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Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin’ ... Get Moving! By: Kanarian Kindred

Let’s face facts. It’s easy to blame those extra pounds on genetics, and use it as an excuse to remain overweight. I think we’ve all heard others use the following clichés at some point in our lives: I’m not fat just big boned, big girls run in our family, or I’m happy in my own skin and love being an overweight woman. But “it ain’t no future in your frontin’!” In other words, if you could magically wake up tomorrow in a slimmer body, would you really walk away from it? Doubt it.

Therefore, it’s time to get moving… literally. With that being said, use this summer as the starting point of a healthy diet and exercise program. Here are a few tips to get you motivated! The first step is being honest with yourself. In other words, how did you get to this point? Are you willing to put in the work needed to slim down? Can you commit to a healthy weight loss regimen? Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, the next step is to assess your level of body movement. If walking around the block almost causes you to black out, jogging once a day will not be the right fit for you. Instead, focus on an exercise regimen that works, as well as peaks your interest.