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Dresses for 5 Pounds Fancy buying a dress for just five pounds? You read correctly, dresses for 5 pounds, now that is a bargain!

At each item is just five pounds. ÂŁ5 for a dress, ÂŁ5 for a coat and so on for each ladies item. We are not trying to sell you bargain clothes, discounted clothing etc. Our online shop serves up a wonderful selection of ladies clothing at a great price per item. Our online shop eliminates so many problems that ladies face when seeking out cheap clothing.

A problem such as continuously reaching for the price tags. How often do you walk into a clothing shop and find yourself reaching for the price tag, only to move onto other items? We may be in tough economic times, but expensive clothing is still to be found, often with cheap clothing consigned to the 'bargain' bins or 'discount' racks.

Cheap ladies clothing for just five pounds per item! So whilst we do say grab yourself a bargain, the fact is all our clothes are bargains, each day! So when you are browsing though our online shop you can forget having to bare in mind pricing, as each item is an incredible five pounds! We feel this makes the shopping experience more relaxed. What do you think? We hope you agree.

Another relaxing aspect of using our online shop is the shopping times. No need to rush to our online shop during a lunch hour or at a weekend. Just visit us when you have a free moment. So that could happen to be a lunch hour or a weekend, but also any other time that is convenient for you.

Plus as it is an online experience, your clothes are delivered to you and not the other way round! Our online shop is ready and waiting for your visit. With new additions of cheap ladies clothes arriving at our online store regularly - having the ability to easily pop online, means hopefully you don't miss out on a dress, top, cardigan that you would like.

Running an online shop means we don't have to worry about the amount of items we put on display for you to view. You want shoes? We stock them. Perhaps you want a ladies watch? No problem they are currently available.

Plus even though we have a fantastic range of items, there are all easily accessible via your keyboard and mouse, rather than you either having to visit many different high street shops, else finding yourself walking from one end of a large store to the other, just to see if they have what you want. So yes our clothes, including women's dresses are just five pounds each, but the reality is using is more than just our great pricing.

For your cheap ladies clothing, visit

Dresses for 5 Pounds