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This is For The Lovers This is for the lovers. Those of us you love to love and love hard. The time to share our love is now. Too often we fall in to routine…we stop giving kisses as we come and go, we stop saying I love you, we don’t wish each other sweet dreams, and we forget to express our appreciation. We stop doing and forget to validate. We assume that our love and gratitude is understood by our gestures; but gestures do suffice without affirmations from the heart. EGL encourages you to adopt a routine of speaking love regularly. Each and every person who you hold in the dearest regard deserves to hear those words of endearment. So starting with this month but continuing in the days, months, and years that follow; love out loud! Let them know the truth that you know, let them hear the love that you hold, let them be embraced by words of thankfulness.

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Love and Sex

To Mommy & Daddy, Thank you for loving me in a way that overpowers all my trials and is more gratifying than any experience in life. You have molded me with genuine care, concrete values, and unwavering faith. Your passion for nurturing me has given a sense of worth and purpose. Even the time I stayed out way pass curfew; I worried you so much that you were on the phone with the police department as I walked in the door. Although you wanted to slap the mess out of me, you burst into tears and held me as tight as you could instead. That night, I realized just how real a parent’s love is for their child, and I knew I would never hurt you like that again. To my brother’s and sisters, You are the friends I did not have to choose, but would have chosen anyway! Your love, support, and approval means so much to me. When I would get into arguments with the neighborhood kids for my “smart mouth,” they would call their older siblings and I would run to you. You had my back no matter how wrong I was and you always made sure to teach me a lesson and tell me how wrong I was, in private. We are bound together forever and I adore that. Love, Daughter and Sister

FEATURE To My Dear Friend: While we do not get to choose our family, we are fortunate enough to be able to select our friends. I am grateful to have someone, in whom I can confide, without fear of judgment. Being able to share joy that turns into uncontrollable laughter is endearing. Our inside jokes, our mutual understanding, our nonverbal communication and pure connection is paramount. Although we may not get to see one another as much as we would like, a level of consistency continues to remain. Our friendship is reliable. As I watch you every year develop into a better version of yourself by continuing to advance in your career and grow in your love life, I am motivated to do the same. Our friendship is inspiring. I truly cherish the times we’ve had and those that we will have. Your presence is not only a present; it also continues to be a blessing in my life. Thank you for being a wonderful friend! Love, Your BFF Man of My Dreams, Every night before I go to bed, I think of you. I look over at the other side of my bed, arms stretched out, touching my sheets softly, wishing you were here next to me. I think about our daily casual encounters and I smile to myself, wondering if you have any clue about how I long for you to want me, to kiss me. How is it that you have the power to make a grown woman sit and daydream like she’s in high school again? Feelings for you consume me; you’re not just a fling to me. They should lock me away for seeing pixie dust, stars and hearts circling around you every time you come around. I feel crazy, but if they lock me away, let it be with you and let them throw away the key. I wish for the day that you would come to see and know me as your love, but until then I will continue to love from a far.

XoXo Your Secret Admirer

FEATURE To my husband, I want to start by saying thank you for always being there for me and keeping your promises. I’m so appreciative for all the hard work you’ve put in to making our house a home. When I look into your eyes I sometimes want to cry because I am so grateful for the man that God has blessed me with, but instead I just smile. Every day I find myself in love with you more and more, not just for the things you do, but for the person you are and the man I see you becoming.

To My Man, I could have never imagined how my world would expand just because you came into it. We have shared our lives, our laughs, our tears our ambitions, our space; and you have become a part of my soul. Since we committed to one another, life and love have become seamless. With you, my darling, I feel distinct. I am the only girl in the world. With you, mi amour, I feel protected. You are everything sweet dreams are made of. You are as passionate as you are patient. You are as stubborn as you are strong. You have the amazing knack to provide the right amount of balance between giving me what I need, and just what I want. Your benevolence is awe-inspiring. Every day, I appreciate you. I value your insight. I admire your ambition. Your swag is sexy. Your style is matchless. You are the man husbands are made of. You are the man. My man! I thank you for being you. Your Girlfriend

You have supported me in every decision that I make and every step that I take; staying right by my side and encouraging me. I know we may go through our ups and downs but understand that it’s not just a lesson learned, but a blessing in disguise because it helps us become stronger. We are one, the day we took our vows for better or worst through thick and thin I knew you would be my best friend, husband, and lover until death do us apart. Baby, please continue to love me the way you do, and I will forever do the same. Love always, Your Wife


To my Babies, I’m not really sure when the moment came that I decided that I was ready and prepared to be a mother, or if the exact moment even exist. But when our eyes locked as I’m holding you close and introducing you to the world, everything around me froze in time and the love I had for you took over. I desired to protect you, love you, and make you happy. That feeling is what fueled me day in and day out! I vow to be by your side through every life’s lesson, every hurdle life throws at you, and every accomplishment achieved. The relationship between a mother and child exemplifies the definition of true love. It is a love with no conditions or limits. I remember the time you were afraid to sleep in your room by yourself because you were scared of the shadows. I would lay in the bed with you and rub your head until you dozed off. It took hours away from the little rest I had but knowing that my gentle touch is what made you feel safe helped me overcome those long nights. I will never forget these moments, for these moments are the reason I continue to be strong for you and show you that there is no end to the love I have for you and Mommy is always here by your side.

Love Always, Mommy

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Haute Hearts By The Fashion Team

Love is in the air with these Valentine-inspired pieces! Whether you want just a touch of amore or head to toe hearts, there’s something for everyone, on every budget.

rocking the latest tends

From Top Left to Bottom Right: • Roxy “On the Course” Yellow Hoodie $28.00, • COMME DES GARCONS “Play” Gold Heart T-shirt $160.00, • Phase Eight Helen Heart Dress, $125.00, • Moschino Archivio Silk Scarf $230.00, • Paul Smith Leopard Print Pump With Heart $115.00, • Dorothy Perkins Heart Leggings $27.00, • Ungara Vintage Black & Gold Heart Jacket $205.00, • Nil & Mon ‘Smile’ T-Shirt $90.00, Versus Grey Heart Print Jeans $140.00, • Hot Topic Socks $6.50, • Charlotte Olympia ‘Love Me Heart-Appliquéd Suede Pumps $1,450.00, • Hanky Panky Hearts Low-Rise Thong $23.00, • Betsy Johnson Leopard Print Heart Watch $115.00, • Moschino ‘Heart & Peace’ Biker Jacket, $2,080.00


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The Fabulous life

A Whole Day of Love It’s February and love is in the air, candy hearts, chocolate kisses, Hallmark cards and roses are everywhere. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion and I am a major sucker for love and think that gifts that come from the heart are always the real winners. There’s no need to break the bank on V-Day, it’s all about the love and effort. This year create a spa day in your home filled with pampering and relaxing. With the day being filled with love and joy you will definitely set the tone for a romantic finish. So turn the cell phones off, send the children to the babysitter and enjoy a beautiful day!

Morning Start the morning with banana pancakes. Bananas are an aphrodisiac, so this is an amazing way to get things going. After breakfast prepare a nice warm bath and our gentle oatmeal body scrub. After the bath and scrub, play some nice calm music and perform a calming massage on one another, you can use sesame oil for the massage make it extra special by warming the oil. Fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Gentle Oatmeal Body Scrub Recipe In a glass bowl mix the following ingredients 1cup finely ground oatmeal, 8 drops lavender essential oil, 8 drops tangerine, 8 drops rosewood, 4 drops chamomile (all of these oils can usually be found at a local Bath and Bodyworks or even an organic supermarket), stir constantly to avoid lumps. To use, combine one Tbsp. of the mix with a little water to form a paste, and then gently rub onto skin. Save time by preparing the scrub the day before.

Afternoon Enjoy a simple lunch, remember less is more, after lunch rest or enjoy a little Fifty Shades of Grey action



Wake up before your partner and prepare a romantic atmosphere, candles, chocolates and your favorite romantic goodies. Wear the scent, hairstyle, or clothing item your partner likes. Wake them up with a mini foot scrub. Ingredients 3 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon brown sugar 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 11 almonds (1/2 oz.) Âź fresh lemon juice. Grind almonds into a fine meal in a blender or food processor. Mix almonds, olive oil, honey, brown sugar, and lemon juice. Rub onto feet and massage, then rinse off


Prepare your partners favorite meal and enjoy a glass of wine. After drinks, a nice dinner, and some stimulating conversation the day is almost over. Days like this one are guaranteed to keep you and your significant other in love, and happy. Enjoy!

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The Fabolous life

Love on the rise Young Hollywood Couples EGL Would Love To See Make It!

We are constantly seeing the young stars of Hollywood come together and forming budding romances with each other whether it is due to co-starring on a big name movie together or a music collaboration. Regardless of how the relationship starts, there are some young couples that EGL would love to see stay together for the long haul! We have listed six young Hollywood couples that we believe have promising relationships even though they are a part of a world where relationships end in a blink of an eye!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: In 2012 former-Disney star, Miley Cyrus strayed away from her ‘good girl’ image as much as possible. From chopping off her hair to a newly liberated (and outspoken) attitude to her very-adult relationship with fiancé, Liam Hemsworth – our ‘Smiley Miley’ is not a little girl anymore. As life imitates art for a majority of Hollywood stars, it was during the filming of The Last Song (2009), Cyrus and co-star Hemsworth began to date. At the time, Miley was reportedly around 17 years-old. On-again-off-again, like any other young couple the two broke-up to make-up a few times. Quoted to calling the Australian actor, her “first serious boyfriend”, the couple got pretty serious when it was announced Summer 2012 that the lovebirds were engaged! Proposing with a 3.5-carat diamond ring, the beautiful rock would make any woman squeal! What we love about Miley & Liam is their commitment to one another. Typically not seen within such young couple is a devotion and deep love for one another that makes you yourself want to fall in love. Can’t wait to see the pictures from their blissful nuptials; considering Miley’s new edgy style, it will be one not to miss!


Terrence J & and Selita Ebanks: Landing a dream position as one of BET’s 106 & Park hosts from 2006 until 2012, Terrence J has served as a voice for the entertainment culture. As the successful hostturned-actor has moved on to E! News, his romance with former Victoria Secret model, Selita Ebanks continues to blossom. Reportedly, the two began dating early 2012 (though some reports say they became an item dating back to mid-2011) and have been inseparable ever since! The couple grabbed the attention of many when Terrence took to Twitter February 2012 and expressed how grateful where his life was at and heading as well as to share his love for his beautiful girlfriend. Aww, how sweet! From being paired at award shows to the hottest celebrity parties to supporting one another at respective gigs; what we love so much about Terrence J & Selita is their ability to be successful in their own fields, but also the love and support they show for one another. “Love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy.�


Jordin Sparks & and Jason Derulo: The super sweet - American Idol winner alum, Jordin Sparks began dating pop sensation, Jason Derulo in September 2011. From the moment the two were confirmed as a couple (stepping out together for Jason’s 22nd birthday), the media has kept a close-eye on their budding romance. A little over a year into their relationship, you can’t help but say “Aww” when looking at pictures of the stars. Extremely open about the two’s love for one another, from social media accounts (Twitter & Instagram to be exact) to music lyrics to interviews (they recently did a couple-interview on “The Wendy Williams Show” in November), they just BEAM when speaking about one another. Oh, young love. Juggling a romance and personal careers, both singers travel back and forth from Phoenix, AZ (Sparks) and Miami, Florida (Derulo) to spend time together – as well as visit each other on job locations. What we love so much about Jordin & Jason is the innocence and freshness of their love; so refreshing to see a romance in its beginning phase, when everything is so new and exciting. How can you


Jenna and Channing Tatum If you’re a true fan of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man alive, Channing Tatum, you know that the super hunk met his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum while filming “Step Up”. Soon after the movie wrapped, the two became an item. September 2008 they were engaged and a year later they were married. Over three years of wedding bliss, whenever Jenna & Channing are spotted together – on red carpets, on the beach, or simply lounging – they always embrace one another with a seemingly deep connection that displays their hot chemistry. Aside from both being actors, they are also dancers and business partners. A couple that works together says together? For now, it works for The Tatums. Though they’ve been together for a while now, what makes their love so enticing is the next step they’ll soon embark on. In December 2012 it was announced Jenna and her husband were expecting their first child. There is nothing more precious than seeing love transcended into the unconditional love a parent has for their child. Congratulations to Jenna & Channing!


Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia IInfamous New Jersey-native rapper, Joe Budden is not only known for his controversial bars, but his high-profile relationships. Not ashamed to put his romances out there, Budden’s latest girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia has caused quite a frenzy among many men due to her voluptuous shape. In typical Joe fashion, the two’s relationship was made public Spring 2012 when he introduced the ‘hip-hop dancer’ via Twitter. From then, Budden and Garcia have been inseparable ever since all while flooding your Twitter and Instagram timelines (if you follow either of them) with raunchy-yet-endearing photos of one another. Whether you like to admit it or not, Joe & Kaylin are one of hip-hop’s super-hot couples of 2012! So in your face and unapologetic for their actions, that’s what we love about them. Yes, it is a little too early to probably say the two will be heading down the aisle in the near future (especially considering Joe’s track record), but no matter what happens to them, their boldness with love is truly admirable. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rebellious couple.

ENtertainment ENtertainment

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: The Twilight Saga movies have respectfully made each of the film’s characters superstars in their own right – specifically Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Fans of the film series rejoiced all over when it was alleged the two were taking after their infamous roles and dating in real life. Since filming in 2008 until 2012, the actors neither confirmed nor denied the status of their relationship. Though they kept hushhush about one another, hundreds of paparazzi pics caught the two spending intimate time together. It wasn’t until allegations of Kristen having an affair with a director surfaced that she confirmed what majority already knew. Referring to Rob as “the person I love and respect the most,” the actress not only admitted her wrongdoing but acknowledged her nearly four-year romance. It’s the mysteriousness of Kristen & Robert as individuals and as a couple which makes us really love them together! Every couple faces their own issues (infidelity, etc.), but it’s the ones who are willing to fight through the battles who truly persevere and build a stronger love. Keep leaving us guessing and our toes Kris and Rob, that’s what makes you two as a couple appealing.


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to be loved

Train Your Mind to Love… Not Hate By Mareissa King

When it comes to love, we often times use the word out of context. Think about it, what does ‘love’ mean to you? Who do you truly love? How do you love? Does everyone deserved to be loved? Let’s take this cliché of a word and break it down. According to the dictionary, love is a tender, warm, feeling or attachment to a person, place or thing. Love is said to be the highest form of energy, requiring the least amount of effort to give and receive. It surpasses fear, jealousy, and worse of all, hate. The lack of giving and receiving love can result in less than you bargain for physically, as well as mentally. Headaches, unhealthy eating, low self-esteem, even financial prosperity can all result from focusing on the low side of the spectrum. Therefore, it’s important to keep a healthy love mentality when dealing with life and others. For starters, think of all of the people, places, or things that you have a profound passion for. Write them down or make a list. Next, focus on how these passions make you feel when involved with them. At this point compile a listing of the reasons you love such people and things. This will serve as an affirmation that love does exist in your life; therefore the need to develop a hateful mentality is senseless. Remember, there are many ways to give and receive love. The more (or less) time we spend giving love, we invite more love to us. “…A truly evolved being is one that values others more than it values itself, and values LOVE more than it values the physical world and what is in it.” –p. 21, The Seat of The Soul by Gary Zukav

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To explore through reading

Tantalizing Books for the Bedroom By Jazmine Kilpatrick

1. Best Women’s Erotica 2013 Amazon Cost: $16 New to the erotica scene, author Lynn Myshe’ Joseph creates an Anthology that gives readers insight into five different fantasies of passionate sex and romantic encounters. This collection has been called the “ultimate sex toy” and would make a great gift for a wife, girlfriend, or a romantic partner. Best Women’s Erotica 2013 is even fresher, edgier and deliciously sexy than Blue’s previous 2012 series.

2. Submit To Your Fantasies Amazon Cost: $7 New to the erotica scene, author Lynn Myshe’ Joseph creates an Anthology in which gives readers insight into five different fantasies of passionate sex and romantic encounters. Joseph takes her readers to an extreme sexual level through her creative mind. Readers will experience fantasies from the boardroom to the bondage room. This book will definitely make you want to spice up your sex life and try some new things!


3. Zane’s Z-rated: Chocolate Flavor 3 Amazon Cost: $11 Z-Rated features some of the most creative, most talented writers in erotica, including stories from favorites like Cairo, Allison Hobbs, and a story by Zane herself. Featured are twenty-seven scintillating tales that will take your mind away from the day to day and straight into the erogenous zone—your perfect escape. Zane’s new book will be turned into a television series on Cinemax. The new TV series, The Jump Off, is scheduled to premier early this year.

4. Low Down & Dirty Amazon Cost: $17 The newest release in the Dirty Red series, Low Down and Dirty, is the fourth part in this bestselling series. If you are looking for a temporary escape from reality—the Dirty Red series will take you down a sexy urban adventure through the main character, Red. Red is a woman who will do anything to save her life, even if it means getting dirty!


Mixing money and love = Hazardous

By Samantha Irvin

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being financially stable

Signing on the dotted line to help your significant other could lead you to financial ruins. Keeping your financial and business affairs separate from your love relationships is crucial to ensuring your finances do not suffer detrimentally in the event that your relationship goes sour. Many people do not understand the financial burden they take on when co-signing for any type of loan or credit for their spouse. Co-signing is an overall bad idea simply because you assume the debt if your partner bails. It is important that couples sit down and talk finances. The most important lesson to take away from this story is that when you decide to co-sign for someone- you are legally obligated to repay all debts in full. If you choose not assume the payments, your credit will be ruined.

Don’ts Here are some things below that you should not do just to make your man happy: Do not Co-sign for a vehicle- Financial guru Dave Ramsey believes that people many times co-sign for a vehicle solely be acting on emotion and without any type of intellectual thought process behind their decision. Here is one of Ramsey’s rationalization’s as to why you should absolutely not co-sign for a vehicle: “If you cosign for a car, the lender will not contact you when the loan is paid late every month, but your credit is damaged every month. The lender will not contact you before they repossess the car, but you now have a repo on your credit report. They will contact you to pay the difference between the debt and the belowwholesale repo price they got for the car, which is called a deficit. If the lender did contact you, there is nothing you can legally do to force the sale of the car, because you don’t own it; you are merely on the hook for the debt. When you cosign on a house you will get the same results.”


Do not open a phone line in your name- some people opening a cell phone line in their names for their partner is a minor favor and can’t do much harm. It is not recommended to do this small favor, as it may lead to you doing a series of small financial favors that can have huge detrimental impacts in the future. Many cellular provider companies today such as AT&T and Verizon are charging cancellation fees ranging from $200-250. You will have to pay the termination fee as well as all other application service charges to cancel the phone line. Be prepared to pay the charges or once again, your credit could adversely be affected. This is a nice sum of money that could have been added to your savings. Do not give your spouse access to your credit cards: authorizing your partner to use your credit card is similar to you running up a credit card bill that you know you will have trouble paying. This could potentially hurt your credit score. The utilization percentage on your cards will increase since there is a second spender, which will lower your score.


Open a joint account- if you and your spouse share the household bills; consider opening an account together to pay bills. This account should be used to handle rents, credit cards and utility bills. Although you and your spouse will keep your personal finance lives separate, having a joint account for household care can help to build trust, unity and strengthen communication. Analyze your partner’s spending habits- ask yourself if his spending habits are influencing yours? If your budget appears to be negatively affected then this could lead to potential issues down the line.



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rocking the latest tends

Valentines date Outfits By The EGL Fashion Team

Every year on Valentine’s Day, lovebirds exchange flowers, chocolates, and gifts. This is the day when couples show how much they love and appreciate one another! And although we should be showing our undying affection to our partner everyday; THIS day is special. Whether you’re heading out with your honey for a romantic dinner or going out for a fun, sexy night on the town- we’ve put together some fashion ideas to help get you in the mood and inspire your Valentine’s Day get-ups! Be the best dressed from the dinner table to the bedroom!


When it comes to glamour, there is no such thing as being overdressed! Siren red lingerie and a shiny black bodycon dress are about as sexy as you can get!

$175.00 - ‘VALENTINA’ BLACK LEATHERETTE BODYCON DRESS, $20.00 -, Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong Red One Size, $9.50 -, Floral Lace Bra Set, 2-Pack, $55.00 -, VON FOLLIES BY DITA VON TEESE Luxury Red/Black Eyelash Lace Suspender Belt, $652.00 - Brian Atwood Hamper 150 Marilyn Suede Platform Pumps, $906.00 -, YVES SAINT LAURENT Beige Snakeskin Leather Chyc Clutch, $850.00 -, Gucci Watch, Women’s Swiss G-Line G

FASHION When you go glam, it is all about confidence! Any item with sequins, glitter, or a big sparkle screams, “look at me” and on Valentines Day, that is all you want your man to do! Try a body fitting sequined dress with a shawl to keep warm and a strappy heel. For the after party, lace and embellishment to highlight the body parts your man loves is a go!

$65.00 Warehouse Ombre Sequin Shift Dress-, $190.00 Women’s Eileen Fisher Shawl Collar Jacket, -, $90.00 BCBG MaxAzria Fairfax Studded Strappy (bottom), $1,250.00 Giuseppe Zanotti Strappy Buckle Front Platform (middle), $36.00 Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Thong Panty, $52.00 Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Push-Up Bra -

Lay on the luxe in this rich gold ensemble! Because the dress commands all the attention, keep accessories simple, basic diamond studs do the trick! Add a black clutch with gold accents to avoid being too-matchy, matchy! Keep the drama going all the way to the bedroom. With this Vegas-Showgirl inspired bra & panty set!

$1,460 -, HERVÉ LÉGER Gold-Nude, $815 -, Alexander McQueen Metallic Gold Skull Chain Sandal, $815 -, Alexander McQueen Metallic Gold Skull Chain Sandal, $178, BCBGMAXAZRIA Liza Calf-Hair Minaudiere, Black, $550 - Blue Nile Princess-Cut Diamond Stud Earrings in 14k White Gold (1/2 ct. tw.), Vegas Suspender Lingerie Set, $70 Fox & Rose


FASHION Dare to take a ride on the wild side with leather, fur and leopard prints! Be daring enough to pull off shorts on Valentines Day! Bad girls have the most fun!

$513 - Prabal Gurung Cut-Out Button Down Blouse, $267 - RACHEL ZOE Taupe Grey Vintage Faux Fur Marianne Vest, $34 -, Vila Delu Shorts/T, $7.99 -, FULL TILT Patterned Tights, $260 -, La Perla Lace-trimmed leather briefs, $21 -, H&M Push-up bra, $475 - theoutnet. com, Alaïa Suede ankle boots

As the Rebel Gal, you can be the devil in a blue dress or the badass chick in a leather mini skirt! Pair the mini skirt with a graphic tee and rad boots! Pair the blue dress with a bootie that has some detail! Lingerie for the after party must make your man undress you with his eyes before he even gets a taste! Oww!

$190.00 Music Is Lethal Velvet Dress-, $15.00 Embellish Cross Casual Tank Top Black (also in white) -, $73.00 Subtitled Rebel Tube Skirt, -, $97.00 London Rebel Black Stud Biker Boots-, $128.00 Victoria’s Secret Embroidered Dot Garter Belt-, $990.00 CASADEI Ankle boot-, $522.00 Sergio Rossi Byzance Booties,

Bump a pretty dress! Bad girls wear what they want, when they want!! Leather has become the unofficial uniform of fashionistas worldwide, sweeten in up just a tad bit with lace…cropped lace that is! Keep the rebellion going after dinner with avant-garde cage lingerie…we’re sure your date won’t mind being held captive!

$52 -, Lace Roll Neck Crop Top, $1,350 -, Joseph Leather leggings $375 -, KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE Black Silk Cage Underwire Bra, $298 - KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE Black Silk Cage Panty, $2,395 -, Christian Louboutin Aeronotoc Calf Hair & Lace Red Sole Bootie, $1,100 -, Prada Brushed Calf Leather Clutch, $435 - Hervé Van Der Straeten


You can’t help but love the girl next door. In case you’re meeting your honey’s family, sweet details like polka dots and a cardigan make this outfit parent friendly. Keep the classy lady act going with a full coverage nightie!


A white skater dress paired with a red poncho and turquoise heels is super cute! The long sleeves and poncho balance out the minilength of the dress, while the shoes add a complementary pop of color! Nothing is sweeter than floral print lingerie, and as heavenly as the white may seem, you’ll be shedding it later to reveal this totally cute lingerie set! And if he doesn’t have protection, you’ll have it in your Gucci iPhone case/wallet!

$52.00, Tuck and Drape Cardi, $198 -, J.Crew Collection Circle Skirt In Double Dot$125 -, Converse Low Mono Black Leather, $35 -, Hollister Co Breakwall Shirt, Donna Karan Intimates Lace Dress, 150.00

Simply sweet, yet sexy, this dress highlights one of the most alluring parts of the feminine physique. Be sultry without bearing too much skin…leave that for the nightcap! A classic, sheer chemise nightie is the perfect compliment to this look! $112 - Black Halo Marilyn Sheath Dress, $96 - Cosabella LUCKY Nightie, $675 - PRADA Safiano 110 Point Toe Court $332 -, Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Tonda Small’ clutch $98 - Stretched Gold Cuff

$120.00 East Merino poncho-, $40.00 Shimmer Skater Dress-, $895.00 Charlotte Olympia Josephine Satin Platform Pump, Turquoise-, $42.00 Victoria’s Secret Full Coverage Bra-, $12.50, Super soft Hip-Hugger Panty- victoriassecret. com, $350.00 Zip Around IPhone Case-


Who said sporty girls can’t bring the sexy? Distressed jeans and booties are perfect for an adventurous date. Curious about what’s underneath? Boy shorts and a push up bra should do the trick!

$12 - Embellish Cross Casual Tank Top Black (also in white), $115 - Ltb Jeans, $28 - johnlewis. com, Calvin Klein Underwear Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Push Up Bra, Red $7.93 -, Pieces Netti Lace Hipster, $525 -, Alexander Wang Kamila Boot,

FASHION Sporty to most means comfortable. With sneaks, a stripy sweater, gray Levis, sporty soft lingerie, and a color popping coat and bag, your ready for anything to an indoor rock-climbing adventure to bowling. Date night will be fun, comfy and fashionable!

$120.00 East Merino poncho-, $40.00 Shimmer Skater Dress-, $895.00 Charlotte Olympia Josephine Satin Platform Pump, Turquoise-, $42.00 Victoria’s Secret Full Coverage Bra-, $12.50, Super soft HipHugger Panty-, $350.00 Zip Around IPhone Case-

Now don’t get me wrong, sporty doesn’t always have to mean tracksuits and sneakers! Spice up your outfit with these fabulous athletic-inspired pieces! How adorable is this bra & panty set?? It’s like swim team meets the runway!

220.00 -, A.L.C. Emily crepe dress, $43.00 -, VPL Convexity Undi $48.00 -, VPL Insertion Bra W, $780.00 -, Valentino Carol Crystal Embellished Suede And Mesh Platform Peep-Toe Sandals, $1,680.00 -, Bottega Veneta Washed Cervo Simple Hobo Bag, $9.00-, Two tone square stud

Curvy Cutie

FASHION If you want to soften things up, wearing light pinks and neutrals will do just that!! Your sweetie pie may even appreciate the more gentle side of you!

And of course we can’t forget about our curvy cuties!! Spice it up by wearing a form fitting color block dress and a pair of spiked out booties. Black, White and Red is a great color combo! And with this look, your inner rebel will have your honey ready for dessert in no time.

$188.00, Adrianna Papell Sleeveless Sheath Dress (Plus Size) $188-, $820.00 CASADE Blade Ankle Strap Heel $820-, $3,195.00 Alexander McQueen Snowflake Clutch $3,195 –, $24.0.00 Bobbi Brown Beige Lip Color, $8.00Miss Fancy Pants -, $35.00Plus Size Lace and Satin Teddy $35 –

$183.00, Geometrical Dress-, $1995.00, Christian Louboutin Guerilla Booties • $33.00, Plus Size Mesh Camisole with Garters -, $15.00, Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick • $$25.00 Chanel Nail Polish $39.00, Asos Curve Bodycon Dress–, $89.00 Chinese Laundry Booties - • $129.00 Leather Biker Jacket – www., $55.00 Kardashian Leopard Clutch– $85.00 Noir Earrings –, Price Upon Request-YSL Gold Chain, $12.00 Pull and Bear Spike Ring –, $78.00 Leather Wrap Bracelet –, $40.00 Plus Size Lace Mini Dress -, $38.00 Deborah Lippmann Nail and Lip set–

If you’re going for the “smoking HOT” look wearing all red will definitely have your partner wanting to put the fire out!! $108.00, Red Monif C Dress–, $645.00 Charlotte Olympia Strappy Suede Sandal–, $323.00 DVF Crystal Bag - www.boutique1. com, $145.00 Ben Amun Crystal Earrings– www.ahalife. com, $170.00 Plus Size Leather Patent Corset $170,, $12.00Shiny Red- OPI Nail Polish– www.opi. com

Remember ladies, whether you opt for a red dress and red sweat pants, feeling attractive, sexy and confident comes from within. If you’re in a longstanding relationship, throw in a little role-play; act as though you’re getting ready for a first date. Spice things up and watch the fireworks begin!!



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To look their best

How to leave a beauty love note with your hair and makeup By Krystal Jhonson

What says I love you more than a fresh face and gorgeous hair? Nothing sets the mood on Valentine’s Day better, than a confident woman with drop dead sexy looks. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner why not try a different look this season and give your mate some Valentine’s Day butterflies reminiscent of the day he/she first set eyes on you.

There’s nothing wrong with a touch of makeup here and there but its “love day” and you want all eyes on you so let’s make this moment last shall we? Nothing brings a glow to a ladies face like a dab of blush, no matter your skin tone blush always adds a glowing brightness to a beautiful face. The popular Bare Minerals line of blush colors gives the cheeks a pop of color while still giving it a vibrant, healthy finish that looks and feels natural. $25,

Something should have a guy’s attention for those moments you aren’t engaged in conversation, and what steals the show better than a nice shade of lipstick. This season pink, rose, and blush colored shades are hot. They add a soft and delicate look with a hint of sexy. Prices Vary, visit

Make sure your eyes speak a thousand words before your lipstick does the talking. A light shimmer can be used for the day and night depending on how it’s applied. If you’re looking for sparkling eyes to set the night or a simple shimmer to get you through work and after -work cocktails Stila, In the Light natural eye shadow palette is just for you. The palette has just about every shimmering shade for our indecisive beauties to choose from. Whether you have a dark or light skin tone, In the Light is a light, neutral, waterproof shadow palette that blends easily with most skin. $118,

Lastly, what’s a fresh face without a good hair-do? Call me old fashion but curls always seal the deal. Their easy to apply, last throughout the day and through most whether. The Conair Infiniti Curling Wand creates master curls in just minutes. Unlike the average curling iron the curling wand directs heat in the center of the wand creating a tight or loose curl for any texture of hair. $29,

With these simple tips you’ll be able to create your Valentine’s Day looks by yourself with a little help from your fairy god mothers over at EGL of course! Photo Credits: PicMonkey 17 pics courtesy of Bare, Pic Monkey 18 pics courtesy of, Pic Monkey 19 pics courtesy of, JPG 6675871 pic courtesy of


Love That’s Stood The Test Of Time Relationships in Hollywood are known to end just as fast as they begin but they are some relationships that have truly stood the test of time! These celebrity couples have made it through martial spats, vicious rumors, conflicting work schedules and pressure under the limelight in order to keep their marriages strong. EGL commends these couples for showing us that love can really last in Hollywood!

every girl loves

The Fabolous life

10yrs +

David and Victoria Beckham:


David and Victoria Beckham are England’s premier couple outside of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Outside of being an extremely gorgeous couple that embodies the word, style, their marriage is one to be envied! The soccer star and the “Spice Girl” fell for each other in 1997 and were married on July 4, 1999, with their 4-month old son Brooklyn by their side. With three more additions to their family: Romeo, Cruz, and Harper (the couple’s only daughter) and a 13 year marriage, people wonder what’s their secret? Aside from being head-overheels in love with each other, the Becks say, “ You have to have fun together!” The Becks are not the “traditional type” when it comes to expressing their love for their family and devotion to their marriage. Collectively, the Becks have 7 tattoos dedicated to each other and their children. No matter how far apart they are, the Beckhams only have eyes for each other, which makes their love unbreakable.

10yrs +

TAMia and grant hill

Tamia and Grant Hill are one of most “hush hush” couples in the entertainment industry! This might be a reason why they’ve enjoyed in 13 years of matrimony bliss. The two were introduced to each other by music legend, Anita Baker in Detroit, Michigan. “Love at first sight” is how Grant describes his second runin with the songstress at a Los Angeles talent show in 1996. On July 24, 1999, The “Stranger In My House” singer was singing a different tune as she exchanged vows with Grant. In 2002, the couple welcomed daughter Myla into the world, and by 2007 daughter Lael Rose was born. Tamia and Grant have maintained a strong foundation through two life-threatening illnesses in one year. This caused both to become advocates for awareness, Tamia for Multiple Sclerosis and Grant for MRSA. What is this couple’s key to a successful union? Grant and Tamia credit their lasting relationship to a mission statement through their family brand – the Hill Brand- that stands for intelligence, integrity, character, leadership, triumph over adversity, grace, charisma, family, success, credibility, and likeability. It’s these principles that the Hill family focuses on that keep their marriage strong.



15yrs +

will and jada smith

On the cusp of their 15-year anniversary, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith can be considered one of entertainment’s “It” couples! There is no doubt that these to make a fine pair, however it’s their support for each other that keep their marriage strong. The Smiths first met in 1995 when Jada auditioned for the role of Will’s girlfriend on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. The two started as friends, which progressed to a 2 year courtship that lead to a proposal, November 1997. The actor and actress were married on December 31st, 1997, and in 1998 welcomed their first child together, Jaden, who joined older half-brother “Trey”. On October 31, 2000 daughter Willow was introduced to the family. The Smiths have set their own rules for their marriage and believe that communication and support is the key to keeping their marriage going. Will has stated that Jada is someone he can talk to about anything, and Jada has made it a point to tell Will she’ll abandon her career before she breaks up their marriage. The Smiths have been able to survive ridicule and rumors because their foundation is strong and secure in their marriage.


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

15yrs +

Who would have thought out beloved “Carrie Bradshaw” lived a true love fairytale in real life! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have lived in quiet marital harmony for the last 15 years. The two were introduced by Sarah’s brother in 1991, but didn’t start dating until a year after. Sarah falling for Matthew’s sense of humor and Matthew loving Sarah’s wit caused the two to wed on May 19, 1997. In a super secret ceremony, the two exchange their vows in front of a crowd of their closest family and friends, who were also uninformed about the ceremony. In 2002, the couple welcomed their son James to the family. In 2009, Matthew and Sarah were blessed with twin girls, Marion and Tabitha. So how do a mega- producer and superstar actress find time to keep a flame in their marriage? Both stated they don’t try to convince the other to be something they aren’t; their marriage is built on acceptance. It is imperative to this couple that they make time for time, especially since their lives are so busy. It’s not everyday that a woman finds her “Mr. Big”, however Sarah has her and is not letting him go!

20yrs +

Magic and Earlitha ”Cookie” Johnson These past 21 years of marriage have been filled with tests and triumphs for Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Earlitha “Cookie” Johnson. Through all the tribulations this couple continues to come out on top! The two met in 1977 at a college party; Cookie, a freshman at the time, had it in her mind that she had no chance against all the other women in the room, clearly she was wrong! After a few breakups and makeups the couple wed on September 14, 1991 in a small ceremony. The two have one son together, Earvin III and an adopted daughter, Elysa in 1995. Ervin also has a son, Andre, from a previous relationship. The newlyweds would face their first major test when Magic learned that he was HIV positive. Would Cookie leave or stay was the question on people’s minds, her answer was “I never even thought about leaving, to stay by him was not a hard thing to do”. Cookie’s choice to stand by her man shocked many, but also gained their respect and admiration It’s this resiliency that has made these two tougher and their marriage solid!



20yrs +

barack and michelle obama

Barack and Michelle Obama: America’s first family, the Obamas, spent their 20th wedding anniversary at the presidential debate, they are living life short of a fairytale. Michelle stated that “Barack didn’t pledge a life of riches, only a life that would be interesting.” It’s clear that he’s delivered on that promise! The pair met at a law firm when Michelle was assigned the role of advisor to summer associate, Barack. After dodging Barack’s date requests for a month, Michelle finally gave in and it was uphill from there! The couple wed on October 3, 1992 and welcomed daughter Malia Ann, in 1998; daughter Natasha came shortly after in 2001. When the Obamas aren’t campaigning or working for the betterment of the American people, you can catch them spending quality time with each other. Michelle and Barack respect and admire each other’s tenacity for their works and that’s a pillar of strength in their marriage. Even with both their busy schedules, Barack and Micelle make time for each other, which has carried them these past 20 years.


Denzel and Pauletta Washington: Hollywood heartthrob Denzel Washington has been happily married to wife Pauletta for 29 years! The two met on the set of Denzel’s first television film Wilma were they both had small roles, little did they know they’d end up in holy matrimony 5 years later in 1983. Denzel and Pauletta went on to have four children: John David, Katia, and twins Olivia and Malcolm. You have to wonder how can a woman hold on to a man that’s as sought after a Denzel!? Well, it’s pretty simple, especially when the man is a dedicated family man! When Denzel was asked his secret to a successful marriage, her claimed that it was a twostep process “Do what ever Pauletta says and keep my mouth shut!” Of course, Pauletta had to make a sacrifice as well; she decided to forego her acting career to support her man throughout his acting career and raise their four children. Either way, the Washington’s both had to sacrifice something for the sake of their marriage and apparently it worked. 29 years in a Hollywood marriage is difficult to come by, however Pauletta and Denzel proved it could be done!

25yrs +


Bill and Hillary Clinton:

25yrs +

The Clinton’s have to be one of the most scrutinized marriages in America. The former first family has had their share of drama and hardship, yet they managed to rise above it. Through rough times, complex and busy schedules and very little privacy, the Clintons have managed to keep their marriage going for over 30 years. The two met in 1970 at Yale School of Law and it was Hillary that broke the ice between them! After some time of courting, Bill proposed to Hillary buy purchasing a house, then telling her she’d better marry him because he can’t live in it alone. Talk about romantic! The couple married on October 11, 1970 and had their daughter Chelsea in 1980. Although the couple faced issues like infidelity, Hillary and Bill used their love and faith to work through it and past it. The couple sings each other’s praoses and express how grateful they are for each other every chance they get. They may be political figures to the public, but to each other their plain ‘ol Hill and Bill.


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to protect thier best asset, themselves.

Sucker for Love By Kanarian Kindred With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it seems everyone is focusing on love. A huge amount of women wait in anticipation for wonderful gifts from their mate. As we prepare to celebrate this demonstration of love, don’t be a sucker. To put it bluntly, unplanned pregnancy and STD’s are very real, and if you feel this is the perfect time to partake in unprotected sex, think again. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there are approximately 19 million new STD infections each year—almost half of them among young people ages 15 to 24.3 The cost of STDs to the U.S. health care system is estimated to be as much as $15.9 billion annually.4 Because many cases of STDs go undiagnosed—and some common viral infections, such as human papillomavirus (HPV) and genital herpes, are not reported to CDC at all—the reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis represent only a fraction of the true burden of STDs in the United States. Untreated STDs can lead to serious long-term health consequences, especially for adolescent girls and young women. CDC estimates that undiagnosed and untreated STDs cause at least 24,000 women in the United States each year to become infertile.5 Source: Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Healthy People Therefore, it’s important to protect ourselves at all times, including February 14. The most effective protection is the male latex condom. Condom use is recommended every time you have anal, vaginal, or oral sex. For more


Secluded Romantic Getaways, Island Style or Comfy Cozy

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By Tekeisha Coy

Bahamas - Kamalame Cay This private island is just a 15-minute flight from Nassau and offers an isolated sanctuary. No distractions, just you and your loved one. Surrounded by crystal-clear water and shaded with rustling palms, the 96-acre island can be navigated in your personal golf cart or just loll on the private stretch of beach outside your villa. Rates Starting at $350


Mahe’, Seychelles Constance Epelia Resort Imagine natural paradise of lush tropical vegetation, pure white sand beaches, & brilliant turquoise seas. Strung along the fringes of the south beach, all 184 suites face the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Each comes with a generous sized, furnished terrace where you can hunker down and soak up the views. Rates start at $540


Napa Valley, California – Solage Calistoga Enjoy a number of couple’s treatments at Spa Solage and indulge in the ultimate relaxation together. Enjoy a couple’s massage or a glass of wine under the stars while you soak in the mineral waters of the bathhouse. Stop by the Michelin Star Rated SolBar restaurant for a romantic dinner and enjoy foods from curried potato and spinach samosa to pan-seared diver scallops escarole. Then, retreat to your private studio or suite for the evening and enjoy unique touches like an in-room Jacuzzi. Rates start at $350


Book your travel now; with Journey Creation,

Bradford, Pennsylvania - Glenborn Resort Experience a winter wonderland at this timeless resort on private miles of beautiful scenery. Book the Two Night Romance Package which is featured among Travel & Leisure’s 50 Romantic Getaways. The Lodge at Glendorn, offers soothing seclusion, remarkable cuisine, and unforgettable activities. This inclusive package for two includes accommodation for two nights in your choice of Main Lodge or Cabin Master Suite. Included wth this packag are chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne, a seasonal floral bouquet placed in your suite ahead of arrival, four-course dinner nightly, traditional Glendorn breakfast daily, lunch each afternoon (on arrival -or- departure and days in-between), one hour couple’s massage, one hour horseback riding for two, trap & skeet for two, access to all non-guided resort activities, amenities & equipment, and endless opportunities for exploring 1,450 acres!

Package Price -$1900.00 midweek | $2000.00 weekend including all taxes and gratuity. Nightly rates start at $445 -

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Being financially stable

Love conquers all right? This notion may bare more weight in the movies than it does in real life. With money problems arguably being the number one reason couples divorce, it is difficult to enter a marriage solely based on being in love with a person. Although we like to think we will remain in romantic bliss forever, when the going gets tough, it’s good to have a solid partner by your side to help you get through this marriage business. After a couple of months marriage becomes more about finances and life decisions than about flowers, kisses, and snuggling. Of course if you can have a great balance of both business and love you may be destined to stick it out for the long haul, but many won’t survive the ride with all love and no business sense.

Is Marriage all business?

In Today’s World, Do People Get Married for Love or Business? By Consha Griffin

Books like The Millionaire Mind and The Frugal Millionaires argue that millionaires choose their mates not solely based on looks, but upon financial compatibility. The book The Millionaire Next Door states that affluent couples have a divorce rate of less than half the normal divorce rate. Bill Gates’ wife Melinda makes a very sobering statement about her engagement when she says, “After a number of years of dating, we decided we were good partners, and on a very special trip to California he proposed to me.”( Not very romantic to say the least, but they have been successfully married for over 17 years. These millionaires may think outside of the love box when choosing a mate because they have a lot more assets to lose than the average person if a divorce pursued, but even for the typical couple it may be worth taking a chapter out of the Millionaire’s book to increase your chances of staying together.

HUSTLEPRENEUR Marriage Contacts Marriage can be a beautiful thing, but can turn ugly when it goes south. As legal partners in life you can benefit from the fruits of your spouse’s labors or be dragged down by your spouse’s bad debts and poor decisions.


All work and no play

Contrary to popular belief prenuptial agreements are not just for the wealthy, they are for anyone who wants to avoid a long process of determining who gets what in front of a judge during a divorce. Beyond avoiding the arguments, prenups can be used to protect you from your spouse’s debt or pass on assets to your children instead of your spouse in your passing. If needed, you can include other types of financial protection like $500K for Jessica Biel if Mr. Timberlake decides to get his sexy back with another woman or season basketball tickets for the whole Kardashian family if Khloe and Lamar ever untie the knot.

As a newlywed myself, I understand how love can take the lead in your relationship; however as a finance professional I also know how to think logically with my brain and not just with my heart. Marrying someone for their sensibility, financial responsibility, good credit and high income penitential may not sound like a fairy tale beginning, but finding a compatible mate to handle your marriage business with, may allow you the opportunity to live your happily ever after ending.

Domestic Partnership Agreements If you are in a gay relationship and can’t legally get married in your state or just don’t want to undertake the formal oath of marriage, you can become domestic partners with your mate, which similar to a prenuptial agreement, outlines the entitlements in your relationship should things go wrong. These agreements are worth having to protect your finances and even to protect your mate by allowing you to outline if you would like your assets to go to them when you die.


Cupids Closet

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to dress for the occasion

By The Fashion Team

Look sweeter than a box of chocolates in these candy colored dresses!

From Top Left to Bottom Right: • $350.00 MICHELLE MASON Charlotte Dress, with Leather Panel Sleeves, • $829.00 Thakoon Mini Crepe Dress, • $16.00 Red Slash Neck Bodycon Dress, • $24 - ModCloth Front Row Femme Peplum Dress, • $275.00 MICHAEL Michael Kors Jersey Wrap Dress, • $2,690 .00 Herve Leger Bridget Bandage Dress, • $390.00 Dsquared2 Off-Shoulder Dress, • $538.00 Milly Liv Wool Dress with Patent Belt, • $900.00 Lanvin Silk Long Sleeve Large Shoulder Dress, • $580.00 Vera Wang Lavender Open Back Dress, • $135.00 Coast Arples Floral Embellished Dress, • $330.00 Cynthia Rowley Crepe De Chine Dress, • $1,673.00 Victoria Beckham Color Block Shift Dress


From Top Left to Bottom Right: • $1,015.00 Preen Ted Draped Stretch-Crepe Dress, • $691.00 Bottega Veneta Color-Block Dress, • $32.00 , AX paris Mesh Detail Peplum Dress, • $240.00 Alexon Lace Pink Dress, • $44.00 Walls Fashion Red Long Sleeve Shutter Dress, • $74.00 Topshop Chiffon Cross Bust Maxi Dress by Love, • $520 .00 Diane von Furstenberg Beyatta Coral Dress, • $270.00 Preen Line Antigua Stretch-Cotton Dress, • $402.00 Michael Kors Pink Cowl Neck Dress, • $1,440.00 Dolce & Gabbana Lace Long Sleeve Dress, • $980.00 Mason By Michelle Mason Cut Out Back Dress, • $96.00 Splendid Washed-Crepe Shirt Dress, • $565.00 Diane von Furstenberg Mariah Sequined Silk-Chiffon Dress


And of course, V-day sweets come in all shapes and sizes! Here are some yummy frocks for our curvy cuties.

Counterclockwise: Plus Size Ralph Lauren Sheath Dress $150.00 • Darling Dame A-Line Dress $34.00 • Manon Baptiste Peplum Dress with a Bow $205.00 • Manon Baptiste Peplum Dress $218.00 • Crimson Craving Sleeveless Dress $38.00


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him/Her By April Ricchuito

Whether you’re a Hallmark hating girl who’s buying gifts for her other single friends or a guy who’s clueless on what to gift your girl, EGL’s V-Day Gift Guide will make sure you don’t spend the night depressed in the dog house. And if you’re treating yourself........ More power to you, woman!

every girl loves

To look their best



A MAC gift card & makeover. Gift cards sometimes suck as a present, but any lady in your life will love a MAC Cosmetics gift card. Make it for $75 or more and she can get a full makeover from one of MAC’s professional makeup artists, plus $75 worth of products. Check your local counters for appointment availability and exact amounts.

A spa day. Gift your girl a spa day, where she can opt for a variety of services like a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, or other type of treatment. Most spas have awesome package deals available that include a few treatments, so get her out of your hair for a while and send her to the spa. Remember, fellas: Happy wife, happy life.

Do not disturb. Get your girl in a “knotty” mood with this gift set from Lush, which includes all organic and handmade items, including a fizzy sex bomb for the bath and an (edible) honey and cocoa massage bar. $29,

Miss Dior gift set. Dior’s “Miss Dior” gift set includes the perfume and a bag that can double as a stylish clutch. She’s sure to love it! $86 ,

Get Naked. Urban Decay’s Naked eye shadow palette is a cult fave that any lady will absolutely love—and the nude shadows are on trend for 2013’s beauty looks! $50,

FOR HIM A couple’s spa day. Dudes just don’t do spas on their own, no matter how much they long for a good rub down. You gifting him this means he’s in the clear—he has a “reason” to be there that doesn’t call his manhood or masculinity into question, plus you get some pampering too. It’s a win-win situation.

Bluetooth shower speakers. Men and women really aren’t that different. Whether it’s after a long day at work, a killer gym session, or getting pumped up to conquer the day, guys like to relax and decompress in the shower too. Help your man make the most of his mornings and relish those moments he spends shaving, showering, and getting all good looking (and smelling!) for you with this Bluetooth shower speaker. He can hook it up to his iPhone, iPod, iPad or other smartphone device and rock out. Bonus: Since it’s waterproof, you can totally take it poolside and beachside when the warm weather arrives. Summer lovin’ soundtrack,

Beauty A deluxe shaving set Shaving is serious business for men. They don’t want to feel or look like a stunt double for Teen Wolf, so honor your guy’s good intentions and help the man out a little with a deluxe shave set from Lab Series, which specializes in skincare for men. It includes a face scrub, shaving cream, after shave, and a moisturizing girl…all manly and non-girly stuff, of course. $55,

A stubble trimmer. Who knew there was a science to maintaining (or getting rid of) “the scruff?!” Get your guy a stubble trimmer to keep him well groomed between visits to his barber. Now there’s no more “I can’t go out like this; I need to shave!” excuse; that’s one more excuse you’ve eliminated when it comes time for him to accompany you to a Twilight movie or whatever other outing you’ve got to persuade him to attend. $99,

Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb. While cologne is such a super cliché gift, Spicebomb is anything but. Victor & Rolf, creators of the wildly popular Flowerbomb perfume have a manly version that promises to exude an explosion of masculinity…aka; your man will smell like the man. And? The bottle looks like a grenade. That’s kind of cool, even for the tough guys. $75,

every girl loves


to know the facts

He gives you everything but you wish he left out the bruises. You’re afraid to tell anyone because you love him and he used to be so sweet. Think of your current relationship as a tropical island. It’s supposed to be a wonderful place with a good feeling however; if the weather is always terrible then you can’t stay there. Every couple has their own formula. We bring our personalities, emotions, and energy to the table. Abuse (whether physical or verbal), should never be a part of the equation. How it starts - Removing you from your support system -closest friends and relativesThe typical abuser often fears that friends and family may influence you or distract you, therefore he doesn’t want you spending time with anyone except him.

Recognizing the Signs of an Abusive Relationship By Latoya Hoyte

Its 3 A.M. and he’s up waiting for you. A night out with your friends made him very upset and he punched you... again.

Verbal abuse - If the man you love publicly embarrasses you, picks fights, puts you down, yells, screams or insults you on a regular basis then he is verbally abusing you. Escalation - You fight, argue, and he just won’t back down. He threatens to hurt you or becomes aggressive and breaks your cellphone or attempts to damage your surroundings (such as punching a whole in the wall) to intimidate you. The calm after the storm- The abuser apologizes for his behavior. There may be a gift or peace offering attached. They often give a false hope with a promise to “never do it again” or make intentions to seek help. The reality is, very few have any genuine intentions of getting help. This can stem from

fear of legal consequences, being found out by close friends & family, or honestly thinking a problem doesn’t exist. Isolation- You’re smiling on the outside and crying on the inside. You don’t want him to leave; you just want him to stop hitting you. It’s been weeks or even months since you’ve seen your friends. They’re calling and you’re not picking up. The stress of a toxic relationship can bring anxiety, severe depression and even raise your blood pressure among other health issues. The wounds of physical abuse travel much deeper than the bruises you see. Constant abuse (of any kind) impairs your ability to make even the smallest decision. Fear- You’re sleeping with one eye open. You don’t know what’s coming next. If he has a bad day at work then you will have a bad night at home. Everything you say or do brings anger. He is a bomb waiting to go off. This is no way for anyone to live and you know it. You’re afraid because he says he owns you. He wants you to live in fear. He wants to control you. He doesn’t want you to leave him. You deserve better - Get out! Tell someone. Call the police if you have to. You should never be afraid to walk away from anyone who hurts you. If he puts his hands on you for any reason, he’s wrong. His bad days and disappointments are no excuse to hurt you. You are not his punching bag. No one has the right to abuse you mentally, physically or sexually. You have the right to be respected, cherished and treated with kindness.


Forbidden Love: Not As Fictional As You Think By Victoria Ford

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to be worldly

We’ve heard and even dreamed about it: starcrossed love. And for many since adolescence the fate of Romeo and Juliet is one that has been ingrained in their hearts and minds. But unbeknownst to many, this fictional forbidden love story is hauntingly similar to some people’s own lives, especially in present-day India.

According the CNN, “…honor killings have surged in India over the past few years, with victims defying traditional Hindu customs. Many of the deaths have been those choosing to marry outside their caste. At least five couples were killed in 2010. But that figure doesn’t begin to show what human rights experts say are likely hundreds of reprisals.”

Unlike in the United States, where social class is the dominant indicator of a citizen’s social status, India abides by an additional division of labor, known as the caste system. The categorization within the Hindu system is as follows: Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaisyas, Shudras and Untouchables. But according to some cites, these categories can be broken down into 3000 subcastes, and these can in turn be composed of 90,000 local sub-groups. And one key feature of this division is that these categories establish who can marry who within a specific sub-group.

It’s difficult for one not to ask the question, “Is there any hope for these couples?” In some respects, there is. CNN detailed in an article this past October that in 2010 India’s Love Commandos was formed by a group of former lawyers and activists who made it their mission to help doomed lovers. The group provides shelter, food, and protection for run away couples with have disapproving families. As of late, the group has been able to provide 24-hour help lines, legal assistance, and even marital ceremonies with the assistance of 11,000 volunteers.

Obviously this poses a problem (sometimes even deadly) for Indians who fall in love with someone from a different caste system—but what exactly happens to these couples?

The Love Commandos founder Sanjoy Sachdev has asked a troubling question that might easily echo in our own heads: “How can society object to love relationships?” As he’s been quoted, it seems that “India has become the country of killers of love.” Is volunteering enough to get the attention of the Indian government in order to save innocent lives? What else can we do about this?

It often depends. For many families, it is shameful for a son or daughter to marry someone within a different caste system (especially a lower one). Most parents, then, arrange marriages for their children. But when children refuse arranged marriages, many families will disown their children—cutting off all communication and forbidding them from returning home. In other cases, however, it is not safe for these affairs to occur. Parents will often go so far as to hire someone to perform an honor killing: murdering the couple in order to “salvage” the respectability of the family name and household.

Firstly, get informed and stay informed. What has been happening in the past still continues. Even on this Valentine’s Day as we hold our loved ones close, others are holding theirs closer in order to fight for a love that we enjoy freely. Do not let this be another story. Any attack on a basic human right somewhere, is an attack on a right here and wherever you are. This year, take time cherish the love you have and remember the love people are fighting for as well.


Is he the one… financially? By Crystal Jordan

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Being financially stable

Your list may be similar to that of the following: • Handsome: a • Fly Whip (Car): a • Job/ Career: a • No Kids/ No Baby Mama: a • Money in the Bank: a You could have all of the above, but being financially stable should be at the top of your list when beginning a new relationship. It is possible that a new relationship could lead to a lifetime commitment. For this reason, it is important for you to ask some financial questions before you begin a new relationship to ensure that you and your partner will be on the same page. Here is a short list of questions that you can slide in throughout your casual conversations with your potential mate! Do you believe discussing money is important in a relationship? This question should be the first financial question you ask your potential mate. Based on their response, you can determine whether the following questions are necessary. This question also helps ease into the money conversation and makes discussing the other topics less painful. When asking this question, try to listen as much as possible to understand their financial mentality. I hope that you received a “yes” to this question and can continue to the next!

Finances are arguably the most important issue regarding relationships. So, why do we not spend more time in our pre-relationship conversation discussing finances? Why are finances not at the top of our wish list? When you are single, you probably have a long wish list for your potential mate.

What is your financial history? When you ask this question, he or she may ask you to elaborate and explain. In that case, you can ask a series of piggyback questions in relation to this one. For example, “how did you learn about money management?” or “how was your financial situation growing up?” Asking these questions will give you an idea of their financial history and help you understand how and why he or she manages their finances!

How do you manage your finances? This question is very important to ask your potential mate! Based on his or her answer, your can determine whether he or she values financial planning. The answer to this question will allow you to gauge the financial direction of this potential relationship. In addition, such answer will enable you to determine if you will be sole breadwinner in this relationship. Remember to listen carefully to this response, as it will alert you of their financial maturity. It is just up to you to pay attention! When was the last time you checked your credit score? I recently read an article about a young woman whose date inquired about her credit score. Her date stated that a bad credit score was a deal breaker for him! It is up to you to decide whether you want this to be one of your deal breakers, but I suggest you focus more his or her plans than his or her past. Instead of asking him or her for their credit score, ask, “When was the last time you check your credit score?” and hold a conversation based on the response. Do you have a clear idea of your financial obligations and goals? If you do not ask your potential mate any of the previous questions you should definitely take the time to ask this question. This is by far the most important question for you to ask him or her, because it will give you an idea of your financial future together. If he or she responds to this question with a financial blueprint of his or her future goals, you may have yourself someone worth keeping!

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