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July 2016

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The Art of Posing

What’s Trending? Coastal Style

Style Influencer Jennifer Harrison Chats with EH!

On the Cover: Beach Decor Inspiration

Create a Summer Centerpiece Using Rosemary!

Summer Fun Fondue

51 Pet Perfect EH Reader Pets

31 July Printable “Anchor the Soul”

13 NEW! Photo Corner The Art of Posing

Do you and your family have a fun holiday tradition? We want to hear about it! Share 4 your special or unique tradition with us by Note From the Editors using the hashtag #myEHtradition on your social media posts and your name and 10 tradition could end up in next month’s issue! Ready, Set, DIY! DIY Toile Tablecloth

17 The Inspired Room: A Timeless Kitchen

26 Maker of the Month: Eco Natural Soap

28 On the Cover:

42 What’s Trending Now? Nautical Must Haves!

Beach Inspiration with Blount Designs

33 Feature Article: Cottage Living Done Right

64 70 50 16 Recycled & Re-Loved 45 Crafty Kids Pet Perfect Upcycling Duo Fall Printable Recycled Can Photo Corner Husband/Wife Planters 4 Note From the Editors 8 Room Renovations

36 By Arrangement

68 Take a peek at a carriage house Tablescapes DIY renovation Tropical Tablescape Ideas!

13 Ready, Set, DIY!

Build a Bouquet with Rosemary

DIY Wire Pumpkins

38 Farm to Table Recipes

17 The Inspired Room

Summer Fondue Ideas

Wood & warm nature tones at The Wood Grain Cottage

46 Everything Found

20 Makers of the Month

Style Influencer Jennifer Harrison

52 Room Renovations Kitchen Makeover: Before & After

52 What’s Trending Now?

57 See the Fashion Newest in Home Decor Everything Crushing on Kimonos

Simply Made by Erin Paint Me Pink Shop


25to Grow Room Feature: A Coastal Cottage Bunkroom

Fall at the Farm A fun peek at Happy Days Farm

A Note from the Editors

Everything Home Magazine: Happy Fourth of July! Collette Osuna Editor-in-Chief

Let the Summer festivities begin! For as long as I can remember, July 4th was a pretty big deal in my family. We would spend the day barbequing, telling old stories, and making plenty of new memories. We always had tons of left overs and definitely a lot of laughs. As I got older, the true meaning of the day has become center stage. July 4th celebrates the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. I feel so blessed for my freedom and to have a voice that can be heard.

Daraka McCrackin Managing Editor This 4th of July, take a few minutes to remember the true meaning of this wonderful summer day! Be sure to visit the Our Contributors page to learn more about our wonderful contributors. Read their bios and visit the links to their blogs and Instagram accounts. Also, feel free to leave comments on the articles to share your thoughts or ask the particular author a question. They would love to hear your feedback. We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of Everything Home Magazine. From my home to yours, happy July!


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meet the contributors Cover

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Laila Fazli

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Everything Fashion

The Inspired Room

Ready, Set, DIY

Anneke McConnell

Annie Anderson

Anneke resides in Seattle, WA with her husband and 3 kiddos. She is a designer, blogger at Coastal Collective Co., and life/biz coach that enjoys life on the water, reading, painting, and fashion. Find Anneke on Instagram @annekemcconnell. #EHfashion

Annie is a stay at home mom who loves cooking, painting, and decorating her home. She is passionate about sharing how to do it all on a budget. Find inspiration from Annie at her blog Zevy Joy. #EHroominspiration

Laila lives in Bay Area, Ca. She’s Prudy is a passionate home Brooke has 18 years design a home decor enthusiast and an cook from Wheatfield, New experience and recently online shop owner at Laila's York. She shares delicious, moved to Connecticut. She Boutique. She loves everything beautiful, and easy recipes with enjoys working on her 1950’s beautiful as well as her family and friends at her home with her husband and inspirational. She enjoys sharing blog butter, basil & 2 daughters. Find Brooke at photos of fashion & lifestyle. breadcrumbs. her blog Nesting with Grace.

Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr. Ricardo, also known as "Mr. Inkredible" is known for his use of bright, bold patterns and colors. He lives in Durham, NC where he owns an interior design business & can be seen on his Instagram feed @designinkredible. #EHdiy

meet the contributors Printables

Jennifer Reed Jennifer resides in Forney, Texas and is happily married to a Firefighter/Paramedic and has 2 young children. She is the Owner & Creative Director of an online gift & lifestyle shop called The Sister Studio.

Pet Perfect

Chloe Wisner

Feature Author

Jennifer Prock

Jennifer currently resides in Chloe is an avid beauty blogger and animal lover! She Texas and is passionate about interior design and golden loves everything beauty and fashion and designing jewelry. retriever rescue. She enjoys photography and loves all You can find Chloe reviewing the newest beauty products at things nature. Find Jennifer at her blog Chloe Does Glam. her blog Decor Gold Designs.


#EHpets & #EHbeauty


Crafty Kids

Trending Now


Loren Miller

Keila Bernowitz

Oscar Bravo

Loren is a wife and mother to 3 young children. She is an esthetician, make-up artist, and writer at The Society Letters. Loren runs her own farmhouse style Etsy shop, you can find her on Instagram loren_miller. #EHkidcrafts

Keila is a lifestyle blogger and currently resides in South Florida. She has a love for all things floral and classic. Find inspiration from Keila at her blog Home and Hydrangeas.

Oscar is an interior decorator and blogger from San Diego, California. He has a passion to help people decorate their homes on a budget. Find Oscar at his blog Oscar Bravo Home.



meet the contributors Photography

Everything Found

Recycled & Reloved

Ashley Hale

Shannon Ingle

Laurie Scardina

Ashley is a lifestyle photographer, designer, and home decor blogger living in Seattle. She’s a wife to a veteran & mother of three who is passionate about photography. Find Ashley on her blog House of Five. #EHphotos

By Arrangement

Sandra Downie

Sandra is the blogger behind the home + lifestyle blog called The Rustic Life. It’s her creative outlet where she shares beautiful things that she loves and that inspire her. She aims to share fresh ideas for styling your life in a pretty yet classically comfortable way. #EHfloral

Shannon is a mother to four and works from home as a certified home stager and owns a custom furniture refinishing business. She’s always on the search for unique "found" items. Find Shannon on Instagram at @coffeepaintrepeat #EHfound

Laurie is a blogger who loves to show people that you can live a pretty life, on a budget! She shares the struggles and successes of their fixer upper journey on her blog The Glam Farmhouse. #EHrecycled

Written by: Kelly Fellin

at Painted Fox Home

ready, set, diy Creative Ideas for your Next DIY Project

I found the most amazing piece, but it’s the wrong color! So many of us décor fanatics have faced this dilemma. You have found the piece that’s the perfect style and size, it’s at a great price point, but it’s blue and you need it in green. Shelly of ConfettiStyle found herself in the same situation. She had fallen in love with the beautiful pattern of a table cloth and knew exactly where she wanted to use it. She was not able to find it in the color she needed so guess what… she did it herself! Let’s find out how Shelly created this beautiful toile tablecloth. If you decide to take on this awesome project, be sure to share it with all of us here at Everything Home!

DIY Toile Tablecloth Written by: Don Ricardo Massenburg

Supplies  White Tablecloth –It’s best to get a 100% cotton or cotton blend which will allow the paint to absorb better  Secret Garden Toile Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils  Foam paint roller  Acrylic Paint – Anita’s acrylic paint in Christmas Green  Textile Medium–creates a soft, flexible and washable paint surface  Painters Tape  Spray Adhesive  Paint tray or disposable paper plate  Gimp or fabric trim  Hot glue gun


Gather your supplies and lay the white tablecloth out on a smooth, firm surface. Shelly used her dining room table and placed a plastic drop cloth under the white tablecloth to protect the table surface.

2. Apply the spray adhesive to the back of the stencil and allow it to sit for a few minutes. This will prevent paint bleeding.

3. Place the stencil onto the tablecloth, starting in the upper right corner.

4. Mix 2 parts paint with 1 part textile medium and pour paint onto the tray or disposable plate.

5. Coat your roller and paint over the stencil–you may need to go over the stencil 2 or 3 times to get the depth of color you want. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

Step 5.

Style Tip! Bring the fun in by mixing patterns. The larger scaled pattern on the table cloth is just dying to be layered with other smaller patterns. The gimp or trim color you choose allows you the opportunity to introduce another bold color. Florals always look amazing with toile. For tips on creating welcoming place settings to complete the look, see this month’s tablespaces column!

6. Let the stencil sit for just a minute and then remove it.

7. Move your stencil to the next position and repeat the process until you’ve covered the entire tablecloth.

8. Apply the gimp or trim around the edge of the table cloth using a hot glue gun.

Shelly Dozier-Mckee has a passion for interior design, entertaining, and gifting. On her blog ConfettiStyle, she shares beautiful spaces and places, inspiring design, how-to projects, unique gifts, entertaining ideas, and fabulous fashion finds. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

photo corner Monthly Photography Tips And Tricks

How to Look Great in Every Lighting Photo Written by: Ashley Hale Model: Annie Anderson

With the “golden hour” light lingering until the late hours during the summer, photographers are filling up their calendars with portrait sessions.

Whether it be for family sessions, engagement sessions, maternity, or alike, every photographer wants to produce the most flattering photos for their clients. Let’s face Sliding barn doors add it, we’ve all experienced an unflattering photo (or many). Bad angles, double chins, character to the pantry. stiff shoulders - it happens to us all. So how do you get comfortable in front of the camera and get the shot that will go up on the wall? A good, no - a great photo doesn’t come by chance. These are the tips and tricks that will help you master the art of posing and putting your best angle forward. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

1. Depth perception. One of my favorite tricks that I personally use often is depth perception - or better understood as depth deception. Think of your body in relation to the distance of the camera. The body parts closer to the camera will appear larger, while the body parts positioned further back will appear smaller. Just as we see a long and straight road come to a point in the distance, things further away seem smaller than they actually are. What body part do you want to stand out? What body part would you rather appear smaller and less noticeable? Positioning your upper body forward will make the hips and mid-section appear smaller while making the face and shoulders more pronounced. In other situations, you m ay want to position your hips forward to draw attention to the curve of the hips for an hourglass appearance. Putting the best features forward (quite literally) will create a more flattering pose for you or your subject.


Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.

Pro Tip: If you want to appear more slim, lean towards the camera like you're moving towards it. This works great in a seated position but can also be mastered standing up. If it’s a close up, position your neck forward to avoid a double chin.

2. Let Loose. Think like a noodle, look like a model. It’s quite simple really. When the camera is on us, we tend to stiffen up a little, sit up straighter, and lose our hands’ natural movements. The key to looking cool and collected in your photos is to loosen up a bit and relax your body. Most of my clients immediately posture their bodies upright and straight as soon as I lift my camera. Women look their best when they feel relaxed, confident, and happy. Try getting the tension out with some wiggles and deep breaths. I tell my clients to drop the shoulders, let the arms and wrists just hang and stop worrying so much about posture. The camera will pick up on your tension so shake it off and let loose.

Lighting Pro Tip: If at some point in your shoot, you can simply forget the camera is there and let loose, try these tips: dance around, play with an accessory or a piece of clothing, or do some walking to loosen you up and forget about “posing” for a moment. If you have kids with you, play a little game with them or toss them in the air. The result is usually a wonderful candid that you may like even better than the typical poses.

Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.

3. Don’t know what to do with your hands? I tell my clients these simple tricks to avoid awkward hands. The first is to keep the wrists limp and floppy. The next is to keep the hands delicate looking by positioning their fingers like they are holding an egg. That will keep the fingers relaxed but not all the way closed up. And lastly, keep the side of the hand towards the camera - never the palm or back of the hand.

Pro Tip: A go to pose is to bring one hand to the chin or side of the face. Here is the key: never put any actual weight on your hand, it should just rest under the face and barely touch your skin.

4. Lose the hairspray and bobby pins. Can we say hair-flip!? Sexy and beautiful hair sways with your movement and the wind. Try using a medium hold setting spray to set curls or waves and bring a wide toothed comb to loosen up tendrils. Flip the hair around during your shoot and play with the hair around your face. The result will be a playful and gorgeous shot almost every time.

Pro Tip: Flip hair over your natural part for extra volume and keep the elbows down when your hands are near your face.

5. Cross your ankles. This tip works for sitting or standing but I particularly like it for a standing pose because of the shape it creates with the body. When you cross one foot over the other, your hip naturally will poke out a bit creating a more curvy “S” shape to your form. Hello hourglass figure! Pro tip: When crossing your legs, always point the toe down to the ground and keep your weight on your back leg. Keep your elbows out and bent to slim the waist or drop your shoulder down along the side of the accented hip and let the curves show! You got it, so flaunt it! I want to leave you with one final tip to look great in every photo and it is probably the most important one: have fun and put insecurities aside. Chances are, you aren’t in front of the camera every day and posing can seem unnatural and awkward. A great photographer can help you find your best angle, put you in the best light, and help you feel beautiful but you have a job, too. You have to believe that you are beautiful and let the photographer do their job in bringing that beauty out. Let loose, laugh, and have fun!

the inspired room One Room Inspiration for All

A Timeless and Classically Styled Kitchen

Written by: Annie Anderson Photo by: On a Limb Photography



any would say the kitchen is the heart of the home. A place to provide meals and nourishment for your family, a place to sit and unwind after a long day’s work, and most importantly, a place to be with your loved ones.

All of these things can be found when you experience Melinda’s kitchen. This space was a thoughtful and intentional add-on to her charming 1940’s home. It is an impeccable addition that makes it hard to distinguish between the old and the new.

Photo by: On a Limb Photography

Photo by: Lori Baskin Photography

Classically styled so that it will last for years to come, surpassing the trends and rather embracing the feeling of home. As Melinda describes it, “that 'something' when you walk into a space that just feels right. I refer to it as the indefinable.”


Photos by: On a Limb Photography

Simple black and white photography of Melinda’s children adorn the walls. Order a canvas similar with your own personal photo from CanvasHQ.

Pieces like her husband’s grandmother’s corner cupboard that led many of the design decisions. Or the window that gives Melinda the opportunity to watch over her children as they play. These are the key players in her beautiful abode.


Photos by: On a Limb Photography

The kitchen opens up into their informal dining room. A wonderful feature for enjoying the room to its fullest potential, whether it be a hot cup of coffee fresh from the source, or a hot meal straight from the stove. Earthy wood tones warm the atmosphere of clean and cool elements. This is an elegant and hard working kitchen that serves its family well. A perfect blend of function and beauty. Similar marble tray found at Amazon. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

I admire Melinda’s insight into the needs of a “real” kitchen. An opportunity to provide a lovely place for her family to delight in the joy of home.

For more design inspiration, visit Melinda at her website House 214 Design. She is also launching a new website soon where she will be teaching the actual steps on the “how and why” of creating a feeling in your home. If you wish to subscribe click HERE. Photo by: Lori Baskin Photography EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

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Tween Girl Bedroom Makeover Featuring


Aveline Mattress


Truth be told, we can’t pass up a good bedroom makeover, and when we saw Summer Adams of She Leaves a Little Sparkle transform her daughters bedroom into the perfect “tween heaven”, we just new we had to share this inspiring space with you. Let’s chat with Summer and learn more about this super cute bedroom. The thought of my daughter, Brooklyn, being a “tween” makes me all sorts of emotional. She is 10 and approaching 11 rapidly. She has more of an opinion about her room now and individual style and wanted a change. Brooklyn loves looking at different styles on Instagram and looked for some bedroom inspiration online until she knew what she wanted exactly. She said, “I want light grey with accents of blush and gold and lots of white. I love the vintage, shabby chic style still but I want it to look more grown-up and nothing too sparkly or look like a nursery!” Oh mercy lol! So, goodbye little girl room and hello tween girl bedroom makeover!

Summer put the perfect touches on the new space by doing a few DIY projects, such as painting a French Provincial dresser “cotton candy pink”, and adding a cute vintage window with one of her favorite quotes. She added pillows in different shapes to the bed in complimenting colors for extra interest. Speaking of beds…..Summers daughter Brooklyn not only received a bedroom makeover, but a new mattress too…lucky girl! Summer shares her excitement about the new mattress! “Let’s talk about the actual bed, or mattress, that Brooklyn gets to sleep on. This mattress from LexMod is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! This Aveline Foam Mattress from LexMod is 10″ and has 3 layers of foam. It ships for free, I received it in just a few days, and came in a box. Yes, a box. It is air tight and rolled up and vacuum sealed in a tube box. We easily carried it upstairs and put it on the bed and watched it expand into an actual mattress. Amazing! It is actually as comfortable as the king memory foam mattress on our bed that we bought last year for over $1,000. Oh how I wish we’d known about the LexMod Aveline mattress first! It’s only $249!” Aveline Mattress via: LexMod Furniture

To see more decor, design & DIY inspiration, visit Summer on her blog or Instagram account.

Thank you for sharing Brooklyn’s new bedroom with our readers. I’m sure they love it as much as we do!

Written by: Collette Osuna

maker of Alicia Hicks

If you love to support small shops, handmade all natural items, you will be over the moon with excitement to meet my feature Maker of the Month, Eco Natural Soap! Alan & Alicia Hicks of Eco Natural Soap operate a home based 100% all natural and organic health based business. They are a husband and wife team living outside of Nashville, TN with two children and three grandchildren. Let’s learn more about this amazing duo!

What was your main inspiration to start a small business? We had moved from the Nashville TN. area to Northern California for my husbands work in 2005. It was such an adventure and a great learning experience. While living there we learned so much about how important it is not only what you put in your body, but what you put on it as well. I learned to be an avid label reader and was shocked to find that a lot of the products we were using were full of terrible harmful chemicals. We started eliminating the chemicals one by one by changing the products we were using to all natural ones. In 2009 when we moved back to TN. my husband Alan and I started Eco Natural Soap. We kept hearing people say that they wanted to use all natural products but they were all too expensive. We wanted to be able to make it affordable for anyone who wanted to use all natural, organic chemical free products.

the month

Do you create all designs yourself? My husband is the formulator for all of our products but we give God all of the glory for leading us to all the right ingredients and recipes. We started with just 5 bars of soap and now have 133 different products. God has truly blessed our business! Most of our soaps and balms are for specific things like acne, eczema, psoriasis, nail fungus, joint pain and so much more. We have awesome facial moisturizers, wrinkle balms and wrinkle serum. We also make Crushed Earth Mineral Makeup which include foundation, blush, bronzer and eye shadows. We have organic deodorant and even products for your pets. Do you have another job besides running your store? When we started this business Alan and I went into it full force and we give it our all. So this is our only job. Do you do custom orders? We don't do custom orders but if we have several customers ask for a specific type of product Alan will research and make it. Anything else about you or your store that you would like our readers to know? Pretty much every local health food store in Middle TN. sells our products and as well as salons, spas and local all natural markets. We also sell online and we ship free! Usually your order is processed and shipped within 2 days. Our website is Do you own a small business or Etsy store and want to be featured in Everything Home Magazine? Tag your Instagram product photos using the #ehmaker hashtag!

Beach Inspired with Blount Designs Written by: Laila Fazli

I love how Deborah {@blountdesigns} always keeps her home looking fresh & stylish by simply changing up her décor. Not only is Deborah very talented, she has a heart of gold and I enjoy looking at her Instagram feed for inspiration! Before we look into how she designed this serene look, Deborah takes us back to memory lane and shares a little story of her design inspiration for this beautiful summer/beachy space she has created. I’m sure you will be inspired and love her story as much as I do! “I grew up spending my youth in the cold, snowy Midwest. And, don't get me wrong, we had our three months of summer and 45 days of sunshine throughout the year (insert snide chuckle here)...but, the highlight of my year, and the fondest memories of my childhood, were those cherished weeks in mid-February, when we'd depart Ohio on our quest to our beloved Florida destinations!! Ohhh, each state inched us closer and closer to shangri-la (in my eyes!) and to a warm, sunny haven, if only for a few weeks. I'm guessing the kids in Florida were wishing that they could be transported to a place with mounds and mounds of snow like we had just left behind. That's how it works, right? The sights, the sounds, the smells, the "feeling" of the hot, sunny bliss, when we would arrive, still remain vivid in my mind. But, the color...ohhh the colors of the ocean, the sand, the driftwood, and the foliage left a deep love of the blues, and turquoises of the ocean, the soft white and taupes of the glistening sand and driftwood, and the calming greens of the palms.

soft colors create a calming mood

To find more design inspiration, you can find Deborah on Instagram at @blountdesigns! .

There are some wonderful tips Deborah shares when restyling your home. She believes that "refresh styling" is really not that difficult to do. She believes if you invest in the basic core pieces in your home with neutral shades, you can still add pops of color and texture to your space. Deborah enjoys changing up her décor and adds flair by simply replacing pillows, throws, artwork, lamps, lampshades, ottomans, and accessories (like candle holders, trays, vases, urns, baskets, picture frames, and fresh or faux flowers.) Another simple way Deborah shares to keep your home feeling fresh and updated is by switching out decor pieces with the changing seasons. By doing so, Deborah believes incorporating a new color palette in your home can lighten or darken and change the whole mood of a room, without spending a lot of money. She also suggests that you can

still easily and inexpensively refresh a room with the simplicity of fresh or faux flowers from your local grocery store for only a few dollars. Deborah picks up her beautiful flowers at her local Kroger grocery store and believes adding flowers throughout your home for a fresh look. For instance; adding flowers on your coffee table, dining room table, kitchen countertop, entryway console, bathroom vanity, or breakfast nook table. She says this way, “You’re apt to smile every time you walk by and take in their colorful beauty!” Having an obsession with flowers myself, I completely agree because I have the biggest smile every time I walk by my flowers!

july printable

What better way to add a touch of nautical beach fun to your home than with a shades of blue, anchors and scripture! This print is a great representation and daily reminder of Gods goodness and His promises for you. Hope truly does anchor the soul. We can’t wait to see how you style these in your home! Please remember to tag any photos of your printable using the hashtag #EHprintable for a chance to be featured on the Everything Home Magazine Instagram account. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

Created by: Jennifer Reed

CanvasHQ & Everything Home


Photo courtesy of @twigandolive

Win this layout!!

Each month one lucky subscriber to Everything Home Magazine will receive a gallery wall courtesy of CanvasHQ! This month’s wall is valued at $300! Winner will be picked at random and announced July 25th 2016! Be sure to subscribe to receive the latest issue monthly to your inbox for your chance to win! Visit to subscribe or CanvasHQ to order!

july feature article Ideas to Beautify Every Room in Your Home

Cottage Living Done Right with:

Written by: Jennifer Prock

This beach cottage was built in 1964. Shauna, from The House of Silver Lining, decided upon a major renovation of the entire home last year. When I think of a beach cottage, this cottage, this space and designs elements are precisely what I think of. While we could focus on the entire home and marvel at its wonder, today we will concentrate on the living room. Upon entering, you are greeted by an old sailor's bell. It literally sets the tone for the personality of this space. When I first saw this piece of art I absolutely fell in love with it. It made me think of the beach, the ocean and an instant reminder that I am escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and about to embark upon a relaxing and soothing restful retreat. It is the simple things that seem to resonate the most. This is another reminder that when you come across something that fits you and your home's personality, grab it!

When you hear the words "water damage" most people become a bit distraught. For a designer like Shauna, that screams opportunity. The original hardwood floors in this home were damaged by a leak from the air conditioner. As they were going through the potential flooring options, they wrestled with the idea of putting in new hardwood floors. Things that are tough on hardwood floors: water and humidity. With that understanding, they went a different route. They chose a driftwood porcelain tile which fits the space in spot on fashion.

The color palette of this room is delightful. The taupes, blacks and whites work seamlessly together. By the way, there are five sets of French doors in this home. Off of the living room, curtains once hung where you see the French doors to the left. Rather than replace them too quickly, Shauna is searching for that perfect look. We all have moved overzealously when it comes to replacing an item in our own homes. This is a great reminder for all of us to tap the brakes and make sure that what you are thinking of purchasing is a good fit for your home and the space. Two pieces which are sure to catch your eye are the antique blue dresser, featuring chippy paint, and the magnificent black and white chandelier which was spotted via Pottery Barn Teen. Not only are they stark contrasts to one another regarding their origins, but they lend themselves perfectly to support the eclectic feel that this beach cottage maintains. Most people wouldn't think to combine these two items. This type of outside-the-box thinking propels Shauna and her brand. Finally, let's touch on the walls which were formerly a more off-white color and, according to her, lacked the cleanliness she sought in her photography. Enter a crisp white paint for her wood paneled walls. Can you say perfection? The light and airy feel of the space is supported quite well with this paint choice. I think of white foam waves crashing when I see how the walls are adorned here. Moreover, the subtle accessories of sea creatures strategically placed throughout help the living room maintain its personality and theme.


This beach cottage was built in 1964. Its warmth and charm will be timeless. What a fantastic renovation we have seen here today. Bravo Shauna!

Find Shauna @The House of Silver Lining

by arrangement Inspiring Ideas, Tips & Tricks to Fill Your Vase


Written by: Kelly Fellin

Written by: Sandra Downie

With summer officially here, gardens will be starting to fully bloom all of there wonderful vegetation. Sometimes, when we garden, there can be an abundance of crops left over and we just don't know what to do with it all. I was inspired to make this Rosemary and Greens arrangement after making my lemon and rosemary baked chicken. It's SUPER easy and you will need just a few items.

1 water proof container you want to use 1 floral foam for fresh flowers Several bunches of fresh rosemary Written by: Kelly Fellin Several bunches of various greenery Instructions: If needed, cut the floral foam to fit the container. Soak the floral foam for 5-10 mins to ensure it is thoroughly soaked. Next cut snippets of the rosemary and greenery to different lengths and arrange them in the container.

This is so easy to DIY and makes a wonderful centerpiece or looks great just sitting on the kitchen counter, ready to aid in summer recipes for about a week to two.

farm to table recipes Comfort Food For The Rustic Life

Delectable Written by: Prudy Blank

In the midst of the beautiful weather of summer, we want to spend as much time as we can outdoors with our friends and loved ones, and there is no better time to invite them over when the mood strikes! Some of the best and most memorable parties in the whole history of parties, are impromptu. Spur of the moment gettogethers are usually casual, laid back, and filled with food, friendship, and laughter! With just a couple of phone calls or texts, and a party can be planned in just a few minutes! You’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can pull an impromptu party together with style and flair. One of my most favorite things is fondue. I love cheese fondues with breads, meats, veggies, and fruit. I love chocolate fondues with cakes, fruit, and marshmallows… and I especially love an Italian fondue with fried ravioli, garlic toasts, tortellini, meatballs, fresh mozzarella and mushrooms. The beauty of this fondue is that pretty much everything can be made ahead and kept in the freezer! Keeping an inexpensive “Just in Case” stash in your pantry is key to a successful spur of the moment party!


Here are a few things to have on hand: Pasta. Fresh pasta, such as ravioli or tortellini from your grocery store can be stored in your freezer and pulled out last minute! Frozen meatballs. Buy the frozen brand at the store, or make your own! The homemade will keep in the freezer for up to three months. The same goes for Italian Sausage. Cook it up, cut it into bite size pieces, and store it in the freezer for up to three months. A few minutes in the oven or sautéed in a pan is all that is needed to heat it through! Garlic toast. Keep a store bought brand in the freezer, and at party time, take it out and cut it into cubes. Your favorite jarred spaghetti sauce, or make your own and freeze it! Frozen sauce will keep well for up to three months in the freezer. Packaged breadsticks. They look pretty in a jar, and they are perfect for dipping! Pretty paper plates, napkins, flatware and straws. Candles. Tablecloth. Wine, drink mixers, beer, water, pop.

Click here to view & print recipe!

In the end, some might say that this really isn’t true blue impromptu, especially since you’re always prepared, but I think you’d be more apt to make the party happen if you knew that you were already halfway to success! And isn’t the thought of relaxing at this last minute party with your family and friends so much nicer than spending the whole time running yourself ragged? I definitely think so! Summer is short. Enjoy it as much as you can. Happy July Everyone, I hope that it is filled with sunshine and happiness for you!

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what’s trending now Using The Latest Trends In Home Decor

Sun Side Up

Image via: Completely Coastal

Image via: Highlanders Cottage

SHOP: Lemon pillow cover on Society 6

Shop for decorative coral @ Pottery Barn

Stony Coral & Seashells Image via: Home Blogging Style tip: Using fruits such as oranges and lemon add an extra pop of color!

This Season’s Nautical Must Haves Written by: Keila Bernowitz Photographic Findings: Credited accordingly Salt in our hair and sand on our feet. There’s just nothing like the connection we feel when close to the sea. The bond is so deep, we not only feel compelled to go to the ocean, we’ll happily bring the ocean over to us. Here are a few nautical trends to look out this summer season that can be easily utilized in your home.

Sun Side Up: The long awaited sunshine is finally here. A big component of the merriment brought by summer is attributed to the presence of old reliable, the sun. Expect to see pops of yellow that will not only bring a smile to your face, but certainly melt your heart. Think in terms of pillows, throws, entertaining accessories and accent furniture. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

Stony Coral & Seashells: Underwater life is fascinating and intricate by design, therefore our appreciation for its components never goes out of style. For a bigger impact, consider integrating impressive pieces of coral or sea shells into your established decor. They will diversify the overall theme and are always aesthetically pleasing. Style Tip: How about replacing your current trinket holder dish with a large seashell for a bit coastal flare?


Image via: Decoist

Image via: Design Pab Blog

Nautical Statement Pieces: If you’ve been searching for a special item that’ll pull your look together, then the time to combine it with something nautical here. Perhaps a vintage inspired sailboat, wooden paddles or a freshly polished ship wheel is just what the captain ordered. Most of these pieces are sold in a wood-like state, thus adding a bit warmth and grounding to the preceding cooler tones.

“Home is Where the Anchor Hangs”

Bring on the Blue: It’s not a wonder that the ocean is a therapeutic haven, where many go to gather thoughts and find their sense of foundation. The color itself emits an inexplicable sense of serenity. The best part about it is, there’s tons of fun to be had with it! Though stripes love to make a comeback, they aren't the only alternative. Think of kitchen barstools, planters, cabinets, flooring, and even backsplash in a variety of blues with endless prints and textiles. Style Tip: Add a bit of indigo tie-dye for a touch of eclecticism!

Shop blue industrial barstools on Overstock

Image via: House Beautiful

Image via: HGTV Image via: Royal Design Studio

Image via: Our Boat House Weathered Wood: Distressed wood certainly holds its place in coastal styling. An essential part of the lifestyle, as it radiates a homey feel. This look can easily be accomplished with existing pieces. Chalk paint is both an inexpensive and moderately uncomplicated way of giving your furniture that beachy, rustic look.


Sandy Surroundings Image via: Lonny

Shop Jute Rugs @World Market!

Sandy Surroundings: As important as it is to integrate, bright and cool tones, is important to counter it with a neutral palette. Expect to see whites, ivory and beiges throughout. Bright and airy window treatments and curtains will run amuck. Dark rugs will give way to natural fibrous materials, such as jute and rope, conveying a profound sense of alfresco. After all, it’s not a beach without sand. Style Tip: Layer a few smaller rugs to add texture to your space!

everything found Inspiring Ideas For Antique & Vintage Finds

Thrifted, Styled, & Fab With Style Influencer

Jennifer Harrison


Written by: Shannon Ingle Photography by @carlaypage


ach of our homes should be able to tell our stories through our décor. Jennifer Harrison’s home is a beautifully written novel full of adventure and breathtaking photos! Being a huge fan of hers, I was thrilled to be able to get the scoop on how that brilliant designer mind of hers works. She was gracious enough to share a peek into her home as well as tips on how we all can add a little “Flea Market Fab” to our own space! Jen’s mother was a huge antique store, garage sale and garbage hunter. “It runs thick in my blood, so of course I would have the love and passion for the same comfort and recycled style when growing up.” She recommends keeping larger purchases more basic. “If you buy a new sofa make sure it is a neutral color so you can incorporate an eclectic mix around it.” One example Jen offers is to get an old leather, tufted sofa and mix in a rug from the flea market or possibly a new West Elm piece. “That’s the beauty of thrifting and mixing new with old. Today’s style allows you to do pretty much anything and its ok!” Here Jen mixes a garage sale tray with an incredible rug she found in Morocco and a vintage pouf from her store @shopfleamarketfab.

Jennifer loves so many different styles she doesn’t limit herself to just one. “I am all over the place! I like everything and THAT is part of my addiction.” When she comes across “the” piece and it speaks to her, she buys it. She doesn’t take time to ponder on her decision. “It happens so fast for me in my head” She says. “I can look at something and immediately see how it would be in a space.” When I asked where her main inspiration comes from Jen explained, “I don’t know where the style in my mind comes from, it just comes. It’s what I want or have going on in my headset at the moment.” She may have a hard time explaining, but I would say it is a natural talent Jennifer has. She just instinctively knows. Her stunning porch is proof of that with a rustic table from the Springfield Flea, a Buddha statue she found at the Round Top Texas Flea, a rug she scored on EBay and a collection of thrift store dishes.


Jennifer and her husband built their home 15 years ago. She wanted an ocean front, Maine cottage look and lucky for her the architect nailed it! At the time they needed plenty of space for their 5 children so that determined the layout of the home as well. “Now that we are empty nesters I just have fun! The interior comes with how I am feeling at the time, it’s always changing.” In the sunroom Jen and her husband built wooden benches that run along the large windows. “I was one lucky gal the day I met my husband! He is the best and has the most patience of any man I have known.” Those benches display the gorgeous cushions from her shop @fleamarketfab. Jennifer makes them from vintage rugs so each one is unique! The vintage drip pottery light was found at a garage sale and the bench from Burton Flea. Follow along with us every month as we show you how antique and flea market finds can make your house a home. Be sure to tag your antique/flea market Instagram photos using the #ehfound hashtag for a chance at a possible feature in one of our future issues!

Shop the Look! Dress from @innaka Picture from @blairz Sofa from Arhaus Furniture Furniture and pillows from @fleamarketfab

If you would like more information on Jennifer, please visit Jennifer Harrison Style or on Instagram @fleamarketfab @shopfleamarketfab Jen is a die-hard flea chaser, “I travel all over the states to hit flea markets, that is my main go to for this style of shopping.” She occasionally hits the thrift stores and Etsy but has found many amazing vendors on Instagram like herself. “It’s a huge support system and a great way to market your little business.” A few months back Jen had many pieces from photo shoots she did not need anymore. A friend suggested she open a shop on Instagram to sell it all. What started as a Sunday sale last October has quickly grown into a regular event that includes Jennifer’s own pillow line she designs and she has also begun wholesaling her creations. “I took a shot and it has been amazing! The support from Instagram has been a blessing to me.” Jennifer is constantly introducing new items to her shop. Her double poufs are the most recent original design. “The next round is even more epic! I promise!” I don’t doubt that at all! Jennifer is one of the most creative style influencers out there and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us!

pet perfect Lovable Pet Friends That Steal Our Heart The Librarian

Pat Kiwi


Daisy Rhubarb

Neyo Thank you so much to all of our Everything Home Magazine readers who share their adorable pets with us using the #ehpets hashtag. Be sure to check out these sweet fur babies (and their owners) by clicking the links above. If you have a pet that you would like to see featured in a future issue, be sure to tag your “Pet Perfect� photos using the #ehpets hashtag! Written by: Chloe Wisner

room renovations “Before and After” Room Makeovers

A stunning kitchen makeover from Holli at Bees N Burlap


f I could describe my dream kitchen and dining room makeover, Holli’s kitchen, from Bees N Burlap, would definitely be at the top of my list! Not only did Holli and her husband Tom complete this makeover on an affordable budget, they managed to get a high end look that usually costs thousands. I asked Holli a few questions about the transformation and I loved her genuine responses! She has definitely became a great friend as well!


Written by: Daraka McCrackin

How did you go about selecting the look for your kitchen? What was your main inspiration?

I knew I wanted a white kitchen because our beautiful maple cabinets had started yellowing. I love vintage pieces because they have character, I'm a big fan of the industrial style and yet I didn't want a cookie cutter look. I tried blending all the things I love into one. Heather Bullard is a favorite for me. I looked at her kitchen a lot and I scoured Pinterest. I was going to do open shelving where I had taken two cabinets down. But again, I didn't want the same old thing and I was having trouble finding shelves that really wowed me. Then it hit me...why not just leave it open? I had seen kitchens before with just open space and I was drawn to why not do the same thing? Slowly but surely I came up with what I call my Industrial Vintage Farmhouse style. Before

Wall sconces found at Amazon

New paint and hardware instantly gives the kitchen an updated look!

Did you stick to a budget when renovating? Yes! When we started it was just going to be "Honey, can I get the cabinets painted?" Then it started evolving. I had started a blog and some friends encouraged me to join the One Room Challenge because it was all happening at the same time. All in all, our kitchen makeover cost about $1000 not counting the gorgeous pendant lights I got from LampsPlus. That includes the labor for the painter. We did a budget friendly makeover by doing as much as we could ourselves and shopping around.

Planter from Target

Holli uses an industrial style shelf to hold all of her antique and flea market treasures!

Holli shopped at stores like World Market, HomeGoods, Target, & Ikea for her accessories. She used Benjamin Moore for paint, Hobby Lobby for hardware, and Lowes for the tile. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

What was your favorite change you made? Absolutely the new open space where the cabinets once were. Once my husband took those down, the whole kitchen seemed bigger and brighter. It's my favorite change! I ended up putting those two cabinets in my laundry room for extra storage! Win/Win! Holli added a strip of floral wallpaper inside the cabinets!

Cart that Holli found and gave a makeover, you can see the before pics on her blog!

For more inspiration from Holli, visit her on Instagram @beesnburlap or her blog Bees N Burlap

everything fashion Featured Fashion Trends & Finds

Crushing on

Kimonos! Written by: Anneke McConnell

Stay in style over the summer months with one of these 10 kimonos!

It’s the secret, not so secret trick to layering with style over the summer months - kimonos! With their beautiful colors, patterns, and practical style, they’re perfect for adding a personal touch to an otherwise basic outfit.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a kimono for your wardrobe..




Boho Kimono Festival Clothing "Pamuk" Kimono Jacket

Many summertime kimono cardigans come in lighter sheer fabric, but there are also plenty with a heavier material to keep you warm. A lighter fabric is perfect over tanks when you want to stay cool, but want to cover up, and a heavier fabric is perfect for when the weather cools in the evenings and when you are transitioning into a cooler season.

2. Peyote Poncho

Mays Kimono


Pattern & Color This is a perfect opportunity to add your personal touch to an outfit. Whether you lean toward country or coastal, Aztec or Boho, green, blue, black, or white, there IS a kimono or two out there with your name written all over it.

Women’s Printed Kimono Xhilaration™


The Swim Shop

Many GREAT kimonos can actually be found in the swim shop as a “cover up”, but that’s no reason not to wear them over shorts and a tank! Be sure to check out this section when shopping in person or online! 'Sunglow' Dot Print Cover-Up Kimono

Green and Black Fringe Kimono

'Painted Chevron' Sheer Cover-Up


Bohemian kimono *Multicolored floral design

room to grow Functional Spaces For Our Little Ones

W from This is Mamas

hen I saw Ashlea

A Coastal Cottage “Bunk Room” Written by: Brooke Christen, Nesting with Grace


Dance son’s shared bunk bedroom, my jaw dropped! I had to share it with all of you. Ashlea and her family live next to a lake and her home has a coastal, cottage feel. She knew she wanted the boys’ room to fit within that aesthetic while still being playful and functional. Ashlea grew up in a large family and loved sharing a room with her sisters. She wanted her boys who are 6 and 8 to have that same experience. Living at the lake gave her the idea of a “bunk room". She wanted it to feel like they were off to camp. Not to mention "wide open

space to sprawl out with Lego creations and host ninja dance parties" just a few simple requests from her boys!

Bean bags are a great way to add seating for little ones! Similar ones found at The Land of Nod.


Like all of us mammas, Ashlea tried to find a way to handle the clutter that can come with having kids. She gave them storage for their rocks and bottle cap collections, as well as a little tin box for additional small treasures. Their bedroom doubles as their play room, Ashlea tries to keep toys organized in clear storage containers, and rotate some of the larger things seasonally.

I absolutely love the vintage lockers that they use for some toy storage. Ashlea is a good mom and tries not to get too caught up in keeping it clean at all times. She said it does really help for everything to have a place. Ashlea and her husband built these beds! She said that she is a do it yourself kind of girl, so most of the pieces in this space were built by herself and her husband. They also purchased pieces from antique stores, auctions and thrift stores. Bedding and a few of the accessories came from Pottery Barn, Ikea and Target.


This is such a fun space that will grow with her boys as they age and be a source of many found memories I am sure!

For more amazing design ideas, visit Ashlea at her blog This Mamas Dance.

recycled & re-loved New Ways To Re-Purpose Salvaged Items

Husband and wife duo creating one-of-a-kind pieces!

Written by: Laurie Scardina

I was so excited to stumble upon Alexis, the girl behind @destressednest on Instagram. Her feed is full of gorgeous inspiration and genius up-cycling photos, so when she agreed to be featured in this months article I was thrilled. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

I was immediately drawn to her Farmhouse Chic style (as Alexis would describe it) and the Whiskey Barrel they transformed into a coffee table! I get all sorts of excited when I see old vintage things being used in fresh new ways, I love items that tell a story, but when we add our own twist on things, that item becomes part of our story too.

Check your local auctions, flea markets, and antique stores for creative seating, like these theater seats!


Convert an old dresser into an entertainment center by removing the drawers and adding barn style doors!

I decided to ask Alexis a few questions regarding the thought process of her projects, Alexis told me she loves to scope out antique shops and flea markets for authentic items. She says she loves finding pieces that draw attention. Like the whiskey barrel, because you can't find those types of things in stores. Alexis said it all started when they started hunting vintage pieces for their wedding, her and her husband have since created several custom pieces to share with others. Like the gorgeous entertainment stand with sliding doors which she used at her wedding, but now is the entertainment center in her home. For a chance to show your upcycling talent in a future issue of Everything "Fun Homepieces, furniture and household decor, that we can Magazine, tag your recreate photos into something new and different while maintaining the history of the piece, is what we love to find on social media using the on our treasure hunts. We also love to challenge ourselves hashtag #EHrecycled. into custom building pieces you cannot find anywhere else." Is what she told me when I asked what inspired her. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

Alexis and her husband are school teachers, but they said that Chip & Joanna have inspired them to work together and have fun when creating one of a kind pieces. After browsing through her pictures, and scrolling through her Instagram feed, I think it's pretty safe to say that we share her love of vintage and up-cycled pieces. Giving life to new things and seeing them in new ways helps us create our own stories. It's really hard to find that in an item you buy from a store.

For a chance to show your upcycling talent in a future issue of Everything Home Magazine, tag your photos on social media using the hashtag #EHrecycled.


Want more inspiration? Follow Alexis on Instagram @destressednest

tablescapes Inspiring Ideas For Every Tabletop

A bright and tropical tablescape that can easily be created in your home. Written by: Oscar Bravo

If you love setting a table for special gatherings, then I highly recommend you pay a visit to my friend, Kristen; a table stylist and blogger from Australia. Her blog is FILLED with beautiful tablescapes for every occasion. You can check out Kristen’s blog at Table Decorate Celebrate

Kristen’s passion for setting a beautiful table is evident but what I love the most is her ability to create these table settings without breaking the bank. Kristen uses color and everyday items to create an impactful presentation that any guest would enjoy. I asked Kristen to create a summer style tablescape that would be easy for anyone to replicate in their home. I really love what she came up with! Inspired by the colors and textures of the beaches from her hometown of Shorncliffe in Brisbane, Australia, Kristen created a cool, and tropical tablescape that is bright and fun. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

Kristen started with the linens on the table. She used a beautiful crushed linen tablecloth in a bright aqua color. Then, Kristen created an unexpected table runner using palm fronds from a palm grove in her own backyard. That’s how her tablescape started and Kristen just built from there adding a beautiful bordered salad plate and polkadot napkin that look like they were hand-painted with watercolor. The plate and napkins are from Tara Dennis Homewares. The soft, breezy linen tablecloth paired with the watercolor style napkins and plates evoke a sense of watery, breezy summers. Kristen finished her setting with a smooth stone engraved with a turtle. When creating seasonal table settings, keep in mind the tone of colors and weight of fabrics that people wear that time of year. That will help you create a table setting that will fit with the season you are in. My favorite idea from Kristen’s tablescape is how she incorporated fruit on her table. Her centerpiece is a large champagne bucket filled with yummy pineapples. Kristen also added shells with lemons and buckets of limes topped with little cocktail umbrellas! How smart is that!? And easy to do too! Here is a tip that tablescape stylist, Kristin wants to share with us! •My number one tip is don’t get overwhelmed and to have fun with it! Start with a foundation of a tablecloth or some place mats and a runner and add your layers from there. Do what you think looks nice and don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you had imagined. Unlike choosing paint colors or tiles that you will have to live with for years, your tablescape will only last a couple of hours! You can see more of Kristen’s beautiful creations by following her on Instagram & her blog.

crafty kids Simple And Creative Crafts For The Littles

Recycled Can Planters Written by: Loren Miller


hat do you think of when you think of childhood and summer? Hot sun, tan lines, laugh lines, flowers, lots of memories, and lots and lots of food! Unfortunately I cannot help you out with those tan lines, but our Kid Craft this month will be sure to give you memories, bring you flowers to brighten your days, and a little bit of food never hurt anyone! Gather up your kiddos, and let’s get started with these adorable cuties.

For the month of July I am bringing you a gem of a lady, Stephanie Raper. She is one of the best DIYers I know. She is a serious beauty, a blogger at Simply Lovely Lumber, and a Momma! Steph loves to find creative ways to keep her children busy while having fun, and a fond respect for food. Oh and she told me that this craft, involves all those favorite things. Lucky, lucky us. One of the things I personally liked most about this project is that my kids could pretty much do all of this on their own while I simply supervised. That is a win-win in my book. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

See the “how to” on the next page!

Supplies Needed:    

-Empty cans (Washed and Dried) -Craft paint -Paint brushes -Tissue Paper

   

-Mod Podge -Pen or pencil -Scissors -Soil and plant or flower

Directions: Step 1. Eat! She used the large Mandarin Oranges cans from Walmart because she liked how big they were. However you can choose whatever kind you like or have on hand. Be sure to wash and dry them before you start to paint.

Step 2. Using any paint you have (they used chalk paint) paint two coats on the outside of your can.


Step 3. Lay your can down on your tissue paper, and use your pen trace out the can. Just put the pen to the top of the can and roll the can across the tissue paper. Do the same to the bottom of the can. You will basically have two straight lines that you will use to cut out a rectangle. She just traced the lines so they knew how tall the tissue paper should be.

Step 4. It's time to glue the tissue paper onto the cans. Make sure they are nice and dry. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge down the whole side of the can. Put your tissue paper on making sure to keep it straight and trying to smooth out any bubbles. Remember, it doesn't need to be perfect. Do this a little bit at a time. Steph said they did the can about 1/3 at a time. Once it's done, trim off any extra paper.

Step 5. Add soil and a plant to your can! This is such a fun responsibility for the littles! EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016

You can find Stephanie On Instagram: @simplylovelylumber At her blog: Simply Lovely Lumber

Stephanie advises to pick a nice sunny spot for your plants. It's important to put it somewhere where everybody will see so that your munchkins can brag about it. You can always add your own take on these as well. They used wood skewers, twine, and washi tape to make a little banner on theirs. These sweet planters she made cost practically nothing. Stephanie said the nice thing about this is “you probably already have paint and brushes on hand, tissue paper is crazy cheap, and the cans don't have to get factored into the cost because you're just doing your civic duty and recycling! Yeah, we will go with that!� I love how they turned out! EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | JULY 2016


Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.

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