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every girl loves m to Cuddle in the Fall For the singles:

For the lovers:

This time of the year has been nicknamed “cuffing season” because everyone wants someone to cuddle with as the holiday season approaches. If you’re not careful, you may fall victim to this temporary romance, only to be dropped the moment those short skirts come out again. Here’s a few tips to maintain your “wifey material” status and avoid being his fall fling:

How sexually compatible are you and your partner? Things may be all good during the warmer months but if your sex life fizzles in the fall, you may need to heat things up a bit. Here are some tips to keep it hot during this time of year:

1) Take his words at face value and don’t try to read between the lines. As women, we often hear what we want to hear rather than what’s actually being said. For example, if a man says he is not ready for a relationship, then that is exactly what he means. Don’t waste your time trying to change him. 2) Pay attention to details. If he always wants to see you at night or only behind closed doors, chances are you are just a fling to him. Take your dates outside the bedroom and see how he responds. If he makes excuses or frequently cancels on you, he’s probably only interested in being Mr. Right Now.

Autumn Romance For Singles and Lovers By Chanelle Woods

It always seems as though the summer flies by so fast! The days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down quite a bit. What’s better than a warm body to heat you up at night? EGL has some tips on how to get the man you want or keep the man you’ve got.

3) Don’t fall into the casual sex hype of cuffing season. It may have been a while since you got that itch scratched but a few nights of fun aren’t likely to lead to a healthy, long-term relationship. Position yourself to be a wife if that is your ultimate goal. You can start by challenging yourself to keep the cookies to yourself until you find someone worthy.

1) Spice up those “feel-good movie” date nights by taking advantage of one of fashion’s most anticipated seasons. Don’t put away all your dresses and skirts; instead, pair them with some lace tights or sexy boots to make the evening more sultry. That trendy pea coat could also be worn as a “welcome home” gift for your man. Things are sure to heat up once he finds out you’re wearing nothing underneath. 2) Live a little! Rather than saying no to that daring sexual adventure he keeps asking for, say yes! Take it to the private balcony on a warmer evening or disappear for a quickie at a friend’s party. Compatibility may fade over time as each partner’s needs change, so make sure you are willing to compromise. Your man will be so surprised you said yes that he’ll be even more turned on! 3) Sometimes you have to motivate your man to get on the same page as you. Highlight his favorite features on you by investing in some new lingerie. Serve dinner in something silk and sexy or just walk around the house in a racy outfit and some fly heels. He’ll forget all about that hard day at work and want to put in some work with you!

Love always seems to be in the air around this time of the year. Regardless of what your situation may be, a genuine bond will sustain more than just a few cold months.

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