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Clevedon February Issue 2014

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3 levels of Boiler Cover from £10 per month ww


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iel AT -LINE db yn yp d.c o


No Excess Charges on HomeShield Cover Plans

01934 833 444 0117 339 0 339

Weston: Bristol:

BRONZE • Boiler Breakdown Shield Cover


per month

- All parts & labour included • Unlimited call outs • Annual Service/Efficiency Check

• All of the features of Bronze Cover £14.50 • Plus - hot water system, radiators and pipework cover per month


Shield Cover


Shield Cover


per month

• All of the features of Silver Cover • Plus - Internal plumbing and drainage cover

Also available from NYPD • General Plumbing Services • Central Heating, Boiler & Bathroom Installation • Boiler Repairs, Servicing & Landlord Certification • System Power Flushing

Boiler Servicing from


Plus VAT, No contract needed


NYPD HomeShield Ltd, Timberlake Barn, Brinsea, Congresbury, N. Somerset BS49 5JL by

“to protect & service”



Upto 8 Years Warranty on new Worcester, Vaillant & Viessmann boilers

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Conservatories by Cape Developments

Add Value and Style to your Home • We oversee the entire job • We build your base ourselves • • No conservatory too small or big • Free site survey and quotation • • With 42 years of building experience • • Erected by FENSA registered fitters • • We are family owned and run - and are fully insured • • We cover the whole of Somerset and Bristol • 10 year Guarantee •

01934 751223 / 07831 583217


OPEN TO THE TRADE AND PUBLIC NEW B BATHROOM SHOWROOM COMING SOON . 40 Hither Green Industrial Estate, Clevedon, North Somerset. BS21 6XU Telephone : 01275 875454 Email :



01275 849 981

Car, Van & 4x4 tyres 225 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 235 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 245 255 255 255 255 215 215 215 215 215 215 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225 225

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£89.50 £63.95 £69.95 £75.95 £89.95 £81.95 £68.50 £72.50 £88.95 £96.50 £89.95 £94.50 £84.50 £74.45 £74.95 £104.50 £99.95 £132.00 £91.50 £102.50 £119.95 £109.95 £96.95 £118.80 £85.79 £103.50 £81.23 £104.95 £59.95 £88.95 £84.95 £75.90 £76.95 £86.52 £59.95 £63.50 £66.95 £69.00 £69.95 £60.50 £62.95 £79.95 £76.17 £109.95 £78.95 £92.95 £57.50 £60.95 £70.57 £85.79 £80.25 £58.25 £105.50 £69.75 £84.50 £109.95

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£42.50 £44.50 £48.95 £41.75 £40.50 £42.64 £39.00 £41.69 £40.75 £42.82 £40.95 £42.50 £42.95 £45.32 £44.95 £45.50 £36.95 £44.50 £50.95 £53.00 £73.95 £51.95 £47.50 £51.25 £49.79 £46.50 £46.95 £52.95 £107.50 £97.95 £112.00 £108.95 £112.95 £125.50 £112.11 £99.95 £111.26 £110.42 £109.25 £111.95 £115.50 £140.50 £119.95 £146.59 £122.08 £44.95 £46.95 £49.95 £48.95 £61.95 £53.50 £61.11 £55.95 £46.50 £48.95 £69.95

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£45.50 £45.50 £45.50 £48.95 £52.75 £52.50 £50.50 £54.50 £93.50 £62.95 £85.95 £58.50 £49.50 £54.95 £56.95 £52.95 £58.50

* All prices include fitting, balancing and valves but are plus VAT for business and personal use

We wont be beaten on Price on any Tyres Only Authorised Kuhmo tyre dealer in Portishead and surrounding areas

Ryans TYRES Ryans Garage, Unit 8 Old Mill Road, Portishead, BS20 7BX (Just down from Pets at Home)

Open 7 Days a Week (Sunday Booking Required)

Community News Editors Note

Contact Gordano Media


hew, what happened to January? It only seems like yesterday that Clevedon was getting ready for Christmas and now all of a sudden January has come and gone. Another month and winter will be on its way out and hopefully we can all look forward to some sunshine after the recent bad weather. February is a month that gives all the romantics among us the chance to treat the ones we love, so make sure you check out our Valentine’s feature and if you’re feeling really romantic you might want to look at our wedding feature too. We also have another Golden Years feature plus all the regular news of what’s going on in Clevedon. Remember this is your magazine, bringing all of the news and events through your door each month, so if you have anything that the community should know about, make sure you get in touch to get your items in.


John Cant Editorial:

Kevin Emery

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Tanya Archer

John Cant Editor

Anyone for Mah-jong

Clair Gardner


levedon resident is looking to start a Mah-jong group in the town for other players who love the game. Martyn MacDonald, 62, has been a huge fan of the Chinese game since he retired and having moved to Clevedon in November he is keen to set up a weekly group. The game, commonly played by four players with a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, is a game of skill, strategy and calculation, similar to the card games rummy and canasta. Martyn said: “We moved here in

Marie Eastwood Accounts:

Laura Rowbotham

Sue Anderson

Gordano Media, A&W Buildings, Newfoundland Way, Portishead, BS20 7DF.

01275 849369

November from Hertfordshire as our daughter lives here and our other daughter lives in Devon so we are closer to both. “I played Mah-jong in Hemel Hempstead when I retired four years ago and miss it. The Clevedon U3A play it about twice a month and I have been but I’d like to play it more often. “The game is huge in China but it’s sanitised in the West and we play it for points rather than money. It’s a great game and very sociable too.” If you are interested in starting the group, email

Tickenham Garage • •

Southwest Garage of The Year 2013 - Voted for by you.

Servicing Diagnostics Clutches Brakes Tyres at Very Competitive Prices Car Sales All Vehicle Repairs Air Conditioning Batteries Exhausts Delphi Diesel & Petrol Injection Specialists T&C'S Offer 3: Offer 1: Offer 2:

Air conditioning service and recharge with disinfect treatment only £34.99 inc vat normally £54.99 OFFER CODE: AIR0114 AIR0214

MOT Test While you wait £34.99 inc vat FREE retest normally £45.00 OFFER CODE:MOT0114 CODE:MOT0214 booking required

Free MOT test or Air Conditioning service and recharge when booked with a Full Service OFFER CODE: SERV0114 SERV0214 Written quotation available on request

All offers are by appointment only Offer code must be quoted when booking is made. Offers only available during Feb Jan 2014

Keep Safe this Winter pop in for a Free 10 point Vehicle health check - Free courtesy cars available Free Collection and delivery to your home or work within 10mile radius of Tickenham

Call us now for a FREE quote 01275 website:

852035 Free visual healthcheck by appointment email:


Community News 56th Spring Show for Club


levedon gardeners’ club hosts its 56th Spring Flower Show on Saturday, March 1 at the Princes Hall, Clevedon Community Centre, Princes Road, Clevedon. The event is the first flower show of the year in the area and there is always a colourful display of spring bulbs. There are 79 classes to enter and only three of them are limited to club members. Classes include bulbs, garden material, pot plants, craft, photography, baking and preserves. There are also classes for children and young adults. In addition to the exhibits, stalls including cakes, books, bric-a-brac, plants and a

tombola will be there, as well as stalls in aid of various charities. For this year’s event there will also be a display of botanical art on show. Entry is only £1, which also includes a free draw ticket for a hamper. Tea, coffee and homemade cakes will be served too. Schedules and entry forms are available from Clevedon Community Centre, Golden Acres and Garden Park garden

centres in Tickenham and various venues in Clevedon. Forms and details are also available on the club’s website at www.clevedongardeners@

Clevedon Lions Club have successful festive period

Fully accredited Training Courses

Full Beauty Therapy and Holistic Qualifications Nail & Eyelash Extensions, Threading, Waxing, Gel Manicure & Pedicure, Facials, Massage Venues in Bristol, Portishead & Weston-Super-Mare Lecturers are fully qualified Beauty Therapists, PGCE Teachers, Assessors and Verifiers A full range of beauty & holistic treatments available 10am-7pm daily

Tel : Katherine 07702 961436


levedon Lions and their helpers raised more than £2,400 with their ‘bucket brigades’ during the festive period thanks to the generosity of local residents in the town. The money will be donated to equipment helping Children with Diabetes and The Barn in Clevedon. The Lions’ Christmas Santa float, complete with elves and Rudolph, was seen on the streets and much enjoyed by those young and old, while president Sue and Lion Ann visited the hospital and distributed warm bed socks to patients on Christmas morning. They were also happy to provide a number of needy families with festive cheer and gifts. The Lions would like to thank all the supermarkets for their help and Clevedon Garages for the stabling of Santa’s float and Rudolph. There will be various events helping those less fortunate in 2014 with the Lions motto ‘We Serve’ still going strong after 46 years within the community

Community News

Save our beds

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ly al


ollowing recent reports on the possible loss of beds at Clevedon Community Hospital, a public meeting has been this. arranged for the people of North Somerset to come together in Diagnostic and outpatient services could a final bid to dissuade the health bosses from be expanded as part of the options being removing inpatient beds at the hospital. considered. The meeting will take place on Thursday, Everyone is urged to attend this public January 30 at Clevedon Community Centre, meeting where speakers will include Dr Liam Princes Road, Clevedon at 7pm. Fox MP, Dr Helen Tucker – vice president Community Hospitals’ Association and Julia Residents have become increasingly Elton. concerned that the 17 inpatient beds could be moved to care and nursing homes instead, as it is not possible to upgrade the inpatient rehab facilities to meet modern standards. Several options are currently being considered by the North Somerset CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) but keeping inpatient beds at the hospital while expanding outpatients and diagnostics is the popular option with both local GPs and residents in the catchment area. CALL JEFF on 07435 332409 Clevedon Community Hospital Visit our website at or offers care for non-acute patients email requiring rehabilitation nursing and therapy following major surgery at acute hospitals. The minor injuries unit, recently been refurbished and developed to offer a wider range of services, is open 365 days a year. No changes are being considered for



r 30 ye


Clevedon 7 Showroom

Community News Local adopted girl wins National Adoption Week Picture of the Year competition



ermione Jones, a 10 year old local adopted girl from Clevedon, has won this year’s National Adoption Week Picture of the Year competition with her inspiring drawing entitled ‘Being adopted feels like you’re in the Royal Family.’ This year a royal baby was born and he was hailed all over the world as being very special and important. To Hermione, being adopted made her feel as special and important as a princess. Clifton Children’s Society (CCS) Adoption’s CEO Jadwiga Ball said: “Hermione’s picture reminds us that every child, whether they are a prince or a little girl called Hermione, is

special and important and deserves to have a loving, secure forever family.” Hermione received a letter from the chief executive of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering BAAF plus a W H Smith voucher for art materials. Hermione’s mum Rebecca said: “Hermione had a big smiling face at the supper table last night. She’s thrilled to have won the competition and we’re very proud of her.”

For more information about CCS Adoption, or to request an information pack, visit or telephone 0117 9350005.

Are you making the most of your kitchen?

one are the days when the kitchen was purely a functional space in which to prepare food, cook and wash clothes. These days the kitchen is often the heart of the home, serving many purposes ranging from eating and dining to a family living space, play

area and sometimes even a home office. Because of this it is important to get the design right, not just in functional terms but in aesthetics too. That does not mean you have to spend a fortune in the kitchen, it means you need to give it careful

consideration and planning, taking in to account what will work best for you and your family Kitchen space needs to be a welcoming and relaxing, multipurpose place.

Fraser Langdon Kitchen Specialists

From advice and inspiration to installation – we can supply and fit kitchens to suit every budget.

Free Consultation Free Design and Plans Free Oven or Hob (from selected range) on all kitchens ordered by 03/03/2014. Whether you are replacing an existing kitchen or extending your room Fraser Langdon can use their expertise to help you to create your new kitchen. Full design and build service including, plumbing, electrics, new flooring, carpentry and decorating services. Already had a quote from another company? Try Fraser Langdon before you decide.

Expertise on your doorstep

Bristol Road, Portishead Tel: 849123 Email:


Kitchens to suit all tastes and budgets


raser Langdon has been operating from its Bristol Road premises in Portishead for the past 17 years and has been planning, designing and installing kitchens for more than 15 years. They will design your kitchen with you to ensure that it meets both your needs and expectations, paying attention to detail and consulting with you at every phase. Providing a personal, friendly and well informed service is something the company prides itself on. A Fraser Langdon spokesman said: “If anyone is thinking of replacing their existing kitchen or extending and existing one, it’s well worth talking to us. We offer a quality kitchen design, planning and installation service at extremely competitive prices and we are currently offering a free cooker or hob with kitchens booked before March 3. Call Fraser Langdon on 01275 849123.

Community News Clevedon Pilot Gig Club Shop Window Rowathon


owers from Clevedon Pilot Gig Club, along with volunteers from the Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat, staged a fundraising Rowathon on Hill Road, Clevedon and raised more than £1000 for club equipment and maintenance. The Spinning Weal hosted the event with rowers whizzing up and down on rowing machines in their shop windows to the surprise of many passers-by. Using two rowing machines, they each rowed for 30 minutes over a twelve hour period and people were invited to guess the total distance covered during the day. In addition, the Portishead and

Bristol Lifeboat received donations of £382.05 which will go towards the new boathouse which the RNLI are building for them in Portishead. Over the course of the day the rowers clocked up 305,505 metres and the person with the closest guess won a £100 cash prize. A great day was had by all and the club would like to thank all those who supported the event. Richard James, Gig Club secretary, said: “We were only too happy to put ourselves in the shop window and give much-needed local support to the Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat in return for all the magnificent help

10% Off with 4 or more windows

we have received in establishing our thriving Pilot Gig Club in Clevedon over the last few years. “The event was a great success for all involved and we are sure that it will be repeated in the future.”

We regularly help our patients with many of the following conditions Back & Neck Pain Joint pain Pain from Arthritis Sports Injuries Headaches Call for more info or appointments 01275 877339 110 Old Church Road, Clevedon

All our Winter SAle offerS noW end SAturdAy 19th februAry

At least 30% off harrisons & hypnos hand Made Pocket Sprungbeds and Mattresses available with plain or contrasting divans and fully coordinating headboards along with various storage options


Still time to start your resolutions! 10 days of gym, swimming and classes for ÂŁ10

Limited offer. Contact us today! Parish Wharf Leisure Centre Harbour Rd, Portishead BS20 7DD 01275 848494

Strode Leisure Centre Strode Road, Clevedon, BS21 6QG 01275 879242

Terms and conditions apply. Offer is available until 28th February 2014.


Operated by DC Leisure Management Ltd on behalf of North Somerset Council

Community News New store gets shoppers buzzing


ig, bright and beautiful is the motto of 3Beez, a new clothes shop in Clevedon Triangle that caters for ladies in larger sizes, from 16 to 30/32. It was set up by Clevedon resident Katie Bright, who designed and produced her own logo for the shop. The affordable clothing includes casual wear and more dressy pieces as well as briefs, waist slips and nightwear. Katie said: “As a big lady myself I was very frustrated at not being able to buy clothing in Clevedon so I decided to do something about it. “Together with my mum and sister we got the shop up and running in a couple of days and opened in December. “I also have my own hand-made ‘Katez Kraftz’ which feature in the shop, including jewellery, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, hair accessories, cards and gifts.” 3Beez is a change of direction for

Katie, who previously worked for 17 years as deputy housekeeper and then head housekeeper at the Walton Park Hotel. She is now following in the retail footsteps of her late father,

Michael Bright, and grandfather who ran furniture business M.Bright and Sons in Clevedon and Nailsea. 3Beez is open from Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-5pm.


NEW LADIES CLOTHING From sizes 16+ & Accessories ‘3 Beez’ 13 Old Street, Clevedon, BS21 6ND Contact: Kate Bright 07516 271013

Me at req cut t uire o y men our ts

Pork: local, free range all cuts available Lamb: legs, chops, shoulders From the farm when available Beef: locally sourced Free range local chicken, ducks: whole birds, breasts and portions Bacon, gammon joints & steaks Traditional home made faggots & sausages are our speciality Eggs: free range from our local supplier Local stockists of ‘Miles’ tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Long Ashton Golf Club Championship Course

A Truly Great Course Just Got Better Championship Course Completes £400,000 Greens Upgrade Widely recognised as having some of the best greens in the region, the upgrade now means that members and visitors will be able to play whatever the rainfall! A championship golf course, unrivalled facilities, excellent cuisine and the warmest of welcomes. All this and more awaits you, but dont just take our word for it... come and experience why everyone is talking about Long Ashton Golf Club. MEN’S FREE GOLF EVENT - Sun 2 March 1-4pm (see website for more info)

Contact us on 01275 392229 or visit:


Golden Years Drop-in day

their family and carers. If you have any questions, queries, or ge UK Somerset holds an Information and Advice ‘drop-in’ at need information or advice on any the Age UK shop in Clevedon Triangle topic, feel free to call in. Centre, Clevedon, every Thursday They also host the same ‘drop in’ from 10am-noon, for people over 60, day at Portishead Library, Harbour


Worcester Lodge


Road, Portishead, from 10am till 12 noon on the first Tuesday of each month too. For more details ring 0845 643 4621 or email

Bristol Recliners

“Helping to make life comfortable” orcester Lodge, 30-32 Castle Road, Walton-St-Mary, Clevedon, is a residential care home which specialises in dementia care. • Large Range Of New Rise & Recline Chairs They recognise a person with dementia is first and foremost a person with a rich history of • 2nd Hand Chairs In Stock experiences, abilities, skills, knowledge, desires (All Excellent Condition) and personality. • 100s Of Fabrics & Carers work with residents and their families Leather to create detailed care plans that encompass • 5 Year Warranty every aspect of well being to ensure individual • Repairs health and care needs are continually met. Undertaken All residents have detailed care plans which SPECIAL OFFER are completed with the help of residents, £400 trade in family and friends and they are used daily to help maintain the identity and on all old chairs when buying dignity of the person as the dementia progresses. new They offer residential care within the warm safe and friendly surroundings of Contact Mike Roberts Clevedon Worcester Lodge with 24 hour personal support care provided by well trained 0845 4740023 Or 07838 893037 caring staff and two dedicated activities co-ordinators who arrange a variety of activities. Visitors are welcome at any time. Meals are homely and freshly cooked by our Three & Four Wheeled Walkers from £59 chefs and all diets Lightweight Wheelchairs from £175 and preferences catered for. Bath Lifts from £375 Telephone 01275 Rise & Recliner Chairs from £595 874031 or email Stairlifts from £1395 worcestergarden@ Respite Scooters (New) from £595 and day care is Electric Wheelchairs from £995 also provided.

Mobility Equipment

Scooters Serviced & Repaired Cosyfeet Slippers & Shoes

0% Finance on Selected Scooters

6 Pages Court, High Street, Yatton, BS49 4EG If you cannot get to us we are happy to come to you!

Tel: 01934 838363



Golden Years Wiltshire Farm Foods win customer service award

Portbury based franchise that supplies home-delivered ready meals, has won the chain’s customer service award. The Wiltshire Farm Foods team received their award from comedy legend Ronnie Corbett CBE at a ceremony held at the Four Pillars Hotel, Wootton-under-Edge. The franchise has been delivering to customers in and around the Bristol area for 20 years . Sales and marketing director Robbie Pender said: “This is recognition for all our efforts in providing our customers with the service we feel they rightly deserve.

“We are always striving to find new ways to improve our service and to be acknowledged in this way is very rewarding.” The franchise came top out of 73 Wiltshire Farm Foods businesses. Many of the firm’s customers are older or less mobile people who cannot get to the shops so easily, or just people who don’t have

the time to prepare home-cooked meals but want something fresher than a supermarket ready meal.



Internet prices on all new and used   scooters

  We now stock a large range of Rise & Recliner chairs available from £450.00   Contact: Steve or Nickala 01275 857551

260 tasty meals delivered to your door. (Not all at once, that would be greedy!) Chicken & Vegetable Casserole £2.95

We offer a choice of 260 delicious, nutritious meals. All are delivered frozen by your driver, ready to store in your freezer and cook in minutes. Simply take a look at our FREE brochure and order over the phone or online. Mealtimes taken care of - what could be easier?




For your FREE brochure call

of great service

0800 066 3366 or shop online at


Child's Play

Childm inde Mon rs Group 9:30-1days Cleve don C 1:30 h Cen ildren’s The B tre Great arn, W 07845estern Roa 10678 d 7 Happ y Fac mu es (Todd 9.30a ms/carers lers & ), m–1 Thur 1 time, sdays dur .00am Chris 0-school ing term ag tad Coler elphian e. Free. Ch id North ge Vale R urch, o , 0127 Clevedon ad 5 50p p 373423. . er ch ild.

ic Clin aby arn) isiting B l l We The B alth V 14 ( He 855 nity 5 8 mu 0127 s 1-3pmCentre m o m C Tea sday ren’s Tue Childarn, ad n edo The B tern Ro Clev es at W Gre

Busy Bees p, Toddler Grou Fridays from at n 10.30am-nooch Hall ur Greyfriars Che Hill. rin Ma on years. Children 0+4 ily. £1 per fam

+ Playcarer / ply Sim parent Barn. n he . Ope dler. T.45pm each tod .15-2 0p for d. 1 us 5 chil 0 pl onal th £2.0additi ie Smi 90. Ann 5 3439 7 012

St Nic hola High Out of Sc s Chantr h dale Aven ool Club y is op en ev ue, Cle , e vedo r y ho p child rimary ag liday for n, ren (4 ed any s 11) fro m ch For fu 8am-6 ool. p r t h conta er deta m. ct 07 il 5390 s please 8641 2.

Roundabouts Pre-School Southey Road Clevedon BS21 6NY

We provide quality care and a play based approach to learning for children aged between 2-5 years • • • • •

Qualified and experienced staff Free 15 hours government funded sessions available for children aged 3 and 4 (eligible the term after their 3rd birthday) T TABLE O Open 9.15am - 3.45pm, Monday - Friday Sa P SAL E turda (term time only) y Marc 22 nd Safe, secure and caring environment h 10am –1pm Lunch club sessions available For more information, to request a prospectus or to arrange a viewing, please contact Sam Perry on 01275 343924 (term time only) or 07921452973 Email: or visit our website


arn) he B p (T arents e e rp yP . Bab roup fo abies. ments g nd b fresh ad a r re e t S nly) p fo Jackie king O t 50 Cos ontact 40 (Boo0-10:30 tre C 264 Cen 9:3 ays ren’s 34 4 019 Thursd Child rn, n ad a edo The B ern Ro Clev est W t a Gre

Chris tchur ch T Chris oddler G Friday Frida tchurch C roup, ys h time 10 - 11.3 apel Hill, 0am only £1.50 ) £1 one (term Age r per fam child ang ily 0127 e 0-4 yea 5 872 r 934 s

Chris tchur ch T T Chris oddler G hursday ro tchur ch Ch up, Thur s (term day 10 - apel Hill, child time on 11.30am , £1.5 ly) £1 rang 0 per fam one e0-4 ily Ag e 0750 y 4 395 ears 349

cks g Ja , pin roup t Jum dler G thodis Tod Rd Me Hall m. a n h Ken Churc -11.30ly. n 10 ’s. ays time o, 0 to 5 d i r F erm ion 131. T sess 19 4 er 89 £1 pel. 079 T

Active Tots 1st Clevedon Scout Hut, Great Western Road Tuesday: 10:00am - 11:30am

Children’s creative writing award


levedon Community Bookshop is launching its first Children’s Creative Writing Award for primary school children local to Clevedon and the surrounding areas in years 5 and 6. The competition will run from Friday, February 14 to the closing date on Friday, March 14 and there are two themes you can enter. Theme one is ‘When I am Famous’ and Theme 2 is ‘Setting Off.’ There is a 600 word guideline, it must be your own work, entries can either be handwritten or word processed and presentation and spelling will be taken into account but the creative writing content is more important. Prizes for each theme are £25 for the winner plus a £20 Bookshop token, second places will receive £15 plus a £10 Bookshop token and third places get £10 plus a £5 Bookshop token. The final will be judged by Linda Knott, retired secondary school English teacher; Angela Everitt, currently undertaking an MPhil in Writing; and Rob Johnson, retired secondary school English teacher. Adrianne Fitzpatrick a local freelance children’s book editor and writer has agreed to award the prizes. Forms can be picked up at the shop in Copse Road or emailed via

Youth Quiz and music night raises money for youth centre


tudents from the Clevedon Rock Project took part in a quiz and music night to raise money for Portishead Youth Centre. The evening, organised by the Rock Project, was a great success and raised £227 for the centre. Parents and friends took part in the quiz in 14 teams and the winning team was awarded bottles of wine for each member. In between rounds, students had the opportunity to perform some songs they had been learning recently.

For more information about joining contact them on 01275 265226, or visit therockprojectnorthsomerset.

Half term holiday sports days G ordano Sports Centre, based at Gordano School in Portishead has a fantastic half term program for children. They can enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities led by a team of dedicated sports staff. With places limited booking early is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Six Nations Rugby Camp for

6-11-year-old take place Monday and Tuesday, February 17 and 18 from 10am-3pm at £12 for one day or £20 for both days. A variety of sporting activities and games are on offer in the Sports Zone for 6-11-year-olds on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, February 19, 20 and 21, from 10am-3pm and its £12 per day or £30 for all three.

Bristol City Football Camp for 6-11-year-olds is on Monday, February 17- Friday, February 21 from 10am-3pm at £15 a day, £40 for three days or £60 for all five. For a copy of the latest brochure from the sports centre, which includes special offers and details of all school holiday activities, just leave your name and full postal address on the answer machine 01275 843942. A copy will then be sent out in the post to you.

February Half Term Activities Programme Date


17th &18th February



6 nations £12 or 2 days rugby camp for £20


6 – 11


19th,20th & 21st February


Sports Zone £12 a day or 3 for £30

6 – 11

17th to 21st February inclusive


Bristol City £15 a day, Football £40 for 3 Camp days, £60 for 4days +

6 – 11

For a copy of our brochure which includes special offers and details of all half term and school holiday activities please leave your name and full postal address on our answer machine 01275 843942. We will then send a copy out in the post to you.

For all bookings please call 01275 843942 or email enquiries


Shop Locally Ethel’s Case


and jewellery at excellent prices and with stock changing daily, Ethel’s Case provides a convenient alternative to stressful out-of-town shopping trips with the kids.

You can also find children’s accessories, fancy dress, sportswear

Ethel’s Case pays cash for excellent quality, pre-owned children’s clothing. Make sure that all items are freshly

recent addition to Clevedon’s Triangle, Ethel’s Case sells new and quality pre-owned children’s clothing for 1-13 year olds.

washed and ironed and free from stains, holes and notable wear and all zips, buttons and fastenings should be in a good working order. The items of clothing will be placed in the shop for up to four weeks and at the end of that time you collect your money and/or any unsold items.

New pet shop and more


et Store and Bargain Goods is a new shop on Old Street, Clevedon which sells all kinds of pet foods, accessories and some household goods, including small second hand furniture. They sell loose foods as well as pre-packed, with no quantity too small, and all at competitive prices and cater for dogs, cats, fish, birds and small animals. The shop can also source your needs for various other pet foods. Another great feature is that they offer a free local delivery service in the Clevedon area. Pet Store and Bargain Goods opens on Monday and Tuesday from 9am-5.30pm, Wednesday from 9am-1pm and Thursday to Saturday from 9am-5.30pm. Please contact Carol Kite for more information on 07810262329 or email carol.

Now Open



Love Is In The Air Love is in the air this month thanks to Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 14. It’s a day when many of us will be presenting our loved ones with chocolates, flowers and gifts to celebrate. There will be many couples who are thinking of, or making plans to, get married. So whether you want to lavish that special person in your life with a gift, or plan your perfect wedding day, read our feature for some great ideas.

Getting it right this Valentine’s


e all like to think that we are reasonably good in the romance department, but Valentine’s Day can be a make or break time. And unfortunately lovers remember disappointing V-Days forever. No pressure then! Like your birthday and New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day can be another way of judging the state of your relationship. Some of you will get gooey cards and flowers. Some of you will get blank stares and comments like “Valentine’s Day? You’re kidding!.” So for the sake of your relationships – let’s see how Present Company can help you out. Valentine’s Day can be

By Julie Bisacre of Present Company

a panicky time of year and we would like to take the panic away and help you choose affordable, fun and loving gifts. Traditionally women love the surprises they receive on Valentine’s Day whereas men find it more challenging to remember that this is a day where they need to take action. So for all of you out there – here are a few ideas: For a romantic setting try buying a themed candle to create the right ambience for the evening ahead. The reward later will definitely be worth it. Bomb Cosmetics have naturally scented candles in tins at £7.99 which say just the right thing.

For a personal touch which really shows you love her Swarovski have gorgeous heart pendants – which are handmade at Present Company and come in a range of colours and sizes from £19.99 Men – are notoriously difficult to buy for, so you could make him a special cake which might be part of a Valentines meal. Using a heart shaped cake pan from our kitchen department you could make a tasty start to a great day – and so much cheaper than going out for dinner! And whatever you do – don’t forget the card. For a non slushy approach Holy Mackerel make a clear statement without getting too gooey. Pop in to Present Company for hundreds of more ideas, where they can advise you and even wrap it all up prettily. You can also visit

Get it Right This Valentine's

Gorgeous candles only £7.99

Heart shaped pans for baking romantic cakes from £5

Swarovski Heart Pendants from £19.99

Milford heart £9,99

For lots of ideas visit our shop in Queen's Square or our website 2 Station Road, Clevedon, BS21 6NH. 01275 544232 E:


Love is in the Air Make Up by Ami


mi Pettifor Smith is a mobile professional make-up Artist based in Portishead and is passionate about making women look and feel beautiful on their wedding day, a special occasion, party or in going about their everyday lives. She started her business

Modern and elegant cakes for all occasions from tiered wedding cakes to children's birthday cakes. I also can provide fun and pretty cupcakes. Tel: 01275 545576 Mob: 07795 214116 E-mail:

Sweet Tables for hire Bridesmaid’s dresses and accessories Bonbonieres in every shape, colour and design Table games to keep gue guests entertained

Visit us at Partysmartys, Colliers Walk, Crown Glass Shopping Centre, Nailsea Telephone: 01275 818 971


last year when she decided to swap full time corporate life in human resources, for a job that enabled her to be

close to her one true love – make-up. Ami said: “I am experienced in working with women from all walks of life whose aim is to feel beautiful. The reason I love my job is because I enable them to feel that way about themselves. “I love helping women to discover what make up suits their skin type, colouring and overall style, providing advice on how to do this, is what I do best’. Ami’s website is currently under review but you can find examples of her work on Facebook by searching Ami Pettifor Smith Make-Up Artist. Alternatively you can email her at or call on 07934 481705.

Love is in the Air Tantalising Valentine treats


alentine’s Day provides the perfect excuse to indulge the one you love and a visit to Indulgence on Hill Road, Clevedon is a must. Seduce your tastebuds with their vast range of luxury Belgian chocolates, including champagne truffles, salted caramels and cherries in brandy. Choose your own selection and have it beautifully packaged while you wait, or a box of their pre-selected treats never disappoint. As many locals know, a wide range of other temptations are also on offer,

including chocolate shoes, heart shaped lollies, sweets, marshmallows and their ever popular fudge. In addition to all their delicious treats, don’t forget Indulgence also specialise in wedding favours, cakes and decorative party accessories. They pride themselves on their personal service and are always happy to chat about your celebrations. To keep up to date with all their news, find them on Facebook under Indulgence chocolates.

Walton Park – A

first choice wedding venue


ith its stunning cliff side location, impressive range of banqueting suites, garden complete with sea views and award winning chefs, the Best Western Walton Park Hotel in Clevedon is the ideal location for your wedding. The in-house wedding co-ordinator can help you organise your special day, and with a choice of complimentary four poster honeymoon suites available for your first night together, it is the perfect package. It costs just £2,200 for the whole day, based on 50 guests for the day and 50 guests for the evening, and the price includes room hire, three course meal and coffee, drinks on arrival, and evening finger buffet and disco. For more details telephone 01275 874253 or email info@

Rich the Goldsmith WEDDING RINGS Order from our Website cheaper than Amazon

Or view, try, buy in store 8 The Triangle, Clevedon Tel: 01275 878833

 Beautiful favours Cakes and decorations Wedding & Party accessories 12a Hill Road Clevedon, BS21 7NZ Contact: 01275 878978


Love is in the Air


Get the right wedding photographer

hoosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. If you get the right person then you will get pictures you’ll cherish forever and they will look great around your home. Jacky Badenhorst is a professional photographer with seven years experience. Jacky documents your whole wedding day, from getting ready, the ceremony and those stolen looks between the two of you, the family and the party afterwards. The best wedding photographers have an eye to see a photograph in their head before they take it so for your big day telephone Jacky Badenhorst Photography on 07793 046953 or visit www.

Coming to 12 Hill Road

Badly fitting bras can cause health problems


outique Burlesque comes to Betty Jones Beauty, 12 Hill Road, from Saturday, February 1. Experts estimate that 85 per cent of women are wearing the wrong size Bra, almost 9 out of 10 ladies. Not only do you look a dress size smaller in a correctly fitting Bra, but you can also avoid a variety of Health Issues including; back, breast, neck, shoulder pain, headaches and poor posture. If your wire (cup size) is too tight, it can block drainage from the lymph nodes in your armpit area around the breast. Your lymph drainage system is the primary way for your body to flush out toxins. When toxins cannot be released, they stay stagnant in the body, reducing your immune system, making you feel lethargic, bloated and generally unwell. At Boutique Burlesque, we are professionally trained Bra Fitters, providing you with a FREE fitting service. Sizing from 28AAA to 44K, we document your sizes and your own personal ‘wish list Gift vouchers are available from £5 upwards, which includes a free fitting, making it a great present for that someone special this Valentine’s Day.


Betty Jones Beauty open for business from sat 1st Feb

We are having an official open day with a glass of bubbly and nibbles on 7th February with an open day 20% discount – come in and meet us FREE New Five Point Fitting Service FREE Gift Wrapping GIFT VOUCHERS available £5 upwards (which includes a free fitting) a great present for someone special We are also specialist trained in fitting for first bra’s, pregnancy, feeding, post op, mastectomy and other problem areas

Visit our Web Site : Email: Many makes of Lingerie available, including: Freya, Fantasie, b.tempt’d, Wonderbra, Panache, Cleo, Masquerade, Royce, Anita, Chantelle, Pour Moi?, Sculptress, Bassoni and Wacoal. Also selling Livante and Jonathon Aston Hosiery and Miraclesuit Swimwear

What's On Winterfest takes centre stage


female fronted punk rock band Dive; Balkan inspired original folk from M.O.D; and Bristol singer-songwriter Vanessa Hartley.

levedon’s 2014 live music year kicks off in style on Saturday, February 1 with Winterfest and it’s a great way of shrugging off the postChristmas and New Year blues.

Winterfest is organised by Marlens, the local community organisation devoted to the restoration and renovation of Clevedon’s seafront and all proceeds from the day will go towards funding the main Marlens Festival held on the Salthouse Fields every September. Advance tickets are £4 and available from the Clevedon Community Centre office or by visiting www. clevedoncommunitycentre. Once you have a ticket you can come and go as your favourite local and visiting bands tune-up and let go.

The all day indoor music festival takes place in the Princes Hall, Clevedon Community Centre, and will feature a whole 12 hours of music, running from middaymidnight. The event, which has been running for three years, will showcase 18 up-and-coming musical acts from the area across two stages and you will hear everything from soul to reggae, folk to hip hop, ska to prog punk, acoustic to pop and many other styles too.

For a comprehensive stage line up and times visit Winterfest’s Facebook page at

Acorn Skip Hire

Stage One will include the likes of Clevedon’s very own skate punk band Mr Zippy and their high energy live show; Footloose with Thin Lizzy and classic rock covers; Jimi Bessant and Wilf Kite, featuring the former guitarist of Clevedon rock legends The Harley Street Hookers; and some wonky new wave blues from Annette Berlin. Stage Two will feature the likes of Trailer Park, with their saxophone driven rock and roll;

Hedge Trimming, Grass Cutting/Lawn Management Planting Schemes/Plant Advice, Weeding Shrub & Tree Pruning, Garden Tidying, Fruit Tree Pruning Soil Improvement, Patio & Deck Cleaning & Much More

We have a wide variety of skips for both domestic and commercial use. Competitive pricing, fast, friendly and efficient service.


• • •

01275 877701

Garden Design, Garden Clearance, Fencing (Erection & Painting), Decking Build/Re-conditioning, Shed Build & Re-felting, Turrng, Paving, Grow Your Own (e.g. Raised Bed Creation, Polytunnel Build, Fruit Tree, Veg/Fruit Advice

Tel. 07712 297749

Web: Email:

Historic Stores Farm Museum New Acorn’s Cafe:

Daily Specials Extensive Homemade, Locally Sourced Menu Family Friendly Wheelchair & Pushchair Access

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 4:30pm Tel. 01275 375 236

Oakham Farm, Portbury Lane, Portbury, Bristol, BS20 7SP


What's on Clevedon Music Club 2014


he Dorian String Quartet makes a welcome return to the Clevedon Music Club on Tuesday, February 18 at 7.30pm in the Teignmouth Room of the Community Centre, Princes Road, Clevedon. They will play quartets by Haydn and Ravel, and Mozart’s String Quintet in G minor. Admission is £7 and visitors are always welcome.

Coffee morning at bookshop’s internet shop


levedon Community Bookshop is looking to expand its volunteer team of internet sellers and is holding a coffee morning for anyone interested in joining the team. It will be held on Wednesday, February 5 at 10.30am at 1A Woodlands Road, off the small courtyard behind Lindleys Solicitors, on your right as you walk down to BikeStyle with Stafford Garage on your left. Other events in the bookshop this month include an evening of poetry and art presented by local novelist and poet Deborah Harvey and artist Dru Marland on Wednesday, February 5 from 7pm for 7.30pm. Tickets are £7 including tapas, wine or soft drink. Then on Monday, February 24 from 7.30pm Paul Watkins will present The Taming the Beast and Godfrey Place VC and the attack on the Tiripitz. Tickets are £3.50 including teas and coffees. Tickets and entry forms are available in the bookshop, from 01275 218318 and enquiries@clevedon community


What's on


Women’s Day of Refreshment

hristchurch, 10 Coleridge Road, Clevedon is hosting a day of joyful worship, contemplative prayer and the opportunity to hear two inspirational speakers from Cornerstone Church in Swansea. Whatever your views on faith you can attend and consider how to live life to the full in the fullness of God. There will be time for refreshments, fellowship and shopping as there will be several stalls selling books, jewellery, candles and fair trade goods. The day starts at 10am on Saturday, February 8 and finishes around 4pm. Tickets are £10 from or from Deb Tovey on 01275 879983, it’s bring your own lunch and registration closes on Sunday, January 19.


Pirates of Penzance

levedon Gilbert and Sullivan Society will be performing one of the most popular of the Gilbert and Sullivan musical comedies this month. Pirates of Penzance will be on from Wednesday, February 19-Saturday, February 22 at the Community Centre, Princes Road, Clevedon. The show will take place at 7.30pm and tickets are £9, concessions £8, under 18s £5 and available from Souk, The Triangle, Clevedon, Roger Carroll on 01275 874651 or Clevedon Community Centre 01275 873405.

Friday 28th February Annual General Meeting 8pm in the Somerset Suite * * * * *

Consti Quiz

Sunday 2nd February 2014 8pm in the Millennium Lounge Free entry to all Token prizes for winning teams * * * * *

Consti Bingo

Tuesday 11th and 25th February 2014 7:30pm in the Millennium Lounge Six games of Bingo for only £6.00 Why not bring a friend Join in with the Flyer and winner takes all * * * * *

Consti Social Dancing Saturday 8th February 2014 with Mark Helmore Saturday 22nd February 2014 with Mark Helmore * * * * *

House Party

Saturday 22nd February 2014 Music and entertainment in the Millennium Lounge from

‘Kris and Jerry’

in the Millennium Lounge from 3pm Free entry Burgers and hot dogs only £1.50 each

Guests with Members most welcome * * * * *

Valentines Dinner Dance Friday 14th February 2014 7pm for 7:30pm Three course dinner with entertainment and music for dancing from Morpheus Tickets only £17.50 each Available from the door staff * * * * * FUNCTION ROOM, MEETING ROOM AND ALLEY AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE HIRE TWITTER/@CLEVEDONCONSTI FACEBOOK/THECONSTI

Clevedon Conservative Club 2 Kenn Road, Clevedon, Somerset, BS21 6EL Telephone 01275 872834 Email : Website :


Food & Drink Floral design show comes to Backwell in support of WaterAid


floristry training school has launched a unique African-inspired floral show to raise money for international charity WaterAid and it is coming to Backwell. The show will be visiting Backwell School Theatre on Wednesday, March 12. The Academy of Floral Art set up the creative project called WELL COOL Floral Design Show with the aim of raising £5,000 to help transform lives in some of the world’s poorest communities with clean, safe water and improved sanitation. The first show raised £1900. The show, which is a completely new concept, will see some of the UK’s most qualified florists perform floral demonstrations. Tina Parkes, from the Academy, said: “We are so pleased with the response we have had so far and look forward to the show at Backwell School.” The show will start at 7pm. Tickets are £10 from www.academyoffloralart. com or locally from Bespoke Blooms by emailing kathryn@




here’s nothing like going for a meal out It’s one of the great pleasures in life. It can mean a night off from having to cook, a night out and can be shared with all the family. Here at Clevedon Living we want to help, so we have once again teamed up with Gordano Gate Brewers Fayre in Wyndham Way, Portishead to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a meal for a family of four. See the full the menu at All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a meal for a family of four is answer the following question: What date is Valentine’s Day? Is it.... a) February 7 b) February 14 c) February 21 Send your answers to Gordano Media, A &W Buildings, Newfoundland Way, Portishead, BS20 7DF. The closing date is Wednesday, February 12. The first correct entry pulled out after that date will win. Terms and Conditions:

The prize is a meal for a family of four (1 course for 2 adults 2 children) redeemed against our main, snack or buffet menu excluding drinks and our festive menu. Valid for six months from receipt.


Great Food, Great Wine, Great Entertainment

£5 OFF MEAL FOR 4* on a Saturday Night. Simply cut out this voucher & present this to the staff at the counter to receive your discount. T & C’s apply. Not to be used against any other offer. *valid when 4 or more people are eating 4 meals from the menu.


Fabulous Tribute Acts and Famous Faces....Watch this Space!

Tel. 01275 873433

Email: Web:


Follow us on Twitter @Drum_kenn for forthcoming events and special offers



Located at 9-10 The Triangle, Clevedon Telephone: 01275 877745

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm Changing Lives was created to fundraise for Alabare Christian Care and Crisis Centre Ministries and profits are donated back to these charities and enable them to fund projects. Alabaré Christian Care and Support,, is a regional charity that works with homeless and vulnerable people across the South West and funds raised through Changing Lives go to Andrew House in Clevedon, a supported housing project for men recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Crisis Centre Ministries is a Christian charity that helps the homeless and people affected by drugaddiction in Bristol and surrounding areas. They do this by running four main projects and for further information visit Changing Lives accepts – All types of furniture (upholstered furniture must have a fire regulations label). White goods/electrical items Books/clothes/bric-a-brac We can also arrange collections, deliveries and house clearances – Collections – No charge for collection unless goods are unsaleable, when a charge is made for removal and disposal. Deliveries - £10 locally. Prices vary for other areas. House clearances – Prices vary – Individual quotes are given.

Changing Lives Clevedon

Changing Lives Nailsea

9 – 10 Clevedon Triangle Centre, BS21 6HX

10 Clevedon Walk, BS48 1RS

Telephone 01275 877745

Telephone 01275 851041

Changing Lives Warehouse 2a Kimberley Rd, Clevedon, BS21 6QD Telephone 01275 878871

They accept a large variety of items including electrical, furniture (sofas and mattresses must have a fire safety label), books, clothes and textiles.

To donate, please call in or telephone the shop and larger items can be collected.


Health & Beauty Suffering New Year Blues?

Your Relationship needs a Health Check


Foot Health Practitioner Home Visits Nails Cutting Corns and Callus Routine Foot Care Kim Shepherd RGN SAC Dip FHP Telephone 07865 057044 for appointment

he New Year is the time to blow away the cobwebs and make a fresh start, and now January has finished it’s now the time to give it a real go. Commit to making 2014 a different year by considering giving your relationship an MOT by downloading the ‘Relationship Health Check’ on www. clevedoncounselling. and have fun reviewing your relationship. Is it in good working order and running smoothly? Does it need a tune up? Are emergency repairs needed? Contact Paul Welcomme, for a ‘tune up or repairs’ on 0774 829 5253 or and daytime and evening appointments are available in Clevedon. You can also learn to manage stress, relieve depression, develop more confidence and make this year more fulfilling for you and your family.

WEDNESDAYS - 10am 2nd Scout Hall, Coleridge Vale Road North 'Behind Christadelphian Church WEDNESDAYS - 5pm & 7pm Conservative Club, Kenn Road 5.00 pm & 7.00 pm Both with An Angela - 01275 849638 MONDAYS - 7.30pm & THURSDAYS - 7.30pm Christchurch, (corner of Chapel Hill) High Dale Road MAIN HALL 7.30pm With Pauline - 07808 612899


Health & Fitness Exercise of the Month: Upright Rows By: Matt Bembridge, AKA Gym Professor


very month top personal trainer Matt Bembridge, AKA Gym Professor, provides an exercise of the month for readers to try. This month he talks us through Upright Rows.

The Trapezius muscle group derives its name from its trapezium-like shape; the corners being the insertion points at the neck, the shoulders, and the thoracic vertebra. The mid-fibres (running between the shoulders) are primarily responsible for elevation of the shoulders and can be worked during exercises such as Stiff-Arm Circles (covered previously), High Pulls, Shrugs, and Upright Rows. This month, we look at Upright Rows, which can be performed with pulleys, bands, barbells, smith machine, or dumbbells. Here, we demonstrate with dumbbells: 1) Select a sensible weight and assume the Start-Position, bending your elbows ever-so-slightly, taking the strain onto your arms.

the shoulder complex during dayto-day tasks, whether picking something up, holding a baby, or carrying the shopping. Relating to START POSITION MID POSITION exercising are all addressed in a 10 minute the trapezius video prepared by Matt, AKA the muscle group, two common Gym Professor, at his free-onlinequestions are “Will I get big traps?” resource (asked by women) and “Why do people that miss-use steroids develop or directly by scanning the QR code. You can also big traps?”. follow Matt Simply put, there are more androgen on Facebook receptors in this area. The main source or Twitter by of androgens in the body is the testes, searching therefore, significant development of “GymProfessor”. the trapezius is a male characteristic.

3) Lower the weight slowly to the Start-Position, ensuring you do not lock out your elbows, and repeat.

The further introduction of a synthetic male hormone, steroid use, can lead to disproportionate development in the trapezius muscle group and, to a slightly lesser extent, the deltoids (shoulders).

Upright Rows are an exercise suitable for all and, performed regularly, will serve to improve the strength and function of elevating and supporting

The above subject/s, exercise examples, and further questions,

2) Inhale and, then, exhale as you pull the weight close up the front of your body, ensuring your elbows remain higher than your hands. MidPosition.

arbourside ypnotherapy Specialising in:

Sleep problems, Stress and Anxiety Depression, Panic AAacks, Weight Management, Stop Smoking

07584 035873

Weston super Mare and Portishead


Home & Garden Gardeners’Club February meetings


levedon Gardeners’ Club has two meetings this coming month, both held at Clevedon Community Centre in Princes Road at 7.30pm. On Monday, February 10 Nick Wray will talk about The Developments in Bristol’s Botanic Garden, and on Monday, February 24 Jen Ellington’s topic will be Exotic Planting.

Avrils Fencing Timber Products

AVRILS is a new company selling Fencing and Timber Products, we have 18 years experience in the Timber and Fencing trade. We stock goods to suit the Trade and DIY, from your budding gardeners and Landscapers to Farmers and Equestrian. Good quality products at Trade prices and a Delivery service in the North Somerset areas. DIY We have a large stock of Decorative Panels and Trellis along with a treated heavy duty panels. Carpet Technicians friendly reliable service. Carpet Pressure Dry Posts and Treated Timbers to create your Garden Ideas, with sleepers in 30 minutes. NO Soiling or Residue - Fully Insured for raised beds. We have Gates, Arches, Decking, Shiplap and some unusual Furniture to compliment your creations. If you should require a tradesman to do your work we can Three rooms for £60recommend or someone to suit the job The whole house from required. £99 Trade Our Heavy Duty Panels are of superb quality and are fully pressure For alternative services do not hesitate to call. treated with battens both sides. Our

Reliant Carpet And Upholstery Cleaners Carpet Cleaners You Can Rely on


Call 07974 205405 or 07890 424155 Avrils

posts are redwood and either 2ex or side of house, an entrance, eld or 4ex log to minimise splits. Featheredge a pair for the driveway. Softwood or Panels and Boards for closeboard hardwood and these can also be fencing. Good quality Redwood made to order. Decking with Structural treated New in Stock timbers for your building needs. There’s always something new Farmers and Equestrian at Avril’s. New in stock this month A selection of Cundy Peeled or you will nd decking components to machined Stakes and Rails are held compliment the lSOmm x 32mm in stock along with Stock Fence and quality redwood decking. They have Barbed Wire. newels with nished tops, spindles and We also hold 150mm x 22mm handrails along with various sizes of Yorkshire Boarding, Post and Rail. treated timberfor bearers. Sheds You will also nd in stock, used Avril’s Fencing and Timber railways sleepers for features in the Products provides good quality sheds garden as well as a square softwood in standard sizes or made to order. section, plus Cundy peeled and Various styles are available which machined half/round stakes and rails. ƒ come in weatherboard or tongue and grooved. Field shelters and stables are also available to order. AVRILS is a sheet new company selling posts are redwo Avril’s has tanalised claddings, Timber We Products, 4ex log to minim deliver inwe the surrounding materials, timbersFencing and felt,and to enable have 18 shed yearsor ifexperience the except Panelscard and Bo areas andin now you to refresh an existing payments. There are new Good Timber Fencing trade. fencing. you prefer to build yourand own. products coming in every week, We stock goods to suit the Decking with Gates what’s new There is a large Trade range and of gates DIY, tofromcheck your out budding timbers for your at choose from, whether it isand forLandscapers the gardeners to Farmers Farmers and E

Avrils Fencing Timber Pr

Gardening in February

Fencing Timber Products

and Equestrian. A selection o Good quality products at Trade machined Stakes pringselling is in sight asredwood the year quickly February, AVRILS is a new company posts are and either ormoves side ofinto house, an entrance, eld o prices and 2ex a Delivery service in the in stock along w Fencing and Timber Products, we 4ex log to minimise splits. Featheredge a pair for waking the driveway. North Somerset Barbed Wire. o with bulbs appearing and birds andareas. wildlife upSoftwood have 18 years experience in the Panels and BoardsDIY for closeboard hardwood and these We can also also hol b temperatures on after the darkerYorkshire Boardi Timber and Fencingwith trade. light and fencing. Good quality Redwood made to order. We the have arise large stock of Decorative We stock goods to suit the Decking with Structural treated Stocka Panels and Trellis New alongin with Sheds winter months. Trade and DIY, from your budding timbers for your building needs. always something new Pressure treated heavy There’s duty panels. Avril’s Fenc gardeners and Landscapers to Farmers Farmers and Equestrian at Avril’s. New in stock this provide mont Posts and TreatedisTimbers to to create Products To prepare for the season ahead there plenty do both and Equestrian. A selection of Cundy Peeled or will sleepers nd deckingin components to your Garden Ideas,you with standard sizes indoors and out. Good quality products at Trade machined Stakes and are beds. held We compliment the lSOmm 32mm for Rails raised have Gates, Various xstyles prices and a Delivery service in the in stock along with Arches, Stock Fence and Shiplap qualityand redwood They hav Decking, some decking. come in weather North Somerset areas. Barbed Wire. preparing newels with nished tops, spindles Jobs this month include vegetable seed beds, unusual Furniture to compliment grooved. Fieldan sh DIY We also hold 150mm x 22mm handrails along withalso various sizesto oo your creations. If you should require available and sowing some vegetables under cover,treated cutting back We have a large stock of Decorative Yorkshire Boarding, Post and do your a tradesman worktimberfor we can bearers. Avril’s has tan deciduous Delivery service available throughout North Somerset Panels and Trellis along a Sheds You will also in stock, use recommend someone to suit the job ndmaterials, timber OPENwith Pressure treated heavy duty panels. Avril’s Fencing required. and Timber railways sleepers left foryou features in th MON-FRI to refresh grasses Whitehouse Farm,provides Davisgood Lane, BS21 Posts and Treated Timbers to create Products qualityClevedon sheds garden as well6TG as a you square softwoo 8.00-5.00PM Trade prefer to b uncut SAT sleepers in standard sizes or made your Garden Ideas, with order. plus ofover Cundy peeled an Our to Heavy Dutysection, Panels are Gates Tel: 01275 400155 oravailable Mob: 07805 876172 8.30-2.00PM for raised beds. We have Gates, Various styles are superb which machined half/round stakes quality and are fullythe pressure is a rails. largeƒ winterThere andand Arches, Decking, Shiplap and some come in weatherboard or tongue and Opening Times: Mon - Fri 8amtreated - 5.30pm & both Sat netting 8.30am 4pmfrom, w with battens sides. Our -choose fruit unusual Furniture to compliment grooved. Field shelters and stables are Email: your creations. If you should require available to TREATED order. and vegetable HEAVY DUTYalso PRESSURE PANELS a tradesman to do your work we can Avril’s has tanalised claddings, sheet crops to keep recommend someone to suit the job materials, timbers and felt, to enable We deliver in the surrounding and birds now except off. card required. you to refresh an existing shed or if areasthe payments. There are new Trade you prefer to build your own. products coming in Our Heavy Duty Panels are of Gates February isevery week, superb quality and are fully pressure There is a large range of gates to check out what’s new also a month treated with battens both sides. Our choose from, whether it is for the at


Avril’s Fencing and Timber Products Heavy Duty and Decorative Fencing Trellis, Gates, Arches, Decking, Garden Furniture, Trade Prices S, ST LS & S PO NE PER PA LEE S



JUST OUT OF TOWN FOR FEATHERED TREATED for pruning, 90 Whatsonbristol • September THE 2012 BEST EDGE FENCING TIMBERS an including PANELS Avril’s Fencing Whatsonbristol_September2012.indd 90 24/08/2012 1 AROUND Heavy Dutywisteria, and Decorat conservatory

Arches, Decking, climbers, Garde

winter- available Delivery service Davis that Avril’s SEE Fencing and Timbershrubs Products OUR WEBSITE FOR THE FULL RANGE Tel:have 01275 400155 o finished Heavy Duty andWWW.AVRILSFENCING.CO.UK Decorative Fencing Trellis, Gates, flowering and Times: Mon - Fri 8am Whitehouse Farm, Davis lane, Clevedon, Opening BS21 6TG Arches, Decking, Furniture, Trade evergreenPrices (laneGarden @ rear of stadium) Email: OR CONTACT AVRIL ON 01275 400155 hedges. Delivery service available throughout North Somerset Whitehouse Farm, Davis Lane, Clevedon BS21 6TG DECORATIVE PANELS



SHEDS, SUMMERHOUSES flowering Whitehouse Farm, & WORKSHOPS

Home & Garden New Year, New Home?


ith the festive season over and the New Year in full swing, it’s a popular time to think about moving home. As this could be the biggest decision you’ll make in 2014, how will you choose which property is the right one? NHBC, the UK’s leading warranty provider and standard setting body for new build homes, has recently seen the number of new homes registered between September and November 2013 increasing by 30 per cent on the same period in 2012. With now more choice in the housing market than for the past several years, NHBC highlights how buying a new home can not only reduce costs but also benefit buyers when it comes to those finishing touches. A blank canvas – A new home comes free of decorating or DIY disasters from previous owners and it’s also maintenancefree, meaning less time spent on jobs around the house at weekends. Lower utility bills – New homes are built to high levels of energy efficiency. Recent

research from NHBC has revealed that new build homes built to 2013 standards could save more than £1,400 a year on energy bills when compared to older homes. Chain free –With a new home, there is greater peace of mind as no upward chain means a smoother and faster move. Ten-year Buildmark warranty – 80 per cent of new homes come with an NHBC Buildmark ten-year warranty, which currently protects 1.6million homes across the UK. Better security – New homes come with security features as standard, including smoke detectors and robust locks on front and back doors. Incentive schemes – The Governmentbacked Help to Buy scheme, along with some

house builders operating their own buyer incentives, can make the purchase of a new home significantly more attractive.


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Motors The new BMW M3 Saloon and BMW M4 Coupe arrive By John Cant


he launch of the new BMW M3 Saloon and new BMW M4 Coupé heralds the arrival of the fifth-generation of the iconic highperformance sports car from BMW M. For the first time the Coupé and Saloon models receive individual model names, in deference to the different model series that provide their basis. Another first is the adoption of a turbocharged engine for this BMW M model: the high-revving, 3.0-litre six-cylinder in-line engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology has been specifically developed for this purpose, and produces a maximum






  /   The usual response!

output of 431hp. BMW M engineers have paid particular attention to the car’s aerodynamic performance, and incorporated the latest Active M Differential amongst numerous other technical highlights. The Aero Curtain and M side gills, the latter with integrated Air Breathers minimise turbulence in the front wheel arches. These elements, together with the aerodynamically optimised side mirrors in familiar M twin-stalk style, are not only distinctive design features but they also help to reduce drag. Viewed from the front, the BMW M3 Saloon and BMW M4 Coupé have a powerfully expressive ‘face’, with a modern take on the twin headlight arrangement and a distinctive doubleslat kidney grille with M designation. The aggressive front apron, with its trio of large intakes, supplies cooling air to the engine and brakes.


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Among the other hallmark BMW M design features is the characteristic powerdome on the bonnet, which hints at the potential of the muscular M TwinPower Turbo engine and creates space for the intercooler. The twin-stalk side mirrors are another classic BMW M design feature. Inside, drivers will be greeted by the interior architecture prioritising unimpeachable ergonomics and a clear driver focus. To see this amazing car or arrange a test drive visit your local BMW dealer, Dick Lovett (Bristol) Ltd BMW Dealer, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol Tel: 0117 905 0000.

Business No better time to take out Lasting Power of Attorney


oresight Wills, local will writers and lasting power of attorney specialists are urging people to consider organising their Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) following the government’s decision to reduce the cost to register by approximately 15 per cent. An LPA is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so. This means they can manage your finances, as well as making decisions relating to your health and welfare, if there ever comes a time when you lack the mental capacity. The fee to register an LPA was £130 but has now been reduced to £110 due to changes in the management of the schemes, including the introduction of new technology


Scooter loan scheme on the way

new scooter loan scheme will make it easier for local people over the age of 17 to travel to work or training. Wheels 2 Work has been designed by North Somerset Council to give people a way to get to work and training in North Somerset’s rural areas, who find transport a barrier and are unable to commute by other means. Public transport timetables sometimes don’t suit shift workers and for many people looking for work or training, especially school leavers and the under 25s, affordable transport is essential. Cllr Elfan Ap Rees, North Somerset Council’s executive member for transport, said: “We recognise that it’s frustrating for people looking for a job or who want to get to work or training as it can be difficult and expensive for them to travel. “The scooter scheme is an excellent way of breaking down that barrier. It’s a simple idea but it will really help unlock opportunities for people, particularly our young adults, and show that there are viable alternatives for commuting by car.” As part of the scheme scooters and mopeds can be borrowed for an affordable monthly fee. Participants will be given compulsory basic training so they are confident about riding scowoters and mopeds on the road and all loans will include protective clothing. They will also have the opportunity to buy the scooter if they wish. The council is finalising details of the scheme and more information will be announced in April. Anyone wanting to register their interest can email

and improved efficiency, according to the Ministry of Justice. Mike Pugh, senior consultant, said: “Now that the registration cost has been reduced, there has never been a better time to organise these vital documents. “We have seen a significant uptake in the last few years and with this further governmental incentive I would urge people not to delay as once mental capacity is lost you are unable to obtain one.” For further information visit or call 01275 390627.


Business Every month McManus Williams Limited answers some of your business and accountancy related questions. Question & Answer – Session Fifteen

The Autumn Statement


he chancellor delivered his Autumn Statement to Parliament early in December and it contained some interesting policy initiatives. Some we already knew about from the 2013 Budget announcements and statements at the party conferences, but there was some new material. I thought it might be useful to provide you with a summary of the most relevant highlights: • The rise in the basic personal allowance (the amount an individual can earn before paying income tax) has been confirmed as £10,000 per annum from 6th April 2014. • A small tax break for married couples has been announced. From April 2015 a spouse or civil partner with earnings below the basic rate will be able to transfer £1,000 of their personal allowance to their spouse or civil partner, providing the recipient is also a basic tax payer. This could save a couple up to £200 in tax per annum.


• From 6th April 2005 employers will no longer have to pay employers national insurance on amounts paid to employees under the age of 21, an expensive measure for the Treasury and aimed at further supporting businesses looking to expand their workforce. • The final period capital gains tax exemption for a property that has at some point been your principal private residence is being reduced from 36 months to 18 months from 6th April 2014. This will be particularly relevant to those of you who are letting out a property that you used to live in and which you may now be considering disposing of. • The annual capital gains tax exempt amount has been confirmed as £11,000 for 2014/15, an increase of only £100 on the previous tax year. Expected to rise to £11,100 for 2015/16. • The cash ISA allowance has been set at £5,940 for 2014/15 and £11,880 for stocks and shares ISAs.

• The planned fuel duty increase for September 2014 has been cancelled with no further increases planned in the current Parliament. • Rises in the state pension age are being brought forward to reflect increasing life expectancy, with final retirement ages to be decided by an independent panel. People now in their 20’s can expect to have to work till they are 70. • Interestingly, tax discs on cars are to be replaced by a new electronic system and from October 14 drivers will be able to pay their road tax by monthly direct debit. • Happily the small business rate relief scheme is being extended until April 2015. • Free school meals for infants (reception years 1 & 2) will also be available from September 2014.

Family Announcements Valentine George Take me somewhere nice tonight. We’ll have a cosy chat, Any place that doesn’t ask, ‘Do you want any fries with that?’ M xx

Valentine’s Happy Valentine’s Day Jo With Love From Kev Mr G Be my valentine! Love you loads C xxxx Happy Birthday Karen Roe 1st February Enjoy your special day Much love from the girls Amanda, Jo, Debbie, Rachel, Sharon and Denise in Oz


Happy Birthday 2nd February 2014 Molly Gardner Happy 12th Birthday Have a wonderful day Loads of love Mum, Dad, Charlie & Dex xxxx

Happy Birthday 17th February Hope you have a FUN Birthday Brody Lots of love, Mum, Sam & Callum Valentine’s Thank you for making the past 22 years such amazing ones Love you always Jo x Happy Birthday Stephen Lake 21st February To the best dad in the world, Love always, Marie xx

Happy Birthday Molly, 12 years old on 2nd Feb Lots of love from Granny xxxx

Happy Birthday Sue Turner 21 again! With love from all the family xx

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