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Anything 5 Pounds We are not Anything 5 Pounds, but Everything 5 Pounds, which is a cheap ladies online shopping website, where items are just five pounds each. So if you live in the UK and want to find a bargain, you should stop by our website.

In the United Kingdom clothing can often be expensive, not forgetting trying to find the time to actually go shopping, and putting up with the hassle of visiting the shops. It can be especially frustrating if you need items, that are only available at locations far apart, whereas we hope you find the cheap ladies clothing you want in our web store.

It shouldn't be overlooked that in the UK, at the time of writing it is 2012 and it is very tough economically. For years the country has been suffering economically and being able to save money, is welcomed by many across the UK. So visiting our women's clothing store, means cheap clothing is available for just ÂŁ5 per item, which hopefully means you can stretch your money further.

However buying cheap ladies clothes from Everything 5 Pounds, isn't just about buying bargain priced female clothing! Our clothing looks fantastic! So if you want cheap fashion, then please also take a look at our range of clothes, not just because of the incredibly cheap price, but also because of our cheap stylish clothing available for just five pounds per item.

So even though we are called 'Everything 5 Pounds', the word 'anything' is almost right, as anything in our clothes store is just ÂŁ5 per item. Though we are not limited to just ÂŁ5 ladies clothing, but also sell other related items, which means for many they can kit themselves out with a new outfit including cheap shoes, handbag and jewellery for five pounds per item. Now that is a bargain!

Whether you are looking for cheap party clothes, cheap formal dresses or a wide range of other items, you should take a moment to see what we have to offer. Plus please don't forget to bookmark our website, and to return often to see our latest offerings. We regularly update our website with new arrivals, so you will discover new bargain priced clothes if you visit regularly.

We've used the words 'bargain' and 'cheap' in this article, but many people might actually be hunting for discount or reduced priced women's clothing in shops. You will soon discover that all items in our store are just five pounds each, so no need to hunt for discount clothing racks or reduced bargain bins, and instead you will find a wide range of cheap clothes at a great price per item. Anything 5 Pounds? Please visit Everything 5 Pounds!

Anything 5 Pounds