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"He is leaving a LEGACY that will live on forever.."

need in order to be up to par and then give the company a number. Mike, at the time, was overwhelmed by the generosity and told him $5000. Jon Awde told Mike to put together a real list and come back with hard numbers and Gold Standard Ventures would take it to the Board of Directors and see what they could do. Mike came back to Elko and sat down with Julie Zeiler the Ruby Mountain Little League President and her husband Chris Zeiler. They worked together and put everything that they could think of on paper. From scoreboards, to bleachers, to updating the fields, and equipment. When all was said and done the total for the project what $72,000. They all sat in JJ’s barbeque in disbelief at the number they had come up with. They were certain there was no way that they would ever receive close to the (in their minds) ridiculous number that they had come up with. Mike hopped back on a plane and went to speak with Jon and the board. He waited while they deliberated. He says he will never forget Jon coming out and telling him, “They gave you the full seventy-two.” He just couldn’t believe it. The company had given the little league all of the money that they needed to update the fields. He remembers calling Julie and her saying, “Mike, are you serious? I’m going to cry.” He says he is lucky enough to work for a company with the vision to see the project and the potential for the youth in it.

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Everything Elko May 2017  
Everything Elko May 2017