warmth jumping through the pictures.


For more design inspiration visit Erin at her blog or Instagram account!

Erin is very organized (it’s kind of her thing as she blogs often about organization) and everything has a place. Just behind the kitchen, the butler's pantry occupies a space which has a couple of unique components to it via accessories. You will notice one piece with "1 2 3" and one right next to it with a "5." The aforementioned is for the number of children she has and the latter is for the number in the family. How cute! I just find every aspect of this piece to be blended perfectly. There are pops of color combined with items of intrigue such as the piece of art "thankful." What a nice reminder. Erin embraces the minimalist aesthetic in her design theme and does so very well. Moreover, she advises her readers to try to not have too many accessories and the like mixed throughout their spaces.


There is not a single design element in this kitchen that isn't amazing. With every single detail carefully thought out and an obvious plan completed to perfection, this is one kitchen that anyone would love to wake up to every day hereafter. Well done!

by arrangement Inspiring Ideas, Tips & Tricks to Fill Your Vase

Freshly Picked Summer Arrangement EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

Written by: Sandra Downie

Summer arrives this month and boy oh boy will flowers be bursting in pretty colors all over the place. This time of year is the ideal time to get creative with your floral arrangements. You can easily create designs that look like they are freshly picked from the garden. For this months article, I made an arrangement in a milk glass type vessel to show you that you could use anything to make arrangements in.

24 pink roses 6 to 8 stems of ranunculus 8 to 10 and stems of freesia A bunch of greenery When using nontraditional vases for making for arrangements, you often times have to use floral foam to hold the floral stems. Remember not to use hard green floral foam used for faux flowers, instead, use the soft floral foam that you have to Written by:soak Kellyin Fellin water. Design Tip: Make sure you soak your floral foam for our 5 to 10 minutes before inserting your flowers. This will ensure that there is enough water to create a reservoir for the flowers to soak in the water. Next, cut your floral foam with a knife that lets the foam fill up most of the space in your vessel. Next, insert your flowers cutting them at different lengths. By cutting your flowers at different lengths, this lends itself to a more visually appealing look.

After you finish arranging your flowers make sure to put more water into the vase. Just Written by: Kelly Fellin like garden clubs, this time of year you are able to find lots of flower clubs that will allow you to get fresh and varied flowers every week. Check your local paper. I hope you learned something new. Happy Summer!

Do you want a chance to be featured in Everything Home Magazine? Recreate Sandra’s floral arrangement and tag your Instagram photos using the #ehfloral hashtag!

farm to table recipes Comfort Food For The Rustic Life

Written by: Prudy Blank


The long awaited month of June is finally here! Three hundred and sixty-five days certainly feels like an eternity, especially when it takes that long for summer to make its way back to us, but here it is in all its glory, and the Earth and all of its inhabitants could not be happier!

The bees are buzzing; and the birds are singing deep into the night. Thanks to the longest day of the year, the evening hours will now have sunshine; and the warm breezes breathe life into all living creatures (including humans) who were in a deep slumber of hibernation!

Mother Nature couldn’t have picked a better month to begin the summer season. The buds on the trees have blossomed into leaves, ready to give us a much needed shade on those up and coming hot summer days. Flowers have been blooming for quite some time, crowned with beautiful vibrant colors, with their flowery scents wafting on the gentle breeze through our open windows.

The fruits of the season are starting to show their sweet little faces, and we are all running in that race to buy as much as, and eat as much as we can before that short window of opportunity closes, and their season ends just as quickly as it began!

What a way for the summer season to begin!

Click here to view & print recipe!

And to celebrate June and the beginning of summer, I’ve made strawberry ice cream! There is no doubt that ice cream is a favorite year round, but there is something about that creamy goodness made with vanilla bean and the earthy/floral taste of fresh strawberries that makes it most delicious when the berries are at their peak! Creamy and sweet with a surprise of tartness when you bite into a small chunk of strawberry, this ice cream is perfect for those warm summer days when you need something cool and refreshing! And the best part? This ice cream is so simple to make, and can be made a couple of days in advance for your evening quiet times on the porch, or weekend parties! I hope this weekend finds you in a summer frame of mind‌happy, relaxed, and filled with anticipation of the sweet creamy goodness that only fresh strawberry ice cream can deliver. And deliver it does. Every single time. Happy Summer My Friends!

CanvasHQ & Everything Home

Photo courtesy of Ty @littlehomereloved


Win this layout!!

Each month one lucky subscriber to Everything Home Magazine will receive a gallery wall courtesy of CanvasHQ! Winner will be picked at random and announced June 25th 2016! Be sure to subscribe to receive the latest issue monthly to your inbox for your chance to win! Visit www.everythinghomemagazine.com to subscribe or CanvasHQ to order!

what’s trending now Using The Latest Trends In Home Decor

When we think of decorating for summertime, we’d like to evoke a sense of tranquility and maintain touch of elegance throughout our home. After all, it’s the season to sit back, relax and make memories with those who mean the most. Styling our home for the summer should be far from taxing as there is plenty of inspiration to go around. Here are 5 effortless trends to kick off those hot and cozy summer nights. Boho Chic: Put your fancy pants aside and unleash your inner gypsy. This particular style of design opens up a door of opportunity with a far more eclectic view of the world. An uber slumberous way of spending the summer nights in good company. While this unconventional decorating genre is a way of life for some, you too can achieve the look by paying attention to detail. Expect to see patterns and textures inspired by all over. Macrame wall hangings, colorful kilim rugs, embellished pillows and wicker accented furniture are just a few avenues waiting to be explored.


Photo courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

What’s Trending Now? Summer Sweetness! Written by: Keila Bernowitz Photographic Findings: Keila Bernowitz

Copper Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Casual Dining

Photo courtesy of 100 Layer Cake Blog EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

Greenery Greenery Photo courtesy of Black Thumb Decor

Lighting Photo courtesy of The Garden Glove

Crazy for Copper: It’s bold. It’s feminine. It’s elegant. With its rosy appearance, this lustrous metal will instantly jazz up and brighten any space. Less is more when it comes to copper and little accents will surely to make an impact. Whether it’s with your bar cart accessories or your kitchen hardware, copper is the must-have tone of the season. Don't feel confined to what’s standard and give way for copper in unexpected accessories such as wire baskets, floor lamps, mirrors and even shelving dipped in rosy metal. Tip: Don’t be afraid to use spray paint and update existing pieces! FOR MORE ON COPPER, CHECK OUT CRATE AND BARREL Up Your Greenery: Nothing says summer like intentional pops of green. The earthy feel that is expelled by foliage compares to none. This natural element reigns supreme, as science has concluded the power found in plants and their abilities to elevate our temper. While big and blossoming plants may not be feasible in everyone’s home, the idea of greenery is still achievable. Consider palm print pillow covers, leafy wallpaper, vintage prints and even silk plants as spectacular alternatives. The pops of green radiate peace and grounding all the same. Tip: Consider Fiddle fig, Aloe, snake plant and English Ivy as some of the best indoor plants. SHOP PALM PRINT PILLOWS AT ETSY Casual Gatherings on the Low: Tables and chairs are conventional, so why not surprise your guests with an unexpected set up? This laid back approach will install a sense of comfort and familiarity at your next gathering. The inspiration is driven from Mediterranean customs. To achieve the look, gather blankets, cushion and pillows to then create a sitting area around what you already have at home. Place a large tablecloth atop a low table and create shade for additional comfort. No doubt, you guests will be wowed and head home wanting more. SHOP THIS SEATING IDEA AT IKEA


Lively Lighting: Whether it’s one guest or thirty, the overall mood is directly correlated with properly summer lighting. Choosing the right illumination varies according to personal taste and theme of your outdoor space, however it’s an absolute must in all cases. String lights are just one of the many possibilities. Expect to see oversized lanterns, tiki torches and even pool lights. Many of them are environmentally friendly and solar powered. SHOP LANTERNS AT JOSS AND MAIN. SHOP TIKI TORCHES AT JOSS AND MAIN .

Kick your dogs off and stay a while. These laid back summer trends are sure to make your evenings something to really remember.

everything found Inspiring Ideas For Antique & Vintage Finds

Small Town Found Written by: Shannon Ingle

A home decorated by the influence of living in a small town in Utah!


"The small town of Panguitch, Utah is full of red brick historic homes, green farmlands, barn wood, and awesome junk!" Says Elkee Stewart. She can be found there filling both her home and her store, Small Town Cozy, with her amazing finds. The passion for all things old and rusty began early with Elkee. Childhood memories often included days of family treasure hunting. "Growing up my mom was an avid yard sale goer and I often tagged along." Living in both the country and the small town she grew up in has strongly inspired her decorating style. Many of the items in her home were found on her family's farm. "A few of my favorite pieces are my Grandpa's old cow brands and metal milk crates. We even turned one into a light fixture for our kitchen!"

A common trait of all us junkers and thrifters is the urge to "switch up" the look of our homes often. I myself always feel the need to continually hunt for those special finds and Elkee is no different. "My home decor is always changing." She says. "I have an eclectic mashup of vintage, boho country, and rustic chic with a touch of farmhouse added in." Elkee describes a system of layering when designing a space. "I am obsessed with mixing old and new!" "I love the color, texture and the warm / cozy look it all gives." The view into her kitchen features a faux brick panel wall and a collection of antlers. The new Ikea pendant lights are the perfect mix with the vase created from an old culvert she found on the farm.

White pumpkins and moss set the neutral tone

Her search for items begins in the usual places like thrift shops and antique stores but she isn't past checking the local dumpsters either! (None of us hardcore junkers are) "One person's trash is another person's treasure! You have no idea all the awesome stuff I have found there!� Elkee saved this door from being taken to the dump by a woman in town. She added the hanging planter and it now has a new home with some other free finds. Two of them being the screen door and genealogy paper hanging on the wall. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

When Elkee designed the man cave for her husband, she wanted him to have a place to display his hunting trophies and antler collection. The corrugated metal on the wall was taken from a neighbors old shed and the barn wood from the family farm. She also added a set of blue lockers to the space she found for just $5.00! "They are my best yard sale find yet!"

Two of her favorite found pieces are an ornate gold mirror and an old, chippy linen cabinet salvaged from a farmhouse. She used them to create a wall full of beauty and interest in her master bedroom. The combination of the thrift store cowboy boots filled with flowers, folded quilts, cow skull, and even a new wood vase from Target blend together effortlessly.

Elkee's other love is her store she perfectly named Small Town Cozy. It started out as an idea of a blog for the local community to read. She and a friend wanted to share their crafting, recipe, party and DIY decor ideas. The next year they filled a booth at a craft fair with furniture they had painted and restyled. From there they gained clients for painted custom furniture and have recently opened the store. It is located on Center Street in a historical building, an old library actually. I can't think of a more perfect place to sell unique items that have stood the test of time. The store displays reflect the feel of Elkee's home. Looking inside you would never imagine that anything was once considered trash or junk. You are simply greeted with the charm and story of each perfectly collected piece.

Follow along with us every month as we show you how antique and flea market finds can make your house a home. Be sure to tag your antique/flea market Instagram photos using the #ehfound hashtag for a chance at a possible feature in one of our future issues!

You can learn more about Elkee on her blog Small Town Cozy or visit her on Instagram @elkeestewart & @smalltowncozy.

pet perfect Lovable Pet Friends That Steal Our Heart

Honey & Hazel






Thank you so much to all of our Everything Home Magazine readers who share their adorable pets with us using the #ehpets hashtag. Be sure to check out these sweet fur babies (and their owners) by clicking the links above. If you have a pet that you would like to see featured in a future issue, be sure to tag your “Pet Perfect� photos using the #ehpets hashtag! Written by: Chloe Wisner

room renovations “Before and After” Room Makeovers

The Whisenhunt Home Written by: Daraka McCrackin

A living room makeover using thrifted items and DIY’s!


hen I first came across Kenneth and Danielle Whisenhunt’s home on Instagram, I was in awe of the before and after pictures of her living room. My first thought was that I have to feature this transformation so that everyone can see just how easy it can be to turn an outdated home into one you love!

Danielle and her husband Kenneth started making small changes to their living room about two years ago. They wanted their renovation to be done as economically as possible since they had several projects going on in their fixer upper home in Alabama. To accomplish this, they did a lot of DIY work, shopped at thrift stores, and salvaged Before anything they could. Kenneth’s degree in Electrical Engineering also helped a ton! They began with updating their fireplace, Danielle’s favorite part of the makeover. They softened the yellowish brick by lightly white washing it. They added wood to the top to break up the brick and completed this entire fireplace makeover for around $60! Danielle made the crochet bunting to drape along the fireplace. The ladder was an antique store find along with the quilts for a total of $15! It really shows that just a little DIY and love can go a long ways.

Danielle describes her design style as “a lot of farmhouse, a little bit of cottage, and a healthy balance of rustic and vintage style.” She chose Martha Stewart’s “Winter’s Day” for the wall color. Another favorite of the makeover for Danielle is the DIY corbels they made using scrap wood from other home projects. She painted and distressed them to give them added character. She scored the coffee table from Goodwill for $8 and refinished it. She took a piece of a pallet and did a DIY vinegar/steel wool stain on it and it happened to match the old window above it perfectly making for a unique and beautiful statement piece.

Wood heart from @signsofhope.ar

Lamps from Kirkland’s

Curtains from IKEA

They built this foyer table from salvaged wood.

Danielle accessorized by shopping at HomeGoods and Ikea, but says about 90% of her home is either thrifted, free, or a DIY project. Now their living room is updated beautifully and is a space that instantly welcomes you in.

For more inspiration from Kenneth and Danielle, follow along on Instagram at Their spoiled furbaby Tucker!


everything fashion


Featured Fashion Trends & Finds


Be market ready with these stylish totes!


Market Treasures! Written by: Anneke McConnell

Nautical Resort Style Blue White Stripe Woven Straw Fashion Tote

There’s nothing better than a weekend spent with friends or the family searching for treasures at your local farmer’s market or a garage sale. Every market shopper needs the perfect summer tote to put some of those treasures into!

Phase 3 Straw Tote

A medium to large size is ideal for fresh farm produce or flowers, handmade jewels, and more. Before finding the perfect fit, be sure to determine whether or not you prefer handles that can be carried on your shoulder or simply handheld!








7. 8.

1. Women's Soft Straw Tote-Merona 2. J. Crew Straw Market Tote 3. Women’s Dumpling Environmental Handmade Straw Plaited Shoulder Bag/tote Bag/handbag/straw Bag 4. Casablanca Market Moroccan Market Basket with Four Straps

5. Woven Natural Straw Basket, "The Amelia,” from Loom And Field 6. Colorblock Straw Shoulder Bag

7. Hat Attack Luxe Tote with Vachetta Handles 8. Magnolia KAYLEE BAG

room to grow Functional Spaces For Our Little Ones

whimsical playroom from Addison’s Wonderland! A


Written by: Brooke Christen, Nesting with Grace


rittany, from Addison’s Wonderland, is known for her bold use of color and pattern. In a world of neutrals, whites, and grays it is a fun, welcomed change. Brittany shared her kids play room with us. Brittany has one rule when it comes to kid spaces and that is to have fun! She also says that there are literally no rules when it comes to playrooms and kid's bedrooms. It’s what she loves most about designing these types of spaces. She says nothing is too bold or crazy or whimsical. When Brittany starts selecting the look for a kid space, she tends to think most about gender and age. That is always the basis for how she starts the design process. She likes to make sure it works for them individually and captures their personality.

Brittany suggests when designing a new space, to start with an inspiration element. For her daughters playroom, she knew she wanted something mega bold, colorful, and girlie. She fell in love with the emerald ikat wallpaper. That was definitely her starting point for this playroom and she says it's the element everyone seems to love most! Have fun with lighting and add a whimsy chandelier like this one!


Brittany feels the most forgotten area in a home are the ceilings. She made a WOW statement with a hot pink ceiling to coordinate with the fun wallpaper in the room. I love the contrast and how they painted the vent on the ceiling the same color to disguise it.

I asked Brittany how she manages all of her kids "treasures". Brittany said her trick is using a lot of cute baskets. She always grabs hampers, boxes, and baskets at places like HomeGoods for all of their "stuff". She says you can never go wrong decorating with them plus it makes cleanup time a breeze!

For more amazing design ideas, visit Brittany at her blog Addison’s Wonderland. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

Heart wall decal from Urban Walls.

recycled & re-loved New Ways To Re-Purpose Salvaged Items The minute I stumbled upon the image of this old dresser that Allie, from @mrsdiy_ on Instagram, shared with me, I knew I had to know more about it. You see, I have a pretty big obsession with old dressers and desks myself. There is so much potential with them! You can take out drawers and turn them into to TV stands, mantels, entryway tables, and well, even buffets. Or you can transform them into benches and porch swings.

Old Dresser Turned Buffet Table

Just like my sweet friend Allie did. The thing about old dressers is that they are often easy to find, people don't see the potential and just ditch them. Take for instance the old dresser that I scored for $20 on Craigslist and transformed into a TV stand with lots of storage. So, if you're looking to up-cycle and get a new project under your belt, old dressers are a great place to start with ENDLESS possibilities. I promise, if you search up old dressers on Craigslist right now, this second, you will probably get at the very least 20 results. Written by: Laurie Scardina EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

I've had my hands on so many dressers over the past few years it's insanity. They are seriously so fun, and get the creative juices flowing! It's also a super easy way to venture into the world of DIY'ing and up-cycling. For proof, Allie discovered her dresser find at a vintage store, called Figgy Pudding, in Missouri. She told me the story about its red chipping paint and I literally cringed at the thought of red. Being a neutral gal, I'm normally turned off by bright "hey, look at me colors!" So I felt her joy when she told me about how she choose to paint it one of my favorite neutral colors, Paris Gray by Annie Sloan. I have a few Paris Gray painted pieces in my home, it's the perfect neutral shade when you want to step outside the Old White box (Which, let's be real, doesn't happen a lot with me.) Allie then topped her dresser with Rugged Suede by Valspar, which I thought was an interesting but classic combination, and the outcome was super great.

Try spray painting the original hardware for a new look! EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

If you're looking for even more up-cycle inspiration, I'm happy to tell you Allie also scored this frame for free in the trash at a local 7-Eleven. I didn't bother to ask what she was doing near the dumpster at 7-Eleven because well, us upcyclers can all relate. I mean, I'm not saying I've been in a dumpster before or anything, but I'm not saying I haven't either. Don't judge me, okay? So go for a drive this Sunday and see if anyone has any old dressers sitting out waiting for a fresh coat of paint, and have an open mind! Have fun!

For a chance to show your upcycling talent in a future issue of Everything Home Magazine, tag your photos on social media using the hashtag #EHrecycled.


Want more inspiration? Follow Allie on Instagram @mrsdiy_

Sunny Outdoor Brunch Written by: Oscar Bravo


tablescapes Inspiring Ideas For Every Tabletop If you have been reading my column since the magazine’s first issue, then you should already know by now how much I love nature and eating outdoors. Since summer is right around the corner, I wanted to share an idea for hosting brunch outdoors. A nicely set table doesn’t have to be used only for dinner. Setting a beautiful table for breakfast or brunch is just as enjoyable. Especially when you have a beautiful patio like Courtney. Courtney is an home decor and lifestyle blogger over at The French Country Cottage. She shares her love of design there as well as her love of writing and photography. Courtney also has experience as a stylist and it’s no wonder her pictures always look impeccable. Courtney’s beautiful table sits in a pea-gravel patio conveniently located next to an apple tree which provides a bit of shade for her guests. The table would look just as amazing as an indoor dinner table. An unexpected look for outdoor furniture. Courtney built it herself using and old wood planked top and a redwood base to withstand being left outside.

The table is adorned with camellia flowers that were trimmed from an old growth tree in Courtney’s yard. Using only the camellia branches in abundance gives the table a burst of color. It is all that was needed to make this table pop. Using only one type of flower or foliage in large quantities really makes a statement with little fuss. When you visit Courtney’s blog, you will see that like me, she loves to entertain outdoors. Her blog is filled with beautiful images and ideas for hosting a dinner party (and in this case, brunch). Here are some quick tips Courtney shared with me about hosting an outdoor brunch.

-Favorite food to serve for brunch: “Anything fresh and easy to prepare. Fresh fruit with warm croissants or a spinach quiche are delicious favorites.” -Tips for hosting an outdoor brunch: “Comfort is key- so think about what guests will need when dining outdoors. For brunch, think about how to provide shade for your guests. Keep the food simple and easy to make. Serve food that can be prepared before your guests arrive so you can relax and enjoy your time with them.” -Advice for setting a table: “I love to set a table that feels like it is sprinkled with a little bit of magic. For me, that magic is created by how different elements mingle together. For instance, how the roughness of the weathered wood tabletop that I left bare is paired with the elegant gold details of the flatware and stemware. And, I always use fresh flowers - whether clipped from the yard or picked up at a local market. Keep your flowers low and create several bouquets. A table setting just doesn't feel complete without flowers marching down the center of it.” Very good advice, Courtney! Don’t forget to share the magic you create on your table by sharing your images on Instagram and tagging your pic with the hashtag #EHTablescapes!

crafty kids Simple And Creative Crafts For The Littles

Tin-Can Bird Feeders Written by: Loren Miller


he calendar says it’s spring, but my thermometer is telling me otherwise. Every morning I wake up, and recently it has been to the pretty little melodies of Mother Nature's feathered friends. I will admit, by the end of summer I am wanting to throw a pillow at them, but for now, it is my favorite thing to wake up to. It signifies that everything is starting new and fresh. What better way to kick off spring (because I feel like it hasn't truly started yet) than to take you down south, and show you how to make some presents for the birds in your own yard!

I am honored to have Cole Williams with me this week to share her EH Kid Craft. Not only is she a soon to be mama, but this blonde beauty is a teacher with a pure heart of gold. I may be biased since she is one of my best friends, but if any of you know this angel, you know just how sweet this southern peach is! She is from Tennessee, where her and her hubby spend most of their time fixing up their stunning home. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016

See the “how to” on the next page!

Supplies Needed  14oz Tin Can

 Green Plant Stake

 Tin Cutters

 Outdoor Craft Paint

 Washable Marker

 Heavy Duty Glue

 Hammer

 Clear Sealer/Protectant

 Nail

Directions: 1. Use your hammer and nail to put a LARGE hole in the bottom of your can. (You need your hole big enough to fit the plant stake. Kiddos might need a little extra muscle for this!)

2. Use your washable marker to mark of where you are going to cut.

3. Use your tin cutters to cut the can where you marked. (Little hands might need your help with this step!)

4. Bend your petals down & using your tin cutters, snip the ends off of each corner of petal. (Depending on the age of the child doing the craft, you might want to sand down the petal edges)


5. Now, paint the flower! You can do any pattern you like just be sure to paint the inside & outside since you will see both!

6. Once the paint is dry insert your planting rod into the bottom of your can.

You can find Cole and her beautiful home on Instagram @coleworlld.

7. Next, apply your heavy glue on the inside & outside of your flower.

8. Once the glue is dry, bring your flowers outside and spray your flowers with a clear protectant to help protect from the weather.

Fill your flowers with bird seed and watch the birds come to enjoy your pretty flowers! I just adore these unique and oh so cute feeders. This is something your kiddos will truly be proud of. It is also a sweet moment to show them that small is just as important as big, and that it's never a bad thing to take care of all God's creatures. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2016


Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.