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June Issue 2014


We offer A levels, Apprenticeships, Vocational courses, traineeships, degrees, courses for the unemployed and work-related courses.

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Wednesday June 18th,, 4-8pm p Knightstone Campus, Weston-super-Mare, n-super-M r are r-M r , BS23 2AL re

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Highly favoured location. Certain to attract lots of early interest is this three bedroomed bungalow located in this cul de sac position within level distance to the local shops and transport connections. Offered with no onward chain and comprising entrance porch and sizeable hallway, living room with fireplace, fitted kitchen/dining room, utility, three bedrooms, shower/wet room and lean to. There is also gas central heating, double glazing, attached garage, parking for two cars and well tended gardens to the front and rear.

High Street, Nailsea




01275 390239


An immaculately presented and extended 4/5 Bedroom house located in a popular cul de sac towards the west end of Nailsea. On the market for the first time since it was built in 1984, the UPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated property offers versatile accommodation perfect for the growing family. The layout comprises: Entrance Porch, Entrance Hall, Cloakroom, Lounge, 2nd Sitting Room, Kitchen, Utility Room, Dining room and Bedroom 5/Study. Upstairs are 4 Bedrooms ( the master with En Suite) and Family Bathroom. Very well cared for gardens to the front and rear along with a garage and driveway parking.

01275 853222 – Sales 01275 859933 – Lettings



01275 849 981

Car, Van & 4x4 tyres 225 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 255 255 255 255 215 215 215 215 215 215 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225

35 19 Y 60 16 H 60 16 W 55 17 H 55 17 W 50 17 Y 45 17 Y 40 17 Y 50 18 Y 45 18 Y 40 18 Y 35 19 Y 50 16 W 45 17 Y 40 17 Y 45 18 W 45 18 Y 40 18 Y 40 18 Y 35 18 Y 45 19 Y 40 19 Y 35 19 (Y) 40 20 Y 45 17 W 40 17 W 40 17 Y 45 18 Y 40 17 Y 55 18 H 45 18 Y 40 18 Y 35 18 Y 35 19 Y 70 16 H 60 16 V 60 16 W 55 16 W 55 16 W 50 16 V 50 16 W 55 17 W 50 17 V 50 17 W 50 17 Y 45 17 W 45 17 W 45 17 Y 35 17 Y 45 18 V 45 18 Y 40 18 W 40 18 W 40 18 Y 35 18 Y 40 19 Y

KU39 KH17 KH31 KH17 KU31 KU39 KU39 KU39 KU39 KU39 KU39 KU39 KU31 KU39 KU39 KU19 KU39 KU31 KU39 KU39 KU39 KU39 KU39 KU39 KU31 KU31 KU39 KU39 KU39 KH11 KU31 KU39 KU39 KU39 KH17 KH17 KH31 KH31 KU31 KU31 KU31 KU31 KH17 KU31 KU39 KU31 KH31 KU39 KU39 KH17 KU39 KU37 KU31 KU39 KU39 KU39

£89.50 £63.95 £69.95 £75.95 £89.95 £81.95 £68.50 £72.50 £88.95 £96.50 £89.95 £94.50 £84.50 £74.45 £74.95 £104.50 £99.95 £132.00 £91.50 £102.50 £119.95 £109.95 £96.95 £118.80 £85.79 £103.50 £81.23 £104.95 £59.95 £88.95 £84.95 £75.90 £76.95 £86.52 £59.95 £63.50 £66.95 £69.00 £69.95 £60.50 £62.95 £79.95 £76.17 £109.95 £78.95 £92.95 £57.50 £60.95 £70.57 £85.79 £80.25 £58.25 £105.50 £69.75 £84.50 £109.95

145 80 13 T 145 65 15 155 80 13 T 155 70 13 T 155 65 13 H 155 65 14 T 155 65 14 T 155 60 15 T 165 80 13 T 165 70 13 T 165 70 13 T 165 65 13 T 165 70 14 T 165 70 14 T 165 65 14 T 165 65 14 T 165 60 14 T 165 60 14 H 165 65 15 H 175 70 13 T 175 65 13 T 175 60 13 H 175 80 14 T 175 70 14 T 175 70 14 T 185 60 15 H 185 60 15 H 185 60 15 H 175 70 14 T 175 70 14 H 175 65 14 T 175 65 14 T 175 65 14 H 175 60 14 T 175 60 14 H 175 65 15 T 175 65 15 H 175 65 15 H 175 60 15 H 175 55 15 T 175 50 15 H 185 70 13 T 185 60 13 H 185 70 14 H 185 65 14 T 185 65 14 T 185 65 14 H 185 65 14 H 185 60 14 T 185 60 14 H 185 60 14 H 185 55 14 H 185 65 15 T 185 65 15 T 185 65 15 H 185 65 15 H

KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH27 KH11 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH27 KH17 KH27 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH27 KH17 KH31 KH27 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH27 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH27 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH27 KH17 KH27 KH27 KH17 KH27 KH31 KH17 KH27 KH17 KH27

£27.95 £38.95 £33.50 £28.25 £31.25 £31.95 £32.96 £43.95 £34.95 £34.95 £30.95 £31.50 £32.95 £34.10 £32.95 £34.67 £36.50 £37.95 £39.95 £33.50 £33.95 £34.95 £36.25 £35.25 £37.06 £43.75 £44.95 £48.10 £39.95 £37.95 £33.50 £34.67 £35.50 £36.95 £36.95 £38.50 £38.95 £40.84 £42.75 £41.75 £38.95 £36.14 £37.89 £39.95 £35.25 £36.45 £36.95 £38.29 £37.26 £34.95 £36.13 £39.95 £39.95 £41.86 £37.95 £39.36

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£42.50 £44.50 £48.95 £41.75 £40.50 £42.64 £39.00 £41.69 £40.75 £42.82 £40.95 £42.50 £42.95 £45.32 £44.95 £45.50 £36.95 £44.50 £50.95 £53.00 £73.95 £51.95 £47.50 £51.25 £49.79 £46.50 £46.95 £52.95 £107.50 £97.95 £112.00 £108.95 £112.95 £125.50 £112.11 £99.95 £111.26 £110.42 £109.25 £111.95 £115.50 £140.50 £119.95 £146.59 £122.08 £44.95 £46.95 £49.95 £48.95 £61.95 £53.50 £61.11 £55.95 £46.50 £48.95 £69.95

205 205 205 205 205 205 205 205 205 205 205 205 205 215 215 215 215

55 16 V 55 16 V 55 16 V 55 16 Y 50 16 V 50 16 W 45 16 V 45 16 Y 50 17 W 50 17 W 45 17 V 45 17 Y 40 17 Y 65 15 H 65 15 V 60 15 V 65 16 H

KH17 KU31 KH31 KU39 KH31 KU31 KH17 KU39 KU31 KH31 KU31 KU39 KU39 KH17 KH17 KH17 KH17

£45.50 £45.50 £45.50 £48.95 £52.75 £52.50 £50.50 £54.50 £93.50 £62.95 £85.95 £58.50 £49.50 £54.95 £56.95 £52.95 £58.50

* All prices include fitting, balancing and valves but are plus VAT for business and personal use

We wont be beaten on Price on any Tyres Only Authorised Kuhmo tyre dealer in Portishead and surrounding areas

Ryans TYRES Ryans Garage, Unit 8 Old Mill Road, Portishead, BS20 7BX (Just down from Pets at Home)

Open 7 Days a Week (Sunday Booking Required)

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Contact any of the sales team on 01275 849369 Advertising Sales: Jo Ford Tanya Archer Clair Gardner Marie Eastwood Stephanie Bennett

Editor’s Note


he sun has finally been shining and hopefully there will be more of the same in June. It means that it’s a great time to get outside and get active, so why not check out our Sport feature for ideas of the activities you can do in the area. It’s also Father’s Day this month so have a John Cant look at our Father’s day feature on gift ideas. Remember this is your magazine, bringing all of the news and events through your door each month, so if you have anything that the community should know about make sure you get in touch. Kind regards, John Cant, Editor

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01275 849369


nt s Get your raft race entries in for festival


ntries are now being taken for this year’s Raft Race, which will be taking place on Sunday, September 21 as part of the 10th Marlens Festival. The festival, which starts on Saturday, September 20, is organised by non-profit



making organisation Marlens, the local community group devoted to the restoration and renovation of Clevedon’s seafront. Visitors of all ages can take part in activities over the weekend, like scuba diving, raft races, zorbing, sailing and canoeing, as well as enjoying entertainment and stalls on Salthouse Fields. It will be a bigger festival than last year too as Marlens are joining forces with The Curzon and the Community Bookshop to add some cultural activities around the town. The raft race, which takes place on Marine Lake, is lots of fun and you can start building your raft today, making it as complicated or simple as you like. Setting up starts at 12.30pm for the races to begin at 1pm and there are trophies and cash prizes for the winners. The race is cheap to enter and fun for all. If you would like more information on how to enter, or how to get a stall or a pitch, email



165 Old Church Road, Clevedon, BS21 7UB

Seafoods Quality Fishmongers


Award winning family run Fishmongers, established in 1975

Our friendly staff are looking forward to seeing you.

Come and visit us every Tuesday and Saturday upstairs in Seeley’s Food Market, Hill Road, Clevedon We have a large selection of prime West Country fresh fish, fresh shellfish and smoked fish

Any enquiries tel 01278 785944 or 07739 586868

nt s

Clevedon radio presenter helps station win award

You can listen to the award winning entry at

sTed loc ru


ly al






Sunshine Hospital Radio volunteer and Clevedon resident Laura Tremelling, along with Marcus Tripp, helped the station scoop a silver award in the Best Speech Package category for a programme about the Weston Helicopter Museum. They put together the programme for the station, which runs in Weston General Hospital, and were delighted with the result. Laura, 28, said: “I am thrilled that Sunshine Radio took silver, especially 01275 858785 / 07557 475108 considering it was such a strong category. • Alloy Wheel Refurb • Dents “The award is testament to the FREE • Scratches • Chips ACCIDENT dedication of the team and our • Headlight Polishing ADVICE, commitment to providing top PLEASE • Accident Repair quality shows for the patients. It also CALL • Interior Repairs highlights the Helicopter Museum, FIRST which is such an asset to Weston.” • Paintless Dent Removal The National Hospital Radio Awards is • Plastic Welding (Cracked Bumpers) an annual celebration of the excellent • Mig Welding (Metal Welding) standards found in hospital radio stations across the country, and with more than 200 individual member stations the entries were subjected to a rigorous judging process by a national panel of industry experts and NHS staff. Pop in anytime for a FREE quote The award ceremony took place Unit 5 Southfield Trading Estate, Southfield rd, during a gala dinner which was held Nailsea, BS48 1JJ at the Marriott Hotel in Bristol. Opening hours: The judges commented on the entry Mon & Fri 8-5,Tues, Wed & Thurs 8-6, Sat 8-1


from Sunshine Hospital Radio saying: “We found this entry amusing, informative and entertaining. “We thought there was good interaction by all involved, bringing to life this most unusual of museums.”



radio presenter from Clevedon has helped a local hospital radio win another award at the prestigious National Hospital Radio Awards.



r 30 ye


Clevedon 7 Showroom

nt s Gold award for Avon and Somerset Police


von and Somerset Police has been awarded the Investors in People Gold award for going above and beyond in the way it develops, supports and motivates its team. They are the only Home Office force in the country to hold Gold status and this recognises the ongoing commitment to supporting, developing and empowering their people to deliver the best possible

service to the public. Investors in People is the UK’s leading accreditation for business improvement through people management, and provides a wealth of resources for businesses to innovate, improve and grow, with a focus on good people making great business. Gold accreditation is the highest award achievable and it required the force to meet 165 standards, including 39 core accreditation

CALL JEFF on 07435 332409

Visit our website at or email


standards, in a wide range of categories including Involvement and Empowerment, Learning and Development, Performance Measurement and Business Strategy. Strategic Director of HR Emma Zeeman said: “It is fantastic to get such a prestigious recognition of our on-going commitment in supporting, developing and 10% Off empowering our with 4 people to deliver the or more windows best possible service to the public.”

nt s

Armed Forces Day


n Armed Forces Day is taking place in Clevedon on Sunday, June 29 courtesy of the Clevedon branch of the Royal British Legion. It will start around 2.15pm at the Salthouse Fields, Clevedon, when the Avon Glen Pipes and Drums Band will lead the parade, culminating in a Drumhead Service at the Bandstand on Clevedon seafront. Captain Michael Eden of the Salvation Army will conduct the service with music provided by the Salvation Army Band. A special call is being made from the Clevedon branch to all veterans and serving H M Forces personnel who will be welcome to join them. This is an important

event when a community can come together and all families can share in sending a strong message of support to the British nation’s heroes who journey many miles into unknown dangers with the hope of securing peace. For more information on the event, telephone 01275 879816.

Beautiful, handcrafted Polymer Clay Creations by Local, Clevedon Artist… Personalised keepsakes and Figurines made to order. For full details please look at our Website Or telephone 07456481712

Our latest range of contemporary styled furniture with a rustic edge

This eye-catching and practical range is made from recycled & sustainably sourced timbers. Finished with a specially mixed paint with visual brush marks to enhance the character of each individual item.

Casual yet classy with casual prices from only £99

*Images shown are for illustration purposes


nt s

Lions, Toddlers and Toddles


levedon Lions Club recently held a Tot’s Toddle around the Salthouse Fields, Clevedon, a sponsored walk for pre-school children with all proceeds going to their various nurseries. For all who attended it proved to be a very enjoyable morning with sun and exercise alongside several Lion mascots. The children received small gifts on completion. The Lions Club would like to thank all who helped, especially the mascots. Club President Sue Miller says they hope this will become an annual event. If you would like more information on the Lions Club, telephone Sue on 01275 878983.

Tel: 01275 879420 10

Commuter coach service gets the thumbs up from Portishead residents Five months after the launch of North Somerset Council’s new commuter coach service the big yellow Kings Ferry commuter coaches are now a familiar sight in Portishead. Based on success of similar services operating in the South East between Kent and London, The Kings Ferry (part of National Express plc) deliver a quality commuter coach service between key residential areas in North Somerset and the large employment areas in North Bristol. 4 commuter coach services currently operate daily between Portishead and North Bristol (C5 – C8). Giving those living in Portishead who work at the businesses based in Aztec West; Rolls Royce; SGS College; Airbus; BAE; Friends Life and MOD an ideal way of travelling to and from work during rush hour periods

- without the headache of having to drive themselves! There is even an early service on a Friday departing North Bristol at 1310 for those looking to start their weekend early! With 6 stops in Portishead (new stops in Weatherley Drive and Down Rd shortly!) local residents can be confident that they are only ever a short walk away from a convenient bus stop. The free on board wifi has been very popular with many passengers wanting to access social media or stay in contact with friends! Other facilities on board include climate control, reclining seats and an onboard toilet. There is also space in the hold for bikes although passengers should be aware that space is limited. To make boarding as quick as possible cash free smart ticketing is available. A wide variety of ticket options are available for purchase online ensuring that every passenger can choose a ticket option to suit them. Results from a recent survey showed that 95% of passengers felt that the commuter coach service provides great value for money. Passengers were also quick to

Make drive time...... your time

Aztec West Rolls Royce Airbus / Filton College Air Balloon / Filton Church Abbey Wood, MOD

relay just how relaxing travelling by luxury commuter coach is compared to the stresses of having to drive, park and negotiate any adverse traffic conditions themselves! With the necessary funding from North Somerset Council and commitment in place to ensure that the commuter coach service will operate at the very least until October 2017 there has never been a better time to switch to commuting by coach to work.

Reclaim your time and make drive time, your time. Visit The Kings Ferry website at or call 0117 922 9005 to find out how you can get on board. Quote GMPortishead when registering to claim 10 FREE Journeys. T&C’s apply - Offer open to new customers only. See website for details.

FREE on-board WiFi Online ticketing Climate control Coach tracker App Real-time updates | 0117 922 9005

Register online for 10 FREE journeys, Voucher Code: GMPortishead


R.G. Rawlings


ach funeral is different, and every person unique. That has been the belief of R.G. Rawlings, which has been serving bereaved families in the local community for more than 100 years.

The Funeral Directors, in Woodlands Road, Clevedon, became part of Co-operative Funeralcare in the mid nineties. Funeral directors include Mark Jones, Sue Crees, Julie McCarthy and Lin Hignell.

All staff are professionally trained to the highest standards and understand the needs and feelings of the bereaved and the importance of spending time helping families to plan a funeral that truly reflects the life of an individual. They are there to guide you through every step so that you make the right decision for you and your family. It’s all about providing the right care for the family and taking care of everything that you need. Manager Mark Jones joined the company in 1998 having grown up in Clevedon and qualified as Funeral Director in 1999. He has recently overseen a major refurbishment to the Funeral Home. Mark said: “This investment will help us to provide an even better service to local people as it provides them with more comfortable facilities all under one roof and can continue its caring and professional service that has been long given to the community of Clevedon and beyond.” R.G. Rawlings funeral home now has two arrangement rooms and a large chapel of rest, which was dedicated by Rev Noel Hector and other local clergy in October at a special dedication service, offering the local community much improved facilities. The original chapel was previously housed in a separate building, which has now been demolished, providing bereaved families and visitors with off road parking at the funeral home.


Community News Chocoholics help local community projects


ocal residents with a sweet tooth have raised more than £300 for local good causes by purchasing the chance to win six giant chocolate Easter Eggs. The customers of six local hostelries, the Drum and Monkey, Clevedon Conservative Club, The Old Inn, The Moon and Sixpence, The Bristol and The Walton Park Hotel, dipped into their pockets to help support good causes in the town. Organised by Clevedon Yeo Rotary Club, the money will be used to support local groups and projects. Club president Richard Johnson said: “We are currently exploring ways of distributing these funds to help local causes, groups and individuals.” The next fundraising event is an evening to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of D Day which will raise money for Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion. The evening takes place on Friday, June 6, at Clevedon Community School, and will feature the Veronika Swing band and guest soloists. There will also be spot prizes, a raffle and a light supper. Those who attend are encouraged to wear clothes of the period. Tickets are £15 from 01275 873475 or visit www.


Maintaining Independence and Activity

How equipment can help you:

Riser/recliner chairs and bathing equipment. Advice & information about hobbies, holidays and moving house.

Cathy Gale Occupational Therapist Call me for a free initial discussion and to arrange an assessment at home. Tel: 07580 716510/01275 848683


nt s round £1,000 has been Money raised raised for the Clevedon A Lion’s Club and their charities for Lion’s Club thanks to The Hawthorns. retirement complex charities thanks The in Clevedon held a packed weekend of entertainment over to Easter Easter, which included the Lion’s Club Art exhibition. Tea and cookies were served for guests courtesy of the Hawthorns. Proceeds from the Sale of Art and the refreshments will go to Cystic Fibrosis and Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW). Hawthorns residents also took part in an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday and then on Easter Monday residents and guests took part in an Easter Bonnet Parade. Molly Forest was the winner of the best bonnet design.

Me at req cut t uire o y men our ts


Pork: local, free range all cuts available Lamb: legs, chops, shoulders (From the farm when available) Beef: locally sourced Free range local chicken, Ducks whole birds, breasts and portions Bacon, Gammon joints & steaks Traditional home made faggots & sausages are our speciality Eggs: free range from our local supplier Local stockists of “MILES “ tea, coffee & Chocolate. Also “ROSE FARM “ pickles, chutneys, jams etc. available.


atn Clifton High School proves a popular choice for local families – we’re closer than you think


s parents expect more from education they are increasingly turning to independent schools, and with the South West economy showing signs of recovery, recent reports suggest that numbers of children now attending independent schools has surpassed pre-recession levels. Clifton High School is one of the leading schools in Bristol, educating boys and girls from ages 3-18. Dr Alison Neill, Head of School, said: “We are finding that many families are dissatisfied with the quality of education their child is experiencing in the state sector, they are voting with their feet particularly in the Early Years and Juniors as the quality of education does not meet their expectations.” “We are seeing increasing numbers of families choosing Clifton High School, attracted by our small class sizes, the quality and commitment of our teaching staff and the real focus we have on the individual children. “Knowing the boys and girls so well makes a huge difference to the quality of education they receive here.” There is no doubt that the location of Clifton High School is also an important factor for families in Clevedon. Being 15 minutes from the M5 and a stone’s throw from Clifton

Suspension Bridge, the school is within very easy reach. With increasing numbers of families attending CHS from this area, there may soon be enough for a dedicated coach service. For further information on Clifton High School contact Mrs Mel Johnson, Admissions Registrar, on 0117 933 9087 or visit


Enjoy a healthier lifestyle


a month gym membership Benefits of the £19.99 a month membership include: • Unlimited use of the gym • Induction to the gym • 100% money back guarantee • Short term commitment • [Sign up as a member online]

N long o cont term ract

All-inclusive (gym [swim] and classes) or [swim only] memberships are also available

Call us and join today! Strode Leisure Centre Strode Road Clevedon North Somerset BS21 6QG

01275 879242


Operated by Places for People Management Ltd on behalf of North Somerset Council A one-off start up fee of £25 is applicable. Terms and conditions apply.

t £400,000 greens given thumbs up


he largest golf course project in the South and South West of England in the last 12 months, carried out by specialist sports contractors M J Abbott Limited, came to a successful conclusion when Long Ashton Golf Club opened their 14 re-constructed greens at Easter. The replacement of the traditional clay-based greens with free-draining ones, costing £400,000, was the first time a contract of this size for greens re-construction had been carried out in the region. The club’s general manager, Vicky Rose said: “The response from club members and visitors since the reopening has been excellent. Many members have been really surprised at how well the ball has rolled on the new greens. “It was a massive project but it was felt that with a trend to wetter weather incorporating really heavy rain, particularly in winter, the club needed to ensure the greens were playable even after the heaviest rainfall.” Club chairman, Ken Trowbridge, com-

mented: “With well draining fairways and tees, the free-draining greens have been the last part of the jigsaw to provide year round golf for members and visitors. “The club is currently making small

changes to the course to ensure that Long Ashton Golf Club remains open and that members can use trolleys in all but really exceptional winter weather conditions.”





FREE LIGHT REFRESHMENTS For further information telephone Andy Young on 01275 875754 Brian Jones on 01275 792597


h's a

up ders Gro Childmin days n o M 0 9:30-11:3 dren’s n Chil Clevedo ntre Ce , The Barn Road stern Great We 106787 07845

Well Bab y Clinic (T Commu he Barn) nity Hea lth Visitin Team 01 g 27 Tuesday 5 885514 s 1-3pm Clevedo n Childre n’s Centr The e Great W Barn, estern R oad

Peep Baby arn) s. (The B ts and babie. ts en n r e a p m r h fo res group 50p for ref Stead Cost tact Jackie king Only) Con 0 (Boo -10:30 42644 0 01934 ursdays 9:3en’s Centre Th Childr n, n o d ar Cleve The B rn Road Weste t a e r G

Busy Bees p, Toddler Grou Fridays from n at 10.30am-noo Hall on urch Greyfriars Ch Hill. Marine Christchurch Fr years. iday lay+ r Children 0+4 . Toddler Gr ly P t/care . ily Clevedon’s ne m p fa r pe £1 Christchurch Choup, Sim paren Barn Messy Church west apel Hill, n . The with Happ e . Fr id p ays 10 - 11 O dler Salvation Arm the yF pm ach y, (term time on .30am od 15-2.45p for e & mu aces (Tod t Ye ly) o M £1 oo . . on r Primary e 1 child £1.50 pe 9.30a ms/care dlers s 50 l child sc u ho l ol r , Ke r fa m p nn m s ily away Road, ), Thur 0 – 11 na h Age range 0-4 Clevedon on £2.0additio e Smit 0. year time, sdays du .00am i 9 01275 269741 s r Sunday May 18 Ann 5 3439 Chris 0-school ing term at 7 ta ag Fun for all the 4pm. St Ni 012 family. Coler delphian e. Free. chola Chur idge 01 27 O 5 34 s ut of 1587. North Vale R ch, Scho Chantry o , H 0127 Clevedon ad Christchurch Thursday Cleveighdale A ol Club, 5 373 . N CT 50p p Toddler Group, 4 holid don, is o venue, Bump Clevedon er ch 23. ay p s an Christchurch Chapel ild. child for prim en every E very M d Babies, ren (4 ary a Hill, Thursday 10 1 g .3 e 1 0pm onday d 1 any s 11.30am (term time choo ) from 4 Parents & Barn, -3pm. The 8 l £1.50 child, . a one £1 only) m (Incl Clevedon For fu -6pm Parents 2 be, . r per family Age range nsom hols) conta . The Barn, pleas ther deta e 0 - 4 years gmail rsetnctcha ct Fridays 10am0753 e contac ils .com f ir@ t 07504 395349 9086 or 12 noon. £2 412. info. more

Nearly New Sale



re-loved children’s clothes, toys, equipment and maternity wear will be on sale at the fifth Tiny Treasures Baby and Child Nearly New Sale at The Barn, Great Western Road, Clevedon on Saturday June 7. Over 120 buyers attend these events and they are a great way to sell unwanted items and purchase good quality preloved items for a fraction of the retail price. More than 20 tables will be selling quality items at affordable prices. The event will run from 10-11.30am and remember to arrive early to get the best bargains. Entry is £1 per adult and children enter for free. A donation from the event will be made to Macmillan Cancer Support. Sellers’ tables are still available from just £8 per table. To book one, or for more information, contact Tracey Lee on 07977932834 or email TraceyLou83@

ath's a Get Father’s Day all wrapped up


erhaps Father’s Day, Sunday June 15, should actually be called Groundhog Day, because every year we have the same old problem: What do I buy Dad for Father’s Day? With women you can always buy jewellery or scented candles but what about men? Well what do we know about them? They say they don’t want anything and they always like things that are useful. Present Company in Station Road, Clevedon, has sourced some amazing gift ideas that are fun, practical and affordable. Owner Julie Bisacre said: “We have talked to our customers and tried to find out what their dads are interested in. Then we have searched out something to appeal to all different types. We are hopeful that many people are going to be a lot happier this Father’s Day.” For ‘Trendy Dad’ there are some top of the range shaving accessories. Wet shaving is right on trend and these are quality products from Taylors of Bond Street. For ‘Traditional Dad’ they have fail safe wallets and hip flasks including this super leather clad flask, or there is a great range of stylish watches and pens for under £20 for ‘Sophisticated Dad.’ And finally for ‘Fun Dad’ there are gifts with a difference which are fun but still useful, including a 50 calibre bullet bottle opener and a Tinkulele So whatever kind of Dad you have - Present Company has a range of gifts for you. Call in to see them in the shop or visit

Whether your Dad is Trendy, Traditional, Sophisticated or Fun, Present Company have just the gift for this Father's Day.

Wide range of Flasks

Shaving Accessories from Taylor and Bond

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

be Good looking and reliable Watches

A Present for all Dads

2 Station Road, Clevedon, BS21 6NH. 01275 544232

Put the essentials into your bathroom cabinet


ale grooming statistics have revealed that men are taking over the bathroom cabinet, with some admitting to as many as 15 essential products for daily use. Inspired by celebrities like David Beckham, Joey Essex and David Gandy, the male grooming market has changed dramatically in recent years. Looking good can mean feeling good and it is undeniable men have become more interested in taking care of their appearance than ever before. For many men this is a daily ritual. Adam’s Barbershop in Clevedon has tapped into this fantastic demand to staying, looking and feeling sharp. Stocking everything from moustache wax to badger brushes and pre-shave lotions to cut throat razors, you will find a whole range of products, be it a gift for Father’s Day or something to add to your own arsenal of daily grooming products. Call in to the shop on Chapel Hill to see what is missing from your bathroom cabinet.



Visit Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm


ummer time is almost upon us and at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall, it’s the perfect season to watch nature at its best. There is a whole host of impressive animals enjoying the warm weather outside, including the parks newest arrival – Buta the elephant!

Noah’s Ark offers incredible up-close experiences with amazing animals, including seeing the lions and tigers being fed during the Big Cat encounter, meeting our giraffe family at the daily ‘Giraffe Talk’ and rushing past the impressive white rhinos in their large paddock just a hornslength away!


Get set for a jumbo new experience this season now Noah’s Ark has opened ‘Elephant Eden’, Europe’s largest elephant habitat. Families can get within a trunks length of nature’s biggest land mammal, take part in the daily keeper talks and learn about the importance of conservation. Beautiful Buta, their first African elephant is free to roam her large outdoor grass fields and sand-filled luxury barn and has already become a firm favourite with visitors. She’ll be joined soon by other elephants, including a male called Nissim who Buta already knows well from her previous home. With plenty to do all day in all weather, why not bring the family along to this award-winning 100 acre attraction? Enjoy 12 exciting adventure play areas, an indoor Animal Village and covered Animal Show Pens. Daily events include the popular interactive ‘Animal Show’ with a chance to bottle-feed the lambs, not forgetting the regular bumpy tractor rides across the farm with views to Wales.

While the kids rush around and play, why not relax in the comfortable cafe with a cup of Fair Trade coffee and a cake, enjoying the views of the park? The perfect end to an action-packed day at the zoo. For a fantastic family day out, go wild at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm this year; the hands-on animal experience!

What's n

Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir


n Saturday, June 28 the Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir will be giving their last concert of the summer at St Francis Church, Nailsea, to raise funds for the North West Somerset Branch of Parkinson’s UK. Tickets are £7.50 (to include a glass of wine in the interval) and will be in great demand as the police choir is hugely popular, so make sure you get yours soon. For more information telephone Ann Axe on 01275 856322 while tickets are available from Sixways, Alexandra Road, Clevedon.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


reat Western Youth Theatre presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies, at the Princes Hall, Clevedon Community Centre, Princes Road, from Thursday, June 19-Saturday, June 21. It will start at 7.30pm and for more information telephone 01275 873405.


What's On Church celebrating 700 years of continuous ministry


his year St Peter and St Paul Church in Weston in Gordano is celebrating 700 years of continuous ministry in the village. To mark this, a celebration of words and music, reflecting the seven centuries, is planned for Sunday, June 22 at 11am in the church. The new Bishop of Bath and Wells, the Rt. Rev’d Peter Hancock, will preach and lunch will follow at 12.30pm. It is hoped that anyone with links to St Peter and St Paul Church, past and present, will come to this celebration. For catering purposes please let the Churchwardens, Patrick Chavasse on 01275 842296 and Donald Pearce on 01275 848667, know if you plan to come.

Clevedon Art Club C levedon Art club continues its season of talks by local artists on Tuesday, June 10 with a presentation by Sandra Porter entitled ‘Print, Paint, Print.’ It promises to offer a different slant on the media. Entry for non-members is £3, so come and have an evening with a difference at St Mary’s Church Hall, Walton at 7.30pm.


Wood Fired Cooking - Catering - Craft-ware Encasta’s Pop Up events are gathering a great reputation and now it is even easier to get tickets for their latest events. Encasta has introduced a new, easy to use, online shop onto their website which will make it simple to purchase tickets to all of their Pop Up events that will be held throughout the year. Visitors can also now sign up for an online monthly newsletter through the website that will keep them up to date with up-coming events and news, as well as giving away tickets each month to those who sign up. There will also be regular giveaways, including oven hire.

It’s suitable for those who don’t use Facebook or Twitter but still want to be kept in the loop. And with events popping up at different events and venues across North Somerset throughout the year there isn’t a better time to keep an eye online. Wedding and private party catering can also be booked now for 2015 so get your date with Encasta in your diary.


7pm – 10pm Every Friday The Plantations, Kingston Seymour


North Somerset Show Ground July 5th & 6th


Dates to be confirmed check with our Website for dates and tickets info

To purchase tickets for either event please visit Or telephone 07718 290933 Email: Follow us on twitter and facebook to win free tickets to the events.


What's On Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir


n Saturday, June 28 the Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir will be giving their last concert of the summer at St Francis Church, Nailsea, to raise funds for the North West Somerset Branch of Parkinson’s UK. Tickets are £7.50 (to include a glass of wine in the interval) and will be in great demand as the police choir is hugely popular, so make sure you get yours soon. For more information telephone Ann Axe on 01275 856322 while tickets are available from Sixways Sports, Alexandra Road, Clevedon.

Clevedon Flower Show and Festival


ake a date in your diary this summer for the Clevedon Flower Show, which will take place on Saturday, August 23 and Sunday, August 24 at the Salthouse Fields, Clevedon. The show programme will be on sale locally by the end of June, but you can get any further information, contact details and see the ‘Schedule’ by visiting

gooD FooD, gooD BEEr, grEat PriCEs Consti Quiz

Sunday 1st June 2014 8pm in the Millennium Lounge Free entry to all Token prizes for winning teams * * * * *

Consti Bingo

tuesday 10th and 24th June 2014 7:30pm in the Millennium Lounge Six games of Bingo for only £6.00 Why not bring a friend Join in with the Flyer and winner takes all * * * * *

Consti soCial DanCing Saturday 14th June 2014 with Mark Helmore Saturday 28th June 2014 with Mark Helmore * * * * *

sPanisH & MEXiCan tHEME nigHt saturday 14th June From 6pm in the Millennium Lounge All you can eat, self-service buffet only £8.50 per person * * * * *

garDEn Party saturDay 28tH JunE 2014 FroM 12MiDDay till 4PM MusiC & EntErtainMEnt BurgErs anD HotDogs aVailaBlE sPECial oFFErs on DrinKs * * * * * FunCtion rooM, MEEting rooM anD allEy aVailaBlE For PriVatE HirE tWittEr/@ClEVEDonConsti FaCEBooK/tHEConsti

Clevedon Conservative Club 2 Kenn road, Clevedon, somerset, Bs21 6El telephone 01275 872834 Email : Website :


What's On The Dig For Victory Show


ickets are now on sale for the Dig For Victory Show, a fabulous 1940s family festival which will take place across the weekend of Saturday, July 5-Sunday, July 6 at the North Somerset Showground, Wraxall. Recently announced is a Spitfire fly past from the battle of Britain Memorial Flight, whilst on the ground you can get

up close and personal to another icon of WW2 – a Sherman Tank. Listen to a host of high profile speakers and entertainers, including BBC historian James Holland and author Colonel Stuart Tootal. For the music lovers, there is a line up to be proud of including Sticky Toffee Jazz, Ricky Hunter, The Lunettes, Jayne Darling and DJUXB. For those with stamina you can Lindyhop and Swing Dance late into the night on the Saturday at The Victory Dance for only £10 a ticket. Activities for children include handling museum artefacts, traditional games

and a children’s trail – a ration of sweets is waiting for anyone who completes it. Tickets are £10 for an adult or £22 for a family of four from www.

Life and Beth for Players


he Clevedon Players next production is Alan Ayckbourn’s Life and Beth, which will take place from Thursday, June 5-Saturday, June 7 at the Princes Hall, Princes Road, Clevedon. The play is about a recently bereaved widow Beth, her family’s not-quite-so-useful support and her late husband who thinks she can’t cope without him. It was written in 2008 as the third part of a trilogy, following Haunting Julia (1994) and Snake in the Grass (2002). It starts at 7.30pm and tickets are £8 (concessions £6 on Thursday) from 07816158445 or 01275 873405. For more details, visit

Great Food, Great Wine, Great Entertainment


STEAK NIGHT 2 x 8 oz Sirloin steaks With all the trimmings


Followed by FREE QUIZ NIGHT Prizes to be won, all welcome No limit on team members!

Back by popular demand

ROD STEWART Monday 30th June

Europe’s Best Tribute Act Plus two course meal

Only £20

£5 deposit required bookings now being taken

Bookings now being taken for Father’s Day, Sunday 15th June

Tel. 01275 873433

Email: Web:


Follow us on Twitter @Drum_kenn for forthcoming events and special offers

ath  at BEAUTY




Shelley James Mobile Beautician Eyelash Extensions/perm, Waxing, Make-up, Manicure, Pedicure, Facials Eyelash & brow tinting

Telephone 07970 772213





ath  at Training spice and avoiding aggravation: exercise variants By: Matt Bembridge, AKA Gym Professor


very month top personal trainer Matt Bembridge, AKA Gym Professor, provides an exercise of the month for readers to try. This month he talks us through exercise variants Exercise selections may be predetermined by your sport or endeavour; it can equally be determined by mindset and knowledge. In past articles, you’ll note that I always suggest ancillary lifts alongside, or as an alternative to, more generic lifts. Increasing your available repertoire of movements can prove useful in adding variety to your training, they’re also an invaluable aid in the circumstance of niggle or injury; allowing the ability to achieve sufficient stimulus without making a matter worse. As an example, we’ll use one of the most-respected lifts: the Barbell Squat. I’m not for one moment suggesting that you do not perform a barbell squat; it should be a staple of your workout regime. What I will suggest is that sometimes a variant

Whilst these variants do not address fixing a complaint, they can help avoid aggravating an existing issue. In some circumstances, you may know the root cause; in others, you may not. Find the cause of the problem and look to resolve it; in the meantime, try not to make a matter worse. For more expert advice, please visit Matt’s comprehensive free-onlineresource

may be preferential. Okay, so here are some examples with the Barbell Squat... trainer issue: an alternate exercise. Tight Achilles Tendon: Hack Squats (machine or smith machine). Shoulder restriction: Front Squat or Safety Squat Bar. Tight Patellar Tendon: Hack Squats to parallel. Hip shift: Wider-Stance Squat (& consciously push feet out against the floor). Tight Hamstrings: Squat to parallel only. Lower back stiffness: Leg Foot Health Blaster Squats. Lower back pain/ strain: Hip Practitioner Belt Squats. Home Visits Exercise variations can be found with every Nails Cutting major movement. Corns and Callus Personally, I find variations more Routine Foot Care appropriate than pain relief or using an Kim Shepherd RGN SAC Dip FHP external support (e.g. Telephone 07865 057044 for appointment weightlifting belt, tape, wraps).


  an Future Bathrooms of Portishead


The new showroom allows you to view examples of the type of bathrooms available, but catalogues are available with hundreds of products to choose from, with most items being available within two days. At the helm is sales manager Dan Benn who invites people to visit the showroom with no obligation to buy. He said: “Customers can call in and have a look around. We are a friendly, family run organisation and we don’t want people to feel pressurised in any way just Future Bathrooms of Portishead 01275 844487 because they want to browse around, they are Quality bathrooms and very welcome accessories at affordable prices to do that. If Free no obligation people decide to quotations purchase, we can Most items can be delivered within 2 days offer an optional Catalogues available with 100’s planning, design of products to choose from Open to public and trade and installation 6 days a week We can offer a complete service. We Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm installation service if required also offer free and Sat 10am to 2pm Visit our showroom in Portishead no obligation Unit 3, Harbour Road Trading Estate, Portishead, BS20 7BL quotes.” Email:

family run company in Portishead has opened a new bathroom showroom. Future Bathrooms is now open at Unit 3, Harbour Road Trading Estate and it welcomes enquiries from both trade and the general public. The new showroom, which is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays 10am-2pm, provides quality bathrooms and accessories at affordable prices.


Call in at Future Bathrooms of Portishead at Unit 3, Harbour Road or call Dan and his team on 01275 844487.

  an

Open Gardens in Clevedon


arden lovers in North Somerset are in for a rare treat in June when ten of the finest gardens in Clevedon will be open to the public. Organised by Clevedon Pride, the Open Gardens weekend on Saturday, June 21-Sunday, June 22 will give anyone and everyone the opportunity to explore the secrets of hidden and private gardens not usually open to the public. And for just £5 visitors will be able to browse around gardens of all shapes and sizes throughout Clevedon. Behind the stone walls and privets there are gardens which are truly astounding; big ones, small ones and some which just go on forever. The many delights include a number of cottage gardens full of old favourites such as roses, clematis and mixed shrub borders; traditional Japanese inspired designs that create miniature idealised landscapes in a stylised manner and a truly

Company in Clevedon’s Queen’s innovative garden created by a Square, by ringing 01275 874097 or local artist full of texture, colour and e-mail clevedonopengardens sculptural trees. There are also a number of gardens which open every year for the National Garden’s Scheme. The informative programme, which includes a brief description of every garden and a map, will give you access to all gardens as many times as you like throughout the weekend Refreshments will be available at some of the venues including Hedge Trimming, Grass Cutting/Lawn Management coffee, cake and cream teas and Planting Schemes/Plant Advice, Weeding there will be an opportunity Shrub & Tree Pruning, Garden Tidying, Fruit Tree Pruning to buy plants to take away and Soil Improvement, Patio & Deck Cleaning & Much More nurture in your own garden. All proceeds raised from the Garden Design, Garden Clearance, Fencing weekend will be donated to the (Erection & Painting), Decking Build/Re-conditioning, Clevedon Pride Christmas Lights Shed Build & Re-felting, Turrng, Paving, Grow Your Own Appeal which, this year, is aiming (e.g. Raised Bed Creation, Polytunnel Build, to raise £10,000. Fruit Tree, Veg/Fruit Advice Programmes, at £5 each, may be Tel. 07712 297749 bought at the gift shop Present Web:



  an Clevedon Flower Show


ake a note in your diary for the Clevedon Flower Show and Festival, which will take place on the Salthouse Fields on Saturday, August 23 and Sunday, August 24. The show Programme will be on sale locally by the end of June, but you can get any further information, contact details and see the Schedule by visiting This year entry is £5 per adult, £4 per OAP/Child, plus any accompanied children under 14 can get in for free.

Clevedon Gardeners’ Club


levedon Gardeners’ Club is organising a trip to RHS Rosemoor on Saturday, July 12 and there are still a few places available. If you are interested visit www.clevedongardeners.btck. for details or contact Carol Raines on 01275 852337

Complete Bathroom Suites from £259.00 inc vat

Tel: 01275 875454 Offer available until stocks last

40 Hither Green Industrial Estate, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 6XU Email :


snss Every month McManus Williams Limited answers some of your business and accountancy related questions.



y ‘Agents,’ HMRC mean people like me, accountancy professionals who act on behalf of individuals or businesses, assisting them with their tax affairs. HMRC have recently unveiled plans to further modernise their offering to Agents. For many in my profession, hearing that HMRC are once more dipping their toes into the iceberg infested waters of information technology will at best bring them out in a cold sweat and at worst necessitate an urgent course of heart medication. Luckily I’m an eternal optimist and being a big fan of all things modern and progressive I can’t wait to see what HMRC have in store. Anything they can do to expand the provision to us of information they hold on our clients’ affairs and to expand the powers that we have to make corrections to that information,

the smoother the outcome will be for both HMRC and, most importantly, our clients. HMRC have the following in mind: • To work with Agents to better understand the Agent population; the way we work with clients, the nature of that work and developing trends in service provision • Work closely with interested bodies to maintain high standards across the industry • Building an Agent Online Self Service Portal and identify additional activities or services that Agents are best placed to assist clients with. This portal should provide a wealth of information to Agents about the transactions and liabilities of our clients. Access to the information that HMRC hold is currently limited so this is a huge step in the right direction.

• Consider the extent to which those Agents who meet certain standards can be given the power to correct and change things online. The potential to circumvent delays in the processing of corrections and tax refunds for clients is again huge. HMRC aren’t the only ones beefing up their online offering. As a practice we’ve been keeping pace with exciting IT developments in the field of bookkeeping and business processes. If you’d like to know how to make the most of these new online offerings feel free to give us a call, and check out our new APP! It’s free to download, simply search for McManus Williams on the Apple and Android stores.


ts Volksfest for VW fans


People’s Choice. Organisers are also pleased to announce some new and exciting editions to this year’s line up. A Britfest stage will be showcasing a mixture of world music, Bristol bands and fun workshops with all day entertainment, international food court and bars. Upfest will feature more than 40 of the UK’s best street artists who will be creating a real urban feel with large murals, bus bombing and a kids art school. Volksfest will also ‘SPLASH & DASH’ £5 ● ‘WASH & DRY’ £7.95 ● ‘WASH & be presenting the first UK Lowrider VAC’ £15 ● ‘MINI VALET’ £25 ● ‘FULL VALET FROM’ £55 Nationals since WHEEL TRIMS & FLOOR MATS SUPPLIED & FITTED 2004 which will be bouncing their way back to Bristol with demos from more

ristol Volksfest will be taking place over June 6-8 in Washingpool Farm, Easter Compton, Bristol and celebrating with all of the South’s finest VDubs and the best of Bristol’s famous urban culture. Fans of VW’s will be able to enjoy lots of amazing displays, contributions, traders, a huge auto-jumble, buggy track and 10 special club displays. The famous Sunday Show and Shine with defined categories will also feature the

The usual response!




Kenn Road, Clevedon, North Somerset BS21 6TJ

Telephone: 07966 287114

than 30 radical and rare rides. They’ve got their own trade stand and are featuring the UK renowned Pinstriper, Tootall Paul. Finally there will be a Crucial BMX and Scooter competition in a proper indoor freestyle course with pro judges and cash prizes up for grabs, and to top it all off the Crucial riders will be displaying their skills and tricks. A vintage/retro bike display featuring “rare and valuable” bikes will also be on and all are welcome to enter. You can be sure this will be one full on weekend you won’t want to miss. For more information visit www. or


Not at •MOT testing station STAFFORD GARAGE! •All makes of vehicle serviced & repaired •Low bake painting on all bodywork repairs •Free insurance & private repair estimates Woodlands Rd •Top quality repairs & servicing Clevedon •National parts guarantee •Expert fitting & advice BS21 7QD •Value for money prices

01275 872684

Your local independant garage backed by

Tickenham Garage Southwest Garage of The Year 2013 - Voted for by you.

Servicing Tyres at Very Competitive Prices • All Vehicle • Diagnostics • ClutchesBatteries • Brakes •Exhausts • Car Sales Repairs Air Conditioning Delphi Diesel & Petrol Injection Specialists • Offer 1: • • • Offer•3: Offer 4: Offer 2: T&C'S Mot test and interim service vehicle up to 2 litres ONLY £139.99 Vehicles 2 litres to 3 litres ONLY £149.99 Offer code: GMSERV0614

MOT test and full service vehicle up to 2 litres ONLY £199.99 Vehicles 2 litres to 3 litres ONLY £229.99 Offer code GM SERV0614

Air conditioning service and re-gas with disinfect treatment ONLY £34.99! Inc vat normally £54.99 Offer code GM AIR0614

MOT test while you wait Only £29.99! Inc vat normally £45 Offer code GM MOT0614

Keep Safe this Summer pop in for a Free 10 point Vehicle health check - Free courtesy cars available Free Collection and delivery to your home or work within 10mile radius of Tickenham

Call us now for a FREE quote 01275



852035 Free visual healthcheck by appointment email:

Offer code must be quoted when booking is made.

ts One thousand motorists sign up for new scheme


ore than one thousand people have already signed up to take part in a new road safety scheme being run by Avon and Somerset Police. The Road Smart scheme offers free driving awareness sessions to all drivers in the Avon and Somerset force area. The initiative, which has been specially created for Avon and Somerset Police, started in April


%F 5 2 F O

and sessions will be held at locations across the force area over the next 12 months. Supt Ian Smith said: “The sessions are open to motorists of any age but we are particularly keen to encourage young drivers aged between 17 and 24 to sign up since around a third of all serious collisions in our area involve this age group. Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens said: “To hear that over one thousand

motorists have taken the time to sign up to the road safety scheme is really promising. “It speaks volumes that drivers of all ages are taking personal responsibility to improve their road safety awareness.”






  /   Tree Surgeon

TREE FELLING & PRUNING HEDGE & SHRUB MAINTENANCE FULLY QUALIFIED & INSURED Call Ben Swift for a FREE quote and advice on 07802 480881 - 01275 463301

Dia l A Tra de Pigotts, Chelvey Batch, Brockley, North Somerset, BS48 3AP

Plastering D.C. PLASTERING Trowelling Up

-Free quotes -No job too small Don’t hesitate to call 07512 510732



DESIGN AND BUILD Patios, Paving, Brickwork, Stonework, Fencing, Ponds, Waterfalls, Bock Paved Drives, WoodenDecking, Pergolas Turfing Clevedon, Nailsea,Portishead & surrounding areas For a free, no obligation estimate call John on 01275 792016 07801 074109


Heating Engineer Oven Cleaning


No call out charge - Free quotations All work guaranteed • Boiler Installation • Full central heating systems • Bathroom/Shower Installation • Maintenance, leaks & repairs

01275 390820 / 07766 135527


07505 990104 0800 840 7127

Gates & Railings

Electrician S & S ELECTRICAL

• Part P Reg

• New Installations

• All electrical installation work

• Additions and Alterations

• Re-wires, sockets, repairs etc.

• Complete Rewires

• Inspection & testing

• Garden Electrics and

• Reliable, friendly local service

• Out Buildings

• All work fully insured

• Inspection and Testing • All Work Fully Insured • and Certificated



01275 545574 07840605077

Carpet Cleaning A.Cleaning Service Ltd. Local, Reliable, Fast and Friendly

It’s time to have fresh clean carpets again Carpets Dry in 30 minutes All prices are excluding VAT

Call Nick on: 07812 730346

Contact Colin Simpson Tel. 07957 836033 Tel. 01275 858054



bloomin’ marvellous flooring.

DTV Aerials & Satellites


Specialist Suppliers of Real Wood & Luxury Vinyl Flooring e-mail: Andy Sheff: 01275 390505 mobile 07785 325214 Jane Holdaway 07771 808653

Save 10% on all orders with this ad!!

Your local registered digital installer

• Digital Aerials • Sky & Foreign Sat • BBC Freesat 80+ Channels • HD • TV Setups • Telephone Points sss ssss sss sssssss ssss sssss ss sssss ssssss sssss ssssss *We accept debit & credit cards*


Domestic and Commercial New Build Renovations and Refurbishments Extensions Kitchen and Bathroom Specialists

Window Cleaner


Property Maintenance

Dia l A Tra de

Established, reliable window cleaner Portishead and surrounding areas

Tel: 07796 786925





• Kitchen and Bathroom Specialists • • All Roofing Projects • Carpentry • Plumbing • • Plastering and Rendering • Brickwork • • Painting and Decorating • Complete House Renovation • • General Home Maintenance • All Work Fully Guaranteed Call Nick Milsom to arrange a FREE no obligation quotation

Mob: 07900 955774 • Email: Web:

Carpets and Flooring


Select carpets in the comfort of your own home Wide range of carpets and vinyls Fully qualified fitters Over 30 year’s experience All work fully guaranteed Fsss, ss sbsisssiss qsssssiss

Tss: sssss ssss3s

Msb: sssss ssssss

Plumbing and Heating Supplies

01275 219513 07772 872257

R R ich



Ask in branch for details.


Clevedon Living June Issue  

Clevedon Living June Issue

Clevedon Living June Issue  

Clevedon Living June Issue