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TEAM USA HAS FINALLY DONE IT! They’ve won the World Baseball Classic (WBC). In the game that is known as America’s pastime, it’s only seen foreign nations win the tournament previously. Japan won the first two tournaments

back in 2006 and 2009 and the Dominican Republic won in 2013. Before now, Team USA’s best finish was their third place finish in 2009.


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The WBC is an international tournament that showcases nations best talent on the baseball diamond. 32 nations attempted to qualify for the tournament but the tournament only hosts the best 16 teams. The 16 teams that qualified are as followed: Australia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, United States, and Venezuela. On March 22, Team USA blew out the Puerto Rican national team eight-to-zero in the championship game.

Starting pitcher Marcus Stroman of the Toronto Blue Jays, took the spotlight as he threw a no-hitter through six innings only giving up one hit to Angel Pagan to start the seventh inning. Pagan is currently a free agent in the MLB. The pressure of the championship game was on Stroman’s side. When he previously faced Puerto Rico on March 17, Stroman only pitched 4.2 innings giving up eight hits and four runs, where all four runs came in the first inning. Thankfully for Team USA, the bigger the stage the bigger the performance we can expect from Stroman as he was granted tournament MVP following the game. W W W. E V E R Y T H I N G E L K O . C O M

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