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• I was told it was “all in my head.” Now what? The pain you feel is real. And psychological sources of pain are common. However, this “diagnosis” is often the last resort of health practitioners who have exhausted their possible explanations of the cause of your problem. In these cases, we’ve often found that undetected subluxations or abnormal position of the neck are likely culprits. • How many visits will it take? Some practice members enjoy quick symptom relief. Others notice a slow decline in their symptoms after several weeks or longer of chiropractic care. It’s impossible to predict. If you’ve had chronic headaches for many years, improvement can take time. Even more involved if your problem behind your pain has been there a long time.

• What if chiropractic care doesn’t help? If we’re unable to find and attempt to correct the cause of your particular health problem, we will refer to other experts who may be able to help. Your health and your satisfaction are our only goal. • How come my medical doctor didn’t suggest chiropractic? That’s changing. Years of prejudice and bias are giving way to research showing the benefits of problem focused chiropractic care. Attitudes are slow to change. However, as the public demands alternatives to drugs and surgery, more and more medical practitioners are referring to chiropractors.

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At Northeastern Nevada Radiation Oncology Center, we believe that patients should focus their energy on healing. That’s why we do everything we can to reduce their financial burden. Our patients only pay the in-network price, even if we are not participating in their insurance network. In fact, since we opened our center in June 2015, on average our patients have only paid $266 out of pocket for an entire course of radiation treatment. We are committed to helping patients navigate the financial aspects of care – because money should never be a barrier to receiving exceptional cancer treatment.

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Everything Elko May 2017