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Mike Harp


The crack of a bat, smell of fresh cut grass, feel of well-worn oiled leather against your fist as you rub the inside of your mitt. Images of childhood spent at the ballpark. Mike Harp, our Good Neighbor for May, set out to carry on the tradition of children being able to spend their time playing baseball or softball. He had no idea how big of a job he had gotten himself into, or really what exactly it was he was tackling at the time, though. What Mike knew is that he saw a need in his community that he had grown to love and he had an opportunity to fill it. Mike Harp is from a large Irish family in Ohio. He moved to Elko with his wife Taryn and their two children, Ayden who is twelve and Delaney who is eight, five years ago. Mike came to Elko to work as a staff Exploration Geologist for the Canadian based company Gold Standard Ventures. He and his wife left all of their family back home in Ohio. Taryn left her established career where in Mike’s words she was, “Thriving, and doing great. She stood next to me and I only am where I am because of her.” They took the time to create relationships with new friends in the community and those friendships are so close knit that they consider them family. They turned to the baseball and little league community to start establishing these relationships. Mike had


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never coached before he moved to Elko, but he came from a baseball family. His dad had been a coach and he played baseball his entire life. It seemed like a natural fit. When Mike became part of Ruby Mountain Little League the fields had suffered years of mis-management and neglect. The kids had been playing with equipment and on fields that were in constant need of repair. They were not up to tournament standards in order to have a major tournament held at them and there was never enough money to really have them brought up to any sustainable condition. Over the last five year span while coaching Mike has simultaneously been traveling to Vancouver Canada for work. He meets with his CEO Jon Awde regularly and he would always brag about how great his baseball team was doing. He would also talk about how much more he wished he could do for the kids. Gold Standard Ventures has been a regular contributor over the years. They have contributed to the Ruby Mountain Little League All Star team in the past. They have also donated uniforms for teams, and given other monetary donations. During one of their discussions Jon asked Mike to put together a list of exactly what the league would

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