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August Issue 2013


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chool is well and truly out and we hope you are enjoying the summer holidays. Congratulations to the organisers of both the raft race and flower show, both very successful events were enjoyed by the local community and visitors alike last month. Whether you are young or old, there is always plenty to do in and around Portishead and in this issue we have pleasure in bringing you lots of ideas of how to fill your spare time throughout August. From attending car boot sales and kids clubs to signing up for sporting events and fitness classes, there should be something for everyone. In the coming months we will be bringing you the latest news and updates as preparations for Portishead Carnival 2014 get underway. Win, win, win!!! This month readers have the chance to win a £10 cash prize by telling us the date of Portishead Carnival 2014. The first correct answer drawn out after August 15 will win. Send your answers on a postcard to us at the address on the right. Congratulations to Stephen Bennett of Queen’s Avenue and Jazmine Chadwick of Weston in Gordano who each win £10 for the Wordsearch and Sudoku puzzles in last month’s magazine. We hope you continue to enjoy our regular features, including What’s On, Child’s Play, Health and Beauty, Home and Garden, Motors and Business. Keep your letters, photos and competition entries coming. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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l Get read y for Port ishead Carnival Open on 18th Garde June Don’t ns miss 11th -12t Portishe ad Ope h June n Gard ens wee Sprin kend gwatc Free Even h Fayre t at Port bury Wha rf Ban k Holi day May 30th

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Inside: Rescue Services Education Arts Wedding Sport Where to Walk What’s On and much more...


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Community News

Have you joined our Healthy Pet Club? Visit the website or call for details of the great savings on routine pet care and food

1 Beach Road West, Portishead Telephone: 01275 847400

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A wide range of BBQ foods and KEBABS available Pork: local, free range all cuts available Lamb: legs, chops, shoulders From the farm when available Beef: locally sourced Free range local chicken, Ducks whole birds, breasts and portions Bacon, Gammon joints & steaks Traditional home made faggots & sausages are our speciality Eggs: free range from our local supplier

Lions walk raises £6000


he annual Walk with the Lions sponsored walk in Portishead raised more than £6,000 for local schools. The event, organised by the Lions Club of Portishead, brings together all the primary schools in Portishead and Pill to join in a series of sponsored walks around the Lake Grounds. Nick Gough, of the Lions, said: “The Lions Club of Portishead would like to thank all the school children and their families who attended this year’s walk. Well done to all the children who raised funds for their school.”

New sports hall for Gordano

Brugge City Break

4 days – Fri 20th Sept - £319 3 night stay with bed and breakfast at 4* hotel in central Brugge, Eurotunnel crossings, free time in Brugge, plus visits to Ghent and Cite Europe.


ordano School is delighted to confirm funding has been secured to build a brand new sports hall at the Portishead school. The new building, which will be sited alongside the existing sports hall, will comprise four badminton courts and full size basketball/netball court. It will also include a fitness suite with gym equipment and changing facilities. The new hall will be available for use by the Coach Holidays & Short Breaks local community out of school hours as part of the Gordano School Community Trust Sports Centre. Hereford & Borderlands Derbyshire 4 days – Tues A planning application will now be 17th Sept - £319 submitted to allow the project to move 3 night stay near Hereford, scenic forward.

2 days – Sat 21st Sept - £145 Overnight stay at 4* countryside hotel, plus visits to Chatsworth House and the National Trust's Hardwick Hall.

'Black & White Villages' tour, plus visits to Eastnor Castle, Leominster, Ludlow, Ludlo Shrewsbury, Hay on Wye and Brecon.

Prices are per person based on 2 sharing a twin/double room, and include dinner, bed, breakfast and all coach excursions (unless otherwise stated)

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18/07/2013 09:31:57

another as hailed sun it w e c ra ual raft and plenty of ad’s ann Portishe d with blue sky is year. an success record crowds th d spectators did ing d te c ndrais tors an ra tt a competi h this massive fu for local , rs e is n 00 Orga d wit ost £10,0 ad prou Portishe ich has raised alm h event w the Lake . edge at s teams and s e ’s r ti ri te a a h w c u lined the on the numero e lake in Crowds across th eryone eer t h u c o to it s d ze. Ev Ground , as they battle e first pri sing up and s th ft e ra m o ir eh res the pt to tak things, d an attem to the spirit of e vessels. d a in entered g their homema rsonality Jemm the e n t decorati l radio and T V p tary throughou usic m n to BBC Bris rovided comme shows and live e p Cooper , while stalls, sid s. d n afternoo ained the crow rt te n also e

Community News 


Avon View

______ BED & BREAKFAST ______

An elegant Georgian guesthouse providing comfortable accommodation in spacious surroundings.

The Results

The principal bedrooms enjoy glorious views over the Bristol Channel to Wales.

Edible Boat Race Under 8s best design: 1st Toby Palmer, 2nd Rosie Ogbourne, 3rd Lucy Ellery. Over 8s best design: 1st Mia Gardner, 2nd Sam Binding, 3rd Max and Jed Patterson. Best floater: 1st Toby Harman, 2nd Mathew Davies, 3rd Charlie Davies. Raft Race - 1st First Move, 2nd Bunch of Bankers, 3rd Redcliffe Rangers Sinkers Rubber Ring – T2 English Apprentices,Fastest raft in the junior category – BS Young Guns Carlos Cup for most sponsorship raised – Lidl, The Lifeboat Cup for the best dressed raft – Right Royal Rafters, The Foresters’ Plate for best designed raft – Abandon Ship, Rescue the Damsel winner – Plasma Pirates

Individual attention is assured whether visiting Portishead on business or for pleasure.

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18/07/2013 09:32:13

Community News

Collection for St Peter’s Hospice

Girl Guides Total Wipeout


our senior guides from Portishead organised an evening of fun for fellow guides at Portishead Open Air Pool. The girls, from Redcliffe Bay 3rd Guides, who are completing their Baden Powell Challenge, based their activities on the BBC television programme Total Wipeout.

After raiding the unit camp store for equipment they could turn into targets and obstacles, teenagers Amy and Hannah Clay, Lydia Moxham and Eve Steward put on a memorable event. Completing the Baden-Powell Challenge, over a series of ten activities including an adventure weekend away, is the highest award that girl guides can achieve. In completing the challenge, the young leaders proved they have developed their abilities and confidence to organise events, lead activities for younger girls independently and share their own interests and enthusiasms with their peers. They hope to collect their awards later in the year.


ortishead Rotary club members, along with their partners and volunteers, collected £535.92 in a single day for St Peter’s Hospice last month. Collections took place outside Lidl and in Portishead High Street. A spokesman for the group said: “Our thanks go to the management of the Lidl store who allowed the collection to take place on their premises. “A big thank you must also go to the people of Portishead who gave so generously throughout the day.” Pictured are Rotarians Len Jenkins and Miles Williams.

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8 August Issue.indd 8

18/07/2013 09:32:15


Community News

A mini-Olympic legacy


he mini-Olympics staged at Portishead Open Air Pool last summer was so popular that organisers decided to do it again this year as an Inter Schools Gala, with more local primary schools asking to take part. Six schools: High Down Juniors, St Joseph’s, St Peter’s, Trinity, Portishead Primary and Torwood School from Bristol, battled it out for medals while lido staff and volunteers, Portishead Rotary, parents and teachers cheered them on. High Down Juniors reigned supreme with 21 gold, 17 silver and 15 bronze medals. St Peter’s was second with St Joseph’s and Portishead Primary joint third. A spokesman for the event said: “All the swimmers did fantastically well and were each awarded with a certificate to mark the occasion. We would like to thank Portishead Rotary Club who donated £250 towards staff and running costs on the day; also Reeds Rains for the printing, Portishead Lions and all the volunteers who gave their time to make the event such a success.”

‘Mad’ Portishead people to tackle tough assault course for St Peter’s Church


ome people will do anything to raise money - at least if they think it’s a worthy cause. That’s why nine particularly hardy people, led by the Reverend Jeremy Putnam, are entering the extreme assault course known as Tough Mudder in September, held in the Brecon Beacons. They will be faced with a gruelling 12 miles of insanely tough obstacles that will see them crawl through confined spaces, jump off a 30 foot wall into a cold lake, run through burning hay bales and electrified netting, and swim in sub-zero temperature waters. Their target is to raise £8000 for the development project at St Peter’s Church, a church that has been at the heart of community in Portishead for hundreds of years. The team has already been training hard, residents might have seen them running around Portishead in their red team shirts, or popping up at the Lake Grounds to do some exercises. If you’d like to sponsor them you can find the team on www. and more details on

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9 August Issue.indd 9

18/07/2013 09:32:19

August Issue.indd 10

18/07/2013 09:32:20

Community News

Carnival 2014 - Get Involved!


Saturday 14th June

endy Watkins and Jemma Cooper who have been organising Portishead carnival for us for the past 10 years are busy making preparations for carnival 2014. It will take place on Saturday June 14 and will involve street procession as usual from the Lake Grounds through the High Street to the show field opposite Gordano School where there will be a fun fair, stalls, sideshows, live music and lots more. The 2014 street procession will encourage everyone to join in, you don’t have to have a lorry you can walk (as an individual or group), cycle, ride on horseback, make go-karts and trolleys, in fact as long as it’s safe anything that moves will be welcome. Carnival doesn’t come cheap and although the organisers donate money to local charities each year, they need to raise funds to get the whole thing off the ground. Licenses, security, sound systems, bands, toilets and insurance all have to be paid for. Jemma and Wendy and the Friends of Portishead Carnival are hoping that local businesses,, clubs, organisations and individuals will get behind the 2014 preparations by helping to raise funds to get the ball rolling. Anyone willing to help can contact Wendy and Jemma by emailing

It’s a Knockout

Raising money for carnival 2014


eams are urgently wanted for an It’s a Knockout fundraiser at Gordano Rugby Club on August 24. Sign up for one of the biggest challenges of the summer – adult teams and children’s teams are invited to join in all the fun, organised by the Fitness Hub Gym in Old Mill Road. Teams are responsible for getting sponsorship for the event which will be part of a family fun day. From mid-day onwards, in addition to the bumper It’s a Knockout, the rugby club at Portbury will be hosting garden games, a bouncy castle, hog roast, live music and a mini cider festival. This event is not to be missed and all proceeds will go to support preparations for next year’s Portishead carnival. To sign up or to find out more, call the Fitness Hub on 01275 217003.

11 August Issue.indd 11

18/07/2013 09:32:31

Community News

MetroWest “W

Article by Colin Howells vice-chairman Portishead Railway Group here will the train take me, I don’t just want to go to Temple Meads?”...... This is a question that Portishead Railway Group is often asked. Well, the reopening of the Portishead to Bristol railway line is progressing as a key • superb care • small friendly team • 7 days a week service • our vets, our nurses, 24/7 element of MetroWest, which is a much larger scheme than just providing a 55 High St., Portishead 01275 397449 Parking at rear train to run between Portishead and Bristol. Phase 1 of the MetroWest scheme is “on track” to provide a half Chiropractic & Physiotherapy hourly service The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make! from Portishead into Temple Meads, with a Your health is one of the few areas these days that offers a travelling time sound return on investment. Making the right choices now, estimated to be could yield an active and healthy future. about 17 minutes, with alternate trains continuing on to the Severn Beach Your Chiropractic/Physio line. This will enable care will include: residents from A one to one case history Portishead to travel, A Thermal spinal scan (NASA not only to Temple certified, Chiropractic only) Meads for national & postural analysis connections, but Orthopaedic & Neurological testing also to Eastville, Gloucester Road, A full Report of Our Findings Redland, Clifton and An onward referral if necessary many other stations Safe treatment of the on the Severn Beach underlying cause line. There will also be connections at Chiropractic/Physiotherapy care has not only been shown to be Temple Meads to effective for conditions such as Neck and Back pain, but other common ailments such as Headaches amongst many others, Abbey Wood for that may not be commonly associated with the spine. For more those people who information or to book an appointment……. work for the MOD or who are studying Call Complete Health Clinic Now On at the University of the West of England. Being able to 20 Lea Grove Road, Clevedon, BS21 7QR commute by train should also open up employment

01275 349006

To Swindon, Reading, London Paddington & Europe

To Swindon, Reading, London Paddington & Europe

Thanks to FOSBR for the use of this layout

opportunities for local residents who would have previously found it difficult to get to these areas. In addition, it will bring visitors into Portishead helping to boost the local economy, whilst also encouraging new businesses to come to our town. Portishead has been described as “the largest cul-de-sac in the country” and local residents will know that any disruption to the local road network can cause major problems for commuters. The re-opening of the railway will give an additional travel option into Bristol and beyond. In future years it seems that Bristol City Council transport policy decisions will make it extremely difficult for commuters to drive their car into central Bristol so it is vital for Portishead residents who choose to work in Bristol to have as many transport options available to them as possible. This diagram shows stations that are currently in use and stations that could be re-opened in the future, providing a much needed rail network in and around our local area. To find out more about Portishead Railway Group visit our web-site or follow us on Facebook.

Tickenham Garage Southwest Garage of The Year 2013 - Voted for by you.

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12 August Issue.indd 12

18/07/2013 09:32:34

Community News

New President for Rotary Club

P Firefighters run for charity


fter months of training, blazing a trail around the streets of Portishead, six firefighters from Portishead Fire Station have completed a fundraising challenge in London. The team: Matt Higgins, Neil John, Philip Tripp-Edwards, James Bowden, Wayne Levett and Daren Beacham, took part in the annual London Tunnel2Towers 5Km run/walk, to raise funds for The Fire Fighters Charity. To make it more of a challenge, the men, who are all Retained Duty System (voluntary) staff with a variety of other jobs, completed the run in their full fire kit. The run started at Southwark Park, went through the Rotherhithe Tunnel, under the River Thames to the Towers of Canary Wharf and on to the finish line at Billingsgate Market. Team leader Daren Beacham said: “This was a huge challenge, for a very worthy cause. “In the run up to the challenge local people probably wondered what was going on seeing the fire crew running around the town on Tuesday evenings. “We weren’t running to jobs instead of using the fire engines because of cutbacks, we were all in training for the charity run.” The firefighters are hoping to raise thousands of pounds from their run. If anyone would like to sponsor or support the team, log on to Team/07Portishead.

ortishead Rotary Club has a new president. David Oyns has taken up the reins from Jim Christopherson. David and his wife Margaret have lived in the town for the past ten years. Over the years he has been very much involved in different aspects of teaching and was the Commanding Officer of Clifton College RAF combined cadet force. David says he is looking forward to his year as president of Portishead Rotary Club with many Rotary events planned throughout his year. Photograph: Jim Christopherson (left) hands over the Rotary presidency to David Oyns.

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13 August Issue.indd 13

18/07/2013 09:32:39

Chils lay Oakham Treasures

If you are looking for somewhere different to take the children during the holidays, why not show them a bit of history by visiting Oakham Treasures. This is one of the largest privately owned museums of retail and farming history in the UK but it also has a unique collection of retail memorabilia from the last century. There is also a gift shop selling reasonably priced gifts, confectionery and home baked cakes and a café serving delicious homemade food at excellent prices. Oakham Farm is located close to Portishead in Portbury Lane, on the road

 Hand drawn portraits Email pictures to: for a free quotation Follow me on instagram #artbydunphy

t: 07971 479754 Family portraits, pets, celebrity

out of Portbury Village heading for Failand/ Wraxall.

Messy Play

Splat Messy Play is now running classes for little ones aged six months to four years in Portishead. The Early Years Foundation Stage encourages babies and young children to learn and develop through play and when children are given the opportunity to engage in messy play, they are able to use all their senses to explore materials; moulding, manipulating and combining them to make exciting discoveries about their world. Sessions are now running at Portishead Youth Centre in Harbour Road and at the Folk Hall in the High Street. Why not find out more by emailing laurenm@ or call or text 07890 378819.

Summer Holiday Club

There are still some places left for the discounted holiday club for children in Portishead this summer. It runs Monday to Friday throughout August from 8.30am to 5.30pm for children aged eight to 14. Supervised by experienced staff the club will offer a range of activities at just £12.50 a day.

You don’t have to book every day – you can book as many days as you like. Book now by calling 01275 842461.

Exercise and Fun

Zumbatonic is Zumba for kids. Sessions cost £3 at Gordano Sports Centre and run on August 8, 22 and 29.

Soft Play

Soft play for pre-school children will continue to run throughout the summer holidays at Portishead Youth Centre in Harbour Road from 9.30am-2.30pm.

Noah’s Ark

You will find acres of fun at Noah’s Ark Zoo farm at Wraxall. Amazing animals, events and shows, a terrific hay barn and adventure playground. Are just some of the attractions at the zoo farm. Visit to find out more.



Classes starting in our new Portishead venue in September

  

 


14 August Issue.indd 14

18/07/2013 09:32:45

Chils lay rs ddle ay To Hall, B e liff ay Redc dcliffe B n Road Re have ad New ortishe hurs P ,T , Wed m Tues -11.30a 0 1

up Gro dler .30am rch d o ars T .30-11 ist Chud 9 d e St Littl ndays Metho rtishea Mo e Bay ad, Po 553 Ro 849 cliff RedQueens 01275 Tel:

& Play, Weekly Stay nly, Term Time O 2.30pm, 1pm Wednesdays ildren’s Centre, Ch ad he Portis Centre, St Barnabas , West Hill Portishead. 4001 Tel: 01275 88

y n, t Pla Mo Sof .30pm 2 ri am- d & F .30am 9.30 We gers 9 m in ntre ky F 12.30p uth Ce head s Stic o i Y rt ead ad, Po 461 2 tish Por our Ro275 84 b Har Tel: 01

Bum ps a Jo Porti Fridays 10nd Babie Musiclly Babies & s h w St Ba ead Ch -11.30a s Awar ith Mum m rnab as C ildren’s C schoo d winning my Tue, w l music c pre Porti entre, We entre lasse s st Hil Tel: 0 ed & l, 1275head in Po fri mornin s 8840 01 01275rtishead gs 84708 3 Church Tots Tuesdays 2.15pm St Peter’s Church Portishead

s’ m ator stig ay 7-8pars 3-6 e v n ‘I uesd or ye of ts T ol f art Meers Schoors is p hurch t e C t a y on e St P Investig o Valle ormati f n k n a i u d Gor further For www.g847032 Tel


ads, Lass Dads) es and Second S aturday o f each m 10-3 St Barnab 0am-12 noon onth as Centre , We Tel: 0127 5 884001st Hill

Rainbows & Brownies For Portishead Rachel: 07971 753730 Or for Redcliffe Bay Pam: 01275 849409

nd es a

ss , La ads ds) L ach ( DS Da ay of e LLA d r u t t Sa month2 noonunity Firs -1 m 0am Com 10-3School ll 2 Ha 77042 ity 0 Trin 1 079 Tel:

Little Wedn Fishes To esd ddl M ays 9.3 er Gro High ethodist 0-11.30aup Stree Churc m h t, Por tishe ad

Honeytree Class of 2013

a Café Mamm30am -11. Tuesdays 10 ren’s Centre ild Portishead Ch Centre St Barnabas tishead or ,P ill H West eding mums For breastfe 716 366370 08 e: Helplin

Little Pickles Market, Parish Wharf Leisure Centre Harbour Road Portishead, July 13 at 10.30am. Buy good quality nearly new and used items for 0-8 years olds from local sellers, come join us and bag a bargain

Register now for your place in September 2013. We offer 2, 3 and 4-year-old funded sessions.

Staff at the Honeytree would like to say goodbye to our 37 children who are leaving us to start their adventure at school. You will all be greatly missed. A massive ‘Thank You‛ to our parents for giving us the opportunity to care for and educate your children, it has been a pleasure working alongside you and we feel honoured that you chose the Honeytree Day Nursery and Pre School. Our graduation ceremony saw the children dressed in capes and mortar boards and presented with a gift and graduation certificate from their Key Person. We wish the children the very best of luck for the future – come and visit us soon! Testimonial from Tambra and Alan Gander. ‘The Graduation Ceremony was fantastic! Our daughter, Jessica, was excited to dress up in her gown and hat. We were emotional as both our daughters attended the Honeytree – it is the end on an era! The Nursery have been a fantastic support and we have been very happy with the relationships between the staff, children and parents‛

13 Stoke Rd, Portishead, BS20 6BQ TEL 01275 843752

August Issue.indd 15

15 18/07/2013 09:34:17




rchery sessions for youngsters are available at Gordano School Community Trust Sports Centre. Book now for sessions on August 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 by calling 843942. Sessions run from 10am-4pm and cost £20.

A Sports Zone


ports Zone provides a range of fun and games for children and youths. Run by qualified and experienced sports coaches the sessions at Gordano Sports Centre cost £14 from 10am-3pm. Call 843942 to book a session on August 1, 2, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19 and 20.

The R ck Project

School of Rock & Pop

Rock Show

rock school with classes in Portishead, Nailsea and Clevedon produced an overwhelming success with its end of year concert. The Rock Project’s sell out event, which took place at Clevedon’s Princes Hall, saw pupils aged seven to 18 bring the house down with their repertoire of rock covers ranging from Another Brick in the Wall to I Predict a Riot. Special guest star, Ian Matthews, from the well known English rock band Kasabian, surprised the students by joining them on stage to present the student of the year awards. The Rock Project offers youngsters aged between seven and 18 weekly tuition in guitar, drums and bass, in a fun and relaxed environment. The two hour, weekly sessions combine professional tuition with lots of other music related activities ranging from jamming and singing to music quizzes to help teach theory. The Rock Project is now recruiting for September. To find out more email, telephone 01275 265226 or visit Adult classes are now also available. Pictured: Rock Project students celebrating the success of their end of year concert.









ADULT LESSONS NOW AVAILABLE Beginners & Experienced Players Welcome

Call now for further details on:

All instruments supplied!

01275 265 226


Portishead Study Centre - Open 5 Days per week New Premises, you can now nd us at: Lawes House, Bristol Road, Portishead 16 August Issue.indd 16

18/07/2013 09:34:27


Out of Town

Summer Flowe r Show

ailsea and Distric t Horticultural Society hosts its 16 0th Summer Sh this month. ow The annual two da place at Golden y show will take Valley playing fie ld on Saturday, August 3 and Sunday, August 4.

Clevedon garden opens for National Gardens Scheme


f you are looking for fun thin gs to do with your family this summe r without spending a fortune why not join a fun treasure trail which has been organised by Clevedon Pride. Entry forms costing £3.50 wil l be available from August 5 at Pre sent Company in Queen’s Square or by ringing 01275 874097. The closing date is September 7.



Avrils Fencing Timber AvrilsProducts Fencing Avrils Timber FencingProducts Timber Products

agle-eyed shoppers in Nailsea will have the chance to win a day out at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall. Nailsea Lions and local shops in the town will be running a Spot the Wrong ‘Un competition during the school holidays. Participating shops will display something they do not normally sell in their window, and the challenge is to spot the wrong ‘un. Avril’s Fencing and Timber Products The competition will run from Monday, Heavy Duty and Decorative Fencing Trellis, Gates, August 12 to Sunday, August 25, and two Arches, Decking, Garden Furniture, Trade Prices lucky winners will each receive a family pass to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, in Wraxall. Entry is free, and is open to families and individuals of all ages.


Email: E: Full details can be found at or by calling Wendy on 01275 854040.

Self Help Group moves meetings to Nailsea s self help organisation that wa Nailsea, the ve ser to 3 199 in d me for ton area Clevedon, Portishead and Yat gs and etin me ly nth will hold their mo dist tho Me lsea Nai at g coffee mornin Church, Silver Street. University Woodspring U3A is part of the s age our enc ich of the Third Age wh paid e tim full in ger lon no older people , dge wle employment to share their kno . nce erie skills, interests and exp t 27, which The next meeting is on Augus y of Fry’s. tor his the on talk a will feature non Meetings start at 2.15pm and an pay to d members will be require ryone is admission fee of £1 and eve welcome. ne Diane For more information, telepho . 067 Bennett on 01275 810


Manmoor Lane / Court Lane

Community Treasure Trail

Spot the Wrong ‘Un and win a day out at the zoo


arum, 50 Edward Road, Clevedon, will be opening its garden again to the public in support of the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) on three consecutive Thursdays this month August, 1, 8 and 15 from 1.30-4.30pm. More information about Barum is available at www.barum.pwp., while you can find out details of all the gardens at

AVRILS is a new company selling posts are redwood and either 2ex or side of house, an entrance, eld or Fencing and Timber Products, we 4ex log to minimise splits. Featheredge a pair for the driveway. Softwood or have 18 years experience in the Panels and Boards for closeboard hardwood and these can also be Timber and Fencing trade. fencing. Good quality Redwood made to order. We stock goods to suit the Decking with Structural treated New in Stock Trade and DIY, from your budding timbers for your building needs. There’s always something new gardeners and Landscapers to Farmers Farmers and Equestrian at Avril’s. New in stock this month and Equestrian. A selection of Cundy Peeled or you will nd decking components to Good quality products at Trade machined Stakes and Rails are held compliment the lSOmm x 32mm prices and a Delivery service in the in stock along with Stock Fence and quality redwood decking. They have North Somerset areas. Barbed Wire. newels with nished tops, spindles and DIY We also hold 150mm x 22mm handrails along with various sizes of We have a large stock of Decorative Yorkshire Boarding, Post and Rail. treated timberfor bearers. Panels and Trellis along with a Sheds You will also nd in stock, used Pressure treated heavy duty panels. Avril’s Fencing and Timber railways sleepers for features in the Posts and Treated Timbers to create Products provides good quality sheds garden as well as a square softwood your Garden Ideas, with sleepers in standard sizes or made to order. section, plus Cundy peeled and for raised beds. We have Gates, Various styles are available which machined half/round stakes and rails. ƒ Arches, Decking, Shiplap and some come in weatherboard or tongue and unusual Furniture to compliment grooved. Field shelters and stables are your creations. If you should require also available to order. 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There are new WE payments. There are payments. new There ar Trade you prefer to build your own. Trade Trade you prefer to build you your prefer own. to build your own. ARE Tel: 01275 400155 or Mob: 07805 876172 products in every week, products coming inproducts every week, coming in Our Heavy Duty Panels are of Gates Our Heavy Duty Our Panels Heavy are ofDuty Gates Panels arecoming ofHEREGates check out what’s new ofis gates check new out what’s ne superb quality and are fully pressure superb There quality is a large range ofpressure gatesand to are and superb are fullyquality There fully ispressure a large range There a largeto range of out gateswhat’s to check Opening Times: Mon -isFri 8am 5.30pm & Sat 8.30am 4pm at treated with battens both sides. Our treated choosewith from, whether for theW: battens treated both itsides. with battens Our both choose sides. from, Ourwhether choose it isfrom, for the whether it is for the at www.avrilsfencing To Clevedon Town Centre


Avrils Fencing Timber Products

Whatsonbristol • September 2012 Avril’s 90Fencing andAvril’s Timber Products Avril’s Fencing Fencing and Timber and Timber Products Prod

Whatsonbristol_September2012.indd 90 24/08/2012 11:54 Heavy Duty and Decorative Fencing Trellis, Gates, Heavy Duty Heavy andDuty Decorative and Decorative Fencing Trellis, Fencing Gates, Trellis, G Arches, Decking, Arches, Garden Decking, Furniture, Trade Prices Arches, Decking, Garden Furniture, Garden Furniture, Trade Prices Trade P

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Delivery service available throughout North Somerset Delivery service Delivery available service throughout available throughout North Somerset North Somer Whitehouse Farm, Davis Lane, Clevedon Whitehouse Whitehouse Farm,BS21 Davis6TG Farm, Lane, Davis Clevedon Lane,BS21 Clevedon 6TG BS21 6TG Tel: 01275 400155 or Tel: Mob: 07805 876172 01275 Tel: 400155 01275 or 400155 Mob: 07805 or Mob: 876172 07805 876172 r ffe gust Mon Opening Times: Mon - Opening Fri 8am - Times: 5.30pm & Sat 8.30am 4pm Opening Times: Fri 8am Mon 5.30pm Fri 8am & Sat 5.30pm 8.30am & Sat - 4pm 8.30am O u r ove 1st A E Cntil 3Email: Email: www.avrilsfencing. u ed d en ext



September 90 2012Whatsonbristol 90

Whatsonbristol_September2012.indd 90

•Whatsonbristol September 2012 • September 2012

Whatsonbristol_September2012.indd Whatsonbristol_September2012.indd 90 90

24/08/2012 11:54

24/08/2012 11:5

These beautifully tailored shabby chic suites have deep luxurious seats and fully removable covers for machine wash or dry clean and come with a 15 year frame guarantee.

17 August Issue.indd 17

18/07/2013 09:34:30

Back to School

School News St Peter’s


orth Somerset Council has granted planning permission for the expansion of St Peter’s Church of England Primary School in Portishead. Work will begin this summer to allow for the two storey extension which will allow the school to increase from a 420 pupil school to a 630 pupil school.

Ofsted Reports


rinity Anglican Methodist Primary School, in Portishead, has celebrated its fifth anniversary. It has also just celebrated the results of its recent Ofsted report which once again rated the school ‘GOOD’. Backwell School is celebrating its second ‘OUTSTANDING’ Ofsted inspection in a row. A team of inspectors visited the school and sixth form earlier in the year and gave it the highest rating in all categories. Pictured: Trinity Primary School celebrates five years and a good Ofsted report

- Quality schoolwear - PE kits and daps - Name tapes: Iron On & Sew On - Rucksacks - Orchard Toys: Learning is fun - Nailsea Loyalty Card Holders: 10% Discount

ub er, c v a e B out & sc rms unifo bow, Rain nie & s brow iform n u e guid

oved Appr r ewea c n a d ist stock

A: 110 High Street, Nailsea, North Somerset BS48 1AH T: 01275 857491 W:

Opening times: 9am-5pm Mon-Sat

18 August Issue.indd 18

18/07/2013 09:34:33

Back to School

Shopping for school shoes

Advice from Tanya Marriott, owner of family footwear shop SoleLution


hopping for correctly fitted school shoes can be a laborious task, especially as the children would usually much rather be out playing! BUT it is important! Children wear their school shoes from Monday to Friday, for at least seven hours a day. Here are some tips to help make the whole experience a little less painful. • Be prepared to wait. Unfortunately this is our busiest time for children’s shoes. We like to give each family the best service we can and that includes those in the queue ahead of you! First thing in the morning and late-afternoon tend to be quieter. • Come prepared – don’t forget to bring socks, although we do have some in stock. • Your child’s feet are likely to grow over the summer holidays, so although we don’t advise leaving it to the last minute, it may

not be advisable to buy in the first few days of the holidays. • No challenge is too great! We stock a wide range of brands, including Start-rite, Angry Angels, Hush Puppies, Ricosta, Geox and Pediped, from a junior size 7 to an adult 8 for girls and a 10 for boys in most width fittings. We can order from most of our suppliers, if we can’t find a fit from stock. • Ask the child to wear them around the house to make sure they are comfy, but remember, keep the box and receipt. If you’ve any concerns, come back. We are more than happy to have another check. • Once everyone’s happy, put on some polish and wear them in. Remember their feet may have been in trainers or sandals for six weeks and won’t like being back in

school shoes straight away.

SoleLution also like to give something back to you through their loyalty scheme and to the schools via their School Voucher Scheme - every pair of shoes for schools means a £1 donation to your school.

Back to School Footwear Checklist School Shoes

Shoe Labels


Scuff Stuff


Shoe Protector

Fully trained staff provides professional advice and a free fitting service Most widths and sizes catered for A Loyalty Card for you! And we make a £1 donation to your school for every pair of school shoes purchased

www. 114 High Street, Portishead 01275 843399

SoleLution Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 5.30pm 1-2 Boyces Avenue Clifton 0117 973 8350

19 August Issue.indd 19

18/07/2013 09:34:37



THE GRATE INDOORS For A Friendly Personal Service All types of fireplaces supplied & installed to customer specification 11 Old Street Clevedon 01275 341885

The Portishead & Bristol Lifeboat Lifeline

Summer 2013 We have great pleasure bringing you this season’s Lifeline, the quarterly newsletter issued by the Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat Trust. Read on to find out more about the organisation and to find out how you can support the lifeboat, including the building of a new boathouse in Portishead. First of all, a warm welcome to John Gittings, as he takes up the chairman’s hat for the second time.

Background Information

Want extra income? Live in Portishead?

In an emergency the crew of the Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat, who are all volunteers, are called by pager after the Duty Launch Authority (DLA) has sanctioned the launch. Whilst on service, the lifeboat station at Sugar Loaf Bathing Beach is manned by shore staff who assist with the launching and recovering of the lifeboat as well as dealing with any persons brought ashore who may require assistance. Upon return from service or a training exercise the lifeboat is always made ready for sea and is left in a state of instant readiness for the next emergency. There is also a cadet section to encourage young people to take an interest in the lifeboat, hopefully becoming crew members in the future to ensure the continuation of the service.

We are looking for more hardworking people to join our part-time team to help with our mailing operation.

If you would like volunteers to talk about the lifeboat and what is involved, or you would like a sea safety talk at your club, organisation or school just contact the team at the email address below.


• No experience necessary • Training given • Work hours to suit you • Above minimum wage

The Portishead Lifeboat Trust is always looking for volunteers to help with fundraising, if you want to get involved and help save lives, why not get in touch?

Call or e-mail:

Website: Email: Don’t forget to check them out on:Facebook is Tweet us @possetlifeboat

01275 841280

20 August Issue.indd 20


NB. All events involving the Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat are subject to emergency call outs.

18/07/2013 09:34:41


Portishead Lifeboat Update T

he Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and The Portishead Lifeboat Trust (TPLT) announced earlier this year that planning permission has been granted for a new lifeboat station to be constructed at the site of the former Masonic Lodge in Pier Road. This will allow the RNLI to build a purpose built facility for the local lifeboat team who at present

operate out of a concrete garage. The new building has been designed for the storage and maintenance of the lifeboat and launching tractor and carriage. It will also include modern crew changing facilities and a multi-purpose crew room for operational planning, local training and meetings. Toilets, a small workshop and a charity souvenir sales point are included in the design too.

The Trustees of the RNLI have agreed, in principle, to pursue the adoption of The Portishead and Bristol lifeboat from the Portishead Lifeboat Trust. However, the RNLI will be unable to do this until a suitable operations site is complete and the requisite shore facilities are put in place. The granting of the planning permission is the latest very important step towards this goal and it is hoped that the team will be formally adopted and moving in to the new building next year. John Gittings, Chairman of The Portishead Lifeboat Trust, said: “The Portishead Lifeboat Trust are delighted with the outcome of the RNLI’s planning application, this is yet another significant step toward the eventual adoption of The Portishead Lifeboat Trust into the RNLI fold. We are very much looking forward to working together to establish a permanent lifeboat station in Portishead.”

towards the building of the new boathouse.

Where will the new boathouse be?


f you walk from the Royal Inn towards the marina development at the end of Pier Road, as you get to some steps leading to the new homes you will see the old Masonic Lodge. It is currently boarded up but this will be where the new boathouse will be situated. A slipway will need to be constructed from the boathouse to the water. Pictured: (Left) Some of the Lifeboat crew. (Above and Below) Artist impression of the new boathouse.

A big fundraising campaign has now been launched to help raise funds

Whatever Your Requirements, We Have A Blind For You! No Silly Sales, Inflated Prices or False Discounts. What you get is great quality at the best possible prices, all year round. (i.e. 5 verticals from £275) Free, no obligation quotes & fitting. Phone for an appointment now.

Call 01173 005 230 or Mobile 07917 230 931

21 August Issue.indd 21

18/07/2013 09:27:50


The Portishead & Bristol Lifeboat Lifeline Summer 2013 See the lifeboats in action

Clevedon Pier Lifeboat Day takes place on August 4 from 11am. This provides a great opportunity for members of the public to go along and see the Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat in action, along with RNLI lifeboats from Weston-super-Mare and Barry Dock.

Meet the crew

There is also an opportunity to meet the Portishead volunteer crew at the Hall and Woodhouse bar and restaurant at Portishead marina on August 26. Look out for Stormy Stan, the RNLI mascot who will be there to introduce himself to the youngsters (pictured left).

Barn Dance

Watch this space for details of the autumn barn dance to be organised by the Portishead Lifeboat Trust.

Your questions answered

Reliant Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Carpet cleaners you can rely on Carpet Technicians Friendly Reliable Service Carpet Dry in 30 Minutes NO Soiling or Residue - Fully Insured Special Offers Three rooms for £60 or The Whole House From £99 For Alternative Services Do Not Hesitate To Call

07974 205405 or 07890 424155


. Are the crew and fundraisers paid for what they do?


: No. All the people who work for the lifeboat – chairman, trustees, crew, deputy launch authorities, shore helpers, and fundraisers – are all volunteers, giving freely of their time and services. They are not paid for this.


: Why are you not part of the RNLI?


: Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat is not yet part of the RNLI and has received no previous funding from them. In 1995 when The Portishead Lifeboat Trust was being proposed, the RNLI was approached by Portishead and North Weston Town Council to set up a station in Portishead. This approach was declined, for reasons of financial constraints being experienced by them at that time. The RNLI has criteria to meet which involves adequate facilities for its crews and this was not available at the time and the funds were not available to build them. As a result a group of local people established what is now known as Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat as an independent lifeboat with charitable status. The RNLI does however provide some valuable logistical support and advice from time to time.


: Why do you need a new boat house before the RNLI will adopt you?

: The current facilities are not of the standard required by RNLI. The crew do not even have proper changing facilities in the current boathouse and have to rely on the nearby sailing club for many facilities including the use of toilets!


: How can I help with fundraising?

: Please do get in touch. We’ve no shortage of ideas but we do need people willing to help organise or staff these events, and also with some of the behind-the-scenes activity such as letterwriting and administration, promotional activities, and producing the Life Line newsletter. Our fundraising committee meets approximately every two months and we need new members to come on board. No previous experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and willingness to lend a hand. You won’t be thrown in the deep end and we like to think of ourselves as a supportive and friendly bunch. If you think you might like to help out at can rattles or other events, write letters or articles, help produce Life Line, or help out in organising or bringing about any events please contact John Gittings on 07774 461 693or email: We look forward to hearing from you.

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Trainee Crew Profile: Jen McLaren Jen is one of the lifeboat’s newest trainee crew and always gets stuck in with the different events and activities; she joined the trust in 2011, we asked her....... What made you want to join Portishead Lifeboat Trust?

My fiancé and I both joined the Lifeboat together as we were buying our first house in Portishead and were keen to get involved in an organisation that gave back to the community as well as allowing us to meet a huge group of fantastic people! How old are you and what is your ‘day job’? I am 29 (and clinging on to this final year of my twenties with all of my might!!) and I work for Lloyds Banking Group as a Project Manager in the city centre of Bristol. What do you like about being part of the trust? I know many others have said the same before me but in all honesty, the best thing about the trust are the people’s a real lifeboat family! Does it get competitive between you and Jake (fiance also a trainee) Absolutely!!! We are both very competitive people so we are always striving to learn something new first! I do have one over on him though, I’m the first one of us to wear a dress under my dry suit and arrive at the boathouse in high heels! (Jen will go on shouts as crew once she has qualified)


What is your funniest moment so far?

Not realising at one training session that we were doing a first aid shout scenario training exercise and continuing to treat the casualties “injuries” after everyone else had gone to the boat house for a de-brief, whilst getting very angry at the crew who had “given up” (as I saw it!) and the slow response time of the ambulance that was never actually called for!

More about the training

present some training sessions as this expands their knowledge and confidence. You may often see the crew training on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings out in the unique tidal waters of the Bristol Channel, practising general boat handling and rescue skills. They may also be seen just going up and down the channel or rivers. This importantly expands local knowledge and understanding of the changeable local conditions.

Training is provided to ensure the lifeboat crew, helmsmen and shore crew are well prepared to deal with any situation that arises on a shout. All trainees are put through the RYA Powerboat level 2 certificate. This gives them all a sound understanding of boat handling skills, and also acts as a refresher for those who may have boated before. Continuous training ensures standards are maintained leading to Advanced Level and beyond. All the RYA assessments are carried out by independent examiners away from local waters, thus ensuring the crews are of the highest standard. Being part of a lifeboat crew requires commitment, teamwork and trust, so training is continuous and often repetitive. All crew 3 Clevedon Walk, Nailsea, BS48 1RS members are encouraged to

be inspired...

in the kitchen 01275 853202

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What's On

Regular Events Fibromyalgia Support Group The Fibromyalgia Support Group, now in its 12th year, meets on the last Wednesday of the month, excluding August and December. The meeting starts at 10.30am at the Folk Hall, Portishead. For more information contact Beth on 01275 848698.

Social Dance First Friday every month 8-11.30pm. Somerset Hall £4. Contact Sandra 01275 831884.

Ladies’ Lunch Club Portishead Ladies Luncheon Club was founded in 1981 and members meet for lunch from 12.30pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month at Clarence House. For further details contact Arlene Crawshaw on 01275 842659.

Portishead Rotary Club Every Tuesday 7.30pm Clarence House. Tel. 07867 783343.

Portishead Quilters First and third Tuesdays each month @ 7.30pm, Redcliffe Bay Hall Tel. 848961. Portishead Town Band Portishead Town Band plays every Monday at Gordano School. The sessions takes place from 7.45-9.45pm. For more information contact John Blaker on 01275 818575.

Portishead Running Club Every Tuesday and Thursday 6.30 pm

Link social network for singles 30+ Tuesday 8.30pm at Walton Park Hotel, Clevedon. Fun events, dinner parties, weekends away and more. Contact: 01275 849183. Portishead Townswomen’s Guild Fourth Tuesday of month 7.00pm. Folk Hall, High Street. Portishead Macular Group Last Thursday of month 2.30pm Folk Hall. Contact Hazel 845238 or Jeff 219657.

Warhammer Club Every Thursday evening in Portishead. Open to all young people, £3 subs. Call 01275 842300

Redcliffe Bay W.I. 2nd Monday each month at 7.30pm Redcliffe Bay Hall, Newhaven Rd.

Farmers Market Second Saturday of the month 9am-12.30pm at the Piazza by Waitrose. Open Air Market Every Friday 9am-3.30pm in the Poacher car park, High Street.

Portishead Probus 73 Meets every third Wednesday (not July or August) 12 noon Clarence House. Lively and welcoming club, nice lunch with interesting speakers. New members welcome. If you would like to join telephone John Massey 01275 814249.

Country Market Every Friday 9.45-10.45am at the Folk Hall, High Street.

Portishead W.I. Every second Tuesday 2.15pm Jubilee Centre, Slade Road Tel. 842822.

Portishead Community Choir Wednesdays from 8-9.30pm at Avon Way Hall. Contact 01275 814220.

Portishead Knits Every first and third Tuesdays 7.30pm at the Royal Inn, Pier Road.

Portishead in Harmony Monday mornings 10.30am-12noon at the Folk Hall, High Street. Tel: 01275 814220.

Muskrats Jazz Band First Thursday each month 8.30pm at Clarence House. Entry £3. Whist Club Every Monday evening Tel. 01275 844290/843851. Rubber Bridge Club Second/third and fourth Thursday each month. The Ship Inn, Down Road, Redcliffe Bay, Portishead 7-10pm. Contact John Foley 01275 842887.

Portishead Concert Band Every Tuesday 7.30-9pm St Nicholas Church, Nore Rd. Contact Lorna Coles 01275 854782 or email Hash House Harriers Every Wednesday 7.15 pm. Visit or contact 399707. Councillor’s Surgery Reyna Knight, second Saturday of each month, 10am until noon at Portishead Library. Royal British Legion Portishead Branch Third Monday each month, Gordano Suite, Clarence House 8pm. All welcome. Stroke Drop in Centre The stroke drop in centre is open on the first Friday of each month at Clarence House in Portishead High Street between 10.30am12.30pm. For more information contact Lori on 01275 818492 or email New Faces Group New Faces provides an opportunity for any parents who are feeling isolated to meet up and enjoy a cup of coffee with people who are in or who have been in similar circumstances. Regular coffee mornings at Portishead Youth Centre in Harbour Road on the first Friday of each month from 10.30am. West Hill Senior Citizen’s Club Over 60s meet 1.30-3pm on Mondays for a cup of tea and light entertainment. Anyone over 60 is very welcome. Avon Way Hall, next to the Appleby’s chip shop. Lions Club meeting The Lions Club of Portishead meets every second Monday of the month at 8pm in Clarence House, Portishead. Lions are people who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfil those needs. For more information, telephone 01275 281415 or visit Golden Oldies Oldies singing group meets at the Jubilee Hall, Slade Road on Fridays 10.30am-11.30am. Tel: 01761 470006 or visit 41 Club Gordano Valley 41 Club meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at The Royal Inn, Portishead. All ex-Round Tablers welcome. Contact Keith Fallows 01275 817258.

Want to get fit? Have fun?

Gourmet Night

Modern jive is the biggest dance sensation around! • Tuesdays at 8pm • Portishead Primary School, Station Road, BS20 7DB • You donʼt need to bring a partner – just turn up • We make learning to dance fun and stress-free

Sunday Buffet

Every Thursday £12.95 Any 1 Starter, Any 1 Main, Any Side Dish Rice, Naan and Coffee

Call Heather - 07909 063624

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What's On Portishead Choral Society Thursday nights 7.30-9.15pm in the Concorde Room at ASDA, Portbury Dock. Contact or phone 01275 849278. Community Cafe The Portishead Community Cafe is held every third Friday of the month at the Wesley Centre, Portishead Methodist Church in the High Street from 10am-noon. If you would like to meet friends, new and old, have a chat with a cup of tea and a slice of cake and also gather some useful free information and advice then why not drop in? For further information, contact AGE UK Somerset on 0845 643 4706.

8.30am at the Clapton Lane entrance. Cars are £7 and vans are £10 and the event runs until noon. For more information, telephone Mike Grandfield on 07952 556939. Probus meeting Gordano Probus Club will be holding its next meeting on Wednesday August 14 at Clarence House in Portishead High Street at 12.30pm for lunch at 1pm. The speaker will be Jean Lord on the subject of ‘The Work of a Magistrate’. Retired business men who may wish to find out more about the club can contact the secretary Mr John Wooster on 01275 848720.

Classic folk at Backwell Playhouse Backwell Playhouse Theatre in Mariners Drive, Backwell plays host to five-piece folk band Colvin Quarmby, with support from The Channellers on Saturday, August 31 from 7pm. Tickets cost £12 from Backwell Medical Centre, 15 West Town Road, Backwell, by calling 07941 258508 or emailing colvinquarmbybackwell@ All proceeds go to Nailsea Miners Rotary.

Photograph by Macanudo

LLaDs – Lads, Lasses and Dads LLaDs groups have been set up to provide an opportunity for dads to spend some time to play games with their children. It’s different from playing at home as it provides the opportunity to meet other dads and their children, like mother and toddler groups but for dads! Games include Playmobile, K’nex, toddler toys, crafting and the sessions also include bacon sandwiches and coffee. LLaDs meet at Trinity School Community Hall in the Village Quarter on the first Saturday of each month and at the St Barnabas Centre Hall in West Hill on the second Saturday of the month, from 10.30am until 12 noon. For more information about the Trinity group contact Alan 01275 843912 or David 01275 840245 and for more information about the St Barnabas group contact John on 01275 460331, alternatively you can just turn up and will be made very welcome.

New events Horticultural Society car boot sale Portishead Horticultural Society will be holding a car boot sale at Portishead Show Field, opposite Gordano School, on Sunday August 4. Booters can enter from 7.30am at the cemetery end entrance and buyers can come in from

Free benefits check for over 60s Age UK Somerset is running a free information and advice drop-in session for people over 60, their families and carers. There will be information on a range of topics on benefits and entitlements. It’s on Tuesday September 3 between 10am – 12 noon at Portishead Library, Harbour Road. For more information call 0845 6434621.

Nailsea Flower Show Nailsea and District Horticultural Society hosts its 160th Summer Show at Golden Valley playing field on Saturday, August 3 and Sunday, August 4. As well as the flower, vegetable and craft competitions there will be a dog show, line dancing, a falconry display, music from the Filton Town Band, homemade refreshments and a bookstall. It will open to the public at 12.30pm on the Saturday. Programmes, and schedules for those who want to compete, are available in Nailsea shops or for more information, contact the show secretaries Martyn Davis on 01275 855563 or Jane Knight on 01275 855342.

To advertise your event for FREE please email: Clevedon Flower Show Clevedon Flower Show and Festival, organised by the Clevedon Horticultural Society, will run on Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25 on the Salthouse Fields. The show will feature more than 300 classes of locally grown vegetables, fruit and flowers all housed in a huge marquee, as well as handicraft, home economics and photography. There will also be a number of trade stands, inside and outside of the marquee and a variety of entertainment to provide a first-class couple of days out for all the family.

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Image by PhotosbyRenate

What's On CHRISTMAS MENU NOW AVAILA BLE Great Food, Great Wine, Great Entertainment

Lighthouse Day to celebrate 500 year quincentenary

A Fabulous Tribute Acts and Famous Faces....Watch this Space!

£5.00 OFF meal for 4

Tel. 01275 873433

Email: Web:

*With this voucher T&C’s apply

Ian and Zoe welcome you to the newly refurbished

The Poacher 3rd August - Ian Kenna 9th August - Cherry Red 10th August - We Are The Lost Boys 17th August - TBC 24th August - The Shenanigans

Lighthouse Day of celebration will take place at the Portishead Yacht and Sailing Club on Saturday, August 17 to help mark the countdown to the 500th anniversary of Trinity House next year. Trinity House is responsible for the provision and maintenance of aids to navigation in the country, including more than 60 lighthouses, it was also responsible for turning Blacknore Lighthouse over to the Community Trust. The celebratory event will run from noon-4pm and is open to the public. There will be a party and barbecue, live music from Jill Elliot and her group, an exhibition featuring the works of local artists and photographers and the chance to watch the Yacht Club race to Black Nore Point and back for the Black Nore Cup. Guides will be available at the Lighthouse to explain its importance in our maritime history and the light will be turned on to show what it was like during the 117 years of its operational history. Along the coastal path homes are kindly hosting Open Gardens with cream teas ensuring there is something for everyone.






31st August - Angel up Front

Slade Road, Portishead Tel: 01275 842428

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Image by PhotosbyRenate

Food and Drink

The Black Horse


he kicker, as it is affectionately known, is an experience not be missed. Set in the tranquil countryside of Clapton-inGordano, this 14th Century inn is steeped in charm and character. Where else will you see horses tethered up outside and tractors in


CCfee Bar and Sandwich Shop Lunchtime fer: Sandwich , Cake , CCfee and Free Refill £4.95

42a High Street 01275 460122

the car park? The locals are extremely friendly as are the members of staff, who offer a cheery smile and plenty of conversation. The home cooked food and filled baguettes served Monday to Saturday lunchtime 12-2pm are highly recommended and if

you’re not driving, the real ales and cider are definitely worth sampling. All of these can be enjoyed in the lovely beer garden, patios and terraces surrounding the pub. A visit to the Black Horse is almost like transportation to a different world. Sitting in the heart of the Gordano Valley, it’s somewhere you can watch the world go by. Regular live music will start again in September together with a monthly open mic night. Keep an eye on the web site www. or join them on Facebook.

Large Beer Garden and Play Area

The ALBION is back

in action!


he Albion in Portishead’s Bristol Road is back in action with new landlord Alan and his long term head chef Leighann. With both living by their passions you are assured quality food and fine wines and ales, not to mention the warm welcome and extended hours. Function area – seats 40-50 Available free of charge to community The Albion is well worth a visit! groups and organisations. Catering can be provided. Tel. 01275 817906


Steaks and fish cooked on an open flame grill Fresh vegetables from local sources. Hearty breakfasts served from 10am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays Bar open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Special Offer 2 meals for £9.95 offer Monday to Saturday until 10pm

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encasta are the specialists when it comes to wood-fired cooking and catering, with bespoke wood fired 'pizza'ovens available to hire and to purchase and a catering team available for your occasion, get in touch today to see what encasta have to offer! e-mail: Tel: 07718 290933

Find us on Facebook

Perfect pizza oven for your party


hen it comes to making an impression with the food at your wedding, party or special event, nothing beats a roaring wood-fired pizza oven. Not only does it make a great backdrop to your ‘do’, but it also cooks fantastic food too. Encasta are the specialists when it comes to wood-fired cooking and catering and specialise in designing and making their own bespoke wood-fired ovens available both to hire and buy. They also have a skilled catering team who specialise in woodfired cooking and catering making them perfect for private parties, weddings, sporting and corporate events throughout the year. Encasta can adapt the menu to your budget and cater for other tastes, including tapas. Get in touch today to see what Encasta have to offer and have the perfect out-door cooking experience.

Somerset Cream Teas first season with ‘The Rolling Scones’ Joehis Brakes travelling Cream Tea Wagon has been an amazing success. People


unshine and a Somerset Cream Tea has to be the perfect recipe for any event !

have loved the Van but loved the Cream Teas even more says Joe.... they are truly scrumptious with Scones, Jam and Cream all made locally in Somerset. Joe can bring that retro/traditional feel to your event and of course everyone loves a cream tea. Somerset Cream Teas can cater for any event big or small……and can also supply straw bales for your rustic seating!

Joe is already taking bookings for next year for Weddings, Parties etc and advises early booking

Please call Joe for more information on 07817 422851 or 01275 853163

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Photograph by Adrian Gaynor



Congratulations Charlotte and Andy


harlotte Candow and Andy Flowers were provided by Sarah Richmond married at the Tynan Flowers and photos by Walton Park Hotel earlier Adrian Gaynor. this year. More than 75 family and friends attended Exquisite Hats to Hire or Buy the ceremony which for all occasions went without hitch. The couple were attended Celia Lovell by bridesmaids Sophie 30 Alexandra Road, Bartlett and Katie Clevedon, BS21 7QH Weaver and page boy 01275 871360 Harry Candow. Julian Stannard was best man and the ushers Matt Candow and Sam Bartlett. Charlotte said: “The setting was beautiful, the food was lovely FREE LOCAL DELIVERY and the staff at Walton FRESH AND SILK AVAILABLE Park were extremely attentive and helpful, in fact they were amazing. 100 High Street, Portishead The whole day went like Tel: 01275 817178 a dream.”

Photograph by Adrian Gaynor


Scruples - A hat for all occasions


cruples’ hats have been seen at Buckingham Palace garden parties, Royal weddings, Henley Regatta and Royal Ascot. Scruples Exquisite Hats of Clevedon boast a range of up to 500 new hats and fascinators in many colours and styles to suit all tastes and ages. Proprietor Celia has successfully been running the shop, in Alexandra Road, for the past 20 years and offers honest, impartial advice which is second to none. Prices range from £30 to £125 or if you like to have a different hat for every occasion, a hat hire service is also available. Scruples shop also has a range of good quality as new wedding outfits all year round, and in the run up to Christmas it also increases its stock of eveningwear. The as new wear must be of good quality, under three years old and in pristine condition. Celia will then sell the garments for clients on a 50/50 basis. Scruples is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10.30am-4.30pm.

£2,200 including VAT

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olden ears

Maintaining Independence and Activity in Older Age

s we get older we can experience physical and sensory problems causing difficulties in doing things the way we previously did. Keeping active physically, mentally and socially is important in ensuring that we remain as healthy as possible.

Maintaining Independence and Activity

How equipment can help you:

Riser/recliner chairs and bathing equipment. Advice & information about hobbies, holidays and moving house.

Cathy Gale Occupational Therapist Call me for a free initial discussion and to arrange an assessment at home. Tel: 07580 716510/01275 848683

Physical health: keeping our bodies moving is vital. Dancing, walking, cycling and exercise classes may suit the more active person, whilst armchair exercises and balancing exercises at the kitchen sink to a favourite piece of music may be enough if you struggle to get out. Mental health: our brains need regular exercise so finding activities that you enjoy and which also stimulate your mind is important. Crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, discussion with other people and even TV and radio programmes can help. Social activity: maintaining a social life can be difficult when we are less active physically. But wherever you live there are ways to meet other people. Portishead has a wealth of clubs and organisations which welcome new members. Portishead has a wide range of health professionals who can support you to make choices which keep you healthy and active as you get older. The health centres and North Somerset Care Connect provide NHS and local authority support but there are also independent professionals who may be able to help you.

Workshops for Carers Being a Carer can be very difficult and involve juggling lots of responsibilities and emotions. Sometimes this can feel overwhelming. This can lead carers to experience:

Image by Macanudo


Photograph Solutions for Independent Living UK,by Macan run by Cathy Gale, Occupational Therapist offers advice about how to maintain your independence in daily living tasks and staying active. • Advice and assistance in privately purchasing riser recliner chairs, bathing and showering equipment, small aids to maintain your independence at home. • Assistance with applications for disability benefits. • Advice and assistance in maintaining daily living, hobbies, holidays and leisure interests. • Advice on making decisions about moving house and where to live.

Wiltshire Farm Foods make mealtimes as easy as pie. If you’ll pardon the pun!

• Depression • Anxiety • Worry Come and nd more ways of coping by attending a PositiveStep workshop Commencing: Tuesday 3rd September Venue: Clevedon Community Centre Time: 10am-12pm

Workshops are bookable via our website or by calling 01934 523766

Cottage Pie with Vegetables £2.95 We offer a choice of 250 delicious dishes, including mini meals and desserts. All meals are delivered frozen by your friendly, local driver, ready to be stored in your freezer and cooked in minutes. Simply take a look at our FREE brochure and order over the phone or online. You can then enjoy free delivery to your door. Our service is commitment free, simply order whenever you need to. Mealtimes taken care of – what could be easier?

Try our Menu Selection pack 6 Meals (all with vegetables): Roast Chicken Breast with Stuffing Cumberland Sausages Chicken & Vegetable Casserole Cottage Pie Chicken & Mushroom Pie Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding 4 Desserts: Lemon Sponge with Lemon Sauce & Custard Golden Syrup Sponge West Country Bread & Butter Pudding Sultana Sponge & Custard

Get all this for only £24.95 (Pack Code MS2)

For your FREE brochure or to order Menu Selection Pack call us on

0800 773 773

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Health and Beauty

Treat yourself

Image by Macanudo


ou will find the tranquil oasis that is The Natural Beauty Salon, in the heart of Portishead, above the Robert John hair salon on the Cabstand. From the moment you walk through the door and experience the relaxing music and the inviting aroma of essential oils, your senses will relax. Whatever your individual needs, you will find a professional and committed team of therapists, who are available to give free, no obligation consultations on the wide range of beauty treatments they provide. Why not take advantage of this month’s offers of a free eyebrow shape every time you book a mini manicure and pedicure?

What is Reflexology?


eflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the principle that areas and points on the feet, hands and ears correspond with other parts of the body via the nervous system. When pressure is applied to these points it stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels and helps to restore balance in the whole body. The body is very complex and is often capable of healing itself with anything from a small cut or bruise to a major injury or emotional trauma. Reflexologists work holistically with their clients to promote better health.



ypnotherapy is used to enable a therapist to guide a person into a relaxed state, enabling direct access to their subconscious mind. This is where many of our instinctive behaviour patterns and natural reactions are formed. Using positive suggestion and imagery, the therapist is able to focus on the behaviours that the client wishes to change which can often alleviate physical symptoms and provide relief from sleep problems, low mood, negativity and lack of motivation. Rae Arundel at Harbourside Hypnotherapy offers a free initial consultation for all new clients.

arbourside ypnotherapy Specialising in:

Sleep problems, Stress and Anxiety Depression, Panic AAacks, Weight Management, Stop Smoking

07584 035873

Weston super Mare and Portishead

MONDAYS North Weston Village Hall, Clevedon Road 5.30 pm & 7.30 pm with Angela 01275 849638 TUESDAYS Clarence House Social Club, High Street 9:30 & 11:30 am with Angela 01275 849638 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Bristol Road 7:30 pm with Joanna **New Consultant** 07798 588327 WEDNESDAYS St Josephs Hall, West Hill 5.30pm & 7.30 pm with Denise 07812 840251

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L fo ow r a co l l st th le e fa isur m e ily !

FREE HEALTH CHECKS Available at Parish Wharf Leisure Centre Health checks are 30 minutes and consist of the following assessments: Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Flexibility (through a sit and reach test). Healthy lifestyle advice will also be given. Call or visit Parish Wharf to book your free consultation.

Limited Spaces Available, Book Your consultation Today!

Parish Wharf Leisure Centre Harbour Road, Portishead

01275 848 494 Operated by DC Leisure Management Ltd on behalf of North Somerset Council

Consultations only available from 01/08/13 - 31/08/13.路 Consultations only available through bookings.

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Health and Beauty

Beauty By Fay Mobile Beauty Therapist Treatments include:

Relationship Counselling at Walnut Grove Clinic “ Human beings are at their happiest and deploy their talents to best advantage when they are confident that, standing behind them, there are trusted persons who will come to their aid should difficulties arise.

John Bowlby


upportive and caring relationships are essential for our wellbeing. Problems in any important relationships can also cause stress, anxiety and worry and exaggerate other worries. If you have concerns about any of the following a relationship counsellor will be able to help you.

• •

Break down of communication leading to rows or withdrawal Argue about money, household management, time, parenting or other everyday issues Find it difficult to get over a past relationship and move on

To be clear about the future of your relationship and whether to stay together or to separate

Call Walnut Grove on 01275 818303 to arrange an appointment

Key life stages: starting a new relationship, before marriage or living together, before or after having children, pregnancy, redundancy Stress, anxiety, worry or depression Specific situations such as IVF, bereavement, illness or injury of one partner, an affair, effects of pornography on intimacy

• Hand and Feet Treatments Including Shellac • Waxing • Facial treatments including Microdermabrasion • Massage and Body treatments • Spray tanning • Eye treatments including eyelash extensions • Make-up • Special prom packages available

Special Offer

4 treatments for only £40 see my website for details Gift Vouchers Available Day Evening & Weekend treatments available Add me on

Beauty by Fay Portishead

Call Fay on 07891 080121

UNISEX HAIR STUDIO at Waverley Court, Village Quarter

01275 398676 07747 688907

Walnut Grove Clinic Centre of Excellence for Osteopathy And Complementary Therapies We now offer Relationship Counselling For more information Tel: 01275 818303

Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, North Somerset,BS20 6BB 33 August Issue.indd 33

18/07/2013 09:28:49

 Missfit Exercising outdoors – what could be better?


ormer primary school teacher Sam BlackmoreSalon room Squires has launched a range of fitness boot camps What’s Beauty to you? in Portishead, tailored to the needs of the community. Her buggy boot camps, designed After 5 treatments with What’s Beauty receive 50% off any treatment of especially for post-natal mums, your choice! encourage mums take along their little one and exercise around their buggies. FREE Eyebrow Wax Sam, who is a Certified Fitness Instructor, Receive a free eyebrow wax with this voucher when says: “I run outdoor boot camp and circuit classes aimed at toning the major muscle you book with any manicure or pedicure. groups and improving cardiovascular 15% Off Leg Waxing fitness. We use a range of equipment from Full Leg Wax £15.00 £12.75 Half Leg Wax £12 £10.20 resistance bands to sand bags, boxing mitts/ pads as well as making use of the local Offer Valid 1st August – 31st August 2013. Discount is only valid upon presentation of this voucher. environment! The classes have planned T’s & C’s apply. exercise stations to rotate around and each exercise has alternatives Gift Vouchers Available and progressions to ensure people of all fitness levels and abilities Weekday, evening and weekend appointments. can participate and work at their chosen rate.” Accept cash, credit cards and debit cards for all treatments. Find me on for new available treatments and special offers, WhatsBeauty Fitness Bootcamps run at 6.30pm on Fridays and 9.30am on Portishead. Contact me for bookings & full treatment details. Saturdays and Sundays at the Village Quarter T: 01275 338411 M: 07771 526577 Park. Buggy boot camps run on a Monday and Thursday at 10.15 at the Lake Grounds or Village Quarter Park. Call Sam on 07557 887295 or email for further information.

Kelly Lock Beauty Therapist

Loyalty Discount

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Health and Beauty

BIODENTINE “The Calm” to prevent “The Storm” By Nick Williams of Lime Tree Dental Practice


t Lime Tree we are always trying to find new ways to help our patients save their teeth, reduce pain and reduce cost. Introducing… a new filling product called BIODENTINE that can calm down certain painful teeth or repair badly broken teeth and will hopefully prevent the need for a root filling. As part of our involvement with a research group called the PREP Panel through the University of Birmingham, we have become a leading national authority on this exciting new product. Biodentine can be used when a cavity in a tooth is very deep

and close to the nerve. The nerve maybe affected by the decay. Biodentine promotes healing of the nerve to help it lay down natural dentine (tooth structure) within the pulp chamber to protect itself in the future and to try to keep the nerve alive. The outer coating of the Biodentine will need to be covered in the future (2days to 6months) with a permanent cover to protect it. As such the tooth will need to be treated twice, however, this treatment is designed to try to reduce the chance of this tooth needing a root filling, avoiding the associated

costs. Many of our patients Alternatively, use the FREE have already experienced this Voucher on this page to book a new treatment with fantastic FREE consultation with one of results. Due to our experience our dentists. and results with this new type of treatment Enjoy a fast, natural looking tan we have now taught In the comfort of your own home many other dentists Ideal for a touch of pre-holiday colour and dental students Or simply looking around the UK on the good for a special occasion uses for this material. For further information speak to us on 01275 840234 or go to www.

£20 per treatment Discount for multiple treatments

Wendy 07846407729

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Business otlight

Exciting art gallery opens in Portishead T inca Gallery, a new family venture, has opened at the beginning of Portishead High Street. The owners have recognised the need to establish a leading space for contemporary art in the area and aim to bring exceptional work while providing the best customer experience. Their collections reflect their passion and love of art in all its forms. Tinca always works directly with its artists and the team at the gallery has gained an understanding and knowledge of the artists work and ideas. Co-owner Marian Eyre says: “We are committed to bringing

our energy, enthusiasm and commitment to providing the people of Portishead and all over North Somerset an opportunity to view work by some of the amazing artists working within the UK at this time.” Current featured artists include James Tatum and Michael Sole from the South West and works of art by Bristol artists Huw RichardsEvans, Steve Slimm, Colin Paul Vincent, Tom White and Harriet Whyatt, Hugh Childs, Chrissie Snelling, Rachel Francis and Laura Cramer. A range of bespoke jewellery, wonderful ceramics, glass work, artists’ cards and a contemporary range of cushions and lampshades are all available at Tinca and

any day now, a bespoke framing service from an on-site workshop will be launched. There will be a wide range of framing options, including mount board and glass cutting with advice and expertise on hand to assist with all aspects of framing. Only conservation quality materials are used in the framing process. As Tinca develops its first floor studio it will be offering a selection of art classes and workshops for all ages and levels of experience.

Visit now at 6-8 High Street, call Marian on 817110 or visit www. to find out more.

K i t c h e n s

“A fresh approach to your dream kitchen”

I Let us at Mango create your dream kitchen or simply update your existing kitchen. Mango Kitchens is based in Portishead near Bristol, offering an extensive range of products and services catering to all budgets. Contact us for your free no obligation consultation or advice, and let us bring your home to life. • Mobile: 07976 7 3 2 3 6 4 • Telephone: 01275 2 7 7 8 0 7 • email: • web:

from Concept to Completion

Kitchens to suit you thanks to Mango

n years gone by the kitchen used to be the room in the house where the food was prepared and that was it but today it is much more. Mango Kitchens can provide any kitchen from concept to completion and make it the room you want it to be. It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen style is contemporary, traditional or bespoke, Mango can guide you through the styles and finishes available and help with your choice of appliances and accessories. Mango Kitchens is a new, family run business in Portishead is headed by Richard Nicholls and he explains why, when it comes to kitchens, Mango can provide you with everything you need. Richard said: “Mango Kitchens is about providing quality affordable products that we know can perform, along with exceptional workmanship and first rate customer service. “We love designing and installing kitchens, they require a thoughtful layout, practical design, clever construction and some serious attention to detail.” With their extensive knowledge of the industry, Mango has access to a huge range of products and services and works closely with leading trade suppliers and local skilled professionals. Mango offers a comprehensive project managed service including building work, carpentry, plastering, electrics, plumbing, tiling, flooring and decorating.

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Business Den Hicks runs Max Your Website at Kestrel Court in Portishead. Each month Den will be answering your questions and offering advice.

Tax Matters

How to display your Twitter feed on your website

Company cash flow problems

Q: A:

I’d like to be able to display my Twitter feed on my website, how do I do this? When you embed your Twitter feed into your website it will automatically display your latest tweets and allow visitors to follow you with a single click. 1. Log into your Twitter account 2. Click Settings (the little cog in the top right) 3. Click Widgets 4. Click Create new From here you can customise the look of the Twitter feed by changing the height, colours and theme. When you are happy with the look, just click Create widget. The final stage is to copy and paste the code into your website. You can either ask your webmaster to do this or if you have a WordPress website just paste the code straight in. To have your Twitter feed to display in the sidebar of your WordPress site, just add a text widget and paste the code into it. There are also many WordPress plugins available to give you more flexibility. For example, your website will automatically create a tweet on Twitter when you post a blog article. If you would like us to take the strain of getting your new website launched or have any other questions, just visit or call us on 01275 759197.

Each month Ali Redwood of Tax Assist Accountants in Portishead answers some of your business and accountancy related questions.

Q: A:

I am a director of a small company and it is having quite serious cash flow problems. What should I do? The best thing a director can do when they feel their company is not trading as successfully as it should is to seek professional help as soon as possible and as a director it is your job to do this. If you are aware that your company is struggling but continue to trade without seeking advice, you can be seen to be wrongfully trading your company. Under S.214 of The Insolvency Act 1986 it states the director can be held personally liable to make a contribution to the company’s assets in order to minimise the loss to creditors. Seek advice early on as there could be company rescue options available to keep the company trading and avoid you breaching your responsibilities as a director. If you would like any advice or assistance with tax matters, please do not Independent Financial Adviser hesitate to contact Ali 01275 844844 Redwood, at your local TaxAssist Accountants 15 Roath Rd Portishead BS20 6AW office on 01275 390596. (Free parking opposite the office)

Need help with your website? Dont go nuts about it, let Max the monkey help you...

„ Simple, no jargon advice „ Small business specialists „ Mobile websites „ Search engine optimisation „ Established in 2004

01275 759197

Find us at: Kestrel Court, Harbour Road, BS20 7AN

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Hoe and arden

Astron excellence rewarded


stron Fire and Security has received national recognition to put it on a par with some of the biggest businesses in the UK. The Portishead company has been given Silver accreditation from the National Security Inspectorate for its work providing

a range of fire and security services. The accreditation was awarded after NSI inspected a selection of the company’s installations and audited all of its processes and client services to ensure they comply with industry best practice. Astron has been looking after local

businesses such as Heritage Estate Agents and West Coast Properties for more than 10 years and some of the first customers to take advantage of Astron’s new accreditation are Portishead Working Men’s Club, Tinca Gallery and The Mezze at the White Lion. Sales director, Greg van Laun, said: “The NSI accreditation essentially means that Astron is recognised by the police and the insurance industry on the same level as ADT and Chubb, which is something to shout about.” “We believe that fire and security needs to be properly regulated because we often take over systems that have not been designed to meet the clients’ needs, or are badly installed and maintained, we will be doing our best to assist the NSI and the industry wherever we can.” See Astron’s ad on page 46 or find out more by visiting

A Very Brown Hedge Indeed!

Aphids are one of the commonest and most troublesome of all garden insect pests. They attack a large number of garden plants throughout the country and recently have been causing much disfigurement to ornamental Conifer hedges. Commonly referred to as Greenfly and Blackfly these aphids feed on hedges, sucking the sap of the plant and can spread several viruses, causing severe die back. The current troublesome aphid is the Cypress Aphid which predominantly affects Conifer hedging. The damage inflicted on conifer hedges by the aphid Cinara cupressi is severe and can lead to large brown patches on the hedge which leads to localised foliage death, reducing the aesthetic look of the hedge. As the aphid is active from May to October it is important to catch this problem early and apply treatments to stop its spread. At the first sign of brown patches telephone Bartlett Tree Experts for a free consultation and professional advice on 01275 371000. a complete and comprehensive tree care service since 1907

Tree & Shrub Pruning | Planting | Tree Removal Hedge Cutting | Stump Grinding | Woodland Management Health & Safety Reports | Disease & Insect Control For a free consultation please contact your local arborist Chris Gill

01275 371000

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Hoe and arden

Allotment Virgins

Stroke survivor Lori Rowsell and her family have been sharing their experiences with Gordano Living readers since they were first allocated an allotment at the Gertie Gale allotments in North Weston more than two years ago.

Loads more is in. Lots of lovely beetroot, the obligatory courgettes, the sprouts, broccoli, onions and leeks. The leeks are always fun because I get to use the dibber. You make holes 6 inches deep, 6 inches apart, in nice uniform rows that are 12 inches apart (and yes I do measure them and make sure they’re all neatly in line) and you then drop the seedling into the hole and fill with water. There’s no need to fill the hole with soil. You then cross your fingers that they’re not carried away on the wind! It’s fascinating to see how something so tiny grows to be a big, fat, juicy leek. Well we hope so.

‘Elements’ is a friendly landscaping service, aiming to provide you with a stylish, yet functional garden, to suit your personal needs. Whether you are looking for a complete garden rennovation or small addition to an already established garden.

For a FREE consultation and estimate contact Ben Wilmot at ‘Elements’ by calling

07717 295 423

or visit our website


It’s the last of last year’s onions so let’s try something posh …… Sweet and sour spring onions • Loads and loads of spring onions say 650g • Tablespoon olive oil • 2 tablespoons balsamic vin egar • ½ teaspoon caster sugar • Salt & pepper

Place onions in boiling water and peel. Heat the oil and stir in onions, add water so onions are immersed and lightly simmer for 30 mins. Stir in balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper. Give it a good stir then cook for 1½ mins (add more water as the pan dries out!) Cook until the onions are soft and caramelised to a golden glaze. The carrots had to be re-done (again) as they disappeared. We have an intruder at the lottie and each day you can see where he follows our line of planting. It’s a mole (as shown in my picture above) and I suspect he’s also hit on the sprouts and broccoli. We are currently investigating kind ways to evict him. There’s also a young

Elements Landscaping & Gardens

LLO O 

From just £2 a week Hassle free privately owned, good quality allotments in the Portishead area

Enquiries to: Tel: 01275 874176 MIKE TAYLOR (GARDEN) MACHINERY LTD

Serve as part of an antipasto selection. Posh eh?


Unit 6, Southfield Rd Trad. Est. Nailsea, BS48 1JE Tel. 01275 852970 OPENING HOURS: MON-FRI 8.00-5.00 TRAVIS PERKINS



sorts of weather which we’ve tried to use to our advantage. If you can get the seeds sown the day before the forecast downpour then it’s a helping hand with the watering! If not, it’s a long way to the standpipe and after a dozen trips you definitely regret accepting the plot on the far side of Gertie Gales.

deer that’s taken up residence on an unmaintained plot that is neck height (not high in my case so lets say it’s the hubby’s neck). She’s absolutely beautiful and reminds us how lucky we are to be so close to nature whilst still close to Waitrose!


Month 27 – A busy month with all



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Hoe and arden

Moving Home Step 2 to selling you home

By Paul Kingston of Cliftons Estate Agents, now at Kestrel Court, Portishead. Each month Paul Kingston shares his knowledge and expertise on moving home with Gordano Living readers. Paul has written an in depth guide to selling your home, broken down in to seven steps, which is available by calling 844434. Paul is presenting excerpts from the guide in Gordano Living each month.

Everything Sells If The Price Is Right.......


he problem with any kind of down turn in the housing market is that most people don’t want to accept their property is affected. In my experience it takes a nano second for people to believe their property price has gone up in value and at least 12 months for them to accept that it may have gone, or is going down. Whatever the market is doing, it is important to get the price right. This


01275 844 434

doesn’t mean you have to sell cheaply to find a buyer but you do need to price yourself competitively. Be smart and do some comparisons of your own prior to inviting your chosen agents through the door. Look on websites like, , and to see if similar properties like yours are on the market

already. Go and view them to compare how they fare against your own, perhaps ask how long they have been on the market and what interest they have had. When you have reached a conclusion on your price, ask three local estate agents for their opinion and see how they compare. My advice in a slower market is to always price towards the lower side of the comparable rather than the higher. Often I find that even though many vendors know they may be asking too high a price initially they do so in the belief that buyers will always offer, no matter what price they may be asking. This is a serious mistake to make and will in my opinion often result in the property selling for much less than it would if it had come to the market at the correct price in the beginning. It will certainly prolong the time the property is on the market before a final sale is agreed. It is important to treat buyers with respect, you don’t want a potential buyer to step through your door and immediately feel that you are trying to cheat them by asking over the odds for your property. Just because a neighbour’s property sold for a particular price six months earlier, or even yesterday, it doesn’t guarantee yours will automatically do the same. Even though the location and the bricks and mortar provide basics, the layout,


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Moving Home New eNxe pw erieexnpceeridepnro cepdert pro y apgeertnytsagoep he big day has arrived nets n in P Cliftons coastal, toowrtnishead the T ir cou com ntr mi y tm and ent to finding the right city agents have opened T buyer an or tenant for tho office in Portishe

he big day has arrived - Cli ftons Coastal, in the last few weeks, and Country and City Agent s have moved into ir mitment sethe ad. propethe to fin an office in Portishead. rtiescom ding the and is of ady right individual features buycondition er or ten sho antalre win foryour g. those A gre at exa mp Cliftons is an established pro le per of thi ties s is is alre the ady sho even the decor and garden can all cess win estate agent withproperty, g, suc wit ces h the sfu l sel ling of a of pro sucfto Cli selling a property on Lowperty in Lowsuc ces nssfu islan offiest ces er ablin ishWh ed ite Estlad aff ect the price. er ateies Bu Bu Ag rlin rlin Ro ent gto gto ad, on n Bri Rorsad within 24 hours of n Road stol. within 24 hou Whiteladies Road in Clifto it of com it com Ow ing n, Bristol, and theySo, remember ners Paul Kingston and ont on importance of pricing o the to thethe marke t. Ph Stolworthy now h an office in Ke strel Coilip havewit more than 25 years urt , Por your house according to market forces rather tish ead. experience worki Paul Kingst gston, on, Dir ng direct ector or and in the property market and ma nag ma nag er ofofthe er than what you want. Let the market dictate the in Por Bristol and North Th tishhe Portis ead ners Paul Kingston and adbra branch nch, has , hasow ned Soe owrse ow and neyou Philip Stolworth d and run a stin run are g of a ple y its worth, based on the research have ase suc d havme to ces e moret and str bri sfu ing ng l est of succes than 25 years experience their ate sfu agelnts estove hisen25 aterag wealth of exp yea working carried25 tsadvice durs erience to the area, alo rinin the g his pro out and on the professional in the per ty pro yea ma per rke rs ty ng in t. ma wit the rke h pro in Bristol and North perty market. the ility to market tyou Somab property in the you have been given. erset and are bringingrthe With extensive experien ir wealth of town and the city , wh Wi ich exp th ext erienc no other agent canIf you price lan ensive it too high and up reducing experi encend eceinin Lan develop provide. e to the area, along wit h the ability to d,d,Development nt and ne wngs and ma homes, he rket your property in the Newme Ho me brifor s ng it becomes demoralising he s bri to town and the city,and reducing, the to Portishead office enthu Portish ead Offithe which As ce his theno areoth enthus sia a’s er sm onage ias and ly me m andyou nt can you and you end up feeling have been mber am proof bit vid ion am e. Th to bit e Gu ens ion ild ure to of sur that every proen tha Professional Estate Agen t eve rypur pro per pe tyeow rty owner ner and Potential buyers will also see any ts, the company givrobbed. andeiv cha ser pu rch ase r trec es rec eiv es the aAsfur the es are the the be as onl bes st possible r con pos menmb neyctio sib le ser toerthe of Th vic e. e continual reduction in price and question affl Gu ser ild ue vic nt of e. Lon don Prorke fessio ma nalthe t via EstGu ate ild Ag’sent s, the com Par pan e offi to keep dropping the price y gives why you ce. Paulhave a further connection to thek Lan has has live liveddin Por tishhe inconcerns Portis ead for Th high profile marketin affluent London to getsoa sale. ad forthe thepas 1010 patput years These may even st maerke kno g giv yea ws t en via the rs to the so know tow all ir office in Park Lane, Lon n ver s y we the ll. He tow properties, cou nyour has ver y hel we ped don. somehe ll. He pled with great local and has people off looking at home. ma ny d buy ers lpe ma sellsers nyand buyer dursel ing and countrywide coverage, s tim lerthi shouse du rinegfin thids or sell Th The whole process ofl .taking your e high profile marketinalm in ost tim the gu e reg ara to ion fin nte d Clipe es or ftortie sel ns als g giv pro en o offe tha to all t those selling or letting r s a in ver the y. reg ion com proper petitiv toemarket is ama bitnag like ties, coupled with greatwit letting and ftons of successfully emgoing lochalCli Clifto ent service of Portis and ns plu als o off ers ly rea a onl cou ver ch y ntrhe y the 8% com ywad rig idetru pe ht s surfing; you catch your first VAT.the wave with titi coverage, almost guabu ve let ting andifma ranyer protfes teess and nagement service of on tha s tha thosio t are senal sellten ser ing ant iou few strokes you’ll be up and away.lyIf8% you or lett sly pluwait loo s ing VAT. kin wit g h Cli for fto n’s a pro of petru rtyly . reach Portishead SoIfifyo yo uare uchase areinin too long to that wave, you’ll put in lots the right buyers and need ne edof of the the be be st st ser se vic rvi e, ce, to pro fesns Clifto siohas nal ten ach ievnte the wa alreant adsytha to ac t are behie had st pri eff ort and never serat iousta a gre veof ce slyrtloo the anbe d in kin st the g. hav pr qu ing ice ick an est d taken on a substantial am po comp ssible lettim e a e, trathe come away your ount of properties nsnac cal tiol nClin ifto nsfrom the CliPo todick qu ftortis ay ns hav ont in es e alre head had oveady 01 po astgre r the 27 ssi at 5 pa ble 84 sta rt 4 tim few 43 hav board. market at the right price to sell, this is exactly e,4ca we ing for eks and ll Cli a fre ftoens taken on a substantial am val ua tod tio ay n. ount of properties 01275 844 43 Of course people on what will will indeed sell.

4 for a free valuation. like to make offers and in reality rarely offer the asking price, so always have a bottom line figure in mind. More often Paul Kingston Portishead than not Manag er because you cliftonsestatea have, through due diligence, researched enough to come to


Therefore as you have come to the market with a price tag to sell, it is unlikely that you will have to settle for the bottom line figure. Unlike those that chose to chase the market, the feeling of joyCliyou will fton, Briget stol:upon 0117selling 946 6363 will also be that attitude Parkof Lagaining. ne, LondThis on: 0207 409 8331 will ensure a happy ending for you and is Portibetter sheafor d one’s 0127 5 84 of course far soul, leaving 4 434 po rtis he ad clifton stress out in the@cold with Mr tea Greedy Mr sesta gentsand Miserable.


Similar required

Clifton, Bristol: 0117 946 6363 Park Lane, London: 0207 409 8331

Portishead 01275 844 434

Paul Kingston Portishead Manager




Detached House Elevated Position

Village Location 4 Double Bedrooms


Luxurious and Modern Period Apartment

Portishead Village Qu


2 Double Bedrooms Parking for 1 Car

Semi Detached 4 Double Bedroom


Kitchen Diner & Lounge Parking & Garage


Similar required



Renovation Project 3 Bedrooms

Portishead Marina

Fedden Village, Portishead Detached House EPC Rating E


Stylish and welcoming Spacious Rooms

Private Bungalow 3 Bedrooms


Large 3/4 bedroom 2 Balconies



Stunning apartment Larger than average

3 bedrooms 3 balconies

Marketing coastal and coun try properties locally and in Clifton Portishead


Period Property 3 Bedroom Cottage

Portishead Marina

Private Garden EPC Rating C

Penthouse Apartment 2 Double Bedrooms


Sunny Garden with View EPC Rating D

Portishead Marina


South Facing Balcony EPC Rating C


Semi-Detached Cottage 3 Sizable Bedrooms

Good Size Garden EPC Rating E

£1400 PCM

Large Townhouse 4 Bedroom

Views of the Marina Terrace and Balcony

Walton Bay, Portishead Channel Views Four bedrooms

£595,000 Stables and Paddock EPC rating F

Marketing coastal and country properties locally and in Clifton August Issue.indd 41

18/07/2013 09:58:56


Everything Sells If the Price is Right....... By Paul Kingston of Cliftons estate agents


hen selling quickly through pricing correctly, even though you’ve sold at the price you wanted, you may find yourself thinking “that was easy, I should I have asked for more.” Trust me, the reason you have done so well and sold so quickly is that you did all the right things. Operating in this way will mean you are the one who has sold while your competitors remain on the market and are still fishing for a buyer.

Avoid typical mistakes I would like to offer you an example to show you how typical mistakes can be made. I had a property in a very popular position which my research and knowledge suggested its value to be in the region of £300,000. As the market was healthy

I advised a sale price of £310,000. The owners were aware of another similar property in a neighbouring road which had just sold for £320,000 for which the selling agent said he had another buyer for. The client allowed this agent to take the buyer along, but on reflection he didn’t want to offer the same price as he didn’t like the property as much. As a result the clients approached me again and asked me to market the house for them. However having given the matter some thought they decided they didn’t want to take my advice but wanted £330,000 for their house. The effect was as I predicted, the viewings were slower than expected and all the offers in the first month were around £300,000. Unfortunately, the clients had already spent the higher figure in their mind and

wanted to hold out for the money they wanted. If they had taken our advice on the original valuation rather than having their judgement clouded by the nearby property I am certain they would have sold quickly and moved on with ease. The trick here is not to spend what you don’t have in your hand and the lesson is if you really want to move, rather than test the market, beware of false promises as they can prevent a sale. In summary be realistic and get the price right from day one, be prepared to except a bottom line figure and you will be sold quickly no matter what market you find yourself in.

Lindleys offers legal services, tailored to meet each client’s needs and objectives. The rm combines its traditional values, expertise and enthusiasm to deliver quality and value-for-money services with an added personal touch.

• Property • Business • • Disputes • Wills & Probate •

Please contact Hannah Kenward By email: Telephone: 01275 877277 The Clevedon office is open Saturdays 9-1, 2-5

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Preparation is key when moving home


f you’ve accepted an offer on your home, while nothing is set in stone it’s still worth getting your affairs in order, de-cluttering and compiling a list of professionals to work with you. Once you have exchanged contracts and you have a

DAVID PLAYFORD & CO SOLICITORS For a fast,efficient and cost effective conveyancing service

Tel (01275) 840111

moving date you can start planning your move with confidence but don’t forget that new furniture and trades people you may need to help you get your new home just as you want it, will all have lead times; they won’t necessarily be able to deliver tomorrow! So always plan ahead. Once you have the date, start arranging for deliveries or for booking in work to be carried out in advance. Planning and preparation is key to an easy move.

Kitchens are so much more than a place to cook and are often the heart of a home, where families also gather to play, work and eat.


eplacing worktops and cupboard doors offers a fantastic and cost effective alternative to a complete new kitchen. With hundreds of fantastic colours and designs to choose from Smart Tops can replace your old worktops, kitchen doors and drawer fronts with stunning new made to measure replacement ones. Matching panels, plinth, cornice and light pelmets are all available and their expert trades people can even remodel your cupboards to suit the new look. Smart Tops will supply and install anything from a door swap to a complete new kitchen and even offer plumbing, electrical and gas work if you want to go all out for a complete kitchen makeover. Their overlay stone work surface

can be fitted on top of and around your existing worktops as part of a stylish new kitchen or bathroom. Because the new surfaces are lightweight they can be used in ways and places normal granite never could. The real beauty of this overlay, which is resistant to heat, stains, impacts and scratches and comes with a 10 year residential warranty, is not just the amazing appearance and practicality but the ease of installation. The average installation is completed within one day. In addition to kitchen makeovers, Smart Tops can help give your bedrooms a makeover too. With FREE fitting available throughout August with Smart Tops, there has never been a better time to give your kitchen or bedroom the facelift it deserves. Visit their website (see ad right) or call them today on 01934 643322.

Your local estate agent for over 40 years, also specialising in French property Call us for a free valuaaon

49 High Street, Porrshead 01275 818 200

, ST s EE GU ce FR AU spa g d tin te Et imi l

Kitchens – the heart of a home


Transform your kitchen without having to buy a new one. Made to measure replacement cabinet doors, drawer fronts, ALL types of worktops including quartz overlay, sinks & taps Order your dream kitchen for LESS! Call

01934 643322

for more information. Showroom – 37 Locking Road, Weston super Mare, BS23 3BZ

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August Issue.indd 44

18/07/2013 09:59:02


Car rentals come to Portishead


t last car hire has come to Portishead! Ryans Garage in Old Mill Road has taken delivery of a fleet of cars and can now offer three and five door cars to rent from as little as £22 a day. The service will be expanded at the end of August when a fleet of vans arrive to complete the new vehicle rental department at the popular garage. The vans will be available at £60 a day. Ryan said: “We have noticed over the past year or two that members of the community often commented that Portishead lacked any car rental facilities and they were forced to go outside of the town for this service. If there is a need, we at Ryan’s Garage are only too pleased to meet it.” In more exciting news, Ryan’s Garage has just expanded its body shop with a new state of the art spray booth. To find out more about Ryan’s Garage see pages 4 and 5 in this month’s Gordano Living.

Don’t get caught out this summer Before you embark on a journey down south this summer holiday, where you know you are likely to encounter queues and delays, make sure you are well prepared. Don’t forget to check your car fluids; make sure the radiator is topped up, check the engine oil, windscreen washer fluid and of course, fuel. Plan your journey well to avoid stress en-route and check the tread and tyre pressure before you start off. It’s always a good idea to have an emergency kit handy and do pack the car well, you don’t want to lose your luggage from the roof rack! Lastly make sure you are not tired before you even start and take drinks and snacks for the journey, not forgetting games to occupy the children. Happy motoring!

We also Hire and Fit Boxes

94-96 Bedminster Parade, Bedminster Tel.01179 666142

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Dial A Trade Security Systems

Heating Engineer

All aspects of building work undertaken All gas and electrical works carried out by qualified contractors

• • • • •

Extensions and Loft Conversions All Roofing Work Plastering, K Rend and Rendering Windows, Doors and Conservatories Kitchens and Bathrooms

T: 01275 840321 M: 07976 288330

• Boiler Installation • Full central heating systems • Bathroom/Shower Installation • Maintenance, leaks & repairs or

Central Heating


Domestic & commercial work undertaken Fencing, Landscaping, hedge trimming, driveways, patios & decking. Garden clearance & makeovers


Call Chris on 07701 043007

Home Maintenance

Tree Surgeon

Plant Hire

Painter & Decorator



John Shaw Interior and Exterior Painter and Decorator For


All work fully insured and guaranteed

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design service - new build - roofing extensions conversions - patios - painting - bricklaying driveways - plastering - bathrooms - kitchens maintenance James Hailwood: 07799 821652 Paul Richards: 07896 242169

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Oven Cleaning

07505 990104 0800 840 7127

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Carpets & Flooring


07951 770514

Marble & Granite


Dial A Trade Patios & Decking


RICHMOND CARPENTRY SERVICES Fully qualified and insured For a free estimate Call Andy on 07722 959708 or Email





All aspects of Electrical Work Free Quotations Available Contact Abel 07824 831488 or James 07889 451272

Bathrooms Bathroom fitting & domestic plumbing Portishead, Clevedon, Nailsea Friendly | Clean | Reliable | Professional Call Mike on 07881 588303 or 01275 846002

Gates & Railings Tickenham Forge Gates Balconies Railings Security Grills Balustrades Curtain Poles Rustproof Metalwork


Window Repairs

Window Cleaner

UPVC cleaning, gutter clearing and cleaning

Plumbing & Heating Supplies To ad vertis e her e Telep hone 0127 5 849 369

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bloomin’ marvellous flooring.

Dial A Trade Carpet Cleaning

£5 off carpet cleaning when you have more than one room cleaned Refer a friend and get £10 M & S Voucher

(on orders over £85 only)

Call 07723 360853


Carpets and Flooring

Andy Sheff - 01275 390505 mobile – 07785 325214 Jane Holdaway 07771 808653 Unbelievable prices – guaranteed to beat all major retailers



Save 10% on all orders with this ad!!






Pest Control

Garden Services

Scrap Cars

C.J Harris

Groundworks Tel. 07816 548531 • • • • • • •

All aspects of plant and building Demolition & site clearance New builds Extensions and conversions Landscaping and decking Patios and driveways Property maintenence



NCM PROPERTY SERVICES • Kitchen and Bathroom Specialists • All Roofing Projects • Carpentry • Plumbing • Plastering and Rendering • Brickwork • Painting and Decorating • Complete House Renovation • General Home Maintenance

Garden and Pond Revival Service, covering all aspects of reviving your garden and preparing it for the coming season's, Garden Design Available as well as Garden Project management.

Tel 07718 290933 for details



All Work Fully Guaranteed Call Nick Milsom to arrange a FREE no obligation quotation Mob: 07900 955774 Email: Web:

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• Maintenance, leaks and repairs • • Boiler Installations • Full Central Heating Systems •

All aspects of carpentry Quality reliable service, 20 years experience. Call for advice and quotations

• Bathroom/Shower Installations •


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Adam Electrical



Domestic installers. New sockets to full re-wire. Inspection and PAT testing. No job too small. No call out fee, free quotes.

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Carpet Cleaning A.Cleaning Service Ltd. Local, Reliable, Fast and Friendly

It’s time to have fresh clean carpets again Carpets dry in 30 minutes

Call Nick on: 07812 730346

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Business Directory A-F ACCOUNTANTS MILES cmc 01275 848550 Tax Assist call Ali 01275 390596 ACUPUNCTURE Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303

CHURCH Gordano Valley Church Portishead 01275 847032

ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Rd, Portishead, 01275 818303

CLEANERS Gordano Cleaning Services Professional domestic/commercial carpet cleaning Tel: 07795158185, Anne Cleans Houses, 07855 651831 Portmarine Home Services. Office & Domestic Cleaning Tel 01275 390677 M 07881 203829

ALLOTMENTS Portishead Area Tel 01275 874176

CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303

ARCHERY Gordano Valley Archers Tel Paul 07933 481287

COACH HOLIDAYS AND SHORT BREAKS P S Travel Nailsea Tel 01275 792223

ART GALLERY Tinca Gallery High St Portishead Tel 01275 817110

COMMUNITY COURSES FOR ADULTS Backwell School Tel 01275 465942

ART HAND DRAWN PORTRAITS Art by Dunphy Tel 07971 479754

COMPUTER SALES AND SUPPORT Nortech Computers Tel 01275 818699 T-Byte, Servicing, repairs, training and support, 01275 814015

BABY ACTIVITIES Jolly Babies Tel 01275 847083 BABY & TODDLERS PLAY Splat Messy Play Portishead Tel 07890 378 819 BATHROOM FITTINGS Aqua Bathrooms, 07881 588303 / 01275 846002 BATHROOMS Room By Roome Nailsea Tel 01275 853202 BEAUTY THERAPIST Fay Clegg, 07891 080121

CONSERVATORIES Cape Devlopements W S M Tel 01934 751233 / 07831 583217 CUSTOM ORTHOTICS Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303 DANCE Portishead Le Roc Tel Heather 07909 063624 The School of Dance Tel Linzi 01934 743477 / 07787 338003 DENTIST

BEAUTY SALON What`s Beauty Portishead Tel Kelly 01275 338411 / 07771 526577 BED & BREAKFAST Avon View Bed & Breakfast Tel 01275 842926 BLACKSMITH Tickenham Forge Tel 01275 859958 BLINDS Blinds 4 Bristol Tel 01173 005230 / 07917 230931 Portishead Blinds 01275 848756 / 07918 612368 UK Blinds Tel Paul 01275 858779 / 07748 400025 BUILDERS A J Read Tel 01275 849637 Mob 07974 095365 Cornerstone Construction Tel 07861 247315 Foxall Building Tel 01275 847594 / 07802 365951 Richwood Construction James 07799 821 652 or Paul 07896 242 169 Mark Purnell Building Services Tel: 01275 840321/ 07976 288330 BUTCHERS Sheepway Meats. Sheepway Portishead Tel 01275 397000 CAFE Scrumptious Coffee Bar & Sandwich Shop High St Phead Tel 01275 460122 CAKE SHOP & CAFE Heaven Cake Shop & Cafe Avon Way Phead tel 07912 105634 / 07973 767863 CAR BODY REPAIRS Scuffs Nailsea Tel 01275 858875

DOOR REPAIRS Wessex Home Improvements 01275 847597 / 07545 137624 DRAIN SERVICES Future Plumbing, Drain jetting contractors, 24 hr call out, 01275 844487 DRIVING SCHOOLS Trio Driving School with Steve Jones Portishead Tel 01275 818616 / 07966 430487 ELECTRICIANS Adam Electrical Tel 01275 848641 / 07983 631232

CAR BREAKERS Ben Whitcombe Scrap Cars, 01934 824976 or 07881 520667

CAR CARE BIKES & ACCESORIES Motaman Bedminster & Downend Tel 0117 9666142 / 9575038

CAR DENT REMOVAL Scuffs Nailsea Tel 01275 858875 CAR SALES USED Tickenham Garage Stone Batch Tickenham Tel 01275 852035 CAR VALETING SERVICE Viper Valeting, 07966 287114 or 07909 229066 CARERS WORKSHOP Positive Step Tel 01934 523766 CARPENTERS Christopher Jones Carpentry & Property Enhancement 01275 818248 / 07971 479754 H & H Carpentry Portishead Tel 01275 847569 Jon The Carpenter Phead Tel 07788 914548 RCS Richmond Carpentry Services Tel Andy 07722 959708 Total Carpentry 07834 722046 01275 844094 CARPETS AND FLOORING Chris Smart Carpets & Flooring Phead Tel 01275 879091 / 07980 818740 T & L Carpets, 44 High Street, Portishead, 01275 847548 Willowbrook Flooring, 01275 390505, 07785 325214 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING A Cleaningservice Ltd Call Nick 07812 730346 Gordano Cleaning Services Profesional domestic & commercial carpet cleaning Tel 07795 158185 KSW Services Carpet Cleaners Phead Tel 07723 360853 Reliant Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Tel 07974 205 405 / 07890 424 155 CATERING Encasta Woodfired Cooking & Catering Equipment Tel 07718 290933 CENTRAL HEATING AGW Gas, Gas and Plumbing Services, 01275 846437 CHILDRENS DAY NURSERY Honeytree Day Nursery Portishead Tel 01275 843752 CHILDRENS HOLIDAY CLUB CHILDRENS MATHS & ENGLISH STUDIES Kumon Portishead Tel Victoria 01275 371510 CHIROPRACTOR Portishead Chiropractic Clinic Ltd Tel 01275 840055 CHINESE MEDICINE Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303

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Electrical Services Approved Electrical Contractor and LED Light Specialist For all your Commercial and Domestic Electrical needs

Tel: 01275 817325 Mobile: 07554001653 Woodson Electrical Portishead Call Abel 07824 831488 or James 07889 451272 ESTATE AGENTS Ashbury’s, 48 High Street, Portishead,, 01275 818200 Cliftons Estate Agents Phead Tel 01275 844434 Westcoast Properties High Street Portishead, 01275 849362 FASHION FOR LADIES The Muse High St Phead Tel 01275 818584 Pale Blue Hill Rd Clevedon Tel 01275 874420 FENCING Avrils Fencing & Timber Products Clevedon Tel 01275 400155 / 07805 876172 CJN Fencing Call Chris 07701 043007 Dave Home Maintenace & Fencing 0777 8003615 FIRE & SECURITY SYSTEMS Astron Systems Ltd Tel 01275 846 514 / 0845 9011 911 FIREPLACES The Grate Indoors Clevedon Tel 01275 341885 FITNESS Matt Bembridge Personal Trainer, Tel 07794 756627 NutriFit Training Call Gemma 01275 848533 / 07786 731159 The Fitness Hub Old Mill Rd Phead Tel 01275 217003 FLORIST Sara Tynan Flowers at Mother Nature High St Phead Tel 01275 817178 FORGE Tickenham Forge tel Phil 01275 859958 FURNITURE Bazza Furniture Tel 01275 849400 / 07768 943369 Orchards Nailsea Tel 01275 855936

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Business Directory G-Z PEST CONTROL Somerset Pest Solutions Call Joe 07817 422851 PET PORTRAITS Majestic Pets Tel Jools 01275 390397 / 07595 183771

GARDEN LANDSCAPING Elements Landscaping & Gardens Tel 07717 295423

PHYSIOTHERAPY Complete Health Clinic Clevedon Tel 01275 349006 Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303

GARDEN MACHINERY Mike Taylor Garden Machinery Nailsea Tel 01275 852970

PILATES Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303

GARDEN MAINTENANCE Your Garden Revival Tel 07718 290933 Greenbird Gardening Tel 07712 297749

PLASTERERS G J Rollings Plasterer Tel 01275 849627 WLB Plastering Services, , 07772 872257 PlasterworksNW 01275 398624 / 07522 135219,

GROUNDWORKS C J Harris Phead Tel 07816 548531 Nu- Planthire Mini Diggers Tel Scott 07841 861500 HAT HIRE Scruples Hat Hire Alexandra Rd Clevedon Tel 01275 871360 HEATING ENGINEER Harbourside Heating Tel 07967 274524 HAIR & BEAUTY SALONS Robert John Tel 01275 842177 Tiffany`s Village Quarter Tel 01275 398676 Tonic Hair and Beauty House, Tel 01275 843554 HOLIDAY HOMES Newlyn, Mill Lane, Portbury, 01275 372443 HOLIDAY PARK Carnmoggas Luxury Caravan / Bungalow Hire Tel 01275 849248 / 01726 74070 HOME IMPROVEMENTS Hennessy Home Surgery, 07899 906 419 or 01275 840259 HOME MAINTENANCE Dave Home Maintenance & Decorating 0777 8003615

PLUMBERS Steve Carey, Local plumbing specialist, 07768 293110 Jamie Hayman, 01275 397587 / 07908 696433 PLUMBING AND HEATING ENGINEERS Future Plumbing Unit 3 Harbour Road Trading Estate, 01275 844487 J I Plumbing & Heating Tel 01275 390820 / 07766 135527 N J Plumbing Tel 01275 814054 / 07973 422053 Phoenix Heating & Plumbing Tel Darren 01275 814248 / 07780 673684 PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES Direct Plumbing & Heating Supplies Ltd Tel 01275 349494 Jamie Hayman 01275 397 587 / 07773 382820 PRINTING Burleigh Portishead Tel 01275 841280 PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Derrick Fowler Property Maintenance Portishead Tel 01275 844868 Portishead Property Services Tel Rob 01275 840023 / 07919 752521 PROPERTY SERVICES NCM Property Services Tel 07900 955774 PUBLIC HOUSES Drum & Monkey Kenn Tel 01275 873433 The Albion Bristol Rd Portishead Tel 01275 817906 The Bl;ack Horse Portishead Tel 01275 842105 The Poacher Portishead Tel 01275 218001 REMOVALS Light Removals, Anything, Anywhere, Anytime, call Andy 07914 538 478 RESTAURANTS Spicy Aroma Indian Restaurant, Next to Clarence House, 01275 845413 ROCK SCHOOL The Rock Project, 01275 265226 ROOFING Round Roofing Portishead Free Phone 0800 955 313, 01275 338371 Somerset Roofing Ltd Tel Paul 01275 847709 / 07530 271116

HOMEOPATHY Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303 HOME TANNING St Tropez Call Wendy 07846 407729 HOUSE PLANS Gerald Wayman, 01275 847685 / 07791 995870

INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS Clarke & Robinson IFA Portishead Tel 01275 844844

SCHOOL UNIFORMS School Togs Nailsea Tel 01275 857491 SHOE SHOP Soleution High St Phead Tel 01275 843399 SLIMMING & WEIGHT LOSS Slimming World Tel 01275 849638 SOCIAL CLUB Clevedon Conservative Club Tel 01275 872834 / 879073 Portishead Working Mens Club Tel 01275 842428

INDEPENDANT LIVING ADVICE Cathy Gale Portishead Tel 07580 716510

SURVEYORS M A Donaldson Tel 01275 844434

KITCHENS Cadbury Kitchens Ltd Tel 01934 876321 Mango Kitchens Portishead Tel 01275 277807 / 07976 732364 Room By Roome Nailsea Tel 01275 853202 Smart Tops W S M Tel 01934 643322

TAXI/PRIVATE HIRE Carbrite Taxis Tel 01275 843101 R&D Private Hire Cars Tel 01275 843326

LEISURE CENTRE Parish Wharf Leisure Centre Tel Phead 01275 848494

TREE SURGEON & LANDSCAPING Bartlett Tree Experts Tel 01275 371000 Swift Tree Surgeon Tel 01275 463301 / 07802 480881

MASSAGE THERAPY Walnut Grove Clinic Slade Rd Phead Tel 01275 818303

TYRE FITTERS Portishead Tyre & Mot Center Tel 01275 849158 Ryans Garage Tel 01275 849981

MARBLE & GRANITE SUPPLIER Black Rock Marble, Based in Portishead, 07899 944452

VETERINARY SURGERIES Vale Vets, 1 Beach Road West, Portishead, 01275 847400 Watkins & Tasker, 55 High Street, Portishead, 01275 397449

MEALS DELIVERERD Wiltshire Farm Foods Tel 0800 773 773 MOBILE PHONE SHOP/SPECIALISTS Talkback Comms 0845 456 7775 / 07973 385245 MONUMENTAL STONE MASON R G & A F Iles,115 High Street, Portishead, 01275 845424 MORTGAGE BROKER & IFA John Scott & Assc High St Portishead Tel 01275 399039 NUTRITIONIST Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303 OSTEOPATHY & COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303 / 814195 OVEN CLEANING Ovenclean Portishead Call Steve 07505 990104 / 0800 8407127 PAINTERS AND DECORATORS Chris Momber Tel 01275 545574 / 07840 605077 John Shaw, 01275 842355 PAVING CLEANING Clean & Seal Southwest. Portishead Tel 01275 818329 / 07968 945745

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WEBSITE DESIGN Max Your Web Design Kestrel Crt Portishead Tel 01275 759197 WEDDING VENUE Walton Park Hotel Clevedon Tel 01275 874253 WINDOWS Britannia Windows Clevedon Tel 01275 878153 WINDOW REPAIRS Wessex Home Improvements Tel 01275 847597 / 07545 137624






SOLICITORS David Playford & Co Cabstand Phead Tel 01275 840111 Lindleys Solicitors Clevedon Tel 01275 877277


INDIAN RESTAURANT Spicy Aroma, 01275 845413 Next To Clarence House

sTed loc ru

ly al

HYPNOTHERAPIST Harbourside Hypnotherapy Tel 07584 835873 Walnut Grove Clinic, Slade Road, Portishead, 01275 818303

SCAFFOLDING Hi-Rise Scaffolding Tel 01275 879389 07860 727554


GIFT SHOP Estuary Hill Rd Clevedon Tel 01275 343030



GARDEN DESIGN & BUILD Outerspace Tel 01275 870701 / 07970 287986 / 07972 927728

PERSONAL & BUSINESS COACHING Woodard Coaching & Consultancy Tel 01275 814085 / 07804 596449


GARAGE SERVICES Gordano Ford, 6 Cabstand, Portishead, 01275 842180 / 01275 849981 Ryans Garage Portishead 01275 849981 Tickenham Garage, Stone Edge Batch, Tickenham, 01275 852035 Tudor Garage, 51 High Street, Portishead, 01275 842374

r 30 ye


WINDOW CLEANERS Gordano cleaning services Professional domestic/commercial Window cleaning Tel:07795 158185 Martin Lewis Experienced, established window cleaner, 07796 786925 WORKSHOP SOLUTIONS

Clevedon Showroom 17/07/2013 15:08:29

A spacious five bedroom executive family home located in the ever popular Nightingale Rise development on the Portishead hillside. The accomadation comprises lounge with bay window, dining room with sliding doors onto the rear garden, study, kitchen breakfast room and utility. To the first floor there are five double bedrooms master with large ensuite and a family bathroom. The outside of the house has large a private rear garden and to the front off street parking and access to a double garage. (EPC Rating: D)

Nightingale Rise


A sumptuous five bedroom villa arranged over four floors in a sought after position on the port marina. The home boasts direct views of the marina and lockgates, with two balconies and a top floor terrace. The home further benefits from four double bedrooms and a further single bedroom, two en-suites , large kitchen/diner with appliances, court yard, front garden and double garage. (EPC Rating: C)



Leonardsleigh, Newlands Hill


Sorrel Gardens


Newfoundland Way


Denstone, Nore Road


This spectacular, period family home sits high above the town of Portishead and enjoys perhaps the most tremendous view you could wish for. This property is in great decorative order throughout having been much improved by the current occupiers. Whilst incorporating a comfortable blend of both spacious internal living accommodation and extensive gardens to the front and rear elevations, the home also features full gas central heating, double glazing, off street parking under a useful carport and a abundance of period charm. (EPC Rating: D)

Beautiful two bedroom LUXURY PENTHOUSE apartment situated in the heart of Portishead, offering inspiring and uninterrupted views overlooking the marina and beyond the Gordano valley. Offering open planned living space with two double bedrooms. Perfect property for professional couples and families alike. Definitely worth a viewing! (EPC Rating: C)

A stunning home located within this prestigious street on the “village Quarter” that is presented for sale today in the most fantastic condition throughout having been lovingly cared for and much improved by the current owners. Set within a generous plot of mature gardens, boasting off street parking for numerous vehicles and a single garage the home comes with three ample bedrooms, a large reception room, open plan kitchen/dining room, en-suite shower room and a family bathroom. (EPC Rating: on order)

POTENTIAL BUILDING PLOT SUBJECT TO CONSENT! Coming to the market for the first time since 1958, this magnificent home stands proudly within its own original plot of extensive gardens that lead to the desirable Beach Road West whilst offering the most spectacular view over the historic Lake Grounds and far beyond. This home offers a tremendous amount of opportunity for the most creative of buyer. Call now for further information. (EPC Rating: E)

Tel. 01275 849362 August Issue.indd 52

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